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Kink School: Tips From A Master

2016-10-11_15-41-10If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of fetish studio Severe Sex. Their BDSM education-based series, Kink School, is an excellent resource for anyone curious about the lifestyle or just looking to add kinky elements to their usual bedroom routine. After reviewing Tips From A Dominatrix when it came out over the summer, I was super excited to receive Tips From A MasterI was interested to see what insights were offered from the seasoned Maledoms compared with the advice given by the Dommes in Severe’s previous title.

Scene One: Performer Interviews

Like the former Kink School titles, this film begins with an introductory scene interviewing lifestyle Doms and fetish performers. The questions focus on getting each of the performers’ takes on how they discovered BDSM and how they realistically incorporate kink into their relationships. Familiar faces like Tommy Pistol and Mickey Mod are among the men interviewed. I found it interesting how different each of their perspectives about kink were. While some of the men were dominant 100% of the time in their play and relationships, a few of the performers admitted that dynamics change with different situations. Oddly enough, even though it’s an environment that typically focuses on satisfying the male gaze, porn seems to rarely value the opinion of the men who appear in it. It was refreshing to actually get into the mindset of what makes a Maledom tick. If you’re looking to educate yourself about BDSM, this isn’t a scene to miss.

Scene Two: Charlotte Sartre & Mickey Mod

Now to the fun part: putting all the theory to use! In the first scene, we have stunning Charlotte Sartre dominated by the very debonair Mickey Mod. Mickey begins by looking over and groping Charlotte’s various body parts, paying special attention to her mouth and pussy. Mickey fingers Charlotte for a while and informs her that she’s clearly aroused by how wet she’s become, but refuses to let her cum yet. When in Dom mode, Mickey has a great way of speaking softly, and yet somehow simultaneously coming off as authoritative. His dominance is proven by his commanding presence rather than a showy presentation of force. After refusing her request to orgasm, Mickey proceeds to face-fuck Charlotte and test her deep-throating limits. After thoroughly exploring her throat, Mickey gingerly touches Charlotte’s face and asks if she’s ready to continue. There are no words for how much I appreciate Mickey’s consideration for Charlotte’s comfort and consent throughout the entire scene, even when he’s pounding her ass into oblivion.

2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4

Scene Three: Charlotte Cross & Tommy Pistol

In his interview, Tommy Pistol admits that he likes to keep his work and private life separate. His Dom persona is something he brings out just for work, and after over a decade in the adult industry, it’s safe to say he’s perfected his craft. In this scene, Tommy is dominating busty, natural babe Charlotte Cross. As a submissive, Charlotte’s stamina is impressive; Tommy chokes, canes, gags, and plays with her tits and pussy in a way that is not for beginners. Charlotte is demure and obedient throughout the scene, ensuring to thank Tommy, who she refers to as “sir,” for every pain and pleasure he administers. While lacking just a little in the sensuousness of the first scene, Charlotte and Tommy’s performances deliver on the D/s front.

3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4

Scene Four: Cupcake SinClair & Tim Woodman

In the final scene, Tim Woodman dominates curvy cutie Cupcake SinClair. When submitting to Tim, Cupcake is bubbly and downright giddy in her obeisance. Tim alternates between punishment and pleasure in the scene, flogging Cupcake at first, and then making her cum repeatedly the next. Cupcake is every dominant man’s dream submissive: clearly empowered by giving up her control, she appears to have a sublime experience even while being whipped. Cupcake really made this scene for me, and I hope to see her in more movies soon.

4-1 4-2 4-3 4-4

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Good Little Girl Review

Good Little Girl caught my eye as soon as I saw it as an upcoming release. I see a lot of porn in any given day, and truthfully, a lot of it blends together when I have to decide what movie I want to review. Once you’ve seen one German chick getting gangbanged in a barn, you’ve kinda seen them all (or maybe I’m just jaded). So when studios go above and beyond to exceed expectations and give viewers an exciting experience, I tend to show a little favoritism.

Pretty Dirty's Good Little Girl

One studio that’s been standing out for their cinematic video quality, as well as their thrilling and dramatic plots, is Pretty Dirty. Every time I watch a movie of theirs, I know I’m getting treated to a fresh take on a sexy situation, and I’m never disappointed. However, one situation that’s not so sexy to me but is almost unavoidable these days is any movie with a “family fantasy” theme. With the faith that I have in Pretty Dirty’s ability to deliver an awesome plot, I chose to get out of my comfort zone and review their new taboo release, Good Little Girl.

Scene One: Bookworm Meets Charity

The film opens with “Bookworm” (played by the petite Piper Perri) describing her close and devoted relationship with her stepfather Mr. Chase (played by Steven St. Croix). After her mom died, her stepdad vowed to a life of celibacy, and in her mother’s absence, Bookworm’s stepdad became like a real father to her. Bookworm is a hardworking student (hence the name) who lives to make her stepdad proud.

Sitting down to breakfast one day, Bookworm sees a woman out the window rummaging through their trash. Once Mr. Chase leaves for work, Bookworm goes outside to see what the woman is doing. The hot-but-grungy babe seems startled by Bookworm and shies away from her at first, but after Bookworm offers her food, the hottie can’t turn away the assistance. The woman (played by Jessa Rhodes) introduces herself as Charity, a beautiful blonde runaway with big tits and an amazing body. She doesn’t explain why she’s homeless or anything, but Bookworm doesn’t ask. Once Charity sees how nice Bookworm’s living situation is, she quickly makes herself at home.

