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The Best Big Beautiful Women in Porn 2015

Sapphire 38L
Sapphire 38L

Big Beautiful Women porn stars have been making the rounds in mainstream news articles within the last few weeks. These articles are focusing on the amazing body positive message that many of these women share, and how much more popular some of the more well-known BBW stars are now than they were just a year ago. This new popularity of BBW performers could be attributed to social media followers reblogging performers’ images, or a possible shift in the cultural acceptance of larger bodies for female performers. While this shift may be taking place on Tumblr or on female-centric blogs, people are usually only writing about a few of the BBW performers in the industry right now.  Thanks to April Flores, Kelly Shibari, and Courtney Trouble, BBW porn has become very popular, and has helped pave the way for new  plus size adult performers. These three women have been able to transcend the normal porn viewing audiences, and have gained popularity through their own social media websites, blogging, and personal marketing strategies. There is also an entire group of “unsung heroes” in the genre who have been making movies for years but have never gotten the mainstream media attention they deserve. Here are some BBW performers who have been working in the industry for a long time, and a few who are just starting.

Karla Lane BBW porn starKarla Lane

Karla knew she wanted to be a porn star from a young age. She wanted to be desired and fantasized about without people having the intimate access to her, so porn seemed like the best option. She has a real estate license, went to culinary school, and has an accounting certificate. Karla enjoys a diversity of interests, and does not plan for the long-term. She describes herself as a very “in the moment” type of person. She is an LA girl, born and raised. She grows her own veggies, and takes advantage of all the farmers markets in her neighborhood.

Karla has been married for over a decade, and James Deen introduced her to her husband.  Karla’s marriage is polyamorous. Both of them see other people and have girlfriends and boyfriends respectively, and they both need to have an emotional connection to their sexual partners. Karla hosts a swingers party with a focus on costuming, showcasing sex toys, and a live sex show. She enjoys meeting her fans and interacting with them at these events.

When asked about how she feels about the porn terms like “plumper” or “fatty,” Karla has stated that she accepts that these are porn terms, not to be confused with regular conversation. She is very comfortable with herself and is very confident . She knows that not everyone will find her sexually attractive, but thinks that many people do. She has been in the industry for over ten years and has been able to sustain a fan base that reaches over 22,000 Twitter followers. She has stated that as the acceptance of age limits on porn has increased, so has the acceptance of differing body shapes. Since MILFs make a ton of money, it seems to Karla that the industry is finally ready to start a concerted effort to promote and produce more BBW porn.

“The best part of being a porn star is when you get recognized, and the worst thing about being a porn star is when you get recognized at the wrong moment.”

Vanessa Blake BBW HotMoviesForHerVanessa Blake

Vanessa Blake has been a name in the business since 2008. She took a brief hiatus in 2010, and then jumped right back into the arena full throttle. This woman has been in a ton of movies, and she has stated that there are a few costars that she wants to film with (but won’t name) and will not leave the industry until she films with them. Vanessa is an Orange County girl, and doesn’t ever want to leave. She loves giving and receiving oral sex, and is having a great time being back in the swing of filming. One of Vanessa’s most popular films is Plump Rumps 3, where you get a real sense of her personality due to her conversation with the cameraman, and her dynamite performance. She is a real exhibitionist, and is not shy on the beaches of Miami. She has stated in interviews that while she loves Orange County, she is not opposed to having a second house in Miami.

Eliza Allure BBW Porn star HotMoviesForHerEliza Allure

Nominated for BBW performer of the year for the 2014 AVN awards, Eliza Allure doesn’t think that her career has been challenged by the conventional standards set by mainstream porn. Being a BBW in porn allows her to be a big fish in a little pond. She says that it can be hard for skinny girls to establish themselves because there is a lot of competition. BBW performers all know each other, and support each other. Also, most BBW are in it for the career, not just the fame.

