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Viewing Interracial Porn Differently

One of the most infuriating—and also most worth considering—aspects of porn marketing is the euphemisms and stereotypes used to promote videos.  Porn genres are broken down into terms that we would normally find insulting, but somehow they get thrown onto box covers with wide distribution. Just think about how the proliferation of the term “interracial” is used as a code word for racist stereotypes in porn. While porn is a place to explore taboo subjects, make fun of those stereotypes, and indulge in fantasies that we could not perform in real life, there are certain films, studios, or performers who may take this indulgence to a place where not everyone is comfortable or treated with respect. However liberating breaking those taboos may be for some people, it can also be hurtful to watch those scenes taking place. In the spirit of understanding taboo fantasies, loving porn, and wanting to see diversity on my screen, I have picked out a few interracial scenes that I enjoy watching because the people involved are obviously having fun, and everyone knows that they are respected and good at their job. These are interracial scenes that do not play with the normal porn tropes, it’s just hot people having great sex.

Mickey Mod and India Summer in scene six of Marriage 2.0


This whole movie is absolutely wonderful, and the film should be watched in its entirety, but scene six is a beautifully shot combination of scenes and images that are erotic and stunning. Often when writing about good chemistry between porn performers, it is easy to focus on the different positions, the way someone orgasms, or intense staring into one another’s eyes, but there is often the blatant gonzo movement or position that lasts too long. Inevitably,  I am reminded that I am watching porn. Well, this scene isn’t like that at all. Yes, Marriage 2.0 has a story arch and great dialogue, but the sex scenes are really honest even though they are artistically filmed. The chemistry between Mickey and India is good because of the story, and this creates a more believable scenario between the two of them.

Ana Foxxx and Mick Blue in scene four of The Art of Romance 5


Ana Foxxx bounces off the screen with sexuality and a sweetness that is endearing and totally captivating. Watching her and Mick Blue is a treat. The Art of Romance series focuses on the sensual as opposed to the usual formula of  gonzo in-out-in-out. Mick still lays it on pretty hard for Ana, but there is a lot of eye contact, kissing, and a bit of dirty talk. They are having fun, and this is a well-filmed scene. This series looks polished, but still real enough to be a regular couple having a steamy session.

There are several other current scenes that have multi-ethnic performers, and they don’t rely on overused formulas. Who Doesn’t Love A Teen Creampie has two scenes in it that play with fantasy, but leave out the expected racial stereotypes. Scene one with Bill Bailey and Kimberly Chi and scene two with Moe Johnson and Sheena Rose (who is really funny in this role) both have potential to fall into the over-used story lines, but neither scene does. Lesbian Adventures – Strap On Specialists 10 scene one with Nina Hartley and Sara Luvv is a personal favorite, as well as April Flores and Drew Deveaux in Artcore

Asia Carerra, Steven St. Croix, and Ana Malle scene 16 of Naughty In Nylons


This is a classic compilation of sexy nylon scenes from Vivid. The infamous Asia Carrera is shown at the peak of her career here, and she is a great match for Steven St. Croix. I like this scene because it is a throwback to when there was plenty of pubic hair to go around, that includes the men too, as well as the emphasis on luxury decor and ladies in lingerie. Asia makes the best sex faces, and her body trembles are a rare expression of excitement.  This scene reminds me of the films I saw when I first learned about porn, when I didn’t know about the unflattering parts of the industry and I was more focused on what was happening on screen.  There were other stars from this period that performed in tons of “interracial scenes” that were never promoted as such. For example, Charlie was a Latin performer I liked watching because she was tall and curvy, and she didn’t look like a lot of the other stars who were popular at the time. This scene in Naughty In Nylons has Asian, Caucasian, and Native American performers in it, but it was not promoted as anything other than a sexy threesome.

Every person in these scenes is presented with agency and a common respect for their fellow performer. This is not to say that these performers aren’t playing with power dynamics and maybe getting off on their differences, but there are no insults. There are no feelings of exploitation. There are only hot people having good sex. Interracial scenes do not only signify the black/white stereotypes and plots that many films have run into the ground, they allow for a viewer to find alternatives to what may be more easily found. Interracial porn categories in porn can be used to find combinations of performers who may not get as much promotion or work as other performers, or this category can be used to simply spice up your normal porn viewing with performers you haven’t seen before. Either way, it’s time that we look at this category a little differently, and start seeing it as an opportunity to promote different kinds of scenes.

