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6.9 Questions with Madison Young

Madison Young interviewed by Kelly Shibari.

While at the Feminine Porn Awards for, Kelly Shibari interviewed a few of our favorite stars and asked them 6.9 questions.  Below is the final in the series, 6.9 questions with Madison Young.

Well, that’s the last of the 6.9 questions series from Kelly Shibari at the 2013 FPA’s.  We hope you learned a lot of the stars and how they got their start in the porn industry.

6.9 Questions with Kali Williams AKA Princess Kali

Kali Williams (AKA Princess Kali) interviewed by Kelly Shibari

While at the Feminine Porn Awards for, Kelly Shibari interviewed a few of our favorite stars and asked them 6.9 questions.  Below is the seventh in the series, 6.9 questions with Kali Williams.

Keep an eye out for next Wednesday for the final post in the 6.9 questions with porn stars series by our very own Kelly Shibari!

6.9 Questions with Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson interviewed by Kelly Shibari

While at the Feminine Porn Awards for, Kelly Shibari interviewed a few of our favorite stars and asked them 6.9 questions.  Below is the sixth in the series, 6.9 questions with Wolf Hudson.

Keep an eye out for on Wednesday’s for the next 3 weeks for more 6.9 questions with porn stars by our very own Kelly Shibari!

Introducing Evelyn James (Emja)

Evelyn JamesThis is the first Wednesday I’ve been up before 8am since early 2012 (freelancers get the greatest schedules but the worst sort of writers block). And before lunch I’ve already seen around 74 pairs of boobs , learned the average amount of minutes my co-workers watch porn, and have edited 30-second clips of monumental, climactic scenes of fucking. If it was possible, I’d put money on being jaw-droppingly jealous of myself.  My friends will no doubt envy me while I discuss the perks of this wonderful new position, but I will be humble and add that I was not withheld from also filling out endless New Hire forms. But then I got to list all the movies I wanted to review in the coming week in ranking order of bounciest breasts.

You will come to know me as Evelyn James or formally Evelyn Mae James, but typing long names can get annoying so I’ll just finish things as Emja (pronounce: m-juh). I gained interest in HotMoviesForHer easily because I like boobs. I’m a straight girl who borderline obsesses over porn and a great set of lovely bubbles. Yet here I will get to take my lifelong hobby of gawking to connecting; with the stars in my industry, some wicked studios that keep us glued to (any sort of) screen, and to you.

Things I’ll need your help with as we get to know each other:

Convince me to love and cherish the hashtag. I’m a Twitter freak (@emmmmja) yet the hashtag seems so snobby to me.

Explain why Game of Thrones ditched all the sex scenes. It’s unfair and I’ve secretly fantasized working on Wanted posters for more booty bumping.

Pictures of boys on bikes without shirts. Tweet them to @emmmmja.

Send me your feedback on what you need to see/read/experience, if you want us to keep you turned on. Seriously, my thing might not be your thing, so let’s keep the lines of communication open and this site will become your daily moment of sexual zen.

Wasteland Movie Review

We started to review Wasteland a while ago, but haven’t seemed to finish.  I have been looking for an excuse to watch this movie, so when I noticed we had half of the movie reviewed and not the other, I got excited.  You can catch up on the part of the review you missed Wasteland Review Part 1 and Wasteland Review Part 2.

I will give a brief synopsis of what you missed if you don’t want to jump around.

There are two versions of Wasteland.  Disc 1 has the plot oriented version with shortened sex scenes and Disc 2 has no talking and cuts right to chase.

The two main characters of the movie are friends from high school who grew up in Tucson, AZ.  The movie begins as Anna (Lily Carter) travels from AZ to LA to visit her friend she hasn’t seen in 5 years Jacki (Lily LaBeau).  Jacki moved to LA to follow her acting career but as she tells Anna, “I’ve changed, you’ll see”.  Anna is a bit of a slut and so far in the movie has had sex with a stranger in a bar bathroom and that same evening on the way home she hooks up with a random guy she met on the street.  As she is hooking up with the guy in the back alley Anna begs her to go home and she pulls Anna in to give the guy a blowjob on the street while she fondles Anna from behind.  Anna gets mad; they walk home with Jacki following her saying “I’m sorry” the whole way.  When they get home, they have some makeup sex.  It is so obvious to me that Anna is in love with Jacki and Jacki is oblivious to this fact, or she just doesn’t care.  I am still waiting for an explanation on why Jacki left Tucson, but they haven’t said yet.  There are some random flashbacks of a fire and some cuts to an old lady, so I’m interested to see where this is headed and get these questions answered.

