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Next Door Male Volume 26

I won’t deny it; I think watching dudes jerk off is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  It’s basically raining men over here at HotMoviesForHer.  Hallelujah!  If I have to be awake and working on a cold wet day, I might as well watch some solo male jerk off porn.  Am I right?  Next Door Male Volume 26 has the goods.

Next Door Male Volume 26Scene 4 stars Eddie, a tattooed stud who decided to masturbate on a bench under a nice shady tree.  He removes his shirt straight away and eventually gets down to his boxer briefs.  He rubs up on his tones body and pays some attention to his cock through his underpants.  Finally, his dick makes its debut and mid-stroke he hears someone in the distance.  Eddie quickly pulls his pants up and runs off.  We cut to him catching some rays in the summer sun and get to watch him jerk-off poolside.  Sweet victory!

Next up in scene 4 we get to watch a studly cowboy suds up and spank it in the shower.  He gets nice and clean and gets himself all revved up.  Our cowboy finishes himself off with a splooge shot to the belly and all is right in the world.

Like watching dudes jack off?

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Next Door Male Volume 24

I’m a total sucker for a guy with tattoos.  I know, it’s what on the inside that counts, but if I lay my eyes on a nice toned inked body, I’m going to stop and look.  That is just the way it is.  Next Door Male Volume 24 has such a man on the cover so today you’re getting a solo male jerk-off movie review.  Take it and like it!

Next Door Male Volume 24First up, our cover boy, Brodie jacks off for us in a swimming pool with a lovely mountain range as the back drop.  “Hey, what did you do at work today?”  “I masturbated in a pool on a mountain.”  I know in reality that being a porno performer isn’t always as easy at it seems, but it doesn’t sound like a bad day at the job.  Anyway, after a while Brodie grabs his dirty magazine and heads over to the tiki bar area.  Looking at the pictures he continues stroking his cock.  I love that he looks at a magazine while jerking it.  It is so pervy and hot!  He finishes up by blowing his load on a bar stool.  Is it wrong that I sort of want someone to sit on it?

Scene 5 is an eye catcher with the total hunk of burning love, Anthony.  This dreamy dude has two thick black bands tattooed on his upper arm and a gauntlet-looking tattoo on his other arm.  Love!  He starts out working his member in a hot tub and later heads inside to take care of himself on the bed… and to watch a little internet porno.  He moves all around the mattress in all different position, but I especially enjoy watching him pull on his dick while on his knees.  He moves to a chair and gives himself a vigorous rub down and comes on his stomach.  Anthony is totally out of breath by the end of the scene.

Watching people get themselves off is always a good time.  For me, anyway.  It may not be your preferred flavor, but if it is, you need to watch this.

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Abbsx 008 – Czech Boyz 3!

Some mornings I wake up thinking about porno.  I guess that is just one of the casualties of the job, right?  Anyway, today was one of those days, which lead me to, over breakfast, ask my partner what type of porno movie I should review for today.  I explained that we just watched a lesbian flick yesterday and that I wanted to offer up something totally different, like maybe a male jerk off movie.  He said that sounded like a great idea and that he really loves watching masturbation movies with Eastern European men – that there is something particularly sexy about those movies for him.

I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I think he mentioned something about the movie he has watching being full of shy Eastern European men doing porn for the first time and really enjoying that.  We also talked about how important it is to promote solo male movies to women, because it’s not very often that women really get a chance to watch men masturbate, as for many people it is a private experience and if they are with a partner, they will have sex with them instead.  While I know that featuring women pleasuring themselves is so important because female sexuality is still so taboo, I never really thought about male masturbation movies.  Maybe I’m just a sex nerd, but thinking about all these different ways to think about sex is so exciting to me!

Anyway, on that note, I decided to spend a little time in Eastern Europe today, watching a couple of Czech guys get busy solo style in Abbsx 008 – Czech Boyz 3!  Like many amateur flicks (especially jerk off ones), this movie was shot in what looks like each guy’s actual bedroom.  I will say that unlike many amateur movies, this one offers up good production quality, lots of angles and expert editing.  Abbsx did a nice job!

My favorite part of this movie is that each of the guys really seem to be enjoying themselves and truly going to town on their pleasure.  Sure, they spend lots of time focusing on stroking their cocks, but they also take care to caress their thighs and torso as well.  Even their nipples get their due attention.  Some of the guys include their ass in the mix, while others stay strictly dickly.  I also love that each dude touches his own body a little differently, which keeps things interesting.

Clocking in a few minutes shy of a half hour, this quickie jerker has a perfect four scenes, which equals out to just the right amount of time to hold my attention for each stroke.  Too short and I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth, but too long and I get antsy for the cum shot.  Abbsx found that sweet spot in the middle and did it just right.  Three cheers for Eastern European solo guy jerk movies!

