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Just Doing Business

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Tim and Jillian awoke to the sound of the captain’s announcement.  Apparently they were thirty minutes from Honolulu and the captain thought it necessary to awake them from their comfortable first-class snooze.  It had been a year since they had gotten married and were celebrating by taking a week’s vacation in the sunny state of Hawaii.  Tim had never been before and Jillian was crazy about going, having been there herself several years earlier with family.

“What was that announcement?” Jillian asked Tim in a soft, half-awake voice.

“I think we’re about to land.”  Tim was just as close to consciousness as Jillian.  The two had just spent the past eight hours on a plane, watching terrible movies, eating terrible food and feeling terrible pains in their asses.  They really weren’t in the mood to hear the captain waking them up.

“You guys travel much?” the man across the aisle from Tim asked.

“Not really.  I mean, we don’t do this for a living or anything.  We’re just on vacation—1 year anniversary actually.” Tim says as he points to the ring on his finger.

“Aw, that’s terrific.  I had a few of those myself,” the man chortles.  “You know how business is: either you’re married to your work or you’re married to a woman.  Can’t have both.”  He stopped chuckling for a second and stared at his empty tiny-sized liquor bottle.  “I do business for Northropp-Gruman now.  Aerospace.”

“Nice.  You can go worse than Hawaii.  That’s for sure.” Tim said politely changing the subject.

“Don Mentogne.  Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, yeah me too.  I’m Tim and this is my beautiful wife Jillian.”  Tim didn’t have to lie when describing his wife as beautiful, even if she was just waking up on a plane.  Jillian had done some modeling in college.  She even appeared in a Gatorade commercial once.

“I see that,” the man said as he gave Jillian a polite nod. “Well you carry on with your nap, I’ll get back to my next drink,” he said as he motioned to the flight attendant to fetch him another mini Jack Daniels bottle.

The plane landed safely and Tim and Jillian made their way through the airport and onto their hotel.

“Waikiki Princess,” Tim told the cab driver.

“It’s gorgeous, don’t you think?” Jillian asked.

“Yeah, these flowers are huge here!” Tim replied as he put his arm around Jillian giving her a kiss on the lips.  “I’m so glad we decided to do this.  We’re gonna have a blast.”  Tim and Jillian had been college sweethearts and married six months after graduating.

“I know.  I can’t wait to lay on the beach and get some Hawaiian sun.” Jillian’s idea of a great vacation was as simple as a beach, some water and a couple of pina coladas.  Sometimes Tim toyed with the idea of buying a ton of sand and putting in their back yard for Jillian to sunbathe in; it’d be much cheaper than flying first-class to Hawaii.

As the cab pulled up to the hotel, Tim and Jillian looked at one another with their jaws opened wide as they gazed up at the magnificence of their accommodations.  The hotel was beautiful, inside and out, and had a wonderful presence to it.  The lobby looked more like a jungle than a cafe and restaurant.

“We are gonna have a BLAST!” Tim said with a smile on his face.

“Oh my God, this place is gorgeous!  This must cost a ton!” Jillian said looking bewildered at Tim.

“It’ll be worth it, honey.  Promise.”

The couple made their way up to their room, gawking at the gorgeous sites of the hotel along the way.  The bell boy finished placing their luggage in the room and left the couple alone in the room.

“Oh, I can’t wait to get to the beach!” Jillian moaned.

“I’ll get my suit on and go with you.  Let’s get this party started!” Tim exclaimed jokingly as he tore off his collared shirt.  Tim was in his last year in graduate school, finishing up his work in Physical Therapy.  He had the build of a football player, but wasn’t the asshole his physique tended to suggest.

Jillian and Tim spent the next hour relaxing on the beach, but eventually the sun began to set, just as Tim was getting hungry.  The couple made their way downstairs to have a bite to eat in the restaurant.

“You wanna get a drink or two at the bar first, Jill?” Tim asked.

“Yeah, sounds great.  I’m a bit buzzed from the coladas, actually.”

