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About That Time We Filmed Tati Neves As A Porn Star


So the big news hit, and it hit sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Jezebel, etc. We exclusively released Tati Neves having sex outside with a dude for money. She was a porn star. You heard it here first, kids! Now, to break some hearts. We didn’t film it, we just had it in our collection. It was released by the studio Reel Brazil, and it was released only to us. But hey, small mistake.


And, because I love you, here’s a clip for you to peruse (it is way not SFW obvs):


Hmmm…..doesn’t the box art look vaguely familiar?


Here is the Press Release

Philadelphia, PA –, the world’s largest adult Video on Demand website, announced the exclusive release of Tati Neves’ adult entertainment video on Monday, November 18. Titled “Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Girlfriend XXX Video”, the movie is now available on a pay-per-minute viewing or download.


Tati Neves, Brazilian model and bodybuilder, has most recently stepped into the tabloid spotlight for video recording pop artist Justin Bieber sleeping in a bed in Brazil. Neves has made such claims that Bieber is “well-endowed” and “good in bed” to tabloid reporters, and is currently publicly speaking about the one-night encounter.


Coverage of the video leak is spanning news and gossip sites all over the web, including TMZ, Gawker, Jezebel, New York Daily News, and Perez Hilton., which boasts over 175,000 erotic movies spanning the corpus of adult film history to now, has released the movie Neves appears in under the studio Reel Brazil. The movie was originally released in 2006, when Neves went by the pseudonym Emanuele. Staff for the company discovered the model’s likeness and confirmed Emanuele to be the modern-day Tati Neves after precise and intricate review of a flower tattoo found on her bikini line. She has since added some extra art to the tattoo and also a breast enhancement. is a non-membership site with no monthly fees. Movies can be viewed from any location, on any device, starting at a pay-per-minute average price of ten cents a minute.

Tonight’s Agenda: Remembering Carlos

For our friends April Flores and Carlos Batts, we ask that everyone remotely close to Hollywood this evening stop by the Antebellum Gallery from 6-9pm to show your love and share in memories. All details are below.

In loving memory of Carlos and a lifetime of cherishing,

HMFH Staff



Remembering Carlos:
A Fundraiser for April Flores

Carlos Batts, filmmaker, photographer, artist, passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, way too young at age 40 on October 22. His wife and muse April Flores has been hit with costly bills and the Los Angeles arts community is rallying to raise money to defray these charges.A fundraiser and silent art auction will take place at Antebellum Gallery on Friday, November 15 from 6 – 9 PM.

Works of art will be on display and ready to be picked up by winning bidders that night. Some of the biggest names in contemporary art including Coop, Matthew Bone and Shepard Fairey have donated works. Photographers including Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Hoelck, Eric Kroll and Estevan Oriol will have work in the silent auction. Adult Entertainment icons Buck Angel and Nina Hartley will also have artwork available for bid. A partial list of participating artists follows and more are expected:

Antebellum GAllery
1643 N. Las Palmas | Hollywood, CA 90028

Friday, November 15, 2013
6 – 9 PM

Ramzi Abed • Buck Angel • Axis • Matthew Bone • Greg Bojorquez • Tommi Cahill • Jim Caron • Rick Castro • Collin Christian • Sas Christian • Chas Ray Crider • Coop • Bob Coulter • Michael Delahaut • Steve Diet Goedde • Shepard Fairey • Ed Fox • Roger Gastman • Nina Hartley • Chris Haston • Adam Henry • Patrick Hoelck • Kimberly Kane • Erika Keck • Juri Koll • Eric Kroll • Victor Lightworship • Patrick McGilligan • Dennis McGrath • Dave Naz • Beatrice Newman • Estevan Oriol • Pancho Lipschitz • Tera Patrick • George Pitts Eric Minh Swenson • Rae Threat • Tonymench • Robert Vargas • Antonio Vigil • Octavio Winkytiki

The auction will also include work by Carlos Batts himself, donated by his widow. Photography and 3-D sculpture
were media that Carlos had exhibited in galleries and a selection of recent work will be available in the silent
auction.One hundred percent of the proceeds of this event will go to April Flores for the purpose of defraying the costs
associated with the unexpected death of her husband.

