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Bush Is Back… With Beauty Tips!

Riley Reid with bush
Riley Reid

For years magazines and blogs bemoaned the dearth of female pubic hair on beaches, in the bedroom, and of course, in pornography. Like an endangered species, pubes were slowly disappearing from our vulvas; from Brazilians, to landing strips, to postage stamps, to full on baby smooth bareness, it seemed like it was impossible to have no pants time and discover a lovely, womanly bush.

Niche studios like ATKingdom have always been there to satisfy the market for full bush, where the ladies have untouched, totally hairy mons, labia, and buttcrack. However, the fact remains that many men and women alike prefer the bush style that’s making a surging comeback in mainstream pornography; it’s what Bianca Breeze calls her “Power Muff,” Veruca James refers to as the “Doritos Chip,” and I affectionately refer to as “The Portlander.” It’s the awesome compromise of a sexy, fluffy mons with hairless labia, buttcrack, and maybe a cleaned up bikini line.

Pornstars and civilians alike are choosing to style their bushes this way for a variety of reasons. Riley Reid, covergirl of New Sensations’ Hair Nation, recommends keeping pussy lips hairless because, “it helps keep her [the vulva] presentable and easy to work with. Plus I love having my whole pussy sucked on, lips and all, and if I have hair all over her, well, it’s just like sucking on hair!” Bianca Breeze of Nexxxt Level Models removes hair “in areas I wanna feel direct wet contact on.” Savannah Fox of Devil’s Film’s Bush League also prefers hairless labia for no mess oral sex.

Bianca Breeze with bush
Bianca Breeze

As for keeping the rest of the bush on the mons pubis, Reid enjoys the versatility in styles that having a bush allows. For Breeze and James, their reasons are more practical; Breeze has thick hair that makes the upkeep of a totally bare crotch a pain in the ass. For James, she says that style is, “easy to maintain, feels natural, and keeps my life simple.”

Most of us probably aren’t sharing our pube styles with millions of people, but I know that when my pants come off, I feel much more confident when I have camera ready crotch, even when I’m flying solo. We asked Riley Reid, Bianca Breeze, Savannah Fox, and Veruca James for their tips for maintaining a gorgeous Power Muff, Dorito, or Portlander!

Hair Removal

I asked the ladies about different methods of hair removal, thinking that there would a mix of shaving, waxing, lasering, sugaring, etc., and was surprised that the consensus was simple: shaving. Savannah Fox uses a shaving cream made specifically for the bikini lina, and Veruca James recommends using a fresh razor that hasn’t had more than five uses. Bianca Breeze uses men’s razors, saying that “they get a better cut on coarse hair,” not to mention that they’re cheaper than women’s razors.

Savannah Fox with bush
Savannah Fox

Keeping It Pretty

When you’re dragging a razor over sensitive skin covered in coarse hair, you’re bound to sometimes experience redness or irritation. To combat this, Savannah Fox applies “91% rubbing alcohol to prevent razor burn and ingrowns.” Veruca James recommends “Desitin, the diaper rash cream. It coats the skin and locks moisture out.” Again, using a new, clean razor will also help your skin stay clear.

Good Hair Day

Once you get rid of the hair that you don’t want, it’s time to think about the bush that you’re keeping. Riley Reid, who has thick hair, uses shea butter on her bush in the shower, and once she’s towel dried, rubs in “just another drop of Argan oil. You don’t want to use too much, but I’m telling you the scent it leaves is so yummy, your playmate is going to want to rub their face all over your bush and pussy more than they normally do!” Fox also sports a thick muff, and soaps, conditions, and adds lotion to her bush. Veruca James keeps things simple with coconut oil, which I second.

Veruca James with bush
Veruca James

Shape It Up

Riley Reid loves to play with the shape and thickness of her pubes. She told us, “I always allow my bush to start right at the crease of my pussy lips so that my clit and whole pussy is just ready to be devoured! Determining the amount of hair and everything is now all preference. For me, I like to have lots of fun with my bush on top. It’s like instead of having to change my hairstyle on my head, I can mix things up by changing my bush! I really love my bush when she’s fully grown out but still clean shaven on the lips. When I get tired of the full blowout bush…I take small scissors and I trim the hair back just in length…This way my bush isn’t so fully grown out. She looks thinner yet still full in size.”

As porn continues to embrace diversity in the bodies of its performers, we will see more and more women who feel empowered to groom their bodies in whatever ways they deem best for themselves.  Veruca James said it best: “Listen to your body, if it doesn’t like shaving or waxing or whatever method then don’t do it…I think there has been more of a demand for natural in recent years. People are enjoying the natural form and the bush is natural! Women are becoming more and more comfortable with their bodies and their choices regarding their bodies…It’s your body, do what you want with it. Don’t let anyone impose their preference on you if it doesn’t also suit your preferences.”