“Me too.  They must make those things fifty percent rum.” Tim said jokingly.

They made their way downstairs to the hotel lounge to have a drink at the bar.  Jillian found a set of open chairs in the corner of the bar and sat down.

“May I get you folks a drink?” the waiter asked.

“I’ll have a strawberry daquari, please.” Jillian said.

“Make that two.”  Tim wasn’t afraid to have a girly drink now and then.  In fact, he secretly liked them more than beer.  “I’m so relaxed right now.  Just think, three hours ago we were on an airplane, wiggling around in our seats.”

Tim stared into Jillian’s eyes and smiled.  Jillian had dark green eyes which looked good even when she was crying.  As he sat there staring into her eyes he could see a man walking toward them.

“It’s that guy from the flight.  The business man.” Tim said to Jillian.

“How you folks doing?  Fancy seeing y’all here!”

“Small world,” Jillian said with a slight chuckle in her voice.

“You mind if I have a seat with y’all?  Drinks are on me tonight.”

Jillian and Tim looked at one another, smiled and nodded.  “Sure,” they both said in unison.

“Ya see, I come out here about once a month to meet with these aerospace execs.  They put me up in this hotel and throw so much money at me, I can’t say no.  I don’t even go outside much while I’m here.”

“That’s too bad, we just spent the past hour and a half outside.  It’s beautiful here.”  Jillian said as the waiter dropped off the drinks.

“You drinkin’ a daquari, son?” the man asked Tim.

“Yeah, you know I like these more than beer or whiskey.  I don’t know what wrong with me,” he said jokingly.

“Aw, there’s nothin’ wrong with you son.  I like a man who’s comfortable with himself like that.  In fact, I have a business proposition for the two of you,” the man said, softening his voice.  Tim and Jillian looked at one another, brows furrowed, wondering what business they could do for an aerospace executive.

“Like I said, I come here a dozen or so times a year and make so much money that it’s hard for me to spend it when I get home.  I usually just use the money to have a good time while I’m here and enjoy myself,” he said.

Tim and Jillian looked at one another again looking more puzzled.  “So what could we do?”

The man looked up at the couple and smiled, “You see I like to have fun while I’m here and it would be a helluva fun time to watch the two of you fuck like bunnies.”

“Ah, yeah…”  Tim grabbed Jillian by the wrist and started to get up.

“Now you two haven’t heard me out yet,” the man shot back quickly, “I’m willing to give you guys five hundred dollars for this.”

Tim stopped for a second, looked at Jillian with a slight interest in his eye.  “Did you say five hundred?”

“I sure did.  All I’d do is just sit in a chair next to the bed and watch.  I’d keep to myself.  I’m just looking to see you two fuck, that’s all.  You both have nice physiques to ya,” the man said as he looked Jillian up and down.

The thought of having sex for this man’s pleasure seemed a bit on the naughty side for Jillian, but the idea of having an extra five hundred dollars seemed like a nice idea to her.  It could almost cover one of the plane tickets, she thought.

Tim took Jillian by the arm and turned their backs to the man to discuss the ‘business’ proposal.

“What do you think?  We always talked about doing something kinky like this once.” Tim whispered to Jillian.

“I don’t know.  I guess I could, if he’s just gonna watch.  It might be a rush,” she replied.

Tim turned back to the business man.  “We’ll do it for six.”

“You got a deal guys,” the man agreed, “room 1225 in fifteen minutes.  Just come in wearing nothing but robes.”

The man got up from his chair and walked out of the bar.  Tim and Jillian sat staring at one another, tingling from what they had just agreed to.  Jillian smiled at Tim.  “Oh my God, what did we just do?”

“Ah, I think we’re gonna go fuck for this guy,” Tim said as he laughed out loud.  “We better get back to the room and get ready.  Six hundred dollars!  Holy shit!”

