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Introducing Gina Liquor you’re new up and cuming sexcoach.

Hi everyone Gina Liquor here, you’re newest columnist. Let’s start this off on a safe note! Spicing it up keeping it Safe.

Been in a relationship for a while? Trust your partner but want to try something a little more exciting than your usual routine? Everyone likes to spice things up once in a while, a key factor to exploring new boundaries while staying comfortable is communicating a safe word! I know, I know, you aren’t into all that hardcore tie me up and smack me around stuff, but any couple delving into unfamiliar sexual territory for the first time should have one. I believe every couple should have a safe word in general, regardless of their sexual preferences, a safe word guarantees that there is NO confusion and that neither party takes things to far.

Sexual experimentation with your partner should always feel fun and secure. Say you are roll playing for the first time and your partner starts acting like your annoying coworker, that is a quick way to kill the mood, but a safe word lets your partner know that you don’t like the direction things are heading and they should stop immediately so you can fix the problem.

Another great reason to have a safe word is that you and your partner both will feel more comfortable opening up and trying new things without the worry of having to finish an act you are uncomfortable with. Discussing your safe word will also help you both open up to talk about other desires by providing the opportunity to express personal fantasies or new positions you would like to try but may have been hesitant to mention.

When choosing your safe word you should take both of your typical bedroom language into consideration, also any situation in which you are role playing, the dialog you would typically use. Something like “YES!” or “Ouch” would for example not be the wisest choices. You should also be careful of words that can be misunderstood in the moment like organism or coral, they may hear orgasm and oral. I would also suggest staying away from words with a lot of syllables like antidisestablishmentarianism or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, while they may sound cute or definately not something I normally whisper in my lovers ear, when you are out of breath and your partner is caught up in the moment that’s a lot to get out when you need an immediate stop.

I suggest coming up with something you both don’t enjoy like brussel sprouts, opera, or commercials, something that definitely wouldn’t normally come up during sex and would instantly register as a negative in both of your minds. Personally I use the color system. Red- stop right now, Yellow – you don’t have to stop everything but no more of that, and Green- would be for those moments where they get that sweet questioning look in their eyes wondering if you are OK but not asking to avoid ruining the moment.

Picking out a safe word is a great way to open up lines of communication between you and get those kinky juices flowing! For a great movie to give you some inspiration on ways to try out your new safe word you should defiantly check out Shades of Kink with Evan Stone! Just remember a safe word is to make things more comfortable, and enjoyable don’t over think it and have fun!

HotMovies4Her Tips – Giving The Gift Of Porn This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!  That’s right, love is in the air yet again as February 14th nears yet again.  Instead of heading to the local CVS for a heart-shaped Whitman Sampler or a stuffed gerbil that sings and dances when you press its hand, why not give your loved one the gift they really want – super hot sex!  And what better way to get into the sexy action than utilizing the tools you have in your tool box.  You know, like porn!  Today’s HotMovies4Her Tips offers up a few ways to incorporate dirty movies in your very special Valentine’s Day experience!

1) Hit the internet.  Yes, I’ll admit that I am totally biased toward video-on-demand porn, but it’s just true that the internet is where you are going to find the biggest selection of movies.  With, you buy minutes and then use those minutes to watch whatever you fancy, for however long you like.  If you try something that doesn’t get you tingling in your pants, you can always turn on something new.  It’s having a whole library of smut in your hands, without having to spend a zillion dollars on DVDs.

2) Use porno to learn something new.  While dirty movies titillate us, they can also educate us as well.  Sure, we’ve got a ton of instructional options, but it’s pretty much true that any video to watch has something to offer in the how-to department.  That lady may not be explaining the exacts of her handjob technique, but I’m sure that you can figure it out by watching her movements.  If you or your partner are new to porn, I would suggest beginning with an instructional to help ease into the world of sexy movies in a less intense way.  Be sure to give Tristan Taormino or Nina Hartley a look to help you with all your instructional needs.

3) Start the conversation before the clothing comes off.  You want to get the ball rolling when you are fully dressed and able to focus on the conversation.  Once you are half naked the energy changes and your words can take on a charge that you never meant them to.  Ask your partner what types of porn they would be interesting in watching and maybe make a list of acts you would want to check out. This is a great way to get your sexual communication flowing.  And don’t forget to keep your mind open – you never know what will end up turning you on!

