Queen and Slave

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Today I felt like delving into a relative rarity in hentai, femdom. Like a lot of porn and romances for that matter, hentai tends to be heavy on the submissive female character types, which is a crying shame with all that great bondage and domination potential. I’ve only seen a few series with serious female protagonists, so I was pretty eager to take a gander at “Queen And Slave” when I came across it today.

This is the tale of a professional Dominatrix by the name of Yumi, who starts out the show by actually stating that she hates men. Of course when she’s not wearing leather, Yumi becomes Yoshimi and works in a hospital as a nurse who is sweet and gentle to everyone. That’s where a student named Hiroyuki meets and falls in love/lust with the gentle Yoshimi. Of course, Hiroyuki decides to stalk the object of his ‘affection’ and eventually catches Yoshimi heading into a love hotel (hotels in Japan specifically set up for romantic rendezvous often featuring themed rooms) and finds out she works for an SM club.

Once Yumi finds out about Hiroyuki’s affections she quickly disillusions the young man which of course has him ready for revenge. So this sweet stalker turns into a vengeful brute and hires some thugs to gang up on his lady love while he watches – he’s such a sweetheart.

The animation is rather outdated, consisting of a lot of still shots overlaid under the actual action and some pretty heavy line work. Character design isn’t particularly imaginative or unique and I wanted to throttle the voice actress who did the first sex scene, she sounded like she was hyperventilating more often than like she was having great sex. The hottest scene would probably be the one in the park with Yumi tied to a swing, I’m usually not a fan of slings or swings in porn but they did do some interesting things with rope on this one that really perks up the imagination.

I was hoping that Yumi would hold up a little better than she did in the end, things were a little too clichéd. From the man hating standpoint to her suitors less than valiant nature things were just a bit too predictable in the opposite of the direction I was hoping for. I think “Queen and Slave” could probably get you off if you’re into domination, public sex and humiliation so long as you don’t grab the movie looking for a real hentai Dominatrix.


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