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Mick Loves Anikka, & I Do Too!

_DSC3219_DSC0994Porn power couple and co-directors of new Evil Angel studio BAM Visions, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite are performers I can watch have sex over and over again. Not only do you know without a doubt that their chemistry is real, but they always come across as genuinely loving what they do and having a great time onscreen. It also kinda goes without saying that they are two extremely attractive people, which doesn’t hurt. I am a huge fan of both of them and enjoy seeing them express their love for each other on social media, so when they released Mick Loves Anikka though their EA studio, I was more than thrilled to review their eponymous release. While this film is still considered gonzo by the standard definition, there’s an undeniable sense of intimacy throughout the film that makes it feel so personal and romantic. I loved it!

Scene One:

sc 1 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 008

Have you ever had sex in front of a waterfall? Me neither. Mick and Anikka have though, and thankfully they filmed it for us! Something about this scenic backdrop only amplifies the intimate nature of the film. The scene opens with some passionate kissing, and then Anikka gets on her knees despite the rocky ground and worships Mick’s cock with an eye contact-heavy blowjob. The positions employed in this scene would require some deep stretching and serious athletic stamina, but Mick and Anikka are two very fit and experienced lovers, so they pull off the trickier positions with ease.

sc 1 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 009

Scene Two:

sc 2 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 011

The second scene of the film brings Mick and Anikka indoors to achieve the acts and angles they couldn’t necessarily get to at the waterfall. If you know Anikka Albrite, you know she’s got an incredible bubble butt and a healthy sexual appetite for anal. Mick Blue is no stranger to his wife’s beautiful behind, and he knows exactly how to warm her up for some sizzling onscreen butt sex. If you’ve ever wondered how anal sex could be romantic, watch this scene and take notes!

sc 2 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 002

Scene Three: with Adriana Chechik

sc 3 Anikka Albrite - Adriana Chechik - Mick Blue 023

Any relatively kinky couple has considered a threesome now and again, but Mick and Anikka are actually in the business of sharing partners. Adriana Chechik is the lucky third in this scene, and spends time pleasuring Anikka and Mick equally with heavy anal play and the rare female-on-male rimjob! Anikka, who loves double-penetration, gets a special treat when Adriana adorns a strap-on and shares Mick’s wife’s holes with him.

sc 3 Anikka Albrite - Adriana Chechik - Mick Blue 028

Scene Four: with Aidra Fox

sc 4 Anikka Albrite - Aidra Fox - Mick Blue 015

In the fourth scene, Mick and Anikka invite the beautiful brunette Aidra Fox to be their third in another double-penetration scene. Aidra looks incredible in a form-fitting corset and fishnet stockings, and her long black cock matches her outfit seamlessly. In a movie geared towards his wife’s pleasure, Mick is careful to periodically check in and make sure Anikka is having the best possible time, which she often cannot even confirm over her own incessant moaning.

sc 4 Anikka Albrite - Aidra Fox - Mick Blue 036

Scene Five: with Erik Everhard

sc 5 Anikka & Erick 015

The thing I love most about Mick and Anikka’s relationship is the complete lack of jealousy between them. They are absolute professionals when it comes to how they approach their scenes, but at the end of the day they know that they’re the only ones for each other. That’s why when Mick announces that he’s bringing another man into the picture as a birthday gift to his wife, I know he isn’t threatened by having to share her with another man. If anything, Mick is just happy to provide his wife with even more pleasure. Where do I find a man like that?! Anikka feeds some birthday cake to her husband off of her pretty pedicured toes, and then proceeds to get spit-roasted and double-penetrated by two big cocks. In a behind-the-scenes interview, Anikka can hardly speak because Mick and Eric successfully “fucked her brains out” in this scene.

sc 5 Anikka & Erick 027

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Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix

Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix box coverKink School: Tips From A Dominatrix is the latest fetish instructional video from Severe Sex. It’s probably pretty obvious from our many posts about their films that we love the Severe Sex studio. Not only are Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway a good model for a marriage and working partnership, they make educational movies that are exciting. There is genuine enthusiasm in their scenes, and the group of professionals they work with are the best in their fields. You can be sure that when you watch a Severe Sex film you are seeing a carefully selected group of performers in thoughtfully scripted scenes, and everything they are doing on camera is done in a safe and consensual way. This kind of transparency is particularly important when depicting BDSM and sexual SM practices. Sometimes a viewer’s first exposure to BDSM is through video, so displaying the correct way to do something is important in case they decide they want to try this in their own sex life. For the beginner, knowing how NOT to do something is just as important as knowing how to do that thing. Safety is always a concern, but that doesn’t mean something done safely isn’t sexy. Severe Sex’s  instructional videos have always combined information and best practices with hot performers who love what they do.

Tips From a Dominatrix is a two disc set. Disc one has four hot scenes with professional dominatrices who show varying styles of D/s play, while disc 2 has almost two hours of some real talk from six of the hottest professional Dommes working right now.

Session One: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Marcelo is a newcomer in Mona’s dungeon, and he is excited about the opportunity to serve a new Mistress. Dressed in form-fitting latex, Mona sidles up next to Marcelo as he is strapped into a St. Andrew’s cross and promises that she is about to do some terrible things to him. After “tenderizing” his chest, stomach, legs, and cock with a flogger, Mona moves on to whipping him lightly across the chest and stomach. I’ve hardly seen Marcelo flinch when getting dominated, but the whip seems to almost do him in here. Continuing to impress, Marcelo tests his limits with CBT in the form of magnets and weights while Mona switches him across the stomach and praises him for being an “overachiever.”


Session Two: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Mona must’ve taken to Marcelo’s obedient nature, because she’s locked him in a cage to serve her once again. Once Marcelo has begged like the puppy Mona wants him to become, she lets him out of the cage and their scene begins with her walking him around on a leash like a dog. Marcelo licks and worships her feet and plunges his nose into Mona’s ass like a curious pup looking to make a new friend. While this play seems humiliating or degrading, it is this power dynamic that Marcelo craves and Mona clearly feeds off of. They have excellent chemistry together, and these first two scenes are a great example of a dungeon session gone right!


Lifestyle Play: Lyra Louvel & Michael Vegas


One of the questions most kinksters face is how they incorporate their preferred style of play into a relationship dynamic. Real-life lovers Lyra Louvel and Michael Vegas provide an intimate look into how they enjoy sensual domination together. The scene begins with Michael blindfolded and waiting expectantly for his Mistress as she saunters into the room in her thigh-high boots. She is pleased to see Michael doing exactly what she asked of him, and rewards him with a few playful whacks of her leather flogger. Lyra instructs Michael to smell her pussy, and he begins worshiping her like a good little slave. After Lyra’s been properly pleasured, she allows Michael to fuck her and he cums on those sexy boots.


Heavy Session: Cybill Troy, Jimmy Broadway & Marcelo


This scene begins with a “do not try this at home” warning, so you know it’s going to be good. Cybill Troy has Marcelo strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross in her dungeon, and she warms him up by tying his balls tight with a rope while ashing her cigarette on them. If you’re thinking that this looks intense, you’d be correct. Cybill Troy is a professional, and she knows how to safely play with Marcelo and respect his boundaries. Continuing to watch this scene, however, you’ll quickly learn that Marcelo has an incredibly high pain threshold and that his boundaries are not that of the average person. Cybill brings out Jimmy Broadway to crawl along the floor as she ties his and Marcelo’s ballsacks together with a long rope. As Jimmy attempts to crawl away, both men howl as their balls are stretched. Cybill continues the merciless CBT with a crop, a whip, and some clothespins.


