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Hot Reviews: Fifty Shades Of A Tranny

2015-06-10_13-06-39Directed by Michelle Austin2015-06-10_15-59-09 herself, Fifty Shades Of A Tranny is an intimate documentation of a MTF and FTM trans relationship as Austin and her partner, Dicky Johnson, delve into their kinks and explore each others’ bodies in a loving and earnest fashion. Spliced between the actual porn content of the movie are interviews with the stars in which Michelle and Dicky explain the extraordinary, awesome nature of their relationship as a straight couple entrenched in the trans-porn community. In this unique documentary-porn, Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson open up the dialogue about not only what it means to be a straight trans couple, but how it has shaped and changed their personal definitions of their own sexualities, and ultimately how comfortable and happy they are now that they’ve found each other. I have to say that the level with which Michelle and Dicky chose to divulge with their audience set the tone for some really sincere and moving sex scenes. Even when the two engage in a little messy action, you know it’s coming from a place of love-something that’s consistently lacking from sex scenes involving lots of body fluids.

2015-06-10_13-05-20Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson are quite the debonair pair as they passionately kiss and undress each other. In the interviews, we see Michelle fresh-faced and makeup free, and she looks stunning when she’s glammed up too! Soon, the “Fifty Shades” element is revealed as Dicky pins Michelle’s hands over her head and blindfolds her. A little sensuous breast play leads to Dicky ripping off Michelle’s fishnets as he begins to teasingly blow her. Things get even hotter when she’s flipped on her stomach and Dicky begins to finger and rim her ass. Clearly, all this hot action is steaming Michelle up for the when Dicky rides her, and ride her he does! Dicky is the Dom in this scene, and as such he requires some affirmations from Michelle in the form of some “Yes, sir” as he continues to ride her and occasionally slap her face. When Michelle gets on top of Dicky, the two whisper inaudibly to each other as they fuck. I wanted to hear more of what they say to each other during sex, but the scene ends before I find out. The scene also ends without a cum shot, which is fine with me, but some may find this a little disappointing.

2015-06-10_13-08-17SCENE TWO:
The roles are reversed in this next scene as Michelle gets to dominate Dicky. When asked how she feels about being in control of the person she loves, Michelle responds, “The best ways or the best times to be in control are with the people you love, because there’s that trust,” and I couldn’t agree more. While Dicky reveals that he’s usually the dominant in his personal life, he admits that he likes the freeing release of letting someone dominate him for a change. The scene opens with Michelle looking smokin’ hot in a pair of knee-high leather boots, which Dicky proceeds to lick. He’s turned on by leather, and Michelle doesn’t spare him this particular kink with those kickass shoes. Next, Michelle ties Dicky’s hands together and pins him to a door, spreads his legs and begins to finger him. She starts off slowly at first, but as the heat of the moment builds more momentum and fingers are added! Michelle ends the hot encounter with a sweet kiss, and I can tell that the trust they have for each 2015-06-10_13-09-01other extends far beyond the bedroom. Their relationship is as beautiful as it is enviable.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of messy play, so I could’ve done without this scene. But, as Michelle and Dicky explain prior to this scene, this is something they enjoy doing, and I’m not in the business of judgment. This movie is an overall exploration of this particular couple’s kinks, and  messy play is something that turns them on, so why not show it? Michelle lays in the bathtub while Dicky douses on her perfectly made-up face. There are plenty of ways to remove one’s makeup, and Michelle chose to go the kinkiest route! Not my favorite scene, but those who like this will appreciate it.

SCENE FOUR:2015-06-10_13-19-31

As someone who enjoys to be dominated by her man, this was my favorite scene. Dicky has Michelle restrained as paddles her voluptuous ass. Dicky looks really hot here with his shirt off in his natural role as the Dom-you can tell this is where he’s most comfortable. Dicky controls Michelle’s cock, jerking her off and denying her her orgasm, demanding “I’m cumming first.” Michelle has no choice but to quiver and obey. Dicky unties Michelle and pushes her down to give him some head, and some face-fucking ensues until, by the sound of Dicky’s moans, it’s evident our girl has completed her task!

While I love watching any real-life porno couple have sex, there’s something undeniably way cooler about Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson’s relationship. It’s hard enough as a straight cis person to find someone who matches your exact kinks and quirks, so for two trans people to find their perfectly compatible lover is a really great thing to see. Their sex life is something every couple should strive to achieve-mutual respect, love, and overall openness to each others’ wishes and desires.

