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Fucking Against Fascism: A Review

After a two-year industry hiatus, genderqueer porn pioneer Courtney Trouble and trans-lesbian filmmaker Chelsea Poe have returned to inject the world of XXX with some much-needed deviation from the norm. TROUBLE Films‘ latest release, Fucking Against Fascism, takes the already-revolutionary act of making pornography and adds an underlying social commentary on the way we consume sexual media. While the title initially mystifies, I interpreted the “fascist” regime being alluded to here as the cis/hetero/predominately Caucasian porn industry that Trouble, Poe, and their cast are rejecting, and ultimately, fucking against by existing outside of those confines.

Fucking Against Fascism from TROUBLE Films

If you’re sick and tired of the same old porn being made day in and day out, Fucking Against Fascism will be a refreshing watch.

Scene One: Chelsea Poe

The scene opens with notable trans performer, Chelsea Poe, stepping into a bathtub roiling with blackish-gray water. Chelsea is a BDSM dream wearing black lipstick in her all-black latex outfit with long latex gloves, a collar, and a ball-gag around her neck to match. The camera angles and uneven focus serve to immediately inform the viewer that this isn’t your average porn; this movie is an exercise in DIY sexual self-expression. There is a haunting audio of some kind of speech playing in the background as Chelsea lowers herself into the bathwater and lasciviously eyes a large black dildo sitting on the edge of the tub. She immediately begins stroking and sucking the dildo with fervor, slicking the sides and head with a healthy amount of spit while allowing herself to take the toy as far into her throat as it’ll go, until she’s enthusiastically and repeatedly gagging herself. As she looks up and makes eye contact with the camera, subliminal-style messages flash momentarily on the screen, reading “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT” almost quicker than you can blink.

Next, Chelsea repositions the toy onto the side of the tub and prepares to fuck herself with it. She torturously moans while backing her ass onto the dildo, stroking her cock and placing the gag in her mouth all at the same time. The water is pitch-black now as Chelsea rides the dildo in a variety of positions while masturbating herself. A voice behind the camera begins suggestively encouraging Chelsea, referring to the submissive star as a “little slut,” to which she nods in total agreement. The subliminal message, “I WANT THIS” flashes on the screen a few times as the masturbation encouragement ramps up. Soon, Chelsea can’t help but to spew streams of cum all over the place as messages of “THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE” and “THIS IS WHAT I AM” intermittently ping onto the screen. We get the naughty visual of Chelsea’s milky cum floating in the black water before the scene ends in orgasmic ecstasy.

Scene Two: Courtney Trouble & Jade Phillips

The second scene opens with an industrial, trance-like beat guiding the action as Courtney Trouble and Jade Phillips make out on a bed. I haven’t seen Jade in a scene before, but the FTM performer is very handsome and, judging by the way Courtney animalistically gropes at him to undress him, we are in complete agreement. After removing some clothes, it’s revealed that Jade is wearing a strap-on harness complete with a girthy, flesh-toned dildo that Courtney promptly begins stroking and sucking. Jade undresses Courtney and gets behind them, with Courtney’s bountiful booty quaking along with each thrust. The entangled lovers switch positions a few times, showcasing both Jade and Courtney’s bodies writhing in passion, before Jade lavishes Courtney’s pussy with some serious manual stimulation. It’s both a tender and intensely erotic scene, ending with glimpses of Courtney’s explosive orgasm interspliced with footage of the couple kissing.

Scene Three: Lyric Seal & Suzie Spindrift

Lyric Seal and Suzie Spindrift are shuffling through a deck of Tarot cards on a bed. They look like any two friends doing a casual Tarot reading, when the screen splits in two. On the left side of the screen, Lyric and Suzie continue carrying out the Tarot reading as normal. On the right side of the screen, the couple begins engaging in a very different and totally-queer type of reading… of each other’s bodies. While Tarot readings are riveting and interesting all on their own, let’s focus on the sex, shall we?

Suzie flips Lyric onto their stomach and pulls down their pants, revealing Lyric’s bare ass which is ripe for a spanking. Soon, the two are undressed and caressing each other’s pussies, rubbing tits and clits, and slapping each other’s thighs. Suzie straddles Lyric in reverse-cowgirl position, brandishing a rigid dildo which gets inserted into Suzie while she stimulates her clit with a Magic Wand. This pushes Suzie over the edge, and with Lyric’s verbal and manual encouragement, Suzie finishes the scene by shuddering and squirting all over herself.

Scene Four: Sinn Sage, Courtney Trouble & Chelsea Poe

Scene Four is a delightful threesome starring three renowned queer porn stars. The scene opens with the beautiful, all-natural Sinn Sage laying with legs spread as Chelsea Poe gorges herself on Sinn’s pussy. Sinn can’t help but to squirm around as Chelsea’s mouth locks on to her sweet spot, and Courtney assists the action by pushing Chelsea’s face in deeper. The screen splits into almost kaleidoscopic fragments, showing different angles of action as it unfolds.

Chelsea and Courtney take turns aggressively grinding on each other while Sinn straps up. Sinn and Chelsea encircle Courtney from either side, with Sinn strap-fucking and sucking on Courtney’s tits simultaneously. Soon, Chelsea and Sinn decide to make things even kinkier for Courtney, spreading their legs and plunging gloved fingers into their slick and eager pussy. Courtney lavishes in the attention, encouraging Sinn and Chelsea to get even rougher with her, to the point that they begin quite literally “beating the pussy up.” Next, it’s Chelsea’s turn to be the center of attention, as Courtney straps up as well to put her into an Eiffel Tower position. Fucking Chelsea from behind while Sinn’s strap is in her mouth, Chelsea is airtight and loving it. After Chelsea’s had her fun, it’s time to give Sinn one last orgasm, and Courtney and Chelsea are ready to give her their all. Only until all three of them are spent, exhausted, and soaked in each other’s bodily fluids are they ready to call it quits.

Fucking Against Fascism is an exploration in what it means to be on the fringes of an overwhelmingly homogeneous industry, living authentically and inclusively in your sexuality. In 2018, I think we could all make more time to appreciate, engage, and celebrate what makes each of us unique. To me, that’s what this movie speaks to beyond the obviously hot sex.

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Sacrosanct from TrenchcoatX – A Review

Sacrosanct box coverWhen I saw trailers for the opening scene of TrenchcoatX’s new movie, Sacrosanct, to say I was both shocked and titillated would be quite a understatement. I’ve delighted in following the career of the devilishly beautiful Katrina Jade since finding her kinky, real-life exploits with her husband on Twitter. Now, through the lens of director/performer Kayden Kross‘ sexual surrealism, Katrina and her husband Nigel Dictator have their first onscreen hotwifing experience together, and my anticipation to see this scene was overwhelming.

The trailer that preceded the release of Sacrosanct depicts Katrina’s perfect hourglass figure wrapped in black bondage cord, tied to an offering post before her husband. Hooded men encircle Katrina, slowly unraveling the cord as we hear water dripping and eerie echoing sounds from their secret, cavelike locale. Kayden Kross has set the perfect scene for an erotic, debaucherous act to take place and this small preview had me hooked.

