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Come Crash at Crash Pad

Crash Pad series logoPornography is experiencing a renaissance in both mainstream and independent providers. From big-budget parodies to economically produced amateur content, the idea of what porn can be is expanding. One of the studios on the front line of this evolution in porn making is Pink and White Productions. Since 2005, Shine Louise Houston has created a venue for people to watch hot sex with a cast of inter-changing characters. The unique aspect of this series is that it is not just hot sex we are watching; we’re watching a sea change in the culture of porn.

The conversation about pornography is multifaceted and complex. We often hear people arguing against the exploitation of women, or the lack of representation of ethnicities or different types of bodies on screen. Those who think that porn is strictly the realm of fantasy often argue counter to these points. Fantasy can be a large part of why a viewer wants to watch porn, but not all fantasies are presented within mainstream films. The Crash Pad series is a good alternative to the cannon of porn because it offers viewers a chance to look at something besides the same tropes we always see: the pizza boy, plumber, and random gonzo setups that have predominated much of the major studios. Gonzo has its place, as well as the romantic or more sensual encounters, and the parodies and erotic BDSM features rival Hollywood in production value, but there is often a disconnect between the sex on screen and the sex viewers may have.

I’ve been a fan of porn since I was old enough to rent my own videos at the creepy shack off the highway in Georgia. I’ve always wanted to see something that represented me in real life more than the images I found in some of the previous mentioned material. I like a lot of diverse porn, and I see a ton of films due to my work at Hotmovies, but I never found something as personal to me as when I found the Crash Pad Series.

When I started watching Crash Pad episodes, I realized that I was witnessing a game changer in the industry. Body type, grooming style, and sexual politics have all been addressed in Crash Pad episodes. It’s not that performers are screaming out their ideologies during their orgasms, but the type of sex the performers engage in is informed, safe, and kinky. Crash Pad shows people owning their sexuality and exploring the types of play that is not often depicted in mainstream porn—and it’s hot.

CrashPad53I recently watched Crash Pad Episode 53 staring Syd Blakovich, Carson, and Mickey Mod. The playfulness and connection between these three was incredible. There was no power dynamic, and everyone seemed to know exactly how to make each other get off. It was three good-looking people getting together to have a good time (while sticking things in each other’s asses). In other episodes, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Jiz Lee, Drew Deveaux, and James Darling have some intense orgasms, and they all looked like they were having a ton of fun. There is a positivity that is obvious when you watch these scenes, and there is no doubt that everyone on set wants to be there. While these performers vary in ethnicities, age, body shape and gender, the enthusiasm for their partners in each of their performances makes for happy watching for any viewer.



Other notable episodes:

Crash Pad 64 porn filmEpisode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune and Surgeon

Sadie gives sexual instruction to Surgeon and Chocolate Chip as she watches from afar. The dynamic, while leaning towards a D/s tone, is fun and playful. These three are incredibly sexy, and Sadie gives the viewer a very happy ending.





Crash Pad 05 queer porn filmEpisode 5: Rozen and Syd Blakovich (as Shawn)

These two have great chemistry and they are both amazing performers. There is realness and an eroticism that pops off the screen. Rozen looks great with a strap-on, and she knows how to use it too.


Maria Beatty – Filmmaker

Maria Beatty has been producing and making films since the late 1980’s and has an extensive filmography of varying genres. Beatty’s films range from noir to Western, and as imaginative as German Expressionism. While many of her early films focused primarily on BDSM and fetishism, her later works incorporate current queer porn imagery and narratives. As an influential filmmaker, Beatty has worked with legendary musicians and writers such as John Zorn and Lydia Lunch. Beatty’s films depict pornography in a way that allows the viewer to get off, while illustrating sexuality through various creative angles, locations and storylines.

  Strap-On Motel (2008)

Strap-On Motel was nominated at the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards, and has been a favorite of some of the staff at HM4H. This film takes an honest look at the sexual relationships between women, and how that lust can become an all-consuming desire. Too often, lesbian erotica can become formulaic, but Beatty’s set design and choice of actors ensures genuine chemistry and sploosh-worthy performances. This film illustrates nostalgia for the Los Angeles of the past with a soundtrack full of longing horns, and melancholic voice-overs.



The Black Glove (1998)

Film noir influenced, The Black Glove explores the artistry and inventiveness needed to perform and enjoy an SM experience. Beatty is gorgeous and vulnerable in the role of the submissive. The viewer is privy to the slow practice of restraining the submissive, and the imagery of pleasurable torture. The use of sound in this film is compelling as the texture of the latex corset, the buckles as it is tied, and the sharpness of the Wartenberg pinwheel are heard in a brilliant design by John Zorn. This is an erotic representation of fetishes, which explores the psychological aspect of BDSM by offering a voyeuristic experience.