4) Choosing can be an adventure.  Let the act of picking a movie to watch be a part of the whole sexy experience.  The whole process from talking about porn to actually watching it doesn’t have to be a negative or cumbersome task.  If it starts out fun and playful, it will most likely stay that way.  Always remember that a little laughter can help make sex even better.

We hope you have a very hot, happy and horny Valentine’s Day!

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

I’m not going to lie – now that Ginger Leigh has left the building and we are bringing our newest blogger, Janie Jones, up to speed, it’s been a little cray cray around the office.  I’ve been super busy working on various projects all day, but I wanted to make sure and offer up a few sexy tips to start this week off right.  Instead of coming up with a specific theme for the tips, I thought I’d just pass along a few overarching tricks of the trade that really fit into most sexual situations one may encounter.

1) Lube, lube, lube. And if you think you’ve lubed enough, lube some more.  I think that about says it all, but if you need it spelled out a little clearer… use lube when you bone.  Whether you are headed into a vag or into a butt (ESPEICALLY in the butt), lube makes everything go just a little smoother, which is what you want.

2) Don’t forget to laugh.  Sex is a very serious and sexy thing, but really it’s also hilarious and full of silly little moments that keep everything interesting and fun.  If you are so busy making sure that the mood is sensual and erotic, you may just miss all the relaxed enjoyment that you could be having.  Remember, you are supposed to be having a good time.  Like the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

3) Being self conscious is only making you unhappy.  Just as with the tip above, spending all your time focusing on one thing will ensure that you miss all the good stuff that you would be enjoying if you weren’t so distracted.  When it comes to being naked in front of someone else and showing them your most vulnerable sides (both figuratively and literally), people tend to become self conscious.  My own personal way for thinking about it is – if you wanted to get me naked and bone me, you probably already have an idea of what my body looks like naked.  And just as I am, you are probably so focused having a naked person in front of you and the anticipation of getting laid that you aren’t looking at all my flaws.  If you decide that my naked body isn’t one you want to have sex with, well, then maybe you should go fuck yourself?

4) Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.  People have limits and boundaries for a reason – to keep both themselves and their sexual partners happy and safe.  Respecting your own boundaries and instincts does not mean you are insulting anyone else or making them feel bad (they will interpret what they want to out of the situation anyway).  Saying no to having sex without a barrier or wanting to wait until both your test results come back isn’t silly or over-dramatic – it’s smart.  And if you aren’t ready to have your ass explored – it doesn’t mean you are a prude or boring or anything like that – it just means that you aren’t ready to have you ass explored.  It’s just important to know that you always have the option to exercise your “no” muscles and get your needs met.

Hope these four basic tips help!




HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Miracles of the Human Body

This year I did something I’ve never done the whole time I’ve worked here at HM4Her… I let Hanukkah slip on by with nary a comment.  What kind of Jew am I?!?  I feel terribly guilty about it, so instead of giving you some straight up sex tips this week, I thought I might turn back time a few days and get a little miracle talk in – with Hanukkah being all about the miracle of the oil lasting eight days and all.  Check out these 4 sexy miracles of the human body!

1) Vaginal Rugae – This series of ridges and folds within the vaginal canal are what allow the vagina to expand (or tent) so it can accommodate all sorts of delicious toys and tools (and bebes being born).  During tenting the uterus tips up and allows for even greater depth.  It is seriously exciting that a body can stretch and move like this. Yum!

2) The Clitoris – I don’t mean to dwell on vagina owning bodies, but honestly, the clit is one of the most exciting bits of the body, in my book.  This organ offers up more than 8,000 nerve endings, and has no function other than bringing pleasure.  And while most folks think the clit is only the little nib underneath the hood, the shaft of the clitoris actually extends back and two legs (or crura) come down on either side of the vulva.  And as the whole thing is made of erectile tissue, it means that vagina owning bodies and penis owning bodies both have roughly the same amount of erectile tissue in their genitals.

3) Orgasms in General! – While it’s true that orgasms feel like miracles each and every time we have them, what I mean is that the very fact that orgasms occur is a miracle.  We rub a part of our body, which in turn stimulates the nerves, sending blood to the area, making it swell and get extra sensitive.  And then all of a sudden there is a tremendous release of sexual tension, which creates rhythmic muscle contractions that are experienced as intense pleasure.  It gives me a tingle in my body even writing about it.

4) Painkillers – Orgasms wash the body in a flood of hormones and endorphins (as well as oxytocin) which work as powerful painkillers to help get rid of annoyances like headaches and cramps.  And we can’t forget their benefits of easing sleep, relieving depression, helping heal wounds, fight aging and boost cardio health.  Holy crap, orgasms are the fuel of life!






