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Mystim – The Sizzling Simon review

MystimI have to be honest, when I first asked for a toy to review, I didn’t have high hopes. You see, I don’t like toys. I’ve always been a more “handsy” girl, and I feel like toys have impeded on my process. You have to charge them for hours for only a few minutes of play, or the batteries give out unexpectedly, or there is a short in a wire somewhere, and you have to twist the cord to make the vibe work. One thrust too many and it stops vibing right at a crucial moment. All of these issues seemed really dumb, especially when I know my hand so well. Obviously, there are certain things that your hands can’t do, but I’ve never really needed insertion during my private time. I’m a clit-based masturbator, and I don’t care about dong size, rotating insertion balls, or anything fancy. I just want to watch some porn and get off quickly. I’m not looking for a date. However, I did perk up when the Mystim company was mentioned as a possible toy review. I love electro-stimulation. I mean I LOVE it. So, I figured why not give one of these toys a try, and see if I can be swayed from my anti toy-with-masturbation stance.

fullI was gifted the Sizzling Simon, which is a long (10.6 x 1.6 inch) vibrator with electrode capabilities. You can use just the vibe, or just the electro functions, as well as using the functions in tandem. My first attempt with the vibrator was while I was waiting for my partner to join me from downstairs. I decided I would start without him and see if I could figure out some functions. The handle has 6 buttons. There is an electro button, which has corresponding plus and minus buttons, and then there is a vibe button with corresponding plus and minus buttons. Each button has a symbol on it, no lettering. I decided to try the vibe button first. There are 8 vibration modes, and each one varies in rhythm and rotation of vibration location. Mystim advertises that the difference in vibrations helps with kegel exercises, but I was mostly interested in seeing if the vibe would work on my clit. Surprisingly, the vibe is nicely curved so that the tip of the vibe could rest on top of my clit while I held the handle. I went through a few of the settings and found that I really liked the highest, sustained vibe, without any pulse or variation for clitoral stimulation. I felt like this setting had the most power for what I was looking for in a solo experience. Although I was able to achieve orgasm with the tip of the vibrator, it got a bit more cumbersome as the design of the machine isn’t made for solo clitoral orgasm. The tip kept sliding from position, and it was a bit frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, it felt really good, but the shape of the machine didn’t work for my anatomy.

detailWhen my partner came into the room, I was ready to explore the other functions of the device. We started by inserting the vibe into me, and then going through the different modes to see which one I liked best. Honestly, I can’t tell you exactly which combination worked for me, but at one point I was confident that there was a finger in my ass. So, I asked my partner, “Are you in my ass?” He said he wasn’t and kept holding the vibe inside me and rubbing my clit with his fingers. “No, seriously-are you in my ass?” He started laughing and held up both of his hands to show that he did not have any fingers in my ass. “Oh my god, this is fucking awesome,” I said, and he began rubbing my clit again. Whatever combination he had done between the electro-which you really feel, and the vibration was perfect. With the Mystim still working its magic inside me, he used his mouth on my clit and brought me to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Even after I came, with the vibe still going inside me, I felt like I was continuing to climax. It wasn’t the same type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation, it was deeper, emotional, even. My partner moved the Mystim inside me while I rocked in a rhythm, and then had an overwhelming vaginal orgasm. The electro function had made it feel like I was being analy stimulated from inside without the pain of insertion, or the warm-up needed for ass play, and the vibration of the pulse function made me a bit weepy. It was a good time.

Needless to say, I told my partner that I would love him forever, and all those things one promises after a really great orgasm, but it was a combination of the first clitoral orgasm (facilitated by my partner) and then the vibe/electro stimulation that made a really great experience. Plus, sharing toys with your partner is always fun. It introduces the element of discovery, and makes the two of you feel like you are on a journey together. The Mystim has become an active part of our sex life, and I would highly recommend it as an addition to sex with your partner. For me, this is not really a solo-type vibrator, but it is an amazing accompaniment to a romantic evening. It is easy to wash, has a very discrete case, USB charger, and a kegel exercise program included. This is a grown-up’s sex toy; a fancy, well-made, and stylish toy. This line of E-Stim vibes won the 2013 Venus- most innovative new toyline award, and the eroFame-most innovative production line award in 2013. I really like having this toy in my arsenal, and I would seriously suggest investing in one – or many- of their products.

Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

All images courtesy of LELO

When I received the LELO MONA 2, I was extremely, extremely excited. I’d always gone to sex shops and looked longingly in the glass case where the most precious of vibrators were kept, and now I had one of my very own to review. The LELO MONA 2 comes packaged in a fairly large box that holds a smaller, sexier black box inside it. Once you lift the lid off the black box, the MONA 2 is nestled comfortably in a velvety liner.

The MONA 2 comes in 3 colors-purple, “cerise” (aka pink), and red. I was lucky enough to get the red one, which conveniently matches all of my bedroom décor as it is now a staple on my nightstand. One of the most convenient or inconvenient features of the MONA 2, depending on how organized of a person you are, is that it is a rechargeable toy. I’ve used the MONA 2 often enough to know the crushing disappointment that occurs when you’re halfway to climax and the vibration shutters to a sudden halt, all because I forgot to charge it in a while. Fumbling around in the dark for the charger with my phone flashlight has become an annoying aspect of my bedtime routine, but I digress. The MONA 2 comes with its own silky drawstring pouch for discreet safekeeping and a sample of LELO brand lubricant, which I still have yet to try.


On the topic of lube, I found the MONA 2 to be pretty damn impossible to insert without it. Maybe I’m just impatient, but when I want to get off I tend not to bother romancing myself beforehand. Yes, the matte finish silicone is heavenly smooth to the touch, and the curvature of the toy is a natural fit for G-spot stimulation, but something about the width of the head was just a little too big for me to manage on my own. With some handy dandy lubricant and a little patience, however, I was ready to enjoy what @JudyHologram referred to as the “Holy Grail of vibrators.”

The MONA 2 has 6 varying vibration modes, all whisper-quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I’ve been able to use the MONA 2 while my boyfriend slept soundly next to me, and he was none the wiser. The diameter measures 1.5 in circumference at its widest point, and the length is an easily manageable 4.3 inches. The curved head of the MONA 2 rested snugly on my G-spot and once I chose the vibration pattern that most suited me, the climax was inevitable and face-flushingly radiant.

While both of these things are wonderful, I don't recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place
While both of these things are wonderful, I don’t recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place

So start saving up, because this luxury vibrator costs $139-but trust me, it’s worth it. If you crave a toy that penetrates and stimulates at just the right angles, the MONA 2 is a must-have. Just make sure you stock up on lube and keep this bad boy charged, and you’re in for a real treat!

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Book Review: Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey

The first thing I think you need to know in all of this is that I borrowed a copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey from my mother.  That’s right, to get this review under way, I wanted to first read the actual book before reading essays on the book, so I asked my mother if I could borrow her precious copy.  Yes, my mother is a diehard fan of 50 Shades, and while she raised a super sex-positive, academic pervert, I would not classify my mother as especially open about these things.  In fact, she as a motherly and suburban as they get, which is totally fine, and also the demographic that gone completely wild for these books.  And she is no exception.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I was hesitant to read 50 Shades.  As much as I have been known to enjoy a vapid love story (*cough, cough Twilight), I had heard many reviews from friends that the negotiation was iffy, the sex unbelievable and the main female character a little too passive.  I wasn’t planning to bother with it, but once Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey graced my desk, I knew I’d have to get in on the hype.