A paypal account for donation purposes is available:

For more information call the Antelbellum Gallery at (323) 856-0667.

21 & over | No outside beverages allowed

When Harry Met Sally as a Group and Had a Flash Mob Orgasm


My dream is to be part of a flash mob. I mean it’s both a literal dream and “as the saying goes” real-life desire. All I ever want is to break out spontaneously in a choreographed act with multiple people, garnering attention the crowd over and becoming a part of something that brings about surprise, smiles, and memories. It’s a bit cheesy but it’s MY dream, dammit, and I’m really, really hoping to accomplish this in 2014.

So with this future path for myself not quite planned out, I do know who I can turn to for guidance and inspiration, the troupe of Improv Everywhere. According to their mission statement, “Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 missions involving tens of thousands of undercover agents.” HEROES!

They’re currently creating a series, titled Movies In Real Life, where they reenact iconic moments in renowned films, down to the dress, locale, and expressions. They all look just as fun acted out as the idea sounds, and as far as iconic movie moments go, I mean come on, hello, When Harry Met Sally, amiright?

They did it.

Filmed in Katz’s Delicatessen in NYC, 20 women “performed” orgasm vocals while the lookers-on — including staff — uploaded Vines and Instagrams and Facebook tags on their iPhones. There were many smiles and laughter, which further boosts my dream of making people happy through choreographed spontaneity. Oh, to have the chance…

Anyway, watch this! And be sure to read the commentary from Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd here to dig into the background story.


Top Five Porn Scenarios I Can’t Stomach

And though I work as a porn commentator, of sorts, it is true that there are things that even I can’t handle. That really make me want to vom. Granted, these only occur about 21% of the time and I was warned that if I took this job there would “be things that cannot be unseen”. I can live with it, but it’s true when they say “to each fetish their own”.


1. Rectal Prolapse

So the scene above is from Evil Angel’s Anal Casting Calls #2, and it’s a pretty minor relapse. In fact, I tried to look for a good image on google (don’t click that if you are sensitive) and now my stomach hurts. Though this fetish can definitely sell, I just canNOT. It seems painful, it’s a bit too red, and it’s your friggin’ anus.


2. Peekaboo Snatch

woman showing vagina through panties

woman with vagina showing on couch

I could just write “vaginas” here because I don’t really like the look of them in general, but pfft, I can settle with this. They just look puffy and weird. And “snatch”y. You all know how much I LOVE boobs, and I do have the sexual orientation of loving ween, but I can’t get down with the cooter show. I’m pretty alone on this one, since most of my Tumblr (warning: my last post was of a kitten hanging on a blankie) feed features these (including the above), but hey it’s an honest list, so either agree or click on the pictures to find more.


3. Exit Butt, Enter Mouth

anal sex with woman below

It’s about to happen in the above scene. Boom boom in the butt butt, then suck suck in the other chick’s mouth. Ugghhhhhh. I get it. You enema it out…and stuff. But seriously? Poop on the peen excites you? Gross, man.


4. Stilettos Up The Vag

Okay so I don’t see this all the time, but when I do, I need band aids based on free association thinking. Formally known as heel insertion porn, I imagine many ER visits come after these experiments. Hello?! Tender things are down there and all up in those bits! Even if you ignore the fact that you’re constantly stepping in micro-shit on the sidewalks and then pushing that up into your body, you are going to rip something open. Ouuucchhhhh m’goodness.


5. The Hairy Cooter

This interest is MASSIVELY split, and I’m totally fine with whatever you’re into. You dig it, then make your own damn list. Our theatre features so many hairy-themed movies that you certainly have your pick, including this new release Hair Down There 2, which features some of my favorite girls, Riley Reid, Jessie Andrews, and Dani Daniels. However, I freaking find the trend hideous, like that scene in Waiting where Naomi (Alana Ubach) shows her bush to combat the penis showing game and Ryan Reynolds goes “oh! it’s so angry!”


