Girls Kissing Girls 3 – Make Up, Makeout Sessions

Studio: Sweetheart Video Category: Lesbian

It’s hard for me to resist a movie featuring Nina Hartley, so when I first saw this title in the ‘recently added’ section of the site, I was pretty excited to check it out. Sweetheart Video always offers up real pleasure and excitement, with performers that have actual chemistry together – not something you see every day when you are a porn reviewer. And this one was no exception. While the humping, grinding and pussy licking were super hot in each scene, it was the kissing that totally got me fired up. There was no sloppy, suck your face off kissing here, just passionate smooches that brought the heat back to first base. Lots of tongue and lots of groping – just the way it should be.

My favorite scene was, of course, the third, with Nina Hartley and Mina Meow. Alone Mina might not have been my cup of tea, but paired with Hartley, I was sudden smitten for the both of them. The real connection between the twosome made the sex extra steamy, while Hartley’s dirty talk totally took it over the edge. One of my favorite things about watching Nina Hartley is that she orgasms the same way in each movie. It’s like being with the same lover over and over again – you start to know exactly how their body tenses as the get close and what noises they make as the orgasm washes over them. So, so hot. It’s thrilling to know that Hartley, and everyone else in the movie, are really getting off.

Though the kissing and the sex were pretty amazing, I will say that the plots left me feeling sad. All but one scene was about the women parting ways, but having one last sexy hurrah before packing their bags. How is that supposed to make me hot? I just ended up feeling depressed. And the last vignette was about two old friends rekindling a friendship only to have the lesbian seduce the married woman, who seemed kind of uncomfortable. I know I’m reading into it all too far, but really I was a little turned off by it all. I love having a bit of plot to spur the sex, but when the story is kind of a bummer, I’d rather just go straight for the hardcore.

-J.D. Bauchery

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