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Abby – Part 2

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian


“Ok,” Abby agreed. She went into the bedroom behind the partition to which Laura had gestured. Immediately, she was fascinated by the bed, which had padded restraints for ankles and wrists. In the middle of the bed lay what appeared to be leather underpants and a leather bra. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she stripped off her suit and reached for the clothing Laura had chosen for her.

The bra was tight, and it had small holes through which the very tips of her nipples projected. The underpants seemed to be an odd construction, with a rigid cup covering the crotch. Both items had strange buckles, but Abby managed to get them on before Laura came back.

Laura was still in her grey suit from work. She smiled to see Abby’s slender body contrasting against the black lingerie. “Nice. Now, from now on, you do what I say. Unless, of course, you want out. Got it?”

“Got it,” Abby said, surprised at the wave of heat Laura’s words provoked in her body. She watched admiringly as Laura stripped out of her own clothing. Laura’s body was powerfully fluid, and Abby saw with a pleasant tingle that she wore boxers.

Naked, Laura approached and pinned Abby against the partition wall. The cold shock on her back made Abby’s already hard nipples almost painful against the bra she wore. Her head fell back as Laura kissed and nibbled down her neck and shoulders, and she almost didn’t notice when Laura snapped small padlocks through the buckles of her garments. Then Laura’s tongue was in her mouth and nothing else mattered for several minutes.

Laura broke the kiss and licked the hollow of Abby’s throat. Abby felt her hot breath on her nipple, then Laura’s mouth sucking her through the opening in the bra. Laura drew her nipple out through the opening, and it stayed, trapped and throbbing with blood. Abby’s knees gave way as Laura did the same to her other nipple.

Now both Abby’s nipples were caught in the constrictive holes in the bra, and with every movement they brushed against Laura’s smooth skin. Abby no longer cared if her moans made it obvious how much she wanted this. She could feel the slickness between her legs, smell her own and Laura’s excitement.

“That’s right, baby,” Laura said as Abby slid to the floor. “Let it out.” She easily picked the blond woman up and laid her on the bed, fastening her wrists and ankles securely to the wide cuffs.

Abby had fantasized about this for months, but fantasy didn’t compare. She’d never been tied up before, and she wasn’t prepared for how much it turned her on. She whimpered.

Laura smiled her sly smile and proceeded to kiss and lick Abby from fingers to throat to swollen nipples to stomach to thighs to knees and back again. Her braids brushed tantalizingly against Abby’s skin. Abby was struggling hard against the padded cuffs by the time she finished, trying to grab Laura and hold her in one place. The ache between her legs grew by the second.

“My, you do like this,” Laura murmured, pulling back. Her eyes were
mischievous as she pulled a small box out of the nightstand and turned a dial on it. Abby’s body jerked as a vibrator concealed in her underwear started to buzz against her clit.

It was too slow! Just enough to tease, and Laura knew it as she watched Abby. “Please,” Abby begged. Laura released Abby’s restraints, then stepped back out of reach when Abby reached for her. Abby fell to the floor again, her hands going to the leather that covered her crotch. But the leather was too tight to allow her fingers inside, and the little padlock frustrated her attempts to unbuckle the garment. She tried to grind her hips into the carpet to press the vibrator closer into her, but the rigid cup in the pants prevented this from having any effect. The rough carpet tugging at her tumescent nipples was driving her wild.

“Oh, god,” Abby groaned. She caught a glimpse of Laura’s joyful face as the other woman watched her writhing in frenzied pleasure.

“What do you want, Abby?” she asked.

“Fuck me, please, Laura. I want you inside me!” Abby was past caring about dignity. Her whole being was focused on her aching need to come.

Laura pulled a strap-on out of the same drawer and quickly put it on. “I guess I won’t have to worry about lube,” she said, as she unlocked the buckle on Abby’s underpants and slowly peeled them from Abby’s sopping crotch.

“Oohhh,” Abby cried as Laura spread her open and slid slowly inside. She dug her fingers into Laura’s firm back. Laura thrust inside her again and again. Abby’s hips rocked to meet each stroke.

“Come for me,” Laura whispered as she thrust deeply into Abby. Abby did, in a shuddering series of convulsions that left her weak, her cunt still spasming around Laura’s strap-on.

