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Spartacus Leathers Gag and Tit Clamp Review

Spartacus Leathers has been at the kink accessory game for 28 years, and I’m ashamed to admit that it took me so long to hop on board with them. I knew about Spartacus, but I hadn’t actually tried any of their goods. I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but in this case, I made grievous errors when stocking my toy box (you might call it a dresser, whatever) in the past. After my experiences with my first two Spartacus toys, I’m a convert.

For review, I received the Spartacus Leathers’ Silicone Bit Gag and the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet.  I’m not sure if telepathy was a part of the package, but these are two items I needed in my collection. I haven’t entirely loved any of the gags I’ve had and had only one pair of clover (butterfly) clamps. Let me tell you, not everyone loves a set of clover clamps. I do, but they’re a little rough for someone who is easing into tit play.

Spartacus Leathers Silicone Bit Gag
This ain’t no bottle of fancy nail polish.

I was more eager to try out the Silicone Bit Gag. I’ve had ball gags before, but not a bit gag. I smelled supple leather as soon as I opened the box, and was happy to see the phrases “Phthalate and latex free” and “Nickel free” on the box (If you follow the link to the Spartacus item listing, the old packaging is listed and it does say that nickle is in the hardware.). As I react to both latex and nickle, and fuck phthalates anyway, I was relieved that I can handle this item without a skin reaction. We’re off to an excellent when it comes to the materials! And really, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really into just smelling the leather.

Aesthetics and material aside, the Bit Gag was a hit! A bit gag is generally a much more comfortable type to wear than a ball or O-ring gag as it’s easier on the jaw. I tried the bit gag myself and, even with TMJ, found it comfortable for a half hour of wear. I also had a friend try it and he reported that it fit nicely, and didn’t make him drool as much as a ball gag. I was also able to use the last hole on the leather strap. If you needed to add holes, there is still space on the strap to make them. More woo-y people than I will tell you that things happen when the time is right, and fate will have its way with you. Or something. I’ll give this woo-sters a point and agree that Spartacus’ Silicone Bit Gag entered my life at the perfect time.

spartcus_tit_clampsMoving on the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet, I was immediately taken with their design. Most tit clamps come on a chain and are pretty run of the mill in terms of design. I really like that Spartacus adds their logos to their clamps. The top of the clamp features the Spartan soldier and the bottom features the Spartacus text logo. It’s a small branding touch, but in a world where more and more people are getting into the sex toy game and pumping out generic (and sometime body unsafe) toys, I appreciate this element. Also, if you’re at a play party and you set your Spartacus clamps down, that detail will distinguish them from someone else’s janky tit clamps. (I work in marketing and of course, I think about logos.)

As far as functionality and fun, the nipple clamps + bullet vibe combo is an excellent one. At least, I didn’t quite get the appeal of the detachable bullet vibe, but then it made sense-it’s an extra sensation tool, and by it being on a chain, you won’t lose track of it while playing. The vibe has a silken, black cover on it and has 3 decently strong vibration options. I don’t expect much from bullet vibes, and was pleased to know this one has different settings. Since battery operated vibes don’t last forever, make sure to bring your watch batteries with you while using this.

But hey, let’s talk about the nipples clamps! These are a 2 in the Spartacus Leathers’ awesome tension/pain scale:

clamps 101 with diagram- shaved

The Broad Tip Clamps can certainly hold a chunk of skin, but the screw adjusters allow you to control the amount of pressure applied. As opposed to the clover clamps, you can start more teasingly with these and ease into more severe sensations. Also, there is no rule that says you have to put these on nipples either. With the tension screw, you are able to adjust these to fit different amounts of flesh in between. When you put these on flesh, especially nipples, and let them bite at their most severe ability, WATCH THE FUCK OUT! They can be nasty. Pair nasty with a vibe, and you’ll have some sub squirming all the place either begging for mercy or for an orgasm. Once again, I have been woo-ed by Spartacus Leathers.

Also, regarding both items, they are easy to clean! Soap and water works for the silicone and a spray of rubbing alcohol with a wipe down with a paper towel works for the nipple clamps. Keep it clean after you get dirty, folks.

