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Spartacus Leathers Gag and Tit Clamp Review

Spartacus Leathers has been at the kink accessory game for 28 years, and I’m ashamed to admit that it took me so long to hop on board with them. I knew about Spartacus, but I hadn’t actually tried any of their goods. I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but in this case, I made grievous errors when stocking my toy box (you might call it a dresser, whatever) in the past. After my experiences with my first two Spartacus toys, I’m a convert.

For review, I received the Spartacus Leathers’ Silicone Bit Gag and the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet.  I’m not sure if telepathy was a part of the package, but these are two items I needed in my collection. I haven’t entirely loved any of the gags I’ve had and had only one pair of clover (butterfly) clamps. Let me tell you, not everyone loves a set of clover clamps. I do, but they’re a little rough for someone who is easing into tit play.

Spartacus Leathers Silicone Bit Gag
This ain’t no bottle of fancy nail polish.

I was more eager to try out the Silicone Bit Gag. I’ve had ball gags before, but not a bit gag. I smelled supple leather as soon as I opened the box, and was happy to see the phrases “Phthalate and latex free” and “Nickel free” on the box (If you follow the link to the Spartacus item listing, the old packaging is listed and it does say that nickle is in the hardware.). As I react to both latex and nickle, and fuck phthalates anyway, I was relieved that I can handle this item without a skin reaction. We’re off to an excellent when it comes to the materials! And really, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really into just smelling the leather.

Aesthetics and material aside, the Bit Gag was a hit! A bit gag is generally a much more comfortable type to wear than a ball or O-ring gag as it’s easier on the jaw. I tried the bit gag myself and, even with TMJ, found it comfortable for a half hour of wear. I also had a friend try it and he reported that it fit nicely, and didn’t make him drool as much as a ball gag. I was also able to use the last hole on the leather strap. If you needed to add holes, there is still space on the strap to make them. More woo-y people than I will tell you that things happen when the time is right, and fate will have its way with you. Or something. I’ll give this woo-sters a point and agree that Spartacus’ Silicone Bit Gag entered my life at the perfect time.

spartcus_tit_clampsMoving on the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet, I was immediately taken with their design. Most tit clamps come on a chain and are pretty run of the mill in terms of design. I really like that Spartacus adds their logos to their clamps. The top of the clamp features the Spartan soldier and the bottom features the Spartacus text logo. It’s a small branding touch, but in a world where more and more people are getting into the sex toy game and pumping out generic (and sometime body unsafe) toys, I appreciate this element. Also, if you’re at a play party and you set your Spartacus clamps down, that detail will distinguish them from someone else’s janky tit clamps. (I work in marketing and of course, I think about logos.)

As far as functionality and fun, the nipple clamps + bullet vibe combo is an excellent one. At least, I didn’t quite get the appeal of the detachable bullet vibe, but then it made sense-it’s an extra sensation tool, and by it being on a chain, you won’t lose track of it while playing. The vibe has a silken, black cover on it and has 3 decently strong vibration options. I don’t expect much from bullet vibes, and was pleased to know this one has different settings. Since battery operated vibes don’t last forever, make sure to bring your watch batteries with you while using this.

But hey, let’s talk about the nipples clamps! These are a 2 in the Spartacus Leathers’ awesome tension/pain scale:

clamps 101 with diagram- shaved

The Broad Tip Clamps can certainly hold a chunk of skin, but the screw adjusters allow you to control the amount of pressure applied. As opposed to the clover clamps, you can start more teasingly with these and ease into more severe sensations. Also, there is no rule that says you have to put these on nipples either. With the tension screw, you are able to adjust these to fit different amounts of flesh in between. When you put these on flesh, especially nipples, and let them bite at their most severe ability, WATCH THE FUCK OUT! They can be nasty. Pair nasty with a vibe, and you’ll have some sub squirming all the place either begging for mercy or for an orgasm. Once again, I have been woo-ed by Spartacus Leathers.

Also, regarding both items, they are easy to clean! Soap and water works for the silicone and a spray of rubbing alcohol with a wipe down with a paper towel works for the nipple clamps. Keep it clean after you get dirty, folks.