Catching her breath, she was seized with a desire to make Laura lose her own control. Abby knew the friction of the base of the strap-on on Laura’s clit had to have been incredibly stimulating. With Laura still inside her, she reached around behind and entered Laura’s wet cunt with two fingers, stroking until Laura’s back arched in a screaming orgasm and her spasms transmitted down the strap-on to make Abby come again. They lay exhausted in each other’s arms.

Abby opened her eyes. “Do you think we could get away with calling in sick tomorrow?”

Again, Laura’s sly smile. “I think that could be arranged.”

Abby – Part 1

Author: Writer_At_Large Category: Lesbian

Abby banged her shin painfully on a chair in her haste to escape the conference room. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one seemed to have, so she fled the room gratefully. It was altogether too hot and stuffy in there, and the director of Tech Support was altogether too distracting.

Walking back to her office made her a little steadier on her feet. Since her recent promotion to supervisor in Accounting, Abby rated an office instead of a peon-cubicle. Not that it was any bigger than a cubicle, but it did have the benefit of some added privacy. She could goof off without worrying about people happening to look over her shoulder at her monitor to see that her “quarterly report” looked suspiciously like an astrology webpage.

Abby settled in front of her computer, still a little warm from having to sit across from Laura Taylor for an entire 2-hour meeting. “I hope I didn’t blush too obviously when she started fiddling with that pen,” she thought. “That’s the trouble with fair skin; blushing is always so noticeable. But, really, she has a very erotic way of sucking on the end of her pen. And of walking. And opening a briefcase. It’s just not fair.”

She opened up her email program and drafted an email to her friend Jonathon. “New update on the crush situation: Sat across from Laura in our weekly management meeting this morning. I think you’re wrong about getting over this the more I work with her. Today she took off her jacket and had a sleeveless top on underneath-and she’s got the most beautiful biceps! God, butch women are gorgeous. If she’s not queer, she’s at least gotta be used to women hitting on her. Wish I could risk being out at this company so I could find out. Sometimes I sit at meetings and wonder if she’d like to tie me up and fuck me. Or what it would take to make her lose all that cool control. And then I hope to hell no one can read my mind! See you soon, Jon. And you owe me an update on that guy Chris you keep talking about.”

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Her Best Rescue

Author:Dorothy Dee  Category: Lesbian

Elena was half asleep when she heard the women’s scream. She had thought the beach was empty. It was a foggy evening and no one else should have been in the water; it was choppy as though a storm were coming. Elena looked down the beach and saw that the other lifeguards were too far away to have heard the women. Panic overtook her and she grabbed her body board, blew her whistle, and plunged into the icy ocean.

Only minutes later Elena was pulling her victim on shore. A minute after their toes had left the ocean water Elena’s victim opened her eyes and began to cough. Elena sighed in relief and sat down beside her body board.

“Good thing you screamed before you lost consciousness,” Elena said. “Otherwise I never would have noticed you. How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” the girl said.

“What were you doing out in the water by yourself today? That was idiotic. You could die out there.”

“Well, thanks for saving me.”
“You’re welcome.” Elena glanced over at her victim. She raised an eyebrow, noticing that the girl she had saved, probably twenty years old, was wearing a tiny white bikini that had almost gone see-through over her tanned skin. Elena looked away quickly. The girl was so lovely but she had to be professional.

“It was stupid of me to be out there on the water,” the girl said. “But I’m so grateful to you for saving me.”  She sat up and her breasts shifted to fill her white bikini top. Elena was about to say she should lie back down when the girl said, “My name is Cristy. I’d really like to thank you for saving me.”

“Don’t mention it,” Elena said, forcing herself to keep her eyes away from the younger girl.

“I know how I’d thank a male lifeguard…” Cristy gave Elena a naughty smile. “But I imagine you might want something different.”

“You might be surprised,” Elena said, but then catching herself, added, “I can’t. This isn’t professional. I’m on duty.”

“I see,” Cristy said. But suddenly she was laying back in the sand. “Well, I’m about to stop breathing. You’d better give me mouth-to-mouth. She froze with her lips partially opened, her eyes closed, one leg raised slightly in the sand. Elena moved closer to her. She felt a twinge of guilt but realized the other lifeguards really would assume she was doing rescue breathing. She bent over Cristy and began to gently kiss her mouth, still salty from the sea.

“What else can I do to thank you?” Cristy asked between kisses. “I am so grateful.”

“Don’t move,” Elena said. She reached behind the girl’s neck and untied the white bikini top. It fell away to reveal her large, perfectly tanned breasts. Her nipples were hard from the cold water. Elena massaged them first with her fingers, the leaned over and began to kiss first one nipple, then the other, letting her warm tongue lick away all the salt.

