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The Dude Show – Reality Sucks! Part 2

I hate reality TV shows with a passion.  I’m generally a pretty happy person, but reality TV makes me want to break things.  I know a lot of people love it and that is fine, but don’t expect me to cozy up on the couch and enjoy it with you.  It will never happen.  A “reality” porno starring hot ripped gay guys?  Now that is something I can get behind.

The Dude Show - Reality Sucks! Part 2The scenes start with a brief “confession” from each of the guys.  They mainly talk about how good they are at fucking and whether they are a top or a bottom.  We also get a sneak peek at their cocks as these guys are proud of what they’re packin’… and rightfully so.  First up we have Brandon Bangs who promises to deliver cock meat sandwiches; the southern jock, Tyler Anderson; and the sweetheart/bottom, Shane Frost.  Once the guys meet, it is Wang City – population 3.  Our two tops get their dicks sucked and jerked off until finally it is time for penetration.  They take turns on Shane and he loves every second of it.  Brandon and Tyler position themselves over Shane’s shoulder and proceed to blow their loads on on his chest.  Shane loves watching and eventually jizzes on his hand and washboard abs.

Next up we have sexy pants Rod Daily and country boy Brandon Lewis, who by the way, is adorable with his Texan accent.  He is totally charming with his big bright smile and playful personality.  He is also charming when he pulls out his already erect penis for Rod to get to work on!  These two make a great pair and are totally fun to watch bang.  They take turns with the anal sexin’ and both dudes get off when Brandon sits on Rod’s rod.  Yes!

This flick from Hot House Video is an awesome gay porno pick. Although I didn’t write about all 6 scenes, each and everyone is worth watching.  The boys are totally ripped and have fun personalities.  It is well shot and fun to watch if you like male on male hotness!

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Stocking Stuffers – Jim And Paulus

We’re knee deep in Christmas porno and today we’re changing things up with some hot male-on-male action.  Jim Redford and Paulus Guel fill the air with loads of holiday cheer.  And come.  Lots of come.  While I didn’t see any stockings stuffed with candy or socks, I did see my fair share of tight asses and mouths stuffed full of wang!  Watching these ripped studs get their bang on has already made my day merry and bright.

Stocking Stuffers - Jim And PaulusJim presents Paulus with a gift – some little statue with a giant dong.  Paulus loves the gift so much he immediately drops to his knees and proceeds to suck Jim’s cock straight away.  The two go on for a good portion of the scene just sucking each other off and masturbating in front of the Christmas tree.  At one point Paulus gets rather focused on the Jim’s asshole and his tongue runs laps up and down the crevice until he finally splooges.  Jim finishes himself off and the scene comes to a close.

Scene two just about starts off where scene one leaves off.  This time Jim is all about fingering Paulus’s ass.  He works in one digit and eventually another.  Paulus loves it and happily spreads is ass for easy entry.  Soon Paulus places a condom on Jim’s uncircumcised dick and bends over to get fucked.  The boys do it in a few positions and end up going back to the oral sexin’ with a little 69 action – always a crowd pleaser.  Paulus stands over Jim and splooges on his chest who follows suit by emptying his man juices on his own stomach.

This porno isn’t going to change your life, but it will certainly satisfy your need for tight bodied men who like to fuck in the name of Christmas.  There are boners-a-plenty and more oral sex than you can shake a… dick at?  On that note, enjoy!

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Dirty Overalls

Today is a gross, rainy day and I knew that European gay porn was just the thing to raise my spirits.  And once I ran into the piercing eyes of Frank Walk on the cover of , I knew I had made the right decision.  While I don’t make a habit of choosing my movies to review based on eyes, how could I pass by that icy stare and not take a peek?

Things start off fast in this flick, getting right into the action with little dialogue (which is in another language anyway – not sure which one).  Supposedly these two guys are horny construction workers, based on the construction site backdrop, though I might have liked a hammer or hardhat thrown in to drive the point home.  I guess minor props like those don’t really matter when it’s the rim job that people are focusing on.  That makes the most sense, and thankfully we get some really hot rimjob shots, close up and at different angles.

Once the guy’s hairy asshole has gotten a thorough tongue bath, his “co-worker” adds his cock into the mix, ramming into the guy’s worked over pucker.  I’m personally not all that into his shoes staying on, but hey, this is a foreign movie, so maybe that is customary wherever this was shot (my guess is somewhere in Eastern Europe).

Scene 2 brings us a trio of muscular young men who forgo their painting job for three way blow jobs instead. Who wouldn’t?  A beautiful brown-haired boy takes two at once, jerking one cock while he sucks the other, moving back and forth with skill.  The oral action goes on for quite a while before the dudes bring their asses into the equation, filling them with meaty cocks.

