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With a background in political science, Janie worked on several high-profile national campaigns before focusing on the non-profit, finance, and entertainment sectors.  She has spent the last year working within the adult industry, where she has specialized in public relations, publicity, business development, promotions, and global VOD distribution. You can follow her writings across the family of sites, including the HotMovies Spotlight, HotMoviesForHer, and GayHotMovies.

Straight Women, Gay Porn, and the Fight for Equality

CockyBoys One Erection promo imageIn the last several weeks, a number of mainstream outlets, including the ever popular Cosmopolitan magazine, have published articles delving into the latest trend of Millenial women (ages 20-35) and their penchant for skipping right past traditional straight pornography in exchange for the guy-on-guy gay titles. In an article penned by columnist Cheryl Wischhover entitled, “Call Us One Erection: Why Straight Twentysomething Women Are Obsessed With These Gay Porn Stars,” Wischhover dissects why straight women in their 20s and 30s have suddenly become not just dedicated fans of gay celebrities but, “obscene, screaming fans” for gay porn stars and the films in which they star.

CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson
CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson

The article takes a look at the female fans specifically of gay mega studio, CockyBoys, and how these fan girls came to regularly “message the guys on social media, create elaborate fan art in their honor, and breathlessly mob them at public events.” According to the studio’s estimations, this demographic now accounts for 30% of their membership subscribers and at least “80% of the fans that attend CockyBoys’ meet-and-greets,” such as the studio’s annual CockyCon.

Other adult sites have noticed this growing trend as well.  According to the annual Insights report from the “Porn Site That Shall Not Be Named,” 18 – 24-year-old women are 24% more likely to watch gay porn than any other age group or demographic.  Gay male porn is the second most viewed category by women on the site, and women of all ages account for 37% of all gay porn watched on the site overall.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when most straight porn is tailored for and marketed to men with what the Cosmo author refers to as “disembodied jack hammering and fake seeming female orgasms.” Another recent study , consisting of 500 female respondents, revealed that most felt while watching straight porn, they “can’t be sure the woman is actually having an orgasm.”

Cockyboys Performer Tayte Hanson
CockyBoys Performer Tayte Hanson

Dr. Lucy Neville, a senior lecturer at Middlesex University London, conducted the survey and explains, “women definitely have a preference for gay porn when the men look like they are into each other, where they are smiling, laughing, and taunting each other.”

Many female porn consumers have expressed this desire for authenticity, while others have shared that while viewing straight porn, which often focuses on the female performer’s body, they are constantly comparing themselves to the star, which can become distracting and take away from their enjoyment. With guy-on-guy scenes, they’re able to focus on the sensuality, the passion, and most importantly to them – the multitude of cocks on screen. One fan quoted in the article explained further, “I am attracted to males, so seeing two of them get it on together is like:  BOOM, twice as sexy!”

In a separate article published by the left-leaning political site AlterNet, the author quotes an interview the same Dr. Neville gave to PsyPost, in which she expounds further on the feedback she received in her research.  “A lot of women’s disdain with straight porn is their perceptions that it undermines female pleasure, is catered to a male perspective, and even that it focuses on the female body in an almost exploitative manner while featuring ‘ugly’ men: ‘The way [women] perceived women as being treated and exploited in heterosexual porn, the invisibility of female pleasure, the fact that identifying with the female actress made them less able to enjoy the eroticism of looking, and the fact that most heterosexual porn invited them to view the sex acts occurring from a ‘male’ perspective – noting the way that the camera tended to linger on female anatomy and that men in heterosexual porn were ‘ugly and out of focus at best, and just a disembodied cock at worst.’”

A separate CockyBoys fan quoted in Cosmo agreed with Neville’s sentiment.  The reason she attends the CockyBoys events and follows the stars is because they “provide a fantasy with no pressure.  I know they’re gay, which makes them easier to talk to.”

Cockyboys performer Levi Karter
Cockyboys performer Levi Karter

An additional element that may drive women to turn to gay porn and attend industry events may be the “familial” feeling, and sense of community they feel, as well as the excitement of the behind-the-scenes drama of stars feuding, and the interest in the star’s private lives as they speculate over who’s-dating-who. And according to Dr. Neville, this is a good thing! “This sense of community that’s been created has been incredibly liberating in terms of making [fans] feel they’re not alone and they’re not a pervert and that [preferring gay porn is] actually quite common and natural.”

In a society where pornography, homosexuality, and women expressing their own personal sexuality are discouraged, considered to be “unnatural,” and looked down upon, this convergence of the three may  actually prove beneficial to our culture and could “take us one step closer to leaving society’s heteronormative culture in the dust, even if only within the realm of adult entertainment.” As both women and the LGBTQ community continue in their battle for equality across the globe, isn’t it kind of nice to think that watching a bunch of sexy-ass men going at it might just be assisting in achieving that hard sought-after goal? I know you can certainly count this writer in!

Writers Roundup: Creepy Creeper Edition

Face it.  If you’re a woman, you have at some point been the target of a creeper. Someone that makes inappropriate comments on the street, or someone that stalks your social media pages, or someone that simply can’t take “no” for an answer when you aren’t interested.  It’s a part of life that women have to deal with on a regular basis, and sometimes, well…their antics can just be downright hilarious.  Here are some of the worst stories the women here at HotMoviesforHer have had to deal with in their daily life!

Judy Hologram

After exchanging all of two sentences with my neighbor, I suddenly got this Facebook message:


Weird, right? Keep your hot dogs away from me, bro.