Happy Halloween with Burning Angel

joannaangelJoanna Angel revolutionized porn with her vision of hot, alternative women making dirty movies and creative parodies. With her homages to classic horror, pinup couture , and popular culture, Burning Angel Entertainment has become the standard when it comes to modified women in porn. Joanna may have started in the “alternative” genre, but her hard work and creative vision has turned Burning Angel into an authority in the industry. Halloween is the perfect time to sit down with someone you fancy, and watch spooky parodies and horror remakes from the alt-genre master. Happy Halloween!

Evil Head

evilheadAn abandoned cabin in the woods is the perfect place for four friends to have an exciting and romantic getaway. They discover the book of Necronomicum, which turns members of the group into possessed demons. Watch as Ash (Tommy Pistol), Linda (Joanna Angel), Shelly (Kleio Valentien) and Scotty (Danny Wylde) unleash unspeakable evil from the “Book of the Head.” Evil Head brings you everything you would want in this pornographic horror remake – talking taxidermy, chainsaws, demons, and a gangbang with possessed trees.


Cindy, Queen of Hell

cindyqueenodhellIs it better to serve in heaven, or reign in Hell? Raven (Joanna Angel) had a fling with the devil (Xander Corvus) and got knocked up. Now, 21 years later, she must tell her daughter Cindy (Leigh Raven) the truth about her real father. Cindy is presented with the choice: remain on Earth…or be the next ruler of Hell! Follow Cindy’s voyage through the underworld filled with debaucherous demon sex and see her take fate into her own hands!



fuckenstienDuring their nightly romp, Joanna Angel and Dr. Frankenstein suddenly did something that had never happened to them before! She went wild when he stuck his fingers right in her ass WHILE he was fucking her pussy. Inspiration stuck, and the scientist created a monster whose sole purpose on this earth was to doubly penetrate his wife. Of course, everything got a little out of hand when his monster creation’s ego amped up, and the monster dick got out of control. It’s a XXX-rated homage to everyone’s favorite classic horror flick.


The XXXorcist

xxxorcistAfter all other exorcism methods fail; Father Merkin (Tommy Pistol) has no other option but to fuck the hell (and the devil) out of a possessed woman, Regan Teresa MacFeel (Joanna Angel). Her Mother, Mrs. Mac Feel (Kylee Kross) looks on helplessly until she succumbs to the evil and becomes possessed as well. Father Merkin is compelled to fight for his life with his cock.


A Very Adult Wednesday Addams

wednesdayadamsWednesday Addams is all grown up! While she’s still fond of black, destruction, and death, she’s found some new interests since growing up; namely, her desire for dick! Mama Morticia had no problem keeping her man’s cauldron hot; now it’s time for Wednesday to learn how to wrap men in her spider’s web as well!


Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks

2016 AVN Nominee for Best Makeup

comicbookfreakcosplaygeeksFrom Joanna Angel comes  a fun and sexy set of scenes featuring the gorgeous, tattooed Burning Angels Draven Star, Larkin Love, Sheridan Love, London Lanchester, Annie Cruz and Rizzo Ford. Dressed up in sexy cosplay, these nerdy girls aren’t shy when it comes to fucking like crazy. The dialogue is funny, the sex is hot, and the orgasms are through the roof!


Cosplay Geeks 2

cospalygeeks2Ever notice how much sexier your favorite geek culture characters look in person at Comic-Con? So did we! We found five hot cosplayer girls to bring your nerdy, dirty fan fiction fantasies to life! Your favorite Burning Angel Girls cosplay the best indie and major comic, anime, and manga characters! Joanna And Small Hands in “The Nightmare Before XXXmas.” Draven Star As “Horny Potter.” Roggie and Nat Turner as “Spectrum and Luke Cage.” Rachel Ravaged in “Star Trek.” And Ophelia Rain as “Vampirella.”


The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

walkingdeadAfter a month in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world has been overrun by zombies. One odd notion was especially concerning; these zombies are hungry for brains…and sex! A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave!




