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Mystim – The Sizzling Simon review

MystimI have to be honest, when I first asked for a toy to review, I didn’t have high hopes. You see, I don’t like toys. I’ve always been a more “handsy” girl, and I feel like toys have impeded on my process. You have to charge them for hours for only a few minutes of play, or the batteries give out unexpectedly, or there is a short in a wire somewhere, and you have to twist the cord to make the vibe work. One thrust too many and it stops vibing right at a crucial moment. All of these issues seemed really dumb, especially when I know my hand so well. Obviously, there are certain things that your hands can’t do, but I’ve never really needed insertion during my private time. I’m a clit-based masturbator, and I don’t care about dong size, rotating insertion balls, or anything fancy. I just want to watch some porn and get off quickly. I’m not looking for a date. However, I did perk up when the Mystim company was mentioned as a possible toy review. I love electro-stimulation. I mean I LOVE it. So, I figured why not give one of these toys a try, and see if I can be swayed from my anti toy-with-masturbation stance.

fullI was gifted the Sizzling Simon, which is a long (10.6 x 1.6 inch) vibrator with electrode capabilities. You can use just the vibe, or just the electro functions, as well as using the functions in tandem. My first attempt with the vibrator was while I was waiting for my partner to join me from downstairs. I decided I would start without him and see if I could figure out some functions. The handle has 6 buttons. There is an electro button, which has corresponding plus and minus buttons, and then there is a vibe button with corresponding plus and minus buttons. Each button has a symbol on it, no lettering. I decided to try the vibe button first. There are 8 vibration modes, and each one varies in rhythm and rotation of vibration location. Mystim advertises that the difference in vibrations helps with kegel exercises, but I was mostly interested in seeing if the vibe would work on my clit. Surprisingly, the vibe is nicely curved so that the tip of the vibe could rest on top of my clit while I held the handle. I went through a few of the settings and found that I really liked the highest, sustained vibe, without any pulse or variation for clitoral stimulation. I felt like this setting had the most power for what I was looking for in a solo experience. Although I was able to achieve orgasm with the tip of the vibrator, it got a bit more cumbersome as the design of the machine isn’t made for solo clitoral orgasm. The tip kept sliding from position, and it was a bit frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, it felt really good, but the shape of the machine didn’t work for my anatomy.

detailWhen my partner came into the room, I was ready to explore the other functions of the device. We started by inserting the vibe into me, and then going through the different modes to see which one I liked best. Honestly, I can’t tell you exactly which combination worked for me, but at one point I was confident that there was a finger in my ass. So, I asked my partner, “Are you in my ass?” He said he wasn’t and kept holding the vibe inside me and rubbing my clit with his fingers. “No, seriously-are you in my ass?” He started laughing and held up both of his hands to show that he did not have any fingers in my ass. “Oh my god, this is fucking awesome,” I said, and he began rubbing my clit again. Whatever combination he had done between the electro-which you really feel, and the vibration was perfect. With the Mystim still working its magic inside me, he used his mouth on my clit and brought me to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Even after I came, with the vibe still going inside me, I felt like I was continuing to climax. It wasn’t the same type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation, it was deeper, emotional, even. My partner moved the Mystim inside me while I rocked in a rhythm, and then had an overwhelming vaginal orgasm. The electro function had made it feel like I was being analy stimulated from inside without the pain of insertion, or the warm-up needed for ass play, and the vibration of the pulse function made me a bit weepy. It was a good time.

Needless to say, I told my partner that I would love him forever, and all those things one promises after a really great orgasm, but it was a combination of the first clitoral orgasm (facilitated by my partner) and then the vibe/electro stimulation that made a really great experience. Plus, sharing toys with your partner is always fun. It introduces the element of discovery, and makes the two of you feel like you are on a journey together. The Mystim has become an active part of our sex life, and I would highly recommend it as an addition to sex with your partner. For me, this is not really a solo-type vibrator, but it is an amazing accompaniment to a romantic evening. It is easy to wash, has a very discrete case, USB charger, and a kegel exercise program included. This is a grown-up’s sex toy; a fancy, well-made, and stylish toy. This line of E-Stim vibes won the 2013 Venus- most innovative new toyline award, and the eroFame-most innovative production line award in 2013. I really like having this toy in my arsenal, and I would seriously suggest investing in one – or many- of their products.

Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

All images courtesy of LELO

When I received the LELO MONA 2, I was extremely, extremely excited. I’d always gone to sex shops and looked longingly in the glass case where the most precious of vibrators were kept, and now I had one of my very own to review. The LELO MONA 2 comes packaged in a fairly large box that holds a smaller, sexier black box inside it. Once you lift the lid off the black box, the MONA 2 is nestled comfortably in a velvety liner.

The MONA 2 comes in 3 colors-purple, “cerise” (aka pink), and red. I was lucky enough to get the red one, which conveniently matches all of my bedroom décor as it is now a staple on my nightstand. One of the most convenient or inconvenient features of the MONA 2, depending on how organized of a person you are, is that it is a rechargeable toy. I’ve used the MONA 2 often enough to know the crushing disappointment that occurs when you’re halfway to climax and the vibration shutters to a sudden halt, all because I forgot to charge it in a while. Fumbling around in the dark for the charger with my phone flashlight has become an annoying aspect of my bedtime routine, but I digress. The MONA 2 comes with its own silky drawstring pouch for discreet safekeeping and a sample of LELO brand lubricant, which I still have yet to try.


On the topic of lube, I found the MONA 2 to be pretty damn impossible to insert without it. Maybe I’m just impatient, but when I want to get off I tend not to bother romancing myself beforehand. Yes, the matte finish silicone is heavenly smooth to the touch, and the curvature of the toy is a natural fit for G-spot stimulation, but something about the width of the head was just a little too big for me to manage on my own. With some handy dandy lubricant and a little patience, however, I was ready to enjoy what @JudyHologram referred to as the “Holy Grail of vibrators.”

The MONA 2 has 6 varying vibration modes, all whisper-quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I’ve been able to use the MONA 2 while my boyfriend slept soundly next to me, and he was none the wiser. The diameter measures 1.5 in circumference at its widest point, and the length is an easily manageable 4.3 inches. The curved head of the MONA 2 rested snugly on my G-spot and once I chose the vibration pattern that most suited me, the climax was inevitable and face-flushingly radiant.

While both of these things are wonderful, I don't recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place
While both of these things are wonderful, I don’t recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place

So start saving up, because this luxury vibrator costs $139-but trust me, it’s worth it. If you crave a toy that penetrates and stimulates at just the right angles, the MONA 2 is a must-have. Just make sure you stock up on lube and keep this bad boy charged, and you’re in for a real treat!

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Go Play: OHM Flow by Blush Novelties


OHM Flow and its beautiful box

mini skinny

If you like your toys to feel like a freaking cloud and deliver wide vibrating coverage for clit teasing as well as be able to penetrate you till drool-flow, you found it with OHM Flow.

requires//two AAA batteries.

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. solids, then varying vibrations. power button is also settings.


OHM Flow popping out of the box




  • softest thing you will ever touch

  • head is full, but easily insertable

  • concave dip

  • that girth, ain’t no joke



  • requires batteries

  • only one button, so if you’re caught mid-buzz, too bad


    in full

    Firstly, Blush has done it again with their packaging. Is there any other company that strives to present sex toy fun in such an elegant and streamlined way? Pfffft. Not that I’ve seen. And for that, I’m a fan all the way.

    This particular Flow I used was mint green, and though I’ve seen the darling berry hue, I’m a fan of all green. So I’ll tell you what, somehow that made it more enjoyable. Honestly, am I just that high-maintenance that even color matters? The mind-blowingness of the massager, however, came not in color but in touch. It’s heaven to touch. It brought to mind tons of words that start with “f” and “s”, like svelte, feathery, soft, fine, silken, satiny, fuckable…and velvety. It’s made of pure hypoallergenic silicone, and is pfthatlthapfzsate  phthlalate-free, so it’s nice and safe and zen for your baby bits.

    I really, really didn’t like that I had to dig through all my electronics to find something that still worked on AAA batteries (note to emja: they are available to buy). First-world problems, ya know? So I took some out of my mini chime clock and unscrewed Flow’s lid. It doesn’t say how to put the AAAs in, but if someone complains about that then you need to back away from the electronic anyway. And once in, just twist, and push the only button on the toy there is. A nice, light, steady vibration kicked in, but I was in no mood for teasing, so I went right to setting three: the hard buzz.