The third scene actually features a little construction (or demolition, really) work before the guys get naked.  Yes, the sex is the focus, but I do love a little context.  The scene is only on for 30 seconds before a cock is out and in a mouth.  Frank Walk’s mouth, to be exact.  He’s the only guy I can recognize from the bio pics, with his intensely blue eyes.  Actually, it’s really his frosted hair I recognized, since Walk’s eyes are closed in bliss the whole time he downs his partner’s dick.  They work each other over with their mouths for a good, long while before they move to the ass for some licking and fucking.  I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see a pattern develop…  that said, I’m not going to go into scene 4, which is more blowing, rimming, fucking – in that order.

It only makes sense to start the work week with this movie on boosting office morale!

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Tim And Joey Baste The Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Clearly we are out of the office today, celebrating turkey day with our loved ones, but we wanted to make sure and leave you all with some smutty goodness to enjoy.  Apparently the Thanksgiving porn market is pretty nil, since we only have a tiny handful of themed movies for this holiday, and we’ve actually reviewed them before.  Luckily I was able to find this turkey basting good time from … which means that it’s actually a CANADIAN Thanksgiving movie.  Sure, sure, it’s not the same holiday, but how about we fudge the details a bit and make it work for everyone?  I mean, it’s all hot man-on-man action, right?

So, apparently this movie was shot on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend a while back, because that’s really all it has to do with Thanksgiving.  No worries though, there are still lots of blow jobs, rimming and asshole pounding to keep us from being too disappointed at the lack of Thanksgiving paraphernalia.

Joey and Tim are two sexy, young men that are ready to get their fuck on.  They start out introducing themselves to the camera and giving their stats (height, weight, cock size), but quickly move into the sexy action, beginning with a few smooches and some caressing each other and themselves.  This movie is pretty amateur, so the camera is a little shaky and the sex starts out a tiny bit awkward, but once they really get into the action, it’s easy to forget about all of that stuff.  I actually really like the amateur quality of things – I think it makes for more realistic, fun sex.  I’d much rather have real activity that may be a little rough around the edges than have perfect fucking with no heart.

It’s not too long before the blow jobs begin and they even offer us up a bit of 69 action.  I was really into the ass licking… until I realized that Tim has a massive rattail.  That nearly killed it for me.  Woah.  Soon I was able to almost forget about it when the ass fucking started.  These two changed positions a bunch and really got into it as they stroked each other into awesome orgasms.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes And For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood

With Kurt Lockwood coming back to the porn biz, we’re all types of excited around here.  One of the things I like about Kurt as a performer is that he is diverse, fun to watch and down for way more than just vanilla fucking.  Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood illustrates just that.

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Kurt Lockwood Luscious Lopez joins Kurt for 34 minutes of boning.  I am not terribly familiar with her previous movies, but I enjoyed her in this particular porno.  I love the way she uses her hands to show off Kurt’s body, including his feet and ass.  Seriously, there is something about her gestures that excites me.  Lopez totally puts Barker’s Beauties to shame!  Anyway, she spends some time licking his ass hole which Kurt enjoys.  Later, she pumps her finger in and out of his ass, pointing out that it makes his cock hard, while blowing him.  They are both super turned on by it.  Hot!

Being that this is a Straight Guys For Gay Eyes flick, there isn’t a lot of foreplay in the direction of the lady half of the couple.  That is just how these movies are.  I’m so not mad about it because Luscious Lopez is worked up from all of the ass play and oral sexin’ she performs on Kurt.  From time to time he looks into the camera giving us a nice smile which I find totally charming.  Still, he is all about fucking Lopez, directing her to beg for his cock and whatnot.  Yeah, that’s how he rolls.

The two get nice and sweaty as the fucking continues.  I totally enjoy watching Kurt position himself so he can continue fucking Lopez while she fingers his ass.  I also enjoy watching her straddle his face while we get a straight-on view of him stroking his cock.  One of the things I am rather fond of in all of Kurt Lockood’s movies is that he is all about the dirty talking and kissing.  He really engages his co-stars and makes it a genuinely hot experience for the both of them.  A genuine experience is what separates okay smut from awesome smut.

Kurt finishes up by jerking his cock and blowing his load on his stomach and chest.  It is a good few minutes of solo male action which is always fun to watch.  Luscious Lopez swoops in and cleans him up with a wet cloth.  You don’t see that too often in porn!  I give it points for being different, at least to me.

I think any Kurt Lockwood fan would enjoy this movie, especially if you like a little female-on-male ass play.  Totally worth the watch!

