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Lesbo Picks – Bespectacled Beauties

Bespectacled Beauties

Hey homos.

My eyesight is horrible. I wear glasses: big, black dorky ones as thick as coke bottles. I try to wear my contacts as often as possible, but because of my geekster-stigmatism, my ophthalmologist has forced me to bite the big one, suck it up and wear them at least three days a week. I complied, reluctantly, and had reserved myself to the stereotype that four eyes = no play…until now.

The “Joy of Spex” series from Joy Productions is an amateur collection featuring beautiful women who all wear glasses. Wait, what? There’s a freaking fetish for that? (Note to self: there’s a fetish for everything, dude, and this one is called “Glasses Fetishism” or “Meganekko”.) I mean, I’ve always had an eye for the bespectacled hotties myself, but that’s just because girls that appear smarter than me make me wet (chalk that up to an interesting tutoring experience as a teenager). In actuality, there are a ton of googly-goggly lovers out there and Joy Productions aims to cater to that ever-growing demographic.

Brittney and Simone is one of the better films in the series. Like most of the collection, the movie features a single scene with the two stars, starting out with introductions and a short conversation about their first girl-girl experiences. Hearing about another woman’s first lesbian experience usually gets me going and this was no exception. After the anecdotal intro, the passion burns bright almost immediately. Simone jumps on top of Brittney, straddling her hips and tongue kissing her like whoa while Brittney grips her ass and pulls her into own body. This urges Brittney to grind her hips into Simone as they roll around on the bed, switching positions and removing their clothes, and even glasses, along the way. Both eat pussy, Brittney being the more vocal of the pair, screaming loudly and pulling Simone’s hair while she buries her face in her wetness. They use a dildo sparsely and they both cum hard. In fact, Brittney cums twice and the quickie scene ends as impromptu as it began.

In Mae and Kathleen, we’re pleasured to another quickie fuck. Things start out slow and almost shy, but once they start sharing their experiences with one another, the hesitation wears off and the fun begins. After tying Kathleen up, Mae undresses and keeps her lover busy by putting a vibrator on her waiting clit, telling her not to move an inch. This drives Kathleen crazy and, being the good sub that she is, she asks Mae to strap it on fuck her. She does…feverishly. After ordering Kathleen to pick out her favorite harness and dildo (and condom), Mae then makes her suck her rubber dick, telling her she’s a good girl for listening so well and for getting the cock nice and wet for her. Then, she asks Kathleen her favorite position in which Kathleen sheepishly replies “missionary…I like to see who is fucking me hard” and Mae goes at it like a pro. She lays Kathleen on her back, spreads her legs and bangs her out until she’s screaming…literally.

If you’re into glasses-wearing-girlies, these films are a must see. If you’re indifferent, the sex is still hot enough to get past the four eyes and enjoy the culmination.

-Spot G.

Brittney and Simone

Brittney introduces us to her glasses wearing friend, Simone. They talk about their first girl/girl experiences, and then they get into a really passionate experience right before our camera.

Mae and Kathleen

Guess who’s the submissive one! Cum and find out…you won’t be disappointed!!

Gay Picks – March 6

The Abby Winters Collection

The Abby Winters collection by are an interesting group of movies. Self-described as a studio that produces “genuine, passionate girl-on-girl” movies, Abby Winters prides themselves on shooting real sex with real models (“No skanks allowed” they warn on their website). They often shoot their scenes in their girls’ own homes, using their own bedrooms or bathrooms, and the set-up usually conforms to the same medium: one or two girls, two cameras and a quiet room. For the viewer, their movies become an almost voyeuristic misadventure…as if you’ve just stumbled into some hot couple’s lovemaking session and you’re peering through the window, hoping not to get caught, so that you can see how it ends.

In Girls Night Out, we’re privy to the bedroom keyholes of two couples: Melissa and Susie, Monique and Lee.

Melissa and Susie get all dolled up and go out partying at a local nightclub with a couple of their friends. There, they have more than a few drinks that lead to a show stopping makeout on the dance floor (doesn’t it always?) and then a quick trip home to finish the deal. They begin at a slow and sweet pace, kissing and caressing and about 20 minutes in, the clothes start to come off as the breathing gets a little heavier. That’s when things start to become much more interesting. Melissa and Susie take turns kissing the inside of each other’s thighs and around one another’s nipples, using their hands to explore one another’s willing pussies. After a while, it’s become more than obvious that they are both interested in much more than a fingerbang. They move into the sixty-nine position and lick each other until they’ve satisfied the craving that began with the show on the dance floor. The scene closes with them wrapped in each other’s arms, falling fast asleep. If the love and comfort of a lady are what you seek, this might be a good scene for you.

Our next couple, Monique and Lee, show us another way of the gun in their segment “Tuesday Afternoon”.

