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Slavery, A Love Story Vol. 1, Part 1 – The Beginning

It’s our countdown to Halloween and while I was searching for a scary porn title “Slavery, A Love Story Vol. 1, Part 1 – The Beginning” popped up. Personally, I’ve got to agree with the premise of this one; there is absolutely nothing that inspires as much fear in me as love.

Mistress Julie Simone introduces us to her new slave, formerly known as Berlin and now named Scar, then immediately dons a latex nurse’s outfit and takes scar in for a little light torture with clamps and prick wheel. While Simone applies clamps and speculum I find myself wondering the same thing I find myself wondering every time I watch a GwenMedia film – their dungeon is more awesome than I had previously thought. Seriously, their medical play room looks like a real doctor’s office, though the stirrup chair seems like an older, less comfortable model.

Latex makes this weirdly sentient sucking licking sound when it’s slid over skin. Like an extra mouth slurping on each breast, it’s slightly arousing. After the examination and a little whipping and caning, Mistress Julie brings out a vintage violet wand before tying Scar down on the table in a gas mask. It’s all very hot and all but I’m waiting for the romantic element that makes these scenes more than the usual Mistress/slave relationship. The final scene is one of Julie Simone flogging herself and that’s where she mentions that she’s starting to fall for Scar.

Unfortunately I never saw whatever the Mistress sees in this particular slave that’s supposed to catch at her heart strings – which would make this one of GwenMedia’s rare fantasy fetish flops. The locations are beautiful, the models exquisite but the plot was negligible to the point that they could have been tacked on at the last minute to try and tie the scenes together.

Erica McLean’s Alice

If this Halloween isn’t going to be ruled by ‘sexy’ Alice’s I don’t know what it will be ruled by (but if I had to guess I’d say zombie something). I couldn’t think of a more suitable movie to review this Tuesday than “Erica McLean’s Alice.” Ok that and the Cheshire cat looks totally bangable!

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but within a few minutes of turning on this little flick, Alice (Sunny Lane) actually elicited a laugh out of me right off the bat right before being lured off by a white rabbit with raven black locks. Alice’s lines are clichéd but Sunny delivers them with the complete conviction and mirth that makes things like Rocky Horror totally rock and has me unexpectedly rather pleased.

Honestly I’ve got to give Sunny some serious props, even in the dirty, dirty, Hole; Alice maintains an innocence to her character which is a heady contrast to what the White Rabbit gets up to. The words “machine gun dildo fucking” usually mean the farthest opposite from ‘hot’ to me.

Creepy Caterpillar alert! Syphilis or chrysalis, was that an intentional joke or a Freudian slip? April Flores as the Queen of Hearts is awesome paired with one of the hottest men in the movie and shot with a little psychedelic flare. One of the hottest scenes has to be the one with Alice and the Cheshire Cat. Alice loses a little muscle control at one point, going a little weak legged and out of character while getting swept up in the action – definitely a sign of really smoking sex for both performers!

The sex, overall, is very much along the lines of mainstream porn. Spitting, facials, rough fast and hard, I’d actually forgotten how acrobatic these scenes can be or the amount of showmanship that goes into each one. “Erica McLean’s Alice” can be the super hot end all or be all for you – or it can be a little off putting and jarring when you least expect it but the acting performances really push this one over the edge into really fun. I wasn’t expecting to get caught up in the story or to actually like the characters but I did. Over and over again. Except for the Caterpillar, he’s still creepy.

Men of Monday

Morning ladies! Are you as excited as I am to be back at work? Well I’ve got just the right dose of morning man candy to make sure you don’t regret getting out of bed!

Lucas Knowles is a hot blond top with lots of muscle and a delectable ass that just begs to be pinched, spanked and grabbed in the throws of passion! Looks almost as good fully clothed as he does stripped down with nothing but a sheen of sweat to cover him and lust in his eyes.

Next up is Ross Hurston, a versatile British stud that I simply couldn’t pass up sharing with you ladies once I saw him perched on a copy machine. If that doesn’t give you a proper satisfied smirk around the office today I don’t know what will!

You can check out both of these hot assed performers in UKNakedMen’s Getting Ahead In Business. I’ll have more drool worthy eye candy for you ladies next Monday!

Angel Core Part 1

Are you ladies ready for another look into some of the squelchiest hentai I can find on the site? I’m still saving “Night Shift Nurses” for that last Friday before Halloween but today I’ve got a special treat that includes dismemberment in the series – “Angel Core Part 1!”

The setting looks similar to that of war torn Europe after one of the great wars, and the narrator explains that it’s after the first war and before the second. Nazi-esque figures strut across the screen with women in shifts in a truck which is contrasted sharply by the young uniformed woman who seems to be a general in their army. This army is experimenting on extracting the ‘angel core’ from women who have inherited angel blood using arcane methods – this angel core is then used to power great mecha type military robots under the watchful eye of the one young female commander.

