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Real Senior Sex

Maiden, mother, crone?

Despite the fact that we all age, most of us do not consider what this means in terms of sex. Most of the people I know want to have sex till they die (if not the cause of death), but NO ONE under 40 wants to think of elder sex!

Now there is plenty of granny sex out there! Hell we have some amazing stuff if you like age play. However, fetishists aside, we tend to cringe regarding the realities of sex in our golden years.

Some of the most common misconceptions are often the most empowered by our elders:

More self acceptance of body
No fear of pregnancy
Less concern for performance
Pleasure found from different stimuli
Openness to possibilities and true communication

Sure, this seems to be nicey nicey but when men and women have opened up about their sexuality as they have aged, their insight is enlightening. Joan Price is one sex educator who stomps on the ignorance that surrounds senior sex in a playful and passionate way.

Better Than I Ever Expected by Joan Price
Senior Sex Education!

Rather than the judgement many of us continue to pass over seniors, we can change directions. How do we wish to be as sexually healthy seniors? What kind of adjustments need to be made? Life is to be enjoyed and most seniors would agree with a little fine tuning. These are some helpful implements:

Palm Power!

The Palm Power Massager and its ergonomic attachmentsby BMS Enterprises is touted to be as splendid as The Hitachi Wand but is far more accommodating for those with limited dexterity.

Easy to pump & easy to buy

Sex after 60 is definitely something I hope to engage in. I also hope to be able to roll with the changes that will inevitably occur. If we all did this, perhaps we would have no reason to cover ourselves with shame or ignorance.

No more hiding.

Enjoy ALL that has to offer in mature women and men!