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Hot Toy Reviews: Bodywand Midnight

Image courtesy of BodyWand
Image courtesy of Bodywand

At first when I received the Bodywand Midnight, I was a bit chagrined by the cord. I like my toys to be rechargeable and portable, but I soon found that the AC cord on the Midnight is luxuriously long; I didn’t necessarily have to be right next to a wall outlet for comfortable use. Upon first inspection of the Midnight, I was thrilled to find the head was quite flexible–allowing users to modify the angle with which the toy is held. The single-touch vibration dial makes for simple speed adjustment ranging from a soft buzzing to a surprisingly powerful, intense sensation. Just adjust the dial to the specific speed that suits your comfort level–the Midnight is extremely customizable in that sense. On lower speed levels the noise of the vibration is moderate and undetectable from afar, but if you’re looking to enjoy the higher-intensity speeds you may want to double-check the thickness of your walls.

As stated before, the Midnight’s motor is incredibly powerful. I went for a lower-velocity vibration to stimulate my clit because I wanted to play with the massager for a longer period of time. Once I found the speed that worked for me, I laid flat on my back and experimented with placing the flexible head against my body until I found the right angle. During use, I liked constantly alternating the pressure with which I held the head against myself. Changing up the pressure kept me in that exciting state of ecstasy right before orgasm for an enjoyable amount of time before I decided to press down and finish the job.

Before the Midnight, I’d never used a wand or any toy specifically designed solely for external use, but I have to say it really did live up to the hype-and for $54, it’s definitely worth it. I continue to use this toy on a regular basis, and if it weren’t for the cord, I’m sure I’d have it with me right now. If you’re concerned about over-stimulation and soreness like I was, keep the vibration level lower and you should enjoy yourself. The Midnight’s handle is a good length and ergonomically-sound, but if you’re planning on using this toy for an extended period of time, you may want to prop your elbow up on a pillow for some extra leverage. I found after 10-15 minutes of use my upper-arm did become a little uncomfortable. This toy can easily be incorporated into use with a partner by holding against oneself during penetration for extra stimulation, or simply having your partner control the speeds and pressures while using it on you.

Obviously, the AC cord means that this toy is not waterproof and shouldn’t be handled around water. Instead, I suggest a nice water-based toy cleaner to keep the Bodywand hygienic and ultimately, long-lasting. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with a warranty as it is relatively inexpensive, but, as with all toys, a little care and maintenance go a long way.

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Celebrity Sex Tapes and Shame: How the Conversation Has Changed

With the release of Taylor Lianne Chandler’s new movie, Going For The Gold, I’ve gotten to thinking about the interesting paradigm of celebrity sex tapes in our culture, and how we collectively receive celebrities’ sexuality much differently now than a mere couple decades ago. It wasn’t too long ago that we shamed celebrities when their sex lives were made public. Whether the information was made public with or without their consent was no matter; it was somehow obscene for us to fathom America’s Baywatch sex symbol actually engaging in the very acts that everyone fantasized about her doing anyway.  Rightfully so, Pamela Anderson was horrified at her personal tapes leaking-but at the very least she made a pretty penny off of it.

Then, at the change of the millennium, we saw a new type of celebrity emerge from the very caucus of shame that almost ruined 2015-05-13_16-19-37many a career. Paris Hilton was an established young socialite in the LA-NY circuit before the extremely publicized leak of her private sex tape, Paris Hilton Sex Tape Home Video, (otherwise known as One Night In Paris). Whether leaked or manufactured, Hilton’s sex tape worked as a successful publicity stunt, allowing her to further her career into reality TV, fashion, and music. What was interesting about Hilton’s tape was for the first time in celebrity culture, Hilton needed virtually no explanation or apology for her actions. The tape was allegedly leaked without her knowledge, just like Pamela Anderson’s, but the climate of
acceptance had shifted in such a way as to receive Hilton’s raunchy personal life as part of her character. Then, the relatively unheard-of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with rapper Ray-J hit the streets, soon picked up by Vivid Entertainment, and continues to be sold as one of the highest-grossing celebrity sex tapes to date. Kim Kardashian’s wildly successful career is a direct result of her sex tape, and she continues her life in the public eye advocating for women to own their bodies and sexualities. Hate her or love her-you can’t shame her-and I find that admirable.

On the other hand, a celebrity lacking momentum in the public eye 2015-05-13_16-21-53can now be thrust once again into the spotlight via their sex tapes. We’ve seen this happen with multiple celebrities with varying degrees of success. Famous female wrestler Chyna owes her significant career boost to her leaked tape 1 Night In China, which resulted in her appearance on popular VH1 reality show The Surreal Life. Interestingly enough, world-famous porn star Ron Jeremy appeared on The Surreal Life as well, and can probably thank the show for a good deal of his 2015-05-13_16-20-03current crossover appeal. Similarly, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil experienced a lull in his fame after parting ways with the band and attempting a solo career that didn’t work out. Thanks to Vivid, Neil released Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored, a four-scene sex romp with adult starlet Janine Lindemulder that 2015-05-13_16-22-46resulted in Neil’s return to the spotlight on reality TV show-you guessed it-The Surreal Life, and a shaky attempt at revamping his music career. And, of course, I can’t leave out the sex tape/publicity stunt by none other than Dustin Diamond, better known as “Screech” from the 80s sitcom Saved By The Bell. In a frantic grab for some limelight, Diamond directed, produced and starred in Screeched, an intimate three-scene look into the child-star-turned-porn-star’s world.

