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Jenna Haze Dark Side

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Studio: Jules Jordan Video Category: Kinky

Jenna Haze is a catholic schoolgirl with a perverted side and, hot damn, she wants to be punished! This AVN Award winner for Best Vignette as well as Best Oral Sex Scene will have you aching to confess your original sin. The first scene has Jenna caught in a chain spider-web and teased and tortured by two big cocked guys. They take their sweet ol’ time with dripping hot wax, pulling nipple tape off her with their teeth and, really best of all, lots of deep and forceful kissing. And she’s blindfolded for most of the scene. Moaning, groaning, finger-fucking, and a treat that got my boxer shorts drenched in pussy juice – the two guys spend a good amount of tease-time looking deep into each others the eyes, as if to say, ‘what can we do to make each other hot by getting her off.’ And that’s only the beginning!
-I.M. Butch

Girls In White 1

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Studio: Girlfriends Films Category: Lesbian

Hopefully, you’ve been reading Sydni Ellis’ column and are familiar with Girlfriends Films. If you haven’t watched their movies yet, then you can’t miss this one. The first scene in this movie, with Veronica Snow and Brea Bennett was nominated for a 2007 AVN Award for Best All Girl Sex Scene – and honestly, it better win! The chemistry between Veronica and Brea is smolderingly passionate, and their nominated scene together looks real. There’s lots of kissing, sensual touching, hard grinding and oral sex that makes me jealous! After their first play session, they cuddle and Veronica gives Brea a ring… which leads to more kissing, grinding and orgasmic sex… And that’s just the first scene… This whole movie is amazing, the plot isn’t too heavy (everyone gets together for a lesbian coming out party – then they really get together) but includes some fun catty scenes as the women discuss the others’ dresses and who’s with whom, and each sex scene is satisfying long. Each orgasm is intense, and in the last scene with Sahara and Angela, the orgams bring female ejaculation… more than once. Very intense. Honestly, I could go into so much more detail over each scene and everything great about it, but my space here is so limited! This movie went far and beyond fulfilling my voyeuristic lesbain fantasies. I’m looking forward to Sydni’s sequel!
-Venus Vegas

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Anal Sex

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Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Instructional

As relatively innocent in relation to the field of anal, I was looking for a video that would explain and/or demonstrate the basics of anal sex without being too intimidating. I didn’t want a gang bang or a play party or some queen of anal; I just wanted plain, good old-fashioned anal sex. Just as I was about to give up, I found “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Anal Sex.” It was my anal salvation. She’s amazing in how she talks about sex; very accurately, disarmingly and always with a sense of humor about everything. I love that she starts with diagrams of the female body, showing exactly where the finger, and later penis, would be going. They started very slowly, first just playing with the anus, working their way up to a glove, lubricated finger, and finally all the way to the anal intercourse. It really made the movie fun and interesting to watch, and it made anal sex seem a lot less rough and tough, and far more enjoyable. I recommend this movie for EVERYONE, particularly those people interested in trying any sort of anal play, either alone or with their partners. This film keeps it interesting, fun and safe, and certainly isn’t ass-inine.
-Essin’ Em

Joanna’s Angels 2 – Alt. Throttle

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Studio: VCA Category: 2007 AVN Award Nominee

As I perused the videos nominated for the 2007 AVN awards, I came across “Joanna’s Angels 2 – Alt Throttle”. This spoof of Charlie’s Angels had everything I enjoy in a porn movie; hot girls with piercing, tattoos and fun hair colors, an attempt at an amusing plot, a good sound track (with music from none other than Rancid), and of course, lots and lots of sex. At first, I was thrown a little by the ditziness portrayed by the Angels, but as I thought back to the original, I remember how well they were parodying the antics of the first Angels. The scenes in the oval office (both those with and without the interns) were amusing, as was the curing of the president’s baby after she had been brain washed. Also enjoyable was the motor cycle chase, complete with stunts by Tommy Pistol. Best of all, none of the stars took themselves too seriously, which made it a really awesome and fun to watch movie. While certainly not a Hollywood blockbuster, this film was a treat to watch, and warmed the cockles of this little Alt. Girl’s heart.
-Essin’ Em