Before entering the adult industry, Eliza worked as a call center agent. She had started taking pictures of herself and tweeting them, which got her attention from a few different modeling agencies. Eliza flew out to Miami, Florida, to meet up with Sensational Modeling. Things took off from there, and she began selling her own clips online, webcamming,  and then making the jump into films. Eliza loves shooting with her fans because it seems more real than the professional shoots she is often on. She has done scenes with big stars like Christian XXX, and prominent studios like Evil Angel. She has said that she likes nerdy guys, geeky guys, gamers,  and she is not really into beefy jocks. She doesn’t have a preference for a specific kind of female because she loves every kind of woman. In 2013 she was pregnant and did some fun and kinky pregnant scenes.

Sapphire 38L BBW porn Sapphire 38L

Sapphire 38L has been in the adult entertainment industry since 2003 when she first filmed for the SCORE Group. Even though she has been in the industry for over a decade, there is almost no personal information out there about her. Yet, she is one of the most prolific performers in the BBW genre. She has continued to shoot with Score (the same company that released Mia Khalifa’s debut video) in addition to Sensational Video and Lethal Hardcore. She was originally just called Sapphire, but as she got a bit older and has gained some weight, she is known for having some of the biggest breasts in the industry. Anyone who watches her films can see the pride she has in her body, her large breasts, and the sense of empowerment she gets from performing.


Crystal Clear BBWCrystal Clear

Crystal Clear is now retired,  but she was a major name in the BBW genre before the genre really got a lot of attention. Crystal was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on August 5th, 1986. She got her start at the age of 19 in 2006 and worked in porn until her retirement in 2010. Crystal had a reputation in the industry for being really easy to work with, and up for experimenting in different genres. She performed in over 100 videos during her time in the business, and was a part of the World’s Oldest Gangbang. In the movie, Crystal took on 50 men and women over the age of 60. In fact, Crystal is in a ton of orgy films, including 16 hours of orgies in the aptly titled Orgies.  Crystal made a huge impact while she was performing, and is often referred to as one of the hardest working women in the business.


Bella Bendz BBW pornBella Bendz

Southern California girl, Bella Bendz is just starting to get some mainstream porn attention, with her latest work with Aiden Starr for Evil Angel in Marshmallow Girls Volume 3. She started webcamming, selling her used lingerie, and talking to fans via secured chat lines, but is now filming and shooting lingerie stills as her full-time job. She says that she is incredibly ticklish, and loves when she is tickled on her sides, back, neck, feet, and thighs. She is also bisexual off camera, and her love of women is not just for the benefit of a good porn scene. She likes toys, and tattoos.

Bella has stated in interviews that she wishes the stigma surrounding the porn industry would lessen, and that it seems to be in all facets of the industry, not just boy/girl penetrative acts. Fetish and nude modeling have their own stigmas as well, and this is something Bella would like to see change in the future.

Other stars to watch for include:

Alexxxis Allure BBW pornAlexxxis Allure 

Bella’s costar Alexxxis Allure is someone to watch for sure. She rocks the cover of Marshmallow Girls Volume 3, and is gaining traction on social media. Alexxxis started her career with the encouragement of fellow BBW star Vallery Vixen, and is now making films with some of the most popular studios in the porn business.

Klaudia Kelly BBW pornKlaudia Kelly

Klaudia Kelly is a blonde bombshell who has already worked with some of the big names in the business, including Manuel Ferrara and Joey Silvera, but she has a long list of people she would like to film with. A porn fan since she first rented a XXX DVD at 18 years-old, she has known since that age that she wanted to be in films. She has a huge Twitter fan base, and is very interactive with them. Check her out in one of her favorite scenes in Raw 14 with Manuel.

With positive,  confident sexuality, and really beautiful bodies, these women have started a buzz in the industry, and are helping to make BBW porn (and plus size bodies) more than just a niche category. These women are owning their desires, and working hard to have successful careers in a demanding industry, and they are doing it on their own terms.

A Show in the Life of Jennifer Best: Cathouse Edition

Jennifer Best is an adult starlet who recently spent time at Dennis Hof’s Alien Cathouse. The Cathouse is pretty close to Area 51, and while there, Jennifer spent time getting to know the clients and living a desert brothel experience. So what’s time at a brothel like? I imagine old westerns and big fancy dresses full of pouf and posh. However, I think if Jennifer made one thing clear, the desert brings about a pinch of cabin fever to us city folk (good to know). If she had stuck around, she would have been on the SyFy reality show the AC people appear in, but we have all her behind-the-scenes here….



