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Sex & Confidence – A Steamy Movie Review

2016-04-21_16-55-15Digital Playground is known for putting out some of the best movies in the XXX biz, and their newest, Sex & Confidence, is sure to please. Sex & Confidence is a HMFH VOD-exclusive packed with strong women that love to take the reins and get what they want. It’s destined to become one of their all time best! Whether they’re looking to hook up at the gym, taking therapy to a whole new level, or helping a friend with his little problem, these ladies are proving that confidence is sexy! And with stars like Alexis Adams, Peta Jensen, Aidra Fox, Darcie Dolce, Audrey Bitoni, Miss Eva Lovia, and Abigail Mac, you know you’re in for one hell of a steamy show! So let’s not waste another moment with introductions and get right down to the nitty-gritty!

Scene One: Alexis Adams & Karlo Karrera


John Strong, Mr. Pete, and Karlo Karrera are at the gym beefing up when Peta Jensen and Alexis Adams make an appearance. One is there to work out, but the other one… well, she’s there to have some fun! Alexis Adams flirts with them all, trying her best to tempt them to leave their weights behind and follow her taut behind to the next room and fuck her! Strong and Pete seem shy when the indomitable, sexually brazen Adams gets handsy. But rather than being scared away, Karrera can’t help but to take a taste! Adams may be a sexually confident woman, but when they get down to business, it’s Karrera who takes charge and face fucks Adams before diving into her wanton pussy. Bent over and gripping the ropes of the boxing ring, Adams groans in ecstasy as Karrera slides his cock into her waiting hole. She is finally getting the exact type of workout she came to the gym to get! Karrera switches up the positions – missionary, doggy style – slamming into her hot hole like a jack hammer. Adams rides him cowgirl style for a bit, taking him deep inside and juicing his cock with her powerful pussy! Finally, when he can’t wait another moment, Karerra unleashes his torrent of hot jizz onto Adams’ heaving tits.


Scene Two: Peta Jensen & Mr. Pete


Meanwhile, Peta Jensen has caught the booty bug from her gym buddy, Alexis Adams, and is ready to have some fun! Mr. Pete and Jensen just had a nice dinner and she wants dessert.  Pete’s suggestion is that they get to know one another, maybe partake in some Netflix and chill. But Jensen prefers to get to know him by pulling his dick out of his pants! She’s a powerful, pushy woman that knows precisely what she wants, and she’s about to take it from the shy, big dicked Mr. Pete! It doesn’t take long for him to get into the groove of things – and by groove I mean Jensen’s sweet little pussy! He dives in, licking and tasting her before taking control and fucking her pretty mouth. When he finally gets inside this tattooed temptress it’s from behind, her cute ass stuck up in the air and her dirty mouth demanding that he fuck her hard! They spend most of their time with Jensen on top, taking back control and riding Pete for all he’s worth! She finally gets her sweet reward – a face covered in hot, creamy cum, courtesy of the generous Mr. Pete.


Scene Three: Aidra Fox & Darcie Dolce


Aidra Fox wants to be fucked like a porn star. She shares this secret with her sexy friend, Darcie Dolce, and it’s no surprise what happens next. Dolce can’t help but give her friend precisely what she wants, so she leans forward and catches Fox off guard with a quick kiss on the lips. Fox responds eagerly, rising to her knees to engage in a long, passionate kissing session with Dolce. Fox lays back and the dark haired Dolce explores Fox’s pretty pink pussy with her tongue. They move on to toys, including a black one that is much too large for Fox, followed by a pink glass heart that brings Fox to a screaming orgasm! Fox returns the pleasure, admitting that she’s always wanted to use a dildo to fuck a woman. This scene is crazy hot. I mean, seriously, Dolce has some mad pussy eating skills and watching Fox squirm her way through two very real orgasms was amazing. The scene came to a disappointing end for me when instead of more making out, they finish up with some dildo titty fucking. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who will love that ending, I’m just not one of them. But hey, all you titty fucking fans are in for a real treat!


Scene Four: Audrey Bitoni & John Strong


John Strong is out of the gym (let’s not forget how shy poor Strong acted when Alexis Adams flirted with him at the gym in scene one) and in the therapist’s office. They don’t state the problem outright, but therapist Audrey Bitoni makes it pretty clear the type of therapy she offers. She’s on Strong’s lap with her tits in his face in less than two minutes! Not long after she’s letting him eat her out on her desk. She’s a very hands-on therapist! Bitoni’s methods seem to be working, so she drops to her knees to continue her hard work. Once she’s sure Strong is ready, Bitoni offers the most intensive therapy method available – her sexy ass in the air and her wet pussy ready to be fucked by her needy patient! Strong wastes no time grabbing her hips and driving his cock deep inside her! This final stage consists of doggy style and cowgirl, the latter of which allows the creative therapist to control the speed in which their therapy session comes to an end! Bitoni’s hard work pays off and she gets a hot facial for her efforts!


Scene Five: Aidra Fox & Tommy Pistol


I’m not sure why Tommy Pistol is being shown around the house by adorable, half dressed Aidra Fox, but to be quite honest, I don’t really care. Fox is too cute for words with those dimples and tits. Tattooed, bearded, and pretty damn adorable himself, Pistol can’t resist her sexual prowess, even though he feels nervous about fucking in her dad’s room! Despite being scared of getting caught, Pistol spends plenty of time using his tongue to pleasure the lovely Fox. He licks from back to front, dipping his tongue into her tight ass and then moving up and lapping at her pussy eagerly. This scene is so hot – Pistol barely able to wait, ripping his pants off and slamming his cock into Fox while he spoons her – it’s definitely one of my faves! Trying to keep her quiet so they can hear if her dad comes home early, Pistol keeps Fox’s mouth covered through missionary and cowgirl positions as she is nearly brought to tears with several orgasms! Fox begs Pistol to make her his dirty little porn star and cover her face with his load; he finally gets his release and gives her exactly what she desires.


Scene Six: Abigail Mac, Miss Eva Lovia & Kieran Lee


Keiran Lee has a little problem. It seems as though he’s a one pump chump. A minute man. A dude who only gives the quickie dicky, if you will. But never fear, Abigail Mac and Miss Eva Lovia are here! These sexy, confident women are going to tag-team this sad English man and help him rise to the occasion and stick it out! They begin with a slow, deliberate blowjob, each taking turns putting his tool in their mouths. But Lee doesn’t want to go too quickly, so he takes time to lick and taste Miss Eva’s pussy before burying his cock in it! He takes turns fucking each one in various positions, seemingly having gotten over his little problem! While one is being fucked, the other gets busy sucking bouncing tits or playing with tender clits. When Lee finally cums, he deposits his load inside the well fucked Miss Eva, and Mac is right there to lick it up as it drips out!


Now that you’ve read all about the action in Sex & Confidence, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll want to see it. There just no substitute for watching the action yourself! Check it out; you won’t find it anywhere else.

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