  Ecstasy in Berlin 1926 (2004)

If you have ever fantasized about the promiscuity or outlandish activities of the Weimar period in Berlin, then look no farther than Ecstasy in Berlin 1926. Filmed in black and white, this film shows the heightened sexual era that has become synonymous with decadence. Beatty is able to mix that Weimar mystique with the air of naïveté and desire. As the protagonist sleeps the viewer gets a glimpse into the imagination of a submissive, and the fantasies created by her deviant mind.





Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls (2009)

These women are beautiful, and the perfect combination of tough and sexy you would expect from Western-themed porn. Beatty casts people who sincerely love the type of sex they are portraying, and the cinematic storytelling allows the viewer to see the dynamic between characters develop. Reminiscent of Kenneth Anger’s films, Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls is an amazing answer to the road trip genre, and actor Surgeon Scofflaw has a raw sexuality and an incredible on-screen presence.




Beatty’s latest film, The Black Widow (2015) examines the grief of a woman who has recently lost her Mistress. As she walks through the graveyard to her lover’s tomb, she remembers the intense sexual experiences they enjoyed, and she is overcome. In order for her to cope with her loss she takes on a new lover. Miles away, another couple plays with dominance and submission in an elegant mansion. Beatty pays great attention to detail in the shibari work, costume design, and sexually charged portrayals of BDSM.

As Beatty’s career progresses her films become more imaginative, colorful and intriguing. The desperation is painfully obvious in the longing for a dead lover, and the deep need for connection and trust is evident in every scene. Her movies can take on playful themes, but Beatty’s presentation of women’s sexuality is always done with an authority that only a veteran director can implement.


Mia Khalifa Releases First Feature Film

From porn news to mainstream media, everyone is talking about Mia Khalifa, and the big splash she has made by entering the world of adult films. From her start as “The Busty Girl Behind the Counter at the Hamburger Joint” to her debut with the SCORE Group, Khalifa has created a media frenzy, and everyone wants to see her first feature. The ladies of are especially intrigued by Miss Khalifa due to the controversy her appearance in adult work has caused, and the amount of attention she has received before she ever released a feature film. We researched any material we could find on her, and we were happy to learn that not only is Miss Khalifa an avid Florida Seminole fan (she created a twitter group to talk about Seminole events and efforts involved in the Florida State community), she is a normal woman who has an incredible body, and she has handled the media attention with amazing style and finesse. We are excited to present her debut, and we look forward to watching her long and provocative career.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SCORE(s) Exclusive VOD Deal for New, Self-Titled Mia Khalifa Release

 Philadelphia, PA – April 6, 2015 –, home to the largest collection of adult films on the web, is excited to have inked a deal with The SCORE Group to become the exclusive VOD provider for their upcoming release, Mia Khalifa. Starring the world’s number one porn star, this sought after title includes her first on-camera interview and an educational demonstration on her personal blow job techniques.

While Mia Khalifa has been available for purchase on DVD directly from The SCORE Group for several months, will now be the exclusive provider for VOD customers interested in the film.

The SCORE Group explains, “In Mia Khalifa, you’ll see this curvy girl-next-door turned porn star in her first-ever XXX scenes, shot in Miami, FL.  An in-depth interview, a blow job demonstration, deep-throat cock sucking, taking hard porno cock in her tight, young pussy…this is the Mia DVD fans around the world have been waiting for.”

“When The SCORE Group came to us with the opportunity to be the exclusive VOD provider to carry this new title from Mia Khalifa, we jumped at the chance,” said Dan L., Content Manager for “All of us at have been keeping a close eye on Mia since she first hit the scene.  Her stunning beauty and natural presence in front of the camera are sure to be a hit with all of her fans.”

Mia Khalifa releases nationally on April 9th, 2015 and will be available on VOD with beginning April 6, 2015.


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Rule 34: Holy Week

Rule 34 – [rool, thur-tee-fawr], noun: “If it exists, there is a porn of it.”

Internet meme Rule 34 has been popularized throughout social media and user-generated websites since 2003. This meme became prevalent due to the popular parodies and comedies either produced by those in the adult industry, or fan fiction, horror movies, and cartoons depicting well-known characters in pornographic situations. has access to over 190,000 movies, so it seemed fairly plausible that there would be a few racy or comedic interpretations of non-sexual scenarios. We decided to celebrate Holy Week by digging into our collection and finding these religious-themed films in order to share them with our viewers.

La Confraternita

2013 – Director Mr. Karol W.