Tim and Jillian took the elevator back up to their room and undressed.  The couple tore off each other’s clothes as the anticipation for their little escapade heightened.  They locked lips in a kiss as they held each other’s naked bodies.  Tim was erect already and had trouble hiding his erection under the robe.  The couple looked at each other, smiled and kissed one more time before they made their way out of their hotel room and into the elevator.

“This is gonna be hot,” Jillian said to Tim.

“Yeah, I know.  I just hope I don’t come too early.  He’ll only give us one hundred or something.”  Tim said as the couple laughed.

The elevator bell rang as it came to a slow stop.  The doors opened and the couple walked slowly down the hall to room 1225.  The door was cracked open a bit and the lights were low.  Tim was the first to enter.  The room was enormous, with a small kitchen and bar, a pair of couches and another room for the bed.  Jillian closed the door behind her.

“Glad to see you two,” the man said as he walked toward the couches.  “I think I’d like to see this all happen over here on the couches, if ya don’t mind.”

“Yeah, that’s cool.”  Tim replied as he escorted Jillian over to the couches.

“So here’s your money.  We’ll keep it right here on the bar top,” the man said as Tim counted the money.  “Let’s start by having the lady take off her robe and walk around the couch.”

Jillian looked at Tim and took a deep breath.  She slowly lowered her robe over her shoulders and past her breasts, exposing them to the stranger.  She slowly turned her body as the robe seductively slid down her hips.  Jillian bent over a bit as the robe slid over her buttocks and down her slender, athletic legs.  She could here the man let out a slight ‘mmm mmm mmm’ as she started walking around the couch.

“Now lay on the couch with chest facing the ceiling,” he said as Jillian complied.  “Now let’s see the young man take off his clothes and sit down next to the lady.”

Tim dropped his robe much quicker than Jillian, exposing his rock hard physique and his long, hard penis.

“Now that’s what I like to see, boy.  You’ve got a lean body.  This gal’s gonna moan when you slide that thing inside her.”

Tim walked over to Jillian and sat next to her on the couch.

“I’ll let you two take it from here.  Pace yourself boy, I want at least thirty minutes,” the man said to Tim.  “Here’s a condom for when you come into her, if you like,” the man said as he placed the condom on the coffee table.

Tim stood up and brought his hard penis over to Jillian’s mouth.  Jillian moaned in anticipation (and also a bit for showmanship).  She wrapped her lips around Tim’s penis and started sucking.  She bobbed her head back and forth, sliding her hand up and down Tim’s penis with each stride.  Tim tilted his head backward and took a deep breath.  He reached his hand down to Jillian’s head to run his fingers through her hair.

Jillian took her time blowing Tim.  She knew that if he were to start fucking her now, it wouldn’t be long before Tim came.  She was doing them both a favor, she thought.

The business man got up and sat in a chair much closer to the couch, almost touching Jillian’s feet.

“Let’s see that pussy of yours, sweetie.  How ‘bout spreadin’ them legs?”

Jillian was almost repulsed by the man’s use of words, but was actually turned on by what he said—must have been the mood, she thought.  Jillian did as the man asked and spread her legs apart, exposing her shaven vagina to the man.

“Mmmm.  Look at that.  Damn!” the man said as he pulled his chair even closer, to the point where he was just about sitting directly behind Tim’s naked ass.  Tim, sensing that the man was in the mood for viewing some vaginal action, pulled his penis from Jillian’s mouth and grip.  He walked around the man, who was now couch-side and brought his mouth up to Jillian’s vagina.  Tim licked Jillian’s labia at first and got the rest of her vagina nice and wet with a few more sloppy licks.  He took his fingers and slowly placed them inside his wife’s pussy, with almost no effort.  He could hear the man take a deep breath and exhale loudly.  He could almost hear the man exhaling with each stride of his finger.

Tim stood up with his penis instinctively pointing towards Jillian’s dripping wet vagina.  He crawled up to his wife and thrust his hard penis into her vagina.  Jillian dropped her head back and moaned loudly.  Tim belted out a moan so loud he could barely feel the business man slap him on the ass.  “Atta boy, son,” he said.

