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Question Of The Month: Favorite Holiday Traditions

What do our favorite porn performers think about the industry? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, we asked and they answered! Welcome to our latest editor’s spotlight column, where we ask a bunch of stars the same question and see what kind of awesome answers grace our inbox.

And as we are going overboard with the holiday cheer, this month we asked:

What special holiday traditions are
you looking forward to the most?

“This is the first Christmas w/o my Dad, who died at age 95 1/2 this past January, so we’re looking forward to a large gathering on the 25th. The tradition is for baking Stollen, a German Christmas bread that we have at brunch. We make the dough the night before and let it rise overnight. Then we get up early and bake the loaves, to go along with the rest of the brunch: scrambled eggs w/mushrooms and herbs, fruit cup, hot chocolate and really good coffee. This year we’re expecting  at least fifteen people for brunch, perhaps a few more, if a couple of cousins can make it. It’s going to be a very nice day.” – Nina Hartley

“Every Holiday season I enjoy ‘Peacock Lane’, which is a tour of house that have gone all out for the holiday season with decorations and lights.  Plus every Christmas Eve, my chosen family and I get all dolled in an evening gown, enjoy an elegant dinner, and go to ‘The Nutcracker’.  We end the night with opening one present and having egg nog cocktails or hot toddies.” – Sophia St. James

“Living in San Francisco, our holidays are in the Summer (Pride and Folsom Street Fair).  A recent midwinter tradition, and it’s Santa focused, is going to Marlena’s bar in Hayes Valley, near Civic Center in SF.  Marlena is one of the, how do you say this politely… senior Drag Queen’s in the area.  She decorates the bar in December with countless Santa dolls and ornaments.  And by countless, I mean it.  The bar tender last week said they added 300 more this year and I have no idea where they can put more.  But it always gets me in the Christmas spirit.” Ian Sparks

“The annual Angel’s Christmas party for the kids in my pueblo in Mexico! This year we have 80 kids coming to the party. It makes me so happy to be able to give them something to remember every year. I am a very fortunate person and to be able to share and see the joy, well I cannot put in words. This year we have Santa, a clown and an elf. Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope the New Year brings you amazing happiness.” – Buck Angel

“Playing the Beatles Monopoly Game with some of my family. Instead of money, the banker deals Love; instead of properties, there are concerts; and the playing pieces are things like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. When I play, I am the Walrus, coocoo ca choo!” – Jiz Lee

“Sweet potato curry latkes, Channukah stockings (filled by Channukah Goblins), decorating our holiday shrubbery and seeing a new movie on Christmas day while everyone else is opening presents!” – Shanna Katz

“The tradition I’m looking forward to most is simple: time set aside to visit my family. I can’t make any excuses because no one shoots porn on Christmas. I miss my family and really just want to spend some time with them.” – Danny Wylde

“I look forward to enjoying a quiet, reflective solstice and spending time with my family over Christmas.” – Tobi Hill-Meyer

“The special holiday traditions are I am looking forward to the most are spending time with my family, decorating, and most of all giving gifts. I try to be a thoughtful gift giver, and my favorite part of gift giving is watching the recipient open it. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and amazing 2012.” – April Flores

“Being with super fun cousins – lots of them! – for a couple of days…lots of laughter, great food, and all around silliness. What a great departure from all the stuff we have to deal with in our regular work-a-day lives!” – Candida Royalle

And to bring it home:

“My partner and I just moved in together and we are excited to create a whole new set of holiday traditions just for us, including the most important of all – Christmas Sex, complete with x-mas slow jams and themed outfits.  Oh yeah, we are keeping the birth of Christ classy!” – JD

“Since moving to Philadelphia from Florida, my boyfriend and I have started the tradition of spending Christmas day in our pajamas.  While we love and miss our families, spending Christmas day in the comfiest way possible is awesome!  We take it slow, make lots of food and just enjoy each other all day long.  Best tradition EVER!” – Ginger

JD and Ginger Leigh

Question Of The Month: What Are You Thankful For?

What do our favorite porn performers think about the industry? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, we asked and they answered! Welcome to our latest editor’s spotlight column, where we ask a bunch of stars the same question and see what kind of awesome answers grace our inbox.