Disc 2

Dee Severe

Disc two includes in-depth interviews on an assortment of issues regarding professional dungeon experiences, BDSM in a relationship, manners with your Domme, and a lot of personal insight from the women who have been doing this for a long time off camera as well as on set. Aiden Starr, Justine Cross, Elena Deluca, Mona Wales, Lyra Louvel, Cybil Troy, Alexandra Snow, and Dee Severe break down a ton of subjects concerning kinky play. Here are just a few of the many details they discuss:

Elena Deluca Justine CrossDo your research before picking a Domme, and make sure you have similar interests. The more specialized your interests the more important this is. For example, if you’re into some type of role play and you are super specific about the scenario, email your Domme and ask if she provides this type of scenario, if she enjoys it, and what her favorite part about this is. You don’t need to write novels to each other. In fact, be as succinct and clear as possible, but ask the deep questions before you show up so that you know what you are getting into.

Cybil Troy Aiden StarrDirectories and numerous websites will prove helpful. Google is your friend. There are plenty of resources out there to help in your research for the perfect match for your particular interests.

Beginners might feel more comfortable going to a big dungeon where there is support staff and security. If you’ve never been to see a professional Domme and you’re worried about going to a stranger’s house to get tied up (or whatever you are interested in trying) then a larger dungeon may be a good place for you to start. There are a variety of different providers working there, and often the manager or receptionist can help you find your best fit. With a larger dungeon you have the option to try other Dommes if the initial fit doesn’t click with you.

Alexandra Snow Lyra Louvel Mona WalesSometimes fantasies should stay fantasies. Make sure you’re ready to take the next step with a particular fantasy. This is fairly self-explanatory, but do the work and figure out if this is something you actually want to bring into your life, or if this is just something you want to keep as a happy, little secret.

Watch out for red flags, like not obeying hard limits…Don’t take chances and put yourself in a dangerous situation. With research of professionals of any kind comes a thoughtful exploration of your own needs, and safety should be your top priority whether you see a Domme or meet a stranger for a date. Make sure your Domme (and anyone you play with) is safe, sane, and consensual.

Some of my favorite tips are: Don’t be smelly. Don’t try to cram all of your fantasies into a half hour visit. Don’t try to date your pro-Domme. 

Think of disc two of Tips From a Dominatrix as a talk with your professionally kinky friends who want you to be safe while you have a good time finding your perfect Domme.

Now go explore and watch Kink School: Tips From A Dominatrix now on HotMoviesforHer!

Gloved Review

The women of HMFH have unique and differing tastes when it comes to porn, but there’s always one thing we can agree on: we love Ryan Madison. With his athletic and frenzied fucking style and unmatched sexual stamina, Ryan Madison is a dream lay. As a fan of Madison’s brand of rough, male-dominant sex, I didn’t need much enticing to dive into his latest film, Gloved. I saw the box cover and knew I was in for a treat. It is extremely rare for a male performer to make it to the box cover of a porn, let alone be the only image potential customers are greeted with when considering purchasing a movie, however, Ryan Madison said “fuck it,” and surprised us all with this ominous photo of himself wearing black latex gloves.

Gloved box cover

Scene One: Amara Romani

Ryan Madison appears at the top of Amara Romani’s stairs and gropes the bubble-butt beauty from behind. Pulling her into the bathroom, Madison passionately kisses Romani while holding her neck in a dominant fashion. Madison face-fucks a kneeling Romani next to the bathtub, eventually soaping up his cock, causing her to choke as she deep-throats the suds. Madison washes her face with water from the bathtub, still wearing the gloves, and then dunks her head underneath the water. While this may seem scary to some, Ryan Madison is a careful professional and everything that happens in this scene is 100% consensual. Madison fucks Romari with his usual intensity and ends the scene in a creampie.

Amara Romani in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Two: April Brookes

April Brookes knocks on the door and is met by glove-clad Ryan Madison, who pulls the stunning brunette inside. Lightly choking her against the wall, Madison pulls Brookes down and pushes his hard cock down her throat. If you’re into breath play in any way, the control that Madison displays here is very hot. The deep-throating continues for some time, and I eventually had to skip over it once the choking was done because I’m not really into extended blowjob scenes. Madison stands Brookes up and literally fucks her up a flight of stairs and into bed, all the while hammering her pussy mercilessly. Madison finishes off with yet another creampie and leaves breathless April Brookes staring at her swollen pussy.

April Brookes in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Three: Trisha Parks

Young Trisha Parks is the next lucky lady to arrive at Madison’s doorstep and fall prey to his seductive glove-love. He warms Parks up with some conventional foreplay before fucking her nice and hard while standing. Unlike the other scenes, Madison and Parks engage in some anal sex. I’m not the biggest fan of anal, however, so this scene didn’t do much for me.

Trisha Parks in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Four: Gwen Stark

Gwen Stark is an innocent-looking redhead with a dirty secret – she loves getting fucked hard and raw. She spends much of the first half of her scene worshiping Ryan Madison’s cock and balls with her mouth and tits before he fucks her. Surprisingly, however, Stark climbs on top and takes some control back from the dominant Madison before he flips her back over and resumes his role as the top. Stark, like the other newcomer starlets in this film, is able to keep up with Madison’s intense fucking in a way that is seriously impressive for someone who has been in the industry for less than a year.

Redhead Gwen Stark in PornFidelity's Gloved

Alternating between passion and punishment, Madison proves himself an excellent fuck and a careful and loving Dom. While I’m still unsure what role the gloves play in the theme of this film, who really cares when the sex is so great?

And don’t forget to check out Disc 2, where Ryan Madison and Brooklyn Lee have the hottest F on M rimjob we have ever seen!

Brooklyn Lee gives Ryan Madison at rimjob in PornFidelity's Gloved

Check out Gloved now on HMFH.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Shadow Army

Shadow Army CoverShadow Army is…different. It was twisted, dark, funny and at times downright creepy. I never watched a ZFX Productions flick before but word around the office has always been that you will be, and stay, entertained. The office was right. I decided on Shadow Army and found myself, on more than one occasion, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever was coming next. The production and editing easily rival all the top studios, and it’s impossible not to appreciate all that hard work, but I personally did not find this to be a sexual turn on at all. Mentally, I was definitely tuned in.

Scene 1 – Candle Boxxx


Candle Boxxx is in her office on a phone call with a mysterious sheik transferring millions of US dollars to a Middle Eastern Humanitarian Fund account, and of course the US Government isn’t having any part of that. The NSA is listening, as usual, and an alert for Kimberly Alastair Smith, Candle’s character, pops up on a gigantic screen with the words “Operation Clockwork.” Already I’m in love with the production. The special effects are cool as fuck and I’m completely sold on the government conspiracy theme they have going on. Anyway, some dude named Simon launches Operation Shadow Army and immediately takes a phone call instructing him to “keep your mouth shut” and “work her hard.”


