Cry Wolf

This time I was craving a movie I could get lost in, and so I picked up the rather long “Cry Wolf.” With over a 2 hour run time, and more AVN nominations and awards than I can shake a stick at, I figured I’d be in for one hell of an engrossing movie.

Five minutes into the film and I can already tell I’m in for a major treat. The word that comes to mind first is, tasteful, really actually tasteful. I’ll admit that within the first few minutes the male lead has his tongue buried in Monique Alexander’s crotch, but the set, costuming and even the dialogue doesn’t scream wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. One gets the feeling that you’re watching a particularly raunchy mainstream thriller, complete with sultry seductive femme fatale. That’s high praise coming from me since the lead, Monique Alexander, is the typical porn blond, but with natural breasts and the ability to recite her lines with conviction – so ok, maybe she’s not so typical after all.

Things get a complex when Monique goes back to a guy’s house for a drink and decides to have some pretty intense sex with him. One big plot hole that bugged the hell out of me – Monique raises cane when the guy crushes a pill and offers it to her, but then turns around with “a little blue pill” she can give him a few minutes later? Anyway I’m going to have to stop with the plot there because it starts to get twisty and I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises for you. I’ll say that it’s probably been done before but not with as much hardcore sex thrown into the mix, or if it was, not as much of an engrossing plot to go with it.

The sex – is unfortunate. The first scene was all over the place. Foreplay in the kitchen, change of location and some dialogue and a little blowjob in the bedroom, more plot development and we finally get penetration in the hallway that moves the bedroom and then there’s another break for more plot! I’m big on plot-heavy porn, but when it comes to getting off, stopping the action like that can put a serious detour in the path to my big O. There’s a truly random interracial threesome scene thrown in that’s much more together sexually but totally destroys the previous sense that the plot is paramount by feeling completely tacked on at the worst possible moment. Thankfully there are much better sex scenes coming. Eventually the sex to plot ratio seems to even out and things proceed at their usual porno pace for a while. By that point I’m already hooked by the movie anyway.

Well, I wanted something that could really captivate more than just my groin and I really, really found it! Definite recommendation, for just about everyone, the plot is awesome on this one and the stars give some truly great performances, I’d go so far as to say that “Cry Wolf” is craftsman level work. A near perfect marriage of plot and sex that could only have been made more spectacular if Vivid Premium had the same dedication to real female pleasure that Sweet Sinner does.


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