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Porn and Sex Education

Peggy Orenstein
Peggy Orenstein

Last month, the New York Times published an OpEd from author Peggy Orenstein titled, When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? When it hit my social media feeds, I braced myself for an anti-porn diatribe about how the industry is destroying our youth and must be more strictly regulated by the government. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Orenstein’s main focus was, in fact, on the failure of responsible adults (parents, schools, health care providers, community leaders) to provide factual, comprehensive sexual education to young people. Even when sex education is available, “we still tend to avoid the biggest taboo of all: women’s capacity for and entitlement to sexual pleasure.”

These omissions lead young people to “consult pornography, at least in part, as though it were an instruction manual, even as nearly three-quarters say that they know it is as realistic as pro wrestling.” According to Orenstein, the many young women that she interviewed are not prioritizing their own sexual pleasure. When they begin having partnered sex, they gauge their own satisfaction by their (presumably male) partner’s satisfaction.

Curiously, Orenstein writes very little about porn itself; the dearth of comprehensive sex education in American schools bears the brunt of her concerns.  Porn performer, dominatrix, and podcaster Tina Horn tweeted at Orenstein, “This piece has great research. Why does it have to blame porn when it clearly argues bad sex ed is the issue?” Indeed, it seems that the NYT used the headline When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? simultaneously to make porn the scapegoat and to give the article a sexier, click-baity edge. Tina continued, “It’s the most sad when clear researched arguments are made and we are expected to infer porn as malevolent force.”

Even though Orenstein and the NTY manipulatively used porn as the framing device for a piece that was not really about porn, the article did spark important conversations about the intersection of sex education and pornography, and where our responsibility as porn industry workers begins and ends. It’s a conversation worth having, especially when young people are being denied information about their own bodies. I reached out to several porn performers and other industry workers to get their opinions on the matter.

Tina Horn
Tina Horn

Judy Hologram: What are your thoughts on Orenstein’s When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

Princess Kali: Reading these kinds of articles that describe the ways in which young women are particularly affected by porn are always a bit heart-breaking. It’s tragic that ALL youth, regardless of gender, are left with porn as the only way to learn about the mechanics of sex, but young women seem to bear the brunt of the resulting pain, both physically and emotionally. It’s criminal (or it should be) that schools and government agencies do such a horrible, damaging job with sex education.

This is a generation that has grown up with the internet at their fingertips and cell phones in their pockets, so trying to keep information out of their hands is a battle that’s lost before it’s even begun. This is a generation that is not used to being denied information or dealing with “gate-keepers,” and so a system that was already hurtful has also become ridiculous.

Alyx Fox: The article points to the fact that Americans have trouble talking about sex, especially parents and [young people], and I think that’s true. Porn is often the scapegoat, but actually it is one of the only resources most people have to explore their fantasies and figure out their desires. I like that the author points to a need for adults to have intelligent conversations around sex—especially with each other, but also with [young people].

Kitty Stryker: I agree with Orenstein that parents, teachers, etc need to be in a position to talk about sex in a direct, honest, consensual, and respectful fashion. That said, when she discusses the Dutch’s openness around sex education, she fails to mention the study that suggested porn doesn’t seem to affect the sexual behaviour of Dutch teens. Another seemingly relevant study would be the Danish one about the impact of porn on relationships, where access to a variety of porn seems to benefit couples rather than hurt them. This leads me to question if, perhaps, porn is being scapegoated because of a lack of comprehensive sex education, rather than because it’s inherently “bad.” Just as a TV is not really a substitute for parenting, porn is not really a substitute for communicating about sex, nor should it be.

JH: It has been argued that porn literacy is an essential part of sex ed for young people. What does porn literacy mean to you? How can porn literacy be approached in sex ed?

Princess Kali
Princess Kali

Princess Kali: I agree that porn literacy should be a part of sex-ed for young people now, but I also believe that MEDIA literacy should be part of the curriculum. Teaching young people to understand, analyze, critique & reflect on what media shows and its effects on each of us both consciously and unconsciously is a part of living in the 21st century. To deny that porn is part of the “usual” sexual experience is an effort in futility. I personally don’t know how incorporating porn literacy in youth sex ed can be accomplished, which is one of the reasons I’ve always stayed away from youth sex ed in my personal career. But there are some brilliant sex educators (not necessarily in academia but in the schools, that are actually working with [young people]) that I’m sure have some amazing ideas. They should be sought out and listened to.

Alyx Fox: The most basic and necessary form of porn literacy is the one pointed to by the NYTimes article — knowing the difference between porn fantasies and personal realities. But to me, real porn literacy would mean knowing what kind of porn exists — who porn is made by, for, how, and why (insert cis het male gaze education here / alternative sexualities and feminist approaches). There should be a historical survey of porn with an understanding of the American film rating system and how it came to be. Add some cross-cultural study looking at other cultures and their ratings systems and restrictions, or lack thereof, around erotic media. An advanced course should include legal issues surrounding porn production and distribution with both a domestic and global POV. It should include a study of the economics of porn including piracy, “high risk businesses,” and the way financial institutions exert control over what gets produced.

Porn is often the scapegoat but actually it is one of the only resources most people have to explore their fantasies and figure out their desires.

Kitty Stryker: I think porn literacy is really important. For me, porn literacy is entangled with teaching [young people] (and adults!) that sex work is work. The adult industry is an industry, and like other industries involving entertainment, performers are paid to perform. Just as you wouldn’t try to do gymnastics like Cirque du Soilel, I think people should see porn as a job that involves practice, skill, athleticism, and, frankly, training! The more that people understand that and treat it as a job, I think the easier it is to explain the intricacies of porn as an entertainment and marketing industry.
How would you approach that in sex ed? I’m not sure, considering in some states you can’t even have proper sex ed, just abstinence only education. Despite the fact that maybe talking about porn and masturbation would help encourage abstinence, I doubt the places that go for that approach would go for it. Once you can tell [young people] how to have safer sex, then maybe you can begin to deconstruct their porn viewing habits. This site, however, is pretty well done and is made for teens.

Kitty Stryker
Kitty Stryker

JH: Are there instances where porn can be educational?

Princess Kali: My first response to this is always, “meh.” Can 2 Fast 2 Furious teach you to drive? Can Point Break (the 1st one) teach you how to skydive? Can 50 Shades teach you what a kinky relationship is like? (Hint, the answer to all three of those is no.) I think that porn is entertainment, and of course we can “learn” from entertainment, but I don’t think that makes it educational. That may seem like splitting hairs but to me it’s an important differentiation. Victoria’s Secret Catalogs aren’t porn but are often used as it (or were before easy online porn access!). Intention matters.

One of the reasons I created & is because I wanted to show sexual techniques (especially edgy or more dangerous ones) without the distraction of being super turned on right in that moment. When it comes to bondage or impact play, learning technique is truly a matter of safety, so I wanted people to learn how it works and then be safe to go create their own erotic in-person experiences.

Alyx Fox: Definitely. Right away I think of Crash Pad’s Guide to Fisting and Kink University but I know there are many titles that take an educational approach. But education is something that porn companies can do around porn, not only in porn. Producers can provide resources on their sites or find ways to engage in discussions around porn and talk about what they do. Foxhouse has not produced any educational titles yet, but we do participate in porn festivals and interviews and look for ways to talk about what we do and why we do it. And I think this is a very effective way to educate around porn without requiring all films to be educational. Sometimes it’s ok to have a film just be fun or twisted and taboo. With so much moral policing in our culture I think porn provides a much needed, more relaxed, indulgent experience and I’d hate to see that change.

Sometimes it’s ok to have a film just be fun or twisted and taboo. With so much moral policing in our culture I think porn provides a much needed, more relaxed, indulgent experience and I’d hate to see that change.

Kitty Stryker: I mean, educational porn is a whole genre, so yes. 🙂 That said, I think even when porn isn’t seeking to be education it can have some educational impact. I’ve discovered new turn ons through watching porn, or experimented with new positions I’ve seen other plus size performers do. I learned how to put a condom on with my mouth through watching porn. These are all great things! I have a context for sexual education, though, so I think critically about what I’m watching and if it makes sense for me. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to teach critical thinking in schools either, which doesn’t help our teens make sensible decisions.

JH: What responsibility does porn have to educate its viewers?

Alyx Fox
Alyx Fox

Princess Kali: I personally always err on the side of responsibility. I think if we had more porn literacy, there would be LESS responsibility, because viewers would have learned that it’s for entertainment and not as a how-to manual. But as of now, with porn so often acting as a form of education, I’m glad when they include safe-sex and consent discussions. When porn-as-entertainment is used as porn-for-education there’s often not much context for what’s going on or whether everyone involved has consented and is enjoying it. At least not in what is considered most “mainstream” porn. There are feminist and/or ethics driven companies creating porn and I wish mainstream media would promote those companies more.

Alyx Fox: I don’t think that porn has responsibility to directly educate. Porn should not have to pick up the slack just because Americans have a problem talking about sex, their fantasies, and desires. There are some non-pornographic films that are educational and other films that are not. If this is ok I don’t think porn should be held to a different standard just because of moral stigmas around sexually explicit content. I think it’s great that some porn takes that approach and definitely agree that those resources should be made available. This definitely makes a good case for porn literacy—helping people to understand how to view porn that is not directly educational—but that doesn’t need to come from porn itself. This is something that could also be provided by writers, sex educators, or parents.

Kitty Stryker: I don’t know that I feel porn has a responsibility to educate its viewers, per se. I would argue, more, that porn is accountable to its viewers. For example, I do believe that when people see slurs in porn is helps to normalize them, so I personally don’t use them in my work and I don’t tend to work with people who do. Is that my responsibility? No, but for me it’s a way of staying accountable to my politics and my community.

JH: How can young people/millennials affect the ways in which porn is produced, and the kinds of porn that is produced?


Princess Kali: I think this is one of the toughest problems to solve actually. Because I’d naturally say boycott those companies that don’t produce ethical porn. But no one pays for porn anymore, so it’s harder to use dollars as influence. So maybe the opposite stance. Millennials have to become willing to pay for porn that matches their desire for how it’s produced. Small companies that produce ethical porn have a very hard time staying in business these days thanks to tube sites and “amateurs” being willing to post free videos of sexual escapades in celebration of exhibitionist expression. So put your money where your mouth is, and buy porn from small indie companies!

Alyx Fox: I think it’s important first of all for young people to know about the different kinds of porn that are out there. I mean, wasn’t it just recently that Emma Watson said there needs to be a feminist version of porn? Which is a nice sentiment but actually is misleading and kind of laughable to those of us who know the amazing female directors who are already producing content right now. If Ms. Watson is clueless, then we can assume most of the people who are finding free content on tube sites are as well. Once people are aware of what is out there, we really need to drive home the fact that paying for porn is what keeps these studios and performers going. It’s really that simple. So find what you like, and pay for what you like. Even the mainstream porn industry will change once they see that independent and feminist studios are successfully producing different kinds of content. That’s already started happening, and I’m sure it will continue if porn watchers just continue to support the studios they like.

Kitty Stryker: The easiest way is to pay for your porn. Yes, you can find porn for free on hub sites, but that porn is often stolen. When producers don’t see money coming in from a particular performer or type of porn, they won’t bother booking more, which means your fave hub performer may be losing work when you’re jerking off to them for free. Help us continue to make the porn you like by paying us! Even better? Many models have their own clip stores, allowing them to be in charge of marketing and production themselves. Pay them directly and help influence independent business over big industry!


