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Bisexual Pick Ups 2 Review

Bisexual Pick Ups 2 boxcoverWhen I first started this job over two years ago, the first month was spent with some serious reservations about the content I was watching. Most of it was fine, but a lot of what came across my desk had a lot of sex that just seemed downright questionable to me. Between the anal roses, crying Japanese girls, outright racism, transphobia, and all the misogyny that sometimes comes with porn, I often felt that there wasn’t really any smut being made that I could get behind.

And then Fucking Hostile appeared on my desk, like a god damn glowing revelation; rough anal galore, with plenty of sloppy blow jobs, light bondage, filthy dirty talk, and massive cumshots, but done so fucking well. I excitedly told a co-worker that every scene was interracial, but no one had bothered to make a big stinking deal of it. To top it all off, a woman was behind the camera, a woman who teased her subjects and commanded them with a voice of knowing authority.

Aiden Starr gave me everything that I’d been dying to see in one movie.

Aiden recently released Bisexual Pick Ups 2, with an all star cast of performers from the kink and queer scenes. Each scene features boy-on-girl anal (no boy-on-boy) with tons of yummy, slurpy blow jobs for everyone all around. Aiden told me, “This series is really fun to shoot because of all the possible combinations of the performers! Lots of spontaneous double penetrations happen and everyone’s mouth is always full!”

Scene 1 – Ella Nova, Damien Thorne, Wolf Hudson

Ella Nova Wolf Hudson Damien Thorne Bisexual Pick Ups 2 staple Ella Nova looks perfectly angelic as she teases the camera in lacy blue lingerie, while Aiden, ever the Domme, commands her to “Roll around on the bed like a horny kitty” from behind the camera. The boys Damien and Wolf come in and hungrily kiss all over her body, leading up to a whirlwind of pussy eating, cock sucking, ball licking, ass fucking, dirty talking glory. While getting her pussy fucked, Ella commands Wolf to, “Make my pussy jealous,” resulting in some of the best spontaneous DP I’ve ever seen. Normally in DP scenes, the girl remains still while the guys work on her, but not here! Ella gleefully rides both their cocks, and it’s fucking awesome.

Ella Nova Wolf Hudson Damien Thorne Bisexual Pick Ups 2

I have to mention that Ella is a bit farty here, and I didn’t mind one bit. It wasn’t fetishized or ridiculed; rather, it was just presented as something that can and does happen during sex, especially when asses are involved.

Scene 2 – Nikki Darling, Wolf Hudson, Jasper Stone

Nikki Darling Wolf Hudson Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Pretty, lithe Nikki Darling (who was the cover girl for Fucking Hostile, I might add!) writhes on the couch for Aiden’s camera. Wolf Hudson returns with Jasper Stone and Nikki gives them a double blow job, and I can’t help but feel relief that no one is worrying about having their dicks touch. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, as the boys take turns dropping to their knees to help Nikki suck each other off. There’s plenty of ass slapping and lots of focus on the boys blowing each other.

Nikki Darling Wolf Hudson Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Anal comes towards the end of this scene, which means we get an extended period of double vaginal penetration featuring one of the most novel DVP positions I’ve ever seen. The boys moan and growl as their cocks press and slide against each other inside of Nikki’s pussy; it’s so refreshing for a movie to finally acknowledge that rubbing your cock against another dude’s cock during DAP and DVP probably feels really fucking good.

Scene 3 – Denali Winter, Jasper Stone, and Damien Thorne

Denali Winter Damien Thorne Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

This was the scene that I was initially the least interested in, if only because I’m not familiar with Jasper and Damien and didn’t feel very invested in this. However, scene 3 quickly became one of my highlights of Bisexual Pick Ups 2. Denali Winter is deliciously thick and simply glows under Aiden’s camera. It’s an easy, quiet, sometimes gentle scene, with Denali mostly just laying back and enjoying Jasper and Damien.

Denali Winter Damien Thorne Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

This scene has way more pussy eating than the others, which I always love to see, and Denali even gives instructions to Jasper on how to work their clit.  Of note is when Damien eats Denali’s pussy while Jasper fucks Denali’s ass and kisses them. It’s a surprisingly un-athletic, naturalistic scene from Aiden that I could definitely see myself watching again in the future.