HotMoviesForHer Tips – Making An Amateur Porno

It’s time for some sex tips, folks!  We know you just itch to get through the weekend so you can come back and find out what pervy-ed things we have in store for you. This week we’re here to give you a few tips in how to make an amateur porno.  This isn’t an A-Z on what sex positions you should include or what equipment is needed.  We’re hitting you with some pointers that will help make your homemade adult movie a little more fun to watch in the long run.

1. Get The Pets Out Of The Room: I know many of us are accustomed to letting the cat HotMovies4Her Sex Tipsor dog hang around while we get it on.  So long as they stay out of the way there is no need to interrupt an oral sesh or strap-on play time to chase Fido out of the room.  In the case of porn-making, you don’t want your kitty cat in the background licking its paw or watching you get off.  Kick the animals out or this could happen to you!

2. Don’t Shoot In The Dark: What good is capturing your best sex moments if you can’t see anything?  Do a test run and film for a minute or two and play back the footage to see how it looks.  If there are lots of shadows and you can’t exactly tell what is going where, then you need to adjust some things.

3. Get Rid Of Any Harsh Lighting: While you want to see what is going on, you should also get rid of any unflattering lighting.  Fluorescent lights don’t do anyone justice and being lit from below will make it appear as if it is time to tell ghost stories.  Use soft, but ample, lighting.

4.  Don’t Buy Expensive Equipment! All you need for your at home porno making is a smart phone or a web cam.  If this kinky hobby becomes a career, then you should invest in decent equipment, but for your own use just bust out your phone and record away.  This works especially well for your POV (point of view) scenes.  There is one thing, though: don’t get proud and go posting your work online without consent from everyone involved!  No one likes a jerk.

HotMovies4Her Holiday Tips – Smutty Shopping Suggestions

Whether you are following religious traditions or celebrating the solstice, this time of year is usually one for exchanging gifts.  For some of us this means giving gifts to the ones we love… like LOVE love.  And by “gifts,” I mean pervy presents that are perfect for stuffing their stockings, if you know what I mean…  But while naughty gifting is fun, it can also be stressful.  Here are 4 tips to help you on your smutty shopping adventure!

1.  Instead of blindly picking a toy or getting a gift certificate, why not make the gift a whole event?  Surprise your partner with a trip to the sex toy store and pick out toy together.  If your town doesn’t have it’s own quality toy shop, either make an event of shopping together online, or head to a city that does.  Post shopping hotel sex would most likely be suuuuuper hot!

2. If you are set on picking out a toy for your loved one, think about what kinds of stimulation they enjoy.  If you know they are hot for G-spot action, maybe go for a G-spot specific toy, or if you know your lover looooooves to be roughed up (consensually, of course), head to the kinky section of the shop.  When it comes to picking dildos and internal vibes, think about the length and width they currently prefer.  One finger? Three? A massive butt plug?  You can always ask a trainer professional working there to help you size a toy based on the amount of fingers you hold up.

3.  If you are on a budget this holiday season (and really, who isn’t?), don’t forget that sexy toys don’t to actually be sex toys.  Head over to the dollar store for a few inexpensive items that can double as erotic enhancements.  See that ruler over there?  That, my friend, is a perfect spanking tool.  Or those pens with little feathers on the cap? A tickler!  Just be careful of rough seams on plastic things and be wary of anything you are sticking inside you (some things can just have a condom stuck on them and are good to go, and some are not – use common sense!).  While you may think you are just being cheap, your partner may see you as the inventive and thoughtful person you are.

4. Never EVER underestimate the power of a good pampering.  Be it performed by you or by a professional, a decadent massage or similar activity with no expected reciprocation  makes for a greatly appreciated gift.  The bonus here is that you never know how turned on a deeply relaxed person may get…

Enjoy shopping!


HotMovies4Her Tips: Sex In The Shower

Shower sex can take many directions.  It can be hot and intimate, cold (literally) and awkward, dangerous, or any number of descriptive words.  Some folks snarl at the idea while other can’t wait to drop their underpants and hop in for a wet romp.  Either way, we have some suggestions that will make getting dirty way more fun than getting clean in the washroom… a little safer too!  We reached out to our pals on Twitter and they gave us 2 out of our 4 tips.  Thanks, @FascinationsFun (#1) and @SophieDelancey (#2)!