Princess Kali is a former dominatrix and is the founder of Kink Academy. You can follow her on twitter @Princess_Kali.

Alyx Fox is a performer, producer, and director at Foxhouse Films. You can follow her on twitter @AlyxFoxxx.

Kitty Stryker is a BBW performer. You can follow her on twitter @KittyStryker.

You can follow Judy Hologram on twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Interview With Director B Skow

B Skow with cameraFrom his thematically dark features, to his visually compelling fuck flixxx, director B. Skow has pushed the boundaries of pornographic film. His move from Vivid to Girlfriends Films in 2013, where he founded his own studio Skow For Girlfriends Films, gave him even more room to stretch his creative muscles, resulting in some of the best hardcore content in recent years and several award season nominations, including AVN’s Director Of The Year.

Last year, Skow took on the gonzo genre with A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family and then again with A Gonzo Story: Open House. This year we saw the release of a third entry into this series, A Gonzo Story: Whorehouse VirginThese films differ greatly from each other, each telling their own unique story and offering different ways of approaching gonzo filmmaking. Skow was generous enough to call us up for an interview, where we discussed his take on gonzo, storytelling, porn, and what’s next for him.

Judy Hologram: When I think of gonzo porn, I think of John Stagliano, Jamie Gillis, Rocco Sifreddi, and what Mason is doing over at Hard X (to name a few) where the pornographer is acting like a journalist or documentarian, and the camera is being addressed to some extent and the viewer is being put right in the action. What’s your take on the gonzo genre as a whole?

B Skow: I think if it’s labeled by say AVN, XBIZ, or one of the companies as gonzo or categorized as gonzo, it’s definitely that one guy holding the camera, and the girl arrives at the door and the sex is shot real shaky, handheld, and you’re right in there. You’re very close and right up into the sex, and it’s more about the sex than anything else.

A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family boxcoverJH: With the Gonzo Story series, I understood how The Mansion Family fit in with the genre, because the viewer is being put in the characters’ shoes, but Open House and Whorehouse Virgin seem like marked departures from traditional interpretations of gonzo. I was wondering how you see this series fitting into gonzo.

BS: I love doing things different, and to me gonzo means sort of crazy or ridiculous or unusual. The porn industry didn’t decide what that was. So A Gonzo Story, for me, was I wanted to tell a story, but I still wanted to shoot the sex bright and clear and with a wide-angle lens, and handheld, instead of like when I tell a different type of story, the cameras are more on tripods, with moodier lighting to keep the story flowing. Whereas A Gonzo Story, there is a story there, but the story is more visual, it’s more to see the girls and their bodies, to see perversions and the sex is the most important thing.

So that’s where I got the idea for A Gonzo Story. I mean, Open House is a ridiculous sort of story, and the story’s built around showing off bodies, and sex, and perversions, and everything else, so that’s pretty much what it is. It’s gonzo style sex, with a wrap-around story, a story that keeps it all together. And the camera angle, even during the dialogue, it’ll be more unusual; lower angles, wider angles, or I’ll shoot behind her to show her butt, different things like that. So it’s just a way to separate when people see my features; it might be really dark or moody, where I’m trying to get a point across, whereas in A Gonzo Story, I’m just shooting good sex and the stories are just kind of ridiculous.

Jodi Taylor and Toni Tibas in Mansion Family

JH: It’s more about the fucking.

BS: Yeah, I book talent that way. Everything about the sex is first in A Gonzo Story 2: Open House Boxcoverthe gonzo movies, and then once I have all the talent booked I’ll look at them and I’ll make up a story about them. And then that’s how it is.

JH: I found an interview that Stagliano did in 2002, where he talks about how there’s a misconception that gonzo can’t tell a story. Do you think you’re continuing this tradition and pulling gonzo back from just wall-to-wall fucking?

BS: I’m not out on any mission to change what’s going on. I kind of keep to myself and keep to my own mind, so I’m not trying to make a statement. I agreed with Stagliano though, because he did do that, he did work a story into that type of sex. He definitely did, but you didn’t know when he was doing it. Sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn’t. I’m just trying to separate. I make so many different types of films; I’ll make an all sex film, or I’ll make one where there’s no speaking, no stories, straight up gonzo, or a real feature, a big four or five day feature. So A Gonzo Story, maybe I do want it to become its own thing, its own genre, where you can watch that type of sex. The stories are so simple.

I’m doing a new one called “Fill ‘Er Up” or “Creampie” I think it’s called. So it’s a gonzo sort of thing, creampies, it’s definitely a gonzo category, but I built a story about young people having sex and not being careful about getting pregnant. In my head it’s just gonzo meaning ridiculous, crazy, unusual, and it’s that type of story with that kind of sex. I’m definitely not out trying to change anything that’s going on in porn today, besides make my stuff better.

Cherie Deville and Ramon Nomar

JH: So how did you start this series? How did it develop and where do the story lines come from?

A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin boxcoverBS: Random stuff, like I’ll put together people I wanna see have sex, and once I book the talent and I imagine what the sex is gonna be like between them, then I kind of work a story around it. I know the people mostly, like a lot of the guys. I’ve been shooting for a long time so I’ve used almost every one of the guys, so I know their personalities and the things they’re into. Lately, the girls, I’ll just kind of research them. They give away a lot of their personality on social media, so I’ll build the stories around that, around the people I book. They’re completely random stories. I went to an open house one weekend and then I wrote Open House a couple weekends later.

JH: I wanted to ask about Whorehoue Virgin; it reminded me of Pretty Baby, that Brooke Shields movie from the 70’s. It looked like there was a watercolor of Susan Sarandon in the background of one of the scenes, so I was wondering if that had influenced it at all and if there was any relation.

BS: No, but the paintings are all owned by Dan, the guy that owns Girlfriend Films. He collects all kinds of art that he gets all over the place, just all kinds of drawings, so when we shoot things we go through it and hang stuff up. It’s not after Pretty Baby. I’ll tell you, Whorehouse Virgin, I was reading an article about how parents aren’t teaching their kids Sex Ed, and I got the wild idea, here’s a way to teach your daughter sex ed: drop her off at a whorehouse for a week. So that’s pretty much how it came about.

Iris Rose in Whorehouse Virgin

JH: Are there any other pornographers who have influenced you, whose work do you admire and look up to?

BS: When I was first starting out, Paul Thomas, as far as a story teller, and someone that really understood the mind of the performers. I really admired how he understood their minds and how they were feeling and thinking and using it in his movie. He was really good at telling stories and ad libbing and stuff like that. As far as sex movies, I remember Patrick Collins, the guy that started Elegant Angel, I thought was he did was interesting. When Vivid first asked me to direct porn, in like 2003 or 2002, I watched some of Patrick Collins’ movies and I thought they were the best of what I saw.

JH: I’ve never heard of them, I need to look them up.Mother's Little Helper Boxcover

BS: Paul Thomas is one of the greatest of all time. I worked with him and he was a performer in the 70’s and he’s just one of the greatest pornographers of all time. He’s retired now. If you like features, if you go back and look at some of the stuff from the 90’s, they’re really unusual, interesting stories that people are mostly copying today.

JH: Are there any books, artworks, movies, or music, smutty or otherwise, that have influenced your work? I know that the Rolling Stones song was the idea for Mother’s Little Helper.

BS: A lot of classic rock and 90’s rock, Nirvana and Bush. Music definitely influences it. My favorite film maker is Woody Allen, I like the way he tells stories, you feel like it’s small and it’s interesting. I just saw The Revenant with Leo DiCaprio, I thought that was unbelievable. I haven’t seen a good movie like that in a really long time. That was amazing. I thought Deadpool was such a crazy movie, it really shows the times. It’s like the stuff I’m doing in porn, the stuff that I’m trying to say in a porno, they were doing in a movie. I don’t know if you saw it, but they were talking about tea bagging, and fucking and gang banging, and it was filthy. The stuff they said was filthy.

Ava DeLush and Dana DeArmond

JH: What’s the motivation for writing some of your darker stories?

BS: You know, I don’t know. It interests me. One thing about porn, I love doing what I’m doing and shooting movies. I’m not the kind of person who would be comfortable doing bigger movies. I really like doing what I’m doing, and designing the covers and I love every aspect of making a movie. A couple days here and there is great and a good amount of time to do it. It’s just whatever I’m interested in and reading about.

Gardener BoxcoverGardener, everyone thought that was just too much for a porno, but I was just reading stories about kidnapping and I thought about moving out of New Jersey and coming out to California, and if I could that at 17, why couldn’t that girl get out of that yard? Just stupid stuff like that. It interests me, just what the fuck kind of stuff is going on in that household.

I did Daddy’s Girls; I had a young daughter and it made me sick, I couldn’t imagine the feeling of one of my friends fucking her. It was just something that was so sick that I had to write something about it. And it wasn’t something that was necessarily about a dad wanting to be with his daughter, it wasn’t that at all. It was how disgusting the thought of it is. And the industry didn’t watch it and just said, “Whoops, it’s time for [family fantasy] porn,” and here it came!

I don’t know, the dark stuff is interesting, especially if you’re a cameraman or a cinematographer, when you have a really fucked up or weird situation. It’s a lot more interesting to light and to shoot and to watch in your camera than it is if you’re a happy couple kissing at sunset. I think visually I’m led to that stuff sometimes, and my personal life, just the things that are happening around me.

AJ Applegate, Karla Kush, Maddy O'Reilly in Garden

JH: You started out as a mainstream fashion and celebrity photographer. How did you make the transition from the mainstream to the adult industry, and was always your goal or if it just kind of happen?

BS: I started doing the artwork and the design for Vivid in the mid 90’s, and back then Vivid was putting up billboards on Sunset Boulevard and Times Square. I was doing all the photography for them, and they were a big advertising client for me. And it got more and more, and Vivid started growing like crazy. I don’t even remember how many movies they were doing a month, but it became almost full time shooting and at some point they signed a contract with me where I couldn’t shoot for any other adult companies. And I was just doing the celebrity stuff. And when magazines started going away, I kind of felt it in advance, when digital cameras started I just knew that these magazines aren’t gonna be around forever and I started directing for Vivid. I loved making movies, and at that time it was all features, so it was writing and directing and producing and shooting the covers, and I just loved it. I just got busier and busier and busier. I still do a mainstream advertising job here and there, but nothing like it was when I started in the industry. But I only stopped mainstream and commercial photography maybe six years ago.

JH: Are there any similarities between the two industries that Daddy's Girls Boxcoverstand out to you?

BS: [lauging] No, not at all. They’re completely different. I don’t know Hollywood, but Hollywood to me seems way closer to porn in that the women and the men in Hollywood are similar to the men and women in porn. The way things are done, the groups of people that are used, the way the big companies run it all, it’s pretty similar. I mean, porn is porn and it’ll never be accepted, there’ll never be big money like that, people will never flock into theaters, you’re never gonna see people sitting next to each other jacking off. It’s two separate things, so I don’t think they’re at all close, except for the business model.

JH: In some of your other interviews you’ve spoken at length about how your move from Vivid to Girlfriends Films has been a blessing for you creatively. Have you ever brought an idea to them and been told “no”?