Charity is a confident and sexy chick who’s clearly been around the block a time or two. She is the exact opposite of Bookworm in many ways, but Bookworm is eager to impress the cool girl and agrees to skip school for the day to hang out with her. When Charity hints that they could be best friends, Bookworm is ready to do anything to make that happen. Although Bookworm is a virgin, Charity can’t wait to sap up her innocence.

Lesbians Pipper Perri and Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes and Piper Perri in Good Little Girl

Steven St Croix catches lesbian Good Little Girl

When Bookworm’s dad comes home and sees the two girls entangled in a lesbian tryst (in his bed, no less), he can’t help but be ferociously turned on and extremely confused. Who is the woman with Bookworm, and since when is his stepdaughter a lesbian?!

Scene Two: Charity Becomes Part of the Family

Mr. Chase carries a framed picture of his deceased wife (can you name the porn star in the frame?) with him everywhere to remind himself of his vow of celibacy. He clutches the photo with dear life after seeing his stepdaughter face-first in another girl’s pussy. After he’s calmed himself down, he invites the two girls down to have dinner. Charity wastes no time reaching underneath the dinner table to grip Mr. Chase’s cock. She’s a woman on a mission!

Despite ignoring Charity’s advances, Mr. Chase still needs to relieve himself. After dinner, he furiously jerks off onto a picture of his wife when Charity walks in the room. Soon, the celibacy pact he made with himself is a thing of the past as passion takes over his better instincts.

Steven St Croix Good Little Girl

Jessa Rhodes Steven St Croix

Jessa Rhodes Good Little Girl

While Charity’s ulterior motives are unclear, she sure knows how to corrupt a wholesome family!

Scene Three: Bookworm Discovers Dick

After discovering that her new “friend” Bookworm is a virgin, Charity is on a mission to bring this good girl down to her level of depravity. When Bookworm asks her about sex, Charity somehow convinces Bookworm that she needs to get laid immediately, now, and at all costs. Charity even suggests that she fuck Mr. Chase’s business partner and someone Bookworm refers to as “uncle.”

Teaching Bookworm her seductive ways and dressing her up as a slutty schoolgirl, Charity sends the innocent girl out to get deflowered. Bookworm is bolstered by her friendship with Charity and wants to emulate her in any way she can, even if that means becoming someone that she isn’t.

When she arrives at her uncle’s house, Bookworm flirtatiously touches his leg and not-so-subtly comes on to him. Once her uncle (played by the handsome Chad White) realizes what Bookworm is after, he asks her to leave. He’s never seen her like this. Once she makes pass after pass at him, however, he’s weakened by his niece’s seduction and gives in to her. Meanwhile, Charity is secretly filming the entire thing!

Piper Perri and Chad White

Piper Perri and Chad White sex

Piper Perri rides Chad White

Scene Four: Charity Pays Mr. Chase A Visit

Charity somehow winds up at Mr. Chase’s office and hints that she has something she needs to show him. Once the two are alone, Charity shows Mr. Chase the video of his stepdaughter and his business partner. Being the perverted person she is, Charity is excited by his distress and drops to her knees to suck his cock.

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Jessa Rhodes Steven St. Croix

Scene Five: Good Little Girl No More

At this point, Charity has sufficiently torn this once-happy family apart. Mr. Chase is no longer celibate, Bookworm is no longer a virgin, and the family dynamic as they know it has been completely upended by this corrupt runaway.

When Charity returns home from fucking Mr. Chase, she musters up some fake tears and explains to Bookworm that her father “attacked her.” Bookworm is confused and frightened by her friend’s accusations of her stepdad and rushes to confront him. Busting down his door, she sees that Mr. Chase is in the middle of masturbating, and Bookworm is accidentally sprayed with his cum.

Hiding his face in shame, Mr. Chase explains to his stepdaughter that he knows what she’s been up to with Charity and that he’s been jealous. Not because he has the hots for Charity, but because when he sees Bookworm with another person he realized that he wished it were him. Appalled and delighted by her stepdad’s admission, Bookworm tells him that it’s okay and begins sucking his dick. It isn’t long before Charity realizes that her plan is working and joins the father-daughter duo for a seriously sinful threesome.

Piper Perri catches step-dad


blond threesome

I won’t give away the surprise ending, but I will say that Bookworm’s life will never be the same again. Although I’m not a fan of “family fantasy” as a whole, the plot and characters were so compelling in this movie that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. If you like taboo plots in your XXX, this movie is a must-see and one you’ll want to watch over and over.

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Mick Loves Anikka, & I Do Too!

_DSC3219_DSC0994Porn power couple and co-directors of new Evil Angel studio BAM Visions, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite are performers I can watch have sex over and over again. Not only do you know without a doubt that their chemistry is real, but they always come across as genuinely loving what they do and having a great time onscreen. It also kinda goes without saying that they are two extremely attractive people, which doesn’t hurt. I am a huge fan of both of them and enjoy seeing them express their love for each other on social media, so when they released Mick Loves Anikka though their EA studio, I was more than thrilled to review their eponymous release. While this film is still considered gonzo by the standard definition, there’s an undeniable sense of intimacy throughout the film that makes it feel so personal and romantic. I loved it!

