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EXTENDED Through 4/18! Sign-Up for an Exclusive First Look at the New Crave Vibrator and Enter for a Chance to Win Your Very Own!

Crave, the makers of the Duet and the Vesper (reviews coming soon!), are excited to announce that they will be launching a new vibrator this week and our readers have been selected to be among the very few that will receive a first look at the new product–before it even launches!

Even better? Those that sign-up for this exclusive first look will automatically be entered to win a limited edition version of the new product!

So get over to Crave today by visiting this link, sign-up and enter for your chance to win now!

Promotion runs through Saturday, April 11, 2015 and the first look will take place Monday, April 13, 2015. The HotMoviesforHer winner will be announced by April 16th, 2015! Porn Tournament Contestant Georgia Jones Launches GoFundMe Campaign for My Friend’s Place Charity Porn Tournament Contestant Georgia Jones Launches GoFundMe Campaign for My Friend’s Place Charity

Santa Monica, CA – April 7, 2015Georgia Jones, the multi -AVN Award nominated performer, has moved on to the fourth round in the 2015 Porn Tournament to become one of the final eight contestants. Jones announced today that she will match the $500 donation to charity, and has also launched a crowdfunding campaign that will allow the public, and her fans, to assist in raising additional contributions for her chosen charity.

The winning starlet in the 2015 Porn Tournament is set to receive a cash prize along with a donation to the charity of her choice. For Jones, there was no question as to who should receive the funds should she win – My Friend’s Place, a Hollywood-based charity that “assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.”

“I think the work they do is awesome!” Jones explained.  “There are approximately 1.5 million young Americans that have no place to come home to every night. My Friend’s Place helps over 1,700 homeless youth between 12 and 25 every year in the LA area. This number is heart-breaking, and knowing how important it is to have a strong support network, I felt I needed to pitch in right here in my own backyard!”

In addition to the and Jones’ pledged donation, Jones has kicked off a GoFundMe campaign that will allow the public and her fans to get involved, too.

“The tournament is a great way to help out,” Jones said.  “But it’s about more than just winning a fun title.  Whether I win or lose, the most important thing is to make sure that My Friend’s Place is the real winner of the competition!”

The GoFundMe campaign launches today, and you can get contribute by visiting

For further information, or to find out more on how you can lend a helping hand, please e-mail


The Family Set to Launch Porn Star Bracket Promo to Benefit Charity: News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE to Launch Porn Star Bracket Promotion to Benefit Charity

 Philadelphia, PA – March 11, 2015 –, home to the largest collection of adult films on the web, today announced they will be launching their 2015 Porn Star Tournament, a porn star bracket-styled promotion beginning on March 16, 2015. Fans will be able to cast votes for their favorite porn stars from amongst sixty-four of today’s hottest starlets and the winning starlet will receive a donation in her name to the charity of her choice.

Styled after the popular NCAA March Madness tournament, voters will select the winners from thirty-two head-to-head match ups.  Each week, votes will be tallied and the winning starlet in each matchup will move on to compete in the next round, until only the final two remain in the championship showdown.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this year’s Porn Star Tournament, and can’t wait to crown the 2015 winner”, said Danny C, Director of Marketing. “With the winning starlet receiving a donation to the charity of her choice, we’re pleased to be able to present the public with something that’s both fun and rewarding to the community at large.”

Voting is free and runs from March 16 through April 26st, 2015. Fans are encouraged to vote in every bracket each week. Voting on the final two contestants will commence on April 20, 2015, and the winning starlet will be announced on April 27, 2015.  Voters can learn more and submit their entries by visiting


 Established in 2003, is home to the largest collection of adult films found anywhere on the web.  With headquarters on the East Coast, the family, which includes and, features more than 190,000 titles, 2,300 studios, and tens of thousands of the hottest stars of today and yesterday. New content is added daily, and is accessible across all major platforms, including desktop, Android, iPhone, and Roku on your television. If you can’t find it here – you won’t find it anywhere!


Abercrombie & Fitch Gets The Porn Parody Treatment

I’m going to start this post by assuming that all of you are well aware of the disgusting comments made by Abercrombie CEO concerning who should be wearing his clothing. If not, then shame on you, but here ya go. If you have heard of the spewage comments but haven’t seen Greg Karber trying to re-brand the brand then watch this:

And so, now we’re all on the same page. Eh, I guess I’ll throw in Kirstie Alley’s bleep-tastic reaction. With such press circling around such a gigantic asshole, we could only hope that there would be a glimmer of light shining through the poop stain of a situation.

Introducing, “Abercrombie & Bitch XXX”, a porn parody that centers around the “misfortune” of Mike Douchies (…Douchies.). Produced by Assence Films, we’ll be able to watch as Douchies disses any employee who doesn’t fit his idea of perfect body type, and then his wife leaves his ass for a BBW. With Kelly Shibari blowing up the scene with her sextastic hotness and other BBW vids owning on the internet, this was a perfect marriage for current events and porn.

The only sad face in this entire opportunity for porn parody perfection is that we have to wait allllll the way until October, when clearly I’m ready for screening rightthissecond.