BS: No, honestly nothing… no. I mean, Gardener was the most I’ve ever pushed anything. Once in a while they’ll ask me to do something tame. I did a movie Sweetness and Light, more couples and pretty soft edge. Switch is pretty soft as far as the idea of it, it’s not as edgy. But no, I think they’re really good, and I only come to them with something when I really wanna make it. I’m making a movie now, I’m in the middle of writing a movie about racism. It’s something that I really wanna explore. I’ll go to them with that. I don’t go to them everyday like, “Oh I wanna shoot this or that,” and I don’t really give into the topics like [family fantasy] and everything, I really don’t get into that. So there’s nothing really for them to turn down. I’m not going to the extreme, and if I am I have a reason and a good story to back it, so it’s artistic freedom. They’re great. And Dan’s movies, he does some sick-ass shit in his movies that even I can’t wrap my head around. I can’t imagine what I’d present to them that they’d say no.

Riley Reid and Evan Stone in Daddy's Girls

JH: What do you think is the best work that you’ve done for Girlfriends?

BS: Daddy’s Girls, These Things We Do, I like those as far as features.

These Things We Do boxcoverJH: I loved These Things We Do, that was the first movie of your’s that I saw.

BS: I loved that one, I thought that was an example of really just being alone with the actors and just making a movie.  I like that feeling of not having twenty people around, it’s more like I can really work with them and get somewhere. It’s more interesting than trying to spend your time doing a panning shot and having eighteen lights up. It’s more where you really get to concentrate on the actors and in that movie I really got to do that.

JH: Yeah, you’re really great at getting your performers to perform, even though porn isn’t thought of as this great bastion of thespianism.

BS: It’s my favorite part of doing the thing, when you get in that room and they understand the wording. It’s really just getting them to be themselves and it’s fun, it’s my favorite part. And it’s kind of the same for when you’re just doing sex. You know, getting those two people in that room and in that mood, with the right feeling for that sex is really important for how that sex scene turns out. A lot of directors, it’s just very robotic and generic and I’m always trying to get around that. It’s hard to get around that.

These Things We Do

JH: Are you trying to get them to fuck each other the way that they would fuck each other if they met at a bar or were dating or something? Is that how you approach it?

BS: They’re so past that, I mean they fuck non-stop. They’re so past ever getting them to that point probably. The guys need certain things to keep themselves going, the girls need certain things to do what they do, but I think if the build-up is there and you want them to do a really good job for you as a director it’s more of getting them to that point, like “I really want to do a good job and listen to what he wants.” And then once you get them in that mode, like “This is how I feel for that scene,” and they feel like they’re on board with you, you make them feel like, “We’re all here for this to happen,” then it’s usually a really good scene. And that’s usually the best I get. And almost every movie I do, unless something happens, I try to let them just have sex. I do everything before and try to interfere as little as possible. Unless it’s going horrible, then you have to resort to a wide angle lens and camera angles, and the focus on what you’re doing changes.

Sweetness and Light boxcoverJH: We’re a site that markets to women, and there’s this whole push in pornography to open up to this huge, nebulous, diverse population. When you’re making your movies, is there ever pressure to be like, “Oh, I’ve gotta make sure ladies like this too,” or is that not really something that you’re actively thinking about when you’re working?

BS: No, I never get a memo saying, “You need to make porn for women.” I think when I make features, I think when anything’s interesting it’s ok to watch, like where there’s a couple. I don’t know, what would women’s porn be? Show more man-ass or ballsack? What would be the angle? I don’t know. [laughing] In a feature I’ll show more of the man and the woman having sex, whereas in a gonzo I’m right up in there, the camera’s so close. But in a feature you’re seeing the guy move the girl around the bed, you’re seeing the girl get into the position that she wants to get in. So I would think a feature is definitely more women’s. If a woman is really into a woman, then I think maybe more the gonzo style or the harder sex movies. They just don’t show the guy. I don’t know, you tell me. As a woman, what would it be? What would you be looking for?

JH: I mean, I know what I like, but the idea of women’s porn, or porn for women, is a lot of times pretty ridiculous to me at least. There’s a lot of movies from certain studios that are definitely trying to bait that audience, but the thing is a lot of women like really hard, super crazy gonzo stuff. “Gang bangs” is apparently one of the most searched terms for women when we’re looking for porn. There’s no one thing. And like I said, there’s what? 150 million of us in the country [JH: actually closer to 126 million] and we’re not all looking for the same thing. But I think that features are definitely something that tends to attract women, but I think they attract a lot of men too.

In The Flesh BoxcoverBS: And I think visual movies too, like when I do the Sexually Explicit movies, I’m concentrating more on the visual aspect of that movie. I’m trying to get an idea across of why things are happening. You know, I have Sexually Explicit, I do features, and I do A Gonzo Story, and I do genres, like big boob or whatever is it, like the sex movies, and the new girls with Beautiful New Faces. So I pretty much cover all the different genres in porn within what I do. I try to do a little bit of everything.

Like women’s porn, one movie that comes into my head is In The Flesh, the one I did about Jesus coming back. My point with that was I bet you is that if women fuck a lot of guys they’re looked down on, so if Jesus came back he’d say, “No no, that’s not what I meant. Any sex is ok, it’s not something to look down upon.” He was there to come back and tell women, “It’s ok. You’re not whores. Go fuck yourself. Everyone can touch themselves and have sex.” Jesus wants to come back and fix what went wrong the first time he was here. So maybe that’s more of a women’s point of view? Other wise I don’t know. Like you said, If I knew exactly what it was I’d just do it. Just like you said, everybody’s different.

JH: Are there any women involved in your productions outside of the performance aspect?

BS: Yeah, my main person is a girl. Her name is Sabrina Fellows. She’s on every one of my movies and she does everything with me. Lighting, audio, sometimes camera, props.

JH: How long have you been working with her?

BS: I started working with her when I started working at Girlfriends, so four and a half years now.

In The Flesh

JH: Are there any stories that you want to tell but haven’t gotten a chance to yet?

BS: No. The thing I’m working on now is a racism thing, like the racism in porn, or how I see what I see, or the idea of it. That’s kind of what’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been getting into weird history stuff lately, maybe just because the election’s coming up. You know, looking into how shit got the way it is now. Maybe something will come out of that. But right now I’m making this movie. It takes place in New Jersey. It’s this really racist family that I used to know. I used to go over to their house when I was really young. At the time I never knew how horrible and racist they really were, because it was really normal in the area, you know? It was normal shit, it was just what you heard. So I’m writing a fictional story about that family.

Sexually Explicit 3 boxcoverJH: You’re very topical lately.

BS: Yeah, once I’m involved with something, that’s how my mind goes. I’m making my sex movies, but I’m creating that story as I go along. And once that’s on paper, then I’ll start wondering what the next idea is as far as features go.

JH: When is that gonna come out?

BS: Probably September.

I also have the new Gonzo Story called Creampies, about pregnancy. It’s funny. I have Ass vs. Pussy, and then Contrast is my interracial movie. Those three movies are coming out in the next month or so.

JH: Any last words?

BS: No, just that I love that you watch my movies and when I get letters from fans, or just any reviews. I just really appreciate that people are watching the movies, it’s a great thing. So thank you.

You can watch watch the A Gonzo Story series and more from B. Skow on HotMoviesForHer.


Judy Hologram was horrified by her speech patterns while transcribing this interview. You can follow her on twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Exclusive James Darling Interview

NAZ_0073A lot has changed since James Darling started performing in adult movies in 2009. At that point in time, there were less than a handful of studios producing porn with female-to-male trans performers, and even fewer were producing content with wide distribution. When thinking about the development of James’s career, it’s important to realize how big of a leap it must have taken him to leave the place he grew up and travel West to perform in porn. Not only has James become a celebrated performer, he has become known as a director, an advocate, and a stand-up guy in a business that is often polarizing. As a director, James has curated a bevy of performers who have worked together on several different projects, blurring the industry categories of straight, gay, or trans porn in order to make hot scenes with interesting characters who know how to have good sex on camera. James’s scenes are not easily pigeonholed, and that is what makes them so refreshing. As a viewer, you are not going to see the same tropes. You are going to see people enjoying themselves–really enjoying themselves–and this enthusiasm comes through in all of the scenes James has performed in and shot. We had the opportunity to ask James a few questions about his experience in the porn business, and what his life was like before he began filming.

HMFH: 2015 has been a big year for you. You were nominated for Transsexual Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, and you were named as one of the TRANS 100. You have created a strong brand with your website, and you have been instrumental in changing the name of the Transgender Erotica Awards. These are huge accomplishments. Did you think you would be able to have this kind of impact? What goals did you have in mind when you started performing?

tumblr_n9y5zpRDB01qf66coo1_500James Darling: Thank you! 2015 has been a pretty big year for me. I never thought that I would impact people on this level by making porn, and I’m still pretty surprised that I have been able to go as far as I have with my work in the porn industry. When I started performing there were only three companies that would shoot a trans male performer and they were all independently produced companies based out of the Bay Area creating visibility for queer bodies and desire. I never thought it would be possible to make a career out of porn, and for the most part making a living performing is still something that’s not possible for most porn performers, especially performers who are trans men. I am very grateful and it’s been an amazing experience.

I’m very honored to be included on the Trans 100. There are so many trans people whose work I admire on that list and even more trans people doing important and necessary work who should also be recognized. I think sometimes lists and awards can create hierarchies and a sense of scarcity where it shouldn’t exist, especially when it comes to the work that trans people are doing to better our communities. That shouldn’t feel like a competition and I wish there was a better way to honor the work that people are doing. I do think it is important to see and celebrate trans people thriving and creating change, though, however big or small.

What were you doing on the day you decided to start working in the adult industry? What was your life like at that point in time?

At the time I was living in Georgia working for minimum wage at coffee shops and sleeping on friends’ couches. I had very little resources at the time and wanted more from my life. I knew that I would be able to get healthcare and be around more queer and trans people if I moved to the Bay Area, and I also knew that was where queer porn was being made. My friend showed me the original Crash Pad film by Shine Louise Houston and I thought it was really amazing to see queer people having the kind of sex that I was interested in, which was something that I didn’t see reflected much at the time in porn. Many people fantasize about being in porn, but I knew I wanted to make it a reality. So one day, I had enough of dreaming of a different life and I bought a ticket for a Greyhound bus. Two and half days later I was in San Francisco, and a month later I shot my first scene.

tboystgirls coverWhat lead you to start directing your own films? Do you have a specific audience in mind when you film?

I had very limited performing opportunities as a transsexual man and knew if I wanted to make more porn, I was going to have to do it myself. I most often shoot whatever I’m interested in at the time, but I have a pretty diverse audience. Some people really enjoy my scenes with men and some people really enjoy my scenes with women, and some people like all of it.  I just really enjoy working with people I’m attracted to and I like filming interesting dynamics and try to keep things pretty fun and casual.

When I first started performing, I had shot a number of amateur porn videos for myself and with friends, and was eventually invited to be a part of Shine Louise Houston’s Point of Contact project, where she gave flip cams and a small budget to a handful of performers to create their own porn. It was a really rewarding and inspiring experience that helped influence me into thinking more about directing. The biggest moment for me actually making my own films a reality was when I discussed creating a porn membership site about trans men with Courtney Trouble at the 2012 AVN Awards. They offered to help me build a site and get it off the ground. Once FTMFucker launched, I had free reign to create whatever filthy amazing smut I wanted, and to my surprise people really loved it and the site became very successful!

jamesdHow has performing influenced your directing style? Has directing influenced the way you perform?