What happens next is very strange, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Actually, I know exactly how it makes me feel, which is definitely not horny, but I’ll lay it all out there and let you decide. Candle is shredding papers and typing up memos back in her office when suddenly she starts twitching and itching crackhead style. Before you know it an invisible force is in full effect, punching and smacking her while ripping her clothes off. Candle does a great job selling the whole thing and it’s funny as hell watching her bug out under the force of some invisible person. Her being pushed onto a couch took me back to the fond memories of Uncle Phil throwing Jazzy Jeff out of his house every chance he could. From here her panties are pulled down and the invisible being starts fucking her. You realize there’s actually two invisible things fucking her when this happens…


Exactly! There’s no way to take that shit seriously, right!? And just when I thought, well, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, but this jizz that just squirts all over her from out of the air did not help.


After the deed is done, there’s a flash and Candle is waking up, jizz-free, thank the Lord, and trying to figure out where her clothes are, what the hell just happened, and why her sticky hair smells like bleach. She convinces herself that she’s a powerful overworked woman, gathers her clothes, and lies back down on the couch. It’s hilarious on the surface and completely scary when you think about what you just watched. Like Lifetime TV assault/blame-the-victim movie scary…

Scene 2 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien


So Candle is trying to nap when Jon O’Brien and Earl Greenwood decide to fuck that all up kidnap her ass. The point of operation Shadow Army is to torture and get information out of her, and that’s more the focal point in this scene. I’m not even sure director Rick Masters would call anything about this one sexy. The masked men tie Candle up in the back of a van and while one drives the other pulls out a taser gun and shocks the living shit out of her repeatedly until she passes out.


I wasn’t as disturbed by this scene as I was the first, even though it’s still giving off that creepy assault vibe, because I knew there was no way her body could handle all that electricity. It’s so over the top I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud! This woman is hands down the best at faking convulsions and her screams were so convincing I actually closed my eyes and winced at the thought of all the fake pain she must be going through.

Scene 3 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien & Earl Greenwood


Jon and Earl take Candle out of the van and into a warehouse dungeon where they punch and slap her around some more until she passes out again. Finally we get a little dialogue when Jon takes Candle’s ball gag out and starts to ask about the sheik. Candle’s no dummy and demands that her rights be respected and acknowledged to which government agent Jon yells out “Patriot Act” and my hate for Tom Brady is all I can think about (Go Ravens!) which is totally fueling my hate for government guy Jon. I actually rooted for Candle when she spit in his face in response to a ridiculously specific question about the sheik’s whereabouts. Then government Jon flips the script and tells Candle that she’s actually the accountant for the head of a terrorist group called Clockwork and the money she’s been helping him move around is actually funding the group’s illegal activities. Candle isn’t buying it and decides she’d rather take her punishment, so back in goes the ball gag and out comes more electro stimulation toys.


I think I was able to fully enjoy this scene and all its tortuous glory because I got to see, for the first time so far, Candle’s character come to life. She’s feisty and quick witted when talking with Jon and actually seeing and hearing the character made shit less creepy for me. That being the case, it’s still pretty creepy, and gets downright scary after the initial electro stimulation. At first government Jon is using some sort of electricity wand and Candle’s body reactions are again hilarious. Every time he touches her torso or breasts her body shakes with so much force you can’t help but laugh. It doesn’t look real (thank god!), but she does a great job of making it entertaining. Then Jon goes completely psycho and decides to hook a car battery up to Candle’s pussy with jumper cables and attaches the entire thing to a timer!


Talk about being completely glued to the screen! I couldn’t believe what I was watching! There’s no way anyone could live through a shock of that force every 15 seconds, but just thinking about the possibility was enough to make me cringe. The camera angles are really good throughout the film, but this scene particularly stood out because they made sure to get every angle imaginable as she swings through the air, hands still bound, convulsing with every shock. You can see the beads of sweat covering her entire body (workout idea!) and the sound of the timer is cool because it enhances the shock value (see what I did there…). You already know she’s going to get shocked, but hearing the timer countdown builds up the anticipation, like the background music in a scary movie. Anyway, the poor girl passes out from the constant electro torture, and just when you think she’s going to get a little break, Jon and Earl walk back in, hang her upside down, rip her stockings completely off, and proceed to flog the living shit out of her! She took such a beating that after a while she doesn’t even react to the pain anymore. Her body just hangs there numb.

Scene 4 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien1

Candle decides to continue to keep her mouth shut, even after all she’s endured at the hands of the government, but that doesn’t deter her captors from trying. She’s tied down to a stretching table and flogged by government Jon until her tits and torso are completely covered with scratches and bruises while the other agent stretches her bound hands. Just watching her endure all of that at the same time gave me a new respect for Candle Boxxx. That lady is a G! I can imagine her reading the script thinking “oh hey, this sounds like fun!”


The guys leave her there to soak in all her pain and agony before re-entering the room and tying her up with one leg in the air. At this point, Candle realizes things are only going to get worse, and since she still isn’t ready to talk, that only means one thing…more electro stimulation! By now she’s screaming and crying and trying to wiggle herself free, but when Jon puts clothespins on her nipples and pussy lips, it’s a wrap! And when the electricity wand makes its second appearance I couldn’t help but wonder how she could focus on convulsing with those damn pins everywhere. This woman deserves an award!


After shocking her to shit, government Jon puts Candle in a fucking locker with her hands handcuffed to the bar above her. Turns out Jon is losing his patience and since electricity isn’t persuading Candle to give up the knowledge on the sheik he puts her in a cooking box and tells her he’ll see her in the morning if she’s still alive. It’s made to look like the locker has reached over 160 degrees, but before even knowing that I was terrified at the thought of being stuffed in a locker! I never thought much about claustrophobia until now, but if that were me, I’d definitely be dead before the heat was even turned on. Small spaces and the Authentic Lesbian do not get along.


When Jon returns to find Candle still alive from a night in the heat box she’s ready to talk, unfortunately for her though she doesn’t know anything. From everything we know about government Jon thus far it’s safe to guess that this doesn’t make him happy at all, but instead of going for the closest electro toy her opts for pulling Candle’s hair until she screams out from the pain. He still isn’t getting the answers her wants, so he tells Candle after a night in the heat box he’s going to treat her to some water. The problem is the catch…


See that chair up there? Well, that chair is wired to an electrical doohickey with a metal piece sticking up that’s inserted inside of her. And to top it all off a water hose is stuffed down her throat forcing her to take in way more water than any normal person should! The faces she makes while pretending to suck in all that water are priceless. At one point I was convinced her eye balls were going to pop out of her head. Other than the facial expressions though this part was pretty boring, but I can see where it would be hard to spice up a fake water torture scene.


Her mouth is taped shut with water still in there and finally the chair machine is turned on and the convulsing starts again. Watching Candle slide up and down on the metal piece sticking up from the chair was kind of hot until the camera goes back to her face and it’s clear she would rather be back in her office. Then all of a sudden there’s a bright flash of light and we’re back in the office, dazed and confused, like nothing ever happened. There wasn’t much that I found sexy about this movie at all, but you can’t end like that! I mean, there are so many important questions still out there. Did anyone ever find out where the sheik was and where the money was going? Does Candle just get to live after that shit? Did she at least cum from the electric chair? I need to know!