    The noise really was soft, and I felt truly at ease because of it. I didn’t use lube, but if you do, keep the toy soft and clean and use water-based. I loved putting the head of it to my clit because there was a wider space to work with. If it gets too pin-pointy I get jumpy and it’s no good for anyone. I’ve been known to kick a good man once or twice purely out of nerve reaction for too much pointy-tongue.

    Since the girth is a rather nice size for a massager, and the insertable length is 4.75 inches, best believe I rode that thing like a happy animal. It was great, wasn’t too big (I’d offend the boyfriend if it was, anyway), and definitely not tiny, so I relished in the fuck-and-buzz method I prefer. Although I played around with the pulsating settings, pulses aren’t really what I’m looking for (I’ve mentioned that before), but honestly if it was missing I’d be bummed. Don’t ask; I’m odd in preference.

    I finished not too quickly, because I was having fun with my method. It was an orgasm that was powerful, and I’d like to attribute that to the wider head of it, creating vibrations that were strong and more spread around the surface of my clit-zone. I had fun. I wanted to buy the Flow a drink or give it the preferential side of the bed for the night, but washed it off with anti-bacto soap instead. Also, don’t submerse this, or any of the OHM vibes. It’s waterproof, but I cherished it so much that I didn’t even dare bring it into the shower in case I got carried away.



    Find out where to buy this. And be a fan of Blush. They may toss me a toy here and there to review, but we have an agreement — no bias bs, just orgasm rating.


Go Play: Joydream by Blush Novelties

Joydream of the Serendipity line from Blush Novelties




mini skinny

This is a great standard addition to the collection of posh people. It has the light-to-extreme vibration settings, and is rechargeable, and also looks beautiful and is a total betty.


requires//an outlet. this toy is rechargeable. no batteries!

noise//< < < < <

vibration settings//ten. three solids, then varying.




  • rechargeable! i really hate batteries and i never have them
  • gorgeous appearance with blue led power and setting buttons
  • the satin silicone is easy to clean
  • turn it concave or convex or even pinpoint to what gets you off best



  • not totally whisper quiet
  • power button can get in the way when you’re workin’ that thang


in full

Grabbing this toy out of the simple-pretty box, I was impressed. The pink satin silicone and smooth chrome toy was gorgeous and curvy, and I kinda wanted to whip the thing out and show it off to my friends. Just the look of it made me want to slam my body down and wind it all around my bits asasasap. I plugged it in to charge it up, but in only ten minutes of impatience it started buzzing when I clicked the little blue power button.

With the first use I didn’t really explore the speed and pulse settings, I just sort of moved around the thing, trying to find the right curve that would fit me into the “groove”. Game over. I found it right away, so all in all that first use lasted 1min48sec. The second use I gave it a go using all curvy functions and speeds. The pulsating settings are fun if you like bursts of buzz, but I prefer to slide it up, down, little in, more there, with one speed.

Then I tried it during sex. Oh muffin fuck. Let me tell you what. It’s not massive or bulky, so allowing penetration while also centering lil’ Joydream isn’t that tough to do. And while some of y’all might be more experienced with sex and vibration hoo-hah, my partner was not, and he almost couldn’t last because he loved it so much. That curve…that curve makes all the difference in allowing room for all.

The only gripe I had was that during both solo and duo romps, my hand kept accidentally turning it off. If I turned it this way or that way, it was either my thumb or pointer finger that pushed down a little too hard and interrupted that ‘bow chicka bow wow’ moment to bliss. Even switching the button with the settings click-spot would do it for me, but as it is, well there you go. Maybe my hands are freakishly shaped, who really knows.

My official recommendation, however, is get that damn piece of happy play time right now. It’s gotta be a standard, especially if you’re a classy broad who likes toys that just look…pretty. Blush has an entire line of Serendipity products, so if you want a different shape, you have six other varieties to choose from (including a rabbit), all in that flirty-ish rose-blush color.



Find out where to buy this and all of those loverly things they make over at Blush Novelties


Handmade Leather Restraints From Project TransAction

I don’t know if you remember, but a little while back I blogged about Project TransAction, an awesome queer San Francisco-based company that makes amazing silk-screened leather goods  and has Jiz Lee as a model on their Etsy store.  After writing about it and pouring over their online shop, I knew I needed to check out something from their “Leather for Lovers” section, so I got a hold of shop owner Jacob Vaughn and got on knees (over email) and begged for some item to review.  Seriously, he’s probably lucky I wasn’t there in person, because I probably came off demented enough on email.  But seriously, take a look at the site and you will see why.  After going back and forth on specifics, Vaughn sent out a pair of black leather restraint cuffs with… wait for it… the PERIODIC TABLE silk-screened on them.  Holy kinky nerd nirvana!