Day 1

Taking the drive from the airport I was so grateful that my driver was so sweet; if it wasn’t for her I would have already turned around and headed back to LA. Halfway into the desert my phone stopped getting service and and I started panicking thinking, “What have I gotten myself into this time?”


Everyone at the Alien Cathouse was absolutely kind and gracious. I even got spoiled and stayed in “Daddy D’s” suite. Well, you know what I mean. Wink, wink.


Day 2

Off to get tested; spending the day in the gym and chatting it up with the girls and staff. I have a growing Netflix queue of Sci-Fi and Brothel-themed movies.


Day 3

Dennis Hof popped in for a visit…WooHoo!


Spent the day shadowing the tour and “DC”, which is a ‘Dick Check’. Very interesting and medical. I feel like I should be wearing my nurses outfit.


Live webcam show was a welcomed and definitely fun break.


Day 4

Passed my test, so off to the Sheriff’s office for a license.


First client was a gentle soul who asked to have his penis whipped. I replied with, “Well alrighty then, this I can do!” I left the man at the front door with a huge smile and a fantastic purple welt. Success.


Day 5

Gym time.


Getting the hang of being in the line-up in every possible state of disarray. I think some men actually prefer women sweaty or wet from the shower to all made-up gals.


Day 6

Cabin Fever has kicked in! I am desperate for sushi, vegetables and seltzer water.


Madam Sonja is so interesting, and I’m engrossed in her books all day, when I’m not busy working.


Day 7

Ummm, I quite possibly be going bananas form being out in the desert too long.


A few clients but things are slow.


Day 8

The Cupcake Girls came for a visit. I got a massage, a pink cupcake pillow and some yummy cupcakes. Definitely a welcomed visit and the day goes very smoothly.


Day 9

I must be what they call a city slicker, because I might be a teensy bit antsy out in the middle of the desert.


Day 10

Time to go home to LA!


All in all, I had fun at the Alien Cathouse everyone was so sweet. I honestly think all prostitution should be regulated and legalized, especially in Vegas.


I look forward to returning.

And check out my two wonderful reviews from clients that I already got:


Wow! Just let me know when she will be in for work, I own my own business and can be their anytime. I can see her anytime after this weekend. I have no problem with putting down a good faith deposit, where and how would you like me to put it down. I have been with a few other top end working girls so I would expect a lot for the “best” party I have ever had. I do have one question I need to know though, I am 6-8 tall  thin and in very good shape, others tell me I am handsome, but how tall is Jennifer I can not deal with short women, and most working girls that are cute are short.


That was the best wow. I have been with Sunset Thomas at the chicken ranch, with Logan Rose at Sheri’s ranch, and I think Jennifer maybe the HOTTEST working girl in Nevada. Tell her on top of being fairly good looking, I am very nice, bring gifts and love to tip well.       

For future parties please contact me thru Madam Sonja at or


A Day in the Life of Nikita Von James

And now it’s time for another Day in the Life in our porn star series! Yay! This time, it’s my honor to introduce to you the bombastic Nikita Von James, who is sexy down to a fine point of minx-iness. Think…fireworks. She embodies the fire and sparkle of mind-blowing fireworks. And, as you’ll see below, her talent goes beyond the screen, where she sets aside a whole day by flying to star as a featured dancer in West Palm Beach. Have you seen these girls who can dance? It’s a sex tease with prowess. Nikita takes us behind the scenes to show you a crazy 24hr day of prep, showcase, and unwinding.




5am: Wake up. First thing, I take my sweet little puppy, Max, for a small walk. Love watching him doing morning stretches. Second, stopping at Starbucks and on the way I go. My driver is taking me to LAX, so I can catch a flight to West Palm Beach.