Now, I realize that this is not a review of 50 Shades of Grey, so I will keep my comments brief.  All I will say is that I have mixed feelings.  I love me some power exchanges and am a big fan of dirty writing, so I did enjoy some of the sexy parts, but I was not impressed with the ways that kink was pathologized, how negotiation was represented, the unrealistic expectations and the incredibly irritating avoidance of the word “vagina” – in any form (seriously people, I cannot STAND the phrase “apex of my thigh”).  Anyway, this review isn’t about how I feel about 50 Shades – it’s about how other people feel about it…  Fifty other people… Fifty specific people… Fifty writers.

Yep, Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey snatches this super popular smutty novel from the clutches of horny women everywhere and lays it out on the table to be dissected by all different types of writers.  From sex educators and erotic writers, to lawyers and PhDs – everyone gets a turn at giving their point of view.  To get it all in, editor Lori Perkins breaks the book down into seven different sections, including Fifty Shades of Writing, Fifty Shades of Romance, Fifty Shades of BDSM, Fifty Shades of Pop Culture and more.  Each section offers up a variety of perspectives on the subjects at hand – be it erotic writing, kink, the popularity of the book, etc.

While I really enjoy delving deeper into how 50 Shades has changed the erotic writing niche, and taking a closer look at the ways the book has morphed into an instruction manual on greater pleasure for some women, I have to admit that my favorite essay in this collection is Laura Antoniou’s “Fifty Shades of Holy Crap!”.  It truly is a perfect satire of the series.  Antoniou hits on all of the elements of the story in a light and teasing way, but actually gets to the point of the ridiculousness of some of the book.

Also mixed in with the academic, intellectual, and funny essays are a few pieces that offer up the same erotic thrill that 50 Shades brings to the table.  “The Collar of Blue Stones” by Pamela Madsen is super sexy and sensual, yet somehow still stays on point talking about the book.  Oh man do I love me some pervy smartypants!  And with this book you get fifty of em!

As an added treat, not only are we reviewing the book, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, we had the good fortune of nabbing interviews with a few of the book’s writers – Marci Hirsch, Midori and Rachel Kenley.  Keep an eye out for their 20 questions coming soon!

Satiate your desires with Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey!

Purity 2

Are you one of those folks who likes to feel that little sense of wrong-doing when you’re getting off?  Maybe the kind of person who is going to stroke it while ordering Chinese food or blow a load because you know it’ll make you five minutes late to work? Well then, the Purity 2 dildo (by Blush) may be the toy for you.

On one hand, this sleek purple tool is playing coy: it has a heart-shaped base, it comes in a sweet brushed purple, and it’s a totally reasonable six inches. However! That sleekness is a satin finish that brings one’s boner to half-mast. That heart-shaped base is actually a suction cup so that one can grind themselves off more securely. And those six inches flare to a pleasing fill and ends with a little curve to create a proper g-spoter or prostate tickler. Yeah, after the Purity 2 makes you blush like a schoolchild, it’ll make you cum like a trucker.

The Purity 2 is more than just flirty air-headed design; it’s also made of 100% medical grade silicone. Which makes it the dildo equivalent to that part in the movie when the nerd pulls off her glasses to reveal that she’s hot: this little bastard has it all! That means that it just takes one good ten-minute stove top boil or dishwasher cycle to get it sterile again.

Plus, silicone transmits vibration like a champ. Go on, stick your favorite vibrator against the base and you’ll be feeling those waves in the back of your teeth in no time. Silicone also absorbs the body’s heat, which can feel more natural than some of those harder/softer materials out there. Yes, the scientist that discovered silicone truly deserves the Nobel Piece-of-Ass prize.  

So you’ve heard some of the good parts, but there are some of questionable parts of this delightful dil to be aware of. One: it’s my belief that this satin finish demands a lot of lube. Without a hefty fire-hosing of lubrication, the finish can cause a little drag on entry in the front or the back. Two: the suction cup is not industrial enough to handle deep porn-ish thrusts. If you’re a bucker when you fuck, you might prefer to have the Purity 2 additionally strapped in, otherwise, you might thrust right into a wall. And if that’s your kink then god speed!

