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Bush Is Back… With Beauty Tips!

Riley Reid with bush
Riley Reid

For years magazines and blogs bemoaned the dearth of female pubic hair on beaches, in the bedroom, and of course, in pornography. Like an endangered species, pubes were slowly disappearing from our vulvas; from Brazilians, to landing strips, to postage stamps, to full on baby smooth bareness, it seemed like it was impossible to have no pants time and discover a lovely, womanly bush.

Niche studios like ATKingdom have always been there to satisfy the market for full bush, where the ladies have untouched, totally hairy mons, labia, and buttcrack. However, the fact remains that many men and women alike prefer the bush style that’s making a surging comeback in mainstream pornography; it’s what Bianca Breeze calls her “Power Muff,” Veruca James refers to as the “Doritos Chip,” and I affectionately refer to as “The Portlander.” It’s the awesome compromise of a sexy, fluffy mons with hairless labia, buttcrack, and maybe a cleaned up bikini line.

Pornstars and civilians alike are choosing to style their bushes this way for a variety of reasons. Riley Reid, covergirl of New Sensations’ Hair Nation, recommends keeping pussy lips hairless because, “it helps keep her [the vulva] presentable and easy to work with. Plus I love having my whole pussy sucked on, lips and all, and if I have hair all over her, well, it’s just like sucking on hair!” Bianca Breeze of Nexxxt Level Models removes hair “in areas I wanna feel direct wet contact on.” Savannah Fox of Devil’s Film’s Bush League also prefers hairless labia for no mess oral sex.

Bianca Breeze with bush
Bianca Breeze

As for keeping the rest of the bush on the mons pubis, Reid enjoys the versatility in styles that having a bush allows. For Breeze and James, their reasons are more practical; Breeze has thick hair that makes the upkeep of a totally bare crotch a pain in the ass. For James, she says that style is, “easy to maintain, feels natural, and keeps my life simple.”

Most of us probably aren’t sharing our pube styles with millions of people, but I know that when my pants come off, I feel much more confident when I have camera ready crotch, even when I’m flying solo. We asked Riley Reid, Bianca Breeze, Savannah Fox, and Veruca James for their tips for maintaining a gorgeous Power Muff, Dorito, or Portlander!

Hair Removal

I asked the ladies about different methods of hair removal, thinking that there would a mix of shaving, waxing, lasering, sugaring, etc., and was surprised that the consensus was simple: shaving. Savannah Fox uses a shaving cream made specifically for the bikini lina, and Veruca James recommends using a fresh razor that hasn’t had more than five uses. Bianca Breeze uses men’s razors, saying that “they get a better cut on coarse hair,” not to mention that they’re cheaper than women’s razors.

Savannah Fox with bush
Savannah Fox

Keeping It Pretty

When you’re dragging a razor over sensitive skin covered in coarse hair, you’re bound to sometimes experience redness or irritation. To combat this, Savannah Fox applies “91% rubbing alcohol to prevent razor burn and ingrowns.” Veruca James recommends “Desitin, the diaper rash cream. It coats the skin and locks moisture out.” Again, using a new, clean razor will also help your skin stay clear.

Good Hair Day

Once you get rid of the hair that you don’t want, it’s time to think about the bush that you’re keeping. Riley Reid, who has thick hair, uses shea butter on her bush in the shower, and once she’s towel dried, rubs in “just another drop of Argan oil. You don’t want to use too much, but I’m telling you the scent it leaves is so yummy, your playmate is going to want to rub their face all over your bush and pussy more than they normally do!” Fox also sports a thick muff, and soaps, conditions, and adds lotion to her bush. Veruca James keeps things simple with coconut oil, which I second.