But oh no, it doesn’t end there. One snowy, miserably cold night, my BFF and I had to pull this dude’s tiny, soaking wet girlfriend out of our courtyard and into our house after he assaulted her and threw her car keys over the fence. While we waited for cops to come, she told me that she knew who I was, and that dude had told her that we were really good friends and that he had spent hours telling me all about their relationship. Luckily, the girlfriend knew that dude was full of shit. It was for sure some creepy nonsense and I’m happy to report that I never saw that fucko ever again.

Dee Viant

When I was 18, I was still pretty shy when it came to dating, and hadn’t had but one boyfriend by my senior year of high school. I used to work at a Hot Topic before they were as common as they are now, so we’d get a lot of striving-for-eccentric teenagers from about a 60 miles radius from the mall. One day, this chick about my age in tons of black eyeliner and cat ears comes in, and she was really working hard to get me to be her friend/girlfriend/pet goth in under 5 minutes. She talked about how her parents let her have their McMansion to herself all the time, and how she got to work on a lot of legitimate art projects with old, more established artists. (You know, creepy old guys who always buddy up with “artsy” teenagers.) I mentioned I wanted to go to college for photography, and she got super excited about taking me to an abandoned hospital 2 hours away to shoot photos. In the course of ten minutes, she went from seeming kind of cool to utterly creepy, and there was no way I was going to a decrepit hospital with her. I’ve met a lot of creepy guys, but none of them have offered to take me anywhere as romantic as a neglected hospital full of rusty tools and motherfucking ghosts.

Also, if Girlsway wanted to make a movie based on this, along the lines of the Bree Mills creepers like The Turning and Project Pandora, I’d totally watch it.


One of my coworkers at this shitty summer job I had used to always ask me weird questions like what my favorite color was, what my favorite movie was… It always kind of felt more like an interview than a conversation with him. He was also very into the Bible and being homeschooled so he was pretty socially awkward all around. I can forgive all of that, but what pissed me off was that he felt like it was his obligation to periodically remind me that I was living in sin. After working with him a few shifts, I became very annoyed with this guy’s pushy morality and my behavior probably started to reflect that. Soon I was receiving Myspace messages from different accounts he had trying to get my attention, so I began blocking him on every form of social media I had. Finally, one day I came to work and another coworker told me that this homeschooled guy was just kinda reciting all of my favorite stuff (color, movie, etc) to everyone in the break room at work for no fucking reason. I was truly disturbed at this point and decided to steer clear of this guy at all costs. After flat out ignoring him for a while, I got an AIM message out of the blue from him letting me know that he’d “seen me at the park earlier that day.” He didn’t live anywhere near this park, nor did I see anyone else there when I’d been walking through. That was one of the last times I heard from him because I found a new job not long after, but I still worry occasionally that this homeschooled guy is going to pop up out of nowhere to remind me that I’m going to hell, or that my favorite color used to be turquoise.

The Authentic Lesbian

So just this past weekend I’m taking a late night trip to Walmart (in Aberdeen, Maryland) because my life is boring and this is where most of my entertainment comes from. Usually I don’t get approached. Either people can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl, or I look “intimidating” because I’m a black butch with locks (really long locks), but on this day, a petite army brat decided to try her luck. I was in the frozen food section and she walked up to me and asked for my phone number. This never happens to me, but my Rolodex is a little full at the moment and since I don’t live in Maryland anymore I gave her the “thank you but maybe next lifetime” speech. She seemed a little bummed but walked away, so I thought nothing else of it. Then I see her in the entertainment section of the store. A little weird, but I’m not full of myself…maybe she wants a PS4 too. Then I see her in sporting goods while I’m checking out fishing rods. Now I’m getting creeped out. I walk over to the jewelry counter and sure enough she follows me. This time we make eye contact and she winks at me. I immediately speed walk to my car, sit in the driver’s seat, pull out my phone to let my sister know I just ran from a stalker, look up and there the fuck she is, 4 cars down just standing there. My sister got left that night.


I went out with a guy I knew from work, and from music shows. We had a great time together and I thought that maybe there was a possibility of getting closer to each other. He seemed really nice and we had a ton of similar interests. We had a few drinks and I spent the night at his house so that I wouldn’t have to drive. We didn’t have sex, just snuggled and passed out. The next morning he was really warm and said he would call me later, then I left for work.

Later that evening I get a picture of him standing next to a picture of David Hasselhoff (not too bad), then right after that first text I get a picture of his dick illuminated by a black light (not at that point with him yet), then I get a text that reads “Let me see dem big titties, yo.” At first I thought someone had stolen his phone because this seemed so out of character, and I didn’t have time to respond right then anyways.  An hour later he texts back asking if I received his texts and says, “What’s up with my titty shot?” I asked if he was serious and he said “I showed you mine, show me yours.”

What the hell, man. Dick pics aren’t cool unless they are asked for. Demanding nude selfies is lame AF. Sometimes the creepster is a dude you thought was way cooler than he turns out to be.


I’m one of those stereotypical working single mothers that doesn’t have time go out and meet new people a lot, so I’ve become reliant on the wonderful world of online dating.  I’ve met some great people in my time online, but the number of creepers I’ve come across have far outweighed the good.

For example, there has been one guy that lives in the next town over and has been cyber-stalking me for more than a year.  Every single day the guy checks out my dating profile.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He messages me at least twice a month, after I have repeatedly told him that I am not interested. I don’t know how to discourage him and get the point across, but seeing him pop up in my feed on a daily basis just creeps me out to no end!

For more, be sure to check out the new site, which features stories just like these and so much more!