1. Make sure you have something to hold on to.  Safety first!  Before you go thrusting HotMovies4Her Sex Tipsabout, be sure you have something to latch on to.  Some companies make suction cup handles that work pretty well.  While you can’t pull on them with all of you might, they do add some security and leverage.  Whatever it is, be it a towel wrack or hand rail, be sure to test it first!

2. Don’t get soap on your sensitive spots!  Soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. are not meant to be used as lube.  If these products are used as such, things can get pretty uncomfortable (read: sting like a motherfucker).  Rinse before you play!  If you need lube in the shower, go with a silicone based lubricant (as long as you’re not using silicone toys).  It stays viscus whereas water based lube will wash right away.  Be careful here!  If lube drips to the floor, things can get slippery in all the wrong places.  A slip-and-fall is not sexy! This is one of the few times I’ll tell you to be cautious about the amount of lube you use.

3. Don’t hog the water.  Keep your bodies close and adjust the shower head so you are encased in a nice warm liquid cocoon.  This will take some experimenting, but it will be worth it.  It just isn’t right to leave on person to shiver just outside of the cozy warm water cone.  Being too cold or too hot can be a huge turn-off to say the least.

4. Waterproof toys are awesome.  They are made to get thrown into the shower-sex mix.  Again, if you’re using silicone lube you don’t get to play with silicone toys.  However, a waterpoof bullet vibe makes for a nice third party without taking up too much room.  Also, the shower is a great place to use dildos with suction cup bases. What’s not to love about a hands-free dildo session?  You can get kinky with restraints that are made especially for getting wet.

HotMovies4Her Tips: Heading Home For The Holidays

As of this week, we are officially entering Holiday Season 2012.  Welcome!  Along with great food and lots of cheer, for many of us the holiday season means heading back to our hometown and spending time with our family of origin (you know, the ones we were born into; not the friends we consider family).  And for some, this involves either bringing our partner into the fray, or heading to visit our partner’s family.  Whether it’s the first time or a repeat holiday performance, there is always questions of how to get hot and heavy when home for the holidays.  Here are four tips for keeping things fun while visiting family.

1) Twin beds.  While most of your families have probably gotten rid of the twin bed from your younger years, some are still rocking the solo sleep situations, complete with your old My Little Pony sheets ( of in my case NKOTB sheets).  While you may be sleeping in different locations, there is something extra dirty about sneaking around and trying to get frisky on a twin bed.  You have to squeeze in extra tight and try to get sexy without falling off the side.  Think of it as an adventure.

2) Use your indoor voices. If you are allowed to shack up in the same bedroom during your visit, you still need to remember that you are among family and that even the tiniest bit of sexy sounds coming from your bedroom is way too much for the other folks in the house.  Honestly, nobody’s parents want to hear them getting busy, so for the sake of everyone else – be quiet!  Turn it into a game to see who can be the quietest and bring things up a notch by trying your best to make each other moan.  And if you can’t keep the noise to a minimum, borrow the car and go make out in a deserted parking lot or something.

3) Speaking of keeping things quiet, this holds true for your sex toys as well.  A trip back home is not really the best time to decide that your Hitachi Magic Wand needs to travel.  Take a look at vibrator reviews to see which ones are the quietest and stick with them.  Two other options are turning on the radio to drown out your buzzing, or taking advantage of your quietest, cheapest, most discreet sex toy – your hand.

4) I mentioned this in our summertime travel guide, but I thought it important to talk about a second time: Bigot Revenge Sex.  Here is a little blurb to explain:  Some families are not very accepting of their relative’s lifestyles and while they are very nice to their faces, are not happy about the partners that they bring home.  For example, a gay couple, or a child that is transitioning gender and brings home their partner, or an interracial couple.  In that instance, I like to enact something called “Bigot Revenge Sex.”  Yep, it’s just like what it sounds – you may be a total bigot that doesn’t approve of our queer relationship, and that’s your business, but we are still gonna fuck allllll over your guestroom.  Especially in front of those pictures of you happily smiling into the camera.  Sure, you may not know about it, but it feels like a protest and a tiny victory to us!

Happy Holidays!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Keeping Things Hot As It Gets Colder Outside

It has officially started getting cold here in the City of Brotherly Love (where HM4Her is located)!  As it is November now, that makes sense, but still, the air conditioners are leaving the windows and heavy duty plastic is going to take their place.  That said, being naked and cold is no fun.  Sure, it’s hard to get in the mood during the heat of summer, but taking it all off when the temperature drops is no picnic either.  Today we offer 4 tips on keeping things hot and steamy when the weather turns frosty.