Tim spent the next few minutes working his wife on the couch.  He could see the business man pull out his penis and slowly play with it, slowly moving his body in rhythym with Tim’s.  Jillian softly whispered to Tim to fuck her doggy-style for the man.  Tim moved back a bit and Jillian rolled over onto all fours on the couch.  This time the man seemed mesmerized with Jillian’s breasts as he repositioned his chair, putting his face only a few inches from her dangling breasts.

Jillian didn’t seem to mind and seemed more focused on getting fucked by her husband in front of a stranger, than on where the man’s face was with respect to her breasts.  Tim continued fucking Jillian, making her breasts bounce back and forth.  He noticed the business man licking his lips, staring at Jillian’s breasts.  The stranger then reached his hands up to Jillian and put one hand on her back and the other hand on her right breast.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Dude!”  Tim shouted at the man.

“Just one second!” the man shouted back.

“You said you’d only watch, you never said you’d touch!” Tim shouted again.

“Listen, I’ve got the money.  How does another six hundred sound, to touch your wife?”

“No fuckin’ way!” Tim yelled, appalled.

“Seven hundred dollars then,”  The business man countered.

Jillian looked back at Tim, still on all fours, and nodded to him.  “It’ll be fine, baby.  That’s a lot of money.  Let’s take it.  He’ll just touch me, nothing more.”

“Fine, seven hundred more,”  Tim said as he repositioned his penis into Jillian’s vagina.  The business man quickly took advantage of his deal, fondling Jillian’s breasts some more.  Tim could tell his wife liked what was being done to her.  Her vagina was as wet as he’s ever seen it, and she was breathing deep and moaning with just about every breath.

The man placed his hand on Jillian’s chest and got her to sit up enough for him to sit on the couch beneath her.

“A little lap dance.  Whadya say, sweetie?” the man asked.

Jillian didn’t answer, she just got up and straddled the man, her naked body pressed up onto his business clothes.  The man’s hands reached around and grabbed her ass as she dangled her breasts in his face, shaking them back and forth to arouse him.  The man’s hands moved from her ass up to her breasts and he leaned his head in to suck on her left breast.

“Now one second!” Tim exclaimed once again.

The man didn’t stop, as if he didn’t hear Tim at all.  Jillian looked over to Tim and motioned for him to calm down.  She even reached her hand up and rubbed her thumb and fingers together to remind Tim how much money they were gonna take back to their rooms in a few minutes.

Jillian let the man suck on her tits for a few more minutes, before the man came up for air.  “Now how ‘bout you sit on my lap and you finish by coming into her?”  The man turned Jillian around so that she faced away from him as she sat on his lap.  The man reached his hands out and pulled her legs apart, spreading them.  He then motioned for Tim to come over and give Jillian one last fuck until he came.

Tim walked over and inserted his penis into Jillian once again, striding back and forth.  The stranger reached his hands up to Jillian’s chest and put one hand over each of her breasts, fondling her breasts and nipples as Tim climaxed and came into Jillian, roaring loudly with each orgasmic burst.  He pulled out and took the used condom off as the business man had one last tour of Jillian’s body.  He smacked her on the thigh, the way he’d smack cattle and let her get up.

The man got up, walked over to his nightstand, and got seven more one-hundred dollar bills and handed them to Tim.

“Here you go, son.  I know it was hard letting someone have fun with your wife, but you did just fine.”  Tim took the money, looked at Jillian who was putting on her robe, and smiled as he counted the money.

“It was nice to do business with you,” Tim told the man as he put his arm around Jillian.

“Have a nice night,” he said as the couple walked out the door.

Fantasies At Work – Part 3

Author:  Category: Encounters


I stroke Tom faster, his cock engorged in my hand, his eyes watching my crotch and the woman pleasing me there. I pull my top down exposing my chest, and squeeze my breasts, and run my finger over my exposed nipples, caressing my soft flesh.