Overall the movie was entertaining. It forced me to think outside of the box and even to confront a few things I didn’t know I had beef with, like small spaces, but if you’re looking to watch a porno and get off I doubt this is the movie for you. If you like Sci-Fi porn with lots of twists, turns, and torture along the way then give Shadow Army a chance. Otherwise, save your money for a better fit.

I’m going to go recoup from that journey, but in the meantime follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the gal gang @hotmoviesforher.


The Authentic Lesbian Review: Fornicating Aliens

Fornicating Aliens CoverIf you’re looking for green aliens fucking chicks with long tentacles that squirt out ridiculous amounts of any color liquid you can imagine, stop reading. This movie is not for you. If you think you can handle a French masterpiece about dead bodies being taken over by horny aliens with powers of seduction and possession, then Fornicating Aliens, directed by Claude Pierson for Alpha France, is totally for you! Since the movie is in French with no subtitles, I’m limited in my knowledge of the plot and that can’t help but influence the review, but trust me, the visuals do more than their fair share of guiding you through the narrative. It actually feels more like a feature film with lots of love scenes than a porno flick, but for the 70s, I guess it fits right in. I got a little turned on at some points in the movie, but I was constantly entertained, and for me that’s important.



Scene 1 – Richard Allen & Ursula White


Right away, we have a dead chick in a coffin being carried away by two expressionless men who are accompanied by the grieving and handsome Richard Allen and gorgeous Ursula White. It took me a while to realize Richard was burying his previous wife with his current new, young lover on his arm (men!), but after a few minutes it comes together. I’m not sure how wifey #1, buried in the beautiful, white fur coat died, but the happy newlyweds wasted no time settling in to their new life. Richard and Ursula start kissing and getting hot and heavy in the living room when all of a sudden the dead wife pops up in the window-white, fur coat still on and everything. Of course, Richard bugs the fuck out, but by the time Ursula turns around, dead wife is gone. None of this stops the couple from consummating their wedding night. They probably chalked it up to dead spouse trauma or something like that.


Ursula White has that timeless beauty thing going, and her boobs are great, especially when she’s on top! The music is creepy and fits the theme of the movie, but definitely took me out of the mood. The sex between the newlyweds comes across as very passionate and romantic, and it enhances the plot, which of course is the point, but it also reminded me of my beef with classic porn. The plot comes first since much of the thought back in the day was to create a movie with penetrative sex scenes making up some of the plot as opposed to the sex being the focal point, so the camera angles aren’t exactly what I look for when choosing a porno to watch. You get very brief wide shots of the couple fucking, but mostly what you end up with are a lot of close up facials and close up hairy balls and vag. It’s not terrible, but I prefer seeing the whole picture most of the time. Also, the sex scenes aren’t very long since this is a “plot first” type of flick, but if you can manage to keep yourself in the mood, the sex is hot. Ursula makes great fuck faces and even though the audio is dubbed over, it matches so the moaning is cool. They stay in missionary for the most part, face to face like one would imagine newlyweds having sex, and they seem beyond comfortable with each other. They bust their nuts when all of a sudden Richard sees this shit…


…which has him all…


And once again, by the time Ursula turns around, dead wifey boo is gone!

Scene 2 – Richard Allen & Barbara Moose


Richard can’t shake seeing his dead wife, played by Barbara Moose, twice after burying her and ends up roaming the beautiful green fields of his huge estate, no doubt in search of some clue as to what’s going on. He comes across Barbara’s white, fur coat laying in the grass and a few yards away notices she’s sleeping in the grass. When he tries to approach her,  she runs away. Makes sense since she’s supposed to be dead, right? Exactly what I thought, but when he finds her hiding in a cave on the property, she readily goes with him as if she was expecting to get caught. He attempts to communicate with her, and at first it sounds like she’s repeating everything he says, but eventually a conversation ensues and her voice is strangely robotic, like she’s being controlled as part of a larger group. Now it makes sense! This dead chick is possessed by aliens! I can’t tell if Richard realizes this with me, but what I do know is this fool is completely hypnotized by something exotic and beautiful in her that he can’t help but be drawn to. They kiss softly before walking off near a lake (this property is huge!).



As time goes on, you see Richard falling further under dead wife Barbara’s seductive spell, and before you know it, their naked bodies are intertwined in a really sexy fuck session that definitely got me going! Barbara and her long black hair are incredibly sexy and she goes crazy when Richard gropes her breasts. When she gets on top and rides him cowgirl while playing with her boobs I almost lost it. There’s nothing sexier than a woman turned on by herself! She fucks the shit out of him until he cums, but then something weird happens…


Richard is in a sex comma, dick still inside dead wifey Barbara while she’s off in a trance looking into space at something we as the viewer can’t see. At this point I don’t even give a shit what she’s looking at or thinking, I’m just trying to come to terms with the fact that I fucked an alien lakeside and loved it!

Scene 3 – Richard Allen & Ursula White

Ursula is busy cleaning the house when she stumbles across a blue bag containing the white, fur coat. She immediately recognizes it as the coat her husband’s wife was buried in, when the phone rings and shakes her out of her shock. I obviously don’t know what the phone call was about, but she sounded very scattered and concerned, the way one might when trying to carry on a conversation while still piecing things together.


Fast forward to Richard and Ursula making happy time in their marital bed. We don’t know if she talked to him about finding the fur coat or the mysterious phone call (mysterious to me because I can’t speak French), but because the director decided to cut straight to sex leads me to believe she didn’t say anything. The scene is hotter than the first with these two. The chemistry and passion still comes across in that classic porn way, but this time they explore more positions and get all acrobatic on our asses. Again, the sex, and in this case the scene in general, is really short, but I found staying in the mood a little easier for some reason.


Scene 4 – Alban Ceray & Barbara Moose & Richard Allen

After banging his hot wife all night, Richard still can’t seem to get Barbara off his mind, and honestly, who the hell would be able to!?! I don’t know how she died, but assuming he had nothing to do with it, you’d have to think he’s a little happy to see her. He did marry her after all. Plus, this chick is dead! How the fuck is she walking around the house!? And why his house!? Shit is real, so I can’t blame the man for going off and looking for her near the cave again. What I can blame him for is his response to this bullshit right here…


What the fuck is Alban Ceray’s hairy naked ass doing and why is he doing it with my man Richard’s dead wife? Is he dead too? What the hell is going on!? Richard is all up in arms behind the bushes and shit like this…


I was ready for a fight when Richard jumped out and started cursing everybody out, but after a comical stare off…


Alban ends up running off. None of that is my problem. I think Richard handled that brilliantly. He scared dude off after giving him the verbal business and hopefully told him to find some damn clothes. My beef is how you go from pissed the hell off to this alien seduction stuff right here…


Even if I do forgive your dead ass for having that naked dude on my property after we done had romantic lake sex, you’re sucking me off before I give you any type of nipple action! But oh no. Not Richard. Barbara’s smooth robotic talking works its magic again and Richard is stuck, all the way stuck! This man doesn’t stand a chance.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Ursula is going through something mentally because this woman pulls out a hand gun, makes sure it’s loaded, and stuffs it down in her purse. That could end very badly for Richard, but again, I have no idea what’s being said in this movie, so I can’t be sure.

