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With all of the new gay studios we’ve added in the past six months, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with all of the hot man on man action on the site. Hot House is one of those studios that I personally think can do no wrong and At Your Service is the perfect example of why. The men are insanely hot and there’s plenty of variety, so I always find myself not wanting to miss a minute of the action. And while it may have taken me six sittings to get through the entire film, I just couldn’t quit it!

There were a couple of scenes that I think are worth talking about. The opening scene was great because I loved the idea of a couple getting away for a weekend. Hotel sex is always a ton of fun and I thought that Jason Ridge and Matt Cole captured the moment perfectly. It’s a passionate scene, but still plenty hard. These boys didn’t pay for a hotel to hold hands over a bottle of champagne – that’s for sure!

The second scene I’m going to point out because it won the GAYVN award for best solo scene in 2007. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I want to highlight it for those who are interested. Ken North, who is a giant muscle bound stud, gets down poolside with the help of two giant dildos. While his efforts were impressive, it’s just not what I’m into. There were parts that I definitely turned me on, but I would have preferred watching North jerk off because extreme penetration isn’t my thing.

And while I said I only wanted to talk about two scenes, discussing Mr. Kent reminds me of the fourth scene in which he Arpad Miklos and Duke Michaels engage in some cardio together. I love threesomes because there are just enough people to keep things interesting without confusing me! Watching Miklos plow Michaels is an amazing thing…

Anyways, I love Hot House and I love this film. Collingwood Manor seems like the perfect place to vacation – unless you’re hoping to actually get it on with a dude, ladies. I’m guessing these men are not game!
-The Porn Librarian

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