“Stand up.” I say to Tom. He stands facing me, his pants slide down to his ankles as he does it. I pull his cock towards me and lick the tip of his shaft as I stroke it with my hand.

Claire presses her fingers deeper into me, teasing me on the inside as her tongue works along the edge. I run my fingers through her hair stroking her as she takes me.

Tom grabs my head, pulling me harder onto his shaft. I slide up and down it, and squeeze his balls as I take him into my mouth. I slide faster on him as I get closer to orgasming.

“I’m going to cum,” he says. I pull off of him and stroke his cock pointing it at my chest. I tense up as I begin to orgasm, Claire’s fingers and tongue taking me over the edge. I moan out as I do, this sends Tom over the edge and he cums all over my chest, his cock shooting semen over me. I stroke his cock until the last of it dribbles onto my hand. Claire climbs up and begins licking my tits clean, her tongue licking up all of his cum and swallowing it down, and rubbing her chest against mine. She then takes my fingers into her mouth sliding them in and out, cleaning them off, his cum mixing with the taste of my pussy in her mouth. She then gives me a deep French kiss, the taste of cum and pussy and perfume filling my mouth.

“Angela, do you have the Peterson file on you? That’s the last one we need to finish up.” I look up, my fantasy fading away and slide the folder over to the two of them, looking over Claire’s full dressed body, picturing her naked and fucking me. I manage to pay attention for the rest of the meeting and get through the client list. Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 3

Fantasies At Work – Part 2

Author:  Category: Encounters


He stands up, and walks over to me, kneeling between my legs and taking my mouth into his. He slides his hands up my legs, pushing up my skirt, feeling the outside of legs with those strong hands. Then, he takes his hand and squeezes my chest through my top, and sliding his other hand to my ass and squeezing it. I unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his slacks, revealing his hard cock. I slide my fingers over his boxers, stroking him until he is hard and ready. He pulls my top down, and exposes my firm chest. He leans in and begins kissing my breast, he takes my nipple into his mouth, and twirls his tongue around it. He flicks his tongue over it, as he squeezes my ass.

Once he is hard, I pull down his boxers, and guide him towards me. I slide my panties to the side and guide his cock to my pussy. I grab his ass, pulling him inside of me, letting him have his way. He is gentle at first, lips locked with mine as he slides inside of me. I grab that thick hair as he penetrates me, wrapping my legs around him. “mmm” That cock slides deeper into me, and he holds me close as he takes me, pressing me against the chair, my body wrapped around him, his arms supporting himself on the chair. Then holding me close, he cums, the warm fluid filling me, as my pussy throbs. He thrusts over and over as the last of his fluid enters me, my pussy throbbing with pleasure.

“All done,” he says.

“Almost,” I reply, then realize he is talking about the laptop and not me. “I mean, um, thanks for helping me out.” I look up, he is fully dressed and standing up from my computer, my fantasy snapping back to reality.

“No problem.” He looks at me, about to say something, then hesitates, “See you around, I left my business card on your desk, give me a call if you need anything.” Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 2

Fantasies At Work – Part 1

Author:  Category: Encounters

I was a rising start at my company, VP of product development at a start-up company about to go public, and only 32. I have been putting in a ton of hours, and am so warn out at the end of the day, I go home, eat dinner and go to bed. I have gone out on a couple of dates, but men are intimidated by me; I take what I want, and don’t like to be submissive, and they don’t know what to do with a woman who doesn’t need them.

I booted up my laptop, getting ready to start the day. I go to the break room and grab a cup of coffee. I walk back to my desk, holding the mug in both hands, I love the feeling of a hot drink on my hands. I get back to my desk, and look at my screen, an ugly error message appears. I click “ok” and a second message appears. “Fuck,” I whisper under my breath.

I walk out to the receptionist. “Claire, can you have IT send someone up right away to look at my laptop?” I go back to my office and sit at my desk, and look through my notes from the week, reviewing this week’s negotiation.