Overall, this is a sweet little workhorse of a dildo to add to anyone’s collection. The Purity 2 is moderate enough for most holes in your body, which makes me feel like it’s the perfect weekday fuck buddy. So add it to your grocery list. It’s sturdy, stout, well made, and ready to put out!

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The Veronica Harness by Velvet Nest

I am a very femme, girly girl. I like makeup and dresses and even have been known to enjoy wearing a heel or two. And I am a queer girl who loves to strap on a big cock and fuck with abandon. While I have used plenty of awesome harnesses in my day, they’ve all been generally perfunctory and practical for the job, without incorporating too much femme pizzazz. Mostly black nylon affairs with plastic adjusters and metal snaps, though I have coveted fancier toys with glitter and trappings. It wasn’t until I randomly ran across Velvet Nest did I find a harness that fits my personality, as well as my hips and dicks – The Veronica!

This black and white polka dot harness is decidedly feminine, with a sweet panty shape and a pretty bow at the top. Made of vegan/vegetarian friendly cotton, metal D-rings and an interlocking Velcro system that holds a cock firmly in place, Veronica offers up the perfect marriage of form and function. Because it’s so streamline and subtle, this harness can be worn underneath clothes with little detection. I even wore it out to a dance party under a skirt and it was comfortable the whole night long. And if it had been glimpsed on the dance floor, everyone would have just thought they got a peek at my undies.

Along with being attractive and comfortable, Veronica is really good at keeping a cock steady and ready to fuck. The Velcro system I mentioned above surrounds the base of the dildo, holding it tight, and is easily adjusted to fit various-sized dicks. The Velcro takes the place of an o-ring, so you don’t have to worry about having the correct-sized ring for each time you want to switch dicks. I was a little concerned that the Velcro wouldn’t hold my dildo tight when the heat turned up a notch, but it did an awesome job of holding up to the hardest of fucking and rapid penetration. I was very impressed.

Before Veronica arrived in the mail, I was a little worried about the sizing. As a zaftig lady, I want to make sure any toys I buy are going to fit me correctly and comfortably. I ordered the 1X/2X, as that is the biggest size, at 42”-48” and even though my hips are less than 48”, they aren’t too much less, so I wasn’t sure if the harness would fit. While it does fit, I will say that it is snug and there is not a lot of strap left at the ends. Luckily the metal D-rings hold the straps tightly to my body and I am able to use Veronica just fine. It does definitely leave indentations on my hips after I take it off though. Nothing painful or so much that I wouldn’t use the harness, but I have noticed the marks. No biggie on my end though.

I am really impressed with Veronica and think that Velvet Nest has really filled a gap in the sex toy industry. One day I hope to have fun with her sister, Betty, and their Lacy Harness friends!

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Aslan’s Simple Harness

When it comes to sex toys, there is just about something for everyone.  If you aren’t interested in the shape or color of this toy, that one on a shelf across the room that will make you feel all tingly in your pants.  Same goes for harnesses – some folks dig the glitzy apparatus with all the glitter and embossed leather, while others are just looking for a simple kit to keep their dick strapped on tightly.  Today simple is what we are talkin’ – with Aslan’s Simple Harness, from

Usually known for their superior leatherwork, Aslan Leather has branched out to include vegan harness options.  Along with offering up rubber and vinyl models, Aslan also brings a totally paired down version made of durable nylon webbing, sturdy plastic snaps and adjusters and a rubber ring with a little give.  Simple is as basic as you can go, yet maintains the same integrity and quality as Aslan’s fancier toys.

While the Simple harness may look like just another cheap harness you could get at the porno shop down the street that sells jelly rubber toys in on the back wall, don’t let its unencumbered facade fool you.  She may be plain, but her high quality materials, expert engineering and specific touches bring her worlds away from that cheap crap that will end up falling to pieces after a few uses.  I like to think of Simple as the Toyota of dildo harnesses – she may not have the sparkle of a BMW, but you’ll still be riding her 20 years later, with nary a maintenance break.  Seriously folks, Aslan is good at what they do.