Anyway, they do it in the butt for a while and Barbara goes crazy which was a huge turn on. Richard literally shakes his way through an orgasm and immediately falls back into relax/ sex coma mode. This time Barbara tries to walk away after putting him down, but Richard isn’t having that shit and grabs her arm before she can leave him. It looks like some Adam & Eve stuff to me.

6 7

Scene 5 – Ursula White & Alban Ceray

This is where things get extra Lifetime crazy. Ursula is walking through the cemetery, loaded gun still in her purse, when suddenly she stops to bend down and leaves the gun in the dirt. Now I’m wondering if she’s scared Richard is losing his damn mind and could possibly kill her (like he did his previous wife??) so she’s getting rid of everything dangerous in the house. While walking back to the car, she comes across Alban Ceray’s grave. Instantly Ursula knows that shit ain’t right and looks up only to find Alban standing behind her.


He hands her the gun back, they exchange words and strange intense looks, and Ursula damn near runs back to the car. Back at the house later that night, she and Richard have a heated conversation. It doesn’t seem like they’re arguing or at odds with one another, but more like they’re trying to figure something out and aren’t always seeing eye to eye. Ursula has to believe his tales now that she’s seen Alban, but since I’m not sure I don’t want to speculate too much. Richard storms out of the room by the end of it all, and Ursula can’t help but follow him. He unknowingly leads her to the cave and she runs into Alban’s naked, creepy ass. At first it looks like she really does think about running off, but just like Richard, she’s drawn to something seductive and uncontrollable within him and gives in to her curiosity.


Ursula’s body is taken by Alban right away and the whole thing is incredibly hot to watch. She’s a little more vocal with Alban, probably due to his alien penis, and the sex is really close and personal the entire time. She jumps on his dick like it’s about to save her life and even sheds a tear after the deed is done and he disappears to leave her standing there hugging the tree for dear life.


Scene 6 – Alban Ceray & Barbara Moose & Liliane Lemieuvre & Didier Aubriot

Ursula’s bliss doesn’t last very long because as soon as she opens her eyes she sees this shit…1

A line of zombie-looking naked people is enough to have anybody running for the hills, which is probably why  we don’t see Ursula anymore! The music is like 70s-everything-meets-aliens and the cult aspect of the sex is fucking perfect. This is definitely my favorite scene already. The group breaks out into pairs, and starts in on some type of synchronized fucking with Richard and Ursula lurking and watching from the bushes. I can’t lie, as entertaining as this scene was, it was impossible for me to participate. I was so captured by the music and caught up in the plot that I forgot to be horny. I completely transformed and went into movie watching mode, which was cool for me, but might not do it for you if you’re solely trying to rub one out. The foreplay and sex are definitely good, but all their faces are statues for the most part, concentrating on something outside of them instead of on the sex, so that contributed to the distraction. Great job by Liliane Lemieuvre and Didier Aubriot joining in on the action by the way. The fact that they all synced up is incredible. They actual fuck in rhythm with each other for the latter part of the scene, forming a semi-circle around a random statue. With girls still on dicks, the guys spin around and around as if calling out or making a gesture to something. Richard and Ursula eventually walk away, leaving me craving more group activities just to know what happens next.

2 3

Scene 7 – Richard Allen & Ursula White


Just like we started, we end with the newlyweds, but it’s nothing like I expected. Barbara comes to Ursula in her home and they exchange words. Ursula seems upset, but Barbara seems in need. She collapses on the floor with Ursula coldly watching her cry out in pain on the floor. She points a gun at Barbara and I’m just noticing babe is pregnant! Great, now there’s an alien baby, just what everybody needs! Richard walks up the steps just in time with a gun in his hands and shoots Ursula’s gun free. Richard kneels by her side while Ursula spews the angry woman song I’m assuming. It wouldn’t be a party if creeper Alban didn’t show up reciting something and pissing Richard off. To my surprise though, when Alban is done talking, Richard shoots Barbara, maybe to put her out of her misery or keep the child from being born, but either way I’m ready for some sex. Just as that thought crossed my mind, Alban shoots Barbara as she ran to him and I’m back in movie mode! This flick is crazy!


So now Ursula and Barbara are lying dead on the floor and Richard has nothing left to do but kill Alban. Of course, he talks his way out of it, none of which I can understand, but I was glued to the screen nonetheless. Good thing too because Richard uncovers Ursula’s tits and right then you notice the weird alien eye make-up already applied and realize what she’s become. The only thing I can’t figure out is who the hell is in her body! Richard doesn’t give a damn though. He just wants crazy passionate alien sex, and that’s exactly what he gets. The two fuck in the same field he first fucked Barbara in and the sex is just as intense. Ursula is wild and free, swinging her hair as she rides Richard’s cock, and it seems like she’s more in control than previously. There aren’t many positions explored but the sex they have keeps in line with the theme as both moan and move in tune with each other. Richard cums and finds himself back in that same trance (I’m convinced this is all he wanted in the first place) and after the pair exchange a few words, Richard pulls away happily and Ursula just stares off into the sky.

4 5

Overall I had a lot of fun watching Fornicating Aliens. It’s definitely worth a look if you don’t mind plot-centric classics that may accidentally take you out of the mood, especially when the plot is about horny aliens that take over dead bodies and fuck in the woods behind a mansion. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher. Until next time…

Sex & Confidence – A Steamy Movie Review

2016-04-21_16-55-15Digital Playground is known for putting out some of the best movies in the XXX biz, and their newest, Sex & Confidence, is sure to please. Sex & Confidence is a HMFH VOD-exclusive packed with strong women that love to take the reins and get what they want. It’s destined to become one of their all time best! Whether they’re looking to hook up at the gym, taking therapy to a whole new level, or helping a friend with his little problem, these ladies are proving that confidence is sexy! And with stars like Alexis Adams, Peta Jensen, Aidra Fox, Darcie Dolce, Audrey Bitoni, Miss Eva Lovia, and Abigail Mac, you know you’re in for one hell of a steamy show! So let’s not waste another moment with introductions and get right down to the nitty-gritty!

Scene One: Alexis Adams & Karlo Karrera


John Strong, Mr. Pete, and Karlo Karrera are at the gym beefing up when Peta Jensen and Alexis Adams make an appearance. One is there to work out, but the other one… well, she’s there to have some fun! Alexis Adams flirts with them all, trying her best to tempt them to leave their weights behind and follow her taut behind to the next room and fuck her! Strong and Pete seem shy when the indomitable, sexually brazen Adams gets handsy. But rather than being scared away, Karrera can’t help but to take a taste! Adams may be a sexually confident woman, but when they get down to business, it’s Karrera who takes charge and face fucks Adams before diving into her wanton pussy. Bent over and gripping the ropes of the boxing ring, Adams groans in ecstasy as Karrera slides his cock into her waiting hole. She is finally getting the exact type of workout she came to the gym to get! Karrera switches up the positions – missionary, doggy style – slamming into her hot hole like a jack hammer. Adams rides him cowgirl style for a bit, taking him deep inside and juicing his cock with her powerful pussy! Finally, when he can’t wait another moment, Karerra unleashes his torrent of hot jizz onto Adams’ heaving tits.