The Brotherhood is a group of seemingly pious men who have dedicated their lives to worshiping their God, and sacrificing their worldly possessions for a life of divine
inspiration. At least, this is what they would have you believe. The monastery seems to be missing an altar, but there is a fantastic chandelier that hangs above a make-shift platform
where young nuns are taught the sacred rights of group sex. There doesn’t seem to be much of a plot, but who needs one with these creative sets and authentic costuming. Visually, this movie is a religious fetishist’s dream. However, the movie would probably be even better if the dialogue were in English. One of the brothers has a revelation at the end of the movie, which brings him to the top of a mountain where he makes an emphatic proclamation. One can only assume that he has sworn to dedicate himself to fleshly desires because a four-person sex scene begins, and is followed by double penetration while an observing nun masturbates. This sounds like a good Friday to me.


Spanking Confessional

2009 – Director Eve Howard

Anna is a teenage student at a prestigious Catholic High School. Her parents pay a lot of money in tuition and they would be very disappointed if they knew that her grades were slipping. Father Ryan thinks Anna needs to face the consequences of her bad grades by impressing upon her the seriousness of her inaction. Anna begins her after-school counseling with Father Ryan, but Anna’s grades do not improve. In fact, Anna is found to have lied to her parents about a poor math grade. Father Ryan is very upset, and he brings Anna into his office to question her. Anna does not deny that she has engaged in some bad behavior, and she bends over Father Ryan’s knee to take her punishment. As the weeks go by, Anna’s behavior does not improve. In fact, Anna has been keeping her boyfriend a secret from her parents, and she has been engaging in sexual behaviors that are inappropriate for an unmarried girl. This is unacceptable to Father Ryan, and he is determined to straighten Anna out. Anna is stripped naked and bent over father Ryan’s desk. He brings out a small, leather paddle and begins to spank Anna while questioning her about her relationship with her boyfriend. He tells her people will begin to talk about her, and she will get the reputation of a slut. He chides her all the while her ass begins to turn from pink to dark red from his heavy whacks. Anna cries, begs and pleads for the punishment to be over, but father Ryan does not believe Anna is sorry. He continues in his beatings by taking his belt to her ass, whipping her until she begins to sob. When he is finished he sends her to stand by the bookcase, naked and sore, so that she may pray for forgiveness.

While this might not be a comedic interpretation of Catholic School punishment, there is a happy epilogue. As the final credits roll we learn that Father Ryan’s methods were found out, and he was sent to a parish in Antarctica. Anna moves to San Francisco to become a topless dancer in a go-go club. It all works out as it is supposed to. Or, maybe this is too much like real life?

Mitzi’s Honor
1987 – Director F.J. Lincoln

Crime boss, Sol Bloomgarden (Randy West) is a stereotypical cigar smoking, threesome having, philanderer. He’s got a tough, Jewish wife at home (Sharon Mitchell), but he is looking for the “perfect” Jewish girl to complete his life. He enlists Max to help him search for his princess, but if Max fails he will “sleep with the gefilte fishes.” Max is having a rough time. He is torn between fear for his life if he doesn’t find that perfect girl for Sal, and Mitzi who has taken a terrifying interest in him. Once Mitzi gets her claws into Max, there is no safe haven for our friend. Fortunately, Max and Mitzi devise a plan to help Sal, and themselves. Max blindfolds Sal, and leads him to meet his dream girl, who then ties him to the bed and gives him the ride of his life. When his blindfold is removed he realizes that he has had his dream girl all along. Mitzi stands above him, cigar in hand, ready to take her last bit of revenge on her husband. Sal wonders how he’ll smoke his cigar with his hands still tied, but then soon realizes the cigar isn’t going in his mouth.

Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits #6

2014  – Director Kelly and Ryan Madison

Life as a mascot can be pretty difficult. Kids want to sit on your lap, parents argue over
how much time their kid gets versus another kid. Have you ever wondered what the Easter Bunny does in his off time? Well, apparently he has sex with Kelly Madison. Scene six of this movie is three scenes edited together, all involving Kelly Madison in some kind of sexual scenario with the Easter Bunny. One scene may be a different take on the old cartoon rabbit/hunter theme, but those cartoons never ended with the hunter giving the rabbit a blow job.


Hot Reviews: Spicing Up the Marriage from Jacky St. James


Jacky St. James succeeds once again with another incredible script, masterful production and beautiful, passionate scenes. After several years of marriage these four couples have found ways to continue to feel close to each other, and make their sexual experiences even hotter than when they first met. However, it hasn’t always been easy to communicate their needs within these relationships. At least one couple had to overcome a major rift, while another couple wasn’t getting the intimate time together they desperately needed. This film is an honest attempt to depict the real life phenomena of what happens to people in long-term commitments when they feel a sexual lull creep into their marriage, and how simple adjustments to schedules, and open communication can make a good relationship an envious one.


