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Megasol Eros Liquid Aqua Based Woman

There aren’t many things I think of as staples of sex, but other than safer sex materials, lube is definitely one of them. Lube is just a fact of life. No matter how much natural lubricant your body produces, it’s usually a good idea to add some additional lube, just to make sure things stay slick and moving along.

Choosing the lube for you depends on what activities you have planned for the evening (or morning… or afternoon… or nooner…).  If you are playing with a bunch of silicone toys, you want to go with water-based lube, as silicone on silicone will destroy your toys.  If you are looking for a lube that stays slipperier longer, head to the silicone lube isle.  Today we are all about water-based, reviewing Megasol Eros Liquid Aqua Based Woman lube.

Before getting into all the great things about this lube, I do want to mention that it does contain glycerin.  For some women this isn’t an issue, but for other, more sensitive folks, it is no bueno.   Glycerin is related to sugar glucose and can cause nasty yeast infections, so just be aware of your own body chemistry. Ok, warning over – now on to the good stuff!

Megasol Eros Liquid Aqua Based Woman is a long-lasting lube that gets the party started with only a drop or two needed.  It may not be quite as viscous as silicone-based lube, but it definitely stays slippery without leaving a greasy feeling in its wake.  And even more importantly, it doesn’t get sticky or tacky after a rousing session.  This lube actually leaves your skin feeling soft and moist.  Oh, and one more thing – it doesn’t taste yucky, which is a pretty big thing, of you ask me.

While I’m not pumped about the glycerin, I am happy to report that Megasol Eros Liquid Aqua Based Woman is paraben-free, which is awesome.

All-in-all Megasol Eros Liquid Aqua Based Woman is a decent water-based lube that works well – as long as your body can tolerate the glycerin.


Boy Butter Lube

When you think of, you wouldn’t necessarily think we’d be reviewing a product called ‘Boy Butter,’ but lo and behold, here we are, setting up a review for the oil-based lube.  Another thing I didn’t think I’d be doing: Putting partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in my body (well, other than orally).  But again, here I go, taking one for the team to give you gals a glimpse into the world of the buttery boy lube spread fondly known as Boy Butter.

Before I even start into specifics, I must begin this review with a few important notes.  This is NOT a lube to use with your vagina.  Bad bad bad!  Vag and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils do not mix well.  Oil-based lubes can mess up the balance inside your vagina and cause all sorts of unpleasant experiences.  As well, oil-based lubes are NOT compatible with latex.  They will cause latex condoms and gloves to break down, rendering them pretty much useless.  This lube is designed to work with wieners and butts – that’s it.  So take my warnings and enjoy Boy Butter how it is supposed to be used.  I don’t even want to hear about the nasty thing that happened to your pussy when you smeared this lube on/in it.

Alright, now that we have the basic ‘what not to do’s’ out of the way, let’s get to the fun!  As stated above, Boy Butter is an oil-based lube made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.  While it does come in both a tub (either 4 oz. or 16 oz.) and a squeeze bottle, I received the 4 oz. mini tub to review.  And honestly, that may have made a difference to me.  I am so used to lube coming out of bottles that having to scoop into a tub to get my slick on was definitely weird for me.  It reminded me of gay bathhouses back in the day- everyone digging into the can of Crisco.  Continue reading Boy Butter Lube

Necessities: Lube and Bullet Vibe

I was lucky enough to review a nice little collection of toys and lube from Good Vibrations.  I’ll spare you the small talk and get down to business.

Made exclusively for Good Vibrations, Please Liquid Lubricant definitely gets a gold star.  First of all it is glycerin and paraben free.  Being Please Lubricantthe highly sensitive girl that I am, this is a must for me.  It does contain sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol that acts as a thickener, but it didn’t cause any problems for me.  I mention this because sugar in the vag generally causes yeast infections.  I have used Please Liquid Lube more than a handful of times and have experienced no irritation.  It really creates a nice thick wall of slippery goodness on my skin with only a few drops.  It definitely had a nice weight to it.  I prefer a heftier lube, so I’m a fan of this stuff.  If you prefer more of a water-like consistency, I wouldn’t recommend this product to you.  Please Lube is taste and scent free, so no yucky chemical taste when you change up your sex acts.  It does leave the tiniest bit of residue when all is said and done, but it isn’t enough to keep from going back to it.  It washes off easily and since
it is water based, you are good to use it with condoms and sex toys.  Please lube is definitely in my rotation of go-to lubes.