Scene 3

Anna is upset with Jacki because she opened up to her and told her she was upset when Jacki left Tucson because she was so lost when she left.  Jacki replied that she missed her too, for two weeks, and then she moved on.  Anna storms out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom.  More makeup sex, only this time Anna tried to fight it and it turned into some cute girl wrestling, chasing, play until they pounce on each other on the bed passionately.  This time the sex is slow and loving unlike the sex Jacki has in the bathroom and the alley earlier in the movie. After the sex they lay in each other’s arms silently staring into the others eyes.  Jacki finally opens up and says that Anna was always the special one and tells her sometimes she thinks that there is something wrong with her, and she feels like she isn’t a girl or a boy and she is just some weird species that is not like everyone else.  She then says she is antsy and wants to do something, so they move into the pool. We finally get some answers to the flashbacks and the obvious sexual/love tension between the two girls.  Now they are fighting and Jacki says they are not friends, they never were and Anna was not there for her when she needed her and storms off.

Scene 4

Now Jacki is waking up Anna and all seems well in the world now that Jacki is sober.  They are reminiscing, and flashback to when they were teenagers at a campfire.  Anna is flirting with a guy, she walks away to use the bathroom and that quickly Jacki takes Anna’s guy to the cabin.  Anna comes back and goes to find them and catches them having sex in the cabin.  (Can we say, terrible friend?)  Anna watches the whole time from the window.  This guy is good; he rips off Jackie’s t-shirt straight down the middle before she deep throats him.  Now they are fucking on a nightstand and it’s loud and raw and banging on the floor and against the wall.  Anna is still outside the window  looking sad.  Now it cuts back to today, and Anna is telling Jacki what she saw and how she felt.  Jacki asks her “Why did you come here.”  Seems like a good question considering their crazy relationship.  Anna’s answer? “I’m so tired, tired of everything.”  More explanation about the girls past and their feelings towards one another. This seems to have gotten through to Jacki and they are passionately kissing again.   Jacki goes down on Anna in a chair.

Scene 5

The girls are helping each other get dressed, putting on makeup and putting on rubber/latex dresses; Anna in red, Jacki in black.  They both look smoking hot and they go to a club.  Jacki tells Anna to wait 5 minutes then come find her, and then walks away after kissing 2 girls at a large door.  Anna heads into the club.  The music is loud, Anna walks through the dancers looking for Jacki, she finds a woman wearing a black latex cat suit and begins dancing with her.  She appears to have forgotten about Jacki as the girl leads her out of the club and down a hallway into a large room with only a woman giving a man a blowjob in the middle of it.  Anna is being fingered by the lady in black up against the wall.  She is covering her mouth holding in her pants and moans.  The man in the middle of the room cums in the girls face, while Anna’s mystery woman leads her into another room with only a man getting head in it.  The woman in black is fingering Anna from behind as she watches the woman in the middle of the room gag as she deep throats.    He cums in her mouth as she rubs his balls.  The lady in red leads Anna into another room with just a table.  She has Anna finger herself while she is choking at her and yelling at her to cum.  They then kiss passionately and she sends Anna back on her way into the long hallway to the club.  Anna finds a door and walks in and there are a bunch of people in masks watching someone else have sex.  Anna pushes her way to the front and it appears that it’s Jacki in a huge gangbang.  As Anna is watching, the guys in the crowd approach her and start fondling and kissing her neck.  She looks empty as she watches her friend in the gangbang, but is soon looking like she enjoying herself.  She jumps right into the gangbang with her friend.  If you are into gangbangs and voyeurism, this is the scene for you.  There is something really hot about the guys in the background just watching this all go down (pun intended).

The girls are back home wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, Anna wakes up and starts having flashbacks of what just happened in the last 24 hours. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  The sex is phenomenal and plentiful; the acting is surprisingly really great, and not just for porn.  Lily Carter did a fantastic job and I will look out for her more often because of how great this movie was.

Watch Wasteland Disc 1 Here

Watch the full sex scenes in Disc 2 Here

Crip Porn and “Krutch” by Kelly Shibari

It’s always interesting when a new niche is exposed in porn. As someone who’s been in a niche market for 90% of her porn scenes as a BBW, I’ve been acutely aware of how much labeling occurs in our industry – and have been party to people complaining about it. The fact is that porn is a commercially-created fantasy product, and as such, it kinda HAS to be full of labels, so that people can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Love is hard to find; porn, on the other hand, shouldn’t be.