Continuing with our Thanksgiving trend, this month we asked:

What are you thankful for this year?

“This year I am thankful for the people in my life that add love, support, positivity and encouragement while expecting nothing in return. I am thankful to have a wonderful partner and soul mate who has been my best friend and has been by my side through out our journey together. I am thankful for my health and the health of my loved ones. I am also thankful for the lessons that life teaches us.” – April Flores

“I am greatful that I was able to complete and publish my new film The Female Voyeur. It was 14 months in the making and there were so many obstacles during the production that I was close to loosing faith. But now it is out, looks good and I am so happy about it.  I am also thankful for the growing network of sex positive feminist filmmakers. Together we revolutionize the porn industry and change the world. I am proud to present many female made porn gems on my Her Porn compilations.” – Petra Joy

“I am thankful for my beautiful and delightful son.  He teaches me every single day to be positive and enjoy even the smallest joys in life.  Also, my fans. Without my fans and their support I wouldn’t be in the position I am in.  I am humbled at every turn. :)” – Sophia St. James

“I’m thankful for Adrianna Nicole’s dangerous mind, Danny Wylde’s thoughtful blog, Dylan Ryan’s irresistible tweets, Jada Fire’s smile, Christian’s love of pegging, Jiz Lee’s gender, Mr. Marcus, all the fantastic performers in the adult industry, independent sex-positive stores, and my fans who continue to support my sex ed and porn work!” – Tristan Taormino

“I’m thankful for the relationships in my life; the ones with amazing friends, a great one with my parents and especially the one with my partner who makes me laugh, supports me, is inspiring, who over this last year, has showed me what love really is.”  – Dylan Ryan

“I am thankful for my amazing family. My wife has been by my side since I took on changing the world with my work. We have since moved to Mexico where we have adopted 7 dogs and also a family that helps us with our daily lives here. My Mom and Dad have become my Mom and Dad again after years of being separated from them due to my drug problem. My sisters call me their brother. My daughter Rebekka is still alive after 20 years of being diagnosed with HIV. I feel like a lucky man to have such a loving family.” – Buck Angel

“I’m thankful for my husband, my family, my friends and my fans. I hope everyone can be with people they love on Thanksgiving. Happy season!” – Nina Hartley

“This year has been… intense. I am very thankful for being able to produce and direct my most ambitious project, a film called Cabaret Desire. Six months preproducing, two weeks of shooting, four months postproducing… and finally, Cabaret Desire is here in my hands. I am thankful for working on the film with the Poetry Brothel and their very talented “poetry whores” who gave me inspiration and imagination. Four tales of passion and sex with actors from all over the world gathered in Barcelona to create a unique and natural work. Exotic, erotic, mysterious, stereotype-free and sensual… a film that defines my view of sex and porn, that represents my inner desires and I hope makes adult entertainment more accessible to all and proves that women enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. I am thankful for being able to express myself and bring something new to people.” – Erika Lust

“I’m thankful that I got to see a lot of family this year.  I’m also thankful that I get to share my life with an incredible woman, every year.” – Shoosh, Triangle Films

“This is an easy one for me: I’m thankful for my health and my life. I kept it private while I was going through it ‘cause I hate to be perceived as anything but healthy and vibrant, but I spent the wicked winter of 2010-2011 in treatment for ovarian cancer. Outside it snowed and snowed, six blizzards total on the Northeast! Inside I did everything I could. The big C wasn’t gonna’ take me down! And it didn’t. Come spring I burst forth disease-free and ready to rock. This spring I’m planning to add another movie to my Femme line, writing the script right now, with my buddy Jamye Waxman. Look out world, nothing’s stopping this bitch!” – Candida Royalle

“I’m thankful for my family, friends and community.  An abundance of inspiration,love,support,creative energy.  I’m thankful for learning to trust, renew, forgive,Breathe and let go of negative energy that doesnt nourish our souls.  I’m thankful for space and courage to explore my sexuality through art and feminist porn.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to connect with kinky and sex positive communities on a global level.  I’m thankful for my daughter who has given me new inspiration in everything that I do.” – Madison Young