All in all, I truly love both of these items from Spartacus Leathers and will absolutely be shopping with them in the future. The quality and design of both the Silicone Bit Gag and the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet absolutely impressed me. I congratulate Spartacus on 28 years of business, and I hope they keep us all good and pervy for years to come!

KinkLab’s Power Tripper

What person doesn’t dream (even a little bit) about having a super power?  It may be as lofty as flight or as mundane as being able to chop vegetables extra fast, but I’d say that most folks have had at least one or two fantasies about being able to access some super human capability.  So, what if I told you how you could actually get your hands on one of these precious powers?  What if I told showed you how to turn your body into an electrode?!  Alright, it’s not super strength or x-ray vision, but hey, it’s still pretty freaking awesome, and you don’t have to be bitten by a radioactive bug or anything!  All you need is a particularly pervy mind and a Power Tripper from KinkLab.

A few months back, I had the very exciting opportunity to get my sticky little fingers on a KinkLab Neon Wand from The Stockroom.  This electro-erotic toy is a wand that creates an electrical charge across the surface of the skin wherever you touch with one of the four glass electrode attachments.  Depending on how high the current is turned up, the sensations rang from a light tingling to a sharp shock.  Read more about the actual Neon Wand in the review we wrote when we first tried it out.

So, why am I going on and on about the Neon Wand?  Well, because the Power Tripper is an attachment for KinkLab’s Neon Wand!  That means that before you can play with the Power Tripper, you’ve got to wrangle yourself a wand.  And as the instructions clearly state – a KinkLab Neon Wand, not just any old electro-stim toy.

The Power Tripper is a metal plate attached to a cord that plugs into the Neon Wand. When the plate is held flush against the skin, it turns one’s body into an attachment for the Wand.  Basically, it makes it so your fingers, tongue, whatever becomes an electrode that transfers the current to another person’s body, stimulating them.  Yep, it makes you the middleman of electro-pleasure and I would say it equates to having vibrating fingers.  Pretty exciting, huh?

So, how does it work?  It’s awesome!  Like I said above, not only does it give your fingers the ability to make your partner tingle, it gives your tongue that ability too!  Very exciting.  I will say that to keep the metal plate flush against your skin, it helps to keep your underwear on and tuck it into the waist band against your hip.  Make sure to start off low and go slow to higher settings.

Because I am a neurotic person, I never kept the wand on for more than several seconds.  I have this irrational fear of the electricity making my heart stop or something.  I know, it’s a little far-fetching, seeing as I don’t have a heart condition and this toy is perfectly safe, but still, I can’t shake the paranoia about it.  I definitely enjoyed being the receiver of the tingles more than the wearer of the Power Tripper.  Just a preference.

One thing that is a total bummer is that I didn’t do a very good job of reading the instructions of removal and  instead of pulling on the metal part you are supposed to pull on, I pulled on the cord and ripped it clean off. Make sure to only pull out by gripping the metal end below the cord. Take it from experience. Yes I feel foolish, but more so, I am disappointed to only have enjoyed this attachment once before breaking it.  I guess I can’t have anything nice.  Oh well, I will happily purchase this awesome and unique attachment! I contacted the company and was informed that they’re already in the process of improving this and making the cord connection stronger.  They are awesome and are constantly working to improve features on products.  Thanks KinkLab!

Take a trip to ecstasy with KinkLab’s Power Tripper!


Rubber Paddle From Babeland

I don’t know if you know this, but different impact play toys offer up different sensations.  Crazy idea, I know, but it’s true.  And, depending on how you play with them also results in a variety of experiences as well.  While I’ve enjoyed my share of thumpy and thuddy toys, I’ve yet to really get down and dirty with something stingy – until now.  And when I say stingy, I don’t mean a light stinging sensation like a slap… I mean a heavy duty whack that leaves a stinging red mark, even when it barely touches you.  I mean the Rubber Paddle from Babeland.