Scene One:

What I love first and foremost about Katrina Jade is her unapologetic attitude towards her sexual cravings. Seeing her speak so frankly about her fantasies on social media, and watching her pursue those fantasies almost feverishly, gives Katrina an edge that some performers can struggle with – genuine enthusiasm. Katrina isn’t just a pretty face who likes having sex on camera – sex and hotwifing are very real aspects of her personal life and marriage. Prior to this scene, Nigel has never appeared on camera with his wife, and while he doesn’t necessarily perform as much as he surveys this scene, his presence and connection with his wife throughout are vital elements that make this scene so hot and different.

After she is unwrapped from her offering post, which takes a teasing few minutes to build suspense, the hooded men unmask and undress to reveal porn studs Tommy Gunn and Charles Dera. Katrina immediately gets to work administering two expert deepthroating blowjobs to their engorged cocks, then saunters over to her husband who looks at her approvingly. Tommy and Charles are ready to ravage Katrina even as she sits posed in her husband’s lap.

Charles spends a good amount of time spoiling Katrina’s pussy with his tongue and cock as Nigel holds his wife’s leg open for him. Tommy then takes Katrina from behind while she caresses Nigel’s chest. The deeper the penetration and the harder Katrina gets fucked, the more Nigel seems to take interest in what’s happening before him, but he stays silent the entire scene. I won’t spoil the cumshot, but it is a must-see part of this scene that finishes it off perfectly.

Scene Two:

This intensely erotic scene opens with new industry siren Honey Gold and Kayden Kross laying in bed, discussing the phenomenon of sleeping with a stranger. Honey tells Kayden that she’s never slept with a stranger before because it feels like “giving herself away,” and that it’s too “impersonal,” but Kayden disagrees – saying it’s the most personal you can be with someone, and that sleeping with a stranger is liberating in that you can be unapologetically yourself. The viewer sees Honey walk into a dimly lit parlor, staring across the room from Mick Blue. They size each other up, and without speaking a word, begin passionately kissing and groping each other.

After undressing her, Mick holds Honey by her ankles and tilts her back to lavish her with deep, penetrating cunnilingus. Honey returns the favor by sensually sucking Mick’s cock, allowing him to gag her as he holds her by the back of the head. Honey climbs atop Mick and writhes gracefully on him until he can’t take it anymore, flipping her onto her back and fucking her while choking her. The two climax simultaneously, rounding out an incredibly intense scene, and proving that sex between total strangers can be a liberating, exciting experience.

Scene Three:

The third scene opens with French stud Manuel Ferrara walking the ever-busty, beautiful Angela White through what seems like a sexual fever-dream. Whispering inaudibly to each other, Manuel allows Angela to touch and taste the people she walks past, but only for a moment. Then, Manuel brings her to a garage where an old classic car sits. Ripping open her blouse and pressing her into the roof of the car, Manuel teases Angela with his huge cock, making her beg him to suck it. After building up some suspense with plenty of dirty-talk, Angela gets her wish. Manuel fucks her quick and dirty from behind, then orders her to wait on her knees like a good girl.

Manuel whistles – and out of the car come four more men with stiff erections ready for Angela’s obedient mouth. Angela immediately gets to work pleasing them all as simultaneously as she can, and an incredibly fun gangbang goes down right before our eyes. Angela is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this scene, and her voracity and enthusiasm seem to be a consistent theme throughout the performances of the movie as a whole.

Scene Four:

In the fourth and final scene, we’re treated to real-life couple Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara accompanied by the beautifully lithe Jillian Janson. The scene begins with a torturous strip tease, with Kayden and Jillian taking turns teasing the ever-living fuck out of Manuel. Kayden eats Jillian’s pussy like it’s her last meal on earth, occasionally allowing Manuel the pleasure of tasting her fingers or tongue after they’ve been in/on Jillian, but Manuel never really gets in on the action himself. He watches the women together as they perform for him. The sensuality of this scene cannot be exaggerated, it is out of goddamn control!

Maybe I didn’t do this movie justice with this review, but I have to say it’s without a doubt the hottest porn I’ve seen all year, and I watch a lot of fucking porn. It’s my job after all. The suspense, overall aesthetic quality, and eerie, unique plots just blew this out of the water for me. Anyway, if you’re looking for an unconventional, suspenseful, beyond-steamy movie to watch, do yourself a favor and watch Sacrosanct on HMFH now!

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Watching Porn Isn’t Cheating

Since time immemorial, human beings have been the filthiest, horniest, and most downright dogged organisms when it comes to fulfilling our sexual needs. While single people nowadays have the luxury of finding a partner pretty easily with dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, those of us in committed relationships face a predicament when alone and in need of release. As we *should* know by now, masturbation is not only a natural biological response – but a healthy alternative to letting out those pent-up urges we all get from time to time. Not everyone is the same when it comes to our solo time; whether your preferred method of choice is using your imagination, reading erotica, or watching porn, these are certainly better options than, I don’t know, ACTUALLY cheating on the person you’re with.

But some of us are of a different opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of jealous partners flipping out on their significant others upon discovering them having special solo-time. It’s about time we faced the facts: watching porn when you’re in a relationship is not cheating! Don’t agree? Check out the following reasons why not:

By choosing to stimulate themselves with porn when alone, your partner is alleviating the desire to go out and otherwise entertain themselves

In these instances, it seems that jealousy stems from knowing their partner is getting off using the image of another person. But there should be some piece of mind in the fact that the porn viewer isn’t actually sleeping with anyone else, right? By that logic, shouldn’t that same jealousy be applied to anything that sexually stimulates your partner? Are sex toys now suspect when discussing fidelity too? We have to know where to draw the line.

We’re kidding ourselves to think those in a monogamous relationship don’t still have a wandering eye… it’s only natural. Think of it this way, would you rather your partner be checking out hotties at the bar, or go home and fantasize about some completely unattainable woman like Jessica Drake?

Jessica Drake
In his dreams!

Porn provides inspiration for the bedroom

Whether we like it or not, viewing porn informs our own sexual habits to some degree. If you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for any extended period of time, you know that things in the bedroom can kinda get stale after awhile. This isn’t necessarily either partner’s fault, but the fact of the matter is that doing any activity over and over again tends to lead to habit-forming behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of times, this includes sex with your partner.

Want a simple way to spice things up in the bedroom? Watching porn is certainly an accessible and pleasurable way to learn a new position, trick, or how to implement a new toy into your stalling sex life. If you catch your partner watching porn in their alone time, rather than being upset, try considering it research!


Watching porn with a plot can even help you last longer in bed

Oftentimes the argument against watching pornography is that it leads viewers to suffer from premature ejaculation. No one can dispute that a succinct and sexy video may bring about a faster, possibly premature climax, but if you’re only watching porn for the most visceral imagery and nothing else, that’s (arguably) kind of your fault.

Sure, gonzo gets right to the point – the “good stuff,” if you will. But there’s a wealth of porn with thoughtful, tantalizing plots that are meant to entice and romance the viewer to their desired end goal. If your partner doesn’t feel rushed or shamed about their porn-viewing habits and they can actually take time to enjoy themselves, they can appreciate more nuanced videos, simultaneously building up masturbatory endurance that will translate into their sexual performance.