While I am usually super excited when we get packages of toys to review, I think this may have been one of the few times when I actually squealed when I opened the mailer.  Seriously.  Of course I had to try then on right away.  I had given them my wrist measurement, so it was a perfect fit.  And of course I wore them for the rest of the day too.  How could I not?

Handmade with beautiful, supple leather and sturdy metal fasteners and rings, these gorgeous cuffs are super high quality.  It is so obvious that they folks that made them take great pride in their work. And because Project TransAction is an independent leatherworking and screenprinting company, they are really easy to get a hold of to talk about custom designs and configurations.

It was lucky that I made the smart move to let my partner know that I received them earlier in the day, so he would be ready for go time when I got home from work.  I didn’t want any distraction from playing with my new best friends.  It’s also really nice that they are discreetly kinky enough to wear on the bus going home and people thing they are just leather cuffs.  Ok… maybe that’s not true. I told myself that no one knew I was wearing restraints on the bus, but honestly, the metal rings probably gave it away.  Oh well, it was still an exciting bus ride, with what I thought was my special dirty secret.

The only down side to these cuffs is that it was only when I was home and ready to play did I realize that I didn’t have anything to connect them.  That doesn’t have anything to do with the actual, as much as my poor planning.  But, being the craft queer that I am, I just stripped my carabineer of its keys and my partner snapped my cuffed wrists together.  Yum.  I’ll have to remember to get a double ended clip thing from the hardware store for later, but for now, the carabineer does its job.

In actual play, these leather cuffs are seriously a dream.  They don’t pinch or chafe in any way, and once they are broken in, the leather basically molds perfectly to your wrists for an amazing custom-feeling fit, but honestly, they feel great from the beginning.  They stay in place and keep your wrists totally restrained and feeling good.  And you don’t even know how important that is until you are playing with a pair of cheap ass restraints or handcuffs that annoy your wrists so much that you can’t even concentrate on the hot action.  These restraints are hands down (or tied to the bed frame…) awesome!  And I forgot – they smell so amazingly leathery delicious!

As of right now I don’t actually see the periodic table leather wrist restraints on Project TransAction Etsy store, but I’m sure you can email them and ask.  But don’t miss the amazing sailor anchor restraints and the vintage circus acrobat ones.  Or the SO FUCKING HOT harnesses that they make.  Alright, this review needs to be over before I pass out from all the blood leaving my brain and traveling to my pants.  Just know that you need to check them out.

Oh, and just so you know, they make belts and cuffs and other stuff too.

ps. I know these aren’t the best pictures, but we took them ourselves, so sorry!

Vixen Creations – Lonestar (aka. dildo of my dreams!)

I have for years and years heard from my sex shop working peers that Lonestar by Vixen Creations is the perfect realistic dildo, and in general I agree.  Not until being offered the opportunity to review it was I faced with the difficult task of describing how and why Lonestar is indeed the crème de la crème as realistic dildos go.  I’m going to try and do that sexy fuck stick justice, but if you want to know why it’s perfect – go try it for yourself.

Lonestar is made out of an amazing double pour silicone called Vixskin that gives it both the bodysafe properties of medical grade silicone AS WELL as the realistic feel of cyberskin.  Basically there is a firm inner core of silicone that is covered with a thick and supple layer of softer silicone.  The result is an everlasting boner that both keeps it up all night (or morning, or afternoon for that matter), that is soft enough to squish into all your nooks and crannies.

In terms of size Lonestar is an impressive 6″ x 1-7/8″.  Let me help you understand that in working terms.  It is short enough that I can deep throat this guy to the balls even though I have relatively sensitive gag reflexes.  But it’s LONG enough that when it slips into my puss up to the balls I think it triggers a little known reflex that makes my eyes roll back into my head.  ‘Tis thick enough that on that first plunge in I can feel the walls of my various holes expand to accommodate it, but ‘tis thin enough that I can ride on top for hours without worrying that I’ll wake up TOO sore.  This fucker is what I like to call a “full fit”- when you’re surrounding this thing you feel both like it’s a good fit and you’re good and full.  Hmmm- oh man, I’m gonna have to get that up in me as soon as I’m done writing.  I can tell.