Angie Rowntree Shares Tips to a Successful Relationship for Couples Appreciation Month

Angie and Colin RowntreeApril is National Couples Appreciation month, which was “founded by Blissful Escapes ‘to encourage couples to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate their relationship.’” Rather than spending money on fleeting items like cards or flowers, the spirit of National Couples Month proffers that it’s really the little things that can show your loved one exactly how much you care. By telling them you love them for no reason at all, cooking “them dinner just because it’s Wednesday,” or giving them a passionate kiss out of the blue, couples can reconnect and revitalize their relationship without the need for expensive and unnecessary grand gestures.

In honor of National Couples Month, HotMoviesForHer reached out to Angie Rowntree, sex-positive pornographer, founder of, the oldest porn site ever created specifically for women, and one-half of Angie and Colin Rowntree, one of the most celebrated and successful couples in the adult industry.Angie Rowntree filming

Together since the early 1990s, and married 22 years, these industry powerhouses who not only make their marriage work, but have also mastered the rare ability of cohesively working together as well. In an industry where marriages are often fleeting, these two have provided a shining image for how to make a marriage work, no matter what the world around them might throw their way.

We asked Angie to give us some insight into how they keep their romance alive as they navigate the porn industry as a couple and a team.  Here’s what she shared with us!

“Our marriage is strong for the same reasons a lot of lasting marriages are strong; there’s a high degree of shared interests, mutual respect and profound trust and most importantly COMMUNICATION. We’re very comfortable with each other, which enables us to be very open, very frank, even when we disagree – which happens plenty, believe me.

I believe the fact we both work in the adult industry helps a lot. It means we have a shared understanding, and we don’t have to wonder or guess at what each other’s professional lives are like, because we already know. While there are huge differences between the content each of us produces, Colin and I appreciate each other’s perspective and method.

More important than any of the above is love, of course. I still get a huge smile on my face every time I think about when we first met, when I was immediately charmed by Colin and there was this instant connection. All these years later, I still feel that connection every day. I’m not sure I can explain it, exactly – and I’m not sure I’d want to. A little mystery can go a long way in sustaining passion, after all.”

Now that gives all of us here at HotMoviesForHer some serious #RelationshipGoals!

To learn more about Angie and the empowering work she does on a daily basis, visit or check out some of her husband’s incredible films (Wasteland) here on!


What a MILF Wants

For several years now, one of the top searched-for porn categories by males has been the term “MILF” (AKA “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”). In fact, in 2014, MILF came in 2nd place for most searched porn terms by men, with “Mom” and “Stepmom” coming in at 3rd and 4th place, respectively. To top it off, the #1 porn star men searched for in that same period just so happens to be the beautiful, 43-year old MILF, Lisa Ann.images It’s become clear that men, both young and old, are excited by these hot 30-45 year old women – the moms they pass by every day on the street. They’re the moms they see with their kids at the grocery store, neighborhood playground, or PTA meetings. The moms they work with at the office – from the receptionist to the CEO. The regular, average women they interact with in their daily life.

Which explains one theory behind why men harbor these fantasies: the MILF-types seem attainable and approachable. They resemble women they already know – friends, friends’ wives, ex-girlfriends, etc. A regular woman who may have a chance with when they buy her a beer at the local bar. While it may not be as simple to land one of these MILFs in real life as it is in a porn, it would certainly help fulfill that hot MILF fantasy to have a better understanding of the MILF, her wants, and who exactly the modern day MILF really is.

a-milf-and-a-bitch-with-a-babyBy definition, *I* am a MILF. I’m a 34 year-old single mother of one who leads a regular, normal life with a regular, normal routine. Drop the kids off in the morning, grab the morning coffee, make that tedious commute, get to the office to clock-in on time only to sit through one seemingly endless meeting after another, before turning around and doing the entire morning commute again in reverse! Except this time you have to fight the gnarling traffic just to get home to cook dinner, help with homework, and do bath, story, and bed-time. Only to get up and do it all over again the next day! We rarely have time to stop and think for a moment, let alone fantasize about the next guy we want to meet, the last time we got laid, or find even a single moment away from the kids to have the opportunity to watch porn.

But trust me – we MILFs do want to get laid as badly as you MILF hunters out there. We DO wish we had the time (or energy) to seduce the 22-year old intern, as we watch him bending over to replace the copy paper in the office printer. We wish to GOD we had 5 minutes alone, away from the kids, to sit down with our “mommy toys,” and watch our favorite porn scenes without the volume turned off, and our free hand on the remote’s power button just in case little Billy should come out for another glass of water.

Yes, it’s true. We MILFs enjoy porn just as much as all of you men out there. The modern day MILF is of a generation that is way more in tune with their sexuality, and don’t feel the same distaste for porn as our mothers and grandmothers did.

So why do men still watch porn at such a higher ratio compared to women? While part of the reason is that we just don’t have the time, Angie Rowntree, founder of, offers a different take:

“If the vast majority of porn on the market is made by and for men—and it is—is it any wonder that a relatively small portion of women wants to watch it? To me, that number just speaks to the opportunity on the market for porn made with a female viewership in mind. It’s just a function of the numbers and what has been available on the market, historically speaking.”

Adult director Jacky St. James, noted for “having her finger on the pulse of women,” went even further during a recent Mindbrowse panel session, noting that while the industry has been trending towards creating porn “for women, by women,” there are still hurdles to getting it right. According to St. James, the film could have a female audience in mind, with a female director, but would still need to meet certain guidelines that address what men want to see in order to get a distribution deal for the film. Essentially, even “porn for women” is still just porn for men!

So what is it women want to see in their porn? The “Website That Shall Not Be Named” recently released a report on the top 2014 searches broken down by gender. According to the report, when it comes to ladies liking their porn, they most wanted to see:

  1. Lesbian
  2. Gay (male)
  3. Teen
  4. “For Women”
  5. Ebony
  6. MILF
  7. Squirting
  8. Anal
  9. Mature
  10. Big Dick
  11. Threesomes
  12. Big Tits
  13. Gang Bangs
  14. Rough Sex
  15. Hentai, and;
  16. Bondage

deenAnd when it came to who they wanted to see in their porn, female performers received more searches overall, but the top male performers were James Deen, Xander Corvus, and Danny Mountain. No surprises there!