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Announcing the Masturbation Month Twitter Contest: #MayIGetOff

Hey there lady porn fans!  Did you know May is National Masturbation Month? For the next 31 days it’s time to celebrate and embrace that much needed bean flicking time with as much undressing, pressing, finessing, and caressing as possible!

There’s nothing we love more at than getting off-outside of getting you off, that is! So in honor of the 20th Anniversary of National Masturbation Month, we’re going to do everything we can to lend you a much deserved “helping hand” to get you alone, prone and ready to moan and groan while you play with that erogenous zone!

Beginning Monday, May 4th, 2015, will be launching the #MayIGetOff Masturbation Month Contest, where one lucky winner will win a well hung gift package with everything you could possibly need to take care of YOUR package.

cropped-Magic-Wand-OriginalThe winner will receive the Get Your Box Off Package, which includes: one (1) Hitachi Magic Wand, one (1) bottle of toy cleaner, one (1) package of condoms, one (1) bottle of lube, (1) T-shirt, and 90 free minutes to spend on your favorite porn stars, scenes, or feature films at!  Everything you could need to make that special date with your favorite two fingers a bang-up, good time!

So, if you enjoy masturbating as much as we do, start “double clicking that mouse” now, and get ready for some fake fuckin’ fun all month long!

Here’s How to Enter:

Each Monday in May, HotMoviesforHer will announce the masturbatory topic/question of the week on Twitter.  For week one, which officially kicks off Monday, May 4th at 2 PM EST, we want you to share with us your favorite funny, dirty, crazy, or off-the-wall terms for masturbation!

To enter, you must tweet your answer to @HotMoviesforHer, and include the hash tag #MayIGetOff, along with the handle of the porn star you would most like to get off with/for/on/in! Entries missing any portion of these guidelines will be void.

New questions will subsequently be announced on Monday, May 11th, 18th, and 25th at noon EST.  Closing dates for entries will be Sunday, May 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st respectively at 11:59 pm EST. Participants may submit no more than three (3) entries per week. The grand prize winner of the Get Your Box Off Package will be selected at random and announced Monday, June 1st, 2015.

For further information, please refer to the terms and conditions listed below, or e-mail questions to



  1. The promoter is: whose registered office is located in Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Employees of,,,, or their family members, or anyone else connected in any way with the competition, or helping to set up the competition, shall not be permitted to enter the competition.
  3. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older by May 1, 2015.
  4. There is no entry fee, and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
  5. Participants may enter 3 times per week.
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  8. Details of how to enter, along with the contest terms and conditions, can be found at:
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  12. The promoter is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any entrant by any third party connected with this competition.
  13. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.
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  20. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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7 Hot Tips to Ease You Into Ass Play

Slow down signI admit it. I’m one of many supposedly rare women who happens to be a huge fan of anal sex. Maybe it’s not an every day or every week thing, but for me, it’s for more than just special occasions. Does it hurt? Yes, it absolutely can, especially if you’re with an inexperienced playmate, fumbling around in the dark like you’re still in high school. However, if done correctly and with a caring partner, it can be beyond a pleasurable experience. Here are several anal sex tips to help you turn what could be a frightening and off-putting experience into a mind-blowing romp that will broaden your sexual horizons!

1. Play & Explore
Starting slow and easing your way into any ass play is your best bet! This can be accomplished by using small things, like  fingers and toys, to loosen the butt up before the big show. The more you play, the more you’ll know what you like and how you like it. As they say, knowing is half the battle!

2. Use Lots of Lube!
While there are some of people who don’t need it and are self-lubricating, the vast majority of us need lube–and a lot of it–on both ourselves and our partners (and our toys). Don’t be afraid to overdo it and get messy! It’s only going to make things easier as you slide along.

3. Relax and Don’t Fight It!
The harder you fight it, the more it’s going to hurt! When you’re feeling uptight about what you’re doing, it will LITERALLY make you tighten up! The more resistance you put out, the more of a barrier it’s going to create, making it just that much more difficult to, well… penetrate. The more relaxed and welcoming your mind is, the more relaxed and hospitable your body will be.

4. Inhale….Exhale
Breathing is INTEGRAL! Just like when you work out, taking deep breaths in and out helps loosen the muscles. The same principle applies here. Your breathing technique helps open both your body and your mind!

