Collin And Hurley

Studio: Jake Cruise MediaCategory: Gay

While it’s definitely nice to have five or six scenes to choose from when you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, it’s not always necessary. When I saw the star bios for these two dudes, I knew right away that I didn’t need any more options.

The entire film is only thirty minutes long and there’s no reason you can’t watch the entire thing, I’d suggest the second scene if you’ve got places to be. The first isn’t bad, but it’s a bit slower (which means some good oral action) and more of a set up for the pounding that takes place in the second.

With multiple positions and both boys bottoming at some point, there’s a lot going on in the second scene. I always love when it seems like a couple isn’t fucking for the first time, and I have a feeling Collin and Hurley have been on this ride before. By the time they’re finished, Collin is standing above a cum covered Hurley and both boys are exhausted. You know I don’t like to dish all of the dirty details, but let me just say that the thirty minutes it took to wear these boys are packed full of frenzied fucking.

Jake Cruise movies are really hit or miss for me, but this one is definitely worth a watch.

-The Porn Librarian

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