Elena leaned back then and pulled off the one piece she had on under her t-shirt. She lifted her soaking shirt enough to expose her breasts, took one of her own breasts in her hand and put it into Cristy’s mouth. She ordered the younger girl to suck and kiss her, with the other hand, she lifted Cristy’s head to bring her in closer.

“Now the other one,” she ordered, pushing her other breasts into Cristy’s mouth. Once both breasts had been sucked clean, Elena lowered her head and straddled over Cristy, moving her shaved crotch towards the younger girl’s mouth. Continue reading Her Best Rescue

Chronicles Of A Beginner 1

Author:Amberly Nicole   Category: Lesbian

I had heard of these clubs for sex before, I had thought of going to one but I had no partner nor did I ever get around to doing it. I fantasized what would happen if I went, it made me aroused, I grinned at my thoughts as I walked the empty streets at night. I got to thinking that maybe it was time to get a sexual partner, after all it had been a while.

Time went on, as it was hard to meet people outside of the work place, especially when you are the C.E.O of a multimillion dollar company. I was in a business meeting at a near by 4 star restaurant when the waitress brought out our food. As she placed my plate in front of me I looked up to thank her and she gave me this look and gestured me to look under the plate and she left. Hoping that my fellow co-workers hadn’t noticed these actions I slipped my hand under the plate and pulled a tiny envelope from underneath and slid it in my brief case. After I quickly ate my lunch I excused myself to the ladies room and I read the note. It said…

“Tomorrow night, 9pm, 23 King St.”

I didn’t know how to react. She was a very beautiful young lady, mid-late twenties like myself, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Then suddenly I got a small rush of excitement and I told myself I would go to the address.

I finished work the next day at 6pm and I got home around 7. I got washed up and and slipped on a nice spring green dress that went just above the knee and flared out and slipped on some stilettos and made my way downstairs. Taking one last quick peek in the mirror I grabbed my purse and hopped in my truck and began my way to the address that the waitress had given me. I started to get nervous, I didn’t even know her name, but then again she doesn’t know mine… Or at least I think she doesn’t.

I pulled into the driveway of a beautiful house, it was a mansion but it was bigger than your average house, and it was very elegant. It was a few minutes before 9, I took a few deep breaths and made my way out of the truck and to the door. I knocked and all I could hear was my heart beating loud. The door opened I saw her glowing face and I went numb.

She welcomed me in and led me upstairs to a deck that came off the back of the house. To the right there was a mini bar with a young gentleman behind dressed in a classy uniform and to the right was a table set up for two and menus on the place mats. She took my hand and sat me down. She took a seat across from me and gestured for the bar man to come to us. He introduced himself and asked us what we would like to drink. She asked for a bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes.

As the bar man went to fetch us our drinks she looked at me and said “I hope you aren’t uncomfortable,” she grinned at me. “My name is Alice. I don’t normally pick up women like this, but there is something about you. I’d like to have dinner with you and get to know each other if you would like?” I eagerly nodded and smiled at her.

“My name is Nicole, but you can call me Nikki.”

The bar man returned with our champagne and poured us each some. We skimmed the menus and shortly after decided and she told the bar man to send the order to the chef in the kitchen. Over the night we talked and got to know each other, it was a great time. After we finished our meal, I invited Alice to my house sometime, which she accepted. She took me by the hand, went to the mini bar and grabbed us these tropical fruit drinks and she showed me the house and we talked more. Continue reading Chronicles Of A Beginner 1

Determined Nanny

Author:Tmamma Category: Lesbian

Allison just graduated from high school and moved to San Bernardino to be close to College. It was a small place but it suited her fine. Clean place, great neighborhood, and no roommate’s drama to deal with. Only thing she had to do now was find a job. The money her mom gave her to get by wouldn’t cover everything. She woke up early for her Morning walk and rushed out the door. Halfway through her walk she noticed a flier on the mailboxes down the street of someone looking for a Night Nanny. Where she used to live she babysat a lot and the hours would be good to do homework when the kid goes to bed , she Thought.

After she got home from her walk she went to shower and change before running errands. She stood in front of the mirror scowling at her image. It’s not that she’s bad looking girl she just hates her long nipples that no matter how hard she tries they show through all her tops. She stepped out of her clothes, her satin ebony skin glistening with sweat. At 5′ 8″ her body is thick, but toned, with a small C nice, perky breast, ample hips and ass that wont quit.