Veruca James with bush
Veruca James

Shape It Up

Riley Reid loves to play with the shape and thickness of her pubes. She told us, “I always allow my bush to start right at the crease of my pussy lips so that my clit and whole pussy is just ready to be devoured! Determining the amount of hair and everything is now all preference. For me, I like to have lots of fun with my bush on top. It’s like instead of having to change my hairstyle on my head, I can mix things up by changing my bush! I really love my bush when she’s fully grown out but still clean shaven on the lips. When I get tired of the full blowout bush…I take small scissors and I trim the hair back just in length…This way my bush isn’t so fully grown out. She looks thinner yet still full in size.”

As porn continues to embrace diversity in the bodies of its performers, we will see more and more women who feel empowered to groom their bodies in whatever ways they deem best for themselves.  Veruca James said it best: “Listen to your body, if it doesn’t like shaving or waxing or whatever method then don’t do it…I think there has been more of a demand for natural in recent years. People are enjoying the natural form and the bush is natural! Women are becoming more and more comfortable with their bodies and their choices regarding their bodies…It’s your body, do what you want with it. Don’t let anyone impose their preference on you if it doesn’t also suit your preferences.”

Check out our selection of Hairy Bush movies on HotMoviesForHer today!

Judy Hologram wears a merkin. You can follow her on twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us at @HotMoviesForHer.

Booty Building Tips with Richelle Ryan!

It’s almost that time of year again! The time when the dreaded bathing suits begin showing up in department stores (and we’re all left wondering–who needs a bathing suit in February, and who really wants to try one on immediately after the holiday binge?!), and we’re forced to face the fact it’s another year later and we still haven’t perfected our bodies the way we promised ourselves in January (and the January before that, and the January before that).

The good news, however; is that it’s still only March!  There are still a few more months before we’re forced to squeeze ourselves into that teeny bikini, and there’s still time to get closer to the body of our dreams! Adult starlet Richelle Ryan, who is known for her absolutely glorious ass, was kind enough to share her personal tips on how to get–and maintain–the perfect porn star body!

Enjoy these great “Booty Building tips” from Richelle to get you on your way to a better body by summer!

– “Diet is SO Important!!!! I eat very clean, which means NO dairy!  Dairy creates cellulite which none of us girls want–it’s the enemy!

– Eating lean steak like sirloin 1–2 times a week is a great way in building that shelf (the upper part of the booty). Red meat is key!

– Vegetables, fruits, proteins, and good carbs (i.e, brown or jasmine rice and sweet potatoes) are all staples in a healthy diet.”

Richelle goes on to share her great workout routine that has given her that banging body!


– “Exercise:

– I do Cardio 5–6 times a week and it’s good to mix it up, go for a walk one day, then hit the stair master hard the next.

– Hiking or riding a bike are great ways to strengthen the legs and glute muscles.

– I train my legs hard 2x a week, heavy weighted squats, lunges, burpees, kettlebell swings, and resistant bands are great.

– I also swear by hot yoga, it’s great for the days in between training legs when your sore and helps build lean muscle mass.

Cheers to a Hot and Sexy Summer!”

Stay tuned for more ways to get in shape with the stars!






Real Senior Sex

Maiden, mother, crone?

Despite the fact that we all age, most of us do not consider what this means in terms of sex. Most of the people I know want to have sex till they die (if not the cause of death), but NO ONE under 40 wants to think of elder sex!

Now there is plenty of granny sex out there! Hell we have some amazing stuff if you like age play. However, fetishists aside, we tend to cringe regarding the realities of sex in our golden years.

Some of the most common misconceptions are often the most empowered by our elders:

More self acceptance of body
No fear of pregnancy
Less concern for performance
Pleasure found from different stimuli
Openness to possibilities and true communication

Sure, this seems to be nicey nicey but when men and women have opened up about their sexuality as they have aged, their insight is enlightening. Joan Price is one sex educator who stomps on the ignorance that surrounds senior sex in a playful and passionate way.

Better Than I Ever Expected by Joan Price
Senior Sex Education!

Rather than the judgement many of us continue to pass over seniors, we can change directions. How do we wish to be as sexually healthy seniors? What kind of adjustments need to be made? Life is to be enjoyed and most seniors would agree with a little fine tuning. These are some helpful implements:

Palm Power!