At this year’s Feminist Porn Award weekend, we were introduced to another niche – that of the disabled. “Crip porn,” short for “cripple,” is an interesting one. Most other niches – BBW, hairy, midget, transgender, gay, straight, Asian, Latina, Black, etc – there’s never any question that any of these niches are sexual. In disabled peoples, however, there is this seeming assumption that disability prevents sexuality, horniness, perviness…that disabled people are asexual.

So when we’re presented with a short film such as “Krutch,” produced by Clark Matthews and starring Mia Gimp, we’re amazed, delighted, and completely turned on. Mia is sexy and a fabulous performer; the film completely captures your attention from beginning to end. I missed the screening at the CineKink Film Festival last year, and was thrilled to hear that it was part of Good For Her’s Public. Provocative. Porn screenings.

Film scholar Kevin Heffernan was gracious enough to offer to do a longer interview with Clark and Mia for me; you can see the shorter “6.9 Questions With…” on the HotMoviesForHer YouTube channel.

At the Feminist Porn Awards, there were already murmurings about “Krutch” being a ground-breaker. And when it won for “Sexiest Short,” the crowd at the Capitol Events Theatre erupted – it was so obvious that Mia and Clark’s film was something very, very special, and hopefully the beginning of more “crip porn” to come.

6.9 Questions with Julie Simone

Julie Simone interviewed by Kelly Shibari

While at the Feminine Porn Awards for, Kelly Shibari interviewed a few of our favorite stars and asked them 6.9 questions. Below is the first in the series, 6.9 questions with Julie Simone.

Keep an eye out for on Wednesday’s for the next 3 weeks for more 6.9 questions with porn stars by our very own Kelly Shibari!

May is National Masturbation Month

To celebrate Masturbation Month, Sssh and The Screaming O have teamed up to observe National Masturbation Month with a giveaway of Screaming O Bullet Vibes for the first 250 lucky new members who sign up during the month of May.



By Fiona Wilde.  

It’s National Masturbation Month, and depending on your viewpoint this is an idea that is either a stroke of genius or rubs you the wrong way.

I personally think it’s brilliant, because Costco sells batteries in bulk and some nights it feels just plain wrong to neglect the imaginary affair I’m having with Benedict Cumberbatch to fuck a real person.

Of course not everyone agrees with my positive view of being touchy-feely with one’s naughty bits. A month devoted to masturbation has caused much hand-wringing among conservative types, which is a damn shame because if they just moved those wringing hands between their legs they’d finally understand what all the fuss is about.

But that’s unlikely to happen, and maybe they are seriously concerned about where masturbation can lead. Blindness, madness, hairy palms, acne and reduced sperm count are among the things the religious types warn about. They don’t mention carpal tunnels syndrome, so I’m throwing that in there.

But it’s not even the physical risks that are the anti-wanking crowd finds most egregious. It’s the spiritual risks. According to one Christian website, the danger isn’t so much in the stroking and probing, but what’s behind it. Apparently, jacking off or petting your kitty is probably OK if you’re thinking about your spouse. It’s only a sin if you’re thinking about someone else.

Of course, this means I’m going to hell. But on the upside I’ll be able to get PeeWee Herman’s autograph. And I’ll be able to meet William Blakely, the Tennessee guy who was in the news last month for masturbating out of his car window while driving 90 mph. And the best part? Blakely was reported to have had his penis out the window while doing this. Now I don’t know how men are built in Tennessee, but I do know if a guy can get his dick out of a car window while keeping his foot on the gas that’s worth seeing, even if it means risking a high speed load to the face as he whizzes by.

If this behavior keeps up by men, here is one possible result shown in a French parody short film….

A few months back I wrote a column on Mormons, a group that’s pretty freaked out by masturbation no matter who you’re thinking about. One of their pamphlets recommends taking a Bible or Book of Mormon to bed and holding it really, really tight if you feel the urge to masturbate. Other handy tips included exercising and hanging around with other people in denial about their sexual frustrations.

Another tip I read today suggests thinking unsexy thoughts. So I’m going to try it – live – right now as I write. First I’m going to think of a guy I really want to fuck.

OK. And now I’m thinking unsexy thoughts.

Clowns, math, Ayn Rand, that time I broke my leg, snow peas, parallel parking, cankles, NASCAR…

Nope. Not working.