What we’re seeing is a change in the tide of stigma – what was once deemed a career-ruining move is now a platform for mainstream success (ie. Kim Kardashian), or a way to jump back into the public eye (ie. Vince Neil). What’s often so easily forgotten are the celebrities who never released a sex tape, but started their careers in porn. Sylvester Stallone, best known for his prolific acting and screenwriting careers, got his start in Hollywood by starring in adult films like Italian Stallion. Similarly, Game of Thrones star Sibel Kekilli, who plays Shae, began her career acting in much more revealing roles when she was better known by her porn star stage name, Dilara (for those interested, HotMoviesForHer has seven of her films, including the popular Lollipops 16).

As a self-professed pop culture junkie, what I presume is occurring here is the slow erosion of slut-shaming in Hollywood. Sure, every now and then a sex tape happens that does definitively end a career (John Edwards), but that’s usually more about the extenuating circumstances. What’s more important is that famous people, particularly famous women, are getting less and less ashamed of their bodies and sexuality-and, obviously, making a buck off of that confidence is quite the positive reinforcement. So yeah, I applaud celebrities that don’t make excuses when their sex tape goes public. Paris Hilton owned it, Kim Kardashian made a career from it, and even Chyna made a comeback from it. Thanks to Vivid’s offshoot studio, VividCeleb, we can look forward to more sexy famous people having sex on camera to satisfy our voyeuristic natures.

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6 Awesome Lesbian Strap-On Scenes

I’ve seen a lot of lesbian porn. Some of the movies are good, some a little lackluster, and a fraction of them I’ve found exceptionally wonderful. In my opinion, for a lesbian scene to be really successful it must have a few elements: the partners should have evident chemistry, there needs to be a fair amount of dirty talk, and-most importantly-the orgasms are real. I compiled a top list of my favorite lesbian strap-on scenes for your perusal.

  1. Kink School: A Guide To Anal Play (2015) – Severe Sex

Lily Cade & Lotus Lain

Kink School: A Guide to Anal Play videoThis scene is jam-packed with exciting girl-on-girl anal. Per Lily Cade’s style, nothing about this scene feels contrived or inauthentic. Lotus Lain’s got a great ass, and Cade gets right up in there like the expert she is. She starts off alternating between pussy and ass play to get Lain ready for the full penetration. With a purple butt-plug in Lain’s gorgeous ass, Cade begins fucking her passionately. Then, right before anal, Cade removes the plug and slowly massages the inside of Lane’s ass while simultaneously eating her pussy. I wish straight porn showed the amount of time and care it takes to properly penetrate someone’s ass. Cade does it the safe and sexy way, and the two girls continue to please each other until they both come plenty of times. Bonus, Lain’s a squirter and Cade really knows how to wield a strap-on!

  1. Pussy Whipped (2014) – Evil Angel-Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr & Arabelle Raphael

Aiden Starr's Pussy Whipped XXX movieWhat would this list be without my favorite femdom, Aiden Starr? In this scene, Starr starts off with some lovely controlled masturbation with her sub, Arabelle Raphael. Then, Starr removes Raphael’s latex panties and says my favorite line, “I want to shove a bunch of weird fucking objects in your ass, Arabelle.” And shove she does. Raphael obeys entirely like the good submissive she is. When Starr is done playing with Raphael’s holes, Starr pulls out a tentacle-shaped strap-on and face-fucks Raphael until Starr decides it’s finally time to fuck her. Starr relentlessly rams all of Raphael’s orifices and her sub is only too happy to oblige her. You really can’t beat Starr’s strap-on work and dirty talk; the entire Pussy Whipped series is a must-see!


  1. Tight Places – A Drop Of Color (2010) – Reel Queer Productions

Akira Raine, Brooklyn Skyy, Kohen & Vai

This foursome scene starts off with a super-hot make out session asNenna Joiner's Tight Places: A Drop of Color the four performers goof around and get each other excited for the awesome strap-on sex that’s about to happen. Akira Raine happily takes Brooklyn Skyy’s cock and rides it while Vai and Kohen are still getting warmed up. What I really appreciate about this scene is not only the vigor with which everyone fucks, but the genuine vibes between all of them. They’re really enjoying themselves and the sex proceeds naturally because of this. The camera angles allow for close-up inspection of the penetration as well as really nice distanced shots to display the players’ chemistry. While Raine and Skyy fuck like they’re possessed, Vai and Kohen keep things slow and sensual for the most part. It’s the best of both worlds! And it’s quite possible that Raine and Skyy broke the chair they were fucking in, but it’s worth it because it looked so damn good!