“I am thankful for the Occupy (Wall Street, Everything, Together) Movement for standing strong against our corrupt system, and encouraging one million US citizens to take their money out of big banks that steal homes and dollars from us and never pay taxes!” – Courtney Trouble

“I am thankful for my awesome husband and partner in crime Jimmy Broadway and our three beloved dogs — and the fact that we just moved to a 4500 sq. ft. shooting space in downtown LA — looking forward to making lots of kinky Severe Society Films movies as soon as space is renovated!  Also thankful for our XBIZ Awards nomination for Fetish Studio of the Year.”  – Mistress D Severe 

And we are thankful for all of these amazing performers! Happy Thanksgiving!

JD and Ginger Leigh

Question of the Month – Nina Hartley

I’m completely against mandatory condoms in porn. The push is coming from some very anti-porn, not to mention anti-performer, people. They’re couching their push as “concern” for the health of the performers but are NOT LISTENING to the performer’s actual feelings on this topic. If a performer wants to use them, fine, but it can’t be mandatory. The state is broke. Who is going to pay for “condom inspectors” to go to sets each day? I thought so.

In heterosexual porn we have a very effective, voluntary, industry-wide testing standard that has reduced the incidence of HIV in performers to a rate of .017 percent (five cases in the past ten years), thanks to AIM Healthcare ( By contrast, in all of Los Angeles County there are an estimated 2,500 NEW cases of HIV transmission each year.Multiply that by ten years and we have an estimated 25,000 new HIV patients with which to contend, in LA County alone. Continue reading Question of the Month – Nina Hartley

Question of the Month – Drew Deveaux

Looking at the question as if it were simply black & white the answer becomes obvious and we should all be using barriers all the time. We all know that it’s only a ‘matter of time’ until another HIV outbreak occurs in the industry so how does it make any sense to put the lives of talented people at risk? But, porn, like life, is not made of absolutes and human decision-making is way more involved then doing ‘right’ and being ‘safe’.

Reasons for mandatory barrier use often come back to two big things, though there’s a lot of possible reasons, good and bad. First is the impetus to have a safe work environment for talent. Second is to not contribute to HIV/STI risk through putting out “unrealistical portrayals” of how sex actually takes place (supposedly this is something that barrier free porn does as the question implies). While 100% barrier use, in theory, makes some sense as a response to these problems, when we think about what constitutes “well-being” for performers and what we really mean by “realistic”, things get royally fucking complicated. Continue reading Question of the Month – Drew Deveaux

Pornquiry: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Porn?

We were so excited while redesigning our HotMoviesForHer site that in honor of our new site launch, we’re beginning our new “Pornquiry of the Month”! We ask some of our favorites in the industry the same question, and we got some interesting answers. Enjoy!

What is your favorite thing about porn?

I guess – the massive amount of butt sex. It’s like, you look at porn…and it’s like, man everyone is having anal sex…there might be more anal sex going on in the valley on camera then there is in the rest of the world combined. It’s kind of amazing. People in real life just don’t have nearly as much anal as they do in porn. It’s like, I remember I had a boyfriend when I was in college and we had anal sex like, twice, and that was a big deal…and now working in the industry, it’s like…everywhere. I think it’s pretty awesome.
Joanna Angel
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My favorite thing about porn is getting to see people really connect…sensually, sexually, and emotionally. And that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be in love. An emotional response can be elicited in the briefest of shared encounters, and can make two people feel deeply connected, whether they do end up falling in love or it remains in their memory as a sweet, hot ‘affairette’. I’m really happy when I succeed in shooting a scene with people who convey that sense of connection. It’s not easy to pull off or to find in porn movies!
Candida Royalle
pioneering director of women’s adult films
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The voyeur in me enjoys watching and capturing the art of sex in motion.
Dana Dane
creator/producer, Erocktavision
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I love being able to teach the world that sex and gender are not just black and white, and it is fantastic to be able to show people that safe sex can be HOT sex!
Buck Angel
star, 2007 AVN Award Winner for Transsexual Performer of the Year
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Continue reading Pornquiry: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Porn?