A few minutes later I hear a gentle tap on the door, a soft voice calls out.

“Excuse me, Angela.”

I look up from my desk, a young man stands in the doorway. These help desk guys are getting so young. He has on dark slacks and a mustard colored, fitted dress shirt. I stare for a minute, most of the IT staff wears jeans and t-shirts, it is rare to see someone actually put in an effort to look decent. I wave him over.

“Come on in.”

He walks around and then leans over me, looking at the screen. “What seems to be the problem?” Continue reading Fantasies At Work – Part 1

The Sub

Author:  Category: BDSM

You finally arrive home after a long day at work. You open the door, and as you walk in, your are greeted with the nice aroma of dinner being cooked and music playing loud in the kitchen. Your eyes fall upon a sight that you were not expecting. I’m at the stove, in a jean mini skirt and a sexy top that is very revealing, dancing and singing to the music. You come up behind me, wrap your arms around my waist, alternating between kissing/licking/sucking my neck and nibbling my earlobe.

I put everything into serving dishes with you clung to me, then I lift my arms up and wrap them around your neck, my hands rubbing the back of your neck, head, and ears. I feel you growing hard against my booty and gasp as one your right hand starts to slowly run up and down my inner thigh, going just a tad higher every time you go up until your fingers are brushing against my panties covered pussy.

Finally, you start rubbing my pussy, causing me to moan quietly and my hips involuntarily buck gently. “Yes baby,” you purr into my ear as your fingers move my soaked panties to the side and slowly insert two fingers into my very wet pussy, starting a rhythmic and sensual assault on it, causing me to breathe heavily and moan like crazy. “What a good girl,” you purr, fingering me a little faster. Right when I am about to cum, you pull out and suck my juices off your finger before fixing a plate and sitting down at the table. I lean against the counter, feeling very frustrated and shocked. Continue reading The Sub

Morgan and I

Author:  Category: Couples

“Morgan!” I gasped as he slid his hard rod into me. He quickly pulled out, then just put his tip inside me.

“Quit teasing me, goddamn it.” I glared at him. He pushed his full length inside me and held it there for a second. He pulled out then repeatedly slammed into me.

I moved my left hand and put it on my breast, playing with the nipple. Morgan moved his head down, licking my breast.

“Harder… faster…” I breathed out. He grunted and pounded into me faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist and scratched his back, feeling nothing but pleasure.

“Tianna… I’m going to cum,” he gasped out, making me moan and arch my back. He put his head down and took my breast into his mouth, making me reach my peak.

“Morgan! Ugh, I’m cuu-uuming!” I yelled. I arched my back and pushed him towards me. His whole body hardened as he came inside me. He groaned as he pulled out of me. I layer on top of him and kissed his neck.

” I love you Morgan,” I whispered into his ear.

“I love you, too baby.” He said as he fell asleep. I smiled and got up, needing to take a shower. I pulled the blankets onto him and walked into the connected bathroom. I turned on the water and made sure it was the right temperature before jumping in the shower.

I started feeling aroused again, my hands automatically slid up my belly. Playing with my belly piercing, sliding my fingertips between my breasts. I started playing with my nipples, gasping lightly. I turned around, facing the shower head. I imagined Morgans mouth attached to my breast. His hand touching my other breast, pulling and tweaking my nipple.

My nipples hardened instantly. I slid my right hand back down my belly. I touched my outer vagina lids, making my legs shake a bit. I adjusted the shower-head, sliding down the shower so I was sitting on the ground with the water falling down on my open clit. I played with my nub for a bit before sliding a finger inside me.

I gasped and arched my back. I added another finger inside me, pounding my fingers inside me. Which instantly brought me to my climax. I stopped playing with my nipple and pulled my fingers out of myself.

“Having fun, without me?” Morgan accused. I smiled and looked at him,

“Yes,” I said.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk. Someone needs a punishment,” he said smirking.