Absolutely! I have gained a lot of respect for editors and directors. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes of a porn shoot that I had no idea about as a performer, and a lot of stuff that would bore most porn fans to tears that they thankfully don’t have to witness. I also have gained a lot of insight into how to make sets better for the performers because I’ve been one for so long and know what it’s like and I want performers to be comfortable and have a good time on my sets. I wish sometimes that more directors and performers got to experience both sides of the camera, because I think it creates a more compassionate and informed experience for everyone involved.

 puck1How do you find performers, and do you have specific criteria when casting?

I mostly work with people who come to me, who like my films and want to be a part of them. I feel conflicted about poaching performers, especially if they have not shot porn before. I prefer to work with people who have given working in the adult industry some thought and are ok with the associated risks involved with performing in porn. Besides the obvious legal requirements, I mostly cast based on my budget, where the performers are based, their fantasies and interests, and the needs of whatever projects I’m currently working on at the time. But sometimes I meet someone special who really inspires me to try something new or different, and that’s always fun too.

jamesd2kissJRYou’ve mentioned in other interviews that you had a difficult time finding resources for the trans community in the South where you are from. Have you learned of any new resources that might be available in that area since you left? Is there a national program you might suggest that would help with outreach?

A lot has changed since I moved to the West Coast! Atlanta is definitely a hub for LGBT people in the south. A support group that made a huge difference for me when I lived there is Trans & Friends, which still meets at Charis Books & More, one of the last surviving feminist bookstores in the country. There is also Alphabet Soup, which is a support group for trans and gender variant people. Lost n Found  is a nonprofit and drop in center that serves LGBT homeless youth in Atlanta. There is also the Health Initiative which helps LGBTQ people access healthcare in Georgia.

What do you think media, mainstream and industry media, can do to help be allies for trans performers?

I think it’s imperative to have more trans people speaking for themselves and telling their own stories. I’d like to see more trans actors placed in trans roles in mainstream media. I’d also like to see more discussion of decriminalizing sex work when we are talking about how to make the world better for trans people because so many trans people are in the sex industry and I think decriminalization is vital towards creating a safer and more just world for trans people. It’s also important to listen to trans people, to honor the words we ask non-trans people to use for us and to respect our names and pronouns.

jace alternadudesOur fellow writer, Otter, would like to know what it was like to work with Jace from Alternadudes? Otter has a pretty big crush on him.

Jace is awesome! He’s a super sweet and handsome guy. We knew each other from when he lived in the Bay Area and I just happened to get booked with him the last time I shot for Alternadudes. He has a huge and truly magical cock and was able to cum twice in our scene! I’m always very impressed when I meet men who can cum more than once; even I find it challenging to have more than one orgasm and I don’t ejaculate! Working with performers who have not hooked up with a trans guy before can sometimes be challenging and it’s always great to work with someone who can be both professional and super sexy.

If you’re in a position when someone asks what you do for a living, and you don’t want to talk about porn, what’s your cover story?

I’ve been pretty lucky to rarely find myself in environments where it is not safe or OK for me to talk about my work in the adult industry, which I recognize is a huge privilege. I’m out to most people about what I do, but sometimes I tell people I am a video editor for experimental documentaries or shoot corporate training videos or some other more mundane sounding things. Speaking of disclosing my work to people, I talk about coming out to my dad in Jiz Lee’s new anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star through ThreeL Media, it’s a really great resource for anyone looking for more stories about coming out as an adult performer to friends and family.


jrsqueeze RebekaSpank jacques jaq3 jacquiline1 jacq2 puck3 puck4 jamesd3 james4The screen shots pictured above, and here,  are
from the movie Tboys+TgirlsThe couples in this film are evenly matched, meaning their chemistry works and does not seem contrived in any way. Rebeka Refuse has this great attitude, a feisty persona, and Jacques LeFemme  is the extremely dapper escort who fills in for Rebeka’s no-show hook up. The second scene features Jacqueline Woods and Ramses Rodstein, and is especially erotic because of the genuine kissing, which is often missing in porn. These two really had a good time and it’s evident in the way they treat each other after they have both gotten off a few times. Chelsea Poe and Puck Goodfellow fuck for Jesus–you really have to watch this scene to understand. Finally, James and Venus Lux provide us with before and after interviews, sandwiching a sex scene that is as compelling as the previous scenes, yet this scene conveys more intimacy because of the interviews. There is a definite suspense due to James and Venus going from talking about wanting to work together and then straight into kissing, and feeling each other out sexually. James and Venus move from being colleagues to lovers as the viewer has the pleasure of watching their relationship transform  in real time. That’s pretty cool. Yes, this scenario has happened in other films, but because of who James and Venus are, two larger-than-life personalities, their scene is unique because they come together in an honest and sincere attempt to please one another. It’s not only good porn, but it’s an impressive display of respect and desire.

BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Keisha Grey 3Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey!

HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it?

Keisha Grey: Fucking intense.

HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP?

Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks in me would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it first hand?

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments? 

Keisha: I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet.

HMFH: Mason is famous for being one of the most elusive directors in the business. What’s it like working with her?

Keisha: It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and its honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water.

Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha's Twitter @keishagreyxxx
Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha’s Twitter @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: Do you feel like there’s a big difference between being directed by a woman as opposed to a male director? Why or why not?

Keisha: I don’t feel there’s that much of a difference at all. You can tell which directors are driven and which directors just want to half ass and get the day over with despite the outcome. [Mason] is definitely hardworking and a perfectionist

HMFH: You had a really great set of guys in your gang bang. How much input did you get to have on the casting?

Keisha: I try not to say who I want to work with cause I trust Mason with who she’d pick. She knows who will fuck me right and look good on camera.

HMFH: Did everything you wanted to happen during your gang bang come true?

Keisha: Indeed. I’m addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.

HMFH: What’s next for you on your porno bucket list?

Keisha: It’s a secret.

Image courtesy of @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: What are your goals for your future in the industry?

Keisha: I want people to get off to me getting off. I want to be known. I want to enjoy myself constantly. I want to direct films. 

HMFH: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not on set?

Keisha: Music and art. I love exploring.

HMFH: You’re frequently cited as having one of the best bodies in the biz. What are your secrets for maintaining your figure?

Keisha: Hahahahahaha I’m honestly blessed. My weight fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I go to the gym. I’ve been eating organic and home grown my whole life. My mom made sure I was VERY active when I was younger with dance, yoga, and tennis. I get munchies quite often.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Keisha: I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming that’s for sure.

HMFH: What are the best ways for your fans to support you?

Keisha: Kind words and fan art make me very happy.

HMFH: Any last words?

Keisha: Eat my ass.

Watch Gangbang Me 2 on HotMoviesForHer today!

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HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

Diary Of A Sex Slave boxcoverThe latest fetish release from director/performer/lady boner James Deen is the artful Diary Of A Sex Slave movie. With no hard plot, its five scenes details a day in the life of Deen’s personal sex slave and lover, portrayed by brand new starlet Mystica Jade. As the centerpiece of what was only her second ever porn shoot, Jade captures the viewer’s attention with her vulnerable, authentic performance, powering through an intense day of BDSM fuckery. Jade was kind enough to give us an exclusive inside look at the filming of Diary Of A Sex Slave.

HotMoviesForHer: Introduce yourself! Who is Mystica Jade?

Mystica Jade: Mystica Jade is a breath of fresh air. She is genuine yet mysterious. She is awkward, yet endearing and captures your attention.

HMFH: You filled out the online application to film a scene with James Deen, which led to your first ever porn scene. What made you decide to apply?

Mystica: I was finally single and realized that I was never going to run into James at my local Starbucks so I applied, however, I never in a million years thought that I would ever actually be picked to shoot with him. I honestly thought my application would get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of other beautiful ladies.

HMFH: Did you apply with the intention of it being the first of many scenes, or did you think it would be a one time thing?

Mystica: I applied thinking it would be a one time thing, but then when James asked if it was something I might want to do. I said “yeah” and he said he knew some people who knew some people and could help me out.

Mystica Jade Selfie

HMFH: What has surprised you the most about the adult industry since you’ve joined?

Mystica: A lot has surprised me actually! I am not your quintessential “porn chick.” I have small boobs and I am not the skinniest girl and I am at a strange age coming into the industry, but whenever I am on set all I hear are positive reinforcements and someone always telling me how pretty I am or how great my body is. It is a confidence booster in all actuality and I absolutely love that!

HMFH: You must have made quite an impression on Daddy Deen; Diary of a Sex Slave revolves around your character, and it was only your second time shooting porn. How did this project get started? What is James’ brain child or yours?

Mystica: *blushing* After I shot my first scene, James and I kept in touch and he wanted to have me bent over on my knees in his entryway while dudes came in throughout the day and had sex with me. That is the text that started it all and that is straight from James’ twisted brain.

HMFH: For you, what does it mean to be a sex slave?

Mystica: Personally, to be a sex slave is to give over complete control to your master/owner/daddy. To trust him/her to know that whatever situation you are put in they would never let any harm come to you and that you are doing this to make your master happy and proud for them to call you theirs. To be at their beck and call 24/7 and that be all you could ever want for your life.

Behind the scenes of Diary Of A Sex Slave. Image courtesy of
Behind the scenes of Diary Of A Sex Slave. Image courtesy of

HMFH: We often hear of porn stars who got into the industry as a way to have their fantasies fulfilled in a safe, controlled environment. Is this true for you as well?

Mystica: Definitely! I love rough sex and was always interested in the BDSM for as long as I can remember and am now able to live out all my fantasies knowing I am in complete control of anything that happens in the scene.

HMFH: Did you have experience with BDSM before Diary?

Mystica: I have always been naturally submissive, but had never actually lived out any D/s type stuff so this was a very exciting day for me and it sparked a love that I will always have for the BDSM lifestyle.

HMFH: How much input did you have on what kind of scenes were in Diary? Was there anything that you wanted to happen that came true?

Mystica: All I knew 3 days prior to filming was the movie’s name and theme. Keep in mind, my first scene was James and I fucking with a camera sitting in the corner of a room. I thought that was how porn was made and I arrived with a bunch of camera crew and realized that he had more faith in me than I thought by giving me my own movie! My instructions were “I need you to just be you and get fucked all day.” James and I went over my limits and what I was ok with and not ok with, and that is exactly what happened. I always fantasized about getting DP’d and being told what to do all day. It was a dream come true.

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments?

Mystica: There were a lot of people. A lot of penises. I think my most memorable moments were doing BTS with Danny Wylde and him asking me “So do you do a lot of scenes where you stop and go or is this weird for you?” and I said it was my second scene and all the camera crew and Danny’s mouths kind of dropped and James just kind of smiled. I was just so glad you couldn’t tell that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Mystica Jade Diary Of A Sex SlaveHMFH: Did you really film the whole movie in one day? It sounds exhausting. How do you prepare for something like that? Was it as difficult as it sounds?

Mystica: We really filmed in one day and that is why I look like death as the movie progresses. I had a rough day! I arrived on set at 8am and I believe I didn’t leave until about 1am. You don’t prepare for something like that. I probably didn’t get much sleep either from all the nerves and excitement either.

HMFH: Which scene was your favorite?

Mystica: My favorite scene artistically and visually is the first scene when we are waking up in the morning. I think it is just so beautiful and twisted at the same time. You really get to see the dynamic of our D/s relationship in the film. My favorite scene to film was definitely the vagina licking with Dana DeArmond aka Porno Godmother. It was my first time going down on a girl and I am glad that nobody could tell! It was so much fun to film. Dana is hysterical and hanging out with her was so much fun.

evil angelHMFH: What’s it like working with James Deen? What’s he like as a performer? As a director?