  1. Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol. 6 (2014) – Sweetheart Video

Bonnie Rotten & Dahlia Sky

Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol 6While all of this series is a must-see, I particularly enjoyed this scene because 1. Bonnie Rotten and Dahlia Sky are my major girl-crushes, and 2. Bonnie Rotten is one of the craziest squirters I’ve ever seen! As an added plus, the opening vignette is emotional, relatable, and a little humorous too. Rotten and Sky cum multiple times in this scene and, my god, they’re fucking on top of a pool table. I feel like there’s nothing more to be said here – it just doesn’t get hotter than that.



  1. The Crash Pad (2005) – Pink & White Productions

Dusty Ryder & Roxy RyderThe Crash Pad queer porn movie

This scene comes from the original Crash Pad, although, as Andi already mentioned, the whole series is extremely noteworthy for the feminist/genderqueer porn genre. Dusty Ryder and Roxy Ryder come together in the Crash Pad – a safe space free from judgment and sexual objectification – for an authentic lesbian sex scene that is a much-needed departure from the sea of faux-lesbians and women who don’t know what they’re doing in their harnesses. And yeah, I love squirting, and there’s plenty of that in this scene too! It’s just so gratifying watching women actually get off.


  1. James Deen’s 7 Sins – Pride (2014) –

Casey Calvert, Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli & Phoenix Marie

James Deen's 7 Deadly Sins: Pride xxx movieI intended to make this a top-five post but then my gal pal Judy Hologram sent me a link to this. At first I thought, where does James Deen belong in a lesbian strap-on post? Once I realized it was part of Deen’s 7 Sins series, I was simultaneously aroused and intrigued. In this artsy strap-on gangbang scene, the women are all wearing James Deen masks and strap-ons modeled after his member and the focus is on the lovely, totally-submissive Casey Calvert. Casey has all of her holes stuffed with the large dildos by the somber, masked Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli, and Phoenix Marie. This scene is an eerie and incredible take on the classic gangbang – mirroring the male aesthetic but maintaining an all-female D/s dynamic that still aims to please Calvert in the end. See why I couldn’t leave this off the list?

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Hot Reviews: Mia Khalifa – Formerly Mia Callista

If you pay any sort of attention to the adult industry, then you’ve probably heard something about this Mia Khalifa chick by now. Most likely, you heard she has huge boobs, she’s Lebanese, and that Drake tried to get with her (and failed!). Well, the SCORE Group finally got Khalifa her own feature film, Mia Khalifa – Formerly Mia Callista, to show off this Middle Eastern megastar on a more intimate level. I was excited to finally sit down and watch Mia Khalifa after hearing nothing but rave reviews about her, and she certainly did not disappoint!

Scene one starts out with Khalifa fully dressed sitting on a couch, while one of her friends at the SCORE Group interviews her about how she got involved in the biz. At first glance, she’s a total knock-out. She has a glowing complexion, healthy hair, and her hourglass figure is completely jealousy-inducing. If I had a dick, I’m sure it’d be rock hard. Khalifa coyly plays with herself as the interview proceeds and you learn that she was discovered while working at a burger joint. Talk about an upgrade! Now instead of working a cash register in a grease pit, Mia Khalifa has a fanbase of roughly 550,000 Twitter followers and the illustrious title as “world’s #1 porn star.” I love porn star interviews, and this one was no different. Women in porn tend to be really down-to-earth and funny, which she definitely was, but I was most surprised by her maturity and intelligence–this girl is way beyond her years. At this point, I’m really interested to see how her awesome personality shines through while she’s having sex. I guess I’ll find out!

The build-up continues! This scene is basically just some romantic foreplay before we actually get to see Khalifa do her thing. She does a sexy strip-tease and continues to lightly touch herself on a bed, but this scene isn’t doing much for me. Sure, she’s totally gorgeous, but I want to see some sex! Not to be a total bummer, but her lack of a properly-fitting bra is super distracting for me. She’s going to have major back problems later in life if the guys at the SCORE Group don’t get her the right sized bra!

If you’re already in love with Mia Khalifa’s personality, then her blowjob techniques will have you falling head-over-heels. In this instructional scene, Khalifa gives away all of her dick-sucking secrets: the difference between blowing an uncircumcised guy vs. a circumcised one, how to incorporate your hands into a good blowjob, and–my personal favorite–the importance of ball-sucking! As she puts it, “What’s a blowjob without some ball-licking?” Khalifa proceeds to demonstrate her signature sucking-style on a dildo, and girlfriend’s got moves. No wonder everyone’s obsessed with her. On a serious note, though, if you’re looking to improve your fellatio skills, she gives some great tips on how to give an awesome beej in this scene.