The Top 8 Sexiest Projects of Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a gold mine, in so many different elements to so many different people. It could be a cause-related variation of digging through a record store; filtered by region, staff picks, tags, or time, you can find your perfect project to fund and even get into the action with rewards for how much you choose to donate. Last year alone, $319,786,629 was pledged toward campaigns by 2,241,475 people, and allowing 18,109 projects to be successfully funded for production.

I took an extensive look into their current database, and amidst other awesome things I wanted to dedicate my paycheck to, found eight sexy projects that have individual characteristics for landing on this list. And so I’ll just rank them in order of fundability.


Baba Invisible Panties

by Nadezhda Shestakova

invisible panties on kickstarter

These tissues with strapless bra straps that you wedge up your cooter aren’t really skyrocketing in funding, but I mean, look at them. I love improvements made for reduction of panty-line visibility, but come on. What is this, Depends for Tron? First of all, NOWHERE in the write-up does it say what it is made from. Not the pad-looking clump nor the straps. Secondly, they advertise it as great to wear during those period days:( and really easy to use with pads. I remember using a pad once when I was 13. And it didn’t stop upon the entrance to my butthole, those suckers are long. I won’t help this one.



by Pinky Swear Productions

Deep in the bowels of an S&M parlor, a dominatrix and her client are getting ready to play out their regular game. Concealing their faces and ethnicities, the two enact elaborate fantasies, using racial stereotypes and sexual mythologies to fulfill each others’ wishes. But when one of them goes off script, the line between role-play and reality begins to shift, as do the identities and desires of the two people behind the masks.” So there’s a LOT going on here, but it could be interesting. Would like to see where this goes.


Sugar Los Angeles Year One

by Sugar Los Angeles

sugarla kickstarter fund

Music is just about the biggest fundraiser on Kickstarter, but have a looksie and you’ll find mucho mucho art and photography. As the project director says, “Sugar Los Angeles was started in January of 2013 as a way for me to follow my passion for photography and people. The idea behind it was simple, I wanted to shoot un-retouched photographs of the people I knew and present them in a way that was beautiful, real, funny, dark, mysterious, and different, all while allowing them to be themselves in the process.” Sounds like an artist! Still, these pictures really are the quality of the most seamless Tumblr erotic posts, and drastically gorgeous. This campaign would be higher up on the list, but I hated the rewards section. I could just be neurotic or this person could need an ego check.


Blackbird Underpinnings – The MAVEN Collection

by Marin Camille and Julia Zolinsky

Blackbird Underpinnings via Kickstarter

This is a company that wants to make lingerie modeled after the flapper era. The twenties and the thirties, that’s their inspiration. THEY HAVE FRICKIN CRUSHED VELVET KNICKERS. And that’s why I want you all to support this, so I can buy them. Other than that, this is pretty straightforward. Loose bras, silky chemises and an adorable romper.



TapTap, a touch communication wristband

by Woodenshark

taptap wristband on wearer

Okay so this sucker’s explanation on the page is kind of convoluted, and I’m going to try and keep it as simple as I possibly can. They are wristbands, right? And you and your partner each have one. When you touch it, like above, the other one vibrates, so your partner knows you’re thinking of him/her. Simple enough. But then it gets crazy. It can be synced up to your iPhone and this other app thing they made called Shadow (that records your dreams) where you can actually see the fingerprint of your partner when they go to “touch you”. And it supports gestures like clapping/waving/high-fiving and you can use it with your video games as a game controller or set it as an alarm and it’s open to 3rd party apps and it supports IFTTT (If This Than That) applications like turning on your lights with a flick of your wrist or sending an SMS to your partner by shaking your hand and my head just exploded. I suggest reading their page and trying to decipher it, because it’s garnered a TON of attention in the media and TapTap is currently about halfway to it’s $130k goal.