So, what makes this paddle so freaking stingy?  Probably because it’s made from 1/2 inch thick, super heavy rubber.  You know, like the same rubber that tires are made from – complete with the same smell that you encounter at the local Pep Boys.  And man, that smell is sexy!  Measuring in a 11 inches long total (with a 5 inch handle) and 3 inches wide, this isn’t a particularly big paddle, but the material gives it an extra weightiness that packs the wallop!

Another aspect that increases its intense stinging is that the whole thing is downright flexible, with the handle being especially (for lack of a better word) rubbery.  Because of that pliable nature, the paddle gets a little more velocity when it’s thrown, and when it makes contact with the skin, it actually curves toward the skin to cover more area.  Yeah, this is one mean mother f-er.  And no, I’m not talking about Shaft.

Though it is vaguely tire-esque, mostly in smell, don’t think that this toy is rough around the edges.  It’s coated with a velvety finish that feels amazing when it’s run along your skin.  Plus the paddle also offers up a hole on the handle that makes it easy to hang on a small hook or add a string to hang on.

I was quite impressed with this paddle and even more excited when I saw that it goes for a modest price.  Kink toys are usually pretty expensive (well, the quality ones anyway), especially when you get into harder core ones, but this well-made paddle is priced quite fairly.

Just to be super clear, I do NOT recommend this toy for BDSM beginners – doms or subs.  It is way too intense of a toy to start with and takes little effort to produce a powerful sensation.  Start with something a little less hardcore and move up as you progress.  This paddle is perfect for practiced pros that know how to throw an impact toy properly and are looking to sting the crap out of someone.

Babeland’s Rubber Paddle get my two thumbs up!   Just be careful sitting the next day…

ps. Those are my hands in the pictures.  Nice manicure, huh?

KinkLab’s Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

It’s not all that often that you come home from work and tell your honey to take off their pants, because it’s time for a little electrocution.  Well, not unless you live in the home of dirty perverts, and that, my friend, is exactly what we are.  At this point, my partner is pretty used to having me come home baring special sex toy treats in my tote bag, and he quite patiently obliges as I “bring my work home” and give each one a test, be it with him or not.

Now, I’ll admit that this review has been a long time coming.  Like I said, it’s not every day that you bring home electro-stim toys to play with, and this KinkLab’s Neon Wand Electrosex Kit is the very first one I’ve ever experienced!  That’s right, your confident neighborhood sex toy reviewer was a electro-stim VIRGIN before this toy.  That said, I wanted to make 100% sure that I gave it the time and dedication that it deserves before writing it up.

Before we get into all the shocking action (ha!), I want to stress that you NEED to read the user guide prior to plugging this bad boy in.  Not only does it have a ton of useful info to make playing more fun, but it gives you all the important safety information you should know – like not to use the Wand on one spot for more than 10 seconds, and not to use on folks with heart conditions.  This is electricity we are dealing with, people, give it the respect it deserves.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, what exactly IS the Neon Wand?  Well, the Neon Wand is an Electro-Erotic toy that creates an electrical charge across the surface of the skin, wherever you touch with one of the four glass electrode attachments.  The sensations depend on how high the current is turned up, ranging from a light tingling to a sharp shock.  You definitely want to start out at the lowest setting and turn it up from there, especially if you are on sensitive parts of the body.

Like I said above, the Neon Wand comes with four different glass electrode attachments that fit into the white wand (which is about 10 inches long) that plugs into the wall.  There is an electro comb that looks like a comb with 9 one-inch-long nubs.  The second is a mushroom shaped electrode, with a flatter, wider head, which touches a wider surface volume.  The third is a tiny bulb at the end of a longer, curved stalk called the 90 degree probe.  The tip offers the smallest surface area, meaning the charge is more concentrated.  Then there is the tongue tube, which is a rounded diamond shape at the end of the tube.  This electrode is flat and kind of looks like a flat spoon.  Each attachment feels a little different and definitely made for a fun testing exploration.

When you bring the electrode (attached to the wand) close to your skin, a small colored beam/spark comes out and connects to the skin.  I know it sounds weird when I explain it, but really, it’s just what the charge looks like.  There are two color options to choose from – purple or red, though you only get one or the other when you buy your wand.  Unfortunately you can’t change it on a whim.  Mine is red, for all you visual folks out there.