Scene 4 – Daisy Ducati, Ruckus, and Connor Maguire

Daisy Ducati Ruckus Connor Maguire Bisexual Pick Ups 2

And this is the scene that I was initially looking forward to the most! I have a big ol’ crush on Ruckus, adore Daisy, and am always game for a hunky, hairy ginger like Connor. After the tease, Daisy attacks Ruckus and Connor’s cocks with sloppy, slurpy, deepthroaty blowjobs until she leans back and presents her pussy, insisting that it’s her turn now. Connor seems to have a spot of trouble staying hard (whatever, it happens) and disappears off camera, but that’s ok because it results in some mutual masturbation between Daisy and Ruckus and I kind of love watching mutual masturbation so it’s all good.

Daisy Ducati Ruckus Connor Maguire Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Connor quickly returns to start fucking Daisy, who is delightfully bossy and spouts some totally filthy dirty talk throughout the scene. The dudes take turns fucking Daisy’s ass and pussy, and Ruckus seems to be a stronger presence than Connor. In all, it’s a fun, filthy, armpit sniffing, butt fucking, aggressive joyride of a scene.

There’s a line in my notes where I mused that Bisexual Pick Ups 2 feels like the bi threesomes are played out as a fantasy fulfillment scenario for the subset of women who love watching gay porn. I asked Aiden who her intended audience was, and she responded, “This movie is for everyone!!” I can get behind that; it’s a really well done, thoughtful bi movie, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t love watching hot people get off, no matter their gender?

Watch Bisexual Pick Ups 2 on HotMoviesForHer.


Judy Hologram is an advocate for cute boys getting lots of kisses. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Authentic Lesbian Review: Bisexual Pick Ups Scene 3

Bisexual Pick UpsThere are so many things right with Aiden Starr’s Bisexual Pick Ups that it’s impossible to even list them all, but scene three with Jeze Belle, Brock Avery and Ruckus XXX was soooooo perfect I had to give it it’s very own review. I mean, this scene HAS to win an award! It’s that good, and there are so many factors that play into why.

First, I like plots. I like a back story and a little humor with my sex.  It doesn’t matter if they change from scene to scene or get more and more elaborate as the movie unfolds, I just like being told a story. In my opinion it adds to the fantasy and this one was short sweet and to the point. Ruckus is selling one of his old motorcycles and Brock is a beginner looking to buy his first hog. Of course Ruckus suggests that Brock sit on the bike and get a feel for it before going out on a test drive, and of course Brock’s legs and midsection need a little adjusting. Ruckus makes sure to let his hands linger a little too long and porn gold is what ensues. Brock lets him know he notices by saying “You’re very friendly” and the next thing you know lips are being complimented and clothes are being taken off! Next thing you know, Brock’s girlfriend Jeze walks in on her boyfriend with a mouth full of cock and doesn’t hesitate joining in. If only…

Second, everyone in this scene is fucking HOT! Clearly I’m not attracted to men. The lack of titties and ass just doesn’t make sense to me. However, I can certainly appreciate the male body and Brock Avery has it going on! Everything from his hair to his muscular build just fits and pairing him with Ruckus XXX’s skinny tattooed cute self was genius (the motorcycle was the perfect prop). As soon as I saw the two of them in the frame together for the first time I wanted to watch them fuck, and when Jeze Belle finally entered the picture I felt like I was somehow cheating the system. She’s sexy, pierced, tatted up and to top it off her hair is green! Nothing screams “I’m sexy and I know it” like bright colored hair and her boldness works the shit out of it. This was hot people overload and if there isn’t already an award for casting it needs to be created ASAP!

Okay, so we have beautiful people and a short script to match, but what we’re ultimately here for is the sex, and if that isn’t fantastic nothing else really matters.  Luckily for us it’s beyond fantastic. In a lot of bisexual themed movies what you really get is two guys who are cool with giving each other blowjobs but both are obviously there for the girl. This scene is so awesome, in my opinion, because it’s balanced! Whenever there’s a threesome in the mix you have to make sure everyone plays an equal part and nobody is left in a corner, but with bisexual flicks I expect more than that. No one should be excluded but I want guys who enjoy fucking guys and I want that to come across in the scene. Brock, Jeze and Ruckus have that shit down. If I had to guess I’d say these 3 are friends in real life, that’s how amazing their chemistry is in this scene! Brock and Jeze know exactly what turns each other on and Ruckus plays the 3rd wheel role perfectly, sticking his dick where it’s wanted right on cue and pretty much letting these two gang up on that great body of his (they both seem really turned on by him).