Okay, are we finally going to see some P-in-V? Mia Khalifa is very cool, and I’m liking the versatility of this movie, but at this point I need to see some fucking. And wouldn’t you know it, in this scene I get what I want! Karlo Karrera is the lucky guy plowing Khalifa’s pastures in this scene. I like Karrera; he establishes some chemistry right off the bat by groping Khalifa and whispering some encouraging stuff in her ear. I can tell she’s a little bit nervous, but Karrera gets her in the mood and things start out nicely with a super-sloppy blowjob. We get to see Khalifa’s techniques from the previous scene put to use on an actual dick! She loses all inhibition and starts enjoying herself as Karrera starts fucking her. Compared to Karrera, Mia Khalifa is so tiny and I really liked watching him rough her up. Plus, it was nice to see her nervousness evaporate and legitimate pleasure take its place once the scene started heating up. Good stuff!

I appreciate beautiful women’s bodies, and Mia Khalifa’s got one of the nicest bodies I’ve seen thus far, but I’m not much of an oiled-up titties kind of gal so this scene isn’t my favorite. I’m sure if I possessed that “male gaze” everyone’s always talking about, this scene could really go somewhere sexy for me, but alas, I can only appreciate it on an aesthetic level.

We’ve been on quite a journey here, folks. We’ve had an interview scene, a solo scene, an instructional scene, a nice hardcore scene, and what I can only refer to as an “oily scene.” At this point, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lo and behold–the sixth scene features a little plot for you storyline junkies. Khalifa is waiting in her professor’s office when an unsuspecting student walks in and sees the sultry star wearing a pretty inappropriate schoolgirl uniform. Rather than reveal Khalifa and the professor’s obvious affair, the student decides to cash in on his little discovery with a sexy school rendezvous with Mia herself! The acting isn’t the best, but you get the general idea. Once Khalifa puts those amazing deep-throat skills to use, you won’t really care about that anyway. Besides the great blowjob, this scene was pretty standard in my opinion. Nothing to write home about (besides Mia’s awesome boobies, of course).

If you want to learn how to give a better blowjob, or you’re just looking to find out more info about who this Mia Khalifa chick is, then you’ll love this movie. I found her attitude and approach to sex really refreshing, especially considering she was raised in a Lebanese home–not the most sexually-accepting culture. Mia Khalifa is definitely a sexual pioneer for Middle Eastern women, and all politics aside, she’s the kind of girl you’d want to throw back a few beers with. If you want to learn even more about this kickass chick, you can follow Mia on Twitter at @MiaKhalifa.


Hot Reviews: Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks

Joanna Angel’s latest alt-porn release, Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks  takes you inside the wild, kinky world of people who take don’t mind getting nerdy–and dirty! True to her directorial style, Angel makes sure to keep the line between silly and sexy very thin, which I appreciated a lot. As someone who hasn’t read a comic book since 7th grade and doesn’t partake in cosplay, I still found myself enjoying this movie for its intentionally campy, and ridiculous plot points and, of course, because the sex was still super hot!


Scene one opens up with Draven Star dressed as the DC comic book character Death. Essentially the goth-girl equivalent of the Grim Reaper, Death can claim all beings except those who surmount her in divine power. Enter the ever-charming Tommy Pistol, dressed as Death’s (im)mortal enemy, Lucifer. From the second you see Pistol in his absurd blonde wig wearing feathery angel wings asleep on the sofa, you can’t help but chuckle. The second I saw the wig, I had a feeling it would fall off mid-fuck, and–of course–I was right. Despite the impending wardrobe malfunction, Star seductively saunters over to awaken Pistol, and their exchange is the classic, over-the-top “hero vs. enemy” dialogue you’d expect from any action movie. The camera swoops in to Pistol’s surprised face as he prepares to defend himself, but instead of looking for a fight, Star feels like settling the score with a good fuck. Star gives Pistol a super-sloppy blowjob and I can’t help but wonder where Angel gets the makeup for her shoots – Star’s dark lipstick remains perfectly intact while getting the ever-living shit fucked out of her face. I’ve gone through many trials and tribulations with lipstick brands but whatever Star is wearing is apparently the one I need (Seriously, Joanna… MAC? Clinique? NARS? Tell!). Oh, and did I mention the face-fucking? Because there’s face-fucking galore in this scene and it’s pretty great. Pistol doesn’t spare me the slow, romantic sex that I’m not interested in seeing anyway – this scene is rough and could even be perceived as a good old-fashioned hate-fuck. Considering Death and Lucifer are supposed to be enemies, I think that’s pretty fitting.  It’s worth noting that Pistol looks SO much better with a beard than he does clean-shaven. But what man doesn’t?