9:45am: Boarding my flight and I have 5 hours on the planes to have actually “free time”. I love traveling, because it gives me time to do my homework and go over my schedule.

11am: Damn, I am a little bored already. Getting coffee. Need some energy to go over my word problems for my algebra class; it’s like a puzzle to me, but I like algebra. After flying all day pretty much we are finally landing. Yay!

6:45pm: Now I have to get my big luggage and wait one hour at the airport for my friend, Jazy Berlin. We’re feature dancing tonight at Monroe’s.

8:15pm: Jazy finally landed…cool!

8:50 pm: Getting picked up and going to the hotel. We have less then 2 hours to get ready, get a quick dinner and be at the strip club by 11:00 pm.

9:20 pm: Make up and hair time.

11:30 pm: Arrived to Monroe’s and checking the club out. So many beautiful girls in hot Halloween outfits—tonight is their Saints and Sinners event. We got our outfits all ready for it too. Super excited about our shows!

midnight: Taking some pictures with fans. Xcitement Magazine photographer is taking our pics for the magazine—sweet!

1am: For the 1st show, Jazy and I got dressed up as hot, naughty nuns. Let’s hit the stage!

Show was awesome. We got to play with the crowd and had some funny moments, too. Fans showered us with love and $ bills. Oh yeah!

Now, changing in sexy bikinis and about to go to take pictures with fans and sign some DVDs and pictures for them.

3am: Time for our 2nd show. We’re in our costumes dressed as two sexy devils. I was about to leave dressing room, and OMG, my red heel just broke! The DJ is announcing us! I’m grabbing my other black heels and running towards the stage. I’m trying to put my sexy heels on, as fast as possible. But, our 1st song is already playing and Jazy is on stage…alone. I’m finally done with my shoes on and I am joining her for the routine.

Yay, we did it, and after all it was a good show. Now, we’ve got to change quickly into our sexy dresses and meet the fans.

5am: Driving to the hotel. We’re so tired after long day of flying and performing.

We’re unpacking our bags, showering and going to bed. Night, night. Tomorrow, we’ll do another night with our feature dancing. This time we’ll be hot nurses and naughty schoolgirls for our performances.


A Day in the Life of Kiki D’Aire

We’ve been covering random days of porn stars’ lives for a couple of months now, but I honestly don’t know if we’ve ever seen someone as busy as Kiki D’Aire, at least not the day she was due to report! This hot mama drove all around LA County and almost ran out of gas. Sorry, Kiki! Slip inside a day with her as we continue our Day in the Life series with our legendary lady of sultry screen.

8:29am: I wake up.  Wonder why I’m awake this early.  Fall back asleep.

9:50am: Wake back up to see boyfriend on computer across from me.  Obviously not feeling this awake stuff.  Boyfriend makes me coffee.

10am: Text my teenager to get up.  Still laying in bed.  Start drinking coffee.  Coffee made with Almond milk and Stevia.  YUCK. Give it back to boyfriend.

10:15am: Morning sex.

11am: Throw on clothes and run out the door to pick up teenager.

11:10am: Walk up to kiddo sitting on my patio smoking a cigarette.  He’s ready, thank God.  Informs me after helping me move boxes from Agoura Hills to Westlake Village that I need to take him to Thousand Oaks so he can go back to work.  Great.

11:30am: Quick lunch at Mcdonald’s.  Don’t judge…I took the extra bread off my horrible-for-me sandwich.

11:50am:  Pull up at produce stand.  Buy 4 bags worth of fresh veggies for groceries for kiddo.

12:35pm: Arrive at my friend’s place to move last of product from a company he is selling to another friend. I’m way late. Crap.

12:40pm: Begin loading both of cars with the last run left over from all the moving on Saturday.

1pm: All loaded. Caravan over to the storage unit.

1:20pm: Arrive at storage unit and begin loading carts.

1:45pm: Send my one friend home as everything is on carts and kiddo and I finish moving the boxes.

2pm: Headed out to Thousand Oaks.  First stop Target.

2:30pm:  In Target getting lunch groceries for kiddo.  Sandwhich stuff.  Water.  Monster.