As a lesbian who loves watching gay porn I was really excited to see how much dick on dick action I would get to see between Brock and Ruckus because up until this point there hadn’t been much. Don’t get me wrong, Jeze is fucking awesome throughout the scene and her body is sexy as hell. Brock fucking her ass while Ruckus holds a Hitachi to her clit blew my mind along with a few other body parts more than once. Watch for yourself…

But Brock stole the show halfway through the scene. You can tell from the very beginning he’s into Ruckus, especially when Ruckus is fucking him and he says “don’t hold back” while Jeze sits on his face. Things get even more intense after Brock’s first orgasm (he has 3 total!) when he isn’t quite ready to stop. He keeps jerking himself off and tells Ruckus to fuck him again and then magic happens! I had never witnessed an anal orgasm before this. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were real or not since I don’t do much butt stuff, but Brock and Ruckus opened up a whole new world for me. I mean, just look at his face!

Right! That shit stopped me dead in my tracks it was so intense and real. How can you not cum from watching that!? Just imagining how Brock feels is a turn on. I could watch that part a million times! From there, besides Brock looking completely exhausted, Ruckus continues fucking Jeze until he cums in both of their mouths and they swap and spit it around for a while. Amazingly enough Brock has yet another orgasm (this dude is my hero) and Jeze walks away feeling like a bad bitch having caused 2 of the 4 orgasms in the room that day.

Well, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and take a nap after that one. Make sure you watch Bisexual Pick Ups  and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and!


Go Watch: Not The Wizard Of Oz XXX

Without a doubt, this movie is pretty much the most hilarious and comedic, cinematically entertaining, and downright drrrty flick we’ve ever reviewed. Topping the charts for yet another week, Will Ryder’s Not The Wizard of Oz XXX porn parody has been garnering attention like its showing its boobs at happy hour, and that shocked me into watching my first parody ever in its entirety.

It’s a musical, and all but one star got to sing their own parts. Lotta Dees voice subbed in for Maddy O’Reilly (Dorothy), and although the lip-syncing isn’t all that impressive, Lotta’s voice was perfect for carrying on the woes of the little farm girl in the opening. Sepia-toned scenes gave way to the famous colored world of Oz, and what’s stunning is how on-point Annika Albrite’s Glinda was to her predecessor, Billie Burke. The Scarecrow also matched the voice and character of Ray Bolger from long ago. In fact, all the characters put their retro-cinematic hearts into this, and they fit into the voices and animation extremely well.

Okay so the sex? Ya got it. The first scene was Auntie Em (Nina Hartley) providing a strange man in a cape with a slurp-heavy blowjob. She needed money to save the farm, and Dorothy realizes this painfully when she walks in on them. As the storm starts building, Dorothy (she is without her Toto the entire film, if you care) hides in her room for some solo swishing of her snatch. This is done in sepia which, oddly enough is somehow totally sexy. I still have yet to figure out what I was feeling watching a childhood character masturbating and moaning but I don’t hate it, that’s for sure. There’s a munchkin who gets it on with a tall guard (since no one wants to fuck the Wicked Witch in the moment), and the scarecrow shows his penis (and his bang bang style) to Sheila the Scarecrow as a parting gift to journey on with Dorothy. No, Sheila was not in the actual motion picture, so don’t think too hard. Also not in the original was a pimp, who promises to help Dorothy make some money so her farm can be saved. He fucks her, all over the Yellow Brick Road. My favorite bump-and-grind was the Wicked Witch and Tin Man romp…all that green skin with pierced nipples and metal banging and then the witch screeching for Dorothy to come in to receive the Tin Man’s load. And then a surprise… If a threesome is your thing, you’ll get one at the end, but I’ll just keep the players a secret. It’s worth it if you like toe-sucking.