All in all, I truly love both of these items from Spartacus Leathers and will absolutely be shopping with them in the future. The quality and design of both the Silicone Bit Gag and the Y-Style Broad Tip Clamps with Vibrating Bullet absolutely impressed me. I congratulate Spartacus on 28 years of business, and I hope they keep us all good and pervy for years to come!

Mystim – The Sizzling Simon review

MystimI have to be honest, when I first asked for a toy to review, I didn’t have high hopes. You see, I don’t like toys. I’ve always been a more “handsy” girl, and I feel like toys have impeded on my process. You have to charge them for hours for only a few minutes of play, or the batteries give out unexpectedly, or there is a short in a wire somewhere, and you have to twist the cord to make the vibe work. One thrust too many and it stops vibing right at a crucial moment. All of these issues seemed really dumb, especially when I know my hand so well. Obviously, there are certain things that your hands can’t do, but I’ve never really needed insertion during my private time. I’m a clit-based masturbator, and I don’t care about dong size, rotating insertion balls, or anything fancy. I just want to watch some porn and get off quickly. I’m not looking for a date. However, I did perk up when the Mystim company was mentioned as a possible toy review. I love electro-stimulation. I mean I LOVE it. So, I figured why not give one of these toys a try, and see if I can be swayed from my anti toy-with-masturbation stance.

fullI was gifted the Sizzling Simon, which is a long (10.6 x 1.6 inch) vibrator with electrode capabilities. You can use just the vibe, or just the electro functions, as well as using the functions in tandem. My first attempt with the vibrator was while I was waiting for my partner to join me from downstairs. I decided I would start without him and see if I could figure out some functions. The handle has 6 buttons. There is an electro button, which has corresponding plus and minus buttons, and then there is a vibe button with corresponding plus and minus buttons. Each button has a symbol on it, no lettering. I decided to try the vibe button first. There are 8 vibration modes, and each one varies in rhythm and rotation of vibration location. Mystim advertises that the difference in vibrations helps with kegel exercises, but I was mostly interested in seeing if the vibe would work on my clit. Surprisingly, the vibe is nicely curved so that the tip of the vibe could rest on top of my clit while I held the handle. I went through a few of the settings and found that I really liked the highest, sustained vibe, without any pulse or variation for clitoral stimulation. I felt like this setting had the most power for what I was looking for in a solo experience. Although I was able to achieve orgasm with the tip of the vibrator, it got a bit more cumbersome as the design of the machine isn’t made for solo clitoral orgasm. The tip kept sliding from position, and it was a bit frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, it felt really good, but the shape of the machine didn’t work for my anatomy.

detailWhen my partner came into the room, I was ready to explore the other functions of the device. We started by inserting the vibe into me, and then going through the different modes to see which one I liked best. Honestly, I can’t tell you exactly which combination worked for me, but at one point I was confident that there was a finger in my ass. So, I asked my partner, “Are you in my ass?” He said he wasn’t and kept holding the vibe inside me and rubbing my clit with his fingers. “No, seriously-are you in my ass?” He started laughing and held up both of his hands to show that he did not have any fingers in my ass. “Oh my god, this is fucking awesome,” I said, and he began rubbing my clit again. Whatever combination he had done between the electro-which you really feel, and the vibration was perfect. With the Mystim still working its magic inside me, he used his mouth on my clit and brought me to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Even after I came, with the vibe still going inside me, I felt like I was continuing to climax. It wasn’t the same type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation, it was deeper, emotional, even. My partner moved the Mystim inside me while I rocked in a rhythm, and then had an overwhelming vaginal orgasm. The electro function had made it feel like I was being analy stimulated from inside without the pain of insertion, or the warm-up needed for ass play, and the vibration of the pulse function made me a bit weepy. It was a good time.

Needless to say, I told my partner that I would love him forever, and all those things one promises after a really great orgasm, but it was a combination of the first clitoral orgasm (facilitated by my partner) and then the vibe/electro stimulation that made a really great experience. Plus, sharing toys with your partner is always fun. It introduces the element of discovery, and makes the two of you feel like you are on a journey together. The Mystim has become an active part of our sex life, and I would highly recommend it as an addition to sex with your partner. For me, this is not really a solo-type vibrator, but it is an amazing accompaniment to a romantic evening. It is easy to wash, has a very discrete case, USB charger, and a kegel exercise program included. This is a grown-up’s sex toy; a fancy, well-made, and stylish toy. This line of E-Stim vibes won the 2013 Venus- most innovative new toyline award, and the eroFame-most innovative production line award in 2013. I really like having this toy in my arsenal, and I would seriously suggest investing in one – or many- of their products.

Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

All images courtesy of LELO

When I received the LELO MONA 2, I was extremely, extremely excited. I’d always gone to sex shops and looked longingly in the glass case where the most precious of vibrators were kept, and now I had one of my very own to review. The LELO MONA 2 comes packaged in a fairly large box that holds a smaller, sexier black box inside it. Once you lift the lid off the black box, the MONA 2 is nestled comfortably in a velvety liner.

The MONA 2 comes in 3 colors-purple, “cerise” (aka pink), and red. I was lucky enough to get the red one, which conveniently matches all of my bedroom décor as it is now a staple on my nightstand. One of the most convenient or inconvenient features of the MONA 2, depending on how organized of a person you are, is that it is a rechargeable toy. I’ve used the MONA 2 often enough to know the crushing disappointment that occurs when you’re halfway to climax and the vibration shutters to a sudden halt, all because I forgot to charge it in a while. Fumbling around in the dark for the charger with my phone flashlight has become an annoying aspect of my bedtime routine, but I digress. The MONA 2 comes with its own silky drawstring pouch for discreet safekeeping and a sample of LELO brand lubricant, which I still have yet to try.


On the topic of lube, I found the MONA 2 to be pretty damn impossible to insert without it. Maybe I’m just impatient, but when I want to get off I tend not to bother romancing myself beforehand. Yes, the matte finish silicone is heavenly smooth to the touch, and the curvature of the toy is a natural fit for G-spot stimulation, but something about the width of the head was just a little too big for me to manage on my own. With some handy dandy lubricant and a little patience, however, I was ready to enjoy what @JudyHologram referred to as the “Holy Grail of vibrators.”

The MONA 2 has 6 varying vibration modes, all whisper-quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I’ve been able to use the MONA 2 while my boyfriend slept soundly next to me, and he was none the wiser. The diameter measures 1.5 in circumference at its widest point, and the length is an easily manageable 4.3 inches. The curved head of the MONA 2 rested snugly on my G-spot and once I chose the vibration pattern that most suited me, the climax was inevitable and face-flushingly radiant.

While both of these things are wonderful, I don't recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place
While both of these things are wonderful, I don’t recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place

So start saving up, because this luxury vibrator costs $139-but trust me, it’s worth it. If you crave a toy that penetrates and stimulates at just the right angles, the MONA 2 is a must-have. Just make sure you stock up on lube and keep this bad boy charged, and you’re in for a real treat!

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Hot Toy Reviews: Tantus Mark 02

tantus mark 02
Image courtesy of Tantus Inc.

My slutty little heart skipped a beat when Janie led me downstairs to the secret box of sex toys and told me to pick something. I shifted packages around, discovering G-spotters, butt plugs of all sizes, harnesses, bright pink vibrators, and then I saw it: a girthy, realistic dildo from Tantus, and I knew that my vagina finally had Friday night plans.

I’d heard so much about Tantus and their excellent 100% silicone dildos, vibes, cock rings, and plugs, and I finally had one of my own: the Mark 02, a non-vibrating, realistic dildo with a flared end that makes it harness compatible and anal friendly. It measures in at 6.25” with a circumference of about 4.7”, so it’s just slightly longer and thicker than the average analog cock. It has a very slight upward curve, and the head isn’t particularly pronounced, but it does have some very attractive veins running up the shaft.

The most notable feature of the Mark is that it’s made with Tantus’ Dual Density 02 silicone which, yes, means that it has two different densities. The outer layer of the shaft has a bit of squish to it and the inner core is pretty dense, while still having just a little bit of flexibility and give to it; the head itself is pretty uniformly squishy. This is supposed to make the Mark more realistic and lifelike, but I’ve never really met a hard dick with a squishy outside. Regardless, I really like the feeling of the dual densities; when I first got it I sat with it at my desk and just squeezed it with my hands all day, just like I would if I was allowed to have a man with a hard on hang out in my cubicle during work hours.