Besides being made from great material, and its made-to-fit-most size- Lonestar is also a player that can perform in many different situations.  You can stick this one in any hole as long as you’ve made sure it is clean.  To ensure total cleanliness before going ass to vag or ass to mouth boil it for 3 minutes before playing with those second holes.  But since the balls act as a flared base you don’t have to worry about losing this dildo up you butt in a moment of muscle spasming pleasure.  Also, the balls act like a great handle if you need to grab onto something during solo sex or if you have a play partner whose hands are slippery from pumping lube.

The only downsides, as far as I can tell, are that you can only get Lonestar in “skin tones” and I love a good sparkly, purple, or green dildo.  Also, be ready to drop a pretty penny on this amount of hot fucking.  It’ll last you a lifetime but this kind of quality sextoy is not cheap.

Ok, I think I’ve gotten myself hot and bothered enough explaining why this dildo is such a good lay.  I’m gonna go give myself an internal massage and I suggest y’all give Lonestar a try if you’re in the market for a wonderful realistic dildo.   Yeehaw!

The Tristan – A Signature Butt Plug!

Oh Tristan Taormino, just when we think we couldn’t love you any more than we already do, you go and make a signature butt plug!  That’s right – the fantastic butt toy we are reviewing today is not only named after anal sex queen Tristan Taormino, it was actually designed with her expert input!

For those of you who may not know the genius of Tristan Taormino, let me pause for a second and give a little schooling.  Tristan is an author, educator, columnist, porn director and all around expert in all things anal.  This lady is downright amazing!  And awesome for us, silicone toy maker Vixen Creations teamed up with Taormino to create the ultimate anal plug – The Tristan!

The initial partnership happened a little while ago (not sure when), and now there is a second, larger Tristan, but we were lucky enough to get our pervy little paws on the original Tristan (which is now called the Tristan 1).  Measuring in at 3” long, with a 1 ½” diameter of the head and a 1”+ neck diameter, this plug is the perfect size for both beginners and folks with a little bit of booty play experience.  When it comes to advanced anal, I’d go with the Tristan 2 or something a little bit larger.

There were a few reasons we really wanted to review this specific butt plug.  We clearly knew that anything with Tristan’s stamp of approval had to be one hell of an anal adventure!  A big reason we were interested was that the specific shape of the Tristan offers up some unique features – the long neck of this plug really helps it stay securely in your ass and the rectangular base with the concave cutouts rests comfortably between your cheeks.

I was looking for a plug that could easily be worn while walking around and doing unrelated tasks, and Tristan definitely fit the bill!  With other shaped plugs, it seems like they fall out of the anus easily and even the gravity of the base can pull it out quickly.  The Tristan’s longer neck allows the sphincter muscles to hold on tight and keep the plug feeling snug – which means you can take it out of the house without worrying about it falling out!  Ask us how we know 😉 Continue reading The Tristan – A Signature Butt Plug!

Holy Hotness Just In Time For Easter! The Jackhammer Jesus Dildo

Well, friends, it looks like Easter is here… and boy has the lord risen!  At this point as a sex toy reviewer, I would say that all in all, I am fairly unflappable.  You want me to try out that giant cock with 45 different vibration patterns?  Sure, hand it over.  You say you want me to shoot lube up my ass?  Great, all I need is an instruction manual.  Basically, I’m up for anything. So when I stumbled upon this amazing creature on the free-for-all that is the Internet, I just knew I needed to beg them for one to review.  And luckily, the folks over at Divine Interventions were just as excited as I was!  So, what is all the fuss about?  Well, in honor of the impending holiday, I give you Jackhammer Jesus!

An amazing high quality silicone dildo, Jackhammer Jesus is a gorgeous 7 ½ inch cock with an impressive shaft that culminates in the most notorious of crucifixions.  That’s right, this toy is one part dick and one part cross – featuring Jesus stuck on tight!  Blasphemy never felt so fucking good! Continue reading Holy Hotness Just In Time For Easter! The Jackhammer Jesus Dildo

Nobessence Allure

When you’ve got a trunk full of sex toys, it’s hard to be impressed. When I opened up my latest treasure, the Nobessence Allure, I knew I was in for a good time.