General Arafni, the young woman in charge is the usual overly dedicated soldier. Arafni isn’t having elite soldiers shipped out to fuck the women in her care for fun – she’s doing it to nurture the all important angel core inside of them, which will lead her country to an overwhelming victory. Meanwhile, Ralph, an elite soldier sent north to ‘tend to the angel core’ seems less than happy in his duty to fuck these women, even though his assigned angel, Salsa, is very enthusiastic she’s also about four feet tall and wears pigtails. I can see why Ralph isn’t overly enthusiastic about it.

Salsa’s friend Onoma isn’t enthused about the situation and thankfully has a markedly different temperament and character design. Where Salsa is tiny, large breasted and prone to immature behavior, words and actions, Onoma is taller, cynical, smaller breasted and wears her hair in a short cut with a long lock of bangs that fall over one of her bright green eyes. The two of them are up to something with a soldier known only as the gray man for right now.

There’s one really big discrepancy in the plot though. Female soldiers and civilians fuck with abandon, willingly participating in orgy after orgy and private sessions as well – in order to become pregnant and go home. But another female Salsa meets in the orgy pits tells Salsa that only love will make the angel core grow inside of her at which point the soldiers will kill her to get it out. So – all the fucking is counterproductive to the armies ends as none of these women feels love for the soldiers except Salsa who is infatuated with Ralph.

After Onoma and Salsa’s attempted escape, Onoma is punished by having her eye poked out before she and Salsa are brutally raped, in Part 2. I wasn’t sure which one that scene was in and I didn’t want to start reviewing this series at the end either way. “Angel Core” has an interesting plot that would be better suited to a pure mecha anime rather than add in all the counterproductive sex. Without watching the second the first isn’t the most horrifying hentai I’ve watched this year (that dubious honor goes to “A Time To Screw”) and I’m ok with that – but there still aren’t that many people I can see this movie ‘doing it’ for.

Female Masturbation Volume II – Every Woman’s Orgasm Is Unique

“Female Masturbation Volume II – Every Woman’s Orgasm Is Unique” starts off with a soothing female voice over and lyrical string music playing in the background. It’s odd but it reminded me of the one and only book on tap I ever owned, a title from when I was about 6 something about a girl named Rowan and a wicked witch and ravens – yeah weird head place to be in when I’m about to take a deep guided tour of the lower female bits.

However the detailed anatomy lesson and close-up views as our model Susan points along with the voiceover definitely put me more in a learning mindset than a masturbatory one. You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen a masturbation video that was quite this close to the action before and yet so clinically detached. Susan sits with her legs splayed very wide so that the camera has no trouble zooming in her as she applies lube then works the hood of her clitoris.

The voice over disappears at that point and we just zoom in and out while we watch Susan bring herself to orgasm. The instructors are right we can clearly see a difference in the various stages of Susan’s arousal. After Susan orgasms the voiceover returns with a few final tips for sharing your most aroused self with a partner or how to help reach your own personal heights of arousal.

I’m a girl who has never slept with girls, and though I’ve watched a shit ton of porn I have to say I’ve never seen a woman orgasm this way before. Very clinical but still fascinating, only vaguely arousing, I could definitely see myself recommending this to women interested in observing female orgasms though not necessarily those aroused by them.

First Time Fucked

I think that choosing to watch only one of CockyBoy’s films will go down in history as one of the few times I agonized over my choice of what to review in a very long time. Would I pick the former twink with the bubble butt and the sullen stare turned into a delicious cut of tattooed muscular meat with attitude? Or go with the two hot guys that also like to fuck women, who are also tatted (of course) and getting fucked for the first time? In the end two hot guys were just that much more compelling than one. I’m sorry Sebastian Young, I’ll definitely come back for you later!

This is not my usual movie, there’s absolutely no dialogue, no pretense at plot and very little foreplay. Think I’m joking? In the first scene MJ Taylor swims up to Bobby Clark and sucks on his cock for maybe 2 minutes, there’s a quick switch on the sucking action and then straight to the fucking. From swimming to fucking takes about 3 minutes and some change – still I’m not complaining. Nope, not complaining in the least, why? Because “First Time Fucked” has some of the hottest guys I’ve seen in porn and I just really want to see them fuck, yeah I can be shallow sometimes.

Is this the start of some disturbing new trend with me? On the rare occasion that they tried to set the scene with a little titillation before the nakedness, I found myself hard pressed to resist yelling at the screen “take of your pants already!” Well, at least I was focused on the task at hand.

The theme here is first timers – the title is a pretty obvious giveaway – so each scene is a shot of these guys taking on a role they never have before and may never again. There’s something extra hot about a vulnerable new bottom just begging to be fucked at least to me. This time around it was Wolf Hudson and Brodie Sinclair that had me perched lecherously on the edge of my seat – remember those super hot stills from Men of Monday a week or so ago? They’re from this movie and man did the movie ever live up to those still shots, definitely the hottest scene in the movie!