Scene One:

sc 1 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 008

Have you ever had sex in front of a waterfall? Me neither. Mick and Anikka have though, and thankfully they filmed it for us! Something about this scenic backdrop only amplifies the intimate nature of the film. The scene opens with some passionate kissing, and then Anikka gets on her knees despite the rocky ground and worships Mick’s cock with an eye contact-heavy blowjob. The positions employed in this scene would require some deep stretching and serious athletic stamina, but Mick and Anikka are two very fit and experienced lovers, so they pull off the trickier positions with ease.

sc 1 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 009

Scene Two:

sc 2 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 011

The second scene of the film brings Mick and Anikka indoors to achieve the acts and angles they couldn’t necessarily get to at the waterfall. If you know Anikka Albrite, you know she’s got an incredible bubble butt and a healthy sexual appetite for anal. Mick Blue is no stranger to his wife’s beautiful behind, and he knows exactly how to warm her up for some sizzling onscreen butt sex. If you’ve ever wondered how anal sex could be romantic, watch this scene and take notes!

sc 2 Anikka Albrite - Mick Blue 002

Scene Three: with Adriana Chechik

sc 3 Anikka Albrite - Adriana Chechik - Mick Blue 023

Any relatively kinky couple has considered a threesome now and again, but Mick and Anikka are actually in the business of sharing partners. Adriana Chechik is the lucky third in this scene, and spends time pleasuring Anikka and Mick equally with heavy anal play and the rare female-on-male rimjob! Anikka, who loves double-penetration, gets a special treat when Adriana adorns a strap-on and shares Mick’s wife’s holes with him.

sc 3 Anikka Albrite - Adriana Chechik - Mick Blue 028

Scene Four: with Aidra Fox

sc 4 Anikka Albrite - Aidra Fox - Mick Blue 015

In the fourth scene, Mick and Anikka invite the beautiful brunette Aidra Fox to be their third in another double-penetration scene. Aidra looks incredible in a form-fitting corset and fishnet stockings, and her long black cock matches her outfit seamlessly. In a movie geared towards his wife’s pleasure, Mick is careful to periodically check in and make sure Anikka is having the best possible time, which she often cannot even confirm over her own incessant moaning.

sc 4 Anikka Albrite - Aidra Fox - Mick Blue 036

Scene Five: with Erik Everhard

sc 5 Anikka & Erick 015

The thing I love most about Mick and Anikka’s relationship is the complete lack of jealousy between them. They are absolute professionals when it comes to how they approach their scenes, but at the end of the day they know that they’re the only ones for each other. That’s why when Mick announces that he’s bringing another man into the picture as a birthday gift to his wife, I know he isn’t threatened by having to share her with another man. If anything, Mick is just happy to provide his wife with even more pleasure. Where do I find a man like that?! Anikka feeds some birthday cake to her husband off of her pretty pedicured toes, and then proceeds to get spit-roasted and double-penetrated by two big cocks. In a behind-the-scenes interview, Anikka can hardly speak because Mick and Eric successfully “fucked her brains out” in this scene.

sc 5 Anikka & Erick 027

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Gloved Review

The women of HMFH have unique and differing tastes when it comes to porn, but there’s always one thing we can agree on: we love Ryan Madison. With his athletic and frenzied fucking style and unmatched sexual stamina, Ryan Madison is a dream lay. As a fan of Madison’s brand of rough, male-dominant sex, I didn’t need much enticing to dive into his latest film, Gloved. I saw the box cover and knew I was in for a treat. It is extremely rare for a male performer to make it to the box cover of a porn, let alone be the only image potential customers are greeted with when considering purchasing a movie, however, Ryan Madison said “fuck it,” and surprised us all with this ominous photo of himself wearing black latex gloves.

Gloved box cover

Scene One: Amara Romani

Ryan Madison appears at the top of Amara Romani’s stairs and gropes the bubble-butt beauty from behind. Pulling her into the bathroom, Madison passionately kisses Romani while holding her neck in a dominant fashion. Madison face-fucks a kneeling Romani next to the bathtub, eventually soaping up his cock, causing her to choke as she deep-throats the suds. Madison washes her face with water from the bathtub, still wearing the gloves, and then dunks her head underneath the water. While this may seem scary to some, Ryan Madison is a careful professional and everything that happens in this scene is 100% consensual. Madison fucks Romari with his usual intensity and ends the scene in a creampie.

Amara Romani in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Two: April Brookes

April Brookes knocks on the door and is met by glove-clad Ryan Madison, who pulls the stunning brunette inside. Lightly choking her against the wall, Madison pulls Brookes down and pushes his hard cock down her throat. If you’re into breath play in any way, the control that Madison displays here is very hot. The deep-throating continues for some time, and I eventually had to skip over it once the choking was done because I’m not really into extended blowjob scenes. Madison stands Brookes up and literally fucks her up a flight of stairs and into bed, all the while hammering her pussy mercilessly. Madison finishes off with yet another creampie and leaves breathless April Brookes staring at her swollen pussy.

April Brookes in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Three: Trisha Parks

Young Trisha Parks is the next lucky lady to arrive at Madison’s doorstep and fall prey to his seductive glove-love. He warms Parks up with some conventional foreplay before fucking her nice and hard while standing. Unlike the other scenes, Madison and Parks engage in some anal sex. I’m not the biggest fan of anal, however, so this scene didn’t do much for me.