There are other electro-stim wands out there, so what makes the Neon Wand different?  This toy is a solid-state device with no moving parts, which means it’s more durable and you can move it around when playing without worrying that the charge is going to vary.  I don’t know about you, but I want to know that if I turn it whatever way that it’s not going to lose its power, or shock the crap out of me.  Another plus of having a solid-state device is that it is super portable.  Who doesn’t love the kinkiest hotel sex?  And it comes in its own perfectly packed case!  Woohoo!

When we plugged the Neon Wand in ourselves, we were very careful not to spend too much time anywhere near the heart.  Something about electricity anywhere near my heart freaks me deeply.  I also wasn’t too keen on waving it on my vulva at all, preferring to keep it to extremities.  Even my inner thighs were too sensitive for the lowest setting.  We used it as more of a tease and in power play situations than as a toy to engage with our genitals.  It wasn’t something we used to get off – it was something to get us aroused and offer up a little bit of pain.  I know we will definitely use it for some good old fashion mean play in the future.

If you are into erotic electric experiences worth every penny, get yourself a KinkLab Neon Wand from Stockroom!

Handmade Leather Restraints From Project TransAction

I don’t know if you remember, but a little while back I blogged about Project TransAction, an awesome queer San Francisco-based company that makes amazing silk-screened leather goods  and has Jiz Lee as a model on their Etsy store.  After writing about it and pouring over their online shop, I knew I needed to check out something from their “Leather for Lovers” section, so I got a hold of shop owner Jacob Vaughn and got on knees (over email) and begged for some item to review.  Seriously, he’s probably lucky I wasn’t there in person, because I probably came off demented enough on email.  But seriously, take a look at the site and you will see why.  After going back and forth on specifics, Vaughn sent out a pair of black leather restraint cuffs with… wait for it… the PERIODIC TABLE silk-screened on them.  Holy kinky nerd nirvana!

While I am usually super excited when we get packages of toys to review, I think this may have been one of the few times when I actually squealed when I opened the mailer.  Seriously.  Of course I had to try then on right away.  I had given them my wrist measurement, so it was a perfect fit.  And of course I wore them for the rest of the day too.  How could I not?

Handmade with beautiful, supple leather and sturdy metal fasteners and rings, these gorgeous cuffs are super high quality.  It is so obvious that they folks that made them take great pride in their work. And because Project TransAction is an independent leatherworking and screenprinting company, they are really easy to get a hold of to talk about custom designs and configurations.

It was lucky that I made the smart move to let my partner know that I received them earlier in the day, so he would be ready for go time when I got home from work.  I didn’t want any distraction from playing with my new best friends.  It’s also really nice that they are discreetly kinky enough to wear on the bus going home and people thing they are just leather cuffs.  Ok… maybe that’s not true. I told myself that no one knew I was wearing restraints on the bus, but honestly, the metal rings probably gave it away.  Oh well, it was still an exciting bus ride, with what I thought was my special dirty secret.

The only down side to these cuffs is that it was only when I was home and ready to play did I realize that I didn’t have anything to connect them.  That doesn’t have anything to do with the actual, as much as my poor planning.  But, being the craft queer that I am, I just stripped my carabineer of its keys and my partner snapped my cuffed wrists together.  Yum.  I’ll have to remember to get a double ended clip thing from the hardware store for later, but for now, the carabineer does its job.

In actual play, these leather cuffs are seriously a dream.  They don’t pinch or chafe in any way, and once they are broken in, the leather basically molds perfectly to your wrists for an amazing custom-feeling fit, but honestly, they feel great from the beginning.  They stay in place and keep your wrists totally restrained and feeling good.  And you don’t even know how important that is until you are playing with a pair of cheap ass restraints or handcuffs that annoy your wrists so much that you can’t even concentrate on the hot action.  These restraints are hands down (or tied to the bed frame…) awesome!  And I forgot – they smell so amazingly leathery delicious!