What did come as a surprise though, was that when male vs. female search terms were compared, they found “eating pussy” was searched for 900% more often by women than men.

So what does all of this tell us about what it is a MILF wants? Grab your notebooks boys, because here is the key to landing that MILF next door.

All a MILF wants is this: someone to lend us a hand in getting dinner made and the kids off to bed at night, then getting on their knees to eat us out before fucking us roughly like they were James Deen (doesn’t hurt if they look like him either), as we watch lesbian porn together (the good lesbian porn, not the sweet romantic kind either)!

Really…is that too much to ask?

A Timeline of the Gay Rights Equality Movement in America


The month of June has been designated as Gay Pride Month, and across the globe, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender men and women, as well as their cis-identifying straight supporters, take to the streets in a show of celebration (and pride) for just how far the equality rights movement has come.  This week in particular commemorates Pride Week and HotMoviesforHer is taking a look at the impetus behind the social revolution that has led to the current, crucial moment in our nation’s history.

Below is a timeline detailing the fight for LGBT equality here in the United States from its inception to now!

1779: Founding father Thomas Jefferson proposes a law that would require castration for gay men and mutilation of the nose cartilage for lesbians.  At the time, death was the most common penalty.

1924: The first gay rights organization, The Society for Human Rights, is founded in Chicago by Henry Gerber.

1947-1950: 1,700 federal job applications were denied, 4,380 were discharged from the military, and 420 were fired from their government jobs on the basis they were suspected homosexuals.

1948:  Alfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which concluded that homosexual activity is not limited to those who classify themselves as homosexual.

1950:  Homosexuals are included on the list of those deemed “Un-American,” by the State Department, based on the theory they would be “susceptible to blackmail,” and that “those who engage in perversion lack the emotional stability of a normal persons.’”

1950: The Mattachine Society is established in Los Angeles. Mattachine was one of the first two organizations in the United States to focus on the cause of homosexuality and provide social opportunities for the homosexual community.

1950: The Daughters of Bilitis, similar to the Mattachine Society, is established in San Francisco with the aim of providing similar services to the lesbian community.

1950s–1960s: The FBI and local police departments maintained files on known homosexuals, along with favored establishments and associates.  The US Postal Service kept records of addresses to where any materials that involved homosexuality were mailed. Universities expelled gay professors.  State and local governments closed gay bars, performed sweeps of the neighborhoods, and outlawed the wearing of opposite gender clothes.

1952: The American Psychiatric Association lists homosexuality as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

1953: President Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10450, which banned homosexuals from federal government positions, including contractors. Homosexuality is listed as a security risk, next to alcoholism.

1953: In August, the US Postal Service refuses to deliver ONE Magazine, which focused on homosexuals in heterosexual marriages.

1956: Psychologist Evenly Hooker releases her paper, “The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual,” which concludes based on various tests, that there is no significant difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

1958: The Supreme Court rules that ONE, Inc. could mail its magazine through the US Postal Service.

220px-Wiki02CinoFront19651958: Caffe Cino opens in New York. The café will later be credited as starting the off-broadway theater movement and hosting the first gay plays, The Madness of Lady Bright and The Haunted Host, in 1964.

1962: Illinois becomes the first state to legalize homosexuality after repealing its sodomy laws.

1965: Frank Kamney, founder of the Mattachine Washington, DC chapter, organizes a picket at the White House to protest employment discrimination after being fired from the US Army Map Service due to his orientation.

1965: The first “Annual Reminders,” protests that were the precursor of Pride marches, begin being held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.220px-Barbara_Gittings_1965

1966: The Mattachine Society states a “sip-in,” at Greenwich Village’s Julius Bar.  The New York Liquor Authority had deemed homosexuals as “disorderly,” and prohibited them being served alcohol.  This sit-in was the impetus for future legislation that eventually led the New York City Commission on Human Rights to declare homosexuals have the right to be served.

1966: The Compton’s Cafeteria riots break out in San Francisco after police arrive to arrest all males inside that were dressed as women. This also sparked the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.

1966: The National Transsexual Counseling Unit, the first transgender organization in the US, is established in San Francisco.

1966:  The Student Homophile League, the oldest collegiate student union for homosexuals, in founded at Columbia University in New York.

stonewallii1969–June 28th: The Stonewall Riots, the first documented case of LGBT rioting, occurs in New York City after a police raid on The Stonewall Inn, a local gay bar on Christopher Street in the Village. This event is known as being the catalyst of the gay rights movement.

1973: Homosexuality is removed from the DSM as a mental disorder.

1974: After being elected to the Ann Arbor, MI City Council, Kathy Kozachenko becomes the first openly gay American elected to office.

harvey-milk1977: Harvey Milk, one of the most famous gay rights activists known for introducing legislation protecting gays and lesbians from being fired from their jobs, is elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

1978:  Harvey Milk is assassinated by former city supervisor Dan White.

1979: Harvey Milk assassin Dan White is convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Because of the leniency of the sentence, 5,000 protesters ransack San Francisco’s City Hall causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  The next night, 10,000 further protestors gather on Castro and Market Streets for a peaceful demonstration and to commemorate what would have been Milk’s 49th birthday.