The Palm Power Massager and its ergonomic attachmentsby BMS Enterprises is touted to be as splendid as The Hitachi Wand but is far more accommodating for those with limited dexterity.

Easy to pump & easy to buy

Sex after 60 is definitely something I hope to engage in. I also hope to be able to roll with the changes that will inevitably occur. If we all did this, perhaps we would have no reason to cover ourselves with shame or ignorance.

No more hiding.

Enjoy ALL that has to offer in mature women and men!


HotMovies4Her Tips – Giving The Gift Of Porn This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!  That’s right, love is in the air yet again as February 14th nears yet again.  Instead of heading to the local CVS for a heart-shaped Whitman Sampler or a stuffed gerbil that sings and dances when you press its hand, why not give your loved one the gift they really want – super hot sex!  And what better way to get into the sexy action than utilizing the tools you have in your tool box.  You know, like porn!  Today’s HotMovies4Her Tips offers up a few ways to incorporate dirty movies in your very special Valentine’s Day experience!

1) Hit the internet.  Yes, I’ll admit that I am totally biased toward video-on-demand porn, but it’s just true that the internet is where you are going to find the biggest selection of movies.  With, you buy minutes and then use those minutes to watch whatever you fancy, for however long you like.  If you try something that doesn’t get you tingling in your pants, you can always turn on something new.  It’s having a whole library of smut in your hands, without having to spend a zillion dollars on DVDs.

2) Use porno to learn something new.  While dirty movies titillate us, they can also educate us as well.  Sure, we’ve got a ton of instructional options, but it’s pretty much true that any video to watch has something to offer in the how-to department.  That lady may not be explaining the exacts of her handjob technique, but I’m sure that you can figure it out by watching her movements.  If you or your partner are new to porn, I would suggest beginning with an instructional to help ease into the world of sexy movies in a less intense way.  Be sure to give Tristan Taormino or Nina Hartley a look to help you with all your instructional needs.

3) Start the conversation before the clothing comes off.  You want to get the ball rolling when you are fully dressed and able to focus on the conversation.  Once you are half naked the energy changes and your words can take on a charge that you never meant them to.  Ask your partner what types of porn they would be interesting in watching and maybe make a list of acts you would want to check out. This is a great way to get your sexual communication flowing.  And don’t forget to keep your mind open – you never know what will end up turning you on!

4) Choosing can be an adventure.  Let the act of picking a movie to watch be a part of the whole sexy experience.  The whole process from talking about porn to actually watching it doesn’t have to be a negative or cumbersome task.  If it starts out fun and playful, it will most likely stay that way.  Always remember that a little laughter can help make sex even better.

We hope you have a very hot, happy and horny Valentine’s Day!

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

I’m not going to lie – now that Ginger Leigh has left the building and we are bringing our newest blogger, Janie Jones, up to speed, it’s been a little cray cray around the office.  I’ve been super busy working on various projects all day, but I wanted to make sure and offer up a few sexy tips to start this week off right.  Instead of coming up with a specific theme for the tips, I thought I’d just pass along a few overarching tricks of the trade that really fit into most sexual situations one may encounter.

1) Lube, lube, lube. And if you think you’ve lubed enough, lube some more.  I think that about says it all, but if you need it spelled out a little clearer… use lube when you bone.  Whether you are headed into a vag or into a butt (ESPEICALLY in the butt), lube makes everything go just a little smoother, which is what you want.