The Silver Bullet Vibrator is a timeless classic is that I would recommend to a sex toy beginner or to someone who prefers simple vibrators.  It controlled by a wired remote control with a dial control on the side that allows you to adjust from low to high Bullet Vibratorvibration.  While this vibe is no match for the high powered pocket rocket, it is a mighty little egg.  It is a bit on the buzzy side, but I was impressed with the power it presented for such a basic toy.  It has a moderate noise level that may bug you if you’re super sensitive to those things, but I was able to ignore it.  I’m not going to paint this vibrator as being any fancier than it is, but as egg vibrators go, this one holds its own.  It is totally affordable and made from sturdy hard plastic.  I have to point this out because I have encountered cheap egg vibes that barely make it through the first use without cracking or having a motor melt down.  This one is still going strong after a few uses.  Cleaning is simple.  It isn’t waterproof, but wiping
down with a soapy damp cloth will do the trick.  I advise against submerging in water or taking it in the shower.  If you’re on a budget and in need of a new little vibrator, the Silver Bullet is for you.

The Bunny Sleeve is an affordable way to change up the basic Silver Bullet, or any pocket rocket style vibrator.   It slides on Vibrator Sleevewith little hassle and covers just about the entire toy when used with the Silver Bullet.  It transfers the vibrations all the way to the ears, so if you like pin point clitoral stimulation, you would definitely enjoy this little bunny.  I don’t personally pin point stimulation, I’m more of an all over kind of girl.  Either way, it’s an easy way to jazz up a simple vibrator.  It is made from elastomer so it is semi-porous, but it is phthalates free and hypoallergenic.  You don’t have to deal with skin irritation, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing with a friend.  It is super easy to clean.  Just wash with a little soap and water and run under the faucet.  At the very least, it’s cute and makes the simplest of toys versatile.

Overall, this is a solid round up of products from Good Vibrations.

Sliquid Oceanics Lube

There are combinations that go together, and then there are combinations that are so deeply rooted together that it’s hard to think of them apart.  Peanut butter and jelly; milk and cookies; pussy and seaweed…  Wait, what?!?  That’s right, pussy and seaweed!  I’d never have thought to ever pair the two, but my experiences with Sliquid Oceanics lube has me longing to head down the shore and turn toward the sea for some action!

Alright, so it’s not seaweed seaweed that makes Sliquid Oceanics so good, but seaweed derivatives, as well as a bunch of other tasty extracts from the sea.  I’m not going to lie and say I know what any of these are (Carrageenan, Wakame, Nori – no clue), but they do the job of creating a fantastically slippery water-based lube that continues to stay slick and stay put for a nice long while.

While keeping things slippery for the long haul is a pretty great feat for a water-based lube in the first place, Sliquid Oceanics is far from being a one trick pony.  Along with being awesome in the sack, this fabulous lube is also glycerin- and paraben-free, which is so important to us sensitive folks, AND vegan, for all you animal lovers .  PLUS it’s chock full of a whole ton of certified botanical extracts, including aloe, green tea, sunflower seed, hibiscus, flax and more.  And that Carrageenan I was talking about ealier?  Yeah, apparently that ingredient has been shown in some lab tests to prevent the spread of HPV during sex.  Um, what?  Where has this magic potion been all of my life?!?

Whether we were playing in the rainforest of the pussy or the desert of the butt, this slippery friend kept things going smoothly and has earned itself a place on my nightstand.

Wild Ride Kit

Today’s review is for the three part Wild Ride Kit from Good Vibrations!

Normally when you pick up a sex position book, you’d flip through the pages and see picture after picture of people fucking in all different contorted ways. Thumbs up for Dr. Sadie Allison, who travels way passed that with her awesome instructional Ride’em Cowgirl: Sex Positions for Better Bucking!

Offering over 90 different possible bucking positions, Dr. Allison doesn’t just slap down the picture, she tells you why to get into a certain position, why it will feel good, how to reach the ultimate orgasm, how to make it a multiple, how to help your partner with his HE-Spot, while he touches your G-Spot.