Transgender Violence Tracking Portal

by Allison Woolbert

Trans Violence Tracking Kickstarter

This would have totally taken the number one spot for fundability if it had been better planned out. This is definitely the highest need, because as the developer says, “Information is power. In order to act, we have to be aware.” My issue with it, and hopefully they will be able to build this out, is that a website could simply be a Facebook awareness page. Back when I lived in Chicago, we had a neighborhood watch group that was seriously useful, and highly active. It built a hyper-aware community and we brought crime down because of it. Instead of a website, why not an app? Why not use the money to build out an app that works with the website or a Facebook group? It’s such a good idea and would be highly useful in awareness and prevention, it should just be planned thoroughly. Also, this isn’t really “sexy”, but it’s protecting our sexual rights, which is pretty sexy to me.


AMPERE – Better Bras, Better lingerie experience

by Ampere

ampere lingerie design from kickstarter

These gals have already been funded, and are making even more money than they needed, and that’s what caught my eye. Then I realized you get to TRY ON MULTIPLE SIZES AT HOME TO FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT. And I have weird boobs, man. They’re like, big, but not that big, and I can’t find the best strapless bra and I hate going to fittings, so this rocks. And, like above, they’ve perfected the thong pantyline problem because they’ve added this thin half-skirt thing that kind of takes away the point of the thong but oh well. They have 28 unique sizes so that you really get to formulate a pinpointed size. And their designs are gorgeous. I wanna try!



FOREVER PILLOW: One pillow, endless possibilities.

by huzi

forever pillow on kickstarter

This company knows success. They easily developed a burrow-friendly and mega-cozy Forever Blanket, and it brought in the bucks. So this is baby brother! Some of the pictures of demonstration are laughable or even awkwardly embarrassing, but as they say — the possibilities are endless! This screams sex prop! Wrap up your body parts and start bumping! Will fund!



Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November…Naked

Googled “Guy Fawks Porn”, was not disappointed.

naked girl guy fawkes mask



Guy Fawkes, or Guido Fawkes, was a converted Catholic who tried desperately to see the Gunpowder Plot through in 17th century England. Though the plan to blow up The House of Parliament was never actually carried through, and Fawkes was caught in the basement of the day it was to happen (and killed because of it), every year on this day Brits celebrate the “safety of the king”. They do this by burning a giant effigy of Fawkes, and many wonder if they are actually celebrating the stick-it-to-the-government attempts from long ago.

The likeness of Guy Fawkes was brought to the mainstream big screen through the movie V for Vendetta in 2005 and I think it’s awesome as hellWatch it tonight, actually. Anyway, though the storyline was quite different (to be expected, as the movie was based on the comics) and took place in a totalitarian society, the morals carried on the Fawkes Ideal.

In honor of today and people rebelling against their government (death is a bit harsh, though) to be able to believe in whatever religion (or non-religion) they want to, here are nakie pictures of people in Guy Fawkes masks.


boobs with guy fawkes mask

couple having sex guy fawkes sex

guy fawkes mask with penis showing

naked tattooed girl with guy fawkes mask

man penis guy fawkes mask

naked girl with guy fawkes mask

guy fawkes tittie twister

guy fawkes naked girl

guy fawkes mask peekaboo boobs


The Best Of: Indifferent cats in amateur porn

I have a sort of obsessive tumblr addiction. Not in that I’m constantly tumbling, but that I’m in constant need of the weirdest and quirkiest tumblr pages. That being said, it was gold puffs of angel farts when I discovered this Tumblr about indifferent cats in amateur porn. One of those extremely self-explained pages, the mash-up of “trying to be at your sexiest” verses “your cat’s biggest derp moment” will possess you with laughter, bits of squee, and a trend of red-facing awkwardness.


kitty likes the dryer

kitty interrupting shame selfie

cat in tub with owner

cat interrupting masturbation

kitten playing with boob

indifferent cats in porn

kitty indifferent to bird mask

dog while owners have sex

kitty indifferent to bondage

kitten watching owner

indifferent cat looking out window

Top Porn Studios Debut!