Mystica: James is both the best director and performer. He is very laid back and caring. He was constantly making sure I was ok and asking if I needed anything and paid attention to me and took note when I needed a break. I actually took a nap at one point. While performing he is constantly saying dirty things to you and maintaining eye contact and keeping the energy up. He pays fabulous attention to body language and I thoroughly feel that is what makes him such a great performer.

HMFH: You’ve had a chance to film both amateur style content and a major production; what are the biggest differences between the two? Which do you prefer to perform in?

Mystica: I can’t compare Diary with my first (amateur) scene simply because both of them are very ‘me.’ I love creating porn that is very ‘real.’ I love seeing real orgasms and facial expressions that aren’t always pretty and the connection between the two performers. Filming a major production you are basically filming everything 3 times. It is very hard to maintain a genuine performance when you have to stop in the middle and restart with the same intensity as you stopped the scene with. In amateur porn you can just go non-stop and you are not rushed into cumming or anything.

HMFH: What advice do you have for women who are interested in exploring a BDSM relationship like the one in Diary?

Mystica: Please, please only do so if you have absolute trust with each other, have gone over boundaries, have safe words, and an understanding that you are ultimately the one who is in control. The sub is the one that has all the power in that type of relationship. The relationship portrayed is a very realistic and loving one. The Dom (James) has me do all these things throughout the day because it makes him happy and I (the sub) live to make Daddy happy. This is James’ idea of a love story.

HMFH: What do you like to do when you’re not on set? What are your hobbies? What makes you tick?

Mystica: I am an extremely boring person. I like to just chill at home by the pool or eat and hula hoop. I live in Texas so I mean all there is to do is eat.

selfie 2HMFH: You haven’t been in the industry for very long; what are your porno goals and dreams for the future?

Mystica: I am not trying to be famous or make millions of dollars or be the next big thing. I just really like performing so as long as I am passionate about a scene or a company then I would love to shoot. I have already done so much in such a short amount of time, but I would love love love to shoot for Tushy, Hard X, Naughty America, Digital Playground, Brazzers, and all the companies really.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing you in next?

Mystica: I haven’t really done much lately. My scenes are few and far between but I should have a scene coming out soon for The Upper Floor with Bill Bailey and Cherie DeVille and I will be shooting for The Training of O next month.

HMFH: What’s the best way for your fans to show their love and support you?

Mystica: Twitter @themysticajade, Instagram @themysticajadex, and Amazon Wishlist.

HMFH:Any parting words?

Mystica: Diary Of A Sex Slave is nominated for a Nightmoves Award for Best Fetish/Specialty Release so pretty please go vote and let me know on Twitter so I can thank you!

Watch Diary Of A Sex Slave on HotMoviesForHer today!

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HMFH Interviews Addie Juniper

Addie JuniperAddie Juniper is a director, producer, and performer with over ten years experience in the adult industry shooting pro-am fetish clips. She’s known for her all natural, youthful appearance and has made quite a splash here at headquarters with her quirky, niche fetish movies. We were lucky enough to score an interview with Addie, and she generously shared her insights and experiences with us!

HotMoviesForHer: You made a name for yourself in the adult industry by producing amateur fetish clips. Can you tell us a little bit about how and why you got started?

Addie Juniper: First off, I would call my videos PRO am, as I’ve always used professional equipment. 😉

That’s a long story, but after doing a few fetish shoots as a model, I quickly realized that I wanted to shoot my own videos. I met my ex business partner after he hired me for a shoot. He was just starting out as well, and we hit it off and became business partners and remained so for 9 years. Now I have been solo for about a year under Juniper Movies.

HMFH: Whenever we get movies from your studio Juniper Movies, they usually create a bit of a stir in the office. The Sea Monster Prefers Brunettes! turned a few heads in particular. Your studio is still pretty small but covers a lot of different niches. How do you decide what to do next?

The Sea Monster Prefers BrunettesAddie: Ha! That’s awesome. I can’t take creative credit for those videos beyond the title, which I’m still cracking myself up about. 😉 I shoot a lot of custom, fan-ordered videos as well as the niches that I’ve known sell well for me within the fetish industry.

HMFH: What’s your favorite kind of scene to shoot as a performer versus as a director?

Addie: As a performer, I enjoy shooting all types of videos! Tickling is one of my favorites, as well as blowjobs and sex. Anything that involves acting is fun as well.

HMFH: You do a lot of work both behind and in front of the camera. What decision making process goes into casting your movies?

Addie: Well, beyond my customers choosing the specific models they want for the videos they order, I try to shoot models who can act and understand fetishes. I lean towards more natural-looking, girl-next-door types, but that’s just a personal preference.

HMFH: You sometimes perform for higher end studios like Wicked and Digital Sin. What’s the biggest difference between these jobs and your amateur work, and what are the pros and cons of each type of production?

Addie in American Innocence 2
Addie in American Innocence 2

Addie: I prefer smaller sets, mostly because of logistics. Shoots with big companies always take forever and, as a director, it’s hard for me to understand why. Two hours of waiting around and then they are slowly setting up the lights? It’s frustrating. When a model shows up on my set, I am prepared and ready to begin, as I don’t like to waste anyone’s time. Other than that, the shooting feels the same, I’m just wearing fake eyelashes and on a fancy set. 😉

HMFH: Last year you were the star of Vivid’s 100% Real Teen Swingers of Atlanta, which was nominated at the AVN Awards for Best Amateur Release. How did it feel to have your work recognized on an industry-wide scale?

Addie: That was cool!

HMFH: Speaking of teens, I was blown away when I found out that you’re 30 years old. What are your beauty secrets?

Addie: I just turned 31! Besides genetics (I’ve always looked young and my mother looked young for a long time), I think the best beauty regimen is taking care of your skin by not tanning, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding makeup. I only wear makeup when I have to and just a little. Also, I’m all natural. I think a lot of people get plastic surgery in an attempt to look younger when it often has the opposite effect.

HMFH: At your age, most porn actresses are starting to market themselves as MILFs and cougars, but you very convincingly keep a youthful, girl-next-door appearance. What impact do you think this has on your appeal?

addie selfieAddie: I’ve never understood why porn models must either be “teens” or “MILFs”, as if men don’t want to jerk off to anything in between. :p I’ve been hired for MILF stuff lately and the director is clearly disappointed when I show up on set. And then producers of Teen content rarely hire me because of my age. *Shrug* I’ll just keep being me and not worry about it.

HMFH: You’ve been on a cross country road trip and living out of a van for the better part of a year. How do you keep up with performing and filming during this time?

Addie: Honestly, I haven’t been shooting much since I’ve been traveling. But after shooting for 10 years, it’s been a wonderful break! Sometimes I shoot in hotel rooms or manage to pick up a shoot in a random town. No worries, though I still have tons of content that I haven’t released yet!

HMFH: What are some of the adventures that you’ve had on your road trip?

Addie: National Parks and tiny Western towns with little saloons and natural wonders like the Salt Flats and slot canyons and gorgeous beaches like I’ve never seen before. And cities, of course, and all they have to offer. And food from all over! It’s incredible and I’m ecstatically happy these days. 🙂

HMFH: You’re always tweeting about all the amazing things that you get to eat. Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite food?

addie black beach
Addie at Black’s Beach

Addie: Oh yes! I love cooking, but I love eating more. 😀 It’s hard to pick, but some of my favorites are Chicken Tikka Masala, ceviche, anything with limes, tomatoes, avocados, spicy foods. Really, I love everything. 🙂

HMFH: When you’re not performing or directing, what do you like to do in your downtime?

Addie: Traveling. Watching TV shows. Going to the movies. Hiking. Reading. Writing. Listening to music.

HMFH: What are your fans like? Have you had any crazy interactions with them?

Addie: Many of my fans are wonderful and I consider them to be friends. Some are bad apples, of course! :/

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Addie: Well, I’ll be releasing another edition of Classloads with black girls, much more tickling and ballbusting, cuntbusting, belly punching (so violent!) and of course, more sea monster. I also have these amazing transformation movies and more vampire stuff.

HMFH: Finally, what is the best way that fans can support you and your work?

Addie: Buy my movies! Through HotMovies or order a custom video.

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The Sensational Tasha Jones: Exclusive Interview

2015-06-03_15-21-54The star of a new Kennston Productions film, Tasha Jones talks about issues that are as important to adult entertainers as they are to the fans who watch it. While some stars may have a split personality when it comes to performing and real life, Tasha Jones can’t help but be anyone but herself, all the time. We were happy she agreed to talk with us about her experiences in the industry, her outside interests and upcoming projects, as well as what keeps her focused in this sometimes crazy profession.

You are the star of the newly released Oral Sensation in which you are in all five scenes. You get to be the hot girlfriend, the elegant lady in lingerie, and the temptress next door. What is your favorite on-screen role to play? Do you have any favorite scenarios?

I loved making this movie. It is my first adult DVD where I am the star. To be honest I do not have a favorite on screen role. I love it all. As for scenarios, I have always loved real homemade type of movies. You find a guy online, bring him over, turn the camera on, and just go at it. That really turns me on.

tj8You have a great scene with Eddie Wood in Oral Sensation. Your banter and chemistry is really intimate. Was working with him your first female-to-male on-camera sexual experience?

It was my first time being with a F2M. I prefer the term “being with” rather than “working with.” I do not like to think of my filming as “work.” I enjoy it too much. Eddie was amazing to work with, we came up with the concept of how our scene would play out while Michelle Austin was taking a bath, and it took 10 minutes. Then we started to film and ad-libbed most of it. It pretty much happened all in one take.

The sex was amazing! It was so interesting to me to play with someone who looks so manly yet he has a pussy. I am a Trysexual type of person; nothing is off limits to me sexually. But this was something I had never done and really wanted to. Again, the sex was amazing.

Who would your dream co-star be, and who have you loved working with?

My dream co-star was Christian XXX and I got to shoot with him twice so far this year. I have jerked off watching him in videos wishing it was me he was fucking more times than I can count. After years of missing out we were finally in the same city together. We had no plans to shoot, but once we met face to face there was no question it was going to happen. Maybe me more than him but I had to have his cock…even just once.

What made it really special for me was that it was my birthday. I went out to Club Cobra on Thursday night and ran into him. We hung out and made plans for the next day. Before the shoot he took me out to Mel’s Diner and we had breakfast and then we walked around and he showed me places he used to live and told me stories about LA. We talked and got to see a side of each other that was more personal than online. That made the actual scene we shot more intense. He is a really big guy in more ways the one. What really turned me on was that he is a really nice guy and I felt really lucky to experience him and get to live out my fantasy!

You’ve been in the adult industry since the 1990s. There have been several technological changes in the way people watch and access porn. What changes have you seen due to this new technology? Has your content changed because viewers want to see something different than before?

Gosh, what a way to age me…lol. Yea, things have really changed over the years, some are good changes and others are really bad changes. The biggest change I see today is more with the girls. Everyone is a porn star these days. You go on webcam or take a selfie and now that gives you a label of a porn star. Sadly that has taken the “star” away from porn. Now anyone can do it. This really effects how much money you can make doing porn, which then affects the effort people put in making a good porn movie. I miss the old days.