Scene Two: Peta Jensen & Mr. Pete


Meanwhile, Peta Jensen has caught the booty bug from her gym buddy, Alexis Adams, and is ready to have some fun! Mr. Pete and Jensen just had a nice dinner and she wants dessert.  Pete’s suggestion is that they get to know one another, maybe partake in some Netflix and chill. But Jensen prefers to get to know him by pulling his dick out of his pants! She’s a powerful, pushy woman that knows precisely what she wants, and she’s about to take it from the shy, big dicked Mr. Pete! It doesn’t take long for him to get into the groove of things – and by groove I mean Jensen’s sweet little pussy! He dives in, licking and tasting her before taking control and fucking her pretty mouth. When he finally gets inside this tattooed temptress it’s from behind, her cute ass stuck up in the air and her dirty mouth demanding that he fuck her hard! They spend most of their time with Jensen on top, taking back control and riding Pete for all he’s worth! She finally gets her sweet reward – a face covered in hot, creamy cum, courtesy of the generous Mr. Pete.


Scene Three: Aidra Fox & Darcie Dolce


Aidra Fox wants to be fucked like a porn star. She shares this secret with her sexy friend, Darcie Dolce, and it’s no surprise what happens next. Dolce can’t help but give her friend precisely what she wants, so she leans forward and catches Fox off guard with a quick kiss on the lips. Fox responds eagerly, rising to her knees to engage in a long, passionate kissing session with Dolce. Fox lays back and the dark haired Dolce explores Fox’s pretty pink pussy with her tongue. They move on to toys, including a black one that is much too large for Fox, followed by a pink glass heart that brings Fox to a screaming orgasm! Fox returns the pleasure, admitting that she’s always wanted to use a dildo to fuck a woman. This scene is crazy hot. I mean, seriously, Dolce has some mad pussy eating skills and watching Fox squirm her way through two very real orgasms was amazing. The scene came to a disappointing end for me when instead of more making out, they finish up with some dildo titty fucking. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who will love that ending, I’m just not one of them. But hey, all you titty fucking fans are in for a real treat!


Scene Four: Audrey Bitoni & John Strong


John Strong is out of the gym (let’s not forget how shy poor Strong acted when Alexis Adams flirted with him at the gym in scene one) and in the therapist’s office. They don’t state the problem outright, but therapist Audrey Bitoni makes it pretty clear the type of therapy she offers. She’s on Strong’s lap with her tits in his face in less than two minutes! Not long after she’s letting him eat her out on her desk. She’s a very hands-on therapist! Bitoni’s methods seem to be working, so she drops to her knees to continue her hard work. Once she’s sure Strong is ready, Bitoni offers the most intensive therapy method available – her sexy ass in the air and her wet pussy ready to be fucked by her needy patient! Strong wastes no time grabbing her hips and driving his cock deep inside her! This final stage consists of doggy style and cowgirl, the latter of which allows the creative therapist to control the speed in which their therapy session comes to an end! Bitoni’s hard work pays off and she gets a hot facial for her efforts!


Scene Five: Aidra Fox & Tommy Pistol


I’m not sure why Tommy Pistol is being shown around the house by adorable, half dressed Aidra Fox, but to be quite honest, I don’t really care. Fox is too cute for words with those dimples and tits. Tattooed, bearded, and pretty damn adorable himself, Pistol can’t resist her sexual prowess, even though he feels nervous about fucking in her dad’s room! Despite being scared of getting caught, Pistol spends plenty of time using his tongue to pleasure the lovely Fox. He licks from back to front, dipping his tongue into her tight ass and then moving up and lapping at her pussy eagerly. This scene is so hot – Pistol barely able to wait, ripping his pants off and slamming his cock into Fox while he spoons her – it’s definitely one of my faves! Trying to keep her quiet so they can hear if her dad comes home early, Pistol keeps Fox’s mouth covered through missionary and cowgirl positions as she is nearly brought to tears with several orgasms! Fox begs Pistol to make her his dirty little porn star and cover her face with his load; he finally gets his release and gives her exactly what she desires.


Scene Six: Abigail Mac, Miss Eva Lovia & Kieran Lee


Keiran Lee has a little problem. It seems as though he’s a one pump chump. A minute man. A dude who only gives the quickie dicky, if you will. But never fear, Abigail Mac and Miss Eva Lovia are here! These sexy, confident women are going to tag-team this sad English man and help him rise to the occasion and stick it out! They begin with a slow, deliberate blowjob, each taking turns putting his tool in their mouths. But Lee doesn’t want to go too quickly, so he takes time to lick and taste Miss Eva’s pussy before burying his cock in it! He takes turns fucking each one in various positions, seemingly having gotten over his little problem! While one is being fucked, the other gets busy sucking bouncing tits or playing with tender clits. When Lee finally cums, he deposits his load inside the well fucked Miss Eva, and Mac is right there to lick it up as it drips out!


Now that you’ve read all about the action in Sex & Confidence, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll want to see it. There just no substitute for watching the action yourself! Check it out; you won’t find it anywhere else.

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Blacked’s Carter Cruise Obsession Review

Blacked Carter Cruise Obsession box coverWith their pristine sets, crisp cinematography, and beyond-glam hair and makeup, sets the standard for high-end interracial porn. As a fan of the genre and someone who strives to find non-exploitative representations of interracial sex in porn, I was ecstatic when Carter Cruise Obsession arrived at HotMoviesForHer. I got my greedy paws on the film immediately and couldn’t wait to see what all the buzz about Blacked was about!

AVN award-winning director Greg Lansky made Carter Cruises first interracial into a plot-centered showcase that highlights Cruise’s acting chops as well as her affinity for no-strings-attached passion. Cruise plays the role of Kate, an engaged “good girl” who can’t help her rampant fantasies of sex acts she has yet to try. In her current vanilla relationship, Kate dreams of breaking the boundaries of her engagement to finally experience interracial sex, anal, and even threesomes. When her fiancé, played by Michael Vegas in a non-sex performance, gets too preoccupied with work, Kate sees it as her opportunity to break free and unleash her inner “bad girl.”

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

Scene One: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Kate and her fiancée Brad decide to take some time off from their busy schedules to focus on their relationship by spending the weekend at a beautiful resort. When Kate notices that Brad can’t stop busying himself with conferences calls and meetings throughout their couples’ weekend, she’s rightfully hurt and lonely. After having one too many glasses of wine by herself, Kate is determined to socialize by the pool. It’s then that she meets Flash Brown and Jason Brown: two muscular, attractive men who have no issue giving Kate the attention she desires. After they successfully sweet-talk Kate, she does not object to a heavy petting session with both of them, taking them to a secluded area where she sloppily sucks both of their long, hard cocks.

Carter Cruise giving a double-blowjob

Scene Two: Carter Cruise & Flash Brown

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

The next morning, Kate is woken up by Brad. He has to make more conference calls on the second day of their little vacation, but this time Kate hardly even cares. She has Flash Brown’s suite number from the night before and she plans on giving him a visit while Brad is out. Wearing a sexy royal-blue lingerie set that matches her eyes, Kate wastes no time giving Flash an amazing blowjob reminiscent of the night before. Taking things even further, Kate gives Flash permission to fuck her in the ass. How he fits his enormous dick in there is beyond me, but he manages with more ease than you’d expect.