She got into the shower and began lathering her body up. As she washed her breasts, her nipples began to harden, which of course made her pussy all electrified. Her nipples have always been hardwired to her pussy, so even the slightest stimulation made her pussy tingle and throb. As she played with her nipples she couldn’t help but let her hand wander between her thick thighs to her freshly shaved pussy. Her fingers quickly finding her swollen button she began rolling and pinching till she had a lovely little o.

After her happy shower she dressed then decided to give the number on the flier a call. Maybe she could get an interview for the nanny job soon. When she called a familiar voice answered the phone.

“Hello? Yes are you calling about the position?” She just couldn’t place it.  As soon as the woman said, “My name is Nina,” she was in shock. She would know that voice anywhere! Nina used to live next door to her for years, but she moved away last year for a new job. Apparently she had a baby too! They talked caught up for a bit and made a time for that night to interview.

Allison got off the phone excited and nervous. This was the woman she dreamed of every night through high school. She had always knows she was a lesbian, and even had a few girlfriends in high school, but this woman was different. Nina was a 35-year-old short, Latin Mama with wavy chestnut hair, small B perfect little titties and a small delectable bubble butt. She always greeted Allison with a warm smile and a warm hug when she saw her, and it always made Allison warm and tingly.

She got to Nina’s house at 6pm and rang the door bell. As soon as the door opened she was greeted with that same smile as always it made Allison’s heart warm and Nina’s plunging top made her pussy wet. Nina looked the same – a bit thicker and softer after having a baby, but she likes meat on her woman. Getting a chance to spend time with this lovely woman would be heaven maybe even have a old fantasy come true…

As they sat down she noticed Nina glancing at her hard obvious nipples. Nina began to stutter as she talked and a drop of sweat went down her neck. Allison liked having this effect on her so she smiled and crossed her legs, showing off her long chocolate legs and lower ass. The more Nina responded to her the more she wanted this job just to get a chance to seduce her fantasy woman. The rest of the night went by fine. Nina hired her right off the bat, showed her around the house and explaining her duties. She would be a mother’s helper since Nina worked from home, so she just cared for baby Grace (3 months old) and do some light house cleaning. This job would be perfect; have days free in the summer and works great with her fall school schedule. If she played her cards right, she might even fulfill a fantasy.

The next night she got ready in a thin white tank and a pair of comfy short shorts with sandals. She walked to Nina’s house early just to settle in. Nina had a dinner meeting that night and was coming back to do some phone work. Nina smiled that 50watt and gave her a big hug. Continue reading Determined Nanny


Author: syntax 

When I get bored I usually end up doing something totally insane or incredibly brilliant – either way it always turns out to be… interesting. So it was on such an occasion that I found myself set to drive a cab temporarily. The opportunity presented itself unexpectedly, and was actually a dare more than anything else, but when I took the bait. There was no backing out, so that set the stage, so to speak.

I am a single, well-to-do female. At 35 I am considered, shall we say, “desirable.” I won’t lie,  I know this! I am bi-sexual and am quite comfortable with my sexuality. Having lived in the city all my life I am familiar with the jungle.

For the most part fares are business people just wanting to get from point A to point B, with small talk ranging from the weather to sports to everything in-between. And it was the latter that caught my attention.

I stopped for the fare, and as I looked in the mirror I saw the face of a beautiful woman. As she gave me her destination I noticed full lips stained in berry and highly glossed. Her make up flawlessly complimented her ivory skin, her eyes were sky blue and her black hair only intensified her gorgeous good looks.

When I affirmed her request, she realized my gender and openly stared, caught herself, blushed, smiled and looked away.

I proceeded to work unto the traffic stealing glances in the guise of checking the roadway behind me and each time I caught her looking at me.

“My is Jenna. Are you new to our fair city?”

She leaned forward her cleavage threatening to escape from the confines of her top. She replied “Yes. I am here visiting friends. I like it here and I am thinking about staying.” As she spoke and I watched her lips form each word I couldn’t help but imagine those lips sucking on my hood, grabbing the attention of my clit. My lips sucking on the nipples of those ample breasts. I shifted in my seat,that familiar heat welling up and catching fire between my loins.
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A Good Morning

Author:Amberly Nicole   Category: Lesbian

I opened my eyes seeing that the sun was beginning to come out. I glanced at the clock, realizing I only had an hour until my alarm would buzz. I let out a sigh.

