Dinner Party

I’ve searched long and hard for a Thanksgiving porno to review, but alas, I’ve already reviewed the only two I know (Inside Marie’s Play Place – Thanksgiving Special and Spanksgiving 3 Return Of The Spank).  So instead, I’ve decided to just go with a dinner-themed movie, because if Thanksgiving isn’t about eating, I’m not sure what it is about (well, other than giving thanks, I guess).  I hope you don’t mind indulging a celebration-happy smut peddler in her attempts at being festive.  Now, let’s get to it!

Dinner and sex don’t usually go together, that I know of.  Sexy action is usually relegated to dessert, what with all the whipped cream and chocolate sauce applied liberally, but here, we aren’t actually talking about food porn.  No food is fucked on, or with here.  This flick is all about getting people together for good food, then good fucking, which is honestly something I am more interested in exploring…

What would happen if a bunch of porn stars got together for dinner to relax, eat and talk about working in the biz?  That’s what we are here to find out!  Performer Monique Alexander is the center of this delicious dinner directed by Paul Thomas.  The stars chat about the porns they watch, what they do on screen and everything in between.

The sex is really random in this flick, happening interspersed with scenes of the stars hanging around a table chatting.  There are these quick fade outs to black screens with text saying who is gonna fuck, but that’s about it for the transitions.  A little strange, I think. But whatever, as long as the sex is hot, right?  And it totally is!

First up we get Monique and Derrick Pierce, a wicked hot muscle man who gives Alexander a quality deep dicking and more.  What a nice way to start the meal!  Soon we get the second course – a three-way with Alicia Angel, Amber Ashley, and Jack Lawrence, which almost doesn’t leave room for a SUPER hot solo of just Alicia Angel.  And with so many more amazing combos, I can honestly say that I, for one, am totally stuffed!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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