“Oh yes, master. I misbehaved, I deserve a punishment,” I said, faking sadness.


Author: Breeze Category: Chance Meetings

As she was walking towards her car she noticed a guy standing around.

“Excuse me…but can I help you with something?”

“Nah! Don’t think so. I was just checking out the car.”

“Oh…right.” She opened the trunk and set down her bag. When she closed it he was looking at her kinda funny like.

“Wow your boyfriend must trust you or something.”

She rolled her eyes. ”Yeah? And why’s that?”

‘Well…to let you drive that, a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 rag top. Sweet!

” A 454 non-original actually. And you are?”

“Oh right…sorry. Name’s Booker.”

“Hmm.” She got in and fired up the car. “My names Elle…short for Chevelle.” She backed out. “FYI…I don’t have a boyfriend.”

As she drove off Booker noticed the license plate…ELLEZ 66.

When Elle got to the shop there was a message waiting for her. “Chevelle…my bad. Dinner? Booker.” Elle shook her head. He certainly didn’t waste no time. She called…

“Booker? Elle. Hey no biggie. I appreciate the offer but I have to work at the shop.”

“Oh!…but you still gotta eat right?”

She laughed. “You got me there.”

“So…cool if I bring you some nourishment?”

“Yeah! Cool.”

“Yes! Catcha later then Elle.”

Elle was under her current project wrenching away. Her long tan legs moving to the beat blasting from the radio. She didn’t hear Booker come in. He just stood there looking at her exposed skin. The shorts set low on her hips…exposing her navel which was pierced and had a tiny wrench fixed to it. Her stomach was bare and just as he was getting to the good part…the car obscured his view. Continue reading Mechanic

Just Off the Beaten Path

Author:Breeze Category: Exhibitionism

As I stroll along the path I can feel the eyes of passersby drinking in the details of my body. I am wearing a short pale blue silk dress. The sun causes it to shimmer and it appears that I have no clothes on. With each step and sway of my hips a tinkling sound can be heard. That would be the Ben Wah balls. I carry them around with me quite often. There is something very erotic about their movement and my control holding them in.

My movements also cause friction between the silk and my skin. It feels like unseen fingers play upon my body. They seduce my nipples… teasing them… insistent that they grow. They jut out. Firm. Erect.

The silken fingers sweep across the cheeks of my ass and they are both flushed with excitement. My pussy is alive unable to resist the flood of erotic sensations that consume me.

I look for a bench just off the beaten path. I sit down…back straight legs crossed at the knee. I close my eyes and tilt my head slightly back and with a flourish I slowly fan myself. When the mood strikes me I shift positions. I scoot my ass to the edge of the bench. I uncross my legs and spread my knees apart and then cross ankles. One hand continues to fan and the other controls a magic wand. I click it on. And with a faint hum it is alive.

I slowly slide it in my pussy… one nib massages my G spot and the other works my clit. At first I sit still as though unaffected by my manipulation. I can contain my arousal for quite some time. But the moment of the reward…is of course the purpose of my actions. I move so that both feet are flat on the ground. I push down with them as if I am trying to lift my ass off the bench…t his causes the muscles in my cheeks and inner thighs to tighten thus intensifying my orgasm.

As it takes hold I ease up as I throb and tighten again before it fades. I cum several times then reach my peak…my entire body consumed with intense sexual excitement…I ride the wave and for a time I am lost in its power. Then I find myself once again having to relinquish its hold.
I sit and let my mind and body settle. I rise and slowly walk back along the path. I see them now… my audience. I see the looks… that’s what feeds my desire.

My First Time

Author:Wildfire8470 Category: Deep Throating

Snuggling close to you, your arms pull me closer, even in your sleep. I kiss your lips softly, smiling to myself. My heart, mind, and soul are full of you. I am happier than I have ever been, more content. All is right and wonderful in my world.