That’s right folks – maybe instead of destroying relationships, viewing porn is the single key factor in saving your monogamous partnership? It’s a novel idea that is certainly up for debate, but hopefully next time you catch your significant other having some significant alone time, you can ease up on the criticism a bit and see how it might actually benefit your partnership in the long run. You could even try watching it with them and invite a new kind of intimacy into your relationship!

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Interview with Violet Starr

If you haven’t heard of Violet Starr by now, you’re out of the loop. This up-and-coming Latina showstopper has been shooting nonstop for the better part of 2016 and 2017, and we can’t get enough of her natural curves and sultry performances. HotMoviesForHer got the opportunity to speak with Starr about her experiences joining the industry, her kinks, and her steamy scene alongside Logan Pierce in the highly anticipated fourth installment of Teens Like It Rough 4.

HM: You were in theater in high school, right?

VS: Yeah.

What do you think your favorite performance was?

My favorite performance was probably The Three Penny Opera.

So you sing as well?

I’m okay, but for that particular play it was like a play with music. So it wasn’t necessarily about singing, it was more like talking-singing. So as long as you could talk-sing you could do it. But it was a lot of fun, a lot of character building. It was a really interesting show.

If you could play any role on Broadway, what would it be?

It’s super hard! Gosh, there’s so many. You know what I really would love, and it’s not necessarily a play or a musical, it’s called The Starfish Circus. I believe that it was on Broadway, but it’s a circus performance show that they did. It’s super cool and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.

Is it kind of like Cirque du Soliel?

Yeah, it’s a performance art so it’s taking place in an in actual theater.

Do you do any aerial trapeze or anything like that?

Yeah, I just started doing aerial silks. I think it’s so beautiful and I’ve just gotten into it, and I’m doing it every other day as much as I can. I would love to learn trapeze, but I have to be careful with hardbars because they give you a lot of bruises and they don’t like that in the industry. So right now I’m sticking to the silks because they’re a little more forgiving.

Do you like to do acting roles in porn? Are you drawn to roles like that?

Yeah, I mean growing up I always did acting and I always loved that. It opened me up and kind of brought me out of my shell. I’m a pretty shy person, but I was much more introverted before I got into acting. So when I get to play a different character it’s more intriguing for me. When I have sex it’s good, it’s rewarding, it’s fun, but when you get to play into a character it’s more like you’re playing a different role. You get to play a different fantasy that usually you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do if you weren’t even in porn because people are too embarrassed to do it.

Are you into roleplay?

Oh absolutely! But the problem is I can’t find anybody who would also be into that without laughing or not taking it seriously. Most people would be like, “You want me to crawl around on the floor and do what?” But I’m totally into that! So it works out for me.

You said you were shy before you started acting, has being in porn drawn you out of your shell as well?

For sure! Actually, in different ways. I’m exposed to a lot of people so I have to talk to a lot of people every day, and that side of it brings me out of my shell. Obviously people in porn act differently than normal civilians would, not in a bad way, but they’re open about their sexuality, which is great. It wasn’t something I was used to and I didn’t know how to react to that. I feel that I lost some confidence in that aspect, but that’s okay because it makes me a stronger person. And every day that I’m put in a vulnerable situation it makes me stronger. It makes me grow. That’s what I try to focus on every time I’m challenged, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Right on! You birthday is December 23, did your birthday ever get overlooked because it’s so close to the holidays?

No, I get that a lot, but I actually love that my birthday is so close to the holidays, because you get the lights, you get the campfires, and the food, and the family, and it’s another reason to party. I can make my party or celebration Christmas-related. There’s so much to do and there’s so much to look at. It’s actually my favorite holiday, so the fact that my birthday is so close to it is super awesome to me. But I never really had that issue.

You were very uninhibited in your first scene with Manuel Ferrara. Did performing just come naturally to you, or was there unexpected chemistry?

We definitely had a lot of chemistry. He’s just a great performer. He’s super professional and he wasn’t creepy at all. He was so concerned and tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. It was just me and him, and there was no crew and only one camera. I just remember walking out and getting into my car and thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know that was possible!” I’d seen it, but I didn’t know I could feel like that. It was astounding to me, because some people will never experience that. And I think they should! There should be a way to change that. Some people will say, “Oh, porn sex isn’t real sex,” but damn! Sex like that, I think it should be! I was looking up at the ceiling like, what is going on? It was awesome!

That’s great! Was Mason the director for that?

No, it was a voyeur style, my first boy-girl. So he just set the camera down and picked it up.

Do you see a difference between European performers and American performers?

I haven’t really focused on that much, except for one experience that I can speak for because I worked with her, which Valentina Nappi. Very nice, beautiful, sweet girl. She is very sexual, very into it, and I don’t know if that’s because she’s European, but I get the sense that Europeans are a lot dirtier. Not in a bad way, but more open. In the other countries they do triple anal, it’s more about the butt, crazier stuff. Back in the day, anal was a big deal, and now it’s not, but in Europe it’s nothing. Completely nothing! That’s from what I’ve heard. My experience has been pretty similar to that, so I can see the truth in it.

Have you ever had an exceptionally good first date or bad first date?

For the good first date, absolutely! It was with a guy at AVN. I went on a date with him, and I’m very… I wouldn’t say spiritual, but I’d say conscious. I don’t meet a lot people who are like that, so I basically met the male version of myself, which never happens, and we went on a date! He just didn’t care what people thought, he was fun, he could be so open! He was just an open book, he wasn’t hiding anything, he could just be himself, and I felt like I could be myself. It was just amazing. We clicked so well. The chemistry was so great. We had sex, and I don’t ever meet civilians like that, so this was a very rare thing, but it was the best sex I’ve ever had. And then for the bad date, this guy talked about himself in the third person.


Yeah! He would refer to himself all the time, a lot of ego, he dominated the whole conversation. He loved power. I was pretty fed up with it. It was the total opposite of the first guy, which makes me totally miss him! Like, why can’t you clone yourself? Natural selection, come on guys!

Yeah that last one sounds pretty bad…

But at least I won’t forget his name!

You’ve said that you were in a BDSM relationship for a short while. Was that just a one time thing, or is it a lifestyle that you plan on pursing?

I did it and it was the best relationship I’ve ever had. There were some problems of course, just like in any other relationship, but it was the most intimate. It actually made me realize that I still like BDSM, but I don’t think of myself as a submissive anymore. I do like that aspect of it, and I’m still a natural submissive, but I do like DD/lg, which is Daddy Dom/little girl. It’s basically about the guy being the caregiver, and the girl being little. In life you have all of these responsibilities, and it feels good to let go. Especially if the person is very wise, intelligent, caring, and kind, and that’s basically the only kind of guy who can do that job. So that’s a very rare thing to find, let alone sharing a kink with someone. That’s hard, if they’re not interested in that. Even if you don’t necessarily have a daddy, you can still be a little and you can still have your little space. You’re still adulting all the time, but you can let go and have that child-like energy to you. I think it’s a really cool thing. It’s like an escape.