Last night had been a long night. Kailee, a girl from my class who I barely knew, had come over after dinner to work on our group project we were assigned to. It ended up taking way longer than we thought it would and finally finishing it at 3 am, I let Kailee sleep on my couch in the living room. Even though I was a little hesitant, not knowing anything about this girl except that she was in my English class, I felt bad having her leave and drive all the way home so late.

Running on only three hours of sleep, I was too stressed to try to fall back asleep for another hour. I opened the drawer on my night stand to get some tylenol and seeing my hot pink vibrator laying right in the middle of the drawer, I couldn’t help but pick it up. I pressed the button, ready to feel the vibrations that would soon make my stress go away, but nothing happened. I started at it, pressing the button again, and realizing that my batteries must be dead made me even more frustrated. I wanted to go out to the living room to get some new ones, but remembering Kailee was out there I decided my hand would just have to do.

My fingers slid into my panties, feeling that I was already wet, I ran my fingers around my clit beginning to get lost in the feeling. My bedroom door closed and I opened my eyes seeing Kailee walking into the room.

I sat straight up, feeling my face turn red.

“Good-morning,” she said, climbing on to my bed, “how did you sleep?”

“Alright,” I said, so embarrassed at what Kailee had just seen me doing, but confused why she was in my room. Continue reading A Good Morning

Go See The Doctor, Part 2

Author:ErotikLixxx4U   Category: Lesbian


Stacey, moaned again slightly, and was comforted by the doctor’s hand on her thigh. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second.

If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn she could feel the doctors warm breath on her pubes, but she didn’t dare open her eyes.

“Stacey, everything looks great so far, your responding wonderfully to direct clitoral stimulation. Right now I’d like for you to show me how you pleasure yourself.”

Stacey blushed again, and the doctor smiled. “I know this is embarrassing, but in order to help you, I need to see the difference between your response to my stimulation, and your response to your own.”

Stacey smiled. She closed her eyes and slipped her fingers inside her pouting pussy lips. She could her the doctor taking notes.

Her fingers worked furiously back and forth over her swollen clit. In her mind she though imagined that it was the doctor’s tongue flipping and licking on her clit.

She imagined looking down the length of her body and the doctor locking eyes with hers She was near her climax, when she felt a hand on her stomach.

“Don’t cum yet, Baby”, said the doctor. Stacey’s mind was going wild. She could’ve sworn she heard the doctor call her Baby!

Stacey’s eye’s sprang open to find the well put together Dr. Johnson, wearing nothing but her lab coat and a smile.

Any other time, and with any other doctor, Stacey would’ve been on her way to the police station by now, but Dr. Johnson looked so good standing there with one foot on her stool and the long fingers from her right hand buried deep inside her smooth, sticky wet pussy, made Stacey quickly forget about how many laws Dr. Johnson just broke.

Stacey tried to sit up , and Dr. Johnson pushed her back down. In one fluid movement, the doctor removed the speculum, and covered Stacy’s clit with her mouth.

Stacey startled herself with the moan that escaped her lips. The doctors tongue worked furiously over her clit, slipping in and out of the juicy folds of her cunt.

Without missing a beat, the doctor reached around, grabbed her panties and pushed them into Stacey’s open mouth.

Between licking and sucking up all of Stacey’s sweet pussy nectar, she told her that her panties had been wet since the day she first heard her voice.

Stacey was both surprised and excited to know that the doctor had felt this way. From the scent, taste, and most of all the wetness of the panties in her mouth, the doctor had been wet since the second the said hello.

The doctor brought her within inches of an earth shattering climax over and over again. At one point she even pulled over a second examination table, slipped the end of a double dong inside of each of their pussies and the hammered away at each other.

Dr. Johnson laid back on the second examination table and spread her legs wide. Stacey propped herself up on her elbows and watched.

She laid before Stacey and pushed her fingers deep inside herself. Her eyes locked on Stacey as she plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy fast and hard.

After a few minutes passed the doctor could hold back no longer. She started to shiver, shake, and moan Stacey’s name.

A moment later she cursed aloud and a hot stream of cum splashed across Stacey’s face as the doctor came hard and fast, squirting her hot juices all over herself, the table and the floor.

Stacey more turned on that she ever had been before. The doctor leaped off the table and dove mouth fist onto Stacey’s swollen clit.

At the same time she buried two fingers and then three deep inside of her and massaged Stacey’s G spot.