5. That Feeling of Pressure is TOTALLY Normal!
No, really, it is! It might not be the most comfortable feeling at first, but that sense of pressure is entirely natural and may last throughout the experience, but it will lessen and won’t be as uncomfortable as long as you remember that key word: RELAX!

6. Push Out
This goes right along with relaxing. If you’re tense and making yourself tighter, penetration is only going to be more difficult, but I have found that if you apply pressure as though you’re pushing, it creates more space and allows for easier insertion! It may sound counterproductive and feel like you’re trying to push your partner out, but in reality, you’re loosening yourself and making it easier for both of you!

7. Once the Head Is In –Don’t Pull Out!
This is the main tip I live by (pun intended!). I have found the absolute most painful part of the process is when the penis head first breaks through. Many tense up and refuse to let it go in any further, which is a completely natural reaction. However, as the head is typically the biggest part, it’s going to cause the most pain and the biggest reaction.
Once it’s in, no matter if it hurts right off the bat, try to let it stay! Otherwise, you will go through that initial pain again and again, while if you leave it in, you’re going to relax around it and stretch as your body becomes accustomed to the girth.

Anal sex may not be for everyone. Each woman’s body is individual and unique, and some may not be built for it. However, using these 7 tips will certainly assist you in your experimentation and journey to find out if it is for you, and if it’s just one more additional way for you to find pleasure in your own body!

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Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Leaf+ Vitality
Leaf+ Vitality

Happy Earth Day dear readers! In honor of the greenest of holidays, we’re going to give you a rundown of how to choose eco-friendly sex toys for your bedside drawer. Gone are the days when you had to masturbate with an organic, locally sourced cucumber that you composted after cumming if you wanted to boast about your environmentally friendly pussy. In 2015, there are plenty of green toys that can satisfy almost any craving.

So what makes an eco-friendly sex toy eco-friendly? First off, it should be safe for your own body; after all, you’re an animal, part of an ecosystem, and your bodily health is important. Secondly, the toy should be made of recyclable, long lasting, sustainable materials so as to reduce our impact on landfills and our natural resources. Finally, if your toy vibrates or has any electronic component it should be rechargeable so that your batteries also aren’t winding up in a landfill. Let’s get started!

Phthalate-Free and Non-Porous

Eco friendly sex toys
LELO Mona 2 – Phthalate free and non-porous

Dear readers are probably sick of me going on about non-body safe materials in sex toys, but here we go again. Sex toys are typically classified as novelty products, so unlike many other products, they remain outside the scope of government safety regulations. Do you ever wonder why that shitty $15 dildo always has packaging that says “Not for internal use” when it is clearly for no other use BUT internal use? It’s an easy way for sex toy manufacturers to cover their butts. So what are phthalates? They’re a class of chemicals that are added to plastics to make them softer and flexible, and they can be absorbed into the body through the mouth and genitals. Once in the body, they may disrupt the body’s hormones and its reproductive system, and the EPA has classified phthalates as “possible human carcinogens.” As such, phthalates have been banned from use in children’s toys in the US and EU. Sex toy packaging may claim to be phthalate-free, but they might not necessarily be honest. Always examine a toy out of its packaging before purchasing and check to see if it’s bendy, squishy, sweaty, or has a strong odor like that of a new shower curtain; all of these qualities point to the presence of phthalates.

When we talk about porosity in toys, we mean that some sex toys are, well…porous, like your skin! As such, these toys can be impossible to sterilize and may become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and mildew, which you obviously don’t want in your genitals. All of the eco-friendly toys listed in the rest of this article will be phthalate-free and non-porous.


If you’re in the market for eco-friendly sex toys, the most important thing to pay attention to is materials. Not only do you want something that’s body safe, you also want something that, with proper care, can last you forever so as not to end up in a landfill. In the case of breakage and you do need to get rid of that toy, you also want it to be recyclable or easily biodegradable. Finally, the materials that it’s made from should be sustainable so as to limit its impact on our natural resources.


eco friendly sex toys
Maverick from Vixen Creations

Silicone is one of the most popular sex toy materials in recent years, loved by many for its soft, sometimes skin-like feel. Sometimes the packaging will falsely claim to contain 100% silicone, so buyer beware. Play it safe and get a toy from any of these companies that manufacture their toys with pure silicone:

If you’re looking for a waterproof, rechargeable silicone toy with eco-friendly packaging and designs inspired by nature, check out Leaf Vibes by Swan.