The Mark’s girth will necessitate a warm up toy for most users, although I’ve gone without. Mark’s girth and length definitely fill me up and hit my G-spot, but I’m not convinced that there’s really anything particularly special about it. Like I’ve said before, I’m still fairly new to G-spot spelunking, but I wish that the Mark had a more extreme curve or a more pronounced head that could really grab onto my G-spot. As it is, the Mark just kind of idly slides on by; I can feel it, and it feels nice, but there’s nothing really inspiring about it.

Another issue that I have with Mark is that the matte silicone of the shaft feels kind of grabby. This can be fixed with a generous amount of water based lube, but anyone who uses water based lube knows that it dries out pretty quickly and you have to constantly reapply it. This, combined with the Mark’s girth, means that the opening of my vagina gets sore much quicker than with my other insertables.

I don’t dislike Mark, and I’m definitely going to keep it in my masturbation rotation, if only to indulge myself by pretending that it’s attached to a real dude. However, if you’re like me and are looking for something that’s really going to jive with your G-Spot, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.  Right now, I have my eyes trained on another dildo from Tantus’ 02 line: Adam.

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Hot Toy Reviews-Baby, I Can Feel Your Halo

Halo by Shibari Wands
The Halo by Shibari Wands deserves a place in your nightstand.

I’m an old lady who has been through a lot of sex toys, and I’ve become a real snob about the crotch accoutrements I choose for myself these days. Long gone are my younger years where I’d be happy to have a toxic, jelly, rabbit-style vibe that took 10 AA batteries and came with 15 differently hued jelly attachments in my nightstand. I shaped up and invested well since then. As a proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for the last 10 years, and the recipient of countless “free bonus” bullets that came with other sex toy purchases, with numerous trial and error purchases in between, I have seen enough vibrators that I gloss over whenever I hear about a new one. Short of shining my boots, what could another vibrator possibly do for me?

Well, hot damn, it could prove me wrong. The Halo by Shibari Wands entered my life, and I hope it enters yours. Beyonce sang it best when she said, “Standing in the light of your halo/I got my angel now.” The Halo is a cordless, waterproof, rechargeable wand vibrator with 10 settings and an ABS and silicone body. In other words, when you come (and you will), you can squirt all over this buddy, and then wash it off with water and antibacterial soap, and plug it in for more fun. The Halo has two buttons-one for on/off and one for setting control. (If there is one thing I hate on luxury vibrators, it’s when they have too many controls. I’m not trying to think about the machine I’m using when I’m trying to have an orgasm.) Shibari Wands gets it right with their simplicity. The settings include low and high vibration, and then 8 pulse and vibe patterns. The Halo comes with its own USB cord and wall socket adapter for charging. I have the purple Halo, but it’s also available with black or pink silicone too.

It’s like I’ve been awakened/Every rule I had you breakin’…I really didn’t expect to be so wowed by a vibrator. I’m a little jaded, and I was also pretty spoiled from the Magic Wand. The Halo is a dream! I love it. As I listen to Bey, I feel like she is really singing for Shibari Wands when she says:

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You’re the only one that I want
Think I’m addicted to your light

I never thought I’d say it, but the ol’ Magic Wand no longer reigns supreme in Castle Viant. The Halo is where it’s at, right at #1. I have been really impressed with this toy, and I only have one complaint that I’ll get to later. First, I like love how strong the Halo is for a cordless toy. With the updates to vibe technology, a vibrator can have plenty of oomph without a cord these days. That said, I’m not bound to the one free upstairs socket when it’s time to play with the Halo and I’m not sacrificing power for portability. Related to that, I don’t find the Halo *as* strong as the Magic Wand, and therefore, I do find it much more pleasurable to use. The vibrations are strong enough to get the job done, but I don’t get numb as I do with too much Magic Wand action. The second best aspect of the Halo is its materials. When I want to clean it, I can soap up the whole dang wand and rinse it clean without worrying about damaging its functionality. It’s very sleekly produced, and there are no crevices or crud traps to worry about. If I think a toy, even if it’s body safe, is going to be a pain to clean, I’ll pass on it. That’s not an issue with the Halo at all. My final top reason for choosing to love the Halo is that it has excellent ergonomic appeal. The silicone head is a bit cushioned, and the neck is very flexible, so it feels great in action even if I’m applying a lot of pressure. Also, the weight of the Halo is perfect and it feels good to hold. Really, you’ll just be getting off with great design when you get your own Halo.