Stacey found that her body had a mind of it’s own as she found herself fucking both the doctors face and fingers at the same time.

Stacey was so close, her eyes watered, and she moan to the doctor, “please let me cum for you.”

The doctor increased her intensity, and slid one of the three slippery fingers she had buried is Stacey’s cunt, into her tight little asshole.

Stacey gasped just before the orgasm over too her and erupted in a flood hot sticky gurlcum.

Dr. Johnson licked up every drop, and it was over. They we’re both speechless and spent, as the dresses in silence.

One the both were ready, they left the exam room and retreated to the office. They sat in silence for a while before Dr. Johnson found her voice.

“After my findings, I conclude that everything is in working order, Stacey,” she sighed. “If you don’t have any questions for me, take a seat in the waiting room, and I will write out my diagnosis, and you’ll have that to take with you.”

Questions? Stacey’s mind was full of questions. Is this the type of treatment that all of her patients received? There’s no wonder her appointment book wasn’t booked clear through 2005!

Stacey still hadn’t found her voice and found herself out in the waiting room. Lunch for the office was almost over, and the staff was beginning to re-assemble in their places.

“Shit!”, Stacey thought to herself. “What was a visit like that going to cost?!” She dug around in her purse for her insurance information. She didn’t see anything in her benefits handbook about this type of coverage, that’s for sure.

Stacey stood to her feet and began to walk over to the reception desk. The door to the back office was slightly ajar, and she could barely make out Dr. Johnson, standing next to an older woman in a lab coat.

At first glance, it looked as if the older woman was really letting the doctor hear a piece of her mind. Stacey inched closer to the door to get within earshot of the two.

“Janeah, you wanted a summer job, and I gave you one. If you weren’t my daughter, you be out on your ass! What kind of back office assistant are you, exam room one looks like a tornado hit it, and you been here all alone for two hours!”

Stacey, found her voice while she backed away from the door. “Daughter?… Back Office Assistant?…” she gasped.

At that moment the real Dr. Johnson and her daughter, turned around. Stacey couldn’t believe it!

The Dr. Johnson that turned her out was the real doctor’s 18 year old daughter, Janeah.  She rushed over to Stacey, ushering her back into the waiting room and shut the back office door behind her.

She held a finger to her lips and handed Stacey a prescription. Stacey accepted it and walked out of the office still in shock.

She returned to her car, and just sat thinking about all that had gone on.

She was half way down the road when she realized she was still clutching the prescription Janrah had given her.

It read, I might not be a doctor, but I think I surely fixed your problem. Call me anytime your old symptoms return, and we can definitely work it out! Signed, Janeah Johnson, Sex Therapist in Training 🙂

Go See The Doctor, Part 1

Author:ErotikLixxx4U   Category: Lesbian

Stacey hated to go to the gynecologist. Even as she turned into the parking lot of the Reproductive Institute, the thought crossed her mind to turn around and go back home.

Dr. Janeah Johnson came highly recommended by Stacey’s best friend Monica, when she shared the details of the problem she’d been having lately.

Stacey sighed loudly as she pulled into a parking space up front. She had to give it to Dr. Johnson, she was so understanding on the phone when she made the appointment.

Stacey was surprised and very pleased to find Dr. Johnson taking her own appointment calls. “My name is Stacey Roberts, and I’m calling to make an appointment with Dr. Janeah Johnson,” she explained.

“This is Dr. Janeah Johnson, can you explain the nature of you visit?” Dr. Johnson responded brightly. Stacey was a bit reluctant to explain the reason for her visit over the phone.

“Well,” Stacey Began, still looking for the words to explain what was going on. “I guess you could say that I’m a little concerned about some changes in my sexual response.”

As soon as the words left her lips, Stacey felt a rush of warmth in her face.
Dr. Johnson sensed the apprehension in Stacey’s voice and immediately seemed to go out of the way to make her feel comfortable. Say no more, Stacey, may I call you Stacey?” she asked in a kind and caring voice. ”

Yes,” Stacey replied, in a voice barely above whisper.

“I want you to know that I understand what sensitive and uncomfortable issue this can be. Stacey was taken aback by the personalize approach to patient care Dr. Johnson provided. She made arrangements for Thursday afternoon at 12pm sharp.

So here it was, Thursday, and just 20 minutes shy of noon. Stacey sat in the car gathering courage to get out of the car.

She wondered what kind of treatment if any, could Dr. Johnson prescribe. She didn’t even know if she even had a real problem. All she really knew was that whatever it was caused serious problems in her intimate relations.