Trisha Parks in PornFidelity's Gloved

Scene Four: Gwen Stark

Gwen Stark is an innocent-looking redhead with a dirty secret – she loves getting fucked hard and raw. She spends much of the first half of her scene worshiping Ryan Madison’s cock and balls with her mouth and tits before he fucks her. Surprisingly, however, Stark climbs on top and takes some control back from the dominant Madison before he flips her back over and resumes his role as the top. Stark, like the other newcomer starlets in this film, is able to keep up with Madison’s intense fucking in a way that is seriously impressive for someone who has been in the industry for less than a year.

Redhead Gwen Stark in PornFidelity's Gloved

Alternating between passion and punishment, Madison proves himself an excellent fuck and a careful and loving Dom. While I’m still unsure what role the gloves play in the theme of this film, who really cares when the sex is so great?

And don’t forget to check out Disc 2, where Ryan Madison and Brooklyn Lee have the hottest F on M rimjob we have ever seen!

Brooklyn Lee gives Ryan Madison at rimjob in PornFidelity's Gloved

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The Top 13 Hottest MILFs In Porn

Mother’s Day is right around the corner folks! With that in mind, I decided to pay homage to some of the sexiest mature women currently working in the adult industry. They might not actually be mothers themselves, but they’re representing MILFs all over the world and proving that age is irrelevant when it comes to sex appeal. Check out some of my favorite MILF performers, in no particular order, below:

  1. Dana VespoliDana Vespoli

Smart and sexy performer/director Dana Vespoli is an undisputed favorite among the women of the HMFH office. Not only does this incredible talent churn out amazing title after amazing title for top studios Evil Angel and Sweetheart Video, but Dana is known for her incredibly fierce performances as well. Whether she’s doing intense anal or a soft girl-girl scene, Dana consistently brings the heat.

2. Cherie DeVilleCherie Deville

Speaking of smart and sexy, you’ve surely heard of Cherie DeVille by now. This bombshell not only has her doctorate degree in physical therapy, she’s a certified pussy-eating aficionado. Cherie may play the sexy, wayward stepmom in a lot of her films, but she’s definitely got a good head on her shoulders and an amazing body to compliment it.

3. Mercedes CarreraMercedes Carrera

With her background as a former aerospace engineer, Mercedes Carrera is another brainy beauty deserving of a place on this list. This multi-ethnic goddess is packing some pretty deadly curves on top of the fact that she’s a porn powerhouse. I mean seriously, have you seen her lesbian scenes? Nothing stops Mercedes from making her partners cum like crazy.

4. Julia AnnJulia Ann

This list wouldn’t be complete without Julia Ann. Julia Ann has quite literally grown up in the adult industry. Starting her career when she was in her early 20s, it’s safe to say this superstar has aged like a fine wine. Julia Ann is not only an insanely gorgeous MILF, but a picture of success and stability in an industry with so many misconceptions about female performers’ career longevity. Julia Ann has won MILF Performer of the Year at almost every awards show for the past 5 years, and with good reason.

5. Brandi LoveBrandi Love

Brandi Love is a complete and utter seductress from every angle. This trim-yet-curvy star plays the line between nurturing and sex kitten perfectly, making her the ultimate MILF performer. If you’re not sure what I mean, check out her scene in A Mother’s Love and pay close attention to how she connects with costar Ryan McLane on both a sensual and quasi-maternal level. Besides the amazing Brandi Love we see onscreen, she’s also an incredible advocate for adult performers who have to juggle their careers on top of parenting.

6. Kendra LustKendra Lust

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t put the incomparable Kendra Lust on this list. The reigning MILF Performer of the Year literally looks like a living statue of the perfect female form. This hard-bodied hottie is packing T&A for days, not to mention her breathtaking legs! Simply put, Kendra makes 37 look like the best age to be.

7. Jodi WestJodi West

Co-owner of popular studio Forbidden Fruits Films and sizzling sexpot, performer Jodi West is known for her work in taboo and lesbian genres. The 51 year-old babe won the 2016  HotMovies Porn Tournament hands-down with help from her immensely supportive fans. It’s easy to see why porn-lovers continuously praise Jodi’s work; nothing about Jodi is an act. This is a mature woman that truly loves sex and completely owns her coveted place in this competitive industry.

8. Francesca LeFrancesca Le

You’d be hard-pressed to find a MILF that is more enthusiastic about anal sex than Francesca Le. Together with her performer/director husband Mark Wood, Francesca makes up the Le in LeWood Productions. Whether she’s working the camera or fucking in front of it, Francesca knows how to keep a dirty dialogue going. She’s the definition of “freaky” in the sexiest sense of the word imaginable.

9. Ava AddamsAva Addams

Brunette beauty Ava Addams, known for her voluptuous bust and tiny waist, is a favorite of big breast fans everywhere. Not only does Ava have cans every man wishes they could suckle on, but this powerful MILF is as versatile as they come: appearing in lesbian, anal, group sex, and foot fetish films.

10. Nina HartleyNina Hartley

Nina Hartley needs no introduction. This porn legend has been bangin’ in the biz since 1984 and looks just as fine as the day she started. Besides her incredible figure and timeless look, Nina is an intelligent advocate for informed sex education. Her acclaimed series, Nina Hartley’s Guide To…, is designed to inform viewers of a wide array of sexual techniques and improve communication between partners, all from an expert’s point of view. Nina is a true renaissance woman.

11. India SummerIndia Summers

Raven-haired India Summer is an all-natural MILF from the Midwest. What sets India apart from her fellow mature performers is her lack of breast implants, and frankly, I think she looks great without them. India’s athletic look is only accentuated by her natural chest. India’s sultry performances and versatility transcend her from getting cast in MILF-only titles as well: she is a performer that can and does do everything!