I feel like that’s the kink of the hour, you know? Everybody’s calling everybody “daddy” now and it’s pretty cool that it’s becoming more, I don’t want to say mainstream, but people are more aware of it.

Yeah, I just wish that people would know that when they say “daddy,” a lot of people either think of [family fantasy] or they think “boss man.” Like “ooh, daddy, ooh six-figures, daddy.” Or sugar daddy! But they don’t think of “daddy, take care of your little girl.” Make sure I’m doing the right thing, and make sure I’m getting enough sleep. It’s nice to have someone want to do those things for you. It’s really caring, and I’m not used to that. I wanted that because my BDSM relationship wasn’t caring enough; it was too strict, and I needed something a little bit more gentle. Hopefully since it is becoming more mainstream, people will see the different aspects of it.

How did you choose your performer name?

I chose it in less than an hour. I went online and looked at random porn names and added them together until I found one that I liked. I had a list. I chose it because it sounded super bubbly and fun and not really that realistic. I liked it! And when I got into the industry I didn’t really like it because it was “Star” and I thought it sounded too porny. But then I went to AVN and a guy said, “Oh, your name is Violet Starr! Stars are measured in color and violet is really hot. So you’re like a burning star!” I thought, “Okay, it means something, I like it again!”

You have said before that your favorite performance so far was with Logan Pierce in Young & Curious from Digital Sin. What about that scene really stood out to you?

He is really romantic and good at paying attention to detail. That’s the main thing that I like about him. He can be really rough, but he respects your boundaries. I’ve had people be rough and they’re too rough, or they’re rough but they’re not rough enough. He’s perfect. He pays attention to your reaction and what you say and what you want. He listens to your limits. He’s also a fun person to be around. He can play into a conversation very well, and I like that. It makes the day on set really fun, rather than a guy just treating me like a piece of meat. You know? My pussy’s not gonna get wet! [laughing] I need a little bit more than that!

Yeah, he’s super cute.

Oh yeah, he’s very extremely attractive!

What can you tell us about your upcoming performance in the Teens Like It Rough series?

It was amazing and really cool to act like the innocent girl who has always had vanilla sex and then turned into something completely different, because that actually happened. To reminisce and relive that was really awesome.

So you drew on your life experiences?

Exactly! I love when I can bring it into real life because it helps with the sex a lot. It feels real. I really, really enjoyed that scene.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re excited about that you want your fans to know about?

Yeah! I’m going to be doing interracial on June 1st. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the company name, but it’s coming out soon. Also, I’m starting my own website with the network CrushGirls, so we’re working on a bunch of content. It’s exciting; I have a bunch of side hustles going on. It keeps me busy. And when I’m not working, I’m always working on that. The busier I am, the happier I am.

Can I ask who you’re doing interracial with?

I actually don’t know yet! I’m so excited to find out though!

Who would be your dream first interracial partner?

Probably Jason Brown or Ricky Johnson.

Anything you want to say to your fans or any last words?

All I have to say is ‘Thank you,’ because if they didn’t watch me then I wouldn’t be here. I just appreciate all the support I can get, and I love what they love me for.

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Clowns, BDSM & More: Dark Perversions 5 Review

From the mind of PornFidelity’s Ryan Madison comes the fifth installment of their Dark Perversions series. Dark Perversions 5 takes PornFidelity’s stunning 4K visuals, next-level costume and set design, and Madison’s signature rough-yet-agile fucking style and adds an eerie undertone that makes the eroticism behind dominance and submission almost spooky. If you have a fear of clowns, tempt fate by watching the first scene; being simultaneously scared and turned on is worth it!

Scene One: Lilly Ford & Ryan Madison

The scene begins with Ryan Madison dressed head-to-toe like a clown, but not the type of clown you’d see at a carnival; Madison looks straight out of a Stephen King novel. Madison is prowling about in an aggressive manner, and we soon see that he’s spying on a young woman in a flowy babydoll dress.

Madison as the creepy clown approaches the girl, who we see is the beautiful, fresh-faced Lilly Ford. The clown gestures for her to take a balloon from him. Wonderment eclipses Lilly’s face and, instead of running for her life like she should, she takes the clown by the hand and lets him lead her down a very dirty path.

In the bedroom, Ryan Madison does not shed his clown costume and stays completely in character. He manhandles Lilly in his usual fashion, but what’s interesting about this scene is the voracious nature with which Lilly is able to keep up with him. For every hard thrust he gives her, she’s able to take it and give him back an equal expression of fulfilled lust. While the dynamic in this scene is clearly a little D/s, Lilly can take as good as she gets. Madison incorporating the balloons anywhere he can in the scene is also a pretty fun, quirky touch. This is a hot scene and a must-watch if you can get past the clown thing!

Scene Two: Amber Ivy & Ryan Madison

I haven’t seen Amber Ivy in a minute, so I was excited to watch her be dominated by Madison in this scene. He drags the sexy redhead through the house crawling on her knees, collared, chained, and wearing handcuffs, so we know we’re in for a rough scene. Madison wastes no time shoving his thick cock down her throat and making her gag, but Amber can handle a little face-fucking. He alternates groping her pussy with choking her with his dick until she can’t take it anymore, then we see the breast pump. Madison applies the suction tube to Amber’s soft nipples and begins pumping them hard and swollen. Not long after, he takes her to the bedroom where they fuck like rabbits. Amber may be acting submissive in this scene, but she can ride a dick like a master.

Scene Three: Aaliyah Love & Isiah Maxwell

Aaliyah Love is the epitome of the bored housewife. Every day she wakes up, masturbates, pretends to listen to people, masturbates, eats, masturbates, and goes to bed. Going to bed is her favorite part of the day though, because that’s when she’s able to spend time with the man in her dreams. She doesn’t know his name or where he comes from, but every night she dreams of the same man making passionate love to her. The sex in her dreams is so good that waking life can’t compare.

While this scene doesn’t have the power dynamic of the first two scenes, it more than makes up for that in raw chemistry. The plot, as well as Isiah Maxwell himself, are very female-friendly. This is a good scene if you want to watch good, not necessarily rough, sex.

Scene Four: Jared Grey & Sandee Westgate

Big-breasted, beautiful Sandee Westgate steps into the shower, but unbeknownst to her she’s being watched on video camera by a stalker, Jared Grey. Jared jerks himself off watching Sandee soap herself up and down. When she steps out of the shower, she hears strange ambient noises coming from the other room. Naked and afraid, literally, Sandee goes into the spare room and is met by exposed lightbulbs and more scary noises. Suddenly, Jared appears behind Sandee and instantly devours her. The sex is hot, romantic, and _extremely_ passionate, which makes sense considering that Sandee and Jared are married in real life!

Watch Dark Perversions 5 now on HotMoviesForHer!

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Interview with Eliza Allure

Eliza Allure has amassed an enormous fanbase over the course of her career in the adult industry, and it’s certainly no surprise why. Bubbly, intelligent, and downright dirty, Eliza Allure is any man’s dream woman with some seriously kickin’ curves! We got the opportunity to speak with the beautiful BBW superstar about her career, home life, and the difficulties of the plus-sized porn industry, and Allure was wonderfully candid with us.

