Big Abner

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I feel a little silly reviewing a movie trailer, but I just watched the best four minutes of porno history I’ve seen in a while and really need to highlight it on the site!

The cover is what caught my eye first – I mean, who can ignore a crudely drawn picture spoofing a piece of pop culture history. While I don’t know much about Li’l Abner or comics in general, I am guessing that 43 years is a pretty impressive run and I recognized the strip at once.

Since it was only four minutes long, I decided to check it out and boy am I glad I did. This movie trailer was enough to help me get over the cynical attitude about porn spoofs I’ve been sporting lately. We’re introduced to Big Abner and the entire gang of yokels and tempted with lots of XXX teasers. From the looks of it, Big Abner is the perfect guy for every woman who dreams of a big stud who won’t get distracted by politics or literature. He pretty much just wants to swing that big ax of his!

Since I love a little bit of humor thrown in with my fucking and sucking, I was totally digging this clip. If you’ve even wondered why they call the seventies the golden age of porn – you have to see this amazing piece of history.

-The Porn Librarian

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