The New Neighbors

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Studio: Sllab Category: Features

I was really hoping to watch a film with some semblance of a plot, but something that didn’t bring back memories of MC Hammer and the rest of the 80’s. Evidently, this film knew exactly what I meant, because while it does have some cheese, it is a far cry from velveeta. With an interesting back-story, and all types of sex, each scene of “The New Neighbors” is a little different, and kept my attention throughout the film. The fact that this could be a regular movie, if it lost all the banging, say to me that it’s amusing, and has a plot, at some level. Don’t think of it as an Oscar winning feature (although they are nominated for 6 AVN awards!); look at it as an AWESOME B-flick with lots and lots (and lots) of sex. The situations are relatable, the variety of sex is fun, and all in all, this is definitely a fun film, especially when you’re in the mood for a porno with a plot.
-Essin’ Em

Screwed N’ Tattooed

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Studio: Nyghtowl Productions Category: Lesbian

What an excellent movie. Not only do I enjoy tattoos and piercings as a whole, but I really like getting to hear the back story behind the tattoos, and in “Screwed N’ Tattooed,” that’s exactly what they give you. Philly (an ex-Suicide Girl) talks about her tattoos, when she got them, and their meanings… all before the real action starts to take place. Once the girl-on-girl exploits begin, I could really tell that both leading ladies were enjoying themselves. This is not a ‘get in, fuck, and get out kind of film’; this is lots of kissing and petting, all the fun fluffy stuff that is so enjoyable before the fucking even begins. From kisses to a double dong, this movie is fun through and through. If you’re a fan of tattoos, alternative girls, or romantic lesbian steaminess, then this film may heat up your hard drive. Enjoy!
-Essin’ Em

Asia Noir 5

For those who like their porn plots dark, and their men even darker...

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Studio: Video Team Category: Features

There is a special chemistry between an Asian girl and a black man, which makes “Asia Noir 5” all the more sweeter. Like true film noir, our adult flick begins in black and white, with an Asian girl walking the concrete streets to catch a movie and escape the world. In a neat transition, the set returns to live Technicolor once inside the darkened theater. The theater gives way to a couple, new to L.A., trying to make it with their talents and all the hardships that arise along the way.

This is one of those adult flicks that are less fantasy and more of an attempt at a modern, familiar storyline. I can dig it; the characters actually undergo development, which gets me more involved in what I’m watching. We have the sax player, a.k.a. the boyfriend, who is trying to chase his musical dreams, and the girlfriend who eventually becomes pimped out and must decide if there exists a true whore deep down inside of her. The “boss” (the big man around town) hires them both for their individual endowments, opening up a huge and very messy can of worms. The movie comes to fruition in a boxing ring, where our gentle girlfriend is given off to two of the boss’ prizefighters. An audience forms around the ring, boyfriend and all, to bare witness to the birth of a whore. And just when you think you’ve reached the end, there’s a surprise waiting around the corner.

The voiceover of the movie is clever and another classic element of film noir. The desired hardcore action delivers, including plenty of deep-throat scenes. For the porn aficionado who prefers higher quality narratives, you can’t miss with this flick.
-by Jersey Jade

O – The Power of Submission

True to the once-banned book about domination and submission

O – The Power Of Submission

Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Fetish

Fifteen years ago I devoured “The Story of O” behind a locked door in my bedroom while my parents watched “The Wheel of Fortune.” For those of you who haven’t sat down with it, and you should if you haven’t, it is a beautifully written novel that captivates the audience with its explicit tale of sexual submission. Now, more than 50 years later, Adam & Eve have released a tantalizing interpretation: “O – The Power Of Submission” starring the always incredible Carmen Luvana. Veteran director Ernest Green manages to adapt this classic into today’s Los Angeles while staying true to the original concept. This brilliant new fuck flick has an amazing cast and includes a cameo by Nina Hartley. Green combines today’s hottest stars with gorgeous cinematography, great music, and the hottest fetish gear around. Those things meld with the overall themes of dominance and submission to create some of the most intense scenes I’ve seen this year. A must see for porn aficionados and literary nerds alike!
-by The Porn Librarian

