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Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4

We’re back with another retro review. While spoofs are all the rage now, they aren’t new to the porn industry and Venus shared her thoughts on this Star Trek spoof way back in HotMovieForHer’s beginnings. Geeky pervs rejoice!

Revived from the classic spoof Sex Trek series, “Where No Man Has Cum B4” continues this hilarious spoof with impressive comedic acting, fun special effects, and hot, hot sex. Randy Spears continues his role as Captain James T. Quirk, and his impersonation of William Shatner alone is reason to watch. I love the girls’ 60s sci-fi sex kitten styles (especially Gabriella Dreams – check her out in scene 3), which I feel is a highly under-used look in adult movies. I’m not a Trekkie myself, but that definitely doesn’t hinder any enjoyment I get from this film. Continue reading Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4

Coffee, Tea or Me

Studio: Cal Vista Classics Category: Classics

I loved the book “Coffee, Tea or Me? The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses“. It was published in the late 1960s and was very risque for its time… Of course, not thinking of this consideration, I am expecting raunchy stories of the stylish 60s stewardesses (I loooove mod uniforms). But, on the risque end of the stories, I was left a little disappointed and wanting more (as for the rest, I enjoyed the book).

So then I come into the office today, browsing through the new movies on the site, and holy crap! This movie just went up this morning… Cal Vista Classics “Coffee, Tea or Me” starring some of my favorites, Juliet Anderson, Herschel Savage, Jamie Gillis, and a ton more… So naturally, I begin watching immediately.

I forgot my headphones so I’m just watching kind of muted in the background while I checked my email and did my normal work. This movie is AWESOME! It’s from 1983, but the style’s aren’t offensive in anyway and the sex is HOT. Like, real hot, and everyone looks like they’re having fun. There’s a plot revolving around airline pilots and stewardesses, but since I’m watching on mute I don’t know what they’re talking about… all I know is that they’re wearing uniforms and that is enough for me right now.

The production quality is really good and the plot seems fairly interesting so I’m putting this on “my watch-again-with-sound-later list”. But either way, I give it 48 thumbs up!


Watch “Coffee, Tea or Me” Now!

Post-Dinah Male Injection!

Ok, from the stories and the pics the Dinah seems super awesome, but I’m missing myself some naked man around here 🙂 I’ve also realized I haven’t really posted in a really long time… I mean, my inbox is constantly slammed with “Venus, where have you been? We miss you soooo much!” emails, but time really does fly…

I actually have been busy and not just sitting on my ass (although I am very busy while I sit on my ass), and since everyone else was too busy to do a “Top 5 Tuesday” this week, I’m secretly infiltrating with my own guerrilla “Top 5 THURSday” featuring some of our more recently added straight movies with lots and lots of penis (only cute guys and hot stuff too… penis by itself is cool and all, but let’s be honest, shall we?).

So without further ado, and before anyone stops me, my testosterone-filled Top 5 Thursday picks!

Image The Stepmother – Sinful Seductions: Finally Nica Noelle’s long awaited foray into straight porn has arrived! No surprise that it’s amazing, just with sexy guys! I saw a great review on another site about this movie complimenting it’s real sex and orgasms so, if you happen to see something, um, not so eloquant on our video site, feel free to add your comments!

Image Lusty Luxuries: I always enjoy Playgirl movies because they keep a woman’s pleasure in mind… I did pass on the first scene though, and was much more impressed as the movie played on. I’m a big fan of kissing, so how could I pass a boxcover like this?
 Image Anna Span’s Diary Series #12 – Do The Business: I picked this movie because A) Anna Span makes some really great movies, and B) the boxcover says “Earnest, 1950’s stocking-clad housewives seek gentlemen”. That is like my fantasy self… Also it says there’s time travel involved. Score!
Penny Flame’s Expert Guide To Rough Sex: I’m feeling a little randy today so I’m throwing it in here. The rougher stuff usually falls into my “don’t usually like to watch but in real life is good” category, but Vivid Ed is pretty quality so I would check this out. Plus Penny Flame is always fun.
Honey Bunny: “Thumping sex and candy colored worlds implode with the innocence of desire”… um, I don’t think there’s much innocence here but a visually surreal and erotic romp it is… as someone who overly appreciates style and excessive use of colors, I approve.

There you have it, enjoy my pretties! I’ve had my porn for the day and now I’m off in search of gluten-free pizza….

Venus Vegas

Take This Survey! Postmenopausal Sexuality Study

In case you missed the post before about the open survey for postmenopausal women who watch adult movies. It is being conducted by Susana Mayer, who is a PhD candidate at

If you fit this profile, please help her out! Click here to take survey.

Also, if you’re in the Philadelphia area, you should check out her Erotic Literary Salon. For more info check out

Josh Hartnett Sex Tape – My Pleas for Reality

You may have been living under a rock yesterday, so hopefully the Porn Librarian was the first to tell you (ok, probably the millionth) some exciting news – there just may be a Josh Hartnett sex tape.