The Whowhoreofdarknessres of Darkness

Director Joanna Angel calls her gothic new Burning Angel Entertainment release “a dark and demonic film,” and considering the devilish talents of such stars as 2011 AVN nominees Draven Star and Bella Vendetta, it’s easy to see why. Burning Angel favorites Star, Vendetta, Felix, Asphyxia, and Ranie Mae squeeze into velvet lace and don some dark eyeliner before throwing down nearly three hours of intense screwing. Hot sex and cool goth-punk sounds by Kommunity FK set the stage for two hours and thirty eight minutes of humorous hardcore action in the patented Burning Angel tradition. With Draven and Bella on board, this “dark and demonic film” is a trip to the promised land you’ll never forget!



repenetratorRe-Penerator is a pornographic spoof of H.P. Lovecraft’s 80’s horror flick Re-Animator. The film is the story of a stripper (Joanna Angel), who after being dead for twenty years, is resurrected by a perverted mad scientist, Dr. Hubert Breast (Tommy Pistol). Dr. Breast vaginally injects the long dead, but exquisitely preserved, exotic dancer with a special serum so the re-penetrated corpse will return for the VIP room in hell and crave nothing but sex. After he injects her with a gooey green potion, the stripper awakens with an insatiable craving for balls and fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.


Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

killercleavagefromouterspaceThe inhabitants of Planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth penis could save them all. Not just any penis – a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers. With Areola’s impending doom, Captain Sheridan knows she must send Jessie Lee to complete this mission. Why Jessie? Well, because she likes dick a lot.

Trying Porn For The Fuck Of It

2016-09-23_9-34-05Part of my job at is looking through our new releases and making sure that we reach out to new stars and get biographical information for their bio pages. This means that I see all the new content that comes through our office. I notice trends, new stars, star’s “firsts” (first anal scene or boy/girl scene, etc) and I’ve seen an interesting trend within the last few years. I’ve seen non-traditional-looking performers who make a film just for the sake of checking it off their bucket list. This seems pretty amazing given the stigma of porn performing, especially if you are not trying to make a career from it. There are also female performers who are using porn as a vehicle for other entertainment work. Does this trend point towards the lessening of the stigma around making a porn? Is porn actually a jump start to another professional, non-adult career?

2016-09-23_9-34-19Let’s Look at Diana Colton, an undergrad student at NYU who was half-curious about the process of making a porn and decided to apply to James Deen’s website and see if she would be called to shoot with him. She was surprised when they called her, she got tested, and then she shot with him. She liked it enough to do a few other scenes with him, but she has never shot with anyone else in the industry, nor does she plan to. She just wanted to explore what making a sex film was like. She did interviews in major publications, told people where she went to school, and had no qualms about being pro-sex and intellectual at the same time. Diana is not planning to make any more films and does not want to make a career from adult work, she just wanted to try it out.

2016-09-23_9-33-28 Luna Lavey is a similar story. Luna is heavily modified and has a facial tattoo. She does not look like the average young starlet entering the the industry. She wanted to film for Burning Angel as she liked their content, her personal style fits their aesthetic, and she was comfortable being sexual in front of the camera. She told all the important people in her life about her plans and had lots of support. After her scene, she decided it was a great experience, but she never had to do it again. These women are just a few examples of the new crop of women who are exploring their sexuality in public in an industry that is rapidly changing.

So often we hear two main narratives about female porn stars. Often there is the negative spin that someone was in a dark place when they turned to porn and then things got worse, then they found Jesus. Or, newcomers often spout how much they love sex and how everyone in their family told them they should pursue a career in adult because of their high sexual energy, or they always wanted to be a porn star. While bits of both of these stories are certainly true for many women in porn, there hasn’t really been a ton of people (until recently) who have decided to do a scene just for the fuck of it-pun intended. That’s why performers like Diana and Luna are so interesting. Neither of them wanted to be stars, but they felt comfortable enough to be in front of a camera having sex, knowing that a ton of people would see it. This kind of experimentation also happens more often on queer porn sets and some fetish content. Check out the Crash Pad Series, Abby Winters, Heavenly Spire, and Foxhouse Films for more amateur performers who felt comfortable enough with their sexuality to show the world an intimate encounter.