Carter Cruise getting fucked doggy-style

Scene Three: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Carter Cruise and Jason Brown

After their failed couples’ weekend, Kate has almost given up hope of saving her relationship with Brad. She bought fancy lingerie to wear when he gets back from a business trip in London just to find out that he’s staying in London much longer than he’d promised. Once Kate realizes she’s been ditched again by her fiancé, she decides to hit up Flash for another illicit rendezvous. This time, Kate wants to take on two BBCs at once, and asks Flash to invite his friend Jason over to finish what they’d started by the pool. When the friends arrive at her apartment, Kate is waiting on the balcony in the lingerie she’d bought to wear for Brad. Jason meets Kate out there and warms her up with some gentle caressing, and soon the Kate is taking both of their huge cocks from either end.

Carter Cruise having a threesome

Scene Four: Carter Cruise & Michael Williams

At this point, Kate has committed to fulfilling her fantasies in Brad’s absence. She’s always wanted to meet a stranger off the internet and fuck them in a hotel room, and she jumps at the opportunity to finally cross this off her bucket list. After chatting with Michael for a little and seeing what a big dick he has, Kate gives him her room number. The two complete strangers proceed to have hot, anonymous sex before Michael finishes in Kate’s mouth.

Carter Cruise giving Michael Williams a blowjob

Scene Five: Carter Cruise, Riley Reid & Rob Piper

Kate is having coffee with her good friend Riley when Riley notices that Kate’s mind is elsewhere. After sleuthing out that she’s been having problems with Brad, Riley tells Kate that it’s okay that she’s been seeing other guys. Riley reveals that she’s in an open relationship with her husband and that those kinds of arrangements can work with enough communication. Kate wishes aloud that her fiancée were open-minded enough to accept that kind of lifestyle. When Riley invites Kate along to one of her hookup sessions, she jumps at the opportunity to finally have that threesome she’s been craving. Rob Piper happily takes the nymphomaniacs to his bedroom to share his dick.  Riley teaches Kate how to eat her pussy, and the friends get closer than they’d ever expected.

Carter Cruise and Riley Reid threesome

If you love high-definition, high-quality interracial porn, look no further than Carter Cruise Obsession is one of many great titles from this studio on HotMoviesForHer.

Watch Carter Cruise Obsession now with us!

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Full Metal Mistress Review

FMMbxThe HMFH staff was mesmerized by Full Metal Mistress, the first title we received from new studio Elena De Luca Productions. Not only is its namesake a bombshell redhead with pinup-like proportions, but pro-Domme Elena De Luca does domination with a twist. De Luca prefers to take a militaristic approach to her slave-training, taking her potential subs through a boot camp-style series of physically challenging tasks. Once deemed fit to serve, De Luca’s slaves become servants to her Nation of Women, where her Mistresses act as co-commander-in-chiefs to keep these unworthy men in line.




Scene One:


Elena De Luca discovers an intruder in her dungeon and decides to punish him the only way she knows how: with some verbal humiliation. After undressing him both verbally and physically, De Luca begins the process of inducting him into her dungeon by frightening him with threats of what is to come, all while spitting in his face. Once he is thoroughly afraid, De Luca takes her new slave’s cock and balls in her hand and pulls hard. After some CBT, he is put away in a small cage to kneel and wait for whichever Mistress decides he’s worth her time.


Scene Two:


Clad in a sexy latex officer’s uniform, the gorgeous Cybill Troy enters the intruder’s holding pen and models her worship-worthy figure for the camera. Cybill wears a large, black strap-on that she spits and shines in preparation for destroying the new slave’s ass. After letting him out of his cage for the first time in who knows how long, she works him over with her cock until he’s begging for mercy.

Scene Three:


Elena De Luca and Cybill Troy lead the intruder into a new room by leash and collar. The formidable women decide to team up to break their new slave in with some proper caning. Wearing tight corsets and thigh-high boots, these beautiful Dommes look absolutely stunning as they deliver their corporal punishment, which the slave takes surprisingly well. He won’t be able to sit for days!


Scene Four:


Punishment doesn’t come without reward. After the slave’s caning, he is treated to a sensual smothering session by the beautiful Mistress An Li. An Li enters wearing army fatigues that she slowly strips off to reveal the hottest BDSM-inspired bra and panties I’ve ever seen. She hovers her curvaceous booty over his face for some time before lowering it onto him, only allowing him to come up for air when she feels like it.


Scene Five:


Finally, Elena De Luca and An Li team up to bring their slave to his final test. As An Li smothers his face with her flawless ass, Elena De Luca teases his cock with her Hitachi. Just when the slave seems to be enjoying himself a little too much, De Luca removes the vibrator in a demonstration of her complete control over him. When the women are satisfied with the obedience their slave has shown them, De Luca allows him one last release. He cums all over himself as the Dommes laugh at his expense. Once he’s finished, De Luca locks him in chastity and informs him that he’s just had the last orgasm he’ll ever have. His body, mind, and soul now belong to her Nation.


Elena De Luca’s military aesthetic combined with her Domme’s differing methods of punishment made this film an excellent watch for fans of the Femdom genre. Each scene varies by setting, costuming, and how the women choose to train their slave.

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Kinky Fantasy Club Review

The latest addition to Severe Sexs line of kink-inspired humor is Kinky Fantasy Club. Imagine if the comedies you’re used to watching took on BDSM as a plot device, then you would have Kinky Fantasy Club. Like many popular “bro comedies,” our four main male characters all have different relationships with their partners and each one of them has a significant problem. What if there were a place to go to where you got what you needed from your romantic partner without repercussions? These guys find out what happens when they get what they wish for.

The Characters:

Dominik Kross & Ela Darling: Ela and Dominik are a married couple that seem to get along on the surface. The movie opens with Ela giving Dominik a jaw-tiring blowjob. Dominik is into it, but whenever he closes his eyes all he can see are two enormous breasts jiggling. When Dominik lets slip that he wants to see her “bouncing while she rides him,” Ela realizes he’s fantasizing about big tits again and she’s had enough. Ela likes her boobs the way they are (rightfully so), and she’s not changing her body for anyone.

Tommy Pistol & Casey Calvert: Tommy is waiting for his wife to come home so they can go out to a nice dinner together. He decides to kick back and put his feet up on the ottoman like any normal person would do. When his wife Casey comes through the door after another one of her exhausting shopping trips, Tommy is immediately scolded for putting his feet on her new furniture and then has to listen to his wife describe all the expensive shit she bought while they’re $50,000 in credit card debt! To add insult to injury, Casey says she is too exhausted from shopping to go to dinner with him. She also says that he could get a better job to pay for all of her new items if he weren’t such a loser.

Tony Orlando & Charlotte Cross: Tony loves nothing more than a good G/G/B threesome, and he’s in the middle of watching a steamy one from Forbidden Fruits Films on! When his girlfriend Charlotte walks in and sees Tony jerking off to porn instead of helping her around the house, she’s hurt that he didn’t ask her to join him. When Charlotte realizes Tony’s watching a threesome video, he reveals that one of his deepest fantasies is to share a threesome with her. Disgusted and hurt, Charlotte promises that will never happen.