As of right now I don’t actually see the periodic table leather wrist restraints on Project TransAction Etsy store, but I’m sure you can email them and ask.  But don’t miss the amazing sailor anchor restraints and the vintage circus acrobat ones.  Or the SO FUCKING HOT harnesses that they make.  Alright, this review needs to be over before I pass out from all the blood leaving my brain and traveling to my pants.  Just know that you need to check them out.

Oh, and just so you know, they make belts and cuffs and other stuff too.

ps. I know these aren’t the best pictures, but we took them ourselves, so sorry!

Starburst Tickler

Sometimes you just need a little tickle in your sex life.  Something soft and sweet that just feels nice to rub all the body.  While advanced sex toy enthusiasts can definitely get down with this kind of action, feather ticklers are often ideal for couples just getting into the world of sex toy play.

First, a little about the Sportsheets Starburst Tickler:  The plastic handle is roughly 16 inches long and less than 1/2 inch around.  There is a thicker piece on the end that makes for easy gripping.  There is small, but adequate tuft of feathers on the other end.   All in all, the tickler is 20 inches in length.  it comes in a variety of colors.  I have the purple one which I rather enjoy.

This little teasing wand feels fantastic on the skin.  It is a total treat for the senses.  Anyone who like a nice soft back scratch would love this.  What do you do with it? Well, one can simply rub it all over their partner’s body.  It titillates like you wouldn’t believe!  Throw in a blind fold and you can keep them guessing as to where it is going next.  Like Babeland suggests, you can use it to spread lickable body dust all over (just keep the dust away from the vaginas).

If you’re into getting a bit kinkier, you can use it to soothe a whipped ass in between licks.  Tie them up and drive them nuts with tickles.  You’ll both love it!  Like with most sex toys, just use your imagination and do whatever suits you.  There are no rules.

I rather like my little Starburst Tickler.  It’s simple and super affordable.  It’s a great addition to any toy collection.  if you’re just getting started, you should definitely pick one up.  No, it isn’t for dusting.  Well, again, I’m not here to tell you what to do.

Head over to Babeland and grab your own Starburst Tickler!

Kinklab Blindfold

As someone who considers themselves pretty kinky, I was actually surprised when I realized that my toy box was lacking a blindfold.  Sure, bandanas have been known to do the trick, but sometimes you are looking for a more polished, sexy look – which is where a basic black blindfold comes in.  And the latest addition to my collection, Kinklab Blindfold, is just that.

Made of Polyurethane fabric and elastic, this bare bones blindfold does the trick without added bells and whistles.  The only real extra is the padding around the nose area that keeps the outside out while you are enjoying the sweet sensory deprivation provided.  Shaped sort of like a pair of cat-eye glasses, this blindfold is attached to a piece of elastic (13”-22” head circumference) that is soft on the inside and satiny on the outside, which offers comfort and style at the same time.  Not bad for a fetish toy that costs less than $15.  Plus the materials make for an easily wiped down product.  Gotta love an easy clean up!

Though Kinklab Blindfold may not have the same pitch black affect that other, higher end blindfolds might, it still gets the job done without letting it too much light and activity.  To be honest, I think I would prefer a blindfold that ties, as I felt that the elastic wasn’t giving me the hold I wished it would.  If I pulled the elastic around the back of my head all the way up and positioned it near the crown of my head, it felt a little tighter, but I can’t imagine wanting to go through that all while trying to get busy.

All in all, this is a reasonably priced product that is perfect for folks who are ready to dip their toes into kink without dropping their whole wallet.  Nicely done, Kinklab.

(Available in Pink and Black.)

Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps

Some folks say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  I guess if I needed to draw a map, I would say that they way to my clit is through my nipples.  They are the perfect amount of sensitive, with this amazing ability to near get me off when touched – without ever having my junk stimulated.  Basically, I love my nipples.  So when I saw that Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps were on the list of Babeland toys to review, I totally jumped at the chance to get those suckers on my own excitable parts.

While I’ve reviewed nipple clamps in the past, as well as played with them on my own, I have yet to find a pair that really works for me – and I was hoping that these beautiful clamps would be the ones.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen.  Not only did I have a hard time getting the clamps open and closed (even when I did the instructed squeezing) with the dial, the chain part that joins the individual clamps kept getting loose and falling off.