She does an excellent job at touching on some very ‘not so talked about’ subjects, and the language she uses in her book is easily understood, yet very informative. I love that the points she touches on are helpful to many different audiences.  For example, if you’ve never masturbated or had an orgasm, she explains how to go about it, slowly but successfully.

There are many important parts of sex, other than just the act itself. The prep – there is cleanliness, grooming, partner consideration. Dr. Allison spends a good deal of time and detail on kissing, dry humping, foreplay, which are so very important. A few in particular that I enjoyed: the HE-Spot and the Backdoor Boogaloo. How often do you get tips on cleaning up the possible poop? She covers it.

Dr. Sadie’s layout of the book is for couple reading. A major fault among couples is the fear of expressing desires in bed, feeling you may be way out of line, or scare the hell out of your partner. If you’re reading this side by side, the embarrassment part is removed by ‘reading’ it. You can ask your partner at that time, is this something that would interest you? You never know, your partner’s favorite position may be the Banana Split, and you never knew. Continue reading Wild Ride Kit

The Lube Shooter & Sliquid Organics Lube

It took me a while to review The Lube Shooter.  It’s not because I wasn’t into the idea – I mean, I picked it out myself and was excited to try something new.  I was nervous; apprehensive about the unknown.  Sure, I’ve played with my butt plenty of times, but when it comes to shooting lube up my canal a little further than I ever had before… there was definitely a learning curve.

My initial questions were less about technique or amount, and more about what to expect.  Would everything be noticeably slipperier?  Would I be dripping lube out of my tush for a while? Would I need to bring a change of underpants the next day just in case my ass was still weeping lube?  I mean, you can tell why it took a little extra screwing of my courage to face this slippery beast.  Its tag line is ‘puts lube between the cheeks, not on the sheets,’ which, to me sounds easy and painless enough, but you never know unless you give it a go yourself…

So, after wining and dining myself with a classy pre-cooked chicken I heated up, I caged the puppies, grabbed a variety of booty toys and took my lube shooters on a date to my boudoir.

First thing I did was re-read the directions on the package I had already gone over so many times before.  Ok, remove the plunger – done.  Pour the lube into the shooter (I was using my other stockroom score, Sliquid Organics water-based lube) – trickier than I expected.  I assumed that the lube would just drip down the tube effortlessly, but no, not this lube. Continue reading The Lube Shooter & Sliquid Organics Lube

Pink Lemonade Swirl

This girl loves her Sliquid lube, so when I found out about Babeland had teamed up with them to make Pink Lemonade Swirl, I figured it would be pretty awesome.

The reason this product first came to my attention was because I received a press release announcing that Babeland would be dedicating 10% of sales revenue in October to the Young Survival Coalition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I thought that was pretty awesome and am learning that Babeland is pretty amazing when it comes to philanthropy. I won’t go into further detail because they have their own awesome PR team, but you can read about how they give back over at the site.

Anyways… back to the lube!

I love Sliquid’s lubricants for a number of reasons, but the number one thing that keeps me reaching for their stuff is the fact that they are committed to creating a product that is body safe. I know I didn’t even have to look to make sure this new formulation doesn’t have any icky ingredients because all of their products are glycerin and paraben free. They’re also safe to use with latex condoms and 100% vegan friendly. I don’t typically seek out vegan products, but I’m also not super excited about introducing animal-based products to my most sensitive bits, so I appreciate it.

Now, some of you are probably questioning the decision to make a Pink Lemonade flavored lube. I kind of was too. I’m not a giant fan of flavored lubes to begin with and I just wasn’t sure how this one would work. Somehow, it totally does! There’s no gross aftertaste and it’s not overwhelming at all. There’s just this sweet/sour bit of summer thrown into the mix that I really love.

Like my previous experiences with different varieties of Sliquid Swirl, this is a good water-based lubricant. It’s compatible with silicone toys, which is why I have a shoebox full of water-based lubes even though they don’t last as long as silicone-based products.

I’m super glad I got to give this product a shot and recommend it, as I always end up doing with Sliquid products. When I reviewed the Cherry Vanilla Swirl a long ways back, I stated that it was the best flavored lube I had ever used and I still believe you can’t beat this line if you’re looking to add a little sweetness to your sexin’.

The only bad thing about trying this one is that now I’m disappointed in myself for never trying their Green Apple Lube because I thought it would be a little tart. I’m now thinking I’ve been missing out for years!