Since I am a foremost authority on details, I’ll recap the important stuff – Josh Hartnett, public sex in library, caught on surveillance. Oh, and Red Light District released a press release offering $500,000 for the video.

I am not one to let sleeping dogs lie (or let secret Josh Hartnett sex tapes remain secret), so I am publishing 3 public letters to the entities that I feel can help make my wish a reality.

Letter #1:

Dear Power Greater Than Me,

Thank you for coming close to finally answering my prayers that for once a celebrity sex tape may possibly exist that features someone I actually find attractive. Many seem to be staged leaks featuring people I’m not necessarily interested in watching clothed, let alone doing the dirty; but I think this just may be my moment.

Josh Hartnett may not be my first choice, but he’s in the long list for sure. I will continue to cross my fingers in hopes that one day I will be witness to this promising tape and that it will not be a fantastic disappointment.

Yours always (at least sometimes),

Venus Vegas

Letter #2:

Dear Red Light District,

I have just read that you are offering money for this tape! While I know many of your past celebrity tape acquisitions have been a financial boon, I must admit they left me feeling much to be desired. I lust over many celebrities, yet you keep seeming to find the ones that are on my “no” list.

Exhibit A – Screech

Now, I think we can all agree Zach and A. C. Slater were the real hotties here. Zach not so much any more, but Slater has only gotten better (good bye Z. Cavaricci’s!). Mr. Red Light District, I know you take what you can get, but did you not see the show? Only poor geeky Violet took Screech, and while we all know beneath those big glasses and ill-fitting dresses she was a true gem, I highly doubt she’d stand for a fake dirty sanchez.

Remember Lisa Turtle’s voice of repellent in every episode? I rest my case.

So, to hear that you are trying to get Josh Hartnett’s sex tape is music to my ears and sends tingles to my hoo-ha! Please, please, be nice to him and allow my hungry eyes witness to his raw sex. In a library. Please.

My Faith Is With You,

Venus Vegas

Letter #3:

My Dearest Josh Hartnett,

I’d like to begin by saying that the vision of you keeps me warm on cold nights. For every porn movie I watch that does not star a few certain key males (Tommy Pistol, Manuel Ferrara, or Kurt Lockwood), I envision your face on the mulleted/poorly bleached/bald-headed man.

I am deeply saddened to hear that your most intimate privacy may have been invaded! In a public library no less! However, as with everything that appears bad on the surface, something good can always be brought out of it. This good I speak of, is fulfilling so many female (and male!) fantasies without having to do any more effort on your part. Imagine it! What you thought was a mere night of bliss which would end as soon as you exited into the streets could now turn into financial gains and happy women the world over! You want people to be happy, don’t you, Josh?

Please don’t think that I’m pressuring you. I’m merely trying to open your mind to magnificent mass sexual satisfaction that you could give to women without risking severe mortal exhaustion from physical attempts at this feat. I’m only thinking of your best interest.

I think you know the right decision in this situation (do it.), so I will I close with an earnest plea from a dear friend:

“I emplore you to do this good and noble deed for women everywhere.”

Hoping and praying to see your penis on-screen soon,

Venus Vegas

PS – Should you feel more effort IS necessary, I will gladly make good use of you. I have included a pic to illustrate our potential happiness together.

Josh Hartnett + Venus 4-evahhh!

20 Questions With Tina Tyler

Former adult performer Current adult director

“Thinking man’s porn star” turned director
(with an eye for hot, muscle guys!)

Tina Tyler, former performer turned director, works for Mr. Hottness himself, Lexington Steele‘s production company Mercenary Pictures. As a performer, she was nominated for multiple AVN awards, winning the 2003 AVN Award for Best Non-Sex Performance for The Ozporns. Now she is executive liaison and director for Mercenary Pictures, one of the hottest interracial studios – and when I say “hottest”, I’m actually referring to the men, the sex, and the men, and the women and the men (in case that wasn’t clear… they use some pretty hot guys). Here, she also started the Handyman series, a solo male masturbation series made for women! Score!

Continue reading 20 Questions With Tina Tyler

Joanna Angel: Rock & Roll In My Butthole!

So I just got back from Vegas last week where Joanna Angel performed her song “Rock & Roll In My Butthole”, which she wrote for her new movie “Rock & Roll In My Butthole”. Sadly, being the hard, dedicated worker that I am, I fucking missed it! God bless the internets, because apparently she posted this earlier in the month and it totally passed my radar.

Either way, the song is instant classic, stuck in my head, and now forces me to think of butt sex over and over. Seriously, it’s a really cute duet she wrote and performs with princessFrank (from L.A. band Masterslave) that is actually really catchy.

Check it out below, and lyrics are posted on her Burning Angel blog. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even add it to your myspace from 😉

If this does not prove to you that Joanna is a pretty hot little lady, and especially if it does prove to you, then you should definitely watch some Burning Angel Entertainment movies here on HotMoviesForHer, and check out her sites and to experience the awesomeness. 🙂