Watch Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood now!



Next Door Male Volume 24

I’m a total sucker for a guy with tattoos.  I know, it’s what on the inside that counts, but if I lay my eyes on a nice toned inked body, I’m going to stop and look.  That is just the way it is.  Next Door Male Volume 24 has such a man on the cover so today you’re getting a solo male jerk-off movie review.  Take it and like it!

Next Door Male Volume 24First up, our cover boy, Brodie jacks off for us in a swimming pool with a lovely mountain range as the back drop.  “Hey, what did you do at work today?”  “I masturbated in a pool on a mountain.”  I know in reality that being a porno performer isn’t always as easy at it seems, but it doesn’t sound like a bad day at the job.  Anyway, after a while Brodie grabs his dirty magazine and heads over to the tiki bar area.  Looking at the pictures he continues stroking his cock.  I love that he looks at a magazine while jerking it.  It is so pervy and hot!  He finishes up by blowing his load on a bar stool.  Is it wrong that I sort of want someone to sit on it?

Scene 5 is an eye catcher with the total hunk of burning love, Anthony.  This dreamy dude has two thick black bands tattooed on his upper arm and a gauntlet-looking tattoo on his other arm.  Love!  He starts out working his member in a hot tub and later heads inside to take care of himself on the bed… and to watch a little internet porno.  He moves all around the mattress in all different position, but I especially enjoy watching him pull on his dick while on his knees.  He moves to a chair and gives himself a vigorous rub down and comes on his stomach.  Anthony is totally out of breath by the end of the scene.

Watching people get themselves off is always a good time.  For me, anyway.  It may not be your preferred flavor, but if it is, you need to watch this.

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Hello, super ripped tattooed men!  You are so pleasing to the eye with your cock on cock action, muscles and neatly trimmed yet rugged facial hair.  Yes, I am totally talking about the way you look instead of who you are on the inside.  I reserve the right to do so.  This is porn after all.

backdoorOne look at the box cover I was sold on which movie I would review today.  Jonathan Agassi and his piercing eyes drew me in like a moth to a flame.  I would have been perfectly content to stare at the box cover, but I realize you don’t come here to read what I have to say about photos of hot dudes.

Scene 1 stars the dreamy Adam Killian with cutie Scott Carter.  This scene is super intense with lots and lots of ass licking.  It is obvious that these boys are way into each other with their aggressive kisses and cock sucking.  I especially enjoy watching Scott mount Adam’s lubed cock.  He holds on to the headboard and goes to town bouncing his ass up and down.  So hot!  This goes on for a short while, but Adam can’t get enough of Scott’s sweet puckered little hole and goes in for more analingus.  Adam returns to fucking in a variety of positions, including the always yoga-tastic pile driver, and eventually blows his load on Scott’s beard and lips.

Scene 4 brings the gay porno goodness with the beefy Junior Stellano and the beautiful Adrian Long.  There is a ton of great sucking and fucking, but I really love that there is a mirror in the room and they can’t help but take a peek every now and then.  With bodies and moves like theirs, I can’t blame them!

Scene 5 brings it home with Jonathan Agassi and Gabriel Lenfant.  The scene begins with an ass shaving session.  Gabriel tends to Jonathan’s ass, taking care to wash, lather and gingerly shave everything around his hole.  Agassi seems to get turned on by it.  I can’t say I’m moved by it either way, but it definitely changes things up.  Lots of butt sex ensues (surprise).  Jonathan likes it deep as it made apparent when pulls Gabriel to ensure his cock gets buried deep in his ass.

Like hot gay sex?  Watch this movie.

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Mason Wyler – Welcome To My World! Volume 9

I have been watching tons of lesbian porno these days, which I love, but it is time to switch it up.  This rainy day calls for some hot gay male action and I’m looking to fresh-faced Mason Wyler to get it done.  He is the adorable boy-next-door type and he totally knows how to fuck.  His confidence shows through in his porning which makes him super fun to watch. the first scene, Mason is paired up with tattooed hottie Rod Daily.  We start the scene with Rod staring at his own rock hard body in the mirror, feeling up on his pecs and abs.  It is totally narcissistic, but I can’t blame him for admiring that bod!  Mason walks in and joins in on the body feeling.  Kissing ensues and hands wander.  They spend a good deal of time sucking each others cocks and I especially love watching them 69 for a bit.  All mouths are filled!  Soon Mason gets behind Rod and plunges into his tight ass.  They fuck standing up which gives me another opportunity to ogle Mr. Daily’s washboard abs.  Being the sweetheart that he is, Mason reaches around and jerks Rod’s cock.  Hot!  Both boys blow their sticky loads and look great doing it.