Scene 1: Richie Calhoun and Natalia Starr

Tuesday is a great day in Richie and Natalia’s house, and this Tuesday means that it is Natalia’s turn to do something sexy for Richie. Each week Richie and Natalia alternate who will indulge the other partner, and this week Natalia has decided that Richie needs a little tease and denial with a sensual lap dance. “You can look, but you can’t touch.” Richie doesn’t think this is fair, but he is willing to try anything Natalia has in mind. Adorned in sexy black garters, back-seamed stockings and a necklace that hits just the right spot in her cleavage, Natalia begins her seduction with slow and deliberate teasing movements. Richie tries to snap at her nipples, but Natalia pulls away just in time. Totally excited, Richie begins to kiss Natalia, grabbing her tits and sucking on them while she grinds into his lap. He starts to vigorously rub her clit through her panties as she keeps grinding into him. Richie stands up, unzips his pants and tells her to suck his cock. Natalia doesn’t begin slowly, she grabs him hungrily and draws him deep into her mouth as he pulls her hair back and slowly fucks her face. They move to the couch so that Richie can remove Natalia’s black g-string, and he begins to lick her pussy. He looks into her eyes as he dips his fingers in and out of her cunt. Natalia’s garters pop as she spins around and lets Richie move her into doggy position. Richie takes her from behind while grabbing her ass. His hands are all over her, caressing her body, and he is completely engaged in making Natalia feel good. Natalia tells Richie to sit down so she can ride him. With her black stilettos propped on Richie’s thighs, Natalia starts to slowly bounce on Richie’s cock. Richie grabs her heels as she rides him with intensity.

This scene is incredibly hot, but the lead up to their encounter depicts the necessary care and planning that goes into creating and maintaining an atmosphere of excitement. Natalia bathes, shaves, and meticulously dresses in her best lingerie. She places a note and a glass of champagne in the bedroom so that Richie can relax after his day at work. Before they meet in the bedroom Richie is shown taking out a pair of Natalia’s underwear from his desk drawer. He slowly inhales the smell of his wife in anticipation of the evening to come. These actions convey the thrill of preparing a romantic environment for the person you love, and the amazing rewards that come from paying attention to your partner’s needs.

Scene 2: Ryan McLane and Cosima Knight

With the daily routines of work and meetings, Cosima feels that there is a distance between her and husband Ryan. She decides to write Ryan a love letter. She explains her desire to reconnect and be the couple they once were, before the uncomfortable rough patch began. As Ryan reads this he begins to realize that he too misses the connection they once had, and he is sparked into action. He writes Cosima back, explaining that he has also felt a strain on their relationship, and he wants to be the person she fell in love with. Ryan left a surprise for Cosima in the bedroom, and he asks her to please be wearing it when he comes home.

That evening when Ryan arrives home with flowers, he is greeted by Cosima who is wearing nothing but the silk and lace robe he bought for her. Ryan sweetly leans down and whispers into Cosima’s ear that he is sorry, and that he loves her. As they begin to touch, the tenderness never disappears. In fact, their intimacy and the desire for each other grows, as Ryan and Cosima begin to give each other oral in a titillating 69 position. Lingering kisses on Ryan’s cock and slow licks up and down Cosima’s pussy reflect their shared desire.The couple is definitely reconnecting while they change from missionary positions to a spooning position. Their hands are locked while they kiss between every other breathe.  It’s as if they are starved for each other. The scene concludes when Ryan pulls out and cums on Cosima’s pussy, and they lie together in their sweat, enjoying their tender reunion.

Scene 3: Logan Pierce and Jade Nile

Jade loves her sex life with Logan, but she has always been a little shy. Even after three years of marriage, Jade still changes her clothes in the bathroom, and they often have sex with the lights off. Although she has been a bit demure, Jade has always wanted to become more confident in her sexuality. Logan is a professional photographer, and the models he shoots inspired Jade to overcome her shyness. Determined to be bold, Jade begins to undress as Logan helps her to frame her face in the light while moving her hair from her cheek. Jade smiles and begins to remove her top, pulling out her breasts and exposing them for the camera.