3pm: On way to best friend’s place.

3:15pm:  Arrive at Lisa’s.  Carry everything in and put it away.  Plug dead phone in.  Hang with her mom for a bit as Lisa and kiddo went over to store.

4pm: Let Jp know I won’t be by on my way home to get bunny I agreed to take.

5pm: get home.  Check stats on and upload a new clip.

5:30pm:  Finally get in the shower.  Wash hair.

6pm: Run over to boyfriend’s place.  Do my makeup.  Realize I forgot my blazer

6:30pm:  Get in my car and realize boyfriend left no less than a quarter tank  in my car.  GGGGRRRRRRR.  No time to get gas, hope I can  make it to meeting on time and without stopping.

6:40pm:  Arrive home.  Run in and grab blazer.

6:47pm:  Get back in car.  Fight traffic downtown.

7:23pm: Pull into destination for biz meeting.  Valet car.  Made it with a few minutes to spare.  Beeline for bathroom for lipgloss and shoe change.

7:30pm: meeting begins

8:34pm: meeting is over.  Went well. I walk over to Flemings and treat myself to a couple appetizers and a couple glasses of wine.

10:10pm: Walk over and get car out of valet. Head to gas station.  Put $20 in.

10:25pm: Get on freeway.  Gonna meet boyfriend at Sardos for Psk [editor’s note: this is Porn Star Karaoke].

10:47pm:  Hello, Sardos.

1:30am: home and to bed.

Luckily, our girl Kiki not only tweets but tumbls! Follow more of her there, check out her work here, and let us know who you wanna see next. Wanna wanna wanna.

A Day in the Life of Allison Moore

Meet the stunning Allison Moore, “your official girl next door XXX star”. However, if you’re a Sons of Anarchy fan, you are well aware that she appeared in the season six premiere that aired last week. Her adult and mainstream appearances are enjoyable, but with all that going on, plus a family to be a part of, and the fact that she’s an enrolled student, how does she have time to breathe a little? Well now, my friends, let’s step on into a random day of hers, yeah?

day in the life of allison moore


6am: I wake up to my puppy needing to go potty, which is 30 minutes earlier then I need to get up.

 6:15am: I make my coffee and get in the shower.

 6:45am: It’s time to make breakfast for the whole family: Breakfast sandwiches w/ scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage. Then, I feed the dogs and the three rabbits.

7:45am: I get my “kit” together for work, which consists of sophisticated clothes, matching bra and panty sets, and matching heels plus all the toiletries and feminine products that I need. They all fit in a 24″x36″x12″ case, which is a pretty big and about 90lbs. I pack a garment bag with about 8 dresses and a suit. I always bring a suit to set because you never know when you need it. I pack another bag with my makeup, curling iron, hair products, and a packed lunch. Even if they say there’s a makeup artist, half the time there’s a mistake on your call sheet so it’s better to have it then not have anything and I bring food because they might not have anything and you never know how long you’ll be there.

8:30am: I hit the road to the location in Downtown LA (an hour drive…hooray! JK)

9:30am: I arrive on set and of course, the makeup artist is one I never worked with before, and is charging her phone, which means she’s going to take 2 hours to do my hair and makeup.

10:00am: The male talent arrives and he doesn’t have his test or his IDs. He seems pretty nice though.

10:30am: He finally gets his IDs. I’m almost done with hair and makeup. The producer and I get a copy of his test and he’s all clear for work.

11am: I finish my paperwork and learn my 3 page script.

11:30am: I do my “girly” things aka douche, baby wipe my areas, and mouth wash. I don’t want to brush my teeth and accidentally bleed, because that’s a BIG no-no with my job.

noon: I finally do Pretty Girls where I pose all pretty for the camera with my vagina and buttocks open. LOL

12:30am: The scene starts!  Finally! We do dialog with a few takes cause the male talent is only 20 years old and is not a great actor.

1pm: Sex

1:30pm: Sex stills

1:50pm: Sex continues and the pop shot happens.

