Naughty Neighbors

Studio: Sweet Sinner Category: By Women

I had a tall order to fill today, I wanted smoking hot action and, of course, a palatable plot. This time I didn’t hesitate to grab something new from the awesome studio, Sweet Sinner. This time I picked out “Naughty Neighbors” and without the mildly disturbing family plotline, I’m hopefully in for a real treat.

“Naughty Neighbors” starts right off with a little dabble of plot that quickly segways to a sex scene. Normally I’d be screaming bloody murder about the quick lead up to sex but I have such a hard time voicing my displeasure when the scene involves James Deen and Jandi Lin. James Deen is fun to watch fuck and it’s almost impossible for me to complain about Jandi’s tatted and enthusiastic style. Plus the scene lives up to all my expectations from a Sweet Sinner production with absolutely amazing and real female orgasms. The words “hot stuff” doesn’t even begin to describe this scene – if I smoked I’d need a cigarette.

There is one big drawback with the sex scenes in “Naughty Neighbors.” Occasionally, I feel like I’m looking in on some particularly lucky couple as they enjoy some quality couples time. The scenes can be just that intense and intimate that it doesn’t seem like you’re watching ‘performers’ perform anymore. Awesome on one hand, and blush worthy on the other, then they switch off and it’s back to awesome. There’s also absolutely no music, which is great for letting the real sounds of passion through but doesn’t give you any reason to snap out of the moment and remember it’s just a movie (yes that’s actually a good thing but I needed more ‘bad’ point’s to keep my critic cred).

The plot is simple; an older couple decides to rent out their guest house to a younger couple who just happens to like seducing other couples of course the other couple doesn’t know it’s all fun and games to them – until after. Normally I’d be screaming bloody murder about the lack of layers in the plot but I’d be too exhausted after the first scene to offer much protest. If I was watching this one at home I might have to stop after one scene, but I’d definitely be coming back later for the second and again for the third and fourth!

I have to admit, Sweet Sinner is fast becoming my favorite studio. Their sex scenes are absolutely mind blowing. If only they could get their plots up to match I think I’d just have own absolutely every single Sweet Sinner feature. “Naughty Neighbors” is a great start in the right direction, awesome for couples or a single night at home alone, unfortunately this one leaves the lady lovers and most fetishists far behind, but still so awesome!


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