1979: In a bid for equal rights and civil rights legislation, 75,000 protestors march on Washington in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

1980: At the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party becomes the first political party to embrace a homosexual rights platform after stating it will not discriminate against homosexuals. According to the platform, “All groups must be protected from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, language, age, sex, or sexual orientation.”

download1981: The New York Times prints the first story documenting 41 cases of a rare pneumonia and skin cancer that has been found in gay men in both New York and California, referring to it as GRID, short for Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disorder (so named by the Center for Disease Control, aka CDC).  It is not until the same symptoms are found outside of the gay community that biologist Bruce Voeller successfully lobbies to have the name changed to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

1982:  The state of Wisconsin becomes the first to make discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal.

1984: Berkley, CA, becomes the first city to offer domestic-partnership benefits to its employees.

1987: ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), the first AIDS advocacy group, is formed in New York. ACT UP organizes demonstrations against drug companies that are profiteering from AIDS related medications.

1987: Hundreds of thousands of protesters convene on Washington to demand then President Reagan address the rampant AIDS crisis.

1988: Understanding AIDS, an AIDS awareness brochure is mailed to every household (107 million brochures) in the United States by the CDC.

1988: The first World AIDS Day is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ryan_White1990: After the passing of Ryan White (an Indiana teenager barred from attending middle school after an AIDS diagnosis attributed to a tainted hemophilia treatment), President George H.W. Bush signs the Ryan White Care Act, a federally funded program for Americans living with AIDS.

1991: The red ribbon is adopted as the symbol for AIDS awareness.

1993: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the US military policy that forbids homosexuals from serving openly, is implemented by President Bill Clinton.

1996: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules that Colorado’s 2nd Amendment, which denied gays and lesbians protections from discrimination, is unconstitutional (Romer v Evans).

1996: The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is signed into law by President Bill Clinton. DOMA defines legal marriage between one man and one woman, and that no sate is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

1998: Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King, states the civil rights community should embrace the struggle against homophobia.

2000: Vermont becomes the first state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

2003: SCOTUS determines sodomy laws in the US are unconstitutional (Lawrence v. Texas).

2004: The state of Massachusetts becomes the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

2004–2010: New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey (civil unions), Iowa, and Washington, DC, follow Massachusetts’ lead and legalize same-sex marriage.

2007: The US House of Representatives approves a bill granting equal rights to gays and lesbians in the workplace.

2008: Proposition 8 is approved by California voters, making same-sex marriage illegal in that state, which inspires the NOH8 campaign promoting marriage equality.

2008: California, Arizona, and Florida approve a ban on same-sex marriage, while Arkansas passes a measure forbidding gays and lesbians from adopting.

2009: The Matthew Shepard Act is passed, which expands federal hate crime legislation to protect victims who are targeted based upon their perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

2009: President Obama signs a memorandum giving same-sex partners of federal employees the right to receive certain benefits (health care not included).

2009: Harvey Milk is posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barrack Obama.

2010: A San Francisco judge rules Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

2010: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” is repealed, allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

2011: President Barrack Obama announces his administration will no longer defend DOMA.

2011: New York legalizes same-sex marriage.

Leaving_courthouse_on_first_day_of_gay_marriage_in_Washington2012: Washington state and Maryland legalize same-sex marriage.

2012: President Barrack Obama endorses same-sex marriage. “It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

2012: Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly gay person elected to the US Senate.

2012: Minnesota voters reject a proposition to ban same-sex marriage in their state.

2013: The Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins comes out as the first openly-gay player in the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB.

2013: Same-sex marriage goes into effect in Delaware.

2013: DOMA is ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

2013: Illinois begins to recognize same-sex marriages.

2013: Hawaii begins to recognize same-sex marriages. “This is  nothing more than the expansion of aloha in Hawaii,” according to State Senator J. Kalani English.

2014: Same-sex marriage is legalized in Oregon.

2014: The same-sex marriage ban is struck down in Pennsylvania.

2014: The SCOTUS denies to hear requests attempting to block same-sex marriage in Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Virginia announces civil unions the same day. Kansas and South Carolina follow suit one month later.

2014: A federal judge rules Montana’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

2015: Jazzie’s Place, the first shelter for LGBT adults, opens in San Francisco.

2015: Large, international corporations such as Target, Dove, and Cheerios begin incorporating gay families in their advertising.

2015: An Indiana law that gave businesses the right to discriminate against members of the LGBT community in their state is scuttled after major corporations like Wal-Mart and Salesforce threaten to stop doing business in the state.

2015: Laverne Cox becomes the first transgender woman to be featured on the cover of Time magazine.

2015: Famous athlete and personality Bruce Jenner comes out to the world as transgender and begins living publicly as Caitlyn Jenner.

2015: The state of NJ hits a milestone with over 5,000 same-sex marriages performed.

June 26, 2015:  Gay Marriage is ruled legal in all 50 states by the US Supreme Court.




Announcing the Masturbation Month Twitter Contest: #MayIGetOff

Hey there lady porn fans!  Did you know May is National Masturbation Month? For the next 31 days it’s time to celebrate and embrace that much needed bean flicking time with as much undressing, pressing, finessing, and caressing as possible!

There’s nothing we love more at than getting off-outside of getting you off, that is! So in honor of the 20th Anniversary of National Masturbation Month, we’re going to do everything we can to lend you a much deserved “helping hand” to get you alone, prone and ready to moan and groan while you play with that erogenous zone!

Beginning Monday, May 4th, 2015, will be launching the #MayIGetOff Masturbation Month Contest, where one lucky winner will win a well hung gift package with everything you could possibly need to take care of YOUR package.

cropped-Magic-Wand-OriginalThe winner will receive the Get Your Box Off Package, which includes: one (1) Hitachi Magic Wand, one (1) bottle of toy cleaner, one (1) package of condoms, one (1) bottle of lube, (1) T-shirt, and 90 free minutes to spend on your favorite porn stars, scenes, or feature films at!  Everything you could need to make that special date with your favorite two fingers a bang-up, good time!