Ok this was totally lust fulfillment for me. Like eating an entire tub of cookie dough or an entire quart of ice cream it feels oh so good in the moment but I get the feeling it’s not going to satisfy me for long. The guys are hot but they’re not as well lit as I’d like and I usually need a little foreplay/plot more often than I don’t to help get my juices flowing. But damn, sometimes a girl just wants to watch – and drool, and “First Time Fucked” is definitely drool fodder.

Men of Monday

Happy Monday! Some of you ladies actually have today off today, congrats! Of course I’m not going to leave the office ladies hanging either; I’ve got the Monday morning man candy that makes every Monday a good Monday!

Today it’s all about Nelson Troy, a part-time dancer, part-time trainer and full-time sex god. At six feet tall with a muscular body that was built to fuck, Troy has quickly proven himself to be a very popular stud. Don’t forget to click on the images for a more naked larger pic!

To be absolutely honest I took one look at the second linked shot and knew I had to share this chameleonic stud with the world. I mean gods be good, that would be the most beautific site to wake up to ever! Please grant me such a man that I might bath him in sunlight and with my tongue!

You can catch Nelson Troy, in various hair styles, along with a host of other studs in no less than 3 of our current CockyBoys films.

Shadow – Dead Riot (UnRated)

I can’t remember why exactly but last year I stopped just short from taking a look at “Shadow – Dead Riot.” Of course I’m a lover of horror films like you’ve never seen before and I’ve been dying to see what Tony Todd (aka Candyman) was up to in this particular adult feature. I wish I’d thought ahead and brought some popcorn to the office and shot out all the lights so it could be good and dark in here but atmosphere setting aside onto the awesome!

Oh – my – gods – this is bad, I mean “Troll” bad. The props are terrible from the ropey mop that Todd, aka Shadow, is wearing to his bad dentures and the carved skin effects on his hands. It contrasts sharply with the blue green wash of the film and the truly creepy setting of the abandoned asylum. All of this so far adds up to a factor of camp that could be amazing, the fact that I’m still watching avidly is a good indication that “Shadow – Dead Riot” has some serious potential.

So the movie starts with Shadow’s death and a bizarre blood ritual that causes the prison to riot at the moment of his escape. The riot is ended rather quickly when the warden has his men fire directly into the prisoners killing them all, then has them buried in a mass grave, along with a pointy toothed skull we’re lead to believe belongs to Shadow.

Years later the prison has been re-commissioned as a women’s prison and a new inmate is coming in. They call the new inmate Solitaire, because she prefers to be alone, get it? After the obligatory all girl shower scene, the obligatory all girl fight scene! Love it! Seriously the girl on girl fight scenes are lovingly choreographed and expertly shot so that you don’t notice anyone pulling their punches. So far the very best bits of this movie are the fight scenes. But the little violent outburst earns Solitaire a moment in solitary – and she gets the same cell Shadow used before his execution of course.

The prison doctor is a skeezey little bastard and the last person in this film I want to see taking his clothes off but he’s the first to have a sex scene. Meanwhile, Solitaire begins to show the first signs of bonding with her pregnant cell mate, all while Elsa the prison guard is cozying up to everyone’s bitch, Crystal. Then things start getting pretty weird as Crystal disappears during a prison break swallowed up by the lawn.

Blood is a continuing theme with this little horror tale. Any time someone bleeds something bad happens. When the big jailhouse bully goes berserk, it’s just after that idiot doctor injects her with what looks like someone else’s blood. And something horrible happens to Emily’s baby when she gives birth on the lawn, hemorrhages and passes out. Somehow the prison grounds still house the barely decomposed bodies of the original prisoners. These prisoners need blood to reanimate and find the pieces of Shadow’s shattered body. Meanwhile the good old doctor has been injecting prisoners with Shadow’s blood to prolong their life and make them stronger. Yeah, that’s working out great for everyone, thanks Skeezy.

The zombie fight scene’s unlike the girl on girl prison brawls are simple campy fun, filled with bad props and terrible camera work. One girl’s top rips off without being touched; blood sprays like soda from a can, one girl holds in the bloody rag that’s supposed to be her guts with her hands but only after the camera gets a really good look at the mess.

Ok, they got me – an honest to goodness gotcha moment. That just about pushes this directly from campy ok to campy awesome. Yeah it wasn’t the moment they probably planned and I won’t be telling you exactly where it happened so you can have one too. Most of the movie is full of clichéd tropes and predictable gore. Still there are a few really great moments of dialogue and acting that balance out on the good side. Unfortunately there’s no sex, there’s full frontal female nudity and lots of it, and some implied sexual situations and relationships but no actual action but I’d still say it’s a great film if you’re a fan of horror looking for something to watch on an otherwise dull Sunday afternoon.

Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics

Well it’s officially October and way back in the day I promised I’d devote October to the scariest, grossest, most depraved hentai I could find in our coffers. That leaves me with a lot of potential choices, but this year we’re graced with two particularly legendary series, “Night Shift Nurses” and “Princess 69.” I’ll get to the nurses later but I thought I’d start out with the lighter title “Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics.”

A little background, “Midnight Gymnastics” is actually a sequel to the original “Princess 69” episodes and features a slightly different cast, slightly different motives, different art style and an entirely different feel – which is why I’m calling it the lighter title.

Where the original “Princess 69” focuses around the antics of a coach hell bent on the desire to bring out the ultimate eroticism in a special Midnight Gymnastics team given to him by the directors granddaughter, Tomomi; “Midnight Gymnastics” steams from a young man’s (Fubuki) desire to save stepsister by pretending to be a girl in order to infiltrate the gymnastics team that is at the center of her disappearance.

Now keep in mind that you should never take hentai too seriously or attempt to repeat anything you’ve seen in it before. Seriously, if this stuff was marginally safe or even possible to do with people there wouldn’t be as many dirty cartoons in the world. Examples in this film include body to body lock stepped en pointe ribbon work/ballet moves while fucking, I don’t think the two best dancers alive could manage that but it’s rather pretty to watch and even more erotic to contemplate and would likely cause a broken dick or ankle to try and emulate.

This time around Tomomi offers up more reasoning that in previous episodes. Where the first series makes it look like nothing more than an old pervert’s most fervent dream come true, now Midnight Gymnastics is something that only the rich are in the know about. Still, as Tomomi describes it Midnight Gymnastics isn’t something a proper high bred young lady like her should be interested in at all. Ah well – no one ever accused hentai of making sense.

In no time at all Fubuki is naked and at Tomomi’s complete mercy. After a couple of orgasms, Tomomi insists that Fubuki takes over coaching her Midnight Gymnastics team. Of course Tomomi doesn’t mention that Fubuki will have to attend the school as a girl, or that her real goal is to get Fubuki to recruit Koyuki for the team.

Fubuki seems like a terrible candidate for this, though he quickly relaxes into his female persona, Fubuki doesn’t seem to have a mean or even particularly horny bone in his body. I don’t see how he’s supposed to seduce Koyuki at all. Rather Tomomi seems to delight in jerking him off with her hands, feet and mouth at any given opportunity right up till Tomomi stages a scene at the bridge, apparently she didn’t think Fubuki could manage the seduction on his own either.

Using her fan club to set him up Tomomi has Fubuki place Koyuki, into a very compromising position. Tomomi tapes the whole thing and uses it as blackmail material to get Koyuki into her gymnastics team. Koyuki takes it rather well and afterward volunteers to let Fubuki train her for midnight gymnastics. “Women compete by showing off their beauty and sluttyness in Midnight Gymnastics,” every time they say that I want to ask them if they’re kidding. But the line “you have to be more careful with this thing, you almost snapped off my cock,” almost makes up for it.

Later Fubuki seems to discover Tomomi’s real secret. Is this horrible woman, actually doing these things because she’s lonely? Has Tomomi been playing Fubuki all along? Or is there another motivation to each of their actions than either of them wants to admit?

Not so scary at all really, and though there is the shower scene that echo’s back to the original “Princess 69,” this is relatively tame fare in comparison. “Princess 69 – Midnight Gymnastics” gives the characters some depth and even makes an attempt to explain their motives, while still throwing in some scenes of gymnastics related fantasy sex. As hentai goes all in all I’d say it was actually a pretty good OVA not likely to scar or scare anyone, that feels complete on its own. My advice would be to definitely check it out but, uhm, stay away from the original as this sequel isn’t at all indicative of it and that’s a good thing.

Men of Monday

First Monday in a very chilly October, how are you ladies handling the change in weather? Missing your minis and clear skies? I know I am but thankfully there are hot naked men to keep the temperature dialed up!

Today we’ve got a scrumptious return for Wolf Hudson. I couldn’t help it once I saw these shots, boy looks good enough to eat! Also click on the small image for a much larger preview of Wolf’s scene in an upcoming CockyBoys feature “First Time Fucked” which should be up on the sight in the upcoming weeks.

Jesse Santana is new to Men of Monday but I took one look at his body arched in pleasure and lost my mind a little bit. He’s featured with Wolf in “First Time Fucked” and I’m dying to watch that scene!

Before then though you ladies can get a taste of both Wolf and Jesse fucking other hot hunks in “Fuck The Hell Out Of Me.” Let me just say, thank you CockyBoys! More from this awesome studio next week!