Top Ten Lines from NTWOZ

“I just celebrated my 18th birthday! Watching…my Auntie Em give a blow job…to a man in a cape…” – Dorothy

“Just my luck! Twister kills my sister and delivers a prude.” – Wicked Witch

“I could go to Carolina, to fuck some Aunt Jemima” – Scarecrow

“I believe he’s saying he needs more lube!” – Dorothy    “Well don’t we all?” – Scarecrow

“I thought she only had sex with munchkins!” – Dorothy   “No…she pretty much fucks anything that moves.” – Tin Man

“Really?!? Cuz I’d do anything to help Auntie Em save her farm so I don’t have to see her give strange men in capes blow jobs in my living room…” – Dorothy   “This Auntie Em sounds hot.” – Pimp

“What it be??! I’m gonna eat you all, that’s what it be!” – Lion

“Now, before I kill her, I’m gonna need some dick!” – Wicked Witch

“Pussy, dick, titties too, I miss home, this journey’s through.” – Dorothy

“A white pimp?! *stares pimp up and down* Be gone, stylish man! *poof*” – Wicked Witch

And then, there’s the Lion’s ending on his song, a fantastic finish:


Get your preview and watch the whole thing here


Wasteland Movie Review

We started to review Wasteland a while ago, but haven’t seemed to finish.  I have been looking for an excuse to watch this movie, so when I noticed we had half of the movie reviewed and not the other, I got excited.  You can catch up on the part of the review you missed Wasteland Review Part 1 and Wasteland Review Part 2.

I will give a brief synopsis of what you missed if you don’t want to jump around.

There are two versions of Wasteland.  Disc 1 has the plot oriented version with shortened sex scenes and Disc 2 has no talking and cuts right to chase.

The two main characters of the movie are friends from high school who grew up in Tucson, AZ.  The movie begins as Anna (Lily Carter) travels from AZ to LA to visit her friend she hasn’t seen in 5 years Jacki (Lily LaBeau).  Jacki moved to LA to follow her acting career but as she tells Anna, “I’ve changed, you’ll see”.  Anna is a bit of a slut and so far in the movie has had sex with a stranger in a bar bathroom and that same evening on the way home she hooks up with a random guy she met on the street.  As she is hooking up with the guy in the back alley Anna begs her to go home and she pulls Anna in to give the guy a blowjob on the street while she fondles Anna from behind.  Anna gets mad; they walk home with Jacki following her saying “I’m sorry” the whole way.  When they get home, they have some makeup sex.  It is so obvious to me that Anna is in love with Jacki and Jacki is oblivious to this fact, or she just doesn’t care.  I am still waiting for an explanation on why Jacki left Tucson, but they haven’t said yet.  There are some random flashbacks of a fire and some cuts to an old lady, so I’m interested to see where this is headed and get these questions answered.

Scene 3

Anna is upset with Jacki because she opened up to her and told her she was upset when Jacki left Tucson because she was so lost when she left.  Jacki replied that she missed her too, for two weeks, and then she moved on.  Anna storms out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom.  More makeup sex, only this time Anna tried to fight it and it turned into some cute girl wrestling, chasing, play until they pounce on each other on the bed passionately.  This time the sex is slow and loving unlike the sex Jacki has in the bathroom and the alley earlier in the movie. After the sex they lay in each other’s arms silently staring into the others eyes.  Jacki finally opens up and says that Anna was always the special one and tells her sometimes she thinks that there is something wrong with her, and she feels like she isn’t a girl or a boy and she is just some weird species that is not like everyone else.  She then says she is antsy and wants to do something, so they move into the pool. We finally get some answers to the flashbacks and the obvious sexual/love tension between the two girls.  Now they are fighting and Jacki says they are not friends, they never were and Anna was not there for her when she needed her and storms off.

Scene 4

Now Jacki is waking up Anna and all seems well in the world now that Jacki is sober.  They are reminiscing, and flashback to when they were teenagers at a campfire.  Anna is flirting with a guy, she walks away to use the bathroom and that quickly Jacki takes Anna’s guy to the cabin.  Anna comes back and goes to find them and catches them having sex in the cabin.  (Can we say, terrible friend?)  Anna watches the whole time from the window.  This guy is good; he rips off Jackie’s t-shirt straight down the middle before she deep throats him.  Now they are fucking on a nightstand and it’s loud and raw and banging on the floor and against the wall.  Anna is still outside the window  looking sad.  Now it cuts back to today, and Anna is telling Jacki what she saw and how she felt.  Jacki asks her “Why did you come here.”  Seems like a good question considering their crazy relationship.  Anna’s answer? “I’m so tired, tired of everything.”  More explanation about the girls past and their feelings towards one another. This seems to have gotten through to Jacki and they are passionately kissing again.   Jacki goes down on Anna in a chair.