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All Man All the Time

Some days you just wanna watch dudes jerk off, and today is one of those days.  There’s no rhyme or reason as to why it’s a male masturbation porno viewing day, but I was looking through movies featuring and when I saw this pick, I just knew it was the one to watch.  I’m patting myself on the back, because not only do we get the super sexy Styles jerking off, this video offers up insanely handsome self getting his own rocks off as well. In case you don’t know, both Rocco and Keni are on our list of hot guys in porno – so get ready!

The movie opens with Keni giving us a little show by boxing with a punching bag before he wears himself out and must sit and “rest.”  Of course by “rest” we mean “stroke his hard cock.”  While the scene is a little marred by cheesy music (which I abruptly muted), the lighting is just right, as everything is taking place outside in a private backyard.  Keni keeps it in his pants for a while, choosing to rub his hard cock underneath his underwear.  Holy anticipation!  The camera makes up for the wait by panning up and down, giving us close ups of Keni’s tight body.  Soon enough Keni’s cock makes an appearance and stands at attention while we get delicious views from below and the side, as well as super close up cock shots and focus on his face.  Before we know it, his dick is exploding all over the screen.  Big time yum!

Check out Keni going at it in this clip!

Instead of detailing every dude in this movie, I figured I would just focus on the two guys of my porno dreams – Keni (of course) and Rocco Reed.  Rocco is up in scene four, working on something important in his office.  Those long days on the computer can sometimes result in needing a little rest and relaxation – in the form of rubbing one out at your desk.

I love the way this movie works with anticipation, leaving Rocco’s rock in his pants for a while as well, just offering us the outline of his rock hard boner.  Mixing black and white cuts in-between color footage of him jerking off just adds to the depth of the action.  Rocco sits back and enjoys playing with himself, going nice and slow keep us begging for more. Unfortunately with this scene we don’t actually get a money shot, but that’s ok, because Rocco is so super hot and clearly enjoying each stroke.

I’ll admit that I didn’t give the other 6 scenes very much of my attention, but what I did catch was pretty freaking how.  I plan to come back and take another peek!

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Gay Jerk Off Instructions – Danny Wylde

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Danny Wylde around these parts.  When we came across the Gay Jerk Off Instructions – Danny Wylde, we couldn’t wait to check it out.  In case you’re wondering, in jerk off instruction videos the performer talks directly into the camera at the viewer.  They instruct the viewer to jerk off or any number of things.  It is a slightly more intimate experience than other pornos.

Gay Jerk Off Instructions - Danny WyldeWe get four scenes/ scenarios where Mr. Wylde is interacting with us, jerking his cock and helping us jerk our cocks off.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing pretend every now and then, right?

In scene 1, Danny is all set to head to the beach, but first we, the viewer(s), talk him into messing around a little first.  He sits back on the couch, pulls his cock out and instructs us (calling us “babe”) to do the same.  Danny has the most adorable little smirk on his face the entire time.  He is totally charming, believable and never overacts.  Danny spits on his cock and keeps his eyes on the camera, keeping eye contact at all times.  Once he finishes, he is ready to hit the beach.

In scene 2 we are coming over for band practice and Danny Wylde is playing his guitar.  This might be my favorite of them all.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a boy and a guitar!  We conveniently forget our instrument and Danny is caught a bit off guard by our request.  I think what makes this scene so fun for me, besides the guitar, is the idea that his band mate has been secretly eying him up for a while.  So hot!

Scenes 3 and 4 are fun to watch too.  They are all so different.  In scene 3 he plays the jobless brother in law and in scene 4 he is talking to his roommate.  Here is the rub, we only actually get to see him blow his load in the last scene.  The other scenes end in fake orgasms.  It is a little disappointing if you get all worked up and expect to see Danny Wylde’s man mortar at the end of a particular session.  I would honestly rather see no climax than a fake climax.

I’m still a huge Danny Wylde fan and enjoyed this porno for what it was, with or without the jizz.  I would definitely recommend it for someone who likes to feel like they’re part of the action.  Also, I was totally into Danny using the word cock.  I was still under the illusion that he was talking to me, even though the only cocks I own live in a storage container under my bed.


Alone At Last

One thing I love about the Playgirl DVD Male Solos series is the variety of men they offer up in their movies.  Do they represent every single body in the universe?  No, but they definitely don’t just stick one type.  They change up the scenarios too.  I find them cheesy at times, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t like them.  You might think that think that my solo masturbating male of choice is totally goofy too.