But for the guys, it is great. No longer do they have to leave their house-they can turn on their computer or even their phone now and boom you have all the porn you want at your fingertips. Again, pretty much for free. Reality is that people are getting bored, you have to really do something different to get noticed. How many times can you hear “I have a special surprise for you” or “Oh daddy it feels so good,” when you know that girl is making a shopping list in between moans? Lol. I just think the adult industry is too saturated with underrated basic porn and really bad attempts at acting. Girls are more worried about how they look rather than enjoying having a huge cock spread them open.

tj6You have several interviews available for your fans to read on different websites like Real,, and your own blog is full of personal insights. While many performers have on-screen personae while hiding their real personalities, you are very candid about your life, your history and your past. Why did you make a conscious decision to be transparent with your fan base, and let people know the real you?

I have known no other way to be. I have also, since the first day I started doing webcam shows in 1997,  have been myself on and off camera. Meeting me in person or online–it does not matter, I am always just me. I also think my fans have come to expect that from me and it would be disrespectful to them to change that. Has it hurt me in the long run? Yes! Have I changed a bit of how open I am? Sadly yes.

Fans want the fantasy, the untouchable girl they can admire, but know nothing about. As much as my fans love that I am honest, they also would rather spend money on other girls who are not. I have seen it when I am watching another girl’s webcam show and see one of my fans tipping up a storm, but when they are in my room they just want to talk to me for free. Or if I have a personal issue like the discrimination I have had to deal with YouTube, Plenty of Fish, even Grindr. I get no support from my fans. I tested it, I posted a real story about my life and waited an hour. I got 20-30 likes/favorites. Then I posted a picture of my tits within 15 minutes I had over 100 likes and favorites.  Does it disappoint me? Of course. But if you have noticed, I have been less forthcoming on social media these days. Posting less selfies and a lot less nude photos. I feel, if you’re only going to support me when I give your spank bank a free deposit then you will get a lot less spank bank deposits until you learn you have to give me something in return 🙂

tj4Do you ever feel like you are pigeonholed in real life because of any of your on-screen personae?

Dating. I have always had a very hard time dating anyone because like you said above, I am so open about who I am. Guys think that all I wanted was sex. They would fuck me, but would never date me. I have had so many guys over the years tell me that, to my face. It really was disappointing and honestly this may shock some of your readers but, I was single and alone most of my life. I always privately hoped I would have a partner who would accept me for who I am, that we could have an honest relationship and be ourselves.

The truth is it is hard enough dating when you’re Trans let alone a very open sex worker/adult star. That is just too much for most guys to handle. So I went from one bad relationship to another filling the void with guys who were more fucked up then I was. But it was better than being alone. It was also easier for me to not feel less than or rejected. The really sad part was I was open to dating older guys or guys with no money. I just wanted to be accepted.

Then when I was at my lowest and I truly had given up all hope, I married my best friend. We do not have a conventional relationship. But it works for us. We are happy and accept each other’s issues and never judge each other. We allow each other to live life to the fullest. He knows I am a very sexual person, and [I] love my dick, so he has no issues with my life choice. I think that is more important than the fairy tale you grew up being told was the norm.

tj5You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you are writing a book about your life. What is your motivation for getting your life story out there?

I think I have been writing this book since I was in my 20’s. It hopefully will get done, but every time I think it is finished, life changes and it seems my story is not done yet. I have two reasons for writing my life story. I am writing it to help others who might be going through what I had had to go through in my life. If I can help and save someone the pain, it will make everything I have been through worth it. I also think because I starting transitioning at the age of nine I have a lot of years of life lessons that could be very helpful to younger and now older Trans just starting to transition.

My main reason for writing it is for myself. It is very therapeutic for me to relive my life as I write. It answers questions for me and allows me to see things now that I am older differently. Some things are still just too painful to write and others I want to write about them but it might do more harm than good. It is a very hard thing to write about your life, but I choose to focus on the therapeutic, and the positive benefits I get when writing a chapter.

What are some questions that you wish interviewers would ask you, but they never do?

That is a hard one. I almost live two lives. People never know which way to go with me. Do they focus on my adult life or my personal life? As well, most interviewers who have dealt with the other girls find they want to stay away from personal questions, they do not understand that I am OK with both sides of my life being exposed.

I have read some interviews were personal questions were asked and I could tell that the answers were bullshit. They either lied to get attention or they embellished to make themselves look better. That is not me. I might answer a personal question with too much honesty than most porn readers wish to know about me. They cannot deal with that much truth. They would not be able to look at me as a sexual object knowing my personal life or issues. But again, I do not want to be fake, or play the role that works for others. I am me, I am a very complicated person, but at least I am a sexy one. 🙂

tj3What would you like to film if money was no matter? Would it be a big budget film, documentary, or maybe an avant garde, experimental scene? Would it be pornographic at all?

All of the above. I love to try new things and experience new adventures. This will sound bad, but I film what I want to film because I enjoy it. I will never do something I do not enjoy–money or no money. I have money. I have been in this business since 1998 so I better have a nest egg. I am the type of person money has never meant anything to me and it never will. I will do scenes for free because I just want to experience it. Some may judge me because of this, but at least I have the memory.

If you look at my Youtube channel it really shows my personality. I do a cooking show, a vlog, a first time show where I interview people about their first time having sex, just me driving around, crazy Trans adventure videos of me cruising for cock, music videos with my best friend Corey. I do it all and I made no money off of any of it; it cost me money, but I loved every second of it and I plan to do lots more.

People focus on money and limits way too much–as well as what other people think. I live for me and do what makes me happy. Do I like when people compliment my work on any level? Of course I do. But that is not why I do it and it should never be why anyone does anything in life.

I’ve read that you are a gamer, and especially enjoy Massively Multiplayer Online games. What are your favorite games, and when did you start playing?

I started playing in 1998, Resident Evil was my first game. Then Tomb Raider was my second, Now I love playing Black Ops. I love to play on the computer or my XBox. But I have not played in a very long time. In fact, now I want to play, but cannot because I have to answer these stupid questions…lololol.

tj2What are your plans for this year? Is there anywhere we can look for your work?

I will have 1 or 2 more DVDs coming out this year; a crossdresser video where I dominate sissy sluts and use my strap-on to fuck them raw. Then Oral Sensation 2 is in the works. It will either come out late this year or early next year.

I also have my new website through Grooby, Club Tasha.XXX that will have tons of updated content and a place for my fans to watch me on webcam. Lots of new content that will be uploaded this summer will be just me and a camera finding guys online, in parking lots, or in the woods, and filming me having sex with them, total strangers. It will be

My social networks always have updates. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all @TsTashaJones

How can your fans be good to you in your new ventures?

Support me by retweeting, commenting, or I don’t know…buying

On your T-girls Radio show, you say that you want your conversations to sound like conversations with your girlfriends. Have you met many good friends in the adult industry, and how do you support each other?

To be honest I only have a handful of people I have in my personal life. Michelle Austin, Dicky Johnson, Eddie Wood, Dan & Kristal from Grooby, Tyra Scott and Christian XXX are the main people I would consider friends. I talk to lots of other people, but I would not consider them friends. This is from the adult world only.

2015-06-11_13-10-07Earlier this year your YouTube account was terminated, yet the content you had online followed YouTube’s user agreements. What type of recourse do you have when mainstream censorship prevents you from self-promotion? Have you seen this kind of censorship happening to other trans stars?

I am really disappointed with YouTube. I did nothing wrong yet they suspended my account for 6 months, not terminated. I tweeted them every day for a week. Wrote letters. Followed the worthless option they give you to fight the suspension, but it was a waste of time and they knew that. But they have to give us something. I begged my fans to support me because power is in numbers. But little did. Like I mentioned before, show something real—nothing, but if I attached a naked picture it would have went viral, but then that would have not supported my cause.

This is common with sites like that. We are adult stars, so we must be uploading something porn related. Yet, Mary Sue down the road can upload her ass shakin’ all over the place and that is OK? Females can do a cooking naked show with nothing but whipped cream covering their nips and pussy and that is OK? Yet mine, where I am covering everything, they had issues with. I submitted those videos in my email to them to show why I felt like they were discriminating against me, those videos are still up there today, yet my account is suspended?

I could write a book on the issues I have faced with some of the websites and apps. But it will not change a thing. Without the support from my fans I am just a nobody to them. Not worth their time. It is very sad, disappointing and frustrating.



Rebecca Love – Queen of the Air

Rebecca Love has had a versatile and interesting career in the adult industry. From XXX features to B-Movies, and radio, Love has gained a large following, and continues to inspire today’s performers to experiment with different genres of entertainment and branch out into different forms of media. We asked Love a few questions about her experience in the adult industry, her advice on getting started as a performer, her favorite roles, and fun facts about being on the airwaves. 

Rebecca Love Leopard Print Halter-top
Rebecca Love

These days it seems there are plenty of opportunities for people who have worked in porn to branch out and use that experience in a new field. You may be one of the people who have had the most diverse experience between B-Queen status and your radio show. What was the transition from porn to B-movies like?
The only difference was [I did] not have sex. The actors/actresses where the same kind-hearted people I worked with from porn to Skinemax. I have been blessed and worked on a lot of professional sets, and worked with exceptional people.

 Previously, you hosted talk radio shows for KSEX, VAVOOM, and Nowlive. How did you become interested in broadcasting?

KSEX was the first Internet radio broadcasting outlet I have ever worked on. I loved it so much that it became a dream job to me. I kept chasing it with other stations like Vavoom and NowLive. I even joined Katie Morgan on her podcast “Having Sex with Katie Morgan” as her co-host. This was something that I had a passion for, so when podcasting became the new way to listen to talk radio at your convenience, I jumped on board and taught myself how to produce a quality audio MP3. Now I produce my show and Joclyn Stone’s podcast, “Sick Addictions,” on Adult Film Star Network.

Love DJ
Love DJ

 What are your favorite things to talk about on your shows, and do you have any taboo subjects?

On my podcast “Talking Dirty,” I teach people about the adult industry. I take a topic and discuss it fully, educating the consumer about that specific area in the porn world. On “Sick Addictions,” Joclyn Stone will teach you about fetish and the different areas involved. I am her vanilla co-host for her show. Both podcasts are about teaching the consumer about sexuality and the business.

You had a great talk on your radio show concerning things new stars should know before shooting their first scene. What do you think new stars may overlook, or forget?

Safety is overlooked sometimes in a mad rush for the cash. Be careful and verify companies/person(s) you will be working with. This is a business, treat it like such. Another is who will see their performance. Before you commit to porn or the sex industry know everybody will know you filmed [porn] eventually, so make sure you can handle the negativity that can follow. I have had supportive friends and family, but that isn’t always the case. You need thick skin, and own what you do. Stand up for what you believe in and never back down. I love the adult industry and have found an extension to my family in this world.

Love Chains
Love Chains

Who are some of the performers that you would like to have on your show? What about these people make them interesting to you as a radio host and a performer?

I forgot I do have a podcast that is interview based called, “Deep Inside…” This is where I and Joclyn Stone will interview adult stars and get to know them from childhood, how they got in the biz until present day. I would love a variety of characters on “Deep Inside…” However, I cannot choose just one because everybody has a different story which is entertaining and unique. Plus, if I name drop a few people the other people I know might be upset I didn’t mention them. I don’t want to stir up any trouble here…lol.

You host with Jocelyn Stone a lot on your show, and you have been a guest on her podcast. Have you found camaraderie with many females during your time in the adult industry? Do you still have many friends in adult entertainment?