Scene 5

The girls are helping each other get dressed, putting on makeup and putting on rubber/latex dresses; Anna in red, Jacki in black.  They both look smoking hot and they go to a club.  Jacki tells Anna to wait 5 minutes then come find her, and then walks away after kissing 2 girls at a large door.  Anna heads into the club.  The music is loud, Anna walks through the dancers looking for Jacki, she finds a woman wearing a black latex cat suit and begins dancing with her.  She appears to have forgotten about Jacki as the girl leads her out of the club and down a hallway into a large room with only a woman giving a man a blowjob in the middle of it.  Anna is being fingered by the lady in black up against the wall.  She is covering her mouth holding in her pants and moans.  The man in the middle of the room cums in the girls face, while Anna’s mystery woman leads her into another room with only a man getting head in it.  The woman in black is fingering Anna from behind as she watches the woman in the middle of the room gag as she deep throats.    He cums in her mouth as she rubs his balls.  The lady in red leads Anna into another room with just a table.  She has Anna finger herself while she is choking at her and yelling at her to cum.  They then kiss passionately and she sends Anna back on her way into the long hallway to the club.  Anna finds a door and walks in and there are a bunch of people in masks watching someone else have sex.  Anna pushes her way to the front and it appears that it’s Jacki in a huge gangbang.  As Anna is watching, the guys in the crowd approach her and start fondling and kissing her neck.  She looks empty as she watches her friend in the gangbang, but is soon looking like she enjoying herself.  She jumps right into the gangbang with her friend.  If you are into gangbangs and voyeurism, this is the scene for you.  There is something really hot about the guys in the background just watching this all go down (pun intended).

The girls are back home wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, Anna wakes up and starts having flashbacks of what just happened in the last 24 hours. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  The sex is phenomenal and plentiful; the acting is surprisingly really great, and not just for porn.  Lily Carter did a fantastic job and I will look out for her more often because of how great this movie was.

Watch Wasteland Disc 1 Here

Watch the full sex scenes in Disc 2 Here

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on. Jizzus Christ. Res-erection. Hmm.

Anyway, behold! Three Easter-themed pornos to make your Easter weekend just that little bit filthier! Hop to it!

Easily my top pick for a little Easter weekend masturbation has to go to scene one of Anal Acrobats. The scene features butt magician Dana DeArmond, hardcore hottie Sasha Grey and is directed by the god of capturing circus-style anal sex on film – Jay Sin. I have been gagging to see this film ever since I saw a teaser of it in a magazine once and guess what? It’s even better than I expected. The scene begins like any good Easter porno should – with babes dressed like bunnies. Dana and Sasha hop around and dry hump each other, while sniffing each others butts. Pretty soon they start going at it like rabbits, with Dana pulling Sasha’s thong to the side and rimming her, before filling her butt up with balls that match the colour of her lingerie. In true Jay Sin style, there is a buttload of ass to mouth in this scene, including a particularly hot moment involving Dana choking on Sasha’s post-ass balls, after Sasha holds Dana’s nose closed shut. All in all, Anal Acrobats delivers a very hot, ass-centric scene. Watch Anal Acrobats here.



Easter Bunny 2 stars Lori Anderson, who looks deliciously cute and Easter-y in a thong, ruffly skirt and fluffy bunny ears. Lori gives us a ‘sweet treat’, as she calls it and undresses while playing with her pussy and talking dirty to the camera. “You getting that cock nice and hard” My 7” Tantus silicone cock is always hard for you, Lori. Our Easter bunny spreads her legs and plays ‘hide the Easter egg’ with herself, emptying the basket beside her and filling up the one between her legs. Easter Bunny 2 is definitely a quality over quantity, with the scene only running for about 8 minutes. But, if you like your bunnies of the Lori-variety, aka, cute as hell but with a mouth that could make a sailor blush, then this scene is for you! Watch Easter Bunny 2 here.