Alone At LastI have to say that scene one made me giggle, but it definitely catered to my performing art sensibilities.  Classical music (which I love) is playing and Ryan Driller is going over his lines in a dressing room.  There are wigs in the background to really give that theatrical feel.  Haha!  Being the dancer that I am, I love this!  I laughed at the scene (and myself) and watched every last second of it.  It is totally dramatic, but who’s judging?  Like any frustrated actor would, he sits down and begins to rub his cock.  It has a nice pronounced head and curves slightly to his right – perfect for stroking with his right hand.  The classical music plays us all the way through his jerk off session until he blows his load.  We get to hear his heavy breaths and quiet moans.  I like hearing the getting off as much as watching, so I wish I could have heard a little more leading up.

Steven Daigle in scene 3 is a such a cutie face.  He is sleeping restlessly and wakes up to find himself in need of solo satisfaction.  What better way to cure a restless night’s sleep than with an orgasm?  This time around, the background music is that same old department store crap.  If that’s the kind of tune that sets the mood for your sexy time, then fine.  As for me, I have to turn the volume down.  It makes me want to shop for a new comforter and some pillow shams.  Other than the disastrous tunes, watching Steven jack off is fun, especially when the vein starts to pop up over his biceps muscle.

As sensual jerk off porno goes, this is a decent one.  This is especially true if you like dudes with toned bodies and are okay with hearing very little of the natural moans and groans.  I recommend it to anyone who has a hankering for watching guys get themselves off in nice a little package.

Next Door Male Volume 21

In addition to being super hot, watching people masturbate is really interesting.  I like seeing the different ways people get off.  Men work their hands over their cocks in different ways.  Some dudes thrust themselves into their hang, other focus on the head.  There are men that like the sensation of grinding into a pillow or mattress and others that like to cradle their balls.  I could think of tons of techniques, but I still couldn’t name them all.

Next Door Male Volume 21In the Next Door Male series, hot boys are depicted in their everyday settings, pleasuring themselves as if they were home alone.  While this may or may not be how these guys spank it when they are rolling solo, it’s what the director wants us to think.  The boys don’t really put on a show.  Sure, some get on their knees to show off their abs every once in a while, but there isn’t any sexy-time dancing or posing in front of the mirror.

Scene one stars Tristan Bull.  He is as cute as they come with his clean cut hair and hi body that is desperately in need of some Neosporin and a whole box of band-aids.  Heh.  We see him jerkin off on his couch.  If you listen hard enough you can hear the porno he is watching in the background – moaning, skin slapping against skin.  His eyes are fixated on the television and his face is rather emotionless. he isn’t so much bored, as he is focused on porno and getting the job done.  In other instances I might be put off, but the idea of just seeing someone caught up in satisfying themselves is pretty effing hot.  His body tenses as he reaches orgasm then he springs up in order to blow his load on the coffee table.  I can’t tell you why, but there is something about a table getting the what-for that I enjoy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is our tattooed stud muffin in scene 2.  He too is super into manually stimulating himself, but his facial expressions are far more prominent and we hear moans and whimpers at moments of jerky-joy.  he gets super twitchy (not in a bad way) when it’s time to splooge.  Even when he is finished, his body continues to jerk a little.

Our guy in scene 7 enjoys grinding into his pillow and his soft head board.  He is a bit all over the place.  I’m not judging at all, just pointing out how he is more energetic than the dudes who just sit back and let their hands do the work.  Hotness!

This porno ranks up at “pretty decent” as solo male masturbation movies go.  I wasn’t blown away, but I loved how their wasn’t a ton of posing for the camera and the guys didn’t seem to be trying to hard.  I like just watching people get off.  If you do too, you’ll enjoy this.

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Horny House Boys

I was just looking over our movie reviews and noticed that it has been way too long since we talked about solo male goodness.  It happens to be one of our most popular categories.  It’s true and we have the data to prove it.  I like to give the ladies what they want so today I’m reviewing Horny House Boys for your pervy cock loving eyes.

Horny House BoysIn this Playgirl DVD movie we get 2 eyeballs full of hard bodied dudes showing their goods off all on there lonesome.  If you’re hungry for some beefcake, get ready to fill up because these cutie patooties flex their muscles and show off their hot bods.  Don’t judge me for my corny antics.  If you’re lucky, you might even get a dance move or two.  There are 12 men all together, so there is a chance that one of these hunks will tickle your fancy.

I happen to be a fan of TJ Cummings so I’m going to talk about his work in scene 8.  I have to say that it was interesting to watch him being all sweet and seductive.  I’m used to seeing him in movies that are a bit more hardcore.  He is good at manhandling the ladies, but it’s nice to see him working it out on the other end of the spectrum.