eco friendly sex toys
Seduction from Nobessence

Often handmade, wooden sex toys are often loved with their unique shapes and textures, artful designs, and lightweight feel. Toys made from trees harvested from responsibility managed forests make them a top pick for an eco-friendly sex toy. While wood is indeed a porous material, it can be made completely body safe (and splinter free!) with the right coating/sealant. There are several makers of wood toys, many of whom reside on Etsy, but as of now your best bet is to go with a toy from NobEssence. Not only are their wood dildos and butt plugs beautifully made, but the trees that they use are sustainably harvested, and the finish used on the wood has held up to plenty of scrutiny by my fellow sex bloggers. If you want to try toy that’s not from NobEssence, you can try to find something from the now defunct company Penetralia.


eco friendly sex toys
G-Spoon from Fucking Sculptures

Glass toys are renowned for their weight, smoothness, and beauty. Like wood toys, they’re often handmade, and can be considered unique works of art. They’re likely to last as long as your grandma’s heirloom crystal vase, and even if they do break, they’re totally recyclable, making them a great choice for green masturbation. Some of the best brands of glass dildos and plugs:


Crystal Delights also has a line of butt plugs with both faux and real fur tails. The real tails come from parts of the animal that would otherwise be thrown away as waste, so depending on your ethics, you might find this an acceptable addition to your sex toy collection. Crystal Delights also donates a portion of profits from their tail plugs to animal charities.


pure wand
Pure Wand from njoy

Much like glass toys, stainless steel is heavy and smooth, not to mention easy to clean and likely to last you a lifetime. The most reputable maker of steel dildos and plugs is njoy, whose Pure Wand and Pure Plugs I covet intensely.

There’s tons of options out there for vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs that won’t have a negative impact on our environment. As always, do your research, be safe, and have fun! Celebrate Earth Day 2015 by bringing home an eco-friendly sex toy an answering the call of nature the way that nature didn’t necessarily intend for you to do.

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Hot Sex Tips: How to Make Your Girl Cum Like the Ace Pitcher You Are!

I’ve been told my whole life I’m nothing but a dude with a pussy–and no, I’m not a Cowboys fan. I’m just your average girl–who happens to love fast cars, sports, poker, politics, a good cigar, a cold beer, and most importantly: wild, kinky sex.

This week is opening week for the MLB and one of the hardest things to do in sports is pitch a perfect game (just ask Armando Galarraga!). Well, when it comes to sex, one of the hardest things to do can be making a woman cum. To be that “Ace Pitcher”, the same principles apply to both: you need precision, accuracy, and communication. You don’t want to shake off your catcher when she’s telling you to throw it low and inside, but your instincts are telling you to throw the heat.

A key ingredient for a pitcher is having a catcher that can verbalize what to throw. You want her to throw three fingers so you know it’s time for a slider, or four fingers when it’s time for a change up. If your girl refuses to convey what she wants, she only has herself to blame when she’s getting the knuckle ball.

As the pitcher, you have to encourage her to tell you what she wants. Don’t take her silence or lack of communication as a sign she’s not into it–you need to get her into the zone where she can tell you when it’s time for that fastball. But how do you open her up to throwing signals?

The Wind Up: Make her feel comfortable–she isn’t even going to spread her legs if she doesn’t feel like there’s something about her that you find incredibly hot. The more you tell her what you like about her, the more she’s going to open up. If you’re telling her that her body was made to take your dick, she’s much more likely to tell you how you should use it. If she isn’t comfortable, you’ll end up throwing a wild pitch–and that’s the game folks!

The Set: Ask questions and talk dirty! Nothing can get a girl to open up like a guy who cares about what she wants. Start with simple and direct questions, it’s as easy as “do you like that?” But please–keep the questions to a minimum! If you ask too many you’re going to come off as annoying, break her concentration and wind up committing a major error.

In baseball, you can’t use verbal cues, and when it comes to sex, you will find those girls that simply refuse to open up and tell you what they need. When all else fails, you’re going to have to rely on her silent clues. You must keep your eye on the ball, or in this case, her face–watch her mouth as it opens and closes like she’s thinking of wrapping it around your cock. Look for her subtle eye twitches, or watch for her eyes rolling into the back of her head. These small movements and slight quivers are natural and uncontrollable, the body can’t lie. When a guy’s eating my pussy and I’m getting closer to coming, my left hand starts to twitch like I’m doing it myself. Every girl’s cues are different, but they’re there. When you find you’re throwing the right stuff, DO NOT STOP.

And don’t be discouraged if you can’t pitch that perfect game, everyone throws those wild pitches occasionally. Just get ready for the next at bat and keep your head in the game!


Booty Building Tips with Richelle Ryan!

It’s almost that time of year again! The time when the dreaded bathing suits begin showing up in department stores (and we’re all left wondering–who needs a bathing suit in February, and who really wants to try one on immediately after the holiday binge?!), and we’re forced to face the fact it’s another year later and we still haven’t perfected our bodies the way we promised ourselves in January (and the January before that, and the January before that).