She first noticed a problem a few months after she turned 30. She had been single for nearly a year.

After she and her girlfriend of four years parted company, Stacey threw herself into work and school, and really didn’t realize that something inside her changed.

Just like any normal, healthy woman her age, she still had sexual desires, but being that she wasn’t in a relationship, she kept them under control.

She did indulge in pleasuring herself from time to time. Sometime to relieve stress, and sometimes to turn a restless night into a restful one.

It wasn’t until she began dating Tamara that she realized something was very wrong. It seemed no matter how turned on Stacey was, her body just would not respond to the touch of another.

Tamara had begun to take it personally. Stacey want so much for Tamara to be able to take her to the point of no return, but they’d tried everything from tongues to toys and nothing worked.

“Maybe you just aren’t attracted to me, or maybe you don’t like my touch,” Tamara had commented. But if Stacey knew nothing else, she knew that was far from true.

Tamara was beautiful inside and out. She had a creamy caramel complexion, and hazel green eyes. She stood at about 5’7″, she had and hourglass figure, and the sweetest, gentlest touch.

Before their relationship turned romantic, Stacey laid in bed many nights fantasizing about having Stacey’s lips between her thighs.

While she slipped her fingers beyond the plump lips of her moist pussy, she imagined looking down the length of her body, and seeing Tamara there with her eyes close, and her tongue buried deep inside her.

She imagined that Tamara would sense her orgasm was near, and her eyes would spring open and lock in a sensual gaze, while Stacey unleashed a flood of her juices all over her pretty face.

Even just sitting there in the car thinking about it made Stacey’s clit stand at attention.

She shook those thoughts from her head, grabbed her purse, and headed into the office, hoping that all signs of her arousal would subside by the time Dr. Johnson came in contact with her.

Stacey entered the office and stood at the reception desk. The place was deserted. She thought at least there would be some sort of assistant or something.

She’s only been standing there a few minutes, when the door to the back office opened and woman wearing a white lab coat stepped into the waiting area.

“You must be Stacey Roberts. Hi, I’m Dr. Janeah Johnson. ” she said while walking toward Stacey with her hand extended.

They shook hands and Dr. Johnson motioned for Stacey to follow her. “Don’t worry about insurance paperwork now, we need to get started if we’re going to be finished by my two o’clock appointment.”

Stacey put her medical insurance away and followed Dr. Johnson into a large office at the end of a long corridor.

“Have a seat, Stacey.” Dr. Johnson smiled, waiting patiently for Stacey to sit down before sitting down behind the large oak desk in front of her.

Stacey thought Dr. Johnson looked rather young to have accomplished so much. She looked around the room at the diplomas that decorated the walls.

Dr. Johnson didn’t look a day over 25, with shoulder length brown hair that she wore in a professional looking upsweep.

Under her doctor’s coat, she wore black scrubs, and Stacey could tell Dr. Johnson had some body beneath those clothes.

Dr. Johnson slipped on a pair of smart looking glasses, took out her note pad, and smiled at Stacey.

“Stacey, I know that discussing problems of this nature can sometimes be uncomfortable so I like for visits of this kind to be free of the time constraints of normal office visits.”

What I intend to do is get a little information from in here, do an examination, and then come back and deliver my findings.”

Stacey was loving Dr. Johnson’s approach. She felt comfortable an relaxed while she told the doctor her problem.

The doctor took notes, asked a few questions, and filled Stacey in on what was to come.

“Stacey, what we’re about to do is probably nothing like you’ve ever experienced in a doctors office before,” she explained.

“I’m going to put you through series of exercise to test varying levels of sexual response. From there we can talk about treatment options.”

Stacey stood and followed Dr. Johnson’s lead to the examination room. The doctor lead her inside gave her a gown an told her to get completely undressed, and leave the gown open to the front.

Dr. Johnson closed the curtain to allow her some privacy to do so, and prepared her instruments. When Stacey was ready, she told the doctor, and the examination began.

Dr. Johnson pulled back the curtain. She instructed Stacey to lay on the table and relax. She even asked Stacey what type of music she liked and put on a CD to help her relax.

Stacey laid back on the table and relaxed. She let her gown fall away from her body and shivered slightly from her skins exposure to the cool air.

She almost though she heard Dr. Johnson moan, as the gown slide away from he body. The doctor helped Stacey’s legs into the stirrups, explaining all the while.