My only complaint about the Halo is that I can’t travel with it. There is no travel lock or way to ensure it won’t be bumped to On during transit, short of running the battery down. Once I dropped the Halo on my bed and it went off after it tapped the corner of a book on my bed. That’s my only complaint. It you really want to travel with it, I suggest getting a padded carrying case or keeping the box it comes in.  Also the Halo is quieter than a Magic Wand, but not noiseless. Please consider the thickness of your walls if you plan to use this one when non-masturbating parties are nearby.

Remember those walls I built?/Well, baby they’re tumbling down/the Halo now wears the crown…OK, that last line isn’t in the song, but should Bey ever sell the rights to her song to Shibari Wands for promotional use, I suggest adding it. I absolutely love my Halo and it’s become my go-to toy since I got it. There are a lot of toys out there, and I’ve handled a bunch of them, but Shibari Wands knocked it out of the park with the Halo. You can certainly order it from Amazon (beware as they tend to get bootleg sex toys from shady vendors) and also here, from SheVibe.

And here’s the official video for Beyonce’s Halo. Listen and tell me this couldn’t be about vibrator love.

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Hot Toy Reviews: Bodywand Midnight

Image courtesy of BodyWand
Image courtesy of Bodywand

At first when I received the Bodywand Midnight, I was a bit chagrined by the cord. I like my toys to be rechargeable and portable, but I soon found that the AC cord on the Midnight is luxuriously long; I didn’t necessarily have to be right next to a wall outlet for comfortable use. Upon first inspection of the Midnight, I was thrilled to find the head was quite flexible–allowing users to modify the angle with which the toy is held. The single-touch vibration dial makes for simple speed adjustment ranging from a soft buzzing to a surprisingly powerful, intense sensation. Just adjust the dial to the specific speed that suits your comfort level–the Midnight is extremely customizable in that sense. On lower speed levels the noise of the vibration is moderate and undetectable from afar, but if you’re looking to enjoy the higher-intensity speeds you may want to double-check the thickness of your walls.

As stated before, the Midnight’s motor is incredibly powerful. I went for a lower-velocity vibration to stimulate my clit because I wanted to play with the massager for a longer period of time. Once I found the speed that worked for me, I laid flat on my back and experimented with placing the flexible head against my body until I found the right angle. During use, I liked constantly alternating the pressure with which I held the head against myself. Changing up the pressure kept me in that exciting state of ecstasy right before orgasm for an enjoyable amount of time before I decided to press down and finish the job.

Before the Midnight, I’d never used a wand or any toy specifically designed solely for external use, but I have to say it really did live up to the hype-and for $54, it’s definitely worth it. I continue to use this toy on a regular basis, and if it weren’t for the cord, I’m sure I’d have it with me right now. If you’re concerned about over-stimulation and soreness like I was, keep the vibration level lower and you should enjoy yourself. The Midnight’s handle is a good length and ergonomically-sound, but if you’re planning on using this toy for an extended period of time, you may want to prop your elbow up on a pillow for some extra leverage. I found after 10-15 minutes of use my upper-arm did become a little uncomfortable. This toy can easily be incorporated into use with a partner by holding against oneself during penetration for extra stimulation, or simply having your partner control the speeds and pressures while using it on you.

Obviously, the AC cord means that this toy is not waterproof and shouldn’t be handled around water. Instead, I suggest a nice water-based toy cleaner to keep the Bodywand hygienic and ultimately, long-lasting. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with a warranty as it is relatively inexpensive, but, as with all toys, a little care and maintenance go a long way.

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Hot Toy Reviews: LELO Hula Beads

Image courtesy of LELO
Image courtesy of LELO

I remember it well; Janie told us that we were going to be doing more sex toy reviews, and my eyes began to glisten with excitement. She went downstairs, and came back a short while later with that sleek black box tucked under her arm. She dropped it in my lap, and I squealed with delight, upsetting the guys from

It was LELO Hula Beads, which I mixed up with their Luna Beads for a hot second, my brain screaming, “My pelvic floor muscles are going to be able to crush a soda can!” Regardless, I tore into the box like a virgin on prom night, taking out those Hula Beads right in the middle of our office’s conference room. The GayHotMovies boys watched as I reverently held up my first ever LELO toy, admiring its silky smooth silicone, oohing and ahhing as I turned it on and watched it rotate and felt its rumbly vibrations.