HMFH: We’re so excited to be speaking with you. Since 2014 you were nominated for BBW of the Year and Social Media Star, an award that BBW stars don’t often get recognition for. You’re gorgeous, gaining weight, and looking better than ever. What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

I have really had to make time for my beauty routines and to help me de-stress. I have a toddler and recently turned thirty so it’s more important then ever. Every month I book myself a massage and facial. I’m obsessed with microderm, dermaplaning, and hydra facials. I love getting my nails and toes done every two weeks and I get my individual eyelashes done every three weeks. I also just got my eyebrows micro-bladed so I literally can roll out of bed with no makeup and get on webcam.

I’m a bigger girl myself. What sex positions do you find work best for your body type?

I guess that just depends if I’m being lazy or not lol. I love riding on top to achieve my orgasm, but to start off with I prefer doggie-style.

On your website you describe Eliza Allure as your “porn alter-ego.” How is Eliza Allure different from you in your downtime?

While I certainly try to be true to myself in how I conduct business, Eliza is a fantasy. I get to be super dirty and do anything I like as Eliza. In my downtime I prefer to hang out at home with my kid. I’m very much the one you would want your mom to meet. I pride myself on manners and morals. All my good friends would tell you I’m pretty boring.

What are some of your offscreen kinks?

I love women. Most men think I’m lying as a way to get them to stop hitting on me, but if I’m turned on I’m either thinking of my own body or looking at a sexy female.

Your filmography is incredibly diverse. You shoot lesbian, interracial, trans, anal, group sex, etc. If you had to shoot one type of scene for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

I guess group sex so I can still do all of the other type of scenes in one.

You’re open with your fans about your quest to gain weight. What size/weight are you hoping to achieve?

They can join my site ( to feed me and find out my goal weight.

What’s an average day like in a feeder/feedee relationship?

All my feeders are mostly from the U.K. So they will send me money to buy whatever type of food they want to see me eat, and then I either eat it for them on, or I go on Skype and get 100% of the profit. They want to discuss my eating habits, how lazy I am, see my body jiggle, especially my belly. Sometimes they have very specific fantasies surrounding my gain. For instance, one fan likes to pretend to abduct me then feed me till I’m over 600lbs.A few years ago you performed pregnant. What was that experience like?

I liked that it was unique but being pregnant in general was difficult for me. I don’t like shooting when I’m not feeling well because I want to give my fans the best, and I know it won’t translate well onscreen if I am.

You’ve seen the industry change so much since you have been working. What challenges have you had to overcome as a BBW performer?

I have definitely been at the forefront of pushing for change in the BBW industry. A lot of people who have been in it for a decade are threatened by me because I am all about model education so we all go into our scenes with open eyes and are less likely to be taken advantage of. The three major companies shooting BBW porn are all run by men. These men take advantage of models in so many different ways and up until now no one has cared or stood up for the girls. If a model spoke out against the abuse, the men are quick to discredit her as bitter and crazy. No model should be shortchanged on her check. No model should have their content stolen from them by producers. No model should show up to set expecting to shoot a lesbian scene and it turns out to be a full-on orgy which the producer doesn’t want to pay her extra for. Most importantly, no model should ever have to sleep with a producer. All three producers expect the models to fuck them offset or give them blowjobs, sometimes even before the shoot. Currently all of that is going on and will continue to unless we hold men accountable for their actions and force them to do business in a reputable manner.

Some bigger-name models have tried to discredit me even when they know what I’m talking about is true, quite simply because those certain models are benefiting from it. So recently I created my own ( which will be in January, and all winners will be chosen by fans only. There won’t be opportunities for the men in power to use it to coerce sex from these women. This is just one of the many projects I’m undertaking along with to give the models a safe and fun environment to mingle with fans and make money. I’ve had models come to my events and try to start trouble so that the event is kicked out of those clubs. I had to get a restraining order on one model who came to my night and punched me in the face in front of everyone. Most recently I had to ask a model to not attend my last strip night because she was talking badly about all the other girls attending that no one else would have showed up if she went. So what did she do? She proved me and all the models right about her and she started talking to a guy who was threatening to shoot up any events around that time. This model professes to care for other girls who attended the night but was willing to get them killed. These situations are completely serious and I have a zero-tolerance policy for any model causing drama, doing drugs, or anyone who has a pimp. We can expel the stigma of the porn industry if we all stick to our morals and ban together.

If you could offer any kind of advice to new BBW starlets entering the business, what would it be?

Check out my blog I have for new models (

Check out more from Eliza Allure here, follow her on Twitter @ElizaAllure and all of us @hotmoviesforher!

The 2017 Transgender Erotica Award Nominees

The 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards recently announced this year’s nominees, and the nominations are so well-deserved and exciting that we wanted to take a moment to highlight the accomplishments of some of our favorite trans performers from the past year. The convention and show take place the first weekend in March, so mark your calendars and turn out to support the trans men and women who continue to make great strides for trans inclusion in the adult industry!

Pictures from the 2016 annual Transgender Erotica Awards and after-party, photographed by Benjamin J. Coleman for Otola Photography

Best Hardcore Performer

Best Solo Model

Best New Face

Ms. Unique

  • Anya the Blushing Rocker
  • Britney Boykins
  • Chelsea Marie
  • Chloe Wilcox
  • Isabella Sorrenti
  • Jaquie Blu
  • Jelena Vermilion
  • Kacy Tgirl
  • Kira Crash
  • Koko Beans
  • Krissy 4U
  • Lillith Lovett
  • Mara Nova
  • Mayumi Sparkles
  • Robin Thorn
  • Stefani Special
  • Treasure Barbie
  • Trixxy Von Tease
  • Wendy Summers

Best International Performer (East)

Best International Performer (West)

Best Transman Model

Best Transman Scene

  • Michelle Austin & Johnny Deep – Trans Men Adventures 3: Casting Couch
  • FTM Hunter: Michelle Austin & Eddie Wood – TSMichelle.XXX
  • Rough Housing: Dicky Johnson & Oyle –
  • Threesome Fun: Eddie Wood, Michelle Austin, & Elia Allure – Michelle Austin: Trans Porn Star
  • Eating Out: Eddie Wood & Jessy Dubai – Return of the Squirting Man
  • Romance: Tyra Scott & Israel Hammer – FTM.XXX
  • The Sleepover: Eddie Wood, Trixxy Von Tease, & Honey Foxxx
  • Blown: Eddie Wood + Travis Foxxx – Blown (Buck Angel)
  • Buck Angel & Valentina Nappi – Girl/Boy 2


Best DVD

Best Internet Personality

Best Female Performer


Best Male Performer

Best Scene


The 25 Hottest Trans Women Of 2016

While 2016 may be over now, 2017 promises to bring even more fantastic transsexual porn to the many fans of the genre. It seems that there are more trans models with their own studios than ever before, and more trans-oriented studios that continue to pop up to produce this highly in-demand content. At HotMoviesForHer, we love to see our favorite trans models succeed in sharing their beautiful bodies and sexuality with the world. With the past year behind us, we decided to take some time to highlight the biggest names in transsexual porn from the year and some of the newer trans beauties that made 2016 the breakthrough year that it was.