12. Ariella FerraraArielle Ferrara

Luscious Latina Ariella Ferrara is a smoking hot MILF that hails from Colombia. With her spectacular cheekbones, curvy figure, and 34DDs, it’s hard to imagine Ariella doing anything BUT being a professional sex symbol, but she worked as a dental hygienist in Chicago before ever considering porn. Always an adventure-seeker, Ariella decided that the adult industry would be a better fit for her lifestyle, and boy was she right!

13. Kelly Madison2016-05-03_13-50-43

Last, but obviously not least is the amazing Kelly Madison. She is an all-natural wonder with 34FF breasts and a figure anyone would kill for. Kelly is not only serious eye-candy, but she owns and operates her own high-quality studios with husband Ryan Madison. This inseparable duo is to thanks for so many great high-definition titles like the Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits series.

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Blacked’s Carter Cruise Obsession Review

Blacked Carter Cruise Obsession box coverWith their pristine sets, crisp cinematography, and beyond-glam hair and makeup, sets the standard for high-end interracial porn. As a fan of the genre and someone who strives to find non-exploitative representations of interracial sex in porn, I was ecstatic when Carter Cruise Obsession arrived at HotMoviesForHer. I got my greedy paws on the film immediately and couldn’t wait to see what all the buzz about Blacked was about!

AVN award-winning director Greg Lansky made Carter Cruises first interracial into a plot-centered showcase that highlights Cruise’s acting chops as well as her affinity for no-strings-attached passion. Cruise plays the role of Kate, an engaged “good girl” who can’t help her rampant fantasies of sex acts she has yet to try. In her current vanilla relationship, Kate dreams of breaking the boundaries of her engagement to finally experience interracial sex, anal, and even threesomes. When her fiancé, played by Michael Vegas in a non-sex performance, gets too preoccupied with work, Kate sees it as her opportunity to break free and unleash her inner “bad girl.”

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

Scene One: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Kate and her fiancée Brad decide to take some time off from their busy schedules to focus on their relationship by spending the weekend at a beautiful resort. When Kate notices that Brad can’t stop busying himself with conferences calls and meetings throughout their couples’ weekend, she’s rightfully hurt and lonely. After having one too many glasses of wine by herself, Kate is determined to socialize by the pool. It’s then that she meets Flash Brown and Jason Brown: two muscular, attractive men who have no issue giving Kate the attention she desires. After they successfully sweet-talk Kate, she does not object to a heavy petting session with both of them, taking them to a secluded area where she sloppily sucks both of their long, hard cocks.

Carter Cruise giving a double-blowjob

Scene Two: Carter Cruise & Flash Brown

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

The next morning, Kate is woken up by Brad. He has to make more conference calls on the second day of their little vacation, but this time Kate hardly even cares. She has Flash Brown’s suite number from the night before and she plans on giving him a visit while Brad is out. Wearing a sexy royal-blue lingerie set that matches her eyes, Kate wastes no time giving Flash an amazing blowjob reminiscent of the night before. Taking things even further, Kate gives Flash permission to fuck her in the ass. How he fits his enormous dick in there is beyond me, but he manages with more ease than you’d expect.

Carter Cruise getting fucked doggy-style

Scene Three: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Carter Cruise and Jason Brown

After their failed couples’ weekend, Kate has almost given up hope of saving her relationship with Brad. She bought fancy lingerie to wear when he gets back from a business trip in London just to find out that he’s staying in London much longer than he’d promised. Once Kate realizes she’s been ditched again by her fiancé, she decides to hit up Flash for another illicit rendezvous. This time, Kate wants to take on two BBCs at once, and asks Flash to invite his friend Jason over to finish what they’d started by the pool. When the friends arrive at her apartment, Kate is waiting on the balcony in the lingerie she’d bought to wear for Brad. Jason meets Kate out there and warms her up with some gentle caressing, and soon the Kate is taking both of their huge cocks from either end.

Carter Cruise having a threesome

Scene Four: Carter Cruise & Michael Williams

At this point, Kate has committed to fulfilling her fantasies in Brad’s absence. She’s always wanted to meet a stranger off the internet and fuck them in a hotel room, and she jumps at the opportunity to finally cross this off her bucket list. After chatting with Michael for a little and seeing what a big dick he has, Kate gives him her room number. The two complete strangers proceed to have hot, anonymous sex before Michael finishes in Kate’s mouth.

Carter Cruise giving Michael Williams a blowjob

Scene Five: Carter Cruise, Riley Reid & Rob Piper

Kate is having coffee with her good friend Riley when Riley notices that Kate’s mind is elsewhere. After sleuthing out that she’s been having problems with Brad, Riley tells Kate that it’s okay that she’s been seeing other guys. Riley reveals that she’s in an open relationship with her husband and that those kinds of arrangements can work with enough communication. Kate wishes aloud that her fiancée were open-minded enough to accept that kind of lifestyle. When Riley invites Kate along to one of her hookup sessions, she jumps at the opportunity to finally have that threesome she’s been craving. Rob Piper happily takes the nymphomaniacs to his bedroom to share his dick.  Riley teaches Kate how to eat her pussy, and the friends get closer than they’d ever expected.

Carter Cruise and Riley Reid threesome

If you love high-definition, high-quality interracial porn, look no further than Carter Cruise Obsession is one of many great titles from this studio on HotMoviesForHer.