As soon as I saw the giant beehive-style black wig and the super juicy cleavage I rejoiced. Larkin  Love is decked-out in a really good Elvira cosplay for this scene, and she looks amazing. Again, I also wondered how long it would take for that impressive wig to fall off, but I’ll leave that part up to Ramon Nomar, who plays an opportunist selling Comic Con tickets for a little extra action. When Love arrives at his apartment to buy the tickets, Nomar’s English isn’t the best, and he mistakes “Comic Con” for what sounded like “caramel cock.” This obvious misunderstanding was more than enough of an excuse for him to pull out that scary-huge meat sword (but really, did he need one?). As Elvira loves anything scary, Love decides to follow through with what her muse would do and fuck this freaky guy! All the better if she gets Comic Con tickets out of it too! Nomar squeezes Love’s awesome boobs (as well he should), and gets right to the business of eating her pussy–which it just so happens, he’s crazy good at. When he starts fucking her with his tongue, I had to hold on to my seat. That’s a man who knows what he’s doing, can I get a round of applause?! Once Love and Nomar wrap up the foreplay, he starts fucking her so hard that the wig topples right off her head (42 minute-mark) and Nomar doesn’t miss a beat. “Oh, hello, who are you?” he asks while giggling as Love’s purple hair is revealed. “Surprise!” Love quips back, without missing a beat in the fucking. I find it refreshing that even porn stars have spontaneous moments mid-coitus that they can laugh at. To me, sexual chemistry also necessitates a sense of humor, and it was nice to see Love and Nomar participating in some realism despite the surrealism of fucking in front of a camera, in costume.


If you love seeing squirting in lesbian porn (I know I do!), then scene three is made for you! The beautiful, buxom Sheridan Love and our pal from scene two, Larkin Love, demonstrate the old adage, “you are what you eat,” because–wait for it–these girls are dressed as neon, fishnet pussies! Complete with kitty ears, and cute furry-tailed butt plugs (a favorite amongst Editorial here at the HMFH office, by the way), the “Loves” look as adorable as they do sexy. With a bowl of cream nearby for the hungry little pussies, the “Loves” get straight to eating each other out on the couch. Unlike a lot of lesbian porn, these girls aren’t afraid of the pussy their mouth is buried in–this is the face-first, knuckles-deep kind of lesbian sex that I love. Even when Sheridan warns Larkin that she’s about to squirt (for the second time, she does it a LOT), Larkin doesn’t duck away from it, but opens her mouth wide. Simply put, that’s hot. Then, as if things couldn’t any get messier, Larkin grabs the handy bowl of cream and begins dripping it all over Sheridan’s huge tits. I’m not a food-and-sex kind of girl, but even I thought this was awesome. Serious shout-out to the “Loves” for making an appealing, hot, and genuine lesbian scene despite the slightly-campy implications of their cosplay!


We’ve had the usual girl-guy and girl-girl scenes so far, so next up is a girl-girl-guy threesome! Yay! If you were getting bored of the costumes, at least the sex remains interesting. This scene introduces self-proclaimed emo-porn girl London Lanchester, alongside her partner in cosplay-crime Annie Cruz. The girls have just gotten home from a cosplay convention and they’re being loud and rowdy. Their strict landlord, played by John Strong, comes into their apartment to bust up the fun. The girls have other ideas, however; and ask Strong to dress up in cosplay as well so he can better understand them. He’s reluctant, but his smoking hot tenants seem to convince him pretty quickly. Strong is now “the sexy landlord man” (not the best superhero name, but I’ll let it slide). Cruz then orders Strong to “unleash that mighty landlord sword and show us how you slay the dragons for the month-to-month village.” Slightly over-the-top, but Strong does as asked, and then some! The girls embark on their threesome with the landlord and the rest of the scene is pretty straightforward girl-girl-guy threesome behavior. I just wish Strong kept the cape on for the whole duration of the scene. He gave up on his superhero alter-ego too soon!


Okay, admittedly, this is my favorite scene. Not because the sex is great (it is), not because Rizzo Ford is rad (she is), but because Wolf Hudson undergoes a makeover montage scene to look like a kangaroo. Yes, you read that correctly, Hudson is dressed in kangaroo cosplay for this scene. You might be thinking, okay sure, maybe he just likes kangaroos. No, friends, when Hudson shows up to Ford’s house not adorned in kangaroo embellishments, she almost refuses to fuck him! Ford declares, “I don’t fuck people, I fuck kangaroos,” and Hudson is left with the option of either leaving this smoking chick’s house with blue-balls or putting on some kangaroo makeup so he can get the job done. So yeah, Hudson swallows his pride and becomes one with his marsupial side. Once Ford is happy with Hudson’s makeover, the two go outside to have a hopping good time chasing each other around for what Ford refers to as “foreplay.” Maybe she and I have a different idea of what foreplay is, but this was hilarious none-the-less. After they’re done funning-around, they finally consummate their unusual date with some hot sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cunnilingus shot, and Hudson really went for the gold, but somehow that kangaroo makeup kept me from getting into this scene on a more intimate level. From start to finish, I couldn’t take this scene seriously because of how weird Hudson looked. Maybe that anthropomorphic stuff gets some people off, but not me. For the great sake of humor I loved this scene, but I wouldn’t find myself spending any quality “alone time” with it.


