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Had all 50 shades of Gray? Looking for 69 rays of color?

Maybe you read fifty shades and loved it and want more, or maybe it was just to scandalous for you to be caught with even if you secretly wondered. Whether you are just too shy to be caught reading it or you finished all of the books and now are left with an emptiness needing to be filled I have some GREAT suggestions guaranteed to please you ;).

For those of you who are still in the closet about your love of erotic literature some safely discrete options for you:

The “Sweet” series by Maya Banks is absolutely titillating. The covers are pictures of juicy fruits and from beginning to end each of her books is a juicy read. There are currently six books in the series each one featuring a different approach to sex. Every novel gives us a great balance of the romance we love as well as the heat we crave and a little action thrown in to keep it exciting.

Shayla Black’s “Wicked Lovers” series is most certainly worth mentioning! There are seven books so far and while some of the covers are a little more descriptive don’t let that turn you away, there are a few like Delicious that from the outside could just be really interesting cook books….at least they certainly got my imagination cooking…I do want to be honest and say that personally there were a few frustrating moments pulling my emotions all different directions, during these books, however overall they were very pleasing.

For those of us who are out, proud and looking for more. I sincerely suggest checking out:

Cherise Sinclair’s “Shadowlands” Series, it will literally hold you captive. All of the books in this series are red hot reads. You definitely don’t read these for the plot so if you like a lot of story line in your stories don’t waist you time here. However if you like a lot of steamy hot dripping with intensity moments you will love these. Oh and for once its not only the “alpha male” she shows the female Dom’s perspective beautifully.

Eve Berlin is wonderfully tempting. I find it hard to pick just one of her books to recommend to you she is absolutely check out worthy. She writes some seriously steamy scenes while still capturing the beauty of the moments.

There are so many great options out there but these should get you started off nicely. As for me I’m off to curl up with Vic in “Wicked Burn” by Beth Kery mmm he can take me to bed any night!


Dripping with anticipation

erotic stories foreplay Someone asked me recently if I could give them some ideas for different kinds of foreplay. If you are anything like me this is something you just can get enough of, the wetter the better. Foreplay is crucial before we can enjoy the pleasures of any kind of penetration. While watching porn with your lover is a great way to get you both excited, I know I personally never make it all the way through before we are all over each other. The 50 Shades phenomenon made it apparent that millions of women enjoy reading erotic stories. So why not combine that personal pleasure?

Ok so I know a lot of you are thinking right now that your partner would much rather just watch a movie than read. I’m not talking about him doing the reading. I mean you let him create his own images in his head to the sound of your voice let his brain do all the work.

The trick to getting the full potential out of this one is setting a simple ground rule into effect, while you’re reading they can’t touch you. Just make sure you find a story that works for you both and treat it like an exotic dance, you can sit in their lap strip down whisper in their ear, but there hands are to remain off of you until you say so.

Find a good story, we have hundreds to choose from, to curl up with and sit back and watch them get totally turned on. I personally loved you mean me. Just remember anticipation is half the fun!

Introducing Gina Liquor you’re new up and cuming sexcoach.

Hi everyone Gina Liquor here, you’re newest columnist. Let’s start this off on a safe note! Spicing it up keeping it Safe.

Been in a relationship for a while? Trust your partner but want to try something a little more exciting than your usual routine? Everyone likes to spice things up once in a while, a key factor to exploring new boundaries while staying comfortable is communicating a safe word! I know, I know, you aren’t into all that hardcore tie me up and smack me around stuff, but any couple delving into unfamiliar sexual territory for the first time should have one. I believe every couple should have a safe word in general, regardless of their sexual preferences, a safe word guarantees that there is NO confusion and that neither party takes things to far.

Sexual experimentation with your partner should always feel fun and secure. Say you are roll playing for the first time and your partner starts acting like your annoying coworker, that is a quick way to kill the mood, but a safe word lets your partner know that you don’t like the direction things are heading and they should stop immediately so you can fix the problem.

Another great reason to have a safe word is that you and your partner both will feel more comfortable opening up and trying new things without the worry of having to finish an act you are uncomfortable with. Discussing your safe word will also help you both open up to talk about other desires by providing the opportunity to express personal fantasies or new positions you would like to try but may have been hesitant to mention.

When choosing your safe word you should take both of your typical bedroom language into consideration, also any situation in which you are role playing, the dialog you would typically use. Something like “YES!” or “Ouch” would for example not be the wisest choices. You should also be careful of words that can be misunderstood in the moment like organism or coral, they may hear orgasm and oral. I would also suggest staying away from words with a lot of syllables like antidisestablishmentarianism or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, while they may sound cute or definately not something I normally whisper in my lovers ear, when you are out of breath and your partner is caught up in the moment that’s a lot to get out when you need an immediate stop.

I suggest coming up with something you both don’t enjoy like brussel sprouts, opera, or commercials, something that definitely wouldn’t normally come up during sex and would instantly register as a negative in both of your minds. Personally I use the color system. Red- stop right now, Yellow – you don’t have to stop everything but no more of that, and Green- would be for those moments where they get that sweet questioning look in their eyes wondering if you are OK but not asking to avoid ruining the moment.

Picking out a safe word is a great way to open up lines of communication between you and get those kinky juices flowing! For a great movie to give you some inspiration on ways to try out your new safe word you should defiantly check out Shades of Kink with Evan Stone! Just remember a safe word is to make things more comfortable, and enjoyable don’t over think it and have fun!