Joclyn Stone is one of my BFF’s. We think so much alike, but still have separate thoughts. She is my yin to yang, my peanut butter to jelly, she completes me. I think the show does so well because of the chemistry we have and the different viewpoints. I have a lot of Adult Film Star friends and I also am very close with my high school friends from upstate New York. My friends are my family and I hold on to them for a long time.

Love and Joclyn Stone
Joclyn Stone, Love (right)

You are very active on social media, you cam, and you do live chat. How has this type of interaction helped you to connect with your fans?

Social media is always changing and I have to stay on top of it like a teenager. My daughter keeps me educated with the new and improved next best thing. I use my Twitter a lot like a chat room. I love seeing what people are saying in the mentions. I slacked a little with Instagram, but now I am posting pictures like crazy. I even added it to my website for instant photo updates. I am a social media whore…love it 🙂

French Maid Love
French Maid Love

 You worked with Vivid Video and did some great features with them. What were some of your favorite films with that company?

They gave me my first start really. My favorite video was The 8th Sin, which was their feature film that year. Lots of me in that movie by Paul Thomas. I have to say Vivid saw potential in me and gave me a lot of great feature film roles. I am grateful for Vivid Video booking me so many times and giving me that break I needed to get started in this amazing porn world.

Rebecca Love Leather/HeadphonesCheck out some of our favorite Rebecca Love movies:

Conviction­­Super Hot scene with Kat Stevens.

Filthy –Oh my god, Steven St. Croix! The man just keeps getting hotter.

The Tits That Saved XXX-Mas –everyone loves a feel-good holiday movie.


twitter:  @rebeccalovexxx

Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson: Trans Adventurers

Dicky Johnson and Michelle Austin
Dicky Johnson and Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin has been getting a lot of media attention recently. From the Feminist Porn Awards and AVN nominations this year, to her latest release Trans Men Adventures 2, Austin has been on a roll creatively, and romantically. Her new partner and collaborator is up-and-comer Dicky Johnson. Together they are creating a body of work that is both erotic and provocative. Austin dishes on her favorite stars she’s worked with, her feelings about terminology in porn and the trans community, her new projects, and focus for the future.

HotMoviesForHer: Michelle, congratulations on Trans Men Adventures being nominated for a 2015 AVN award. You star in and directed the new release Trans Men Adventures 2. How long have you been producing your own content?

Michelle Austin: Going on five years. I started producing my own content because when I first started I was considered BBW. I still am considered BBW, but I’ve lost a lot of weight since then. But, in the trans porn world you don’t get a lot of work. So, my option was to produce my own stuff and put it out there. That’s how I started. I released Voluptuous Diva I, and then I’ve had four [films] since. And the Trans Men Adventures came around from an idea of working with James Darling. So, we kind of teamed up and did that whole thing, but I just felt like…even though it’s my idea, after a while I didn’t want it to be labeled into the queer [category] because I felt like I’m not queer, and I know a lot of FtMs that aren’t queer, so I didn’t feel like it was the right place for me. But, yeah I’ve been producing a lot and this year I will be producing a lot more stuff. Not just my stuff anymore. I’m producing other people’s content and releasing it through my label.

HMFH: Tell us about your label.

Michelle: Kennston Productions is my production company, which now me and him [Dicky] do together. I started it. It was me and my then husband at the time. He’s passed away since then. We started it, and he filmed all my stuff. I always knew that eventually I was going to stop performing, and just direct and produce because that’s what I like doing. It’s just, this is my fifth year in front of the camera, and I’m kinda burnt out. I was explaining that to Dicky. He’s just now getting into it, so it’s a little different for him, and I felt the same way. But, I was producing my own solo site, my own content. I do everything behind the scenes. It’s not just me going in front of the camera and performing. It’s me doing that and performing. It’s me updating it, editing it, releasing it, and promoting it. So, it’s a little different. I eventually just want to be able to focus on my models, and his career versus mine.

Photo: Andi
Photo: Andi

HMFH: Dicky, your first solo scene was shot for Buck Angel in Sexing the Transman XXX 3. Did that experience propel you to do more adult work? What made you take the leap into porn?

Dicky Johnson: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was a girl. I had seen some of Buck’s stuff, and of course I thought it was amazing. I was immediately attracted to him and I loved everything he was doing. So, I emailed him because he was casting. He got back to me and booked me. I thought, “Wow, I’m really doing this shit at this point in my life?” Then I started thinking really long and hard about what I just did. People find you. But, you know, it’s something I wanted to do since my 20s, but I just never did it.

HMFH: Dicky, when did you know that you were going to transition from female to male?

Dicky: Looks wise I figured it out as soon as me and [my ex] broke up, so that was the looks part. The actual identifying in the right spot of a man was after [Michelle]. Pretty plain and simple. She said, “You don’t look like no fucking girl to me.” That was that.

Michelle: I think that when I met him, and if you look there is an interview of him, if you look at that interview of him…

Dicky: I was still pushing that in-between queerish thing. Don’t really know what label or want to be one.

HMFH: Is there an interview specifically?

Michelle: The Trans Men Adventures 2 DVD has all these interviews that we did with the models.

Dicky: It’s funny because what I’m saying on there to what I think now is different. There’s really only one point in particular that is different now than before. Before I was more genderqueer or gender neutral or fluid. Whatever you want to call it. I was OK if you called me “she” or “he.” It didn’t matter. But, I think people who already knew me were stuck on “she,” of course.

Michelle: That’s any family, or friends too.

Dicky: No, some friends changed to “he.” But I have come to terms with the fact that I am a man. Anybody new or anyone I haven’t met before, it’s “he.” I don’t go by my female name anymore. So, that’s really the only thing that’s different from the interviews. The interviews are pretty lighthearted.

Michelle: It’s pretty much real. But, I think that what worked for him too, is that we just started talking as friends after shooting. I think that hearing about my transition, my journey, my family’s acceptance of me and all this stuff really helped him. And then, listening to him tell me stories about his childhood and all this stuff. I was like, “You are trans. You know this, right?”

Dicky: (Laughs) She said, “You were a boy, always! You did nothing feminine your whole life!”

Michelle: It was kinda the opposite of me. I was the boy wanting to do all the girl stuff. He actually was a boy doing all the girl stuff, which is interesting. I joke with him about this, and he says, “I didn’t even have that, or like that.”I said I wanted a Barbie, and he didn’t even want one.

Dicky: I didn’t even have a Barbie. I hated them. I didn’t even want a G.I. Joe because it’s still a doll. I need a hammer!

HMFH: Dicky, you are in two scenes in Trans Men Adventures 2. How did you two begin working together?

Michelle: Dicky had just shot with a trans girl, Kelly Clare. She knew I was casting Transmen 2 and that I wanted to cast new talent. She said that she knew a guy and that he was really cool and looking for work. She gave me his info and then I think that he and I started talking on Twitter, messaging back and forth. I was coming to New York City, so he met me up there to shoot. And we talked for maybe an hour or two and then we shot. It’s funny because I think the other things that he’s been in where it’s  just Buck and Kelly, so there were no story lines.

Dicky: I still hate that, by the way. I really don’t like a storyline, but I think I’ve gotten over the weirdness of it. That weird, fake acting thing “I’m your plumber” thing kills me.

Michelle: Well, the whole point of Trans Men Adventures 2 was to make fun of straight porn from the 80’s and before. That’s the whole idea is to poke fun at the straight porn and the stupid plumber/handyman getting seduced.

Dicky: Yes, but it’s hard to do that with someone you don’t know. I could act that way privately, but someone you just met, to be like “You need your pipes cleaned?” is hard. (laughs) I’m still laughing at that and it’s been a long time ago. I would just laugh the whole time. I get half a sentence out and crack up.

Michelle: So, we’re not working off scripts, we’re working off improv. I’m kinda giving him an idea of what to say, and where the direction is going, but he’s from Philly and I’m from the South so he’s not gonna say it like me. This DVD is great because we have a whole bunch of outtakes in the bonus materials. Everyone who was on set was trans, so we had a lot of camaraderie and we just had a lot of fun. We shot the last two scenes in LA with Chance Armstrong, and it wasn’t just Chance in the room with me, it was like five people eating, taking pictures, and posting their sandwiches in the frame of us having sex on social media.

Dicky: The sandwich covering the sexual part of the photo, and we’d be waving in the background. Very unprofessional stuff (haha).

Michelle: We have a lot of fun.

HMFH: Michelle, what made you decide to get into the adult industry?

Michelle: When I was 20, I had just transitioned and a photographer from Grooby Productions approached me. I had already been on the Lady Like cover. I was getting a lot of attention, and one of the producers out in Chicago asked me “Would you shoot porn?” You know, I thought about it. At the time I had a real job. I worked in a salon, and I didn’t want to have that sex image as a trans person. I always said I would never do it because it “tarnishes your image.” I don’t know why I didn’t do it back then because I was very sexual back then, but I didn’t. I’m really glad I didn’t and I tell girls this all the time. You have to find yourself first. If you’ve just transitioned, and then you put yourself inside porn, it’s just a really hard world for someone. Transitioning is like going through puberty again, so you’re going through all these emotions and dealing with all these things, and then on top of it you’re in front of a camera and all these people, and then to hear what they have to say about you…it’s really hard. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re the prettiest girl, there’s gonna be people out there that don’t like you. You don’t have the biggest dick, you don’t have the biggest ass, or the biggest tits. It’s whatever they want to say, and someone is not going to like you. So, when I turned 30 and they asked me again I was in a place where I could say yes. I was escorting at the time, and I thought that it might help my escorting business.

I like being in front of the camera. I modeled as a boy. I like taking pictures. I modeled for a lot of erotic photographers, and their work was in galleries, but I never did porn. So, I thought that the time was right.

Right after that shoot, in November 2010, Morgan Bailey asked me to host the Tranny Awards. She and I had done drag back in Chicago and she knew I was good on the mic. So, I did, I hosted the Tranny Awards that next February, in a bar in North Hollywood. And it was so much fun. It changed my whole perception of porn. I met all these porn stars, and I felt like I was part of a sisterhood.

Right after this I told Steven from Grooby, I said that I wanted to do my own solo site. I wanted to do something where there were big girls. And he agreed with it. It is a market to tap into, a niche within a niche. So, I did it. I thought I would get shot on a lot more sites, because people always said, “You’re so pretty,” but then when you get into porn it doesn’t matter how pretty you are. It’s how skinny you are or how big your dick is. It doesn’t matter how pretty you are; if you’re not what they’re looking for you’re not gonna get hired. I just decided to run with it and make it my own.

Photo: Andi
Photo: Andi

HMFH: Michelle, you are the 2013 Transgender Erotica Award Winner for Voluptuous Diva. How has being on camera affected your look? Has being on camera affected your body image?

Michelle: Sometimes I look in the mirror and say that I wish I could fix things, but when I was even a lot heavier I still thought I was beautiful and I still accepted my body. I think that’s the key­–you have to come to terms with who you are right then and there. We always want to fix things about ourselves, but you can work on fixing those things and still love yourself where you’re at right then. I think that if you have that confidence and you get in front of the camera and you get out and do it, or just living your life that way helps. I get people who tell me that I have done something by being myself and doing this work, and that I have helped them to say that they can do it too. I mean, not doing porn, but being themselves and being comfortable in their own skin. So, I’m glad that I’ve done this. I love who I am. I always have, and I think that’s the key. Love who you are and the skin that you are in at that point.

HMFH: Michelle, how would you categorize your body of work?