Aubrey Kate

Anyone who follows trans porn knows the name Aubrey Kate, and it’s no surprise that 2016 was another banner year for the blonde bombshell. Aubrey graced the box covers of almost every release she appeared in this year and provided her fans with a variety of different performances. From her role as a superhero in Trans Tastic Four, to a formidable Dominatrix in TS FemDom, to her video-vixen appearance in almost everything else, Aubrey Kate proved herself to be a versatile and awe-inspiring performer this year.



Kelli Lox

Kelli Lox really came out of the box this year, showcasing her bubbly spirit and fun-loving personality with her fans in films like Real Fucking Girls and Best of Monstercock: Trans Takeover 2. While Kelli’s technicolor hair may change often, one thing that never changes is Kelli’s dedication to expressing that she is an artistically sexual being, and that’s what we love about her!





Chelsea Poe

Chelsea Poe rocked 2016 like no other. Whether she was championing trans rights in the adult industry, directing her own releases for TROUBLE Films, or starring in some of the highest-rated trans releases on our site, Chelsea paved the way for the viewers and fans to consume trans porn with a conscience. Chelsea’s artistry brings something very unique and special to the trans genre, and, as always, we’re anxiously awaiting her next release!



Aspen Brooks

Aspen Brooks introduced herself to the adult industry in 2016, and we embraced her with open arms. The sassy beauty wowed us with her performances again and again with her roles in TransSensual features, and her confidence and maturity made it all the more surprising when we found out she was only 18! Aspen may hail from the icy Switz alps, but this ambitious young hottie is definitely on fire!




River Stark

We had the pleasure of drooling over River Stark this year when she entered the industry with a bang, filming for the top trans studios right out the gate. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, River cut her teeth on some pretty meaty acting roles for her first year. River’s performances in Transition and My TS Teacher are absolute must-sees and prove that there is more to River Stark than just her bangin’ bod.




Jessica Fox

Nobody could ever get enough of Native American stunner Jessica Fox! The raven-haired goddess shone bright this year with more dominating roles, like her performance in TS Girls In Charge, and an especially titillating glory-hole scene. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for this demure showstopper!





Chelsea Marie

Anyone would kill for a Transsexual Girlfriend Experience with bisexual babe Chelsea Marie! Chelsea’s performances exude a captivating confidence that we love to see in trans scenes. Her self-assured nature has a purpose beyond just being plain sexy, however; she wants to help normalize trans bodies for other trans women and those attracted to them. We hope to see Chelsea spread her mission in many more movies!




Honey Foxxx

LGBTQI activist and sizzling star Honey Foxxx excited fans this year by appearing in her first FTM (female-to-male) trans scene alongside Eddie Wood in The Squirting Man 2. Always the versatile and exciting performer, Honey Foxxx continued to amass fans this year with her beautiful smile, fantastic body, and – of course – huge cock.





Venus Lux

What would this list be without the incomparable Venus Lux? This superstar made 2016 her year, as she has with every year she’s worked in the adult industry. Whether Venus was shooting for her own studio, Venus Lux Entertainment, or for any of the biggest trans-friendly studios out there, the multiple-award winning trans goddess was unavoidable if you watched trans porn in the past year.




Jamie French

Jamie French is a fun latex-enthusiast, and after her directorial debut in 2015, the ever-ambitious Jamie went on to start her own podcast (The Approximate Podcast) in 2016. When she wasn’t in the recording studio, the bodacious beauty starred in high-rating films like She-Male Perverts 3. We hope Jamie continues to share her interesting perspective and gorgeous self with us in 2017!




Morgan Bailey

If you somehow weren’t aware, Morgan Bailey is one of the more popular transsexual performers in the industry. Her fans love her trademark tattoos, big boobs, and overall punk-infused attitude, and it’s clear from her performances that Morgan genuinely loves what she does. Prior to Bailey getting into the adult entertainment industry, she worked as a tattoo artist and a bartender in Chicago. We’re glad she made the career-switch, because this inked hottie was made to be a star!



Jessy Dubai

When the drop-dead gorgeous Jessy Dubai didn’t like the porn that she was seeing produced, she challenged herself to change the industry by joining it. Thankfully she did, because Jessy has made an indelible mark on the world of transsexual porn with her remarkable performances in popular titles like TS Lusty Latinas. In a short amount of time, Jessy was able to make a name for herself and gather the rabid fanbase she now has, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Read our interview with Jessy here!



Isabella Sorrenti

Isabella Sorrenti came out of nowhere in 2016, much to everyone’s delight, and dominated trans porn with sizzling scene after sizzling scene. In her first year alone, Isabella has filmed with notable studios like Severe Sex, Evil Angel – Aiden Starr, and Devil’s Film. Not only has she been filming nonstop, but Isabella is also up for her first – and definitely not last – AVN nomination for Best Transsexual Performer. With the incredible momentum she has built up, we can’t wait to see Isabella’s filmography in 2017!



Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin had an exciting year contributing a variety of fantastic new titles through her studio Kennston Productions with her partner Dicky Johnson. When she wasn’t working on her studio’s films, Michelle provided her Twitter followers and fans with body-positive inspiration and some seriously sizzling photo sets. We love Michelle Austin and everything she does, and eagerly await her next Kennston releases.

Read our interview with Michelle and Dicky here!



Nina Lawless

Fit, tattooed, and well-endowed hottie Nina Lawless gave us plenty to drool over this year, starting with her jaw-dropping scene alongside River Stark in Trans-Visions 6. We also became more acquainted with Nina’s dominant side through her scenes. She’s up for Best Transsexual Performer this year at the AVNs and it couldn’t be more deserved!




Stefani Special

Fans of trans porn were treated to a whole lot of Stefani Special this past year, as the brunette babe continually appeared in scorching titles like TS Beauties Vol. 2 and TS Love Stories. We also got more familiar with Stefani’s kinky side in Fetish Fvckdolls; her scene alongside Mistress Kara is unquestionably erotic. Stefani’s versatility as both a pansexual and D/s switch performer keep her future possibilities endless, so to say we’re excited for her next move is an understatement.



Domino Presley

Incredibly gorgeous Domino Presley has been on our radars since 2010, but Domino surprised us this year with some pretty fantastic career developments. Grooby Productions released the aptly titled showcase, Domino Presley: Transsexual Icon, a 6-scene tribute to one of the leading ladies in trans porn today. Domino also met up with crossover stud Christian XXX to film a scene for his film Tranny Blowies Vol. 1 that was full of chemistry and hot, hot sex. Domino is a porn superstar, and is absolutely deserving of all the accolades she’s obtained.