I also really was not a fan of the dial once they were on my nipples because when I wanted them off, it took too long to get the dial to take them off.  Because my nips are so damn sensitive, when something hurts, it REALLY HURTS and I need it to stop RIGHT NOW.  Having to wait to have the clamps squeezed a little (extra ouch!) and the dial turned felt like an eternity.  And that’s when I actually got them to stay on, which wasn’t very often.  Because the actual tip that clamps onto your nipple is quite small (and thankfully rubber covered), there isn’t a ton of surface to grip the nipple, so the whole thing falls off easily, especially with the chain attached.  Very frustrating, but then again, it could be something to do with my nipples.  The package says you can use them on other parts too, but alas, I was too annoyed to even bother trying to mess with that dial and my bits. No thank you. Continue reading Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps

Leather Thigh Dildo Strap

I’ve got more dildos than any one person really needs and some times a great older dong gets lost in the mix. Because of that, I always keep my eye out for a way to make an old toy new again and that’s why I was really excited to check out this Leather Thigh Dildo Strap from JT’s Stockroom.

It’s pretty simple, but kind of genius. It’s basically a belt that holds up your cock instead of your pants, which you probably won’t be wearing anyways. Two pieces of leather, connected by a removable O ring that fastens to anything you can wrap it around. I haven’t found a better use than a thigh yet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or I’m not trying!

According to The Stockroom, my Leather Thigh Strap fits anything between nine and eighteen inches, although I’ve got mine wrapped around my trusty metal water bottle right now and I think that’s smaller than nine inches around. The good news is that as long as you keep an open mind, you won’t run out of ways to us this versatile harness too quickly.

You should know that it does come in three sizes, so you can get one that’s bigger depending on your needs. The medium fits anything between 11” & 20” and the large runs from 12” to 25”.

If you’re a fan of leather, you’ll be pleased with the quality of this. The black leather is soft & supple, and totally comfortable in my opinion. One thing I appreciate is the fact that the O-ring can be removed and replaced with any size you prefer. That means I can use any harness compatible dildo with this as long as I have a corresponding O-ring (which I totally do!)

I’ve tried this harness out with a few different dildos, including the Tantus Echo. If you like a dick with plenty of twists, you’ll love this 6½” by 1½” silicone toy. It even comes with a bullet vibe that can be inserted into the base for a little extra buzz too!

Overall, I think this is a really nice harness and much hotter looking than my old knee brace style one. I haven’t had any problems with chafing and we’ve already had a lot of fun thinking of new ways to use it!

Babeland Satin Bondage Kit

Here’s a little something for those of you who are looking to spice things up a bit – the Babeland Satin Bondage Kit! It includes a blindfold & two five foot versatile ties that are perfect for rendering your partner’s hands useless!

I’m not really a hardcore kinkster, but we do like to play a bit with power and control and a collection like this is perfect for people like me. Satin is pretty and feels amazing against your skin, so there’s no worries about handcuffs rubbing your delicate skin the wrong way.

Because silk feels so great, I like to use the ties to tease my blindfolded girl a bit before kicking it up a notch and restraining her. It will likely drive your lover crazy enough that you have no choice but to put the ties to good use!

Another thing I like about this is that it blends into an underwear drawer much better than a pair of chunky leather handcuffs. A nosy kid could easily push the satin aside when snooping. I mean, there’s no guarantee, but they are much less conspicuous if you’re packing an overnight bag than a bundle of hemp rope!

This is a versatile kit, which is great for people who are just starting to experiment with bondage. The blindfold has 2.5 foot ties on each end, so you can use it to bind other body parts if you don’t mind a watchful eye. You can use the ties it to bind wrists, arms, ankles and more since they’re both five feet long!

Plus, while a snug pair of leather cuffs is nice, I once grabbed a pair of ankle cuffs in a rush to secure my girl to the bed only to discover she could slip free because they were just too big. Their obviously more secure if sized properly, but sometimes thinking is the worst.

This is a nice kit for a couple looking to play for a night. It comes in a nice silk storage bag and provides a ton of possibilities to those of you with a dirty imagination