Today marks the first time in history where HotMoviesForHer VOD published our top studios in our theater. This is important mainly for one big gigantic reason: now you can make it easier on yourself to find what you like. Most studios focus on one main categorical theme. Let’s take two totally different studios to compare.

Girlfriends Films is a popular favorite across all our networks. It is constantly at the top of the bestseller lists, and it’s mainly categorized as a lesbian-focused studio with a LOT of oral involved. Elegant Angel, on the other hand, is a lot of gonzo porn. No real plot, a lot of showcasing (they have a lot of pornstars who have the film center around many scenes featuring them), and you’ll find quite a bit of gangbang.

So now what we’ve done and gone and highlighted the Top 10 Studios of HotMoviesForHer for the past month. The stats are in, and I’m going to just pick a random number and introduce you to them. Six. Let’s go with six. Here are the top six studios and what they specialize in.


6) Sweet Sinner

“Sweet Sinner Studios promises you nothing but real sex, real passion, and real orgasms.” They feature boy/girl scenes, with a naughty, tsk-tsk theme. Think amourous adultery, relationship-bending jealously, sleeping with your boyfriend’s dad, escorting, exchange students…etc. So while it is plot-oriented, the point of the movies is to see some uninhibited desire. I would go for one of those films if I wanted to watch a movie but feel like being a little dangerous and explorative. They also tend to feature series, like The Babysitter volumes.

latest: Shades of Kink

greatestThe Masseuse, which stars Asa Akira, so duh.

my favoritestImmoral Proposalstarring my girl crush, April O’Neil. The scenes and chemistry between her and Mr. Pete will blow your mind. THE SCENE IN THE KITCHEN. That’s all I’m going to say.


5) Wicked Pictures

Heavily plot-oriented, Wicked spends the big money when it comes to budget. They want to appeal to women and couples, and they succeed in their striving to produce only the highest-quality films. The studio is extremely well-known for contract girls who serve as highlights in their movies. jessica drake, Asa Akira, and Samantha Saint are the latest, and they will almost always be the face on the box covers. You can expect fantastical-themed movies. Some set in space, in the future, sci-fi, and all the Jenna Jameson stuff you can handle (she was an exclusive from ’95-’00). Oh, also, they’re the only studio to work on a condoms-only policy.

latestJust Visiting, featuring Samantha Saint.

greatest: Ink Girlsa film that actually isn’t plot-based. Just shows sex with tattooed girls.

my favoritest: $EXwhich has been up for a slew of awards. The future concept is really cool, and the acting is extremely well-done. Yes, the sex is phenomenal. I recommend this as a couple watch or solo, it’s perfect for both.


4) Filly Films

This is a studio that prides itself on being a real lesbian studio, and they’re completely sincere and on-point. You don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy the sensuality that drips out of their films, however, since I love every single one I’ve watched. Filly boasts a repertoire of projects from the hottest and most talented directors (think Tanya Tate and Dani Daniels), and all movies get a little naughty, a little nice, but never stray from being legit chemistry. Definitely plot-oriented porn, all scenes are tied together through a myriad of turned-on stories. Think…really pretty.

latest: Bibliophile

greatest: Dani Daniels’ The Yoga Instructor

my favoritestBrit School Brats. What? I have a thing for school uniforms.


3) Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video is the girl/girl erotica company that oversees Sweet Sinner. While they do feature storylines, this studio is really focused on delivering great scenes with real orgasms captured on film. Only bisexual and lesbians are cast in their movies, ensuring the loyalty to offering pure attraction between performers. Most films are part of a recurring series and produce multiple volumes.

latestLesbian Hitchhiker 7Older women, younger women, and some really big boobies.

greatestLesbian Adventures — Strap-On SpecialistsThis movie really is super hot. Nina Hartley is like, the greatest thing ever in here.

my favoritest: Lesbian Adventures — Strap-On Specialists 2, which just goes to prove how much I really dig strap-on scenes in general. But this is a really intense collection.