2) Don’t forget to laugh.  Sex is a very serious and sexy thing, but really it’s also hilarious and full of silly little moments that keep everything interesting and fun.  If you are so busy making sure that the mood is sensual and erotic, you may just miss all the relaxed enjoyment that you could be having.  Remember, you are supposed to be having a good time.  Like the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

3) Being self conscious is only making you unhappy.  Just as with the tip above, spending all your time focusing on one thing will ensure that you miss all the good stuff that you would be enjoying if you weren’t so distracted.  When it comes to being naked in front of someone else and showing them your most vulnerable sides (both figuratively and literally), people tend to become self conscious.  My own personal way for thinking about it is – if you wanted to get me naked and bone me, you probably already have an idea of what my body looks like naked.  And just as I am, you are probably so focused having a naked person in front of you and the anticipation of getting laid that you aren’t looking at all my flaws.  If you decide that my naked body isn’t one you want to have sex with, well, then maybe you should go fuck yourself?

4) Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.  People have limits and boundaries for a reason – to keep both themselves and their sexual partners happy and safe.  Respecting your own boundaries and instincts does not mean you are insulting anyone else or making them feel bad (they will interpret what they want to out of the situation anyway).  Saying no to having sex without a barrier or wanting to wait until both your test results come back isn’t silly or over-dramatic – it’s smart.  And if you aren’t ready to have your ass explored – it doesn’t mean you are a prude or boring or anything like that – it just means that you aren’t ready to have you ass explored.  It’s just important to know that you always have the option to exercise your “no” muscles and get your needs met.

Hope these four basic tips help!




HotMovies4Her Tips: Setting Sexy Intentions For The New Year

Happy New Year!  It’s the first full week of 2013 and we here at HotMoviesForHer are ready to celebrate by setting a few sexy intentions to make this new year the best it can be!  While making resolutions can be such a cut and dry business (aka. if you do this, then you’ve broken the resolution and now it’s over), this time around we are doing things a little differently and setting intentions to strive to feel the feelings that we want to experience, such as happiness, contentment, ease.  There is no concrete goal to achieve or bar to set – just things that we are looking to work towards in this new year.  To give you a little look at what we mean, here are 4 sexy intentions that we are setting in 2013.

 1) Ask for what you need.  Sometimes it is all too easy to forget that your partner is not a mind reader and that they might not always know what you are looking for at that very moment.  While we know that it can be so hard to make yourself vulnerable and say out loud the things you need, it can make a world of difference when you actually get those needs met.

2)Be grateful.  By this we are talking about looking at sex with a pleasure-oriented lens rather than a goal-oriented one.  When we get so focused on the orgasm, sometimes we overlook all the delicious feelings that come before.  This is especially true when we are taking about people that experience any kind of sexual dysfunction.  It is so very easy to dwell on the things that aren’t happening rather than enjoying the experiences that are.  You never know what could happen once you take all of that stressful pressure away…  No matter what, there will be a sense of freedom.

3) Stop being so hard on yourself.  You are human, and you will make mistakes – in life and during sex.  No matter how hard you try to always be perfect or horny exactly when your partner is, the truth is that things aren’t always going to go your way.  Take a deep breath and accept that now so that you can move passed it and have your flawed, amazing life. (note: Having compassion for ourselves and cutting ourselves a break are some of the hardest things to go.  You will fail at it sometimes, and that’s ok.)

4) Have a love affair with yourself. Whether it’s masturbating more, indulging in a bubble bath once a week or whatever, make sure you are taking time to do things that are just for you.  And as things get busy and more hectic in your life, it’s even more important to make a point to actively engage in activities that make you feel good.  Put it on the calendar if you are someone that needs to have stuff scheduled.  And remember, taking time to yourself is nothing to feel guilty about.  It benefits everything in your life and everyone around you.

Happy new year.  Good luck setting your intentions and getting into the swing of 2013!


HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Miracles of the Human Body

This year I did something I’ve never done the whole time I’ve worked here at HM4Her… I let Hanukkah slip on by with nary a comment.  What kind of Jew am I?!?  I feel terribly guilty about it, so instead of giving you some straight up sex tips this week, I thought I might turn back time a few days and get a little miracle talk in – with Hanukkah being all about the miracle of the oil lasting eight days and all.  Check out these 4 sexy miracles of the human body!