For a little taste of summer this cold winter nights, head over to babeland and get your own bottle of Pink Lemonade Swirl!

Earthly Body’s Waterslide

I’m always on the lookout for new lubricants to check out – it’s a bit of an obsession of mine. When I read about Earthly Body’s Waterslide I knew I had to try it out because I’m all about promoting body safe products. Thankfully, the fine people over at Earthly body agreed to send me a sample to check out.

I really wanted to check out this water-based lube because of the ingredient list. A lot of companies don’t seem to take a woman’s health into consideration when formulating lubricant. Sugar, glycerin and parabens are unfortunately found listed on the bottle far too often. Waterslide contains only three ingredients: purified water, Propanediol (natural humectant) and natural carrageenan, a sea plant I’ve seen in another lube somewhere over the years. For those of you who don’t know what a humectant is, I had to look it up too! It’s a substance that promotes retention of moisture.

With such a short list, there are a lot of things this lubricant does not include that should be celebrated like glycerin, sugar, parabens or petroleums. It also doesn’t contain any animal products for all of you vegans out there!

I’m also happy to say that, at least for me, Waterslide performs well as a lubricant. It retained its slickness and didn’t get gross and sticky. One nice thing about water-based lubes is that they are compatible with all sorts of toy materials and condoms and a good product is a must for me because of that. I’ll definitely be adding this to my bedside drawer and reach for it often.

The only thing I don’t like about Waterslide is the taste. It’s a little hard to describe – but I wouldn’t suggest getting it in your mouth on purpose. The good thing is that it doesn’t seem to leave much of an aftertaste when you do accidently get a taste.

Finally, and this is going to seem like the silliest thing to point out, I love the fact that they included a plastic plug that can be re-inserted into the bottle for travel. No matter how secure lube bottles seem, I’m always nervous when packing them away for a weekend. I love this extra protective measure!

If you’re searching for a body-safe lube that is affordable and performs well, I can definitely recommend checking out Waterslide.

Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant

When I first started outlining this review, I thought I was a pretty easy going person, lube wise. I don’t need a lot a frills, vegan ingredients or fancy, fruity flavoring – just a good quality product that keeps things going. But as I listed my pros and cons of the Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant, I began to realize that I require more from my lube than originally suspected.

Let me tell you a bit about this specific lube before going off on my rant. Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant is a water-based lube from Sinclair Intimacy Institute. According to the bottle it is expert recommended, hypoallergenic, glycerin- free, non-toxic and latex compatible. Sounds like it would be a good pick, but unfortunately it didn’t really measure up to my apparently high standards. Ok, onward to my grumblings.

First, lube needs to be slippery. Duh, right? Well, you’d be surprised. The nature of lube is to make your bits nice and slick to enhance pleasurable friction. Sounds right to me. So, why do lubes get sticky and gummy so quickly? Yes, stickiness is a known problem with water-based lubes, so I can’t blame Better Sex Essentials for the problem, but it’s highly frustrating when you want to get off and you need to keep adding water (read: adding spit) to the lube to reactivate it. I will say that Better Sex Essentials wasn’t better or worse than any other water-based option I’ve tried. If you’re looking for long-lasting slide, you’ve gotta go with silicone-based. Continue reading Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant

Love Essentials Kit

I’ve been kind of in love with the concept of Honey Dust since I first heard about a similar tasty powder found on the body of a victim on the crime drama “Bones.” Yeah I know – dead people, not sexy, but the concept of sweet tasting body powder totally had me intrigued. I’m not usually one for food in my bed, or on my body; all I think about is the sticky mess someone’s going to have to clean up and it damned well won’t be me! But I figured I could totally handle a light dusting of sweet powder, and I’ve always wanted to try out some of Kama Sutra’s products too – with a name like “Kama Sutra” it had better be good!

All that added up to me being super jazzed when my Kama Sutra Love Essentials Kit arrived in the mail. In the interest of sharing the joy, I opened it up right in the office so everyone could admire my new toys and the packaging. Everything was nestled neatly into this little cardboard box with a kind of dark jungle motive on it. Of course I grabbed the feather duster first and gave myself a little experimental pat.  Nice, but I didn’t see it as a powder applicator – way too sparse at the tip and too compact at the bottom. Continue reading Love Essentials Kit