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Anal Day BoxcoverYou know what the mildly inconvenient part about being a professional porn watcher is? Sometimes you get assigned to really good pornos, and it takes forever for you to review them, because then you’re just horny the whole time and have to keep texting a someone (you know who you are) to tell them that you’re thinking about their penis. And then they send you a photo of their penis and then your day is REALLY shot all to hell.

Anal Day from director/performer/wet dream James Deen is one of those movies. Filmed in an amateur style with no crew and just a hand held camera, Anal Day stars five beautiful women, including long-time industry veterans and a first time amateur. There’s varying amounts of anal in each scene; Deen takes the smallest “Let’s just try it out” dip into Mia Austin’s ass, and two scenes later is DPing Nadia Styles alongside Tommy Pistol. This unevenness surprisingly works in the movie’s favor; part of Deen’s strength lies in his ability to showcase the diversity of his costars. These are all very different women, with varying bodies, experiences, personalities, and styles of fucking, and that’s what’s important here; the anal is an afterthought. Deen may be in every scene, but it’s the women who are the stars of the show.

Scene 1 – Adrianna Nicole

adrianna nicole in anal day
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Anal Day opens with James Deen joining kinky, naturally curvy, 30-something blonde Adrianna Nicole in her New York apartment. Nicole and Deen have both been fucking on camera since 2004, and they approach the scene super casually, as old friends who maybe haven’t seen each other in a while, but whose reunion doesn’t require any fan fare. Nicole goes make-up free, and seems almost stand offish at times, but once the sexy times start at around the 6-minute mark, all that falls away. I’ve seen her blow a dude before, but holy shit, Adrianna Nicole must have an iron uvula. She deep throats in ways that I can only dream of, with her whole mouth quivering around the base of Deen’s cock. She confides in Deen that she loses her sense of hearing when there’s a cock in her, and I have to conclude that she also loses her gag reflex. When the actual vagina/anal fucking happens, it’s fairly unporno, other than the standard opening up the camera. Nicole isn’t really performing, just enjoying the moment with Deen; there’s plenty of intimate eye contact, kissing, and unhearable whispers, aka many of the things that we love about James Deen. Most notable about this scene is the lack of a cumshot; Deen is on the record as saying that his orgasm is the least interesting part about sex. Instead, he turns the camera off and runs off to the bathroom to pee on Adrianna Nicole, which I totally wish we could have seen. What I love about this scene is how bare bones it is (harsh lighting, no makeup/wardrobe, un-luxurious setting) while still starring people who are really good at having sex just doing what they would do even if the camera wasn’t there.

Scene 2 – Ava Addams

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Dark haired, big boobed MILF Ava Addams is up next in Anal Day, and her scene is probably the most porno of them all, and might be my least favorite of the bunch. Addams is very performative, and it makes it difficult for me to fall into the “these are just two porn stars fucking normally on their day off” fantasy. However, I don’t think the Addams or Deen are being inauthentic, and I definitely think that they’re super hot. And call me a rube, but I can totally buy Addams being as multi-orgasmic as she professes. I don’t really have a ton to say about this scene; there isn’t a ton of foreplay, but there’s lots of anal sex in lots of different positions, and Addams calls Deen “daddy” a lot, but he’s not very daddy-dommy in it. If you like James Deen putting his penis in MILF butts, you should watch this, definitely.



Scene 3 – Mia Austin

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Full stop, this is my favorite scene of Anal Day. Mia Austin is a gorgeous, coy, multi-ethnic, poofy haired princess who is slowly and flirtatiously brought out of her shell by Deen in an exchange of dirty talk. They discuss how the last time they performed together, Austin was brand new to the industry; in Anal Day, Deen has her describe what she’s been up to since then, such as her first BBG threesome, and then has her tell him what her fantasies are, all while he feels her up and slowly gets her out of her dress. The whole exchange is ridiculously hot to me, and makes for a great bit of verbal foreplay and tease footage. They finally get down to business when Austin says, “I want you to put the camera down and fuck me.” Deen growls and complies, pushing Austin up against a glass sliding door and eating Austin’s ass and pussy from behind.  Mia Austin seems so sweet and innocent until she’s got Deen’s cock in her mouth; she really knows what she’s doing with it. The vast majority of this scene is limited to vaginal penetration, which works just fine for me. Deen sensually doms Austin, slapping her ass, growling, tossing her around, and making her whimper with pleasure. It’s not until about 45 minutes into the scene that Deen asks Austin if she wants to try having his cock in her ass. I love that Deen asks for consent, which Austin grants, and that he doesn’t just slam his cock in her. He goes very slowly, and they just chill out with him inside her for a minute before he really starts thrusting. It feels like such an authentic example of how real couples go about negotiation their sexual encounters, and how people safely explore new sexual territories. There’s really a lot of truth behind “Consent is sexy” campaign, and Deen and Austin really exemplify that in this scene. I definitely recommend it!

Scene 4 – Grayson Z

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Next up, Deen joins amateur Grayson Z in Brooklyn, New York. Grayson is one of many women who have applied on Deen’s website to star in a scene with him, and one of the few who has actually stepped in front of his camera. She’s a beautiful, tattooed, pierced Latina hipster with a gloriously curvy body and an affinity for blow jobs. Her small talk with Deen isn’t particularly flirtatious, but they’ve got a great little buddy-cop connection going on. She’s allowed to ease herself into her first time fucking on camera, but once she starts, she’s unstoppable. Grayson Z is really really really good at sucking cock. I am seriously going to re-watch this for pointers. Not only is she really good at it, but she also seems to really enjoy it; she has this great focus while she’s doing it, and just seems like she’s really fascinated by cock. The actual fucking is pretty awesome too. Like in the previous scene with Mia Austin, most of it’s just vaginal, with a little dip in the butt towards the end, but that’s all fine by me. The great thing about Grayson is that her amateur status makes her reactions to getting fucked by Deen appear to be authentic and genuine. I’m sure Deen probably coached her on how to open up for the camera, but I totally buy that Grayson’s orgasms are real and that she really enjoyed filming her scene. A little internet snooping has shown me that Grayson has done at least two other scenes with Deen, and I’m really hoping that they’ll also make their way to my desk!

Scene 5 – Nadia Styles, Tommy Pistol, and James Deen

nadia styles
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Deen saves the most intense action for the fifth and final scene of Anal Day, a threesome between himself, alt-Latina performer Nadia Styles, and tattooed DILF Tommy Pistol. The three veteran porn stars are hilarious together, trading stories from their time in the industry and joking around over drinks in Deen’s kitchen. As pants are coming off, Deen makes the observation that “We all do porn, but for some reason we still act like twelve year olds.” They kind of do, but don’t worry dear readers, because everything here is totally legal. This is a pretty rough and tumble threesome, complete with a sloppy double blow job, vaginal fucking that leads to anal, explosive squirting, and of course tons of searing double penetration. BBG threesomes and DPs aren’t usually my thing, but the joyous roughness and hysterical glee with which this veteran trio goes at each other is too much fun not to love.

The variety of women and situations in Anal Day, plus James Deen fucking the way that he fucks, means that there will probably be at least one scene worth getting off to. Anal Day offers up a great selection of hot, amateur style, woman friendly anal scenes.

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