So, if you enjoy masturbating as much as we do, start “double clicking that mouse” now, and get ready for some fake fuckin’ fun all month long!

Here’s How to Enter:

Each Monday in May, HotMoviesforHer will announce the masturbatory topic/question of the week on Twitter.  For week one, which officially kicks off Monday, May 4th at 2 PM EST, we want you to share with us your favorite funny, dirty, crazy, or off-the-wall terms for masturbation!

To enter, you must tweet your answer to @HotMoviesforHer, and include the hash tag #MayIGetOff, along with the handle of the porn star you would most like to get off with/for/on/in! Entries missing any portion of these guidelines will be void.

New questions will subsequently be announced on Monday, May 11th, 18th, and 25th at noon EST.  Closing dates for entries will be Sunday, May 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st respectively at 11:59 pm EST. Participants may submit no more than three (3) entries per week. The grand prize winner of the Get Your Box Off Package will be selected at random and announced Monday, June 1st, 2015.

For further information, please refer to the terms and conditions listed below, or e-mail questions to



  1. The promoter is: whose registered office is located in Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Employees of,,,, or their family members, or anyone else connected in any way with the competition, or helping to set up the competition, shall not be permitted to enter the competition.
  3. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older by May 1, 2015.
  4. There is no entry fee, and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
  5. Participants may enter 3 times per week.
  6. To enter: Each week, @HotMoviesforHer will tweet a new question to followers.  In order for your entry to count, you must tweet your answer, along with the hashtag #MayIGetOff, to the @HotMoviesforHer Twitter handle along with the handle of your favorite porn star that you would like to get off to!
  7. Entrants must be a follower of @HotMoviesforHer on Twitter.
  8. Details of how to enter, along with the contest terms and conditions, can be found at:
  9. Closing date for entry will be May 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. After this date the no further entries to the competition will be permitted.
  10. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
  11. The promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the promoter.
  12. The promoter is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any entrant by any third party connected with this competition.
  13. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.
  14. Winners will be chosen at random by third-party software.
  15. The winner will be notified via Twitter on June 1, 2015. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
  16. The promoter’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  17. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  18. The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by U.S. law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States.
  19. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current U.S. data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.
  20. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  21. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter or any other Social Network. You are providing your information to and not to any other party.

7 Hot Tips to Ease You Into Ass Play

Slow down signI admit it. I’m one of many supposedly rare women who happens to be a huge fan of anal sex. Maybe it’s not an every day or every week thing, but for me, it’s for more than just special occasions. Does it hurt? Yes, it absolutely can, especially if you’re with an inexperienced playmate, fumbling around in the dark like you’re still in high school. However, if done correctly and with a caring partner, it can be beyond a pleasurable experience. Here are several anal sex tips to help you turn what could be a frightening and off-putting experience into a mind-blowing romp that will broaden your sexual horizons!

1. Play & Explore
Starting slow and easing your way into any ass play is your best bet! This can be accomplished by using small things, like  fingers and toys, to loosen the butt up before the big show. The more you play, the more you’ll know what you like and how you like it. As they say, knowing is half the battle!

2. Use Lots of Lube!
While there are some of people who don’t need it and are self-lubricating, the vast majority of us need lube–and a lot of it–on both ourselves and our partners (and our toys). Don’t be afraid to overdo it and get messy! It’s only going to make things easier as you slide along.

3. Relax and Don’t Fight It!
The harder you fight it, the more it’s going to hurt! When you’re feeling uptight about what you’re doing, it will LITERALLY make you tighten up! The more resistance you put out, the more of a barrier it’s going to create, making it just that much more difficult to, well… penetrate. The more relaxed and welcoming your mind is, the more relaxed and hospitable your body will be.

4. Inhale….Exhale
Breathing is INTEGRAL! Just like when you work out, taking deep breaths in and out helps loosen the muscles. The same principle applies here. Your breathing technique helps open both your body and your mind!

5. That Feeling of Pressure is TOTALLY Normal!
No, really, it is! It might not be the most comfortable feeling at first, but that sense of pressure is entirely natural and may last throughout the experience, but it will lessen and won’t be as uncomfortable as long as you remember that key word: RELAX!

6. Push Out
This goes right along with relaxing. If you’re tense and making yourself tighter, penetration is only going to be more difficult, but I have found that if you apply pressure as though you’re pushing, it creates more space and allows for easier insertion! It may sound counterproductive and feel like you’re trying to push your partner out, but in reality, you’re loosening yourself and making it easier for both of you!

7. Once the Head Is In –Don’t Pull Out!
This is the main tip I live by (pun intended!). I have found the absolute most painful part of the process is when the penis head first breaks through. Many tense up and refuse to let it go in any further, which is a completely natural reaction. However, as the head is typically the biggest part, it’s going to cause the most pain and the biggest reaction.
Once it’s in, no matter if it hurts right off the bat, try to let it stay! Otherwise, you will go through that initial pain again and again, while if you leave it in, you’re going to relax around it and stretch as your body becomes accustomed to the girth.

Anal sex may not be for everyone. Each woman’s body is individual and unique, and some may not be built for it. However, using these 7 tips will certainly assist you in your experimentation and journey to find out if it is for you, and if it’s just one more additional way for you to find pleasure in your own body!

Check out our selection of top notch anal sex instruction videos on

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Announcing the Feminist Porn Awards 2015 Winners

FPrintor those following, HotMoviesforHer was excited last week to cover the impending 10th Anniversary of the Feminist Porn Awards, which took place on April 17th!