On to the action!  TJ is in his bedroom, unbuttoning his collared shirt after a hard day at the office (I assume).  He takes his time and eventually gets those pesky pants off.  We get to watch him in his boxer briefs for a bit and damn does he look good!  TJ grind his cock on the bed through his unders .  Um… hot!  The underwear come off and finally we get a full view of TJ in all of his glory.  Again, he turns over and grinds his dick into the bed.  This time he remains on his stomach and fucks his hand.  Love it!  Eventually he turns over and gets down to brass tax – stroking his cock and tugging on his balls.  He works his way up to a creamy frenzy and comes on his stomach.  His quiet moans and groans are so hot!

This is just my dude of choice, but there are eleven others to choose from.  I’m pretty sure that there might be one that will get the job done.

Watch Horny House Boys now!



Handyman Volume 4

I dedicated this week’s Top Five Tuesday to one of my porno crushes, Dane Cross.  I almost put this movie on the list, but I chose to reserve it for its very own porno review.  One, because I have never seen him in a solo masturbation movie and two, because Chris Strokes (another one of my porno crushes) is up in the mix stroking his cock.  There are a total of 10 masturbating men in Handyman Volume 4 so there is bound to be one for everyone.  I am personally focusing my attention on Dane and Chris.

Handyman Volume 4This movie is directed and narrated by Tina Tyler.  She briefly chats with her subjects, films them as they get off and interviews them after the fact.  The guys talk to the camera as if they’re talking to you. “I wish you were hear”, “I wish you were wrapped around my cock”, fairly standard dirty talk fare.  It is a little more genuine from some than others.  What I definitely DON’T like about this movie is the terrible hotel lobby back ground music.  It sucked because I wanted to hear what the guys were saying so I couldn’t mute it.  It isn’t the worst tragedy that I’ve faced in life, but it’s definitely a porno bummer.

We open up with our short chat with Chris Strokes. He is such a cutie.  He loves to give the camera the flirty eye brow raise – a little corny, but endearing.  Cut to his jerk off scene.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but damn this boy has a big beautiful cock.  He is sporting 10 ½ inches solid man meat.  He looks great stroking it to and so do his toned chest and ab muscles.  He fakes us out a few times and tenses up like he is about to come before he actually does.  I don’t mind though, he grips the arm rest of his chair and we get to see his rippling delts and their nice striations.  Yeah, I like muscles, what of it?  He blows his load after he tells us to look at what we do to him (ala playing with his sticky pre-come).  During his post orgasm interview we find out that he likes the “exotic ladies” and spends 4 hours per day in the gym.

Dane Cross is up next.  He isn’t necessarily soft spoken, but he has a bit more shyness to him than our ballin’ boy, Chris.  We wake him up in bed and find that he his hiding his nice thick sizeable cock under the sheets.  As prescribed, he plays with himself and talks to the camera.  His words seem a little less genuine, as Dane is more of the “suck my cock now” type of guy rather than the “let me hold you” type of guy, but this just wasn’t that kind of porno.  He is shy, but dirty.  We already know this from his work, but I’ll point out that in the interview he mentions that he likes 180 girls that are similar to him.  By 180 he means he likes nice clean cut girls that are total dirt bags under the sheets (umm, allow me to introduce myself).  We watch Dane stroke it until he blows his load on himself and it is glorious.

I love watching solo masturbation movies as much as I love the crazy intense rough fucking movies.  Watching people get themselves off is just plain hot – their o-faces, the way their bodies tense and flex, their hand movements.  The fact that I got to watch two of my favorite dudes jerk off in the same movie was fan-fucking-tastic.

Watch Handyman Volume 4 now!


Ginger Leigh

Summer Studs

As I’m sure you all can tell, this summer is flying by at lightning speeds!  I had already planned to review a male jerk off flick today and when I saw this particular title, I just knew I had to get it in before the summer months come to an end.  And with eight full scenes, this is the perfect movie to keep us going through til the temps begin to lower.

Speaking of temperatures, mine has definitely gone up in the time since I started watching this movie.  Playgirl DVD knows how to bring the hottest guys to the screen and feature them in the most alluring of ways.  These dudes don’t just grab their meat and start wanking – there is a little bit of build up with lots of nipple action and body caressing.  Yes the jerking is hot, but I want even the smallest amount of warm up – and these folks are happy to comply.

Anyone who complains that all the men in porn are unattractive has clearly never watched a Playgirl DVD movie.  All of these guys are totally ripped and handsome in both face and cock.  The cameras make sure to highlight each and every muscle, which definitely adds to the excitement as we watch their bodies tense and flex when they get more and more turned on.   I also really love that each guy has his own method of cock stroking.  It’s always a plus to see a little variety

One other thrill for me was to see that most of these scenes were actually shot outside, keeping with the summer theme.  So many pornos try to give a theme or main idea, and then end up falling totally flat, but not the folks over at Playgirl DVD.  IT’s the little things that make me happy, and this video is a two thumbs up for me!

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