Apparently more extreme measures are required, and online I perfectly found awful pictures of chastity belts and penile devices that I will not share with you because, frankly, they’re just depressing.

Maybe I’ll just have a box of Graham crackers. It’s a little known fact that the inventor Sylvester Graham was of the opinion that a bland diet would curb lustful thoughts. And so he created a cracker made just for that purpose. But judging by the success of S’Mores and the popularity of fucking around campfires, he called that one all wrong.

Bottom line: Sex is healthy, whether it’s with yourself, yourself and your imaginary friend or yourself and someone else. Hell, throw in your imaginary friend and you can finally have that three-way you always wanted.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate I don’t know what is.

Happy Masturbation Month, everybody!

2013 Feminist Porn Awards Winners and Review by Kelly Shibari

Attending the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards (Finally!)

I’d never been to Toronto for Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards. I’ve been nominated several times, and even won an award for Honoured Website in 2011 for – which I had the lovely April Flores accept on my behalf. This year, I was lucky enough to get to go as a HotMoviesForHer representative, which came with a really nice (though slightly anxiety-causing) set of perks!

2013 Feminist Porn Awards

The Capitol Event Theatre is an absolutely beautiful location, complete with great architecture throughout reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century theatre. The balcony upstairs was reserved for VIP guests of the Awards, and I think they definitely had a premium view of all of the festivities – from the semi-formally dressed nominees to the antics of the frisky, sexy, show attendees, it was a beautiful, dreamlike space full of revelers of all kinds.

This was the eighth year that the Awards had taken place, and in line with current trends, they named this year’s Awards show “50 Shades of Porn,” which also described the eclectic crowd and the varied topics covered in the nominated films.

The crowd at the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards

Hosts Lex Vaughn (of Queer as Folk and Short Bus fame) and Ryan G Hinds (of Hedwig fame, amongst many other credits) were brilliant and hilarious in their turns both on and off the stage – with Vaughn mostly on stage and Ryan hopping on and off stage to do random interviews with nominees and show-goers alike to the delight of the audience. Live performances gave the viewers a reprive from the Awards show, the highlight of which was a beautiful yet raunchy burlesque number to the tune of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” by the lovely Coco La Crème (who is also Artistic Director for the Awards).

It was a delight to see films that I had seen the night before at the Public. Provocative. Porn screening, including Because I Want You to Watch and Biodildo. The biggest cheers from the crowd came, though, when Krutch won for Sexiest Short – and most deservedly so. It wasn’t just the sexiest “crip porn” I had ever seen, but probably one of the sexiest short films I’d seen this year, I was definitely one of the loudest of those who cheered for Mia Gimp and Clark Matthews (an interview with them is forthcoming!). 2013 FPA Banner

As a rep for HotMoviesForHer, my main obligation was to present the Movie of the Year. As much as I like performing, doing interviews and running seminars and workshops, I always seem to get super nervous when it comes to speaking on a stage to a large group of people. Luckily, my presentation speech was written up for me, and though my hands were shaking, I was able to present the award at the very end of the evening.

The party went well into the night after the Awards was over – staff and volunteers cleared the lower seating area to make room for dancing…but many of us had to be up early the next morning for the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto, and had to duck out right after the Awards.

The winners of the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards are as follows:

2013 Feminist Porn Award Winners

Sexiest Short

  • Biodildo,
Christian Slaughter

Sexiest Short

  • Krutch,
Clark Matthews

Steamiest Straight Movie

Sexiest Star Feature

Most Sensual Softcore Movie

  • The Pleasure Professionals,
Justine Mii

Smutty Schoolteacher Award for Sex Education

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

  • Because I Want You To Watch, The Madame

Hottest Dyke Film

2013 Trailblazer

  • Nan Kinney

2013 Indie Porn Icon

Most Tantalizing Trans Film

Hottest Kink Movie

Hottest Vignette

  • A Taste of Joy,
Petra Joy

Steamiest Romantic Movie

Heartthrob Of The Year

Heartthrob Of The Year

Movie Of The Year

  • Infidelité/ Infidelity

2013 Honoured Websites


2013 Honourable Mentions

  • Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex,
Ms. Naughty
  • Amber,
Gala Vanting, Frank Ly
  • Consent: Society,
Lynsey G
Crystal Delights FPA
Feminist Porn Awards 2013 Crystal Delights Trophy