I lay next to you, thinking of the things we have shared, everything that you have done for me, taken and made the time to do. Images from the video you sent last week linger in mind and I am instantly filled with desire. I try to settle and lay still, knowing how much you need to rest. But I cannot help squirming a little and I know that I’ve lost the battle.

Grudgingly, I move away and, ever so gently, turn you on your back. I am still for a moment, listening to your breathing, watching your chest rise and fall, making sure that you are still asleep. Then, carefully, I crawl below the covers and between your sprawled legs. Again, I listen, as I take in the sinuous lines and strong, sexy frame that turns me on again and again.

Letting my eyes drink you in, I am filled with sexual heat and I move to take your already engorged cock between my lips. You move slightly and I go completely still until you settle into a deeper sleep. Then I hold you with one hand, lightly caressing the hard, thick girth of you, stroking my fingertips up and down your length as I wrap my hungry lips around you, suckling you softly as my hands grow more insistent.

I wrap my free hand around you as I begin to suck the head of your steel-hard erection a little bit stronger. You breathe a soft growl and it envelopes me like an electric jolt. I lower my head to push you into my warm, wet mouth even deeper, sucking you harder as I move my head to slide up and down over your long, hard length, and I’m thrilled by the feel of you growing ever harder against my tongue and filling my mouth.

As slowly as I can, I tilt my head forward for a better angle, so I can take in all of you, as my hair falls forward against your thighs. I begin a rhythm, sucking you from base to head and stopping there momentarily, to trace circles around the tip with my tongue. Then I plunge my ravenous mouth down over you, hard and fast, suckling you hard at the base, and slowly pulling up again, over and over. I reach to touch your full, tight balls as I continue to dive down on your cock, kneading and massaging until neither of us can stand to wait. Your soft groans surround me as I move faster to push you all the way to the back of my throat, my head moving up and down, as I take in the feel of your ever-thickening need. Continue reading My First Time

Date Night

Author:Amanda Knight Category: Public Places

It was date night, her date night. A ritual that she had; once a month she had committed herself to enjoy an evening alone. No friends, no family, no acquaintances, no one. she was to be alone and just be, be herself or someone else if she desired. this is the night that she looked forward to every month. a night of pure pleasure in whatever form she desired. there were months when she went to the movies alone and other months when she morphed into Desiree, her seductive, horny alter ego. Tonight was one of those nights she was Desiree.

A few months ago she heard from a friend about a very interesting bar. From the outside it looked like your ordinary small town bar, but Inside it held secrets. Joe is the bar tender there. If Joe deemed you deserving of his special attentions then a very special treat will come your way.


She had been at the bar a few times, had pleasant conversations with Joe several times however, nothing special ever happened. She had gone month after month and nothing. She went again last month and nothing. What was this treat, she desperately wanted to know. She would never just blurt it out and ask. She wanted the thrill of self discovery. What was wrong, why wasn’t she chosen. Well tonight she’ll find out.

As she got ready that night she decided to put on one of her sexiest outfits. She had bought it a year ago but hadn’t had the nerve to wear it. Tonight all bets were off and tonight she was Desiree. Full of want and lust. It was a pleated black micro mini skirt and a black shredded tank. With it she wore the most beautiful gardenia thigh highs and smoking black 5 inch Jimmy Choos. Oh Yeah, an outfit perfect for Desiree. It screamed sex and she knew it. She would try one more time at the bar and if nothing “special” happened then she would just go home to her toys. She had already made up her mind. Tonight she would reach her highest peak of sexual desires, with or without Joe’s help.

As she walks into the bar everyone notices. “Good” she thought to herself, just the attention she wanted. she could see the men arouse and her sight filled with lust in their eyes. She makes her way to the bar.

“What’ll you have?”

“An easy lay,” she says.

“Well, only of you can tell me what’s in it?”

“Cream, Lots of cream,” she replied with pursed lips.

Something flickered in those hazelnut eyes. Somethings happening she thought. “Make it a double shot” and winks.

“Will you have a seat?” Continue reading Date Night