The good news, however; is that it’s still only March!  There are still a few more months before we’re forced to squeeze ourselves into that teeny bikini, and there’s still time to get closer to the body of our dreams! Adult starlet Richelle Ryan, who is known for her absolutely glorious ass, was kind enough to share her personal tips on how to get–and maintain–the perfect porn star body!

Enjoy these great “Booty Building tips” from Richelle to get you on your way to a better body by summer!

– “Diet is SO Important!!!! I eat very clean, which means NO dairy!  Dairy creates cellulite which none of us girls want–it’s the enemy!

– Eating lean steak like sirloin 1–2 times a week is a great way in building that shelf (the upper part of the booty). Red meat is key!

– Vegetables, fruits, proteins, and good carbs (i.e, brown or jasmine rice and sweet potatoes) are all staples in a healthy diet.”

Richelle goes on to share her great workout routine that has given her that banging body!


– “Exercise:

– I do Cardio 5–6 times a week and it’s good to mix it up, go for a walk one day, then hit the stair master hard the next.

– Hiking or riding a bike are great ways to strengthen the legs and glute muscles.

– I train my legs hard 2x a week, heavy weighted squats, lunges, burpees, kettlebell swings, and resistant bands are great.

– I also swear by hot yoga, it’s great for the days in between training legs when your sore and helps build lean muscle mass.

Cheers to a Hot and Sexy Summer!”

Stay tuned for more ways to get in shape with the stars!






HMFH Guide To Porn For Married Couples

With the recent release of Jacky St. James’ Spicing Up The Marriage, we figured we’d direct all you (heteronormative… I’m sorry queers!) married people to a few other titles that might give you some spicy new ideas to keep the sexy in your relationship! The rad thing about porn land is that it’s where all your wildest fantasies can come true; it’s up to you to decide whether to bring those fantasies off screen and into your bedroom, or store them away in the spank bank. So now, here it is, the best porn for married couples!

It’s The Little Things

Rekindling The FlameJacky St. James mastered romantic vignettes about married couples long before Spicing Up The Marriage. If her latest offering was a hit with you and your partner, definitely check out 2014’s Rekindling The Flame in which four couples surprise each other with erotic and romantic gestures. I especially loved scene one, in which angel faced Siri and Richie Calhoun pretend to be strangers in a bar. 2014 also saw the release of James’ Happy Anniversary, another series of four vignettes about married couples surprising each other. The highlight of this one is scene four, which daddy Steven St. Croix indulges bombshell, all-natural MILF India Summer in a massage.


Dress It Up

Kelly and Ryan Madison Dress UpKelly and Ryan Madison are a real life married couple, and their family business is porn. Whether they’re performing together, separately, or with a third, you always get the feeling that they’re having a blast and living their lives to the fullest. Their entire body of work is pretty excellent, but I found Dress Up, from their PornFidelity line to be particularly fun. I’m a huge fan of Halloween and costume parties, and bringing the playfulness of pretend, imagination, and roleplaying into the bedroom as a prelude to fucking is a great way to keep things exciting, especially for those of you who are in monogamous commitments.


Play With Your Toys

adam and eve sex toys for you and your loverIt’s not like there’s a dearth of pornos featuring sex toys, but they tend to be favored in solo and lesbian movies. If you’ve never incorporated sex toys into your partnered, hetero sex life now might be the time to try! Adam and Eve recently released the instructional Sex Toys For You and Your Lover, which features six scenes that cover toys for hetero couples, lesbians, masturbation for men and women, and even touches on anal play for men. Yes, it’s basically a long ass commercial for their toy line, but it does have a few neat ideas. You can also check out Nina Hartley’s Guide to Sex Toys and Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Sex Toys. If you want to surprise your boo with a toy, look into my post on sex toys as gifts.


Fifty Shades of Beating a Dead Horse

A Beginner's Guide To BDSMIs there really anything else that can be said about the current cultural obsession with BDSM, and the subsequent flood of couples themed fetish pornos? Janie Mack already covered it, and since then we’ve also seen the release Jacky St. James’ lite as a feather Restraint.  If you and your spouse do decide that what your sex life needs is some BDSM, please make sure you know what the fuck you’re doing.