Jade becomes more fearless in the weeks that follow. She and Logan have developed a routine of photographing Jade every Saturday morning. As the weeks pass, Jade becomes more daring. She begins to wear different lingerie, she adds heels to outfits, and she reveals more and more of her body. Jade begins to feel adventurous during one of her shoots and asks Logan to come and sit beside her. She begins to unbutton his pants and tells him to keep taking pictures. Logan is surprised. Is this the woman he married? Jade reaches into Logan’s pants, pulls out his cock and begins to give him a slow and sensual blowjob. Things quickly become hotter as Logan runs his hands up Jade’s stockings, and dives down to give her some incredible head. The connection between these two is evident as their writhing on the couch becomes more impassioned. Jade is truly in control as she climbs on top of Logan, straddling him in a reverse cowgirl position, and rides him until he explodes all over her cunt.

Scene 4: Chad White and Jillian Janson

Jillian never used to like going to the gym. In fact, she was often annoyed by how much time Chad spent there. Both of them work full-time during the week, so the weekend is the only real time they could spend together. Luckily, Chad realized how he could fix this problem. He could go to the gym and spend time with Jillian, but he knew he would have to make it interesting. If going to the gym became a game then both Jillian and Chad could get what they wanted; a good work out, and maybe a little more.

Things became more interesting once Jillian was used to the idea of working out with Chad. She began to notice how he looked at her while they would do cardio. He would give her a side-glance, lingering on her ass just long enough for her to notice. As their workouts increased in intensity so did their eagerness to get home and fool around. The sweat and strenuous exercise drove them into frenzy, and the drive home became an exercise in self control. The solution to their problems was simple. They decide to build a home gym. This way they can get hot and sweaty and not have to wait the half hour until they get home. Their workouts became part of their foreplay. They could have sex, but only after their workout is complete. Cardio regimens are increased as Jillian climbs on top of Chad’s muscular body, sitting on his face and grinding her pussy onto his tongue. The weight bench became a great way to balance during doggy style, and an array of other unique positions culminating in Chad cuming all over Jillian’s stomach.


While these sexual scenarios may not occur in everyone’s life, there are common situations that many couples have encountered. Often, we get used to the other person’s company, and we forget that relationships are living things that also need attention. Spicing Up the Marriage is a sincere attempt to address these everyday concerns while allowing for a genuine intimacy between the actors to shine through.


Femdom Dream Interview: Carissa Montgomery

In honor of the new release Femdom Dream Date, we decided to interview one of our favorite Femdoms, Carissa Montgomery. Carissa has had an interesting career as a fetish model, learned the ropes of BDSM as a professional submissive, and she has been featured in major releases. We wanted to know how she began her journey in adult entertainment, and how the industry has helped her to express her kinky side while gaining experience as an entrepreneur.

Hot Movies: What brought you to the adult industry, and how did you start in BDSM film production?

Carissa Montgomery: I was working doing pharmaceuticals. My background is in nutrition, and I ended up working in pharmaceutical sales. It really wore me down. My soul felt worn down. I just wasn’t into it. I felt lost working for these big corporations and I quit without having any other jobs. I knew a photographer, and they had approached me about modeling. He knew I was free-spirited, and said he wanted to put something up on Model Mayhem. I didn’t have another job, and I figured with all this free time on my hands… I decided to get a make-up artist and get professional quality photos. I posted the photos online and I got a ton of fetish work right away. The first scene I did was bondage and tickling. It was so much fun. The acting part of it was so much fun that I was hooked. It wasn’t the actual tickling part of it, but I loved being able to play a role and lose yourself in something, and be all in it. That was really appealing to me. The acting aspect of that first scene was really important, because all the Femdom stuff requires a lot of acting. My personality shines through, but the performance aspect is something I really enjoy. I love it. So, it’s not really an exciting story. It was more like, ‘I can’t work in the real world anymore. What am I going to do?’ Luckily, I found a lot of work, so I’ve been able to sustain it. This business has given me the opportunity to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit, and run my own business and career. You can kind of have your hand in a lot of different pots.

You recently worked on a film with Aiden Starr, who also appears in Femdom Dream Date. Tell us about the experience of filming Pussy Whipped III, also co-starring Ana Foxxx?

Pussy Whipped III was freaking awesome! That was my first time working for Aiden. I knew her, I mean, I knew who she was and I have admired her work for a long time. I first saw her through and I also had friends that knew her. I ended up hanging out with her this summer. She told me that she thought that I was perfect for a project of hers. You know, we’re both busty blondes, and she said ‘You’re just like me! Big-boobed, mean Femdom sadist.’ So, she wanted me to play that role. I had already known Ana Foxx. I had worked with her before, and loved her. She is such a sweet person. She was just great to work with. She is just so into being dominated, so it made the job really easy. She’s so hot, so it would be really easy. It was like a play session that just happened to be recorded. I mean, she is as hot as she is totally cool. Her personality is amazing, and that makes her so much sexier. She’s lovable and cool, and you’re like ‘Oh my god, I want to rip you apart.’ I would seriously eat her nipple. She’s just so cute. So, so cute. So, working with them is great, and Aiden is top notch to work for. She makes everything really easy for you. The production side of things was really smooth, because she’s a really good producer. Not only a great Femdom, but a really good producer, and she made everything great. So, I would love to do some more work with her, and I think that may be in my future. I’d also love to do more Evil Angel videos.    