np3There’s another trend I have noticed within the last few years, but has become more noticeable this year. Lots of female performers are moonlighting as DJs. Famously, Sasha Grey has been DJing since 2009, but she’s been getting a lot more attention for her skills this year, and Carter Cruise and Jessie Andrews have been doing these gigs for three years. Samantha Bentley just started getting big gigs after she DJed the Game of Thrones fourth season wrap party. Lexi Bardot, Gracie Glam, Julia Bond all DJ , and before porn Brittany Blaze started out as a comedian and DJ. But, this year in particular, two women have stood out for their DJ/music efforts as well as their scenes. While Nikki Phoenix is pursuing porn performing and distribution in addition to a music career, she just released a full album this year and DJs tons of events. Darcie Dolce was DJing before porn and decided to shoot some scenes in order to get her brand out there. It seems that porn and DJing is a symbiotic relationship and has been a vehicle for all of these women to get their music careers going.

2016-09-23_14-22-30There are few performers that make the transition from big-time porn stars to mainstream super stars, but that doesn’t seem to be the end goal for these women. Porn is an area of interest, not their full-time personae or career goal, and performing is allowing them to explore different parts of their lives. It is interesting to watch if these trends continue and if more women will use porn as a jumping off point for non-adult work in the future.

My Cousin Is A Whore

Lexie Candy DorcelI love Marc Dorcel and the sophisticated porn his company creates. I’ve written about the films from Dorcel a few times on this blog, and I’m always impressed with how the directors present the best qualities of their performers in these stylish and very erotic scenarios. One of the reasons I enjoy these films is the glamour of the locations, everyone’s wardrobe is exquisite, and there is the element of fantasy that I find to be necessary when watching plot-oriented porn. This week My Cousin is a Whore is an exclusive video with HotMoviesForHer. The title could use a reworking, but this seems to be part of a larger ‘Whore’ series, which includes My Wife is a Whore and My Daughter is a Whoreboth set in modern locations with very attractive performers. As in the previously mentioned titles, the female protagonist in My Cousin is a Whore is a very self-aware, sexually empowered character. Elise (Lexie Candy) comes to visit her aunt and cousin, Milo (Ryan Ryder) and becomes the kind of friend he really needs in his life. Elise has always been very fond of Milo because he is the sensitive, sweet-natured guy who people tend to overlook and pick on. Milo’s co-workers are complete jerks, and constantly make fun of him. Milo’s girlfriend Stella cheated on him and Milo’s aunt thinks it is his fault because he isn’t “man enough” to take care of a woman. Elise realizes that she has a special talent in which to help her big-hearted cousin.

Elise does not like the way her aunt talks to Milo, always insulting his masculinity, talking about his lack of money, however Milo is very sexy (Ryan Ryder is super hot!), but he’s been told so many times that he is a loser he has started think this might be true. To get back at her aunt, Elise plans a little mischief for her aunt’s new husband, played by Juan Lucho.


Milo asks Elise to stay with him while she is looking for her own apartment in the city. They love spending time together, and her presence is really helping Milo get over his ex, Stella. Elise takes Milo out to a club to meet some new women and get a little freaky, but she ends up getting into her own situation with a stripper played by Mea Malone. When Milo gets a phone call that Stella is coming to get the last bit of her things from the apartment, Milo reverts back into a terrified wreck. Elise assures him that she can handle things for him. Expecting Stella, Elise begins to dress for the occasion, but to her surprise Stella’s new boyfriend has come by to collect her things. Being the clever woman that she is, Elise realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get back at Stella. She’s going to seduce Stella’s boyfriend, and she’s going to do it while wearing one of Stella’s favorite black dresses.

mea1lex3 lex4

Meanwhile, Stella (Cox) is feeling like she just hasn’t made enough trouble for Milo, and she decides to go to his house and attempt to get back together with him. Poor Milo can’t keep himself from getting back into the same positions with Stella that he was so used to.

ste stel


Even though this feels good, Milo can’t forget that Stella cheated on him with another man, has moved most of her things out, and is kind of a terrible person. Plus, he has a huge meeting and presentation coming up and his douchebag coworkers do all they can to sabotage his efforts. Once he is able to get himself together, and Stella out of the house, Milo runs into his coworkers at the cafe Elise has started working at. As the men chide and harass most of the women, and Milo, in the cafe, Elise forms a new plan. She decides to tell the other patrons to leave and sends Milo on his way to the presentation. Elise locks the door and gives Milo’s coworkers a presentation of her own.