What makes me love the Simple harness so very much are, really, the simple things that they’ve done that make it so superior to other nylon harnesses I’ve seen and tried.  First up, they use nice and thick webbing that would be really hard to mess up, even if you tried.  While I admit that it is not perfect, I will say that the seams on the webbing are a lot less jagged than other ones I’ve played with.  I still might take a nail file to the sharper edges just to dull them a bit so you don’t get scratched.  When it comes to the snaps, I am so freaking excited that they made this with plastic ones.  Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve ever used a harness with metal snaps, but they are not only cold on the back, they rust when you clean your harness, which is totally counter-intuitive and super annoying.  I’ve been thinking about plastic snaps for a while, and this is the first time I’ve actually seem them.  And I can’t forget about the adjusters, which are made with strong teeth that keep the straps tight and your dick perfectly placed.

Along with the plastic snaps and strong teeth, I’ve got to say that I really like that it comes with only one ring.  Sure, I am not be able to fit all of my cocks into that size ring, but I’d be lying if I said that I had any idea where any of the other extra rings I have actually are in my house.  The last thing I need is another toy with 50 million parts to keep track of – and yes, I even mean a charger.   But if it did have more than one part, Simple does come with a cute little storage bag to keep it safe and clean between uses, so I would keep everything together in there.

Another stand out quality of the Simple is that while it comes with two straps to wear as a jock strap harness, you can actually take one off and use it as a g-string harness.  Talk about versatile!  I love that I have that option and don’t have to think about buying a second harness to get a different experience.  Oh, and speaking of straps, the hit strap is a lovely 56” long, so folks of many sizes can use this harness.  While that may not be a big deal to some folks, I identify as a fat person, and if a sex toy doesn’t fit me, it kind of puts a damper on the experience.

Quality construction and materials make this Simple harness simply a delight to wear!

The Anaconda Is Serious

The Anaconda is one serious silicone dildo.  It comes in at a commendable 7 inches in length and 1.75 inches in width, but it isn’t necessarily the size makes this thing the alfa cock.  The Anaconda is heavy and dense.  It also has a handle.  If you hit someone with it, there is a good chance you would knock them out or at least confuse them for a few minutes.  But, we’re not really here to talk about violence, we’re here to talk about masturbating with a really nice Tantus dildo.  I’m extremely thankful that the fabulous folks at SheVibe afforded me the opportunity to give it a go.

There is no doubt that warm-up is required before using the Anaconda.  You’re going to want to use a small or medium sized toy to get the party started along with a good bit of lube.  Use water based lube only – silicone lube ruins silicone toys.  I recommend really coating it so there is a nice thick layer covering it entirely.  Once all systems are a go, the smooth head makes entrance into your vagina comfy and basically awesome.  While it may not appear so from the picture, the Anaconda is gently torpedo shaped so you sort of get to ease into things before you reach its glorious bulging belly. Anaconda

I am totally into the Anaconda.  While it isn’t the biggest cock that has ever graced a vag, it is sizable and filling.  The heaviness adds some pizazz during use.  Without the handle, this dil would be cumbersome and require far too much forearm strength, but that ergonomic grip makes it totally manageable.  For me, it is too big to do any serious thrusting with, although it is created for such use.  Folks who like to get worked over with a fairly large tool would fall in love.  I too fell in love, but for me it feels a bit like a baseball bat when a lot of movement is concerned.  I prefer keeping thrusting to short gentle strokes while bringing in reinforcements for external stimulation.  When inserted completely, it acts almost like a plug since the handle is so narrow.

The handle also makes the Anaconda ideal for partner play.  Just be sure to communicate, seeing as how this toy is not for the faint at heart!  An overly powerful thrust from an excited lover may not feel so good.  Start easy and work your way up.  It does have a flared base so you could use it for anal play if you were so inclined.  Because of its size, you would definitely have to be an advanced butt play aficionado as well as the proud owner of lots and lots of lube.