This is one gorgeous wooden dildo that just feels so damn good in my hands. It’s as smooth as glass and perfectly weighted. From the picture, you can see it’s an amazing piece of art, but you can’t really appreciate the beauty of the wood grain until you’re holding it.

I know that the first word that popped into mind when you read this is a wooden dildo was “splinters.” I can’t imagine a more horrible place to get a splinter, but there’s no need to worry. Nobessence’s toys are insanely smooth and each is finished with a impermeable polymer coating which makes them waterproof and hypo-allergenic.

The finish is phthalate-free and forms an barrier to chemicals and bacteria, so as long as you clean it with anti-bacterial soap and water or a ten percent bleach solution, you’re good to go! As it turns out, when in the hands of a high-quality company, wood is a fantastic material to make sex toys from!

Besides looking good, I love the bumps and curves offered up by the Allure. I love g-spot stimulation and the longer end is perfect for it. The curve works really well with my body and the firm wood hits just the right spot. I have to imagine it would also be a great toy for prostate massage.

It’s also a good toy for anal play, although I advise you to be careful because there isn’t a distinct flared base. Between the bumps and the curved ends, I personally think it’s a safe toy for butt lovin’ but keep safety in mind and don’t push your luck! No one wants to make that trip to the ER.

The Allure is 10” long, with a 1 ¾” wide bulb and 1 ¼” wide bumps. You know your body best, but I think it’s big enough to satisfy seasoned players but not intimidating to sex toy newbies.

Overall, what you’ll get if you decide to purchase the Allure (or any NobEssence wands, really) is a well-crafted piece of art that was sculpted to get you off. If you’re looking to splurge a bit now that you’ve got that tax refund in hand, I would definitely check out what they have to offer.

Form 3

Well, I can officially cross catching up on JimmyJane’s Form line off of my list to do by the end of the year. I’ve been enjoying the Form 3 immensely in the past few weeks and thought it was time to spread the good word about this rechargeable vibe.

My latest acquisition has a number of things similar with the Form 2, but is surely a very different vibe. One thing I love is that both toys use the same charger, so I’m able to keep both toys ready to go without cluttering my bedside table any further. Obviously, rechargeable vibrators are where it’s at if you’re trying to decrease your carbon footprint or just the type of person who is always running out of batteries.

Like its predecessor, the Form 3 is made from body-safe silicone, completely waterproof and offers multiple speeds and four fantastic functions. Despite the similarities, when it comes to performance the Form 3 is a very different beast. It’s shaped a lot like a tongue, which is a pretty good thing in my opinion. The motor is housed in the solid bottom, but the top half is a flexible, thin silicone touchpad that can be used to stimulate the body multiple ways.

Some of my favorites include using it to mimic a tongue (with plenty of water-based lube), using the edges for extremely pinpointed vibrations and placing it between my girl and I for a little extra buzz for the both of us! It’s also good for all sorts of not as sexy massage, but you probably don’t care all that much about that. Just know it.

The one thing that really made me lust after this vibe when it was first released was flexible touchpad JimmyJane features so heavily in their advertising. I’ve tried enough finger vibes over the years and this really seemed like it was taking the concept to a whole new level. Unfortunately, when I press my finger to extend the silicone, I think the vibrations suffer, so I don’t really take advantage of that much. I think it’s nice to be able to “reach through” and remind my girl that I’m there, but that it functions better in the other ways I mentioned.

While this vibe is pretty powerful, and the four functions add to its overall ability to make my knees weak, the vibrations don’t transfer quite as well as the Form 2. For me, this vibe is one that is at its best when I’m in the mood for a long solo session or for use with a partner. If I’m looking for a quick and lazy O, I reach for something else that has a little more power.

Don’t interpret that to mean this isn’t an amazing toy, because it really is. I just tend to classify my vibes into two categories: the first group will take me from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye and the other are for longer play that result in deeper and more mind-blowing orgasm. Both are crucial!

I expect the best from JimmyJane and was not disappointed in the Form 3 at all. If you’re looking for a great vibrator that is well made (and backed up with a three year warranty!) and sure to please for years to come, I’d read up on this one.

Oh yeah, and for those of you who are looking to splurge a bit this year, Jimmy Jane has packaged the Form 2 & Form 3 together in the Win-Win Package. You’ll save some cash by picking up both and, according to their website, there are some shipping deals through December 14th.