Carmen Luvana is DD7

Carmen Luvana is Jane Blond DD7

Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Features

I love anything James Bond. To be honest, I love anything that has to with fantasy espionage – risque outfits, big weapons, and of course, sexual tension. Add real sex and you’ve got the ingredients to make me happy. In the first scene, Michelle Maylene plays Agent 68 uses sex as a distraction, which starts off sensually on the couch… not a bad distraction, as it distracted me enough to forget what the point of it. Carmen Luvana’s all business as Jane Blond, even when it comes sex. When she finds a man waiting for her in bed in the second scene, she’s no-nonsense as she jumps right on his face. And then when the maid interrupts and joins in the action… all the more for pleasure. The plotline has enough cheesiness to amuse me, and the sex is plenty enough girl-pleasing to make me not mind the anal.

The only thing that’s missing is my young Sean Connery.
-by Venus

Lesbo Picks – Bespectacled Beauties

Bespectacled Beauties

Hey homos.

My eyesight is horrible. I wear glasses: big, black dorky ones as thick as coke bottles. I try to wear my contacts as often as possible, but because of my geekster-stigmatism, my ophthalmologist has forced me to bite the big one, suck it up and wear them at least three days a week. I complied, reluctantly, and had reserved myself to the stereotype that four eyes = no play…until now.

The “Joy of Spex” series from Joy Productions is an amateur collection featuring beautiful women who all wear glasses. Wait, what? There’s a freaking fetish for that? (Note to self: there’s a fetish for everything, dude, and this one is called “Glasses Fetishism” or “Meganekko”.) I mean, I’ve always had an eye for the bespectacled hotties myself, but that’s just because girls that appear smarter than me make me wet (chalk that up to an interesting tutoring experience as a teenager). In actuality, there are a ton of googly-goggly lovers out there and Joy Productions aims to cater to that ever-growing demographic.

Brittney and Simone is one of the better films in the series. Like most of the collection, the movie features a single scene with the two stars, starting out with introductions and a short conversation about their first girl-girl experiences. Hearing about another woman’s first lesbian experience usually gets me going and this was no exception. After the anecdotal intro, the passion burns bright almost immediately. Simone jumps on top of Brittney, straddling her hips and tongue kissing her like whoa while Brittney grips her ass and pulls her into own body. This urges Brittney to grind her hips into Simone as they roll around on the bed, switching positions and removing their clothes, and even glasses, along the way. Both eat pussy, Brittney being the more vocal of the pair, screaming loudly and pulling Simone’s hair while she buries her face in her wetness. They use a dildo sparsely and they both cum hard. In fact, Brittney cums twice and the quickie scene ends as impromptu as it began.

In Mae and Kathleen, we’re pleasured to another quickie fuck. Things start out slow and almost shy, but once they start sharing their experiences with one another, the hesitation wears off and the fun begins. After tying Kathleen up, Mae undresses and keeps her lover busy by putting a vibrator on her waiting clit, telling her not to move an inch. This drives Kathleen crazy and, being the good sub that she is, she asks Mae to strap it on fuck her. She does…feverishly. After ordering Kathleen to pick out her favorite harness and dildo (and condom), Mae then makes her suck her rubber dick, telling her she’s a good girl for listening so well and for getting the cock nice and wet for her. Then, she asks Kathleen her favorite position in which Kathleen sheepishly replies “missionary…I like to see who is fucking me hard” and Mae goes at it like a pro. She lays Kathleen on her back, spreads her legs and bangs her out until she’s screaming…literally.

If you’re into glasses-wearing-girlies, these films are a must see. If you’re indifferent, the sex is still hot enough to get past the four eyes and enjoy the culmination.

-Spot G.

Brittney and Simone

Brittney introduces us to her glasses wearing friend, Simone. They talk about their first girl/girl experiences, and then they get into a really passionate experience right before our camera.

Mae and Kathleen

Guess who’s the submissive one! Cum and find out…you won’t be disappointed!!