Open Up

The SwingerMy fellow devotees of Dan Savage know all about how humans are not necessarily monogamous animals (he prefers the term “monogam-ish”), and that it’s perfectly normal to want to fuck people who aren’t your spouse. If you and your partner are thinking about opening up your marriage, or if you simply enjoy the fantasy, there’s plenty of pornos about consensual non-monogamy. In porn, hotwifing is when the wife has sex with another man while the husband watches. New Sensations has been churning out vignette movies on hot wives for the past year, starting with I Love My Hotwife and following it up with My Hotwife’s Lover. Things get mildly kinkier with A Hot Wife Blindfolded, and then we see things from the husband’s POV in Watching My Hotwife. If full on swinging is your thing, director James Avalon has a whole series of standalone stories about swinging couples that he made for Sweet Sinner.


Make Your Own Porno Girls And Their Boys 13Feeling inspired? Maybe it’s time you guys pulled out the camera and made some movies of your own! Whether the final product it something to be deleted immediately, kept just between the two of you, or shared with the whole world, filming yourselves fucking each other can be an exhilarating addition to your sex life. If you want some inspiration, or if you simply like the gritty, real look of amateur porn, check out Homegrown Video; their massive collection of homemade smut has something to please anyone. If you prefer amateur porn with a more polished finish, you might like AbbyWinters.Com. The majority of their movies focus on lesbian sex and female masturbation, which is super hot, but in 2013 they started the series Girls And Their Boys, which stars real hetero couples on camera for the first time.

I may be a very, very single lady, but I do know my porn. Whether you and your spouse are in a rut, or if you’re just feeling particularly adventurous, smut can be a great way to jumpstart your fantasies and get you on the path to exploration. Now get out there and get weird with each other!

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Sex Toys for the Holidays

Now that we’re in the midst of the Holiday season of 2014, we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gift for our special someone, or even just a treat for ourselves! Kids aren’t the only people who look forward to finding toys under the tree, so I visited Philadelphia’s Kink Shoppe, a sex positive and gender neutral adult toy and fetish boutique and spoke to Caitlin, a sex educator and customer service representative. She gave me a ton of information about how to go about buying sex toys for your significant other, and had dozens of great gift ideas!

“When it comes to purchasing something for a partner, a lot of people either tend to think about what they want to see their partner using or what they think their partner would like, and if they haven’t had a lot of experience using toys with their partner, that can often backfire. So they might buy something and say, ‘You know, I bought this dildo because it looks like me.’ It can sometimes not be what they want. Usually I’ll tell people that if you don’t have a lot of experience using toys with your partner to think about what they like or ask them what they like and what they want. In terms of buying things for yourself, it’s the same thing. Think about sensations you like. It’s good to experiment with your body and feel around.”

Caitlin also recommends taking into consideration what materials are in your sex toys so as to avoid risk of injury or disease. “Toxins in sex toys are becoming less of a problem now. I know that a lot of toys now use less pthalates, which is a really toxic material that softens plastic and can cause irritation and can possibly lead to problems with your endocrine system. But there’s still toxic materials and porous materials in general; jelly, elastomer, TPR, things like that are still going to degrade over time and get certain bacteria trapped in them. They could potentially transmit an STI or a bacterial or vaginal yeast infection. So generally I tell people that it’s better to keep with non porous materials like silicon, glass, metal, stone, ABS Hard plastic, ceramics, and treated wood.”

We-vibe touch sex toy
We-vibe touch

Keeping in mind the who, what, where, when, why, and how in mind, I asked Caitlin what sex toys would be good for anyone to gift to a female partner, especially someone who has never used sex toys before. She recommends, you guessed it, vibrators! “A lot of women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation, and vibrations are really good for that.” She showed me We Vibe’s Tango and Touch vibrators, two cute-as-a-button Bullet style vibes. The Tango is a hard-plastic bullet that can also fit into toys with bullet sleeves, including We Vibe’s own Pleasure Mates collection, making the versatile Tango perfect for whatever mood strikes you and your lady. The Touch is wider and covered in silicon, thereby giving We Vibe’s powerful motor a softer transmission of sensation.

lelo mona 2 sex toy
LELO Mona 2

If you’re looking for a vibrating toy that can be used either internally or externally, Caitlin points towards the strong and waterproof Lelo Mona 2, whose powerful vibrations will hit both the g-spot and clitoris.

we-vibe sex toys
We-Vibe couples vibrator


What about toys that you and your lady can use together? “Any toy is a couple’s toy,” said Caitlin, “but a toy made specifically as a [straight] couple’s toy would be the We-Vibe, which is a c-shaped vibrator that can be worn during penetrative sex and vibrates against the clitoris and g-spot.” Not going to lie, the We-Vibe is my current dream toy. However, Caitlin does caution that the We-Vibe “doesn’t work for everyone. It might not sync up with everyone’s anatomy, and not everyone likes how it feels, but that’s any toy. There’s no guarantee that somebody’s going to like it.”