Elise is the kind of woman that knows how to have a good time while also helping someone else. Due to the fact that Milo’s coworkers were engaged in a three-on-one with Elise, they missed their meeting, and Milo got that awesome promotion. At least the men had a little fun before they got fired. Is Elise a whore? I’m not so sure about that being the best way to describe her, but she sure is an angel who came into Milo’s life and fucked all his problems away.

Watch My Cousin Is A Whore exclusively on HotMoviesForHer now!


Holly Randall Interview

Holly Randall
Holly Randall courtesy of Playboy TV

With photos in magazines like Playboy, Hustler, and PenthouseHolly Randall has set the standard for high-glamour photography. She is the preeminent adult industry photographer and her work has been featured in mainstream photography books in addition to her own erotic photography books, Kinky Nylons and Erotic Dream Girls. Holly is also the owner of,  a website devoted to showcasing top-tier talent in photo spreads and videos. Holly is the daughter of famous photographer, Suze Randall, who was the first female staff photographer for Playboy and for Hustler. Suze Randall was also one of the first female porn directors in the United States. Holly’s father, Victor Knipe, is an author, sociologist, former English teacher, and the webmaster for, Suze Randall’s adult website, and he also directed and wrote some of Suze’s films.  Holly’s first work in the adult business was photographing  and shooting video for After college she began shooting video for other studios.  Coming from such a creative and business-minded background, Holly has been able to create her own unique style and has brought a much-needed sophistication to erotic films with Holly Randall Productions. Featuring top stars like Dani Daniels and Lisa Ann, Holly Randall Productions continues the seductive quality of Holly’s photography within her films.
Holly Randall

You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you were interested in books, riding horses, and photography since you were young. Looking back at growing up with parents in the adult industry, when did you know this was a career path for you? Did you ever actively rebel against going into the same business as your parents? Did you ever have a desire to become an accountant or anything outside of the arts? 

When I was very young, I thought I’d become a veterinarian (I think most little girls think that). Then I thought I would be an English teacher— I come from a family of teachers (my father was an English teacher), and I loved the subject. But when I took my first photography class at the age of 12, that’s when I knew I’d found my passion. But of course at that age I didn’t think I’d be shooting adult content. It wasn’t until I was 20, helping out my parents in the office and also going to college, when I realized that I really enjoyed working in adult and that I might have a future in it.

2016-08-15_13-59-58When you were first filming for, what style or styles did you want to emulate? Who did you look to for inspiration? Was there someone else in the adult industry doing what you wanted to be doing?

I am rarely influenced by anyone in the adult industry— let’s be honest, most producers/directors/photographers in porn aren’t very talented, and have zero vision. Back in the day, I would say that Andrew Blake was an inspiration to me — I loved his artistic, fetish-y erotic movies. Today, nobody really influences me, but I think directors like Greg Lansky and the team at X-Art are really talented people and I love what they put out.

Your photography is so lush and colorful without being over-saturated. You capture the high-glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood and vintage fashion magazines. This style is very evident in True Erotica. It really is as if your photographs have come to life. What are the major differences for you between still photography and for filming scenes?

Holly RandallWell, I can’t be as precise with the lighting in video — because the nature of the actual light is different (strobe vs continuous), and in video the subjects are obviously moving so that’s different. Video is a lot more work — and I’m usually not just shooting statically in one room like I might be with photos (especially since I use a Steadicam for a lot of my video shots). So we’re moving around a lot, blocking out the actor’s movements, etc. Photography is much simpler (for me).

I’ve read that you do not like “acting” in your films, but you would rather pair up couples that are really attracted to each other. As an English Literature major, do you think you would ever write a heavy plot-driven erotic movie?

I’ve directed several heavy plot-driven movies, so yes, I can see myself starting to write scripts very soon. It’s all about casting the right people, some porn stars are better actors than others, that’s for sure!

Playboy TV contacted me out of the blue to be a part of Adult Film School. Honestly, there really wasn’t anyone else they could have cast for it. There are extremely few female directors, and finding one who is comfortable being in FRONT of the camera, who shoots classy hardcore, and who has a name associated with high-end glamour to draw in viewers…well, that’s pretty damn tough. I guess I’m fairly unique in that sense.