You did such a great job.

Thank you. This was the first Femdom scene I have done with a woman, and I was really nervous. I figured I would be fine. Let me just take everything I have done to a man, and try to do that to a woman, and we’ll see. It translated very well for me. I knew I could do it once I started. The same day I was filming, Mia Li and Holly Heart were coming in, and I was so happy to see two other people who I totally adore. I wanted to stay for their scene too. It was a really great experience, for sure.

What projects are you working on right now?

Getting my studio set up in Pittsburgh is my main focus right now, and that’s been a big undertaking. I want to do a lot more filming for both my humiliation website and my website Carissa’s Fetish Playground.  That has been the website that I have been updating most consistently recently, and that has an array of fetishes. It’s Femdom, some damsel in distress bondage, that kind of stuff. I’ve been adding a lot of super heroine themes, and regular old-fashioned girl/girl hardcore action to the website. I’m looking to do a lot more videos like that when I have my own studio set up. I’ll also incorporate more female and male slave videos. These will have domination, face-sitting, humiliation, CBT, that kind of stuff. I’d like to focus on more filming at home, hometown stuff.

As a professional Dominant, how is your personal life affected by your work?

The industry has educated me a lot. Until I started this work six years ago, I had never been in any kind of relationship where anyone had introduced any kind of bondage or kink. It’s hysterical to me now looking back. I must have been very unlucky or had a very bad knack for choosing boring partners. I really wasn’t exposed to it. Once I knew what was out there I was freed, and I was really intrigued. I started out as mainly doing submissive roles, and I really learned a lot about myself. I learned what I liked, and I brought that knowledge back home. So, any relationship I have now, bondage and tease-and-denial are a huge part of it.  A lot of sensory deprivation and switching roles, I just love that. But, I really was never aware of it before this work.

You mentioned learning from being a submissive and growing into a Dominant. Has your Domination style changed? How would you describe your style?

My style has definitely evolved. When I first started out I related to the submissive side more. I think I really was able to explore and learn things about my own psyche. I started off really tentative in everything I did. At first it was really difficult for me to push someone to their limit. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just about being comfortable in yourself, because now I have absolutely no problem with that at all (laughs). Especially in filming, and when they give me the go-ahead. Whoever I am working with is a willing participant, and now I am more able to read people and their response. I think I was tentative because in the beginning I was not sure of my skills and ability, but now I can read people better, and communicate with people better to know that what I am doing is working. I consider myself a sensual, but sadistic, mind-fucking Domme. My whole way of being is sensual and teasing. I have a huge sadistic side to me, but I like it to be soft and seductive. Like I’m going to whisper to you how I’m gonna flog you until you can’t sit down anymore. You know, playful but strict. I feel super sensual when I am in the Dominant role. I’m feeling super sensual, but my actions are rough. It’s interesting.

Do you have any favorite toys that you go to as a Domme?

I use so many different ones, but I just used a new one on a shoot that was a vibrator and it had electro stimulation. I used it on a girl, and she was ecstatic. Then I used it on me, and it was amazing. It felt so cool. You’re getting vibed, and then you get shocked. We used it on a shoot, but I don’t know where else you can get it. I like to use a medium, suede flogger. I like to alternate my strokes. I like to mix the pleasure and pain, and to add some kind of electronic stimulation.   

What tricks of the trade or secrets to filming a good scene have you discovered? Any lucky rabbit paws?

Haha. Good lighting. I’m not superstitious, but good lighting is important. A good attitude always helps. Especially in girl/girl scenes, you want a girl who actually likes girls. If someone doesn’t want to be there it’s like the worst for everybody involved. Ugh, it’s so uncomfortable. I just try to work with people who are professional and have a good attitude. That’s the goal I have for myself is to be positive. That’s who does well in this business, it’s the people who treat others well and they love to do this.

What tips or pieces of advice would you provide to novices that may be interested in learning more or getting into the BDSM lifestyle?

I feel like [BDSM] should be the way that you would be with any partner. There has to be a ton of trust involved, especially if you want to bring the intimacy to the next level. Something like bondage requires a lot of trust. For beginner’s stuff, there is a ton of videos out there for bedroom bondage. I would say start light and then gradually learn up to the crazier stuff. I would start with light rope and blind folds, and then continue from there. I mean, that can be so exciting. But, that’s my opinion. Then again, my first shoot was bondage with forced orgasm, so I guess I’m lying. (Laughs) It wasn’t my personal life, though. What can I say? I’m a risk taker. I guess that’s my trick; you have to be a little ‘good’ crazy. Not the bad crazy that messes everything up, but the good kind that makes things interesting.