One happy hour later I was rushing back to my thankfully empty apartment. I unpacked the box in my kitchen, threw batteries into the Sense Motion remote, and gave the user’s manual a quick read through. And then, hands trembling, I turned on the beads and the remote and pushed the beads all the way into my vagina, small end first, and…

And then I stood there, waiting. The smaller, rotating orb of the Hula Beads is supposed to stimulate your G-Spot, and yet I felt nothing from that. At all. Even when I clenched my PC muscles around it, still nothing. All I could feel was the vibrations of the larger orb, and not even in any sort of pleasurable way; more like a large bee had gotten trapped at the opening of my vagina and was demanding to be set free. It was just annoying because, you know, that’s not where my clit is.

Still, I shambled off to the shower (walking like both my legs were broken because the beads were constantly threatening to wiggle out of my vagina,) determined to discover what I was missing. I was hoping that I’d become aroused and start to feel some sort of enjoyment while I washed my hair, but no, I simply became more and more annoyed. I even tried taking the beads out and using the rotating orb as a bullet vibe, but that was pretty useless as well. Eventually I put them back inside myself and masturbated to a hard earned, yet very bittersweet orgasm.

What the hell, man? This was a LELO toy! It’s from the Cadillac of sex toy companies! Why wasn’t I rolling around on my kitchen floor and frightening my neighbors the second the Hula Beads were in my vagina? I consulted the packaging and LELO’s website, which espouses how the Hula Beads can be used so many ways! So many!

So over the next two weeks, I retried them. So. Many. Ways. Half way in my vagina. All the way in my vagina. Big orb first. Small end first. While having a dude eat my pussy. Standing. Sitting. Laying down. I even took them out a night on the town and had my friends work the Sense Motion remote control. That was probably the worst. The Hula Beads have a delayed reaction to the remote, which has to be within about a foot and a half of your pelvis to continue to work. I tried to stare at hipster boy and lumbersexual asses at the bar to turn myself on. Nothing worked. All I could feel was that angry bee buzzing around at the opening of my vagina.

The only time that I kind of sort of enjoyed the Hula Beads was when they were inserted all the way in me, small end first, while I lay on my back and either masturbated my clit or had the aforementioned dude eat me out. In that case, the Hula Beads provided a little extra feeling of fullness, and the rumbly vibrations traveled through my back vaginal wall and into my ass, which was kind of nice. Kind of. Not really nice, and certainly not $169 nice.

Sorry y’all, but I am of the opinion that if you’re going to spend $169 on a sex toy, it should make you cum so hard that you have time to fist bump God on your way back down. Hula Beads are not made for orgasms. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what they’re made for, and I don’t think LELO knows either. If you’re going to drop this kind of cash on a sex toy, get one that actually serves a purpose and manages to accomplish its task very well.

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HOT Toy Reviews: PicoBong Moka G-Vibe

Picobong Moka G-VibeI am not best friends with my G-spot, and this is a constant source of annoyance for me. I’d love to be able to orgasm just from penetrative sex, and squirt all over the place, but it just hasn’t happened for me. About a year ago I went out and got my first penetrative toy, a $30 silicone vibrator with a slightly bulbous and flexible head a hint of a curve. About once a week I’d try fucking myself with it, but I’d have to prop myself up onto every pillow I owned and contort myself into the most unsexy of positions if I wanted to feel anything on my g-spot. It seemed like my g-spot and I were just never going to be able to warm up to each other, and that my clit would forever be the only love in my life.

Enter the PicoBong Moka G-Vibe! PicoBong is the hip, unfortunately named, Hawaiian themed, more affordable offshoot of the high end Swedish company LELO, with toys pricing in at anywhere from $35 for a little bullet vibe to $129 for the crazy ass Transformer. The $59 Moka G-Vibe is a curved, flat tipped g-spotting vibrator that comes in at about 7.5 inches. It’s made of hard plastic coated in body safe, non-porous, phthalate free silicone; the silicone itself has a soft, silky feeling to it, but the vibe as a whole is very hard, with no give at all, yet it’s lightweight and doesn’t tire out my wrist. It comes in a flimsy, useless box with only an instructional manual and a little cellphone charm for no discernible reason; no storage bag or batteries, unfortunately, despite needing 2 AAA’s. Moka boasts 12 vibe patterns and I don’t know how many speeds; I don’t really mess with the patterns, but I’m sure they’re fine. When I turned my Moka on for the first time my initial reaction was, “What is this shit?” because the lowest setting is pretty damn weak, but it does work up to a lovely, strong rumble. It has three easy to navigate buttons on the side and is roommate tested and approved for noise.