Easter Bunny Teenies 1 contains 3 scenes, only one of which is Easter themed. It features brunette cutie Michelle Lynn who clearly loves Easter as much as she loves making porno. The scene starts with her looking ridiculously cute in bunny ears and doing a little Easter egg arts and crafts construction at the kitchen table. Easter clearly gets her frisky as she removes her panties at lightning speed and begins to play with herself, teasing the camera man who makes it no secret that he wants to play with her. It was pretty hot watching Michelle play with herself and make the camera man fetch her Hitachi for her, without letting him join in. Easter Bunny Teenies 1 is cute, cheeky and very amateur but it’s a great ride. Watch Easter Bunny Teenies 1 here.

I’ve run out of time, but honourable mentions of other Easter pornos go to Human Easter Basket and Platinum Bunny Contest!


Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Threesomes

I have a fear of threesomes. There. I said it. I’ve long feared that such super hot fantasy fodder would turn out to be a total reality nightmare. So, I’ve never had one. I’ve been invited to join couples on a few occasions, but have always declined the offer. My train of thought upon those invitations: Ohwowreally?That’ssoflattering.I’msolucky.HOTFUCKWHEREISMYKLONOPIN? The anxiety kicks in and sends me into a paroxysm of fear before I can even get wet over the opportunity. But folks are obviously tripling up and I’m curious to know what it is I actually fear, and what I’m may be missing out on. (OMG, GIRL! DP! DON’T YOU KNOW?)

And who could better allay my, and anyone else’s, fear about a potentially frightening sexual experience but the magnificent and knowledgeable Tristan Taormino. Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes was my first stop on my phobia therapy train. As the author of several sex how-to books, including Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, and The Ultimate Guide to Kink, as well as the director for numerous titles for Vivid Ed and Vivid Premium, Tristan has intelligently guided many people through their sexual fears and curiosities. I trust her. And as I watched the Expert Guide to Threesomes, Tristan’s upbeat personality and sensible advice, in conjunction with the flickering sex scenes and perky “old-time” music (what the hell do you call this style?), soothed my anxiety.

Not surprisingly, Tristan discusses the importance of clear communication in determining what we and and our partner(s) would like to do as far as sex acts and partners. Additionally, she cautions us to establish boundaries before any sex about what we don’t want. Tristan reminds us to have fun and to stop worrying about being a porn-y, sexy show stopper. I’m a bit of a workaholic and this is a good reminder for me: SEX SHOULD BE FUN! FUCKING SHOULDN’T BE A CHORE. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

One thing I learned that I’d not considered before was that mixed-gender threesomes have different configurations beyond MMF and FFM (GGB/BBG). There is the “V” Threesome and the Triangle Threesome. The V is when 2 people sexually engage with the 3rd, as opposed to the Triangle-when all 3 people sexually please one another. Call me naive, but one of the reasons why threesomes seemed so daunting to was because of all of the damned work in satisfying 2 people. But hell, be a pillow queen to 2 other people? Taking the 3 person fuck plunge sounds better already.

Watch “Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes” now!


Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Ok, ok, I know Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality has already been reviewed on HM4H, but I really wanted to watch this movie. I’ve been talking about MMF threesomes with a friend from Georgia for the past month, and to say that the MMF3 is on my mind is like saying Jennifer Lawrence might be thinking about the Oscars. So, this one is for you, dear Southern friend, and your box of tissues/sock.

I’m already a fan of Reel Queer Productions, so I had absolutely confidence that this film would deliver. And oh, man, did it! The stars are all so attractive, both to the eye and to the filthy, intellectual mind. While it’s easy to skip around the video and get to the fucking, you’d lose out on the very worthwhile video interviews with these dude cuties. Jack Hammer is into BDSM! Deviant Kade is a puppy and was a pony! (And he was recently featured in Rubber Bordello, winner of the 2013 AVN Award for Best BDSM Release.) YES! YES! YES! My deviant, kinky, queerdo heart is all aflutter!

I like the style-interview and then fucking. I can’t say that I always want realism with my porn, but I do like to know if the players are having fun and if they’re doing something, and someone, they really want to do. Not only are these guys talking about their sexual versatility, but they are mining through layers of sexuality, identity, current desires, and past experiences to let the viewer know who they are and what they want. Knowing that the people are getting off on something besides a paycheck really stokes my fire. (You know, because I mentally add myself in to their scenes.) And dudes who are into dudes rock my fucking world. I mean, do you have any doubts about Rose and Tommy Midas enjoying themselves here?