Michelle: I can’t believe I’ve already been working for 5 years, but when I came into this business I was the fat tranny or they called me BBW, but I didn’t think that was the case. Even when I went to the BBW conventions I was [smaller] than those girls, even when I was heavier. But, the girls there just told me to embrace it. And that’s what I had to do, embrace it. People still say I’m BBW and it doesn’t bother me. My body of work? What I want people to take away was that I was true to myself. I never let anybody tell me what to do. My career was because of me. Not because the industry or some producer told me to do it. I ran my whole career. That’s why I feel like I am blessed in the way that I am. I’m not on 1000 sites, and I’m not shot a lot, but 90% of what is on the internet of me is owned by me. It’s mine, and it will forever be mine.

 HMFH: Have you ever been categorized as something other than how you define yourself?

Michelle: I don’t have a problem with labels.

Dicky: The DVDs that we have out right now, the Trans Men Adventures movies are a specific niche. That is straight-acting porn. That’s not all of our work. We do have another website where we are focusing on trans men solo scenes, or trans men with trans women. There’s more to come, so I am hesitant to say exactly what our niche is. My private site is going to have some straight, some gay and some queer content. It’s kind of a little bit of everything. There’s no prejudice there. We are very open.

Michelle: I think what we are talking about though is where the majority of my career lies. And I’m straight. I’ve always been straight. I’ve always worked with men. I’ve done cis women and I’ve done trans women, but in all reality I’ve done mostly cis men until Trans Men Adventures came around. If you look at what we’re doing, we are doing straight porn. If you look at genitalia, we are doing straight porn. If you look at how people define themselves in our movies, then we are doing straight porn. It’s a man and a woman. It’s a pussy and a dick. So, however you look at it, it’s straight porn. But, because we are trans we have to put ‘straight trans porn’ on the label. But, there is nothing else out there that is straight trans porn, so the [genre] is new because people don’t know how to categorize it and we’re often put into “queer”, but I’m fighting that. This is not queer.

I think a lot of trans people want to see porn with people that look like them, that act like them.

The problem with queer is that you’re just putting everyone in here, and being like “you can be whatever you want.” But the thing is, you can’t. You have to live in society as something. So, for example, you saying you’re not a he or a she. But, you dress really femme, you’re always wearing lipstick and dresses, and you’re a cis gendered female? That’s not gender queer. There are some people who really are gender fluid and can carry that androgyny. Danni Daniels and Jiz Lee are great examples of that, but for me I know I’m not genderqueer. I know who I am. I know exactly what I do, so that’s why I don’t label [my content] genderqueer.

HMFH: Could that terminology be geographic specific?

Michelle: Yes, the only truly gender queer people I have met are in San Francisco or Brooklyn or Toronto. Those are the places that identify with that term. Everywhere else people talk about being trans or straight, or gay, etc… But, those places have really embraced that term. I don’t know what the market for that is. Not labeling things is confusing for the consumer. We’ve been, and a lot of trans performers have been down this road with queer performers. Many of them think we’re horrible because we say things like “Man with a pussy” Or “Mangina” or “Chicks with dicks”, but that’s who I am. I am a chick, and I have a dick. He is a man and he has a pussy. You can’t change that.

Dicky: When it comes to advertising you have to label what you’re selling. People will get upset if your pants drop and then you’re not what the consumer was looking for. You have to do that for porn, not at home. Be whatever you want at home, but for porn you need to be more specific.

Michelle: I think the issue is that they want to lose the words “she-male” and “tranny.” That’s great, but in normal life you’re not walking up to people saying “Hi tranny!” “Hi she-male!” I’ve been using the word tranny since I was 17 years old. I love the word tranny. I used to have a talk show called Tranny Talk. It was a very popular show. I’ve never heard a straight person ever say tranny in their life unless they have a bunch of gay friends. My gay friends say that, but within our own group. They say that shemale and tranny are words used to attack us. But, I’ve been attacked, and I’ve seen my friends attacked and they aren’t calling you that when they’re beating you up. You know what they’re calling you? They call you “it,” “he/she,” or “fag.” Majority of the time they’re calling you a fag.

Dicky: That’s the only thing that comes to their mind.

Michelle: You’re still a dude, and it doesn’t matter if you look like a girl. You got a dick, you’re a dude. So, you’re a fag. So that’s why I get offended when people say that tranny is a word used to hurt people. No, it’s a word YOU don’t want people to use. The majority of the people who use the word tranny are people inside the community. A lot of us girls call each other that. It’s something we like. It’s endearing. And people want to take it away from us. So, now you can’t use it because you’re offending people. We need to worry about laws that keep us from going into bathrooms or keep us from getting justice when we get attacked. Not a word.

Dicky: Even some FtMs are using the term “tranny boi.”

Michelle: I got kicked off of Facebook for using the word tranny.’ A three day ban.

Dicky: And, it was about herself.

Photo: Andi
Photo: Andi

HMFH: It is often difficult to find information on trans performers. Why do you think this has been an issue for bloggers and other adult websites?

Michelle: I think places where you can find that kind of information may often put trans performers into the wrong categories, which is a disservice to the person looking for your work.

Dicky: Like putting me in the female section or her in the male section. I mean, who are they gonna put me next to? Jenna Jameson? That’s fucking crazy.

Michelle: Trans is a big niche, and it’s growing and changing. I think that may be why information is hard to find.

Dicky: Because it’s still growing.

Michelle: There are a lot of trans performers who come and go too. So for a company to put out information about a performer is difficult. Because how much content does this person have and how long are they going to be around? Also, I don’t know if trans performers are being asked to provide information to those companies. Like, if those companies are seeking that out.

HMFH: Dicky, you were awarded Best FtM Performer at the Transgender Erotica Awards. How has this award, and the experience of being nominated, helped you to form a clear path for your career? What goals do you have for the future?

Dicky: I was nominated and I was shocked.

Michelle: It was a fluke. (Laughs).

Dicky: (Laughing) It probably was.

Michelle: It’s a great category, but the issue is that many of the people who are nominated maybe only have one or two scenes and then they are out. Which is why Buck [Angel] and James [Darling] were runaways, is because they have a ton of content. But, now I think things are changing. I think with Dicky doing stuff, my company releasing a solo site, and we are releasing two FtM sites this year, I think it will change the way people look at FtM porn.

Dicky: I went to those awards purposely; no matter if I was going to be broke or not because I knew I needed my face seen. So that others could see who I was, see my look, and see if they may want to book me for future stuff. I was approached by people to shoot and that was really cool.

Michelle: I think a lot of people can see his pictures and think he looks nice. But, seeing him in person, and listening to his voice…It’s like you’re standing with a dude, but he’s got a pussy.

Dicky: A lot of people were shocked. They thought I was cis. I knew that at least showing my face there would help me in some way. I had to get up on stage and present an award and…

Michelle: It’s hard for him, but it’s easy for me.

HMFH: What do you wish you were asked in interviews, and what do you hate being asked in interviews?

Michelle: I think that trans people are always asked about when or why they transitioned. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t mind telling my story. But, it might bother them. So, asking somebody about their transition might bother them. It doesn’t bother me. I like being an open book, and I don’t think anybody has ever asked me anything that I didn’t want to answer.

HMFH: Who are some performers that you would like to work with, and who has been your favorite so far?

Michelle: Bailey Jay, I’d love to work with her.

Dicky: Yes, both of us.

Michelle: I’ve never reached out to her because I thought she was too big and that she would never want to work with me because I do all my own stuff, and I’m the fat girl of porn. I still think about those things sometimes, but you know I won’t ever be the Mia Isabella. But, I think that just in the last year I realize that I have become somebody, and there are people who want to work with me and they do contact me.

But, the best performer I have worked with would be…If we’re gonna talk sex and chemistry on film I would have to say Christian.

HM: Christian XXX?

Michelle: Yes. My best work has been with him. He makes whoever he is working with or performing with look good on camera, and he puts you in the right positions. Plus, he fucks the shit out of you. And, it’s not fake. It’s the real deal. When you’re watching a scene with him you’re really getting… nothing’s faked. And, it’s really a professionally fast scene. You’re not on set that long and that’s what I like about it.

But, FtMs? I would say this guy right next to me. I got my feet wet a little bit before him. I tell people that I had never been with vagina. I never had that kind of sex, I’d never touched one until I did a scene with Courtney Trouble. I learned how to eat pussy from her in a film. Because before that, anytime that I worked with a cis female they always strapped on and fucked me. Then when I did the Trans Men Adventures and did this whole journey, I was like “Oh, I like it.” I met him, and it was like…I’m not saying the chemistry was there because it was kind of awkward, and it was awkward for him because it was so new.

Dicky: When you’re shooting with two people and you’re shocked as it is, you don’t really have to focus on anything, they’re just gonna take care of most of it. But, when it’s a one-on-one focus, yeah, it was a challenge. I had never been with a trans woman on a solo basis.

Michelle: Having sex with him versus the four boys on film before him felt different. It was different. He was the first person that really knew how to give me a blow job–like a gay guy. (Laughs).

Dicky: Like a gay guy?

Michelle: Yes! Why I am saying this is because when the cis girls would go down on me they didn’t know how to suck dick. Then when the FtM boys did it was the same situation. I think he was pleasantly surprised about me going down on him, but by the time he came around I kinda had a grasp on what I was doing. He actually taught me a lot afterwards. My skills are even better in Trans Men Adventures 2.

Dicky: I can fix any problem.

HMFH: Michelle, have you had any interesting or amusing interactions with fans? Have there been any weird scenarios or funny encounters?

Michelle: I had a few stalkers in Vegas. I didn’t drive when I lived there. One day I was standing at the bus stop after shopping and I got a weird text from a strange number that said “Hey, I just saw you get on the bus. Do you need a ride?” I was freaking out thinking somebody was following my bus trying to find out where I lived. Usually, I don’t dress up that much when I’m not on, so people don’t recognize me that much. But, it happens sometimes. You know that a guy knows who you are by the way he looks at you. When someone looks at you, you know that they know. It’s just a look. For the most part people are harmless and fun. I always wanted to be a celebrity when I was a kid, so this is my way of being a celebrity, I guess.

Photo: Andi
Photo: Andi

HMFH: What can your fans do to be good fans to you?

Both in unison: Buy our stuff!

Michelle: I know a lot of people who may say they are fans, but if they were really my fans I would have a lot of money right now, even if they just bought one scene. I don’t think people realize this. People want to know why they can’t find stuff on me that is more than two minutes long. It’s because I work really hard to make sure that it’s not out there. You gotta buy it. What’s great about my career is that I am not so big that my content is out there for free, like some other people. If they are a true fan, they are gonna buy your work, even if it’s just a scene or DVD. That’s a fan because you’re spending money on us. And people like us who make their own content we are not getting paid to shoot our scenes.

Dicky: Everyone is under some impression about how big and glamorous porn can be, and they think we make a ton of money. They think its non-stop, $1000 a shoot. People think, “Well you have 80 scenes, so you should have at least $80,000.” It’s more like $1000 out of 80 scenes.

Michelle: People don’t realize the money that we have to put back into the business. We’re not to the point yet where we are making lots of money. So, any little money a fan can spend on us helps.

HMFH: Michelle, you add a special ingredient to the pizza at the end of Trans Men Adventures 2. Did anyone eat the rest of that pie?

Dicky: I looked at that and said, “Who the fuck is gonna eat that?”

Michelle: Nobody did.

Watch Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson together in Trans Men Adventures 2 now on!



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