tantus c-sling sex toys
Tantus C-Sling

We then talked about a couple’s toy that I have a little more experience with: cock rings! These guys can give those of you with penises a harder, more sustained erection and you can wear it while your partner present or while you’re having some alone time. In terms of non-vibrating rings, Caitlin recommends the Tantus Super Stretch C-Ring, a stretchy silicone ring that is super inexpensive at about $10. You can also try the Tantus C-Sling, made with a firmer silicon than the C-Ring. This guy has a teardrop shaped base that will stimulate your perineum (taint, grundle, gooch, fleshy fun bridge, etc.) for added orgasmic possibilities!

Jejoue Mio
Jejoue Mio

Vibrating cock rings have gotten me into trouble in the past; whenever I put them on my boo’s cock and turn it on, the ring’s goofy space-age look and the loud vibrations make me think that his dick is a rocket ship, sending me into a fit of giggles. I don’t think that I would have that problem with the elegantly designed and whisper quiet Jejoue Mio. According to Caitlin, “It’s silicon, waterproof, rechargeable, has a really stretchy ring, and it’s really strong. It’s top of the line because it’s more comfortable than other rechargeable cock rings that I’ve seen on the market.”

Tenga Eggs
Tenga Egg collection

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that takes its name seriously seriously, give your guy Tenga’s Egg or Cup! These Japanese masturbation sleeves with keep your penis-owning SO happy while you’re away. The Egg can be washed out and used a few times, while the pre-lubricated Cup is for a single use. These are especially great for a guy who isn’t ready to commit to a more serious sleeve. “The cups would be a good one to start out with because they’re similar to the bigger ones like the Tenga Flip Hole… which opens up so that you can clean it out.”

Tantus C-Sling
Tantus C-Sling

It’s your time to shine, lesbians! “Some lesbians like penetrative toys, others don’t. If you do, I would recommend a strap on harness of some sort.” Caitlin showed me the SpareParts Hardwear harness, which is super adjustable and machine washable, as well as a simple O’Ring Harness which allows you to change the size of the ring and work with whatever size cock you want. From there, you have lots of different options for what cock you like; there’s the super realistic VixSkin line from Vixen Creations, or you can get a totally bonkers fantasy cock from Bad Dragon. Personally, I’m head over heels in love with the beyond cute and friendly looking dildos from BS Atelier.

Vixen Creations VixSkin Line
Vixen Creations VixSkin Line
Image courtesy of*

If someone in your relationship is a transman looking for a really realistic toy, Caitlin again points toward the VixSkin line from Vixen Creations. “They’re super realistic in terms of texture and look, and they come in a few different skin tones. And not necessarily for sex, but New York Toy Collective makes really nice packers.” Caitlin also showed me New York Toy Collective’s Love Bump, which adds balls to your dildo and includes a bullet vibe. As for transwomen, “It really depends on the person. Any trans person is going to have very varying preferences, and some trans ladies might prefer not to be penetrated. It depends where they are in their transition.”

Tantus Beginner Ball Gag sex toys
Tantus Beginner Ball Gag

If you and your partner are interested in exploring kink and BDSM, Caitlin and I both suggest that you learn about safety first, be it through books, films, whatever. Check out Tristan Taormino’s Guide To Bondage For Couples, Midori’s Expert Guide To Sensual Bondage, and Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples. Once you know what you’re getting yourself into, try Tantus’ Beginner Ball Gag. “It’s silicon and it fills your mouth, but it has a small base so it doesn’t prop your jaw open too much, which can be uncomfortable.”

njoy pure plugs
nJoy Pure Plugs

If you want something to put in your butt, check out NJoy’s Pure Plugs and Pfun Plug for the male g-spot. They’re made of weighty surgical stainless steel, with a deliciously bulbous head and a tapered stem for easy retention. Not only that, they’re just gorgeous and super sexy looking.

All of these toys (and many more!) are available at Kink Shoppe in Philadelphia, or at your own locally owned adult store. All of us at HMFH wish you the merriest of sex lives as you head into the new year!

* is one of our favorite sex toy review sites, run by veteran sex toy reviewer Epiphora. We also encourage you to read her awesome holiday sex toy guide from 2013 here.

Real Senior Sex

Maiden, mother, crone?

Despite the fact that we all age, most of us do not consider what this means in terms of sex. Most of the people I know want to have sex till they die (if not the cause of death), but NO ONE under 40 wants to think of elder sex!