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Full Metal Mistress Review

FMMbxThe HMFH staff was mesmerized by Full Metal Mistress, the first title we received from new studio Elena De Luca Productions. Not only is its namesake a bombshell redhead with pinup-like proportions, but pro-Domme Elena De Luca does domination with a twist. De Luca prefers to take a militaristic approach to her slave-training, taking her potential subs through a boot camp-style series of physically challenging tasks. Once deemed fit to serve, De Luca’s slaves become servants to her Nation of Women, where her Mistresses act as co-commander-in-chiefs to keep these unworthy men in line.




Scene One:


Elena De Luca discovers an intruder in her dungeon and decides to punish him the only way she knows how: with some verbal humiliation. After undressing him both verbally and physically, De Luca begins the process of inducting him into her dungeon by frightening him with threats of what is to come, all while spitting in his face. Once he is thoroughly afraid, De Luca takes her new slave’s cock and balls in her hand and pulls hard. After some CBT, he is put away in a small cage to kneel and wait for whichever Mistress decides he’s worth her time.


Scene Two:


Clad in a sexy latex officer’s uniform, the gorgeous Cybill Troy enters the intruder’s holding pen and models her worship-worthy figure for the camera. Cybill wears a large, black strap-on that she spits and shines in preparation for destroying the new slave’s ass. After letting him out of his cage for the first time in who knows how long, she works him over with her cock until he’s begging for mercy.

Scene Three:


Elena De Luca and Cybill Troy lead the intruder into a new room by leash and collar. The formidable women decide to team up to break their new slave in with some proper caning. Wearing tight corsets and thigh-high boots, these beautiful Dommes look absolutely stunning as they deliver their corporal punishment, which the slave takes surprisingly well. He won’t be able to sit for days!


Scene Four:


Punishment doesn’t come without reward. After the slave’s caning, he is treated to a sensual smothering session by the beautiful Mistress An Li. An Li enters wearing army fatigues that she slowly strips off to reveal the hottest BDSM-inspired bra and panties I’ve ever seen. She hovers her curvaceous booty over his face for some time before lowering it onto him, only allowing him to come up for air when she feels like it.


Scene Five:


Finally, Elena De Luca and An Li team up to bring their slave to his final test. As An Li smothers his face with her flawless ass, Elena De Luca teases his cock with her Hitachi. Just when the slave seems to be enjoying himself a little too much, De Luca removes the vibrator in a demonstration of her complete control over him. When the women are satisfied with the obedience their slave has shown them, De Luca allows him one last release. He cums all over himself as the Dommes laugh at his expense. Once he’s finished, De Luca locks him in chastity and informs him that he’s just had the last orgasm he’ll ever have. His body, mind, and soul now belong to her Nation.


Elena De Luca’s military aesthetic combined with her Domme’s differing methods of punishment made this film an excellent watch for fans of the Femdom genre. Each scene varies by setting, costuming, and how the women choose to train their slave.

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Kinky Fantasy Club Review

The latest addition to Severe Sexs line of kink-inspired humor is Kinky Fantasy Club. Imagine if the comedies you’re used to watching took on BDSM as a plot device, then you would have Kinky Fantasy Club. Like many popular “bro comedies,” our four main male characters all have different relationships with their partners and each one of them has a significant problem. What if there were a place to go to where you got what you needed from your romantic partner without repercussions? These guys find out what happens when they get what they wish for.

The Characters:

Dominik Kross & Ela Darling: Ela and Dominik are a married couple that seem to get along on the surface. The movie opens with Ela giving Dominik a jaw-tiring blowjob. Dominik is into it, but whenever he closes his eyes all he can see are two enormous breasts jiggling. When Dominik lets slip that he wants to see her “bouncing while she rides him,” Ela realizes he’s fantasizing about big tits again and she’s had enough. Ela likes her boobs the way they are (rightfully so), and she’s not changing her body for anyone.

Tommy Pistol & Casey Calvert: Tommy is waiting for his wife to come home so they can go out to a nice dinner together. He decides to kick back and put his feet up on the ottoman like any normal person would do. When his wife Casey comes through the door after another one of her exhausting shopping trips, Tommy is immediately scolded for putting his feet on her new furniture and then has to listen to his wife describe all the expensive shit she bought while they’re $50,000 in credit card debt! To add insult to injury, Casey says she is too exhausted from shopping to go to dinner with him. She also says that he could get a better job to pay for all of her new items if he weren’t such a loser.

Tony Orlando & Charlotte Cross: Tony loves nothing more than a good G/G/B threesome, and he’s in the middle of watching a steamy one from Forbidden Fruits Films on! When his girlfriend Charlotte walks in and sees Tony jerking off to porn instead of helping her around the house, she’s hurt that he didn’t ask her to join him. When Charlotte realizes Tony’s watching a threesome video, he reveals that one of his deepest fantasies is to share a threesome with her. Disgusted and hurt, Charlotte promises that will never happen.

Brad Knight: Brad is a single guy living by himself. He’s good friends with Dominik, Tommy, and Tony, but doesn’t have a lot in common with them. He gets a call that his buddies are in the doghouse, and they all decide to have a night on the town.

Boy’s Night Out

Kira Noir: When the guys arrive at the strip club, they’re greeted by Kira, one of the club’s gorgeous, fit dancers. This girl’s got moves for days.