Holly RandallHolly RandallWith your own site and video studio, what do you want to accomplish as a director?

I’d like to start shooting VR, but I have zero interest in shooting the typical POV everyone is doing these days. I want to use VR to tell a story, to bring the viewer into a narrative before the sex starts…that’s where I’d like to go.

How does the role of an audience consuming your work factor into what you make?

Well, hopefully they pay for the product, which enables me to pay for production. Sadly, that’s not really happening these days. Thus, the shrinking budgets.

Holly RandallHolly RandallWhat do think when you hear the phrase “porn for women,” and what do you think women want from erotic material, especially XXX videos?

Well, I hate to generalize because all women are different. My tastes in porn are NOTHING like what I’m about to say women like. But here goes: generally women like a story, they want to feel connected to the characters, to the narrative. They also want beauty and glamour.

Tell us about a dream project you’d love to make.

I would love to shoot a erotic art book— not like the ones I have out now, which is just a collection of my work. I want to shoot specifically for this project.

Holly Randall

What are some of the old clichés about porn stars you know are not true? What do you want non-adult industry people to know about the industry itself?

That they want to fuck everyone. Guys tend to assume because a girl does porn that she’ll sleep with them. Let me tell you, most porn stars have a “yes” and a “no” list, so they can be as selective as they’d like about their partners. They certainly will NOT sleep with “just anybody.”

Holly RandallHolly RandallThe last decade has brought significant changes in the adult industry, from tube sites to camming, and the advent of VR porn. What advice would you give to millennials interested in entering the porn business now in either production or performance?

Well, I’d give the same advice to all millennials no matter what business they are getting into: so much of this younger generation is used to this “instant gratification” technology (well, the internet really) has given us. So they don’t put in the hard work, the long hours, the blood, sweat, and tears that one SHOULD put into their passion. There’s a real sense of entitlement these days, like “I’ve been at this job for 6 months I should get a raise” or “I should be famous by now” kind of thing. You have to work your way to the top, nobody just hands you success on a silver platter. Get off fucking Instagram and do your damn job.

What are your upcoming projects for 2017, and how can your fans best support you?

Well, I’m hoping to get into VR, as I mentioned. I’m also hosting my second workshop November 12 and 13 (go to for more information). I’m also producing DP Star 3 this year (last year I was a judge, I’ll be behind the scenes this time). But the best way for my fans to support me is to join my website of course!

Watch Holly Randall‘s films on HotMoviesforHer now!

John Stagliano’s Hard in Love

John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano is famous for his love of focusing on the derriere of his female performers.  He often casts women who use their sensuality to engage the viewer and affect intimacy.  The Hard In Love movies are  no different in their appreciation of the female form, but unlike Stagliano’s previous work, these scenes are a warped twist on his butt-centric male gaze.

Samantha Bentley and Misha Cross are real-life, very close friends as well as co-performers. While they were hanging out at the club Insomnia in Berlin they began discussing how wonderful that feeling of falling in love was. Their pitch to Stagliano, who was escorting them to the club that evening, was that the feeling of falling in love can be instantly changed by deceit, feelings of betrayal, or mixed communication, and a film showing this story arc between women would make for an especially intense film. Insomnia is Stagliano’s favorite fetish/alternative lifestyle club in the world and the combination of Cross and Bentley’s story with the club’s atmosphere convinced Stagliano of the unique opportunity he had in front of him. There is a ton of behind the scenes footage of Stagliano and his cast where you see the old ideas of Buttman meet the minds of Cross and Bentley.

John Stagliano directing John Stagliano directing

In Hard in Love, Cross and Bentley meet each other at Insomnia while Bentley is performing. They instantly know there is something between them and decide to continue seeing each other. But, Bentley is in a very dysfunctional work relationship with Angel Long (who is so good at being evil) and when Bentley tries to leave, Long declares war.

Things start to take a dark twist in Hard in Love II when Cross feels incredibly hurt that Bentley won’t leave Angel Long, so she starts a sequence of events that make both characters crash and burn rather quickly. Bentley has one of the best solo scenes EVER. Seriously, if she doesn’t win an award for this performance I will personally go to Vegas in January and protest. Bentley is taking the power back, you’re rooting for her, but as always happens in these love triangles, someone gets hurt.