1) Vaginal Rugae – This series of ridges and folds within the vaginal canal are what allow the vagina to expand (or tent) so it can accommodate all sorts of delicious toys and tools (and bebes being born).  During tenting the uterus tips up and allows for even greater depth.  It is seriously exciting that a body can stretch and move like this. Yum!

2) The Clitoris – I don’t mean to dwell on vagina owning bodies, but honestly, the clit is one of the most exciting bits of the body, in my book.  This organ offers up more than 8,000 nerve endings, and has no function other than bringing pleasure.  And while most folks think the clit is only the little nib underneath the hood, the shaft of the clitoris actually extends back and two legs (or crura) come down on either side of the vulva.  And as the whole thing is made of erectile tissue, it means that vagina owning bodies and penis owning bodies both have roughly the same amount of erectile tissue in their genitals.

3) Orgasms in General! – While it’s true that orgasms feel like miracles each and every time we have them, what I mean is that the very fact that orgasms occur is a miracle.  We rub a part of our body, which in turn stimulates the nerves, sending blood to the area, making it swell and get extra sensitive.  And then all of a sudden there is a tremendous release of sexual tension, which creates rhythmic muscle contractions that are experienced as intense pleasure.  It gives me a tingle in my body even writing about it.

4) Painkillers – Orgasms wash the body in a flood of hormones and endorphins (as well as oxytocin) which work as powerful painkillers to help get rid of annoyances like headaches and cramps.  And we can’t forget their benefits of easing sleep, relieving depression, helping heal wounds, fight aging and boost cardio health.  Holy crap, orgasms are the fuel of life!






HotMovies4Her Tips: Sex In The Shower

Shower sex can take many directions.  It can be hot and intimate, cold (literally) and awkward, dangerous, or any number of descriptive words.  Some folks snarl at the idea while other can’t wait to drop their underpants and hop in for a wet romp.  Either way, we have some suggestions that will make getting dirty way more fun than getting clean in the washroom… a little safer too!  We reached out to our pals on Twitter and they gave us 2 out of our 4 tips.  Thanks, @FascinationsFun (#1) and @SophieDelancey (#2)!

1. Make sure you have something to hold on to.  Safety first!  Before you go thrusting HotMovies4Her Sex Tipsabout, be sure you have something to latch on to.  Some companies make suction cup handles that work pretty well.  While you can’t pull on them with all of you might, they do add some security and leverage.  Whatever it is, be it a towel wrack or hand rail, be sure to test it first!

2. Don’t get soap on your sensitive spots!  Soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. are not meant to be used as lube.  If these products are used as such, things can get pretty uncomfortable (read: sting like a motherfucker).  Rinse before you play!  If you need lube in the shower, go with a silicone based lubricant (as long as you’re not using silicone toys).  It stays viscus whereas water based lube will wash right away.  Be careful here!  If lube drips to the floor, things can get slippery in all the wrong places.  A slip-and-fall is not sexy! This is one of the few times I’ll tell you to be cautious about the amount of lube you use.

3. Don’t hog the water.  Keep your bodies close and adjust the shower head so you are encased in a nice warm liquid cocoon.  This will take some experimenting, but it will be worth it.  It just isn’t right to leave on person to shiver just outside of the cozy warm water cone.  Being too cold or too hot can be a huge turn-off to say the least.

4. Waterproof toys are awesome.  They are made to get thrown into the shower-sex mix.  Again, if you’re using silicone lube you don’t get to play with silicone toys.  However, a waterpoof bullet vibe makes for a nice third party without taking up too much room.  Also, the shower is a great place to use dildos with suction cup bases. What’s not to love about a hands-free dildo session?  You can get kinky with restraints that are made especially for getting wet.

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – 4 Tips To Keep You Healthy

Sex is one of those topics that no matter how much you know, there will always be more to learn and question.  That’s one of the most exciting things about it… you know, after all the pleasure, hot feelings, wet body parts, etc.  It really is true though that asking questions about sex and learning new things is important to keeping it s hot as possible.  Today we are offering up a few tidbits in the sexy world that are definitely worth questioning to keep your body healthy and have you enjoying your pleasure for a long time to come!