I think a lot people might not know how much this work entails traveling. Where do you usually travel to for work, and where are your favorite places you have been so far?

I love Los Angeles. I go there most often to shoot. Most porn and fetish porn is out there in California, at least in the States. That’s the hotbed of activity, and the place to be. I’m also in San Francisco a lot. Outside of the States I am in London often. I actually get a lot of work there. That seems to be where I have found the most amount of work in the fetish arena. It’s pretty cool over there. They have a lot of stuff going on. They do a lot of wrestling. The coolest place I have been to would be Naples, Italy. I went there to work with a bondage producer, and it was breath-taking. It was like nothing I had ever seen. Just to be in the Mediterranean and the islands surrounding the area, it was just amazing. A lot of exploring went into my free time over there. That’s probably the coolest place I’ve ever been able to go to for work. I’ve also been to BoundCon in Munich. It’s huge. It’s probably the biggest fetish convention I have ever been to. There’s tons of people and performances. People are super into rubber and latex. It’s a super fun time. They’re a lot more free than in the States. Nudity is ok. You don’t have to wear pasties like you do [at conventions] in the States. My whole boob is out, but I have to cover my nipple? That makes no sense.

Based on your extensive production experience, how do you feel women are treated in the adult industry? Do they have the same opportunity to get ahead in the business as their male counterparts?

I’ve never considered it a male or mostly female industry. My experience has been with both women and men producers. I never saw it to be one or the other. When I was doing a lot of Mom-and-Pop productions, like small studios, those studios were pretty male-dominated. But, more and more in LA I’ve worked for so many female run productions. So, I’ve never really felt like I would be at a disadvantage. I think it’s about good business sense and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, in my experience. If you have it, you have it, and if you don’t, you don’t. My first few years I was very observant of what people were doing, both right and wrong. I’ve developed a good sense of what works.

What misconceptions about your work do you regularly have to correct?

It seems that when I mention the fetish side of things people seem a little less judgmental, which is kind of strange to me. But, then when I talk about the hardcore porn girl/girl stuff I immediately see their face change. I feel like there is a general judgment that comes along with being in the adult industry. The general consensus from people is that they think that I am being forced into it somehow. As if I have to do this and I don’t have any other options. And, that is the misconception that really kills me. I do have other options. I have two degrees. I could fall back on something, so that’s a big one that kills me. I think that people also think you’re going to get an STD. That’s pretty funny. People are actually more likely to get an STD from casual sex in the real world, where as in porn we are getting tested every two weeks. That’s a funny one to me. I think people may also be shocked when you have a brain and are able to make good business decisions.

Femdom Dream Date is a hysterical look at trying to date and find like-minded kinksters. What has been your experience both dating and finding like-minded friends within your line of work?

Yes, this line of work has lead to me making some really good friends, and actually a partner as well, through the Industry itself. The friendships I have are, you know… I’m not someone who has a ton of friends. I have a group of people that I am very close to. The level of intensity between people in this industry [due to] our work brings us immediately to another level. So, when you find somebody you really mesh and click with it sets you up for life-long friendship, which is super cool. And, the open-mindedness that goes along with it. You can tell that person anything. It’s like, ‘Ok, I just stuck my finger up this girls butt, and you saw it, and now we can go on to the next thing.’ Secrets are safe.

What are your plans for the Zombie Apocalypse?

I’m such a planner, so I am surprised that I don’t have a plan for it. I would probably use my fast wrestling skills that I have learned along the way. I would join up with a group of survivors, and we could do choke-holds, death-holds, I don’t know. I really didn’t plan ahead.

Richie Calhoun: A Porn Star Profile

We’ve all seen one of those pornos where a group of guys in a van pulls up next to a girl, offers her money in exchange for sex, and she happily goes with them. While this scenario is a fantasy, which has been pre-organized with location scouts and legal waivers, the illusion of an average, amateur girl on the street having group-sex in exchange for money is appealing to some. However, the thought of five guys pulling up in a van wanting to have sex with a normal girl is the stuff urban nightmares are made of. Luckily, there are other men in the adult industry who agree, and have found a way to poke fun at the “van genre” as well as making consistently good choices about the type of adult content they produce. Richie Calhoun has made some great decisions on film work, and has also created an alter-ego that makes fun of the odd aspects of porn. From his work with Penny Pax in the award-winning The Submission of Emma Marx and its sequel, The Submission of Emma Marx:Boundaries to his side projects with his comedic Ding Dong Brothers, Richie’s sense of humor and love for the industry is evident.