2) New Sensations

My favorite director ever, Jacky St. James, does a lot for this studio, and I totally recommend the line she mainly focuses on — Romance. It’s absolutely sensual and hot romantic porn for couples. I will never stop advocating all of those movies. The professional quality through acting, connection, sound, visuals, it’s all done perfectly. I would tell every new beginner to pick up something from that line.

latest: Girlfriend Approved. This movie is exclusive to our theatre right now and is a collection of the hottest scenes from their best romantic movies.

greatest: TendernessI’m not going to lie; reading this title brings me right back to the song from Clueless.

my favoritest: The Submission of Emma MarxMy favorite porn of all-time in my career here.


1) Girlfriends Films

We pretty much covered this in the opening. They’re your favorite! Definitely cutting-edge, in-your-face female erotica. The storylines don’t matter as much here; it’s all about the gritty girl grind. They are responsible for the wildly popular Women Seeking Women series.

latest: Women Seeking Women 92Seriously. 92.

greatest: Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 3

my favoritest: Lesbian Ghost Stories. Spooky-ass (spooky ass?) porn is the greatest!



Halloween Tricks and Tweets from Pornstars

What are the naughty ones doing for the scariest time of the year?

Thanks to social media, we can bippity-boppity check it out.




I love the first one the most, because it’s super sensual. Like catching TinkerBell in her most vulnerable, erotic moment. Hot and beautifully done.










10 WTF Halloween Costumes With Their WTF Descriptions

If you get through this post without shaking your head in disgust, then….well I just don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Common denominator: boobs.


A Peacock

“The peacock is one bird that knows how to do it right. If you want to get the attention of someone special, just display some bright colored feathers and show off your best moves. Of course, most humans aren’t naturally born with a set of sexy feathers, but we got the cure for that. This costume brings together those beautiful feathers and a showgirl style that no bird could ever pull off.”



Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

“TMNT! Costume includes: Printed t-shirt (front & back) with character eye mask.” $31




Mickey Mouse…I Think

“This three piece sexy tux and ears costume includes s pull-on, stretch tube romper with a cheeky cut back, black stretch shrug and cuddle plush ear headband. (Leg warmers not included.)”




“Enjoy ocean life as a sassy fish in this Naughty Nemo Costume! Leg warmers and elbow fins are included with the dress. Add a pair of black shoes to complete your costume. Have them saying Nem-OH! in this sassy fish costume!”




“Take an oath of evil on Halloween when you wear this Bad Habit Nun Adult Womens Costume. Wearing this sexy turtle neck dress with bare cleavage, attached tulip skirt, headpiece, glovelettes and thigh highs, you can be as naughty as you want.”




“You’ll look good enough to eat in this Sexy Watermelon costume. This Yandy exclusive costume includes a tube-style plush mini dress with a bite-shaped cut out side, watermelon seed detail and green rind hemline. The fabric for this costume is ultra plush and unbelievably soft, warm and cuddly!”



Chinese Take Out


“This is a very clever costume. You know those containers you get when your order Chinese take-out? Well this dress is modeled after them. The front of the dress has a Pagoda with Thank You printed underneath it. On each breast you will see the word Enjoy. Across the upper back are the words, Take Me Out. This funny outfit even has a fortune cookie headband with a fortune inside that reads “you are one smart cookie”. We have Asian wigs and sexy red shoes that would go perfectly with this costume. Now you’ll get to go on a Halloween date and let him enjoy some take out.”



Wet Tee Shirt

“It might not be as warm outside as it was during the summer, but that’s no excuse to not have a wet t-shirt contest. Blow the other competitors in the dust with this Wet T-Shirt Winner Costume. Plus, I’ve heard that contest winners get all their drinks for free!”



American Flag

“this American Beauty Adult Women’s Dress. Shimmery flag dress has classic star and stripe print and extends into one sleeve that drapes down and connects to the hemline of the dress. “



Boob Hands

“Double-takes are guaranteed when you wear this funny Adult Hands Over Chest T-Shirt! Wear it with your own faded jeans. The strategically-placed hands are suggestive, but you’re still covered. You can look like you’re going wild, without actually going wild!”