Now there is plenty of granny sex out there! Hell we have some amazing stuff if you like age play. However, fetishists aside, we tend to cringe regarding the realities of sex in our golden years.

Some of the most common misconceptions are often the most empowered by our elders:

More self acceptance of body
No fear of pregnancy
Less concern for performance
Pleasure found from different stimuli
Openness to possibilities and true communication

Sure, this seems to be nicey nicey but when men and women have opened up about their sexuality as they have aged, their insight is enlightening. Joan Price is one sex educator who stomps on the ignorance that surrounds senior sex in a playful and passionate way.

Better Than I Ever Expected by Joan Price
Senior Sex Education!

Rather than the judgement many of us continue to pass over seniors, we can change directions. How do we wish to be as sexually healthy seniors? What kind of adjustments need to be made? Life is to be enjoyed and most seniors would agree with a little fine tuning. These are some helpful implements:

Palm Power!

The Palm Power Massager and its ergonomic attachmentsby BMS Enterprises is touted to be as splendid as The Hitachi Wand but is far more accommodating for those with limited dexterity.

Easy to pump & easy to buy

Sex after 60 is definitely something I hope to engage in. I also hope to be able to roll with the changes that will inevitably occur. If we all did this, perhaps we would have no reason to cover ourselves with shame or ignorance.

No more hiding.

Enjoy ALL that has to offer in mature women and men!


May is National Masturbation Month

To celebrate Masturbation Month, Sssh and The Screaming O have teamed up to observe National Masturbation Month with a giveaway of Screaming O Bullet Vibes for the first 250 lucky new members who sign up during the month of May.



By Fiona Wilde.  

It’s National Masturbation Month, and depending on your viewpoint this is an idea that is either a stroke of genius or rubs you the wrong way.

I personally think it’s brilliant, because Costco sells batteries in bulk and some nights it feels just plain wrong to neglect the imaginary affair I’m having with Benedict Cumberbatch to fuck a real person.

Of course not everyone agrees with my positive view of being touchy-feely with one’s naughty bits. A month devoted to masturbation has caused much hand-wringing among conservative types, which is a damn shame because if they just moved those wringing hands between their legs they’d finally understand what all the fuss is about.

But that’s unlikely to happen, and maybe they are seriously concerned about where masturbation can lead. Blindness, madness, hairy palms, acne and reduced sperm count are among the things the religious types warn about. They don’t mention carpal tunnels syndrome, so I’m throwing that in there.

But it’s not even the physical risks that are the anti-wanking crowd finds most egregious. It’s the spiritual risks. According to one Christian website, the danger isn’t so much in the stroking and probing, but what’s behind it. Apparently, jacking off or petting your kitty is probably OK if you’re thinking about your spouse. It’s only a sin if you’re thinking about someone else.

Of course, this means I’m going to hell. But on the upside I’ll be able to get PeeWee Herman’s autograph. And I’ll be able to meet William Blakely, the Tennessee guy who was in the news last month for masturbating out of his car window while driving 90 mph. And the best part? Blakely was reported to have had his penis out the window while doing this. Now I don’t know how men are built in Tennessee, but I do know if a guy can get his dick out of a car window while keeping his foot on the gas that’s worth seeing, even if it means risking a high speed load to the face as he whizzes by.

If this behavior keeps up by men, here is one possible result shown in a French parody short film….

A few months back I wrote a column on Mormons, a group that’s pretty freaked out by masturbation no matter who you’re thinking about. One of their pamphlets recommends taking a Bible or Book of Mormon to bed and holding it really, really tight if you feel the urge to masturbate. Other handy tips included exercising and hanging around with other people in denial about their sexual frustrations.

Another tip I read today suggests thinking unsexy thoughts. So I’m going to try it – live – right now as I write. First I’m going to think of a guy I really want to fuck.

OK. And now I’m thinking unsexy thoughts.

Clowns, math, Ayn Rand, that time I broke my leg, snow peas, parallel parking, cankles, NASCAR…

Nope. Not working.

Apparently more extreme measures are required, and online I perfectly found awful pictures of chastity belts and penile devices that I will not share with you because, frankly, they’re just depressing.

Maybe I’ll just have a box of Graham crackers. It’s a little known fact that the inventor Sylvester Graham was of the opinion that a bland diet would curb lustful thoughts. And so he created a cracker made just for that purpose. But judging by the success of S’Mores and the popularity of fucking around campfires, he called that one all wrong.

Bottom line: Sex is healthy, whether it’s with yourself, yourself and your imaginary friend or yourself and someone else. Hell, throw in your imaginary friend and you can finally have that three-way you always wanted.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate I don’t know what is.

Happy Masturbation Month, everybody!