Picobong Vibration Patterns
Picobong’s Twelve Vibration Patterns

Ok, so what does this little bro do to my pussy? To warm myself up I like to use it on my clit (which PicoBong’s website annoying refers to as a C-Spot. Stop it, that’s not a thing, it’s a clitoris goddammit) and I could seriously come super quickly just from that. The flattened portion of the head nestles nicely between my labia and happily rumbles away on my clit. However, when I flip the Moka around so that it curves towards my body, the pointed tip of the head pinpoints my clit in a way that I’ve never felt before. I have an absurdly tiny clit, so I’ve gotten used to having it just be totally enveloped by whatever sensation I’m applying to it. It’s pretty eye-opening, for me, to have a toy that has enough of a pronounced tip that all of its vibrations are completely concentrated on the head of my clit. I have to stop myself from coming too soon when I use the Moka this way so that I can use it for its main purpose.

And that main purpose is G-spotting! Sadly, I still haven’t squirted or orgasmed only from using the Moka G, but I’ve definitely had that tell tale “need to pee” feeling and have had much stronger orgasms than usual. The success of the Moka lies in the curve and the flat tipped head. The curve reaches my G-spot easily, and the head has the right amount of surface area to really grab onto my G-spot. I don’t even have to thrust wildly with it; I just kind of nudge it back and forth inside of me and it grabs my G-spot with minimal effort. The shaft of the Moka is more than long enough to penetrate my vagina to the necessary depth while leaving enough of handle to hold onto.

So are me and my G-spot best friends yet? No. But with the Moka G-Vibe, we’re becoming better acquainted than ever before.  At $59, the Moka could do with a few more bells and whistles, like a storage bag and sturdier packaging, but it’s still much more affordable than most G-spotters out there. I’d definitely recommend it to someone, especially a beginner, who’s looking for a good, versatile vibe that will also hit their G-spot at a price that won’t break the bank.

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HOT Toy Reviews: The Hitachi Magic Wand

HotMoviesforHer is pleased to announce that we have reinstated our toy reviews after a long, arduous battle here in the HMFH office.  The war has now been won, and we can once again bring you both the hottest and most honest toy reviews anywhere on the web!

The conflict began several weeks ago when the current HMFH Editorial Team began questioning why we weren’t writing toy reviews at the moment.  The reasoning provided was sound and made sense, however; as we all agreed–yes, porn is good–in fact, porn is great–but to women, even more important than porn is what (literally) goes hand-in-hand with it…the TOYS! We tried to explain that it’s toys women want to know about.  It’s toys women want to read about.  It’s toys women want, period!

We apparently did not get this message across as clearly as we thought, and it became time for Editorial to take matters into our own hands.  The women of the office united, hand-in-hand, singing Kumbaya as we demanded our voices heard.  Chanting slogans like, “Screw the boys, we want our toys!” and “Hell no, we won’t go! Not without our new Dil-do,” we formed a strong front and united bond.  All over a magic wand.

It came time to take action and we rounded up the men in the office.  Our demands were simple: don’t make noise and show us the toys!  We seemed to finally have caught their attention, and the toys began flowing in.  With each received, we released one of the hostages.  We’re close to having them all home, and reunited with their families and loved ones once again–despite their wives and girlfriends taking up arms and allying with our cause. But we’re still waiting for a few shipments to arrive!

We’re pretty certain we prevailed, and future generations will never want for toys, thanks to our hard fought struggle, dedication and sacrifice. You’re welcome, kids. So, without further ado… we welcome you to the first installment of the new HotMoviesforHer’s Hottest Toys Reviews.

The Hitachi Magic Wand

Our first review spotlights a classic – the Hitachi Magic Wand.  This powerful massager has been a favorite of many women (porn stars included) across the globe for more than three decades.  Featured in a number of films, the Hitachi Magic Wand has become a staple–even a legend in its own right–and is known for its intense power and ability to assist women in squirting.