She was going to insert a speculum into Stacey vagina. She was going to take a peek inside to make sure everything was as it should be.

Stacey braced herself for the cold metal speculum, but was pleasantly surprised by a warm instrument penetrating her.

“Gone are the days of the ice cold metal speculums, I take it this sensation is more to you liking,” the doctor said, with a smile in her voice.

Stacey nodded, and watched as the doctor sank onto a nearby stool and moved into position between her legs.

She couldn’t help but make a mental note to get to work on including the sexy doctor in her next masturbatory fantasy.

Stacey’s nipple hardened slightly. Partly because of the cool air and partly from watching the beautiful doctor at work between her legs.

“So far, so good,” smiled the doctor. She explained that she was about to attach a device onto the speculum that was to pull the hood of Stacey’s clitoris back, leaving the clitoris exposed for further examination.

She encouraged Stacey to close her eyes, relax, and concentrate more on the sensation throughout her pelvic region.

Stacey took a deep breath as she felt the doctor, pull the hood of her clit back and secure it with something.

In a downward motion, Stacey felt the doctors hand brush past her clit. Instantly, a chill ran up her spine, and a moan slipped from her lips. Almost immediately she was embarrassed. She felt like a freak.

How many people get off on a visit to the doctor? She heard Dr. Johnson giggle slightly, and then felt a gloved hand on her thigh.

“Don’t worry Stacey, we are here to test your sexual response and we are the only ones here.  Feel free to express yourself in any way you need to.”

Stacey was still a little embarrassed, but Dr. Johnson made her feel very comfortable. The doctor began to manipulate Stacey’s clitoris with her fingers.

Paying For It, Part 2

Author:Deedee Blanks Category: Lesbian


As the two older sisters were talking, Mary’s head was spinning from the events that had just transpired, but she was aware enough about what was going on when the Mother Superior offered, “Do you think we should have her lick our vaginas so we can have climaxes too?”

“If she won’t do it, we can always give her one hundred more stroke on her bare bottom,” replied Sister Ellen.

The next thing Mary saw was the huge hairy cunt of the Mother Superior as she sat back in her chair with her legs spread wide apart.

“My dear,” she said softly, “in order to receive absolution, you must drink at the fountain of the Mother Superior. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mary replied softly, “I understand.” Not even a second later, the Mother Superior’s vagina was being tongue fucked by the pretty young sister.

“Oh, Sister Ellen,” the Mother Superior moaned, “she has an absolutely wonderful mouth, and she knows exactly where the best spots are!” So for the next ten minutes, Sister Mary Francis, the youngest and prettiest nun in the convent, paid oral homage to the head of the order, Mother Superior Rachel Margaret. As her orgasm built up, the Mother Superior’s language grew more crude, and she ordered Sister Ellen to lift her habit and show her her breasts.

“Look, Sister Mary,” she moaned, “look at Sister Ellen’s chest. She never wears a bra under her habit, just so that I can feel or suck them whenever I need to!” Mary lifted her head for just a second or two, and much to her surprise, she could see the Sister Ellen did indeed have an very large and full set of breasts!

“Sister Ellen has always performed the service you are doing right now,” the Mother Superior continued, “but every once in a while we get one of the younger sisters to come in and suck us both off, and I must say, your mouth has been designed by God to fit so perfectly in my vagina!”

Mary could sense that the Mother Superior was about to cum, as the older woman’s thighs tensed up, and she thrust her vagina hard into the young sister’s mouth.

“Oh yes, do your penance,” moaned the Mother Superior. “Drink at the alter of lust between my legs and lick at its seat of divine passion!” Out of the corner of her eye, Mary could see that Sister Ellen had now directed the nipple from one of her big breasts into the Mother Superior’s mouth. Now, the only sounds in the room were the sucking and licking noises coming from the Mother Superior’s pussy and Sister Ellen’s nipple, that is, until the Mother Superior’s cunt contracted, and she let out with a loud groan that filled the room! Seconds later, Sister Ellen too had and orgasm, as she had been masturbating her pussy while getting her big nipples sucked. It was to be sure an unreal sight, three woman of the cloth, with their habits pulled up, and with their pussies exposed, pleasuring each other with their mouths and fingers!

Mother Superior Rachel Marie stood while smoothing her habit and said sharply, “Straighten yourself up now, girl, and go back to your room, and if there is anymore trouble, you’ll end up right back here for some more punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied, as she slipped out of the room. “I know exactly what you mean.”