Speaking of superstars, the vixen we know as Foxxy had another awesome year in 2016. TransSensual released its own Foxxy showcase, Deep Inside TS Foxxy, with 4 scenes dedicated to the bodacious star and her sizzling sexual performances. Her club scene in highly rated Transsexual Girlfriend Experience III was another visual treat for fans of her curvaceous figure. Whatever this little Latina does, she mesmerizes people in her wake and we love it!




Jonelle Brooks

The supermodel of TS porn, Jonelle Brooks, graced our screens with some select releases this year, like the Evil Angel title The True History of She-Male Cock 5 and a few titles that have us salivating for more. The new year looks like it will be an exciting one for Ms. Jonelle as she’s starting her grad school journey, but we hope to continue to see her face pop up in more trans porn if she has time to shoot between study breaks!




Kimber James

Bubbly blonde and fan favorite Kimber James kept out of the spotlight for a lot of 2016, which is why fans rejoiced to see her join Christian XXX for a blowjob he’ll not soon forget for Tranny Blowies Vol. 1. The high-maintenance hottie broke barriers for her fellow trans performers when she memorably signed with LA Direct Models as the first transsexual star on their roster. We hope to see Kimber break more barriers in the coming year!




Joanna Jet

British MILF Joanna Jet wowed trans fans with her directorial releases through Third World Media this year. Her showcase series Joanna Jet The Trans MILF maintained high ratings, as well as her many scenes alongside Christian XXX for his studio CX WOW. Joanna fills the mature niche that was previously missing from much of trans porn, and we love to see her succeeding by being herself.




Tasha Jones

Tasha Jones has always been a force to be reckoned with in transsexual porn, and in 2016 we were treated to a showcase of Tasha’s kinkier side with Tasha Jones’ Femdom Stories. Tasha has had one of the lengthiest and most successful careers in the adult industry for a transgender performer, and every year she continues to impress and amass fans.

Read our interview with Tasha here!




Yasmine Lee

Yasmine Lee has shot to stardom in recent years after appearing in The Hangover II and other mainstream films, and we couldn’t be happier for the gorgeous and hardworking star. Yasmin found her way into the adult industry by way of her work as a makeup artist, eventually shooting her first scene with Anabolic when their talent cancelled last minute. Since then, Yasmine has proved that her performances have range, and she has become a favorite Domme for to use in their TSSeduction scenes, like All For You: A Pleasure-Filled POV Punishment. We hope to see plenty more adult ventures from this multifaceted beauty in the coming year!



Kelly Klaymour

Kelly Klaymour has had an exciting career since joining the industry in 2013, and hasn’t showed signs of slowing up anytime soon. This past year, Kelly appeared in two of the highest-rated Evil Angel transsexual releases, The True History Of She-Male Cock 5 and TS Playground’s Best Of TS On Female. We can’t wait to see what steamy new projects Kelly’s working on for the new year!




Kylie Marie

Petite and pretty Kylie Marie is up for 4 TEA awards and the AVN award for Best Transsexual Performer this year, and after watching her scenes from this past year it’s no surprise why. Kylie’s threesome scene in Monstercock: Trans Takeover 10 is jaw-droppingly hot and highlights her ability to maintain a sweet, almost innocent onscreen presence no matter how hard she’s being fucked. Kylie is the ultimate seductress, and we have a feeling that 2017 will be an even bigger year for the sexy sweetheart!




Can’t get enough? Check out HotMovies’ Transsexual category!

Writers Roundup: Best of 2016

At the end of each calendar year, the adult industry typically reflects on the past year’s releases in the form of award nominations. At HotMoviesForHer, we consider ourselves the experts of all things XXX, and with our unique and differing perspectives on the content we see each day, the staff writers decided to nominate our own personal choices for some already-established award categories, and some categories that we came up with ourselves. Take a look below to see what we’ve hand-selected as the best of XXX in 2016.


abelladanger2016Female Performer of the Year: Abella Danger and Sara Luvv

It’s a toss up between Abella Danger and Sara Luvv. They’re both great performers who are tons of fun to watch, and they consistently pick great projects to work on.

Male Performer of the Year: Manuel Ferrara

I know he’s already won like 1000 times, but I’ve gotta stick with Manuel Ferrara. The man could generate sexual chemistry with a chia pet. Her scene with Abella Danger in her Hard X showcase, Abella, was truly phenomenal.

Best New Starlet: Kira Noirkiranoir2016

Kira Noir really stood out for me this year. She has a look that’s really hard to find in this industry, and she carries herself with a ton of maturity. I consistently have to remind myself that she really is a newbie and that she’s not an industry veteran.

cindyqueenofhell2016Trans Performer of the Year: River Stark

I have to go with River Stark for her performance in Transition. It was a powerful, semi-autobiographic performance that I think is really helping to change the landscape of trans-porn.

Best Feature Movie: Cindy Queen of Hell

I love seeing big passion project from people who really love their work. The first scene with Joanna Angel, Xander Corvus, and Small Hands is particularly awesome.

Best Gonzo Movie: Girl/Boy 2

Girl/Boy 2 from Dana Vespoli just really blew me away. A very close second would be Abella, the Abella Danger showcase from Hard X.


Best Activist/Advocate: Siouxsie Q and Julia Ann

Siouxsie Q and Julia Ann  did stellar work on the No On Prop 60 campaign, and they really deserve more gratitude than we could ever give them!

Best Team Effort: Stoya and Kayden Kross

Stoya and Kayden Kross’s Trenchcoat X is all the gloriously arty smut that I’ve ever dreamed of, resulting in the candy colored Brett Rossi is Delicious!

Best Indie Movie: Glitter and Gold

These two really go hand in hand, so I’m going to pick 2 and go with Glitter and Gold.


Female Performer of the Year: Samantha Bentleysamanthabentley2016

Samantha has performed in several films this year, but I am most fond of her crazy character in Hard in Love I & II. She’s been writing a lot about the industry for mainstream publications, which has helped to give a non-porn audience an honest and intelligent look at the work she does.

Male Performer of the Year: Jean Val Jean

Jean Val Jean has been around for awhile, but recently he has made a huge comeback with Erotica X and Tushy scenes. Also, his scene with Joanna Angel in Dominantly Submissive was excellent.

christianacinn2016Best New Starlet: Christiana Cinn

Christiana Cinn started in late 2015, and she already has over 30 scenes to her credit with some of the biggest studios in the game.  She has a ton of creative vision and talent, and I hope to see much more of her next year. Although, I think many people will say Melissa Moore may get the nod this year due to her scary similarity to last year’s Female Performer of the Year, Riley Reid.

Trans Performer of the Year: Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin has worked her butt off this year as a performer, director, and studio owner.  She has also been forthcoming with her own work on her body, mind, and soul through social media and advocacy.

Best Feature Movie: Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies from Pretty Dirty studio. I am not writing any spoilers, but this was messed up and super hot. Best movie of the year, if you’re into dark and inappropriate relationships, which is what makes this studio really great.

Best Gonzo Movie: Anal Encores

Anal Encores from Mike Adriano Media. Newcomer Zelda Morrison’s scene with Mike is not to be missed.


