Belladonna’s Toy Box – Disc One

Studio: Belladonna Category: By Women

When it comes to Belladonna, I never know what to expect. As a performer and director, Bella is fabulous and sexy and totally fun to watch… until the baseball bat comes out and goes up her ass. The girl is hardcore to the extreme when it comes to anal play, which is totally fine… it just doesn’t do it for me. That said, I tend to steel myself for super dirty birdy times just in case when I turn on her movies. While this flick did have its signature Belladonna moments, all in all, I really enjoyed watching everyone get busy with a bevy of toys.

Part porno, part infomercial, this new Belladonna series features Bella and her friends playing with different toys from her own Doc Johnson collection, hence the name “Belladonna’s Toy Box.” While at times it seems a little cheesy when Bella says the toy’s whole name or holds it up, I think if it were any other star I’d probably find it tacky, but Belladonna seems so genuine and excited that it’s hard not to get into the spirit. Plus, her toys are so “Belladonna” – there is even a little baseball bat!

Along with all the toy play, Bella really got to know her guests, asking them various questions about their masturbation habits and what toys get them off. Whether she is interested or not, Belladonna always comes off totally engaged and involved in what they are saying. Either she is super attentive and listening, or she is one hell of a good actress, though I’m guessing it’s a mix of both.

Because I only watched the first disc of this 3 disc set, I really only got to see two sex scenes, which were both pretty awesome. While nothing really stuck out for me in either of these, it was the hour and a few minutes that made up scenes 4 and 5 that really did it for me. Those last two scenes of the movie are all cuts and extra bits that were caught when the sexin’ camera turned off and the real people behind the performances came out. Whether she’s on camera or not, that Belladonna is a sweet as sugar, as well as so fucking hot… even as she releases the air bubbles in her intestines, courtesy of extreme anal penetration. That girl can almost do no wrong. Disc one was a blast, but with the lineup of stars to come, I sure can’t wait to check out 2 and 3.

-J.D. Bauchery

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