Freedom Streams April 15 – Help Fight Measure B

I don’t know if many of you have even heard of Measure B, but the County of Los Angeles voted to impose the use of condoms on all pornographic film sets back in November 2012.

Here are, we are all for safe and protected sex with condom use if you are having promiscuous sex with strangers, but we are also for our first amendment rights!

Now, I assure you that the studios that are creating our films already execute exemplary records keeping for all porn stars and take their health and well being very seriously.  They are all tested for STD’s and should have a right to choose to have sex on film with others who have been similarly tested without condoms (should they choose to do so – I also would like to point out that I’m also for allowing adult stars to use condoms in films if that is what they want to do!)

To protect our first amendment rights as citizen’s of the great United States of America, our partners at have joined with over 30 studios to raise $10,000 to fight Measure B.

Want to help?  All you have to do is watch films from participating studios on April 15 and the studios will donate the money for every minute watched that day to the Free Speech Coalition our hotmovies partners will match every dollar!

For more info on Freedom Streams and to see all of the participating studios, go to

Fight against Measure B

Nina Loves Ron – Coming Soon!

We are super excited to find out that Hustler is releasing a new porno starring the legendary Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy!  They are definitely two of our favorite stars and we are sure they are going to make magic happen.  Nina and Ron are pros in the adult biz so we are certain we won’t be disappointed.  This is a porno dream come true and when it hits the HotMoviesForHer shelves, you’re going to hear a lot about it.  Check out the box cover and press release below for more information on Nina Loves Ron.

Nina Loves Ron

A Love Story 35 Years-in-the-Making

CANOGA PARK, CA – July 25, 2012 – Hustler, the most powerful name in adult entertainment, today announced that two of the industry’s greatest stars will be showcased in a new scene coming to DVD next week. “Nina Loves Ron” features Nina Hartley and Ron Jeremy in a send-up of modern dating by two masters of the craft, directed by Axel Braun.

In addition to all-new content featuring the trials of online dating, the first tentative steps of budding love and (of course) sex, the DVD includes classic scenes from Nina and Ron with such co-stars as Tom Byron, Alicia Monet, Crystal Wilder and Renee Morgan.

“We are all huge fans of both of these stars,” said Drew Rosenfeld, Hustler’s Creative Director. “We wanted to create a project where, after 35 years, we could bring Nina and Ron together again, and make a film that stands out. I think we succeeded. This film will make you want to fall in love again.”

Nina Loves Ron is set for release on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.

For everything Hustler, visit and

For Hustler Video sales inquiries, contact David Diamond at or call 818.812.9519 x203.



Cosmo Mag Mentions HM4Her!

A week or so ago, I got an email from my boss with a picture of a graph with the lines going up up up.  The title of the email – “HotMoviesForHer Traffic.”  Apparently in mid-September our traffic skyrocketed significantly and we weren’t quite sure why.  There were no link trails or anything of the like, but we knew there had to be something awesome we were missing that shot those graph lines up.

Fast forward to Saturday, when I was attending Philadelphia’s First Trans March (very exciting!) and I ran into one of my friends (who just happens to also be on this site… but I won’t name names) who told me that she saw HM4Her in Cosmopolitan Magazine! Mystery solved!!  It seems that in the October 2011 issue, Jamye Waxman mentioned us as part of her piece on Solo Sex Trends.  How exciting is that!  Thanks Jamye!

So, we just wanted to warmly welcome all the new readers and viewers coming to us from Cosmo!  We are thrilled that you are here and happy to help you find the hottest dirty action we possibly can.

Please feel free to email with any movie preference questions (not the tech stuff or movie watching issues.  Those go to

Thanks again and we are so excited you are here!


JD and the HM4Her team!

*UPDATE*  – I hadn’t actually seen the article, so I called up Cosmo and they sent me a pdf of it.  Super nice! Thanks Cosmo!!




Quake shakes the East Coast; HotMovies Corporate Headquarters Survives

Earthquake shakes the East Coast; Corporate Headquarters Survives

Philadelphia, PA – A rare 5.9 earthquake shook the and corporate headquarters Tuesday afternoon, resulting in nobody hurt and nothing damaged, but terrifying everyone inside.

The building was briefly evacuated, and the east-coasters, un-used to geological events of any kind, were both literally and figuratively shaken.  “I won’t be able to sleep tonight.  I’ll be up just waiting.  I have to call my cats,” said a marketing operative who wisely refused to identify himself.  Visibly jumpy, he then added, “What was that?”

“I was worried about my collection of mint condition Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures which are still in the package,” said James Cybert, director of Business Development.  As of press time, only an old Brianna Banks action figure had fallen down.  Cybert has launched an investigation to find out if that incident was related to Tuesday’s earthquake.

Authorities dispute whether or not the sexual immorality, prolific at Philadelphia’s headquarters, may have played a role in the rare quake.  So far, divine retribution cannot be ruled out as a factor.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake Tuesday afternoon was the worst earthquake in the entire world- that day.  Still, streaming video service at went uninterrupted, and the corporate headquarters remains the world’s largest internet archive of adult video on demand.