Best Activist/Advocate: Chanel Preston

It was great to see the industry come together to fight Prop 60, and there are a lot of people that were very vocal, reached out to fans and mainstream media, and really educated the masses on the issues. Chanel Preston held APAC together when it could have fallen apart. She pushed through with her team, and continued to expand membership and outreach.

Best Team Effort: Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway

Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway for Severe Sex films. This husband and wife team work with extremely talented performers, they were instrumental in the fight against Prop 60, they genuinely want the industry and everyone in it to be informed, safe, and have a good time, and their scenes always make me feel like they are having the most fun out of anyone in the biz.

Best Indie Movie: Femdom Fatale 5

Julie Simone‘s Femdom Fatale 5  because I need more unicorn anal play in my life!


Female Performer of the Year: Sara Luvvsaraluvv2016

For me, 2016 was the year of Sara Luvv. Everywhere I seemed to look, Sara dominated the major releases from virtually every studio out there. One of the biggest releases of the year, Babysitting the Baumgartners, showcased Sara’s ability to deliver incredible performances for both lesbian and straight scenes. She’s a truly dynamic star that continues to rise through the ranks of the industry into fan-favorite status.

Male Performer of the Year: Mick Blue

He’s won the title in years past, but Mick Blue continues to lead the male performer pack in my opinion. With his studio BAM Visions as a standout new brand for Evil Angel and his work with every other major studio under the sun, watching a Mick Blue scene was almost unavoidable this year, not that anyone would want to avoid the raunchy Austrian sweetheart!

lyralaw2016Best New Starlet: Lyra Law

We were introduced to the stunning Lyra Law in 2016, and I couldn’t have been more mesmerized by her performances. Whether performing as a Domme or as your more typical porn video-vixen, Lyra put her own sexy spin on being a California beachy blonde. Her scenes alongside real-life beau Michael Vegas were especially titillating for me because I could tell their chemistry was 100% authentic.

Trans Performer of the Year: Nina Lawless

I saw a whole lot of Nina Lawless this year, and I liked it! The super-fit Mexican hottie made waves working with almost every trans-friendly studio in the industry this year. Not only is her work ethic impressive, but so too is her range. Nina can be a sultry scene partner when she tops or bottoms, but she can also be a merciless Dominatrix during her kinkier shoots.

Best Feature Movie: Little Red – A Lesbian Fairytalelittlered2016

Girlsway is constantly killing it with their feature releases, but Little Red really took the cake for me this year. Inspired by the classic fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red somehow turned a children’s classic into a raunchy lesbian romp that kept pretty true to the plot of the original story… as much as was possible without involving an actual wolf.

Best Gonzo Movie: Dirty Talk 3

Manuel Ferrara‘s series Dirty Talk is a pretty sensual take on the POV genre, and for that reason alone I love it. With each starlet beginning their scene by giving the camera “bedroom eyes” while telling Manuel exactly what they want to do to him, it’s a pretty intimate and sexy moment. This series is unique and doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion, but the third installment is especially my favorite just because some of my favorite stars are in it: August Ames, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey, and Briana Banks! Doesn’t get hotter than that.


Best Activist/Advocate: Andre Shakti

It’s one thing to work in the adult industry and face all of society’s unwanted morality and criticism for your career choice, but it’s quite another to face all of that unwanted backlash and use your voice to fight for your rights as a sex worker. This year, Andre Shakti stood up for her and her fellow sex workers’ rights writing for multiple mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan and VICE, and also had the courage to pose for the cover of The New York Times Magazine for a piece debating whether or not sex work should remain 2016-12-20_14-03-47criminalized. Through her myriad of thoughtful pieces, Andre Shakti exposes the reality of working as a queer sex worker in a climate that still views her lifestyle as overwhelmingly taboo.

Best Team Effort: Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

I love a good power couple, and Anikka and Mick are probably the closest thing to Beyonce and Jay Z that the adult industry is going to get. Between managing their new Evil Angel studio, BAM Visions, and continuing to churn out scorching scene-after-scene for every other popular studio in existence, Anikka and Mick keep themselves busy in the best way possible: doing what they love!

Best Indie Movie: FUCK THEM ALL

From indie porn studio Bleu Productions, FUCK THEM ALL really struck me as a fun and unique take on queer porn. Starring FTM trans performer Kay Garnellen, Kay travels through dark, erotic fantasies that ultimately lead him to an explosive gender-fluid orgy that is not to be missed!

For more award-winning movie suggestions, check out our 2017 AVN Awards category. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @hotmoviesforher!

9 European Male Porn Stars to Swoon Over

So often when we talk about the adult industry, we neglect to mention the wonderful companies, stars, and films that come from the other side of the Atlantic. Yes, folks – the U.S. is NOT the end-all-be-all of XXX. Not only does Europe produce some of the hottest adult content, but their male stars are of a caliber that the American porn market is sorely lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Chad White or Michael Vegas, but a lot of the sexy stars I associate with American porn weren’t even born here… looking at you, Manuel! When watching films from studios like Marc Dorcel or Private, it’s kind of hard for me not to notice how gorgeous a lot of their male stars (or should I say models?) are. So, as such, get to know a few of our favorite Euro-babes that the discerning porn fan cannot be caught sleeping on any longer!

1. Juan Lucho


Hailing from Catalonia, Spain, Juan Lucho began his career as a model and male stripper. Lucho’s impressive uncut member soon drew him into the world of adult film and fans of attractive men everywhere are thankful!

2. Luke Hotrod


Professional musician/tattooed porn stud Luke Hotrod came to the adult industry through his musician ties. When he isn’t filming, the dreamy Hotrod can be found strumming on his guitar, as well as everyone’s heartstrings!

3. Danny D.


Danny D. is tall, lean, and a certified fucking machine. With his 10.5″ cock, this Brit is pretty much a dreamboat for anyone who likes being dwarfed by their partner. Size queens and lovers of handsome men in general can find plenty to swoon over with this guy!

4. Mike Angelo


I have a thing for tattooed men, and Mike Angelo is one handsome inked dude. On top of just being plain sexy, Angelo is French, which means you know he has a killer accent. Total package!

5. Gabe Tonic


Spanish stud Gabe Tonic is a sight for sore eyes when it comes to porn actors. I’m much more fond of a contemplative bearded hottie than a ripped, muscular fuck machine. But maybe that’s just me.

6. Ryan Ryder


Ryan Ryder is a gentlemanly Scottish redhead with a fit body able to fuck his costars into a stupor. His acting skills have always been complimentary to his sex scenes, and it’s clear the Scot-hottie takes pride in every performance he brings to the screen.

7. Miguel Zayas


With his full, sexy beard, tattoo sleeves, and girthy uncut cock, it’s pretty safe to assume that Miguel Zayas is everyone’s type. The seriously handsome Spaniard should film more often for all of our sakes!

8. Alex Legend


Looking at his filmography, you wouldn’t know that Alex Legend is a French ex-pat. This tatted dreamboat often films with American studios and can be seen canoodling often with girlfriend Penny Pax on social media.

9. Dean Van Damme


Dean Van Damme? More like Dean Van DAMN. When he isn’t filming, Dean can be found power-lifting insane amounts of weights. Hard work pays off, because his body is out of this world.

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