Below is the list of all the amazing winners and their beautiful labors of love!

Sexiest Short (Tie!):
Wall of Fire – Lisa Ganser
Pachisi – The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions)

Steamiest Straight Movie:
The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee – Jacky St. James

Hottest Trans Vignette:
Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians – Courtney Trouble

Sexist Star Feature:
JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels

Most Dazzling Docuporn:
Bound By Borders – Tobi Hill-Meyer

Smutty Schoolteacher Award:
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size Jessica Drake and Kelly Shibari

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content:
Queen Bee Empire – Samuel Shanahoy/Tee Vee Dinner

Hottest Newcomer:
Evie Eliot

Best Direction:
Ovidie for Pulsion

Honorable Mentions:
Fuck Dolls – Zahra Stardust and Emerald
Hello Titty -Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter
Homance – AjaPornFilms, Maxine Holloway, and Siouxsie Q
Alias and Knives – John Bee

Hottest Kink Film:
LOVE HARD – Gala Vanting

Hottest Lesbian Vignette:
Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons Courtney Trouble

Best Boygasm:
Heavenly Spire Volume 1Shine Louise Houston

Most Tantalizing Trans Film:
BIODILDO 2.0* – Christian Slaughter

Best BDSM Scene:
Instructed – Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty

Hottest Straight Vignette:
Xconfessions Vol. 2 – Erika Lust

Hearththrob of the Year:
Morgana Muses

Movie of the Year:
Marriage 2.0 – Paul Deeb

HOT Trends from HotMoviesforHer: 4-15-15

HOT Trends is a new feature from HotMoviesforHer, where we take a look at the most relevant and trending stories on porn, women’s health and sex from across the web! 

– Is that a dildo or an ancient torture device? You decide!  16 horrifying vintage sex toys.

– Fake it ‘til you make it! Have you faked an orgasm?  You may not have been as smooth as you thought!

– Women watching porn for the first time! Just like sex, the first time is the most awkward. 

– Seven of the classiest porn sites on the web.  Includes the Feminist Porn Awards Nominated xConfessions from the prolific Erica Lust.

– Cosmo Latina interviews adult starlet Nikki Delano:  “I don’t think I should be attacked for being a porn star.”

– Do You Identify as a Feminist?  New study reveals only 18% of women identify as feminists, 85% believe in gender equality.

– As if you needed any more:  13 reasons to have sex with your partner every night.

– Library girl Kendra Sunderland reveals weirdest fan requests.

– Fix your libido:  Watch Porn!

Photo Credit: Roger Kisby

– Photographer Roger Kisbyundresses porn stars in an entirely different way.

– 23 books every feminist must read.






The 2015 Feminist Porn Awards

This week is the celebration of the annual Feminist Porn Awards. Organized and produced by the Good for Her shop in Toronto, Canada, the award ceremony and surrounding festivities were launched in 2006 by then manager Chanelle Gallant when the team decided “that it’s not enough to criticize adult films for not adequately representing the diversity of women’s, trans folk’s, and in many cases, men’s, sexuality…As porn star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle famously said, ‘The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn…it’s to try to make better porn!’”

This year marks the 10th anniversary or the awards and will be held April 15-17 at the Capital Event Theater at 2492 Yonge Street in Toronto. Today we take a look at the awards and Good For Her’s mission behind them.

What is Feminism?
The word feminism is defined as, “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.”  In practice, however; feminism is different things to different people, and is an all encompassing movement for all of those opinions at both sides of the spectrum. According to the official website, Good for Her views feminism as, “beyond gender.  It is about recognizing the mutli-facetedness of every individual and the complex struggles they may face.  As feminists, we strive for and believe in equal access to opportunities, representation and resources and we acknowledge that this is an especially urgent, fundamental and necessary fight for historically disadvantaged groups.  We support individual choice for everyone in all aspects of life, including their sexuality, profession, self-expression and pleasure.”

The feminist movement has gotten a bad rap over the years, and many say that it’s agenda is anti-male.  Good for Her strongly disagrees.  “Our feminism is not anti-male.  We value freedom for everyone and believe that men also have a valuable contribution and part to play in being allies to the feminist movement.”

The Feminist Porn Award’s Goals

– Conversation and evolution of ideas

– Respectful dynamic and creative community

– Exposing viewers to porn they may not normally have the opportunity to see or know where to find

– Providing a platform for film makers and performers whose creativity goes beyond the mainstream

– To showcase the authentic, first person sexuality of historically disadvantaged groups

What is Feminist Porn?
Just like there are many definitions of what it means to be a feminist, there are just as many definitions of what feminist porn is.  To Good for Her, these are the main attributes of what make up a genuine feminist porn:

– “Actors are treated with respect, paid fairly, given choice and ethical working conditions, empowered in their work.

– Directors collaborate with and incorporate the actor’s own sexual desires and fantasies (makes for better scenes too)!

– It expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film and challenges stereotypes especially of women and marginalized communities.

– Realistic pleasure is depicted it.

It can be:

– Edgy or soft

– Low or high production quality

– With our without a storyline

– Straight, queer, cis, trans, bi or any combination thereof

– Made by, for and includes people of any gender/sex, size, age, race or ethnicity, ability, orientation, and desires

– And of course, HOT!”

Just as with the feminist movement itself, there are many misconceptions about what feminist porn really is:

– “Only lesbian: Feminist porn celebrates the diversity of sexuality, including straight films too!

– Man-hating: Everyone deserves pleasure the way they like it, men included.

– Hugging and kissing: Styles of all kinds of porn, including the feminist variety, range from mild to wild.

– Only appeals to women: People of all genders, sexes and orientations enjoy feminist porn!