Scene 3 is my second favorite scene.  Here we get to to watch Mason Wyler role solo.  During a photo shoot we get to see a bit of his personality as he chats and jokes a bit.  Once picture time is over he watches porno on the computer and jacks off.  I love watching dudes get themselves off while watching dirty movies.  I like the realness of it – the little moans and twitches. Yay for masturbation!

If you fancy watching hot/tight/toned gay men get it on, this porno is for you.  These dudes are hot and do not disappoint!

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Rush Vs. Dragon

Sometimes I just want to watch big beefy dudes get it on.  Is that so wrong?  Once in a while I like to satisfy my primal urge to watch a couple of hard bodies get hot and sweaty in the name of porno.  I must quiet the beast that is begging for bulging muscles and hot man on man action.

Rush Vs. DragonElite Male is a great place to go when such a beast is acting up.  The studio is always good for hot gay sex starring sliced and diced men with tight bubble butts.  There is also a good chance you’ll see a lot of tattooed skin.  If that’s your jam, now you know where to get it.  If not, you’re going to want to skip over anything that Elite Male has to offer.

Rush Vs. Dragon features Matthew Rush and Jack Dragon with a few other studs thrown into the mix.  The first scene stars the men of the hour who start out shirtless in jeans.  Love that look!  There is lots of kissing and caressing of bodies before the pants come off.  Once they do, the cock rubbing, or frattage as it is called, ensues.  Rush drops to his knees and tends to Dragon’s uncircumcised cock.  Dragon takes his turn working his mouth all over Rush’s dick, balls and ass – taking plenty of time getting him warmed up for the butt sex.  Eventually making their way to the bedroom, an intense anal session goes down.  Jack Dragon fucks Matthew Rush for quite some time – working him in an array of position which helps to show off those muscles.  Both men end with self induced orgasms.  These guys are definitely a great match.  It is an energetic scene featuring great male on male sex.

The rest of the scenes in Rush Vs. Dragon are totally worth watching.  The sex is equally as satisfying as the Dragon on Rush fiesta and the three way in scene 2 gives you all of the man-on-man-on-man hotness you could possibly ask for.  The sex on the hard tile floor in scene 3 is quality, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how uncomfortable it looked.  There isn’t much separating their knees from the tile.  Those boys totally take one for the team!

Sure, porn for women can be an all female starring cast or feminist directed, but it can also be all male sex.  It is anything that arouses you.  There are no rules.  If you like gay male pornos starring muscular men, this is for you.

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Gay Jerk Off Instructions – Danny Wylde

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Danny Wylde around these parts.  When we came across the Gay Jerk Off Instructions – Danny Wylde, we couldn’t wait to check it out.  In case you’re wondering, in jerk off instruction videos the performer talks directly into the camera at the viewer.  They instruct the viewer to jerk off or any number of things.  It is a slightly more intimate experience than other pornos.

Gay Jerk Off Instructions - Danny WyldeWe get four scenes/ scenarios where Mr. Wylde is interacting with us, jerking his cock and helping us jerk our cocks off.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing pretend every now and then, right?

In scene 1, Danny is all set to head to the beach, but first we, the viewer(s), talk him into messing around a little first.  He sits back on the couch, pulls his cock out and instructs us (calling us “babe”) to do the same.  Danny has the most adorable little smirk on his face the entire time.  He is totally charming, believable and never overacts.  Danny spits on his cock and keeps his eyes on the camera, keeping eye contact at all times.  Once he finishes, he is ready to hit the beach.

In scene 2 we are coming over for band practice and Danny Wylde is playing his guitar.  This might be my favorite of them all.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a boy and a guitar!  We conveniently forget our instrument and Danny is caught a bit off guard by our request.  I think what makes this scene so fun for me, besides the guitar, is the idea that his band mate has been secretly eying him up for a while.  So hot!

Scenes 3 and 4 are fun to watch too.  They are all so different.  In scene 3 he plays the jobless brother in law and in scene 4 he is talking to his roommate.  Here is the rub, we only actually get to see him blow his load in the last scene.  The other scenes end in fake orgasms.  It is a little disappointing if you get all worked up and expect to see Danny Wylde’s man mortar at the end of a particular session.  I would honestly rather see no climax than a fake climax.

I’m still a huge Danny Wylde fan and enjoyed this porno for what it was, with or without the jizz.  I would definitely recommend it for someone who likes to feel like they’re part of the action.  Also, I was totally into Danny using the word cock.  I was still under the illusion that he was talking to me, even though the only cocks I own live in a storage container under my bed.