I feel like this film rendered me horny, joyful, and unable to properly articulate what I want to say. I like to see some cock-on-cock rocking, and I envy the female costars who participated in each scene. Ahem:

Lady Boner Killer: The soundtrack. Sounds like what you’d hear in a topiary store in your suburban mall.

Bonus Clit Sweller: The curtains and vintage dining set Rose’s kitchen scene! They even match his Tommy Midas’s sexy underpants! And is that a giant French press? *

*I have a bit of an interior decorating fetish. We don’t even have time to get into that here.

 Watch “Fluid: Men Defining Sexuality” now!

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

It’s just true of our society that we tend to spend a bunch of time focusing in on Female Sexuality, while we assume that Male Sexuality always gets the spotlight and we needn’t talk about it.  We couldn’t be more off.  Yes Female Sexuality is super important, but on the same hand, so is Male Sexuality and taking a closer look at what is considered ‘the standard,’ and what men are really thinking – especially when it comes to being fluid.  And that’s just what we get with Reel Queer Productions’ ‘Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality,’ directed by HM4Her crush object, Madison Young.

A while back, we reviewed this video’s sister ‘Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality’ and we knew it was high time to give the men their moment in the spotlight (especially with a Feminist Porn Award Winner for Best Bi Movie).

I know, I know, this is, with ‘for her’ signaling that we don’t spend a ton of time talking about men’s issues, but honestly, if us feminist gals aren’t going to look at masculinity, who will?

Male-centered porn sites don’t want to talk about porn intellectually (usually, not always).  They want to get you off and get you on your way so someone else can use your chair.  So we are stepping up and taking a gander at this often overlooked topic.

Before the fucking even begins, each scene starts off by interviewing each guy and discussing how he identifies and how he relates to the word ‘queer.’  I really appreciate having a chance to actually get to know these guys’ experiences before just watching then get humped on camera, though I can’t say I really minded that as well. Madison Young does an amazing job with getting folks to open up and talk to the camera and brings a fantastic passion to all of her projects that totally translates to the screen.

There is something so exciting to me to watch bisexual men fuck on film.  Maybe it’s because being bisexual is so damn taboo (WTF?!), and porn is the lady of girl-on-girl action that I am happy to see something different?  Especially folks that I know are actually interested in fucking both men and women.  I just find it really awesome and wicked hot, of course.

When it comes to the scene that stood out more for me, that’s definitely scene 3, with Rose, Tommy Midas and a beautiful brunette whose name I’m not sure of.  Their chemistry is amazing and the whole thing just plays out so nicely in that butter yellow kitchen.  Plus Rose is a little bit of a dirty punk, which I find totally endearing and super sexy.

Definitely a movie to watch, whether you are looking to learn a little something, watch some really great threesomes or both!!

Sex Experiments

It’s been a good long while since I’ve had any Anna Span’s Diary action on my screen, so when I saw this awesome bisexual romp in my pervy travels, I knew it would be the perfect review for today.  Along with featuring a delicious double dose of guy-guy-gal threesomes, this flick takes the time to do two long interviews with handsome gents, Neil Bow and Steve Hooper.  And you know how I feel about an interview.  HOT!

The first two scenes of this extra hot British bangfest offer up similar scenarios where two young men are getting it on with a dominant older woman, though one scene has the lady controlling the guys interactions, and one has the guys getting busy before she even returns.

While I don’t watch a ton of bi movies (though I really should!), I love watching this type of threesome when they all fuck in a row.  How amazingly hot is it when the middle dude is fucking and getting fucked at the same time?!?  I mean really, does life get better for him?

And because it’s Anna Span behind the camera, I know everyone is really enjoying themselves and having a truly fun time.  Also, I’m so glad that twinkie blond Chris Coburn appeared in both of these scenes.  He is totally adorable and fucks like a champ.  What a great combo.

What sets these rock star interviews apart from other ones I’ve seen is that these chats end with the guys naked and jerking off while Anna Span is chatting with them about sex and random stuff.  They could be out getting tea and having the exact same conversation – everything is just that natural and relaxed.  Such good stuff.

All in all, these sex experiments are the best I’ve seen in a while.  Actually, I don’t know if I saw very many “experiments,” to be honest, but either way, I’m down.  If you’re a fan of bi sexin’, threesomes and interviews, this is a movie for you!!

Watch “Sex Experiments” now!