No Fauxxx: Jiz Lee

I have been lusting after this movie for quite a while.  I have a huge crush on Jiz Lee and was a little worried about watching it at work due to the fact that all professionalism just might sprout wings and fly out of the window.  Here is my conclusion: Fuck it.  I’ll do my best to form actual words and not just moan my way through this review.

No Fauxxx: Jiz LeeWe follow Jiz in to the bathroom at a club.  It’s a little grungy and we can hear the music playing in the background.  We get to watch them jack off and get off again and again while sitting on the toilet.  Did you hear me?  I said toilet!  <Insert moan here>  Why is bathroom sex so hot?

Every second of this 5 minute porno is filled with hot solo sex goodness.  My favorite moment is when the camera focuses on Jiz’s face as they stick their hand in their mouth.  I love oral stimulation of all kinds, but there is something special, pervy and right about someone sticking something in their mouth all on their own.  More please!

The scene ends abruptly with some laughter, so I assume they got busted in action.

Director Courtney Trouble reigns supreme when it comes to queer porn and giving the big middle finger to gender rules and boundaries.  If this sounds like your kind of jam, you should watch No Fauxxx: Jiz Lee.  It’s Jiz fucking Lee masturbating in a public restroom.  What the hell else do you want?

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  1. Happy International Fisting Day to Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, and happy fisters everywhere.

    Fisting is a intimate, loving sexual act. Say NO! to censorship of fisting in porn on DVD & VOD.

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