Brad Knight: Brad is a single guy living by himself. He’s good friends with Dominik, Tommy, and Tony, but doesn’t have a lot in common with them. He gets a call that his buddies are in the doghouse, and they all decide to have a night on the town.

Boy’s Night Out

Kira Noir: When the guys arrive at the strip club, they’re greeted by Kira, one of the club’s gorgeous, fit dancers. This girl’s got moves for days.

Lily Cade: Lily is an employee at the strip club and not someone to mess with, as Tony will see in his fantasy.

Kiki D’Aire: Just because Kiki is a bartender at a strip club doesn’t mean she’s available for a private dance. When Dominik tries to touch her tits, she puts him in his place. Later, Kiki and Kira pour the rowdy men a shot of their special tequila, which transports the guys into fantasy land.

So long, suckers!

Dominik’s Fantasy

Alura Jensen: Dominik’s fantasy lands him in a room with his dream girl, ostensibly. Alura is a beautiful blonde with a huge rack just like Dominik likes them. However, Alura has plans of her own. If Dominik wants to suck on those luscious titties, he’s going to have to perform a series of tricks for her. Dominik soon finds out that his love of big-breasted women has gotten him into severe trouble.

Tony’s Fantasy

Tony awakens to see his girlfriend Charlotte in the embraces of another woman. She looks quite similar to the employee at the bar he got in an altercation with earlier that night. When Charlotte tells him that she’s ready to have a threesome with him, Tony is super excited, but when he looks down he sees that his dick is in chastity! Instead of the hot threesome he’d always dreamed of, he is bound to a chair, gagged, and made to watch Lily Cade cuckold him.

Tommy’s Fantasy

In his waking life, Tommy is constantly humiliated by his wife, but in this reality he’s finally the one in charge. Revenge is sweet, and Tommy’s retribution comes in the form of some very sexy BDSM play.

Brad’s Fantasy

Brad, being the only nice guy of the group, finds himself struggling to figure out if his incredible encounter with Kira Noir is a fantasy or reality. Do not miss Kira going down on Brad while suspended from her stripper pole.


Definitely watch what happens after these fantasies come to completion. You get to know the characters pretty well via their fantasies, and everyone seems to get what they deserve.

Bonus Scenes

Check out behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dee Severe, Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, and Charlotte Cross, as well as an extended blowjob scene with Ela Darling and Dominik Kross, as well as Kira’s full strip-tease.

Watch Kinky Fantasy Club now on!

ScrewberX Review

By now, we’ve all used a ride-sharing service at least once, but not quite like ScrewberX. Most of the time it works out really well, but there’s always that one-in-ten chance the person you’re riding with is either going to convert you to their religion, try to sell you some of their mom’s homemade goods, or try to take the longest route possible, even when you’ve specified your preferred route. Unless you’re in a hurry, you usually end up meeting some pretty cool people who are just trying to make an extra buck. If you’re like these lucky people and use a ride service called ScrewberX, you end up getting more than a chauffeur…you get an experience you’ll never forget!

Scene One: Sovereign Syre & Steve Holmes

First of all, Sovereign Syre isn’t in enough movies, so to see her on the cast list for this film was exciting. She plays an aspiring actress with 20 minutes to get to her audition. Her driver, Steve Holmes, is probably not acting in this scene. He seems so comfortable and confident that it’s not far-fetched to see him offering beautiful women his leftover breakfast, which he does to Sovereign. While this scenario is not brand new or unheard of, the conversation between Steve and Sovereign is so self-aware and funny that it makes the impending sex much more fun to watch. With the clock ticking and an extremely talkative driver, Sovereign is pretty anxious about making her audition. When the car breaks down on a “side road” in the middle of nowhere, Sovereign thinks that she’s going to lose her mind. However, Steve has a plan to calm her nerves. It is a little known fact that Steve Holmes was a very successful massage therapist in Eastern Europe before coming to the States, and his skills are infamous. Sovereign is hip to Steve’s plan, and acquiesces to his advances, but says it’s “all about me.”

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond & Tommy Pistol

I wish I was as ballsy as Dana DeArmond in a ScrewberX. She’s never afraid to speak her mind or tell someone to fuck off. Tommy Pistol plays one of those annoying millenials that actually believes in the “organic tea-dirt from Egypt” served in mason jars “pressed and made by my cousin in Vermont,” and all that hippy mumbo jumbo. Dana has no time or patience for Tommy’s self-congratulatory speeches on a healthy lifestyle, and she lets him know multiple times. Her driver insists on discussing his aspirations to become an actor and his life growing up in Ohio, where was voted “Most Likely To Make It Out Of Ohio.” During Tommy’s long-winded navel-gazing conversation with himself, he says he has an audition coming up with Dana DeArmond. Unbeknownst to him, that’s exactly who he’s driving! When he realizes who Dana is, he pulls the car over and insists on doing the audition right then and there for her. To Dana’s horror, it just doesn’t stop. That’s when she says, “Is there anything else that you’re actually good at? Because maybe acting isn’t the thing you’re supposed to do, and driving for Screwber definitely isn’t.” When Tommy insists that he has 10 stars on Tinder (which isn’t a thing), Dana decides the only way she’s going to get to the office is by getting her rocks off and making Tommy drive her. Tommy, shocked by Dana’s forwardness, asks if she’s consenting to the sex they’re about to have, and Dana replies, “I’m consenting to you shutting the fuck up and eating my pussy.”

Scene Three: Cherie DeVille, Layla Price & Chad Diamond

Chad Diamond is a religious young man who loves his grandma and proudly wears the sweaters that she gave him. Today, he’s borrowing her car to drive for ScrewberX and make a couple bucks, while also spreading the “good word.” Nothing makes him happier than doing a good deed and helping someone else. This why he loves driving for ScrewberX. But he has no idea what he’s in for when he picks up Layla Price and Cherie DeVille. These girls are wild and do not understand why someone why Chad would be wearing a sweater his grandmother gave him in 90 degree heat. The girls know what to do; they have to help this poor guy. According to Cherie, “he looks like those weird people who ride around on bikes and come to your doorstep.” Oh, poor Chad. If only he had a glass partition separating him from his passengers!

Scene Four: Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, Mark Wood & Steve Holmes

We’ve established that most of us have already been a passenger in a ride-sharing service, but only the bravest of us sign up to be drivers. Check out Dana Vespoli’s crazy luck on her first ScrewberX ride! She gets a little lost looking for her first customers in an industrial area, but immediately sees them after she makes a turn a row of storage facilities. There’s no mistaking it; these are her passengers, and they’re a (literal) bunch of clowns. They refuse to speak actual words and communicate solely through kazoos, instructing Dana where to take them. Since kazoo sounds don’t translate well into English, Dana is frustrated and asks them if there’s anything she can do to make them behave. Suddenly she is transported to a white room filled with balloons and other circus props. At first Dana is a bit scared, but as soon as one of the clowns rubs his dick all over her face and puts it into her ear, she decides “Eh, what the heck?” and starts blowing all of the clowns, including the one with the strap-on!

Scene Five: Bonus Scene

Be sure to check out this scene for an awesome behind-the-scenes conversation with director Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, and Tommy Pistol.

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