Once again, Angel has made another unconventional contribution to the already unique genre of punk-alt-porn. Using a variety of cosplay inspirations along with a mixture of interesting on-screen couplings, Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks had me rolling on the floor with laughter while simultaneously getting super turned on. Please, for the love of everything holy Tommy Pistol, keep that facial hair!

Check out our Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks Dirty 30’s below for a preview and be sure to watch it exclusively at through April 16th!

Hot Reviews: FemDom Dream Date

FemDom Dream Date is the perfect porn representation of contemporary online dating disasters and the true-to-life struggle of finding that special someone who has just the right amount of kink for you. Directed by Dee Severe, this witty script had the rare quality of kinky porn with a decent plot, and I even found myself laughing often while watching. Dee doesn’t mind poking fun at stereotypes within the fetishist community, touching on the extremities and stereotypes that kinksters are often associated with, but are typically untrue.


Dominik Kross plays the lonely, sympathetic protagonist who just wants to find a sensual BDSM relationship like the one he fantasizes about having with his favorite porn star, Aiden Starr. Starr appears in scene one like a masturbatory fairy godmother to tell Dominik to quit jerking it and find himself a real woman! Dominik realizes the mistress is right – he can’t keep wacking it day and night to the thought of having a kinky lady in his life – he needs to start seeking or he’ll never find. Before this revelation, however, the mistress makes sure to dominate Dominik the way he’s been dreaming of. Aiden’s dialogue was great- not too over-the-top like a lot of femdoms tend to be. Dominik wants to belong to and worship his femdom, not be tortured and humiliated in the process. I loved when she said, “Your balls and all of the sperm inside of them belong to me now.” I’m going to take a page out of Mistress Aiden’s book and find a way to work that into my rolodex of dirty talk! And don’t get me started on those crotchless pants-Where do I find those in my size? Seriously. My favorite part of this scene had to be when Mistress Aiden slowly teased Dominik by hovering her pussy over his face while he begged for a taste. The build-up was super hot, and when she finally let him have it, she really let him have it. After having this very sexy encounter with his fantasy femdom, Dominik resolves to make an online dating profile on a kinkster site and begin exploring his dating options. But instead getting a reverse-50 Shades of Grey experience, Dominik goes through 50 shades of batshit crazy to find the right femdom for him!


Dominik’s first date is with the gorgeous Lea Lexis, but there’s a bit of a language barrier from the get-go. Her English is a little shaky and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what her accent was supposed to be. Latin? Anyway, doesn’t matter. Lea, or “Gabriella” is super-fine and Dominik is lucky enough to get her back to his place pretty much immediately. Gabriella keeps saying she “loves America,” but she doesn’t really indicate that she understands what Dominik is looking for in regards to being dominated. When they get back to his place, they get right down to brass tacks and she starts giving him some great sloppy toppy. Gabriella can suck a mean dick, which is cool with Dominik by all means, but he’s not getting the domination aspect he wants out of the encounter.  Gabriella doesn’t seem to understand what he means. After getting a bangin’ blowjob, Gabriella inquires about their second date, but Dominik just isn’t feeling it. That kind of pissed me off. He lets the girl go down on him–she’s asks for nothing in return–and he waits until after he cums to let her know he’s not into it? I’d slap him too!


Oh god, I loved this scene. This is where I think Dee Severe decided to get really tongue-in-cheek about femdom stereotypes. Poor, pathetic Dominik shows up for his date with the terrifyingly-gorgeous Cybill Troy, only to be greeted at the door by her house slave. Dominik is going all out–the poor guy even brings Cybill a bouquet of flowers. When he finally enters her dungeon–and yeah, it’s a legitimate dungeon with all the proper BDSM fixins’ (St. Andrew’s cross, cages, whips, gags, and all kinds of spooky restraints and devices)–Cybill asks for payment upfront. What has Dominik gotten himself into now?! Cybill is a dominatrix for-hire, and he realizes quickly that this is not going to be the romantic evening he had planned. He’s so desperate that he gives her whatever is in his wallet, signs a pretty frightening release form, and their session begins. Dominik can only afford a half-hour, and Cybill disdainfully quips, “Fine, half hour, but no piss.” Like that’s a bad thing! Cybill wastes no time strapping him up to the cross and tying his balls into what looks like a really painful knot (someone was a girl scout!). This still isn’t the type of domination Dominik is looking for, and things are getting out of hand quick. Dominik isn’t into pain and humiliation, but that’s all Cybill is offering. I really felt bad for Dominik as what he expected to be a promising date, quickly turns into the torture-fest he’s nowhere near interested in. Cybill’s dialogue was hilarious though. When Dominik starts licking her boots–another thing Dominik is not into, Cybill cackles and says, “Oh good, someone’s been on the internet!” That made me crack up. Her portrayal of an over-the-top dungeon dominatrix was spot-on and hilarious at the same time. I didn’t find any of this stuff sexy, but for plot purposes it was a great scene.