2pm: I’m finally done with the scene. Clean up and of course there’s no shower on set. It’s gross because there are never any fans or AC on set because they are too loud meaning there is a ton of sweat involved. So I baby wipe my whole body down.

2:15pm: I eat my long awaited lunch and relax for a few minutes before my hour drive home.

3pm: I finally head home and I’m super tired.

4:15pm: I get home earlier than expected because there was minimal traffic today. I clean the floors because I’ve been meaning to do them all week.

5pm: I take a shower that feels so good, I don’t want to get out.

6pm: Dinner time! My husband made chicken and it takes so good.

7pm: I get the kids bathed and ready for bedtime.

8pm: I get to relax and watch my shows: True Blood, Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black.

11pm: Now I get to sleep. I’m so exhausted after a long day.


follow allison moore through her day

Follow more of Allison Moore on her social media and sites, and watch her star in some action here.


jessica drake Pretty Much Owns The Porn Industry

Trying to sort through all the nominees of The Sex Awards for our Featured Star, well, it wasn’t all that hard. We wish the best of luck to all the porn stars, and we certainly love them all, each in their own way, but the hottie of lower-case nomenclature jessica drake, just stood out with such an in-depth résumé.

Case in point? She currently is up for thirteen and-a-half Sex Awards nominations. So, in honor of Sex Awards Week, let’s take a look at some of her nominations and why she should win, in pictures.


Porn Star of The Year

CNN did a photo montage and story on jessica, noting her many accomplishments on-screen, off, and in the sex education field. Add her fundraising dedication, and this year is looking pretty full for one unique star.


Hottest Sex Scene With Derrick Pierce in $EX

Natural Bondage. Man’s belt, tie, nails, and ordering her to hold onto her heels. Big giant window!



Hottest Sex Scene With Julia Ann and Brad Armstrong in $EX

Lots of demanding in this scene. “Amateur” directing (from the movie’s actual director), and a strap-on featuring girl/guy DP. Yup.


Adult Movie of the Year: $EX

First time jessica ever wore latex in a movie. Concept? Due to an economic meltdown, paper money and credit cards are gone, and monetary transactions are exchanged by personal bar codes on everyone’s arm and scanners. Prostitution is now legal and also widely accepted as high-class, but jessica’s character gets into dangerous trouble.


Adult Movie of the Year: Countdown

The end…is coming.


Adult Movie of the Year: Tuff Love

I wrote a Twitter Live Feed Review of Tuff Love. Check it out here.


Favorite Adult Web Site

jessica’s website is a hub for her series of erotic educational films, also featuring blog posts, resources, and pictures. All are to help you get educated on positions, anal play (for men), threesomes, g-spot, and more. You know, wicked sex.


Favorite Adult Web Site

Duh. She’s poppin’ up on here all the time. It totally counts.


Porn’s Best Body

Um, HI


Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple (Girl/Girl): jessica drake and Asa Akira

That picture alone is reason why.


Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple (Guy/Girl)

They have the perfect chemistry, and work together pretty often. They both take the acting seriously, which eases the complement of the pair; for that, they deserve to win this.



Vote for jessica in all of her categories at, and you can always get your fill of her on-screen work in our theater.




Seth Gamble: The King of Parody

Deserving of the Parody Scepter, Seth Gamble is adept at crushing porn mock-ups of popular mainstream tv shows and movies. When I was reviewing his list I was shocked at his experience. At count, he has starred in over 30 parodies, and he’s shows up again in Laverne and Shirley XXX which hits our theaters by the end of the month. Hence, he makes the Featured Star section look damn good and talented.

After watching him for the first time in Not The Wizard of Oz XXX I was pretty much instantly taken with him. He brought so much life to a character that was just thrown in the mix to give the sexual aspect some plot. He did exactly what was expected, played a “white pimp” and hit Dorothy up with some amazing moves. And alright, fine, I have to bring this up — HIS DAMN BODY HELLO OMG LOOK AT HIS BODY.

As with most parodies, the stars get to play dress up in some classic (read as: fucking hilarious)  costumes, and in Seth’s case, I can’t even pick a damn favorite. So I’m listing all of my favorites, in alphabetical order, no less.