Lily Cade: Lily is an employee at the strip club and not someone to mess with, as Tony will see in his fantasy.

Kiki D’Aire: Just because Kiki is a bartender at a strip club doesn’t mean she’s available for a private dance. When Dominik tries to touch her tits, she puts him in his place. Later, Kiki and Kira pour the rowdy men a shot of their special tequila, which transports the guys into fantasy land.

So long, suckers!

Dominik’s Fantasy

Alura Jensen: Dominik’s fantasy lands him in a room with his dream girl, ostensibly. Alura is a beautiful blonde with a huge rack just like Dominik likes them. However, Alura has plans of her own. If Dominik wants to suck on those luscious titties, he’s going to have to perform a series of tricks for her. Dominik soon finds out that his love of big-breasted women has gotten him into severe trouble.

Tony’s Fantasy

Tony awakens to see his girlfriend Charlotte in the embraces of another woman. She looks quite similar to the employee at the bar he got in an altercation with earlier that night. When Charlotte tells him that she’s ready to have a threesome with him, Tony is super excited, but when he looks down he sees that his dick is in chastity! Instead of the hot threesome he’d always dreamed of, he is bound to a chair, gagged, and made to watch Lily Cade cuckold him.

Tommy’s Fantasy

In his waking life, Tommy is constantly humiliated by his wife, but in this reality he’s finally the one in charge. Revenge is sweet, and Tommy’s retribution comes in the form of some very sexy BDSM play.

Brad’s Fantasy

Brad, being the only nice guy of the group, finds himself struggling to figure out if his incredible encounter with Kira Noir is a fantasy or reality. Do not miss Kira going down on Brad while suspended from her stripper pole.


Definitely watch what happens after these fantasies come to completion. You get to know the characters pretty well via their fantasies, and everyone seems to get what they deserve.

Bonus Scenes

Check out behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dee Severe, Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, and Charlotte Cross, as well as an extended blowjob scene with Ela Darling and Dominik Kross, as well as Kira’s full strip-tease.

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ScrewberX Review

By now, we’ve all used a ride-sharing service at least once, but not quite like ScrewberX. Most of the time it works out really well, but there’s always that one-in-ten chance the person you’re riding with is either going to convert you to their religion, try to sell you some of their mom’s homemade goods, or try to take the longest route possible, even when you’ve specified your preferred route. Unless you’re in a hurry, you usually end up meeting some pretty cool people who are just trying to make an extra buck. If you’re like these lucky people and use a ride service called ScrewberX, you end up getting more than a chauffeur…you get an experience you’ll never forget!

Scene One: Sovereign Syre & Steve Holmes

First of all, Sovereign Syre isn’t in enough movies, so to see her on the cast list for this film was exciting. She plays an aspiring actress with 20 minutes to get to her audition. Her driver, Steve Holmes, is probably not acting in this scene. He seems so comfortable and confident that it’s not far-fetched to see him offering beautiful women his leftover breakfast, which he does to Sovereign. While this scenario is not brand new or unheard of, the conversation between Steve and Sovereign is so self-aware and funny that it makes the impending sex much more fun to watch. With the clock ticking and an extremely talkative driver, Sovereign is pretty anxious about making her audition. When the car breaks down on a “side road” in the middle of nowhere, Sovereign thinks that she’s going to lose her mind. However, Steve has a plan to calm her nerves. It is a little known fact that Steve Holmes was a very successful massage therapist in Eastern Europe before coming to the States, and his skills are infamous. Sovereign is hip to Steve’s plan, and acquiesces to his advances, but says it’s “all about me.”

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond & Tommy Pistol

I wish I was as ballsy as Dana DeArmond in a ScrewberX. She’s never afraid to speak her mind or tell someone to fuck off. Tommy Pistol plays one of those annoying millenials that actually believes in the “organic tea-dirt from Egypt” served in mason jars “pressed and made by my cousin in Vermont,” and all that hippy mumbo jumbo. Dana has no time or patience for Tommy’s self-congratulatory speeches on a healthy lifestyle, and she lets him know multiple times. Her driver insists on discussing his aspirations to become an actor and his life growing up in Ohio, where was voted “Most Likely To Make It Out Of Ohio.” During Tommy’s long-winded navel-gazing conversation with himself, he says he has an audition coming up with Dana DeArmond. Unbeknownst to him, that’s exactly who he’s driving! When he realizes who Dana is, he pulls the car over and insists on doing the audition right then and there for her. To Dana’s horror, it just doesn’t stop. That’s when she says, “Is there anything else that you’re actually good at? Because maybe acting isn’t the thing you’re supposed to do, and driving for Screwber definitely isn’t.” When Tommy insists that he has 10 stars on Tinder (which isn’t a thing), Dana decides the only way she’s going to get to the office is by getting her rocks off and making Tommy drive her. Tommy, shocked by Dana’s forwardness, asks if she’s consenting to the sex they’re about to have, and Dana replies, “I’m consenting to you shutting the fuck up and eating my pussy.”

Scene Three: Cherie DeVille, Layla Price & Chad Diamond

Chad Diamond is a religious young man who loves his grandma and proudly wears the sweaters that she gave him. Today, he’s borrowing her car to drive for ScrewberX and make a couple bucks, while also spreading the “good word.” Nothing makes him happier than doing a good deed and helping someone else. This why he loves driving for ScrewberX. But he has no idea what he’s in for when he picks up Layla Price and Cherie DeVille. These girls are wild and do not understand why someone why Chad would be wearing a sweater his grandmother gave him in 90 degree heat. The girls know what to do; they have to help this poor guy. According to Cherie, “he looks like those weird people who ride around on bikes and come to your doorstep.” Oh, poor Chad. If only he had a glass partition separating him from his passengers!