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips1)  Lubes and lotions that numb, warm or cool.  Numbing lubes and lotions are first on this list because I think they are the most important of the three to question.  Pain is the body’s system of letting us know when something is wrong, and by numbing it, you lose that ability and can really damage yourself.  And, if you can’t feel anything, why bother doing it?  It’s supposed to be about your pleasure.  As for warming and cooling lubes and lotions, question what is in them and how it will affect your body.  What kind of reaction will you have?  Will it be too hot/cold?  Should you be careful on what kind of skin you apply it (aka. on sensitive bits?).

2)  Flavored products and using anything food-based in your bits.  Be sure to question the ingredients of the flavored products (lubes, condoms, etc.) before you put them near your bits.  Many things with flavors use glycerin, which is basically sugar – and sugar in the vagina can cause some gnarly yeast infections.  Not all flavored stuff is made the same, so do a little research before heading downtown with it.  As for food, external play is fine, but keep the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, what-have-you out of the vag.  It’s just not a good plan.

3) Not all sex toys are made equally.  Know what you are getting before you lay the cash down.  While materials like silicone, metal and wood are totally non-porous and body-safe, soft rubber toys, like ones made of jelly rubber are not.  They have tiny pores that can trap bacterial, as well as can leach the chemicals that are used to make them, like phthalates, which may not be very good for the body.  If you want to use jelly rubber toys, just be sure to use a condom and switch them between partners.

4) Question your cock ring.  If you are a beginner cock ring user, be sure to question the material of the ring.  Start off with a ring that can be opened easily, like ones with Velcro closures, or super stretchy ones that you can stretch to take off.  Metal and hard plastic cock rings (especially metal ones) should only be used if you are a seasoned cock ringmaster.  A cock ring is used to keep the blood trapped in the penis to maintain a harder erection, but things can go seriously wrong if you want to let that blood out and you can’t because you are unable to remove your cock ring.  That is a trip to the ER and an embarrassing story, so just trust me on this one.

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Successful, Safe and Sexy Impact Play

There is no beating around the bush when it comes to impact play – you must make safety a first priority.  Impact play, any consensual sexy activity that involves striking the body with a hand or implement, can be extremely pleasurable and fun for everyone involved, but it can also be dangerous if done with disregard.  Today’s HotMovies4Her Sex Tips offers up a little safety info to help make a big impact on your impact play.

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips - Impact Play1. Know where to/not to hit.  There are a number of sweet spots on the body that are perfect for taking a hit, some of which include fatty and muscley bits, like butts, thighs and upper back shoulder areas (on the sides, not on the neck/spine).    But just as there are places to hit, there are a bunch of places that should most definitely be avoided, including the kidneys, throat, and along the spine.  Be the best kinky partner you can be and research the specific good and bad spots before you even pick up your flogger.

2. Establish a scale of pain.  Everyone has a totally different idea of what hurts, so before getting fully into the throes of passion, take a minute to make sure you are on the same page.  Try whatever impact activity you are doing at 3 out of 10.  Ask your bottom what number it was for them.  If your 3 matches their 3, you are golden; but if your 3 is their 7, you’ll know to scale pack your intensity.  Plus, remember that you always want to start light and go on from there.

3.  Different kinds of impact.  One question that gets missed frequently is what kind of impact you enjoy.  Some folks love the stingy swat of a cane, while others are much happier with the heavy thud of a paddle.    Each toy offers up a different kinky sensation, so be sure to get clear on what toy elicits what kind of impact and what you and your partners prefer.

4. Establish a safeword and aftercare plan before playing.  I know you are eager to wield your flogger, but first you must negotiate your boundaries, which includes establishing a safeword (verbal and non-verbal if needed) and coming up with an aftercare plan.  After playing you may be too zonked out to really explain what you need from your partner once the action stops, so have all of that decided before you start the fun.