Since this dildo is made from 100% silicone, it can be boiled, bleached or washed by hand with gentle soap and water.  You’ll definitely have take care to clean out the lube and other substances in the little folds and crevices just below the head.  Believe me, you’ll definitely be leaving substances behind!  Otherwise, the Anaconda isn’t any trouble to clean.

I have to add that I love Tantus sex toys.  Every single one is extremely well made from awesome materials – hypoallergenic, phthalate free, non-porous, unscented, and totally durable.  If you have never owned one, you need to get it on it.

The Anaconda will get used often.  I like the weightiness, the handle, and overall feel of the toy.  I would absolutely recommend it to dildo lovers, especially those who require some size.  Beginners, this isn’t the toy for you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love it some day.

Grab an Anaconda of your own!

Vibrating Waves

Some sex toys are straight forward.  It looks like a cock, so I put it in my orifice of choice.  Others are a little trickier to figure out.  Sure, there are vibes concealed as all sorts of things, from lipstick to powder puffs, but what I’m talking about are those toys that you hold up and try to figure out exactly what prong goes where.  Today, I’m talking about Vibrating Waves, from

Vibrating Waves is a three-pronged silicone toy shaped kind of like the WuTang “W,” featuring one side hollowed out and stuffed with a bullet vibe.  Soft and fairly pliable, this body-safe toy is designed specifically as an anal toy, but can also be used vaginally.  The thing that sets this guy apart from the rest is that he is a dual simulator, offering both internal anal (prostate stim if you have one) and perineum stimulation at the same time (or vaginal and g-spot stim for female-bodied folks).  Pretty fancy, huh?

The third prong on this strangely shaped toy can be used as a handle, which is actually super helpful in maneuvering and thrusting.  The silicone they chose to make it out of is a bit too flexible when it comes to the handle, but it still works pretty well to hold on to, even if I do wish it wasn’t so bendy.  The silicone does have a little tackiness to it that helps hold on it and the curved shape of the handle is another plus when it comes to enhanced control.

Even though the vibe that comes with Vibrating Waves is pretty cheap-looking and only takes one battery (which I take as a sign of weakness), it turned out to be awesomely powerful and offer up two reliably buzzy speeds.  Plus, the whole thing is waterproof – a major bonus during these warm months.

Clean up is a total breeze when you take the vibe out.  Just stick the silicone part in the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap), boiling water or a 10% bleach solution.  Wipe the vibe down with warm soapy water and you are done!  Easy peasy.

Ride waves a pleasure with Vibrating Waves from MyPleasure! 

Book Review – Mind-Blowing Sex: A Woman’s Guide

I have such a lady boner for Diana Cage.  Yes, she is a super duper hot femme, with a wit and attitude to match, but that’s not all I am sweatin’.  This sexpot can write!  Hot Damn!  That brain of hers is smokin’!!  The one time editor of lesbian porno mag On Our Backs, and author of Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide, is back with a new how-to masterpiece, Mind-Blowing Sex: A Woman’s Guide.

While they playing field is slowly inching towards leveling out, it’s just a fact that women’s sexuality is still a pretty taboo topic.  But though it’s still hush hush in many ways, women are craving conversation about sex.  I mean, really, just think about how crazy the country is going for “50 Shades of Grey” – it’s becoming a phenomenon.   My mom has even jumped on the bandwagon.  Thankfully in a culture where female sexuality is still kept somewhat on the down low, there are people fighting the good fight to get sexy info into the hot little hands of the masses.  That’s where Diana Cage comes in.

Part how-to guide, part in-depth look at the culture surrounding women and sexuality, Mind-Blowing Sex offers specific positions and tongue movement suggestions, as well as tips on how to reframe your thinking about sex as a whole, picking out toys and generally having the best sex you can be having.  That may sound like an ambitious amount of ground to cover in 260 pages, but Cage does it with style and grace, bringing her unique voice to every page.  Consider this book to be a little info about a lot of things – a way to get your feet wet with some of these sexy ideas and a jumping off point for figuring out what you want to find out more about.