Things start out slow, as they usually do here in AbbyWintersLand…soft, thoughtful kisses, gentle caresses and seductive grinding. But after warming things up, they begin to undress and the soft, gentle thoughtfulness gives way to a more profound passion between these two girls. Their kissing becomes more intense, focusing their mouths and tongues on more intimate areas while driving one another mad, totally oblivious to the lurking cameras. Lee puts her mouth on Monique while she returns the favor, making Lee moan and uncontrollably writhe her hips. This makes Monique even hotter as Lee’s gyration and wide openness invites her to grind back, leading to some very hot pussy-on-pussy action! As Lee spreads her legs wide, Monique grinds her pussy down onto her clit and they enjoy the warmth of each other for a while. This drives Lee over the edge and she grips onto Monique’s ass, pulling her into her pussy as they sit facing one another, clitfucking. The bed shakes and creaks under their passionate motion, adding to the hot intimacy of the scene. THIS is real, friends, no direction given here. And just how do I know? Pussy-on-pussy action normally doesn’t make for a good shot…you can’t see anything. But these girls were only going in the moment with what felt good…and let me just say: an impromptu pussy grind feels fucking good! They finish each other off with their fingers and tongues, making one another come in turn, and the scene ends more or less how it began as they hold each other until the dissolve.

If you are looking for a hot movie to watch with your girlfriend, this might be a good choice, as will all of Abby Winter’s films. It’s sweet and sensual, yet realistic and sexy at the same time…definitely worth the view.

Girls Night Out
Two genuine couples who share with us their passion for each other. It doesn’t get more real than this!

After Hours

After Hours

Studio: Amateur Straight Guys Category: Solo Male

The college jock. The skater dude. The boy next door. The Big Man on Campus. The baseball god. The hard-assed punk with the six-pack abs and all those inked muscles. The handsome married fucker you fantasize about at work. The above-average Joe you meet on the street that’s so insanely hot…He’s that guy, but take heart, because he’s all yours.

Private Man: Job Wanted

Private Man: Job Wanted

Studio: Private Man Category: Gay

The fourth issue of Private Man takes you into the glamorous world of fashion, where a host of male models parade themselves for your eyes-only. Of course, the temperature is soaring as Private brings you the best scenes of horny, provocative, and penetrative sex. From the catwalk to the bedroom, the perfect setting for catching an eyeful of our Private boys’ most tantalizing secrets.

Spoiled (Audio Story)

Spoiled (Audio Story)

Studio: Venetian Dreams Category: Audio Stories

Alison and Rick like to play. Rick likes to tell Alison that she’s spoiled. He pampers her, in every way imaginable. He smiles as his little redhead gets spoiled rotten, enjoying the better things in life. He loves how he’s the one who spoils her. Giving her everything. And when she’s asleep he spoils her right to the edge of reason, never waking her, but always bringing her to a climax that could only be appreciated by someone spoiled so rotten.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Studio: Sin City Category: Erotica

Our’s is a tale of disappointment, lust, betrayal and ultimately reconciliation. Our couple is drawn into a profound revelation of their true selves as they are taken on this psychological exploration by a common figment of their imaginations, Faust. AVN hails Michael Raven’s Paradise Lost as a masterpiece of erotic cinema.

Gay Picks – Feb 20

Welcome to HotMoviesForHer!

When it comes to porn, there’s nothing us dykes hate more than unrealistic, male-fantasy driven bullshit. You know the type: a chick with bad implants eating out a bottlejob with long fingernails (ouch!) and a bored look on her face. There’s nothing more tiresome unless, of course, that’s your bag, baby. We want to see authenticity. And I’ve gotta say, as a person who’s seen her share of lesbian pornography- this movie is for reals.

Mon Cher Sherry, brought to us by the amateur-driven studio Vagabond Entertainment, is a prime example of how real girls do real girls. Set in a modest studio apartment, our two pornographic protagonists begin by role-playing just a little to set the mood. Soon, it becomes clearly obvious that these two girls not only know one another, but that they are comfortable getting it in front of a camera. They begin to passionately makeout and clumsily remove their clothes, revealing their superhot womanly bodies. Our butch, played by a nameless stud we’ll call “Mohawk”, begins to rub and caress Sherry’s tall and buxom body, stopping to grip up her ass while sucking on her full, round tits. Next, they move onto the bed while Mohawk shifts to in between Sherry’s legs, eagerly lapping at her wet and willing pussy. From here on in, it’s..ahem..balls to the wall, dude. Mohawk straps it on and, after a quick bj, bangs Sherry out doggystyle, leaving her panting and moaning in her stilettos!

If you’re a girl like me then you’re someone who likes to see reasonably realistic girls fucking on film and this movie does not disappoint. It’s genuine, it’s guileless and it’s a perfect representation of some hot lesbo lovin’.

Trust me, I know.

Mon Cher SherryThis is real lesbian love as these girls straight up dyke out just for the camera and just for you.

As You Desire Me

As You Desire Me

Studio: Jennifer James Films Category: By Women

This movie takes a nice gentle turn into a more erotic approach, a softer way of making love and fucking the bejesus out of your partner. We have some really hot ladies getting drilled by strong, manly studs ready to give their sex god best! This is one erotic skin-fest you don’t want to miss!