1. Keep it covered.  Sure, your naked body may be warm under 15 layers of blanket, but bundling isn’t always all that sexy.  What about stripping off the down comforter and playing with just your pjs on?  Make a game of seeing how naughty you can get with revealing the least amount of skin possible.  You might even find something new that you enjoy.  Who knew that flannel felt so good when rubbed over nipples?

2. Wet and Steamy.  Hit the showers with your partner and get started under the hot stream.  Once the bathroom is warm and steamy, toss a few towels on the floor and go to town!  Or stick to the shower and continue your fun under the water.  Just be careful not to use up all the hot water in the house!

3. Warming massage oils.  Take advantage of massage candles that melt down into massage oils and give your partner the perfectly temperature rubdown.  Just make sure to read the instructions before getting the matches out.  You can also buy massage oils that warm up on skin contact.  Note – those are just for massages.  I am wary of lubes that heat up or do anything like that, as without seeing the ingredients list there is no idea what’s in them.  And once you start heating your business up, it’s unlikely that it will cool down easily if you don’t enjoy.

4. Fire in the hole! If you are lucky enough to have a home with a working fireplace, by all means, go full out ski lodge cheesy and make a nest of blankets on the floor, with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and loads of hot, sweaty sex.  If you are like me and the thought of having a home with a working fireplace is laughable (do you know how much money that kind of added bonus costs!), I suggest making a fort out of warm blankets and googling “yule log” to get a “fire” going on your computer.  The fort will keep colder air out and the “fire” with make you think warm thoughts.  Oh, and with that get yourself all worked up and have lots of sweaty sex.  Those orgasms will keep you warm!

Enjoy and stay warm!


HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Getting Hot At The Halloween Shop

While there may be Christmas decorations already on sale at your local Target, we are actually only at October 22nd, which means that Halloween is still a little more than a week away!  And though it’s not official, Halloween has become a holiday that gives folks permission to let their sexiest selves out for the evening.  Just look at all the racy costumes that are on the racks!

Since sultry is quickly moving right up the next to spooky on the list of adjectives for this haunting holiday, I thought it would be best to offer up four tips on how to use the costume shop to get your sexy on, for all 365 dirty days of the year!

1.  Find some fantastic role playing paraphernalia!  The Halloween shop is perfect for finding fairly inexpensive costumes for all of your dirty fantasy play.  Don’t know what kind of action you are into?  Bring your partner to the store with you and try on a bunch of different outfits to find which ones get your blood pumping.  If you are planning it to be a surprise, pick the costumes that make you feel the sexiest – because the sexier you feel, the more confident you will be, and confidence is hot no matter what you are wearing!  For the best deals, wait for November 1st to get the costumes on the deepest discounts.  The selection may not be as great, but you may take a chance on something you’ve never imagined with the steep savings.

2. If you find the costumes to be a little too cost prohibitive, spend a little time looking at accessories.  Even a few cheap props can make the experience so much more fun.  Have a policewoman fantasy?  Grab a cheap pair of cuffs and a badge, and throw on some blue panties and a bra you already have.  Done!  Also, use the prepared costumes to get ideas for creating your own sexytime duds.  All you need is a short plaid skirt and a button down shirt to become a naughty school girl – there’s no need to purchase a costume shop version.

3.  When it comes to that policewoman fantasy, those handcuffs can be a blast, but be warned that the accessories you buy at the costume store are that – costumes.  They are not quality sex implements that are made for getting down and dirty.  Sure, your partner’s hands will stay in one place, but they may cut or scrape their arms or be uncomfortable.  The same goes for the “Indiana Jones” bullwhips you find at the costume shop.  They are not the high quality kinky toys you will find at the sex toy store and using them could result in unwanted (and non-consensual) injuries.  If you really want to get down and dirty with these types of toys, get the real versions wherever kink toys are sold near you.

4. Now, a warning – nothing will look super sexy while trying it on under florescent lights in a dressing room.  It doesn’t matter if you are trying on the hottest costume in the store, the result will be the same.  So keep an open mind and take the reflection in the mirror with a grain of salt.  Remember that your room will have way better lighting and you will be too hot and bothered to be worried if the pirate wench’s sash sits the same way it does in the picture on the costume.

And one last tip:  Be sure to have fun!  This is a chance to think outside your personal pervy boxes and do something totally unexpected.  Go, get your dirty on and enjoy!

-JD Bauchery