Poor, poor Dominik. One disastrous date after another and you can tell he’s starting to get a little jaded. He still has hope that he’ll find his femdom, though, and decides to meet up with Ela Darling and BOOM–from the first minute they meet their sexual chemistry is through the roof. I got excited in more ways than one when they decided to test their chemistry by going back to Ela’s place. She admits she isn’t experienced in dominating, but she’s an open-minded gal. Maybe there’s hope for Dominik after all! When they get back to Ela’s place, they get right down to business – and it is hot. The sex is rough and passionate and Dominik proves that he knows how to get a lady off… multiple times. Ela is triple-threat: a super-sexy screamer with an open-mind and the ability to squirt buckets. She even agrees to tie Dominik up and try out some soft domination. This is all going so right–surely Dominik has found his dream femdom. Once Dominik is all tied up and getting some super-enthusiastic head from Ela, he goes and mentions her ex-boyfriend. Dude, way to kill the mood! Not only does Ela not want to talk about her ex-boyfriend–she turns out to be fucking crazy paranoid about him. Ela starts going off about how she’s being stalked and how her ex is going to come after her and eat her brains. Great, she’s a psycho. Ela goes on a huge tirade about the zombie apocalypse and her survival preparedness and Dominik is scared shitless. I mean, this girl is talking about her machete collection and the dude is still tied to her bed. He’s got to get out of there, and fast. Luckily for him, a neighbor bangs on the door and threatens to call the cops because they’re being so loud, and Dominik sees his way out. “Go ahead, call the fucking cops!” he says, and that triggers Ela’s paranoia even further. She unties him immediately, kicks him out of her apartment, and Dominik leaves as fast as possible.


At this point, I’m feeling really bad for Dominik. This guy just can’t catch a break. He might as well resign himself to a life of jerking it to femdom porn forever. He’s scarred from all of these bad dates but he wants to give it one last try. And that’s where my girl Jessica Ryan comes in. They agree to meet at a coffee shop, and as soon as she walks in the door you can’t help but be turned on by Jessica’s sultry bedroom eyes and relaxed confidence. Dominik, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of confident. He’s been through some really rough dates and expects nothing more from this one. But Jessica is smoking hot and sweetly patient with Dominik. She wants to get him out of his funk and show him what a real sensual femdom experience is. She orders him to clean up after her and meet her out by her car with the finesse of an experienced femdom that knows how to toe-the-line between instruction and humiliation. Dominik is into it and readily submits. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all…

The way Jessica Ryan purrs to Dominik had me hot and bothered before anything even happens. Once he gets to her place, he finds his favorite restraints already laid out on her bed. This is a far cry from Cybill Troy’s dungeon, but it’s the domination equipment Dominik is actually interested in. This is getting exciting! Jessica orders Dominik to undress and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to please her. Once he’s blindfolded and restrained, she spanks him with a paddle and Dominik loves it. Jessica is sweet enough to give Dominik a safe word to ensure she doesn’t take it too far. “Thank you,” he gushes over and over as she spanks and coyly teases him. There is a slow build-up that I kind of glossed over… Dominik is having a great time but I just don’t like watching a guy get spanked for very long. I need my face-sitting scene! And boy do I get one. Dominik is restrained, blindfolded and capable of making Jessica cum within minutes. Unlike his fantasy mistress, Aiden Starr, Jessica doesn’t just receive pleasure-she gives it too! Jessica unties Dominik and they start fucking like, well, porn stars. I appreciated the give-and-take in this scene. Whereas Gabriella only gave, and Aiden Starr only received, Jessica is giving Dominik both the opportunity to please and the privilege of being pleased by her. So hot! And finally, when the fucking ends, Jessica doesn’t kick Dominik to the curb like some pathetic loser, they spend the night together. Aw! He’s found a femdom he can truly belong to and worship the way he’s been dreaming of since forever.


Overall, I really liked that Dominik had a happy ending (in more ways than one). This movie skipped the cheesy dialogue, bad acting and corny music that plagues too much of porn we see these days. It was different, and in a way I appreciated. I definitely recommend this one to anyone curious about femdom relationships or someone just looking for a hot movie with a legitimately good and funny plot. Kudos to Dee Severe for pulling off something really unique in this genre!