Bush 2.

Pubes are back and I’m pretty excited about it!  They made their way back to the porno screen over the last couple of years and I think it is a very good thing.  There is nothing wrong with being fully shaved, but isn’t variety the spice of smut?  It is when you work in the XXX biz.

Bush 2. Bush 2 doesn’t feature any full 70’s bushes, which it would be totally cool if it did, but rather each lady has a trimmed and shaped patch of hair.  Scene one stars the adorable Jessie Andrews and Mick Blue.  She comes roller skating up in her thigh high socks looking too cute for words.  Jessie isn’t as innocent as she looks, though.  She loves it when Mick pulls on her curly strawberry blonde triangle of hair.  The two get down for a 25 minute hardcore scene loaded with hard fucking and pube play.  Mick blows his load on her bush and its totally hot.

Scene 5 stars one of my new favorite performers, Dani Jensen.  She isn’t necessarily new to the industry, but she recently caught my eye and I added her to the list of people I love to watch do it.  After watching her strut around, she takes a seat and begins to comb her pubic hair.  It isn’t really something I love or hate, but I definitely enjoyed watching her gently run the comb through her crotch hair.  While she is also trimmed, her soft little pube locks line the side of her labia, which is a little different from the other ladies in this flick.  Another hard fuck session ensues, but what I love most is watching her legs tremble and twitch while Manuel Ferrara makes her come.  Love it!  Manuel’s jizz ends up on her bush, but this time it is by way of her mouth.  Naughty!

Because words can’t really describe it, here is a free clip from scene 4 starring James Deen and Dana DeArmond:

Bush 2. features overall great fucking and super hot performers.  I know I skipped over a coupleof scenes, but rest assured they are worthy of your attention.  These ladies may not be sporting pube afros, but they are rocking more hair on their pussies than those of the late 90s and early 2000’s.  I give it 5 (hair covered) gold stars.

Watch Bush 2. now!



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