Scene Four: Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, Mark Wood & Steve Holmes

We’ve established that most of us have already been a passenger in a ride-sharing service, but only the bravest of us sign up to be drivers. Check out Dana Vespoli’s crazy luck on her first ScrewberX ride! She gets a little lost looking for her first customers in an industrial area, but immediately sees them after she makes a turn a row of storage facilities. There’s no mistaking it; these are her passengers, and they’re a (literal) bunch of clowns. They refuse to speak actual words and communicate solely through kazoos, instructing Dana where to take them. Since kazoo sounds don’t translate well into English, Dana is frustrated and asks them if there’s anything she can do to make them behave. Suddenly she is transported to a white room filled with balloons and other circus props. At first Dana is a bit scared, but as soon as one of the clowns rubs his dick all over her face and puts it into her ear, she decides “Eh, what the heck?” and starts blowing all of the clowns, including the one with the strap-on!

Scene Five: Bonus Scene

Be sure to check out this scene for an awesome behind-the-scenes conversation with director Dana Vespoli, Dana DeArmond, and Tommy Pistol.

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Asa Goes To Hell Review

Asa Goes To Hell

Asa Goes to Hell is a hardcore endorsement of sin. One of the scariest stories ever told is Dante’s Inferno. Most of us have had to sit through a class and read the horrific tales of punishment for carnal lust and other earthly desires. Yet, some of us didn’t find the circles of hell to be frightening at all. Asa Akira is one of those people. Even though she starts this tale as a bit confused and out of her depth, she soon realizes that she’s exactly where she needs to be, and takes the viewer on a journey through a seductive underworld.

Scene One: Asa Akira (solo)

Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

Asa isn’t really sure where she is. While her environment looks familiar, there is an unearthly glow covering her surroundings. She’s probably walked through this parking lot a million times, but she notices that she has no clothes on and she’s not sure what she’s walking towards. Suddenly, she hears moaning from an alley and she decides to go investigate. Instead of the frightening scene she expects to see, she sees two super-hot people making out passionately. So Asa does what any naked woman walking through a parking lot at night wearing 6″ Louboutin heels would do; she leans against and starts fingering herself and watching them! If these 6″ heels seemed to be superfluous, Asa finds a way to make them a necessary component of the scene.

Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

Scene Two: Asa Akira & Aiden Ashley

Asa Goes To Hell Asa Goes To Hell
Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

Asa’s journey has just begun, as she opens an unmarked door and finds masked strangers awaiting her arrival. Initially, Asa is terrified, but something changes her mind. Is it the alluring nature of the woman who is chained to her lover’s arm? Or, is it that this is an experience that Asa has always fantasized about?

00:30:55 – Asa invents a new move never seen before in the realms of lesbian sex. We’ve all seen fingerbanging, and we know what to expect, but Asa brought her fingerbanging skills up to level 10! This move is not for the inexperienced; it is for a professional fingerbanger only.

Scene Three: Asa Akira, Dane Cross, Eric John, & Will Powers

Asa Goes To Hell

As Asa leaves her previous lesbian encounter, she decides to open the red door. Behind the red door waits three latex-clad men who are rock-hard and ready for her. Normally in a blow-bang, the female participant is cast in a subservient role. What was interesting in this scene was how, although Asa was the one administering pleasure without ostensibly receiving any herself, Asa remained in control of the scene and the pleasure she gave. The men in latex didn’t grab her head and throat-fuck her like we see in so many blow-bang scenes; Asa took her time with each cock and went at the pace that she saw fit. For a strange scenario with dudes who look like they dance on sprockets, this was a really hot scene. This scene seemed more about the female perspective of a blow-bang fantasy, rather than the often-misogynistic situations we’ve seen before.

Scene Four: Asa Akira & Eric John

Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

It is obvious that Asa practices yoga. She stumbles upon behind another red door in a fire-rimmed boudoir. He stands against the hard stone walls, ready with his erect cock to ignite her internal flame. As Asa stands before him, Eric is still only a man who wants to fulfill his desire. But when Asa takes his cock in her mouth, she changes him from a man into the sex demon that he was always meant to be. Even sex demons are aware of safe sex, and Eric demonstrates this by wearing a condom before having some anal sex with smokin’ hot Asa. His final contribution to this scene is not to be missed, especially if you like feet.

Scene Five: Asa Akira, Moe Johnson, & Rob Piper

Asa Goes To Hell

Asa Goes To Hell
Asa Goes To Hell

Asa Goes To HellAsa Goes To Hell

Asa arrives at her next destination and is surprised to see a blue door. She is met by Moe Johnson and Rob Piper sharing some champagne and partying. This scenario was totally unexpected, because every other place she entered seemed rife with demonic inspiration. Asa looks down and sees that she’s now wearing a white bridal gown as the men beckon her into the room for her celebration. Asa’s excited as Rob goes directly for her ass. Things get heated very quickly, and Asa transforms from the blushing bride to deviant cake-eating temptress.

You might be asking, was this all a dream? Did Asa fuck her way out of hell into threeway heaven with Rob Piper and Moe Johnson? We aren’t sure. Watch Asa Goes To Hell and decide for yourself!