– Tattoos and hairy armpits:  Performers reflect the diversity of people in the world.  Some do, many don’t!”

In 1997, the Good for Her shop opened it’s doors to customers and have strived since to “find the best products for our customers,” and have gone to great lengths to “find unique offerings for our diverse clientele.”

“In the early 2000s, the porn industry began to change, thanks mostly to technology.  It no longer cost $100,000 to purchase a video camera.  It was much more affordable to buy editing equipment that could be used on a home computer.  And the age of the internet had arrived:  film-makers no longer had to woo a distributor who would hopefully go to bat for them in persuading retailers to carry their work.”

With this revolution in technology, more and more voices were entering the industry, and were finally able to create works that spoke to different audiences, and represented communities that were previously overlooked in porn.

“In 2006, we noticed a huge change in the options we were able to offer our customers.  People of all kinds were getting behind the camera to produce, direct and/or star in films that reflected the kinds of sex that they wanted to see on film. Finally, there were people of color, trans folks, queers and lesbians in particular directing films that featured their communities without being fetishized and with respect.”

Former Good for Her manager, Chanelle Gallant, recognized the opportunity that was being placed in front of them and suggested the creation of an event that would celebrate this movement and those contributing to it.

Alongside Good for Her’s movie reviewer, Lorraine Hewitt, Gallant coordinated the event which was initially called “Vixens + Visionaries: Female Erotic Directors Revolutionizing Porn,” and gave out awards referred to as, “The Emmas.” It was a massive success and this year, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Previous Winners
Some notable winners from past shows include: Jacky St. James, Buck Angel, Lily Cade and

The Audience:
“The movies and websites that we select are for everyone.  We wish to introduce all kinds of people to all kinds of different films.  We strive to provide pleasurable viewing options for a diversity of audiences so they can see themselves and their desires reflected on screen.  This includes EVERYONE from suburban soccer moms to downtown radical hipsters and all folks in between!”

The Judging Criteria:
Quality: We love to award films that look great.  We believe it is possible to make a great-looking film even with a limited amount of resources.  We consider such factors as editing, framing, lighting, sound and overall production value when making selections.  Attention to detail is appreciated!  Story-crafting, acting, music, and direction are all factors that reveal how much care was put into the production of a movie (Earnest feminism isn’t good enough).

– Inclusiveness: We recognize in a niche-based industry like porn not all films are for all audiences and aren’t able to include everyone.  But we also love it when films make an effort to explore sexualities that are often marginalized or ignored by mainstream porn.

– It’s our goal to highlight and celebrate films that appeal to a diversity of audiences.

– We like to include films that contain kink, BDSM, and consensual non-consent in a fictional context.  We believe that these can be valid feminist fantasies. We do not view consensual BDSM as violence or abuse.

– We don’t include or support films that rely upon sexual stereotypes. There are way more fantasy options out there and we love it when people are creative.

– The “It” Factor: Movies that showcase a unique perspective are especially appealing, whether this is about the story being told, the interactions between characters or technical aspects like framing and editing.  We are always most impressed when we encounter something novel, innovative and exciting that causes us to think about sexuality in a fresh way.

– Hotness: Bodies are well-lit, framed and shot to perfection, desire radiates off the screen, and all parties involved appear enthusiastic.  Plenty of orgasms don’t hurt either.

The Nominees
Here is the full list of the 2015 nominee. Stay tuned to find out who takes home this year’s trophies!

The Films

(S)he Comes – Petra Joy

Alias and Knives – John Bee

Art of Spanking – Erika Lust

Between the HeadlinesLily Cade

BIODILDO 2.0 – Christian Slaughter

Bitch – Pandora Blake

Bound by Borders – Tori Hill Meyer

Doing it Again Vol. 2: Fearless Revealing – Tori Hill Meyer

Don’t Touch Me – Lucie Blush

FTMFUCKER Volume 1James Darling

Fuck Dolls – Zahra Stardust, Emerald

Fucking MysticCourtney Trouble

Galactic Cannibalism – Naomi Rutledge

Hearthrob Marathon – Zahra Stardust, James Darling, Wolf Hudson

Heavenly Spire Volume 1 – Shine Louise Houston

Hello Titty – Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter

Homance – cocopop, Maxine Holloway, and Siouxsie Q

I Wish I Was a Lesbian – Erika Lust

If You Dare – Lucie Blush

Instructed – Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly if I Want To – Morgana Muses

Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus SizeJessica Drake and Kelly Shibari

JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni DanielsJiz Lee and Danni Daniels

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap OnsCourtney Trouble

LOVE HARD – Gala Vanting

Marriage 2.0 – Paul Deeb

Mien – Gala Vanting

Momentum Vol. 1 – Michelle Flynn

Pachisi – The Madame

Pansexual Orgy Pt. 1 – Trick

Playing Truant – Pandora Blake

Pulsion – Ovidie

Put the Needle on the Record – Shine Louise Houston

Queen Bee Empire –Samuel Shanahoy

Romantic Queer Vintage – Trick

Ryan James:  Single Handed – Ms. Naughty

Shutter – Goodyn Green

Tease  – Ms. Naughty

The Agency – Nimue

The Crash Pad’s Guide to Fisting – Shine Louise Houston

The Fantasy Project – Ms. Naughty

The Mechanic – Anna Brownfield

The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee – Jacky St. James

The Starrlust ExperienceMadison Young

Trans Lesbians – Courtney Trouble

Trans Men AdventuresMichelle Austin and James Darling

Wwitterbating – Evie Eliot

Waiting for Godot – Gala Vanting

Wall of Fire – Lisa Ganser

Wanna Ride? – Nikki Silver

Xconfessions Vol. 2 – Erika Lust

The Websites