Playing Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family XXX


That hair and makeup is way more OMG than WTF. From Erica McLean’s Alice.


That toga yes yes yes…yes. PS her can says “beer”. From Not Animal House XXX


His wooden club is not seen here, but look how cute he is! The Flintstones XXX


Whippin’ wand as the lead in Hairy Twatter.


The other option was posting him in the Iron Suit. Iron Man XXX


lol. Sneak peak at the Laverne and Shirley parody.


Hands down best dramatic picture of ALL TIME. Playing Tony in Saturday Night Fever XXX.


Back to the white robe as Luke in Star Wars XXX.


Not enough pictures to do his Loki justice. Thor – A XXX Parody


And of course, my favorite role of his of all time. Playing the “White Pimp” in Not the Wizard of Oz XXX


I also want to give a lil’ shout out to one reader, Melissa S., who first brought his attention to mine eyes. Thanks, dear, and remember, suggestions totally go a long way and it’s legit a win-win-win.

Bonnie Rotten Can Teach You How to Vine

I think, that it would be really cool to go get tattooed with Bonnie Rotten. I pale in comparison to her body work, but hey, that shit ain’t free and I’m poor and indecisive. For some reason I just feel like if I went with her I’d get something that was just made of happy angel tears. She’s legit. Confident, easy-going, a bombshell with a piercing look, and talented. Which is (duh) why she’s the featured star over here.

rollin in the dippin dots posse


Maybe I’m just rushing things a bit here, and you haven’t even “met” her yet. JK JK if you read my blog at all you definitely know her. If you’ve seen the boobs with the spiderweb tattoos around the nips you definitely know her. If you watch porn at all you definitely know her. If you read Inked Ma– you get the point.

Anyway, we can recap. This is her from “Meet Bonnie“, an awesome breakout film that is currently nominated in The Sex Awards.

Bonnie is also quite the craftsgirl with the Vine. She six-seconds it constantly, and ends up in a lot of places.

side-tongue vine face. we all have one.



jokes, bitchz



makin’ vine v.i.p.



hey, sometimes it’s cool to be called out.



my favorite vine so far. #teamtearsforwhitecastle


Watch something from the plethora that is Bonnie’s library here. And follow her tweets and vines here.

The Hottest Men of Porn That Are Not James Deen

Though we all know how much I adore James Deen.


Meet the Right-Now Hottest Men of Porn

It seems (it is) like the women of porn dominate the industry, by population terms. Even I love following the incoming amount of boobs that fill new videos. Boobs are pretty. But watching a really, really hot guy banging away is definitely up there on my Turns-Me-ON meter. And so, for what may be the first time ever, here’s a stockpiled list.


Xander Corvus

so he’s//he’s a lil’ baddie, that’s what he is. the chain-and-scarf wearing sexer really digs his hardcore music, and “dabbles” in making some. his vine is constantly turned on, he tweets memes that are actually funny, and he’s pretty much worshiped over at this tumblr.

sample tweet//Vag Viking, Pillagin yo Villages.

best place to see him in action//Love, Marriage, & Other Bad Ideas

submit offerings unto him//ThinkGeek Wish List and Amazon Wish List

find more//twitter and facebook and watch him now

Brian Street Team

“bitches be like ‘#tittytuesday'”

so he’s//really, really tattooed. and loves the chive. he also has that shy-ish boy smile that’s swoon-able, but watching him working with, you know he’s just a big kid that wrote the definition of best day fun. he’s also engaged to the lovely lucy vonne, so keep this strictly crush level.

sample tweet//In lighter news just discovered “through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman”…I will now be high on the couch coming up with science theories

best place to see him in action//Orgy University

find more//twitter and watch him now

Wolf Hudson

so he’s//the epitome of sexy. not only can this man fuck your panties off you, dude can dance them the hell off as well. a sextastic goofball, wolf is known for his obsessive love of the great michael jackson, and will dance mj’s moves perfectly whenever, especially if you bad-mouth the late king of pop.

sample tweet//That awkward moment when you’re tagged on Twitter with someone you don’t want to share a tweet with. Yikes! lol [coughcough]

best place to see him in action//Love, Marriage, & Other Bad Ideas

yep he’s got one//he’s won a lot of awards for his website

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also, i really dug this. he danced to my favorite song of all time.