The title My New White Stepdaddy11 would normally induce an eye roll or at least a shake of the head, but this film handles the family fantasy and interracial content with a humor that does not degrade anyone, and allows the viewer to indulge in the taboo experience.  In fact, My New White Stepdaddy 11 was a 2015 AVN Award Nominee for Best Ethnic/Interracial Series. Good choices in film work have enabled him to work with amazing performers and directors. Last year’s The New Behind the Green Door was nominated for multiple AVN awards including Best Drama and Best Screen Play. In Wetwork Richie is paired up with Penny Pax once again. Their chemistry is intense, and the intimacy and playfulness between the two is stimulating. Wetwork won numerous XBIZ awards for 2015, including Best Feature Movie, and Best Screenplay of the Year.

Richie’s performances in features often showcase his laid-back approach to sex, while his dialogue and delivery give the audience a chance to see his acting skills. He has also starred in plenty of gonzo films, and these scenes demonstrate a different side of Richie. Gonzo scenes require actors to create the dynamic through raw attraction, and Richie’s sexuality is subdued, yet powerful in these scenes. Lustful Threesomes, Adult Guidance 7 , and Spin Class Ass show an energetic and natural enthusiasm for sex and kinky situations. Richie’s funny side can be seen in The Addams Family XXX, and This Ain’t Star Trex3XXX. His portrayal of Mr.Spock is brilliant.

Whether he is playing Mr. Fredrick, or Mr. Spock, Richie Calhoun has a versatile career and a passion for adult work. Check out his Twitter page to see his fantastic parodies of pornographic scenarios gone wrong and random thoughts from an interesting man.

Levi Cash : A Porn Star Profile

leviAfter screening last year’s successful film, Sibling Sex Stories, I understand the huge buzz surrounding the name Levi Cash. Cash, a major player in the industry since 2006, has appeared in close to 100 films, and directed almost a dozen in addition.  I had seen some of his previous acting work in No Other Option, which he also directed, and I was really taken by his interactions with costars. Both of these films play with the edge of taboo sexual encounters, and Cash isn’t portraying the hero in either of these films. He is the seducer in No Other Option, and the Peeping Tom in Sibling Sex Stories. What’s interesting about Cash is that he clearly enjoys playing the villain and brings the audience in on the joke. You want to watch him convince the young girl to have sex with him because that’s “…just how corporate America works.” You want to see him hook up with his step-sister because he’s having fun pretending to be the perverted big brother. It’s a game, and Cash allows the audience to live out these taboos without feeling the guilty aftertaste of perversion.

While it is fun to watch Cash indulge in forbidden fantasies, he is not joking when it come to his sexual performances with his costars. There is a definite change in character as soon as he touches his partner. His energy is focused, and you can tell that he is invested in making that person feel pleasure. We’ve all watched movies where the person performing cunnilingus sticks their tongue out very far and lightly flicks it over the clit while moaning loudly, barely doing anything that would evoke a response from a non-actor. Keeping this performance technique in mind, Cash’s scene with Deauxma in Memoirs of Bad Mommies 3 was incredibly refreshing to watch. There was none of the pretense to the oral sex, and there was a ton of real connection between the two actors. His scenes with Jodi West are extremely hot after having worked together on several films developing a great working relationship and friendship. What’s great about this is that their friendship is evident in the scenes and while each scene may require a different dynamic, the passion between the actors is evident. Cash’s performances usually involve passionate kisses, real oral sex, bear hugs for his costar, and intense eye contact. I want to watch people enjoying what they are doing and tend to lose interest when a scene makes it obvious that sex is a chore or actual work. Cash doesn’t “phone it in”; he is present in every scene he films.

levi 2In addition to having great sex on camera, Cash has also directed films which showcase his unique perspective on the industry and what a porn film can be. With Vulnerable Cash taps into the female fear of being exploited due to a sordid past or a bad decision caught on camera. The women in this film are being convinced to have sex with the male characters who have evidence of something “amoral”. The dialogue in these interludes is familiar, but the music selection, lighting techniques, and the way he frames his actors all conveys a change in what porn can bring to the public/private conversation. The recently released, Stalked presented an exciting take on the ever popular family fantasy. Usually these types of scenarios can be cliché or even off-putting, but Stalked explored how these sexual encounters could develop in real-life while still being enough of a fantasy to make the viewer feel excited, not shameful. These types of explorations in taboo subjects is nothing new for pornography, but Cash’s fresh perspective on forbidden desires is a welcome addition to the genre.