I’ve had an off-brand wand for several years, and I simply swore by it.  I could never imagine that there was something out there better than my pretty purple toy I’d declared my undying love and eternal devotion to. But then I met the Magic Wand, and a whole new world of pleasure was opened up!

I decided to give this bad boy a shot late at night so I’d have the privacy to really give it a good workout.  I turned my new friend on for our maiden voyage and was first struck by both the sheer power and noise of the vibration. I tried several ways to muffle the sound, but eventually said screw it and put it in place for the first time.

My first reaction was a strong leg jerk, followed by the sudden need to squeeze my thighs together, almost as if to protect myself from a strange and new feeling.  The intensity and pleasure was immediate and as I rapidly got used to the speed, I found my breathing had begun to accelerate and my concentration was on nothing but this incredible sensation. I had gotten completely lost in it.

I began to explore with the toy, trying to see just exactly what it was capable of.  The first thing I noticed was that thanks to the diameter of the head, it was able to cover a lot of terrain and as I applied more and more pressure (the more the better!), I found that I was able to pinpoint the one spot that was going to get me there–quickly.  I tested this several times, taking a break to “cool off,” before going back for more, each time trying to hone in on whatever spot was triggered.  When I allowed myself to finally give in and focus on the spot that was giving the strongest reaction, I applied as much pressure as I could and it was almost as if I had no choice in the matter–I was going to cum, I was going to cum NOW and I was going to cum hard.

The build-up was fast and powerful.  Within seconds of hitting that spot, I found my legs shaking uncontrollably, my eyes rolling into the back of my head, my breath and pulse quickening, sweat dripping down my face and the room began to lose focus. There was nothing else in the world other than the feeling that was between my legs as it built closer and closer to a fast and intense orgasm.

Having never experienced something that powerful before, it came as a shock to me when I peered down and noticed the lake I had created on my sofa. I was left speechless, weak-kneed, quivering, spent, and most importantly, satisfied, from one of the most forceful orgasms of my life.

I took a moment to process what had just happened and where this genuinely “Magic” device has been all my life, only to realize seconds later that I wanted to do it again. And so I did, over and over, until I’d cum no less than eight times in 25 minutes, each time adding to the growing puddle beneath me, until I could take no more.

During this seemingly unending series of orgasms, I tried several different things, including two of the standard attachments, Curved Blue and Straight Blue ($28.99 for the pair). Both attachments fit securely over the head and stayed in place well with no slipping, and both were conveniently designed so that the head still reached my clit while the attachments slipped inside.   They each added an entirely different level to the experience, but despite being unable to shake the feeling that I had Gonzo’s nose buried deep inside me, it was Curved Blue that brought me the strongest orgasm by far.  Shaped with a hooked curve, it mimics the “come here” motion that so many of us women love, squirm, and beg for.  It hit the G-Spot perfectly and massaged it to the point of ecstasy.

Starting at $69.99, much lower than many of the other Wand imitators out there, the base model is an economical choice for anyone looking to add a little magic to their toy collection.


– Weight: 1.2 lbs

– Dimensions: Approx 12″ (L), 2.25″ (head diameter)

– Cord Length: 6 foot

– Power source 100-120 volts electrical outlet (plug in)

– 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


– Plugs into an outlet, so no need for batteries and no charging wait time!


– One of the first issues I noticed with the Magic Wand was speed control. There were only two and they couldn’t be adjusted for those who may find it too rapid or too slow for their personal taste.  While I personally enjoyed both speeds, I did find this can quickly be remedied with Hitachi’s Wand Speed Controller that can be purchased separately for $43.99. This will attach to the Wand and allow for the speed to be regulated to the user’s personal preference. While it does add to the total price of the device, the Wand Speed Controller is definitely something you want to consider adding when making your purchase.

– Volume: The Magic Wand is actually a little on the louder side (which may decrease if you use the Speed Controller) .

– It must be plugged in to function, so you’re tied to a 6 foot range when using.


– When using, hold the Magic Wand at an angle, pressing it against you firmly.  This will help you zone in on that exact right spot much faster.

– If you use it for an extended period of time, trust me, you will be sore for a day or two.


 HOT SCORE: 4.5/5