Danny Wylde

so he’s//god damned adorable. besides being such a prolific writer and actor, he also wants the world to meet his band, Chiildren. he comes across as a sweet and honest person, sharing his views on some of the most sensitive subjects regularly, but with much thought and perspective. and he’s a blond with a gorgeous smile.

sample tweet//Believing my iPhone was dead was the closest thing I’ve had to an existential crisis.

best place to see him in action//Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody

he’ll teach you something//his blog is filled with ideas and understanding and cool shit

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Michael Vegas

so he’s//an incredible photographer. and his appearance can really border on one of two looks. there’s the clean-cut handsome charmer or wild fro unpredictable hilarity. either way he shows up, he’s a damn fine looker. and to the credit of girlfriend mischa brooks (she took the first picture above), he seems like a morning person.

sample tweet//I had a sex dream about @ChristyMack last night that ended with me elbowing some girl in the face 6 times because she grabbed my tail.

best place to see him in action//

he shoots//and the results are The Soul Thief

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Mickey Mod

so he’s//new but not new. he’s been around the scene since ’09, shining in BDSM flicks. and though he’s been on the dl lately, he’s still active around the industry. mickey is the kind of guy that makes me giggle out of nervousness when i look at him. like i get super shy when i see him fucking. but all that just adds to how divine he really is.

sample tweet//No matter how good your band is it still does not beat Ren and Stimpy playing on the tv in the venue..

best place to see him in action//

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Logan Pierce

so he’s//one of my first favorites, thanks to those damn adorable looks he gives to any camera, and to his acting skills. he comes across as one of the “good guys” in porn, always being mentioned by his pals and girls have nothing but sweet things to say about him. d’awwwww.

sample tweet//Mussels for dinner along with a delectable weihenstephan dunkelweizen 😉

best place to see him in action//

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Jay Smooth

so he’s//a friggin’ replica of like, superman. look at him. i’m completely in shock and awe that i haven’t seen more of him yet, but if he keeps at it, you all will soon enough. i mean, dayum.

sample tweet//I’m so horny right now… Is this being sick?

best place to see him in action//tbd. he’s new! stay tuned.

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 Coincidentally enough, these boys (Jay will have his turn next year), are all eligible for Hottest Adult Stud in The Sex Awards. Not that you have your breakdowns, get your ass over there and vote.


Well, We Still Have a Crush on Danny Wylde

It never fails, that every time I scrub in to feature a new star for all to indulge on, I always end up showcasing some “hot stud” with whom I have a massive crush on. Danny Wylde by far and away dishes some major crush motivators — the first video I ever watched him in only lead me to choosing any other recent work he was in just so I could look forward to the scene featuring him.

fuck yes i’m jealous

Besides watching some handsome babe engage in screen smut, I do find other ways to gauge who is worthy of a character crush, and those are hobbies, talents, nerd factor, height, etc. Danny doesn’t just make a name for himself by his fuuuuuuhhhh appeal, he reaches another level by also directing, creating and performing some stellar music, and (swoon) writing with an intelligent and altruistic process. And this ain’t no boring shit, either.

I know, I got it, you’re all “yeah emja, welcome to 2011 at least; his crush-ability and solid writing have been known for years…didn’t you guys even cover this exact point a few years back?!” Yup. But consider this an update, and a further continuation of praise. I mean, it’s not like he has an Amazon wishlist.


Some highlights from the scribe of Danny Wylde…

On Understanding Porn Context

On Coming Out to His Parents About Doing Porn

On Last Year’s Condom Law

 On Why Faces Should Be In Porn

You can almost always read something somewhere from the mind of Danny Wylde, but for easier navigation than just googling, go to his blog here.

And you can almost always find something somewhere where Danny Wylde is fucking, but for the best library to find those films, visit his page here.