One major thing I really love about this book is that unique voice I just mentioned.  Diana Cage doesn’t pull any punches or feed us any bullshit.  She tells it like it is, in a non-judgmental, normalizing way that treats sex like the holiday it is (opposed to treating it like a funeral, or some other negative and to-be avoided activity).  Cage talks to us like she’s the friend we go to happy hour with to have these conversations.  Basically, she gets the info across in a really accessible way that I think many people can related to.

This book is fantastic for a bevy of reasons… one of which is the fact that HotmoviesForHer is in it!  That’s right, JD and the site are featured on page 73 in a section on choosing porn.  Very exciting.  And while we are so thrilled to be included in this book, we are definitely not being biased with our review.  The truth of the matter is that is important to us to be part of projects that we think are awesome and totally support, so of course our review is gonna reflect that, right?

You get our full recommendation on this one.  Plus, it’s a good one to give to folks who are just beginning to explore or delve deeper into the world of sexuality, as there are no graphic or raunchy images to contend with.  Write yourself a note now to remind you to look it over as a Christmas gift for mom.

Have some Mind-Blowing Sex of your own!

Smooth Lover Silicone Dildo

I love silicone dildos.  It doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, plain or fancy, I love all of my children.  Body friendly and odor free, they all have a place in my toy bin (nightstand if they’re good enough).

The Smooth Lover is fairly small coming in at 6″ x 1.25″.  It has a flared suction cup base (making it safe for anal play), and a curvy raised design along the side, with two nubs – one at the base of the head and one at the base of the cock.  Aptly named Smooth Lover, this toy has a smooth, slightly rubbery feel that gets super slick with lube (water based lube only).  It is dense and slightly flexible with very little give, which is preferred, and there is a seam running length wise on both sides.  Extra bonus that it is body safe and totally odor free.  MyPleasure knows we love the phthalates free goodness! Smooth Lover Silicone Dildo

I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about that seam.  I have had some less-than-orgasm-inducing-experiences with sharp seams.  You would be surprised at how much the tinniest bit of raised material can feel like a little razor blade.  My vagina says no thanks.  With this worry in mind, I lubed this dick up like crazy as to create a barrier betwixt myself and the evil devil seam.  To my surprise, I didn’t feel a thing in regard to the seam.  It may have been because it is small or because I drenched it in lube, but either way I walked away scrape free.  I was fine, but you should still take proper precautions whenever it comes to seamed sex toys.

Beyond that, I have to say that the Smooth Lover is a decent little dildo.  It isn’t something I’ll use over and over, but it is a nice warm up cock it is ideal for anal play.  It isn’t squishy, but it’s moderate size makes it appropriate for beginner/intermediate butt play.  To protect from the seam and if you’d like to use later for vaginal stimulation, simply cover it with a condom.  This also makes clean-up super easy, although I still recommend giving the dildo a wash after the condom has been removed and between uses!  You can also use this method when using vaginally.  Never go from one hole to another without thoroughly washing first!

I immediately thought this was going to make for a nice strap-on dildo.  Unfortunately, the flared base is so thin and flexible that it slips out of the o-ring after a few minutes of fucking.  What did work well was the suction cup.  I was able to stick it to finished wood, a tile wall and my filing cabinet.  This can be fun for solo time, but also frees up your hands and makes for some fun partnered scenarios.

Clean up is super easy.  There is a little ridge around the head so you may have to make the slightest bit of extra effort to get rid of the remnants.  Otherwise, it washes off easily – soap and water, toy cleaner or you can boil it for about 5 minutes.

Overall, I’d say the Smooth Lover is a decent beginner dildo for vaginal and anal use.  While I was bummed about not being able to strap it on, the suction cup is pretty rad.  Beware of the seam and proceed!

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