Check out both Hard in Love and Hard in Love II. If you love a good story, lots of behind the scenes footage, and if you’re as happy to see women making movies that straddle the line between real life sex and fantasy obsession, then these are the films for you.

John Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In LoveJohn Stagliano's Hard In Love John Stagliano's Hard In Love Hard In Love II Hard In Love II Hard In Love II Hard In Love IIHard In Love IIWatch the gonzo-meets-affection set Hard In Love now on HotMoviesforHer.

Love Love Review

April O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairMassage movies don’t  need a lot of plot to convey sensuality, but Love Love has a strong subplot of definite importance. Maybe the general public is not aware  how any type of sports activity ends with lesbian sex, but you, dear HotMoviesForHer reader, know from watching the Fantasy Massage studio releases that if two sexy women start playing tennis, one of them is bound to overexert herself, sprain a muscle, and need help getting into the shower. Secret, best friend crushes are exposed and consummated with vigorous scissoring —every time. There’s a message here, people. Massages are code for sex. So, next time your bestie asks you to go to a yoga class, think carefully whether you both agree on what downward dog means.

Scene 1: April O’Neil and  Serena Blair

April O'Neil Serena Blair

April O'Neil Serena Blair April O'Neil Serena Blair April O'Neil Serena Blair After Serena and April finish their game of tennis, Serena quickly heads towards the showers and strips in a suggestive way in front of April. April should have known this was coming because Serena is a lesbian, and Serena has made advances towards her before. April is positive she isn’t going to fall for Serena’s lame attempt to get laid, until she gets a little jealous hearing Serena talk about how hot their tennis coach is. All of a sudden, April seems to be stiff from their game and needs Serena’s healing magic to make her feel better.


Scene 2: Carmen Caliente  and Shyla Jennings

Carmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla JenningsCarmen Caliente Shyla Jennings

Shyla has had a long day working at the spa, but when she sees how hot Carmen is, she makes up an excuse to stay longer and take Carmen as a client. Things are going as normal until Shyla starts to get a little frisky with Carmen during her rub down. While a bit surprised, Carmen melts into Shyla’s hands and soon they are slippin’ and slidin’ all over each other.




Scene 3: Adrianna Luna and Megan Rain

Adrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan RainAdrianna Luna Megan Rain

Megan is a pretty fit woman, but not as super-star-athletic as Adrianna. Adrianna is a champ in Martial Arts, and needs a sparing partner for the afternoon. Megan must have not stretched well enough because she sprains her groin muscle during their practice. Oh no! The only obvious solution for this is to have Megan get completely naked in the middle of the park and have sex with Adrianna.




Scene 4: Lena Nicole and  Lexi Belle

Lena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi BelleLena Nicole Lexi Belle

Lexi just wants a nice chair for work, but her super-mean boss took her comfy chair for himself. Aggravated and in desperate need for a massage, Lexi finds herself in the care of Lena. Lena is sort of a good masseuse, but she’s much better at having sex with clients. Lexi gets a big surprise when Lena rubs her clit the same way Lexi rubs it at home, but somehow Lexi isn’t deterred from continuing on with Lena’s sexual treatment.



Scene 5: April O’Neil, Elizabeth Bentley,  and Serena Blair

April O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena BlairApril O'Neil Elizabeth Bentley Serena Blair

This situation could evoke jealousy, but somehow these women learn how to play well together. Serena has her moment of jealousy when she sees how well April and Elizabeth get along.  April may have had some weird feelings about Elizabeth because Serena was so excited about her, but now April can see that the three of them make for a perfect clique.


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Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix

Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix box coverKink School: Tips From A Dominatrix is the latest fetish instructional video from Severe Sex. It’s probably pretty obvious from our many posts about their films that we love the Severe Sex studio. Not only are Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway a good model for a marriage and working partnership, they make educational movies that are exciting. There is genuine enthusiasm in their scenes, and the group of professionals they work with are the best in their fields. You can be sure that when you watch a Severe Sex film you are seeing a carefully selected group of performers in thoughtfully scripted scenes, and everything they are doing on camera is done in a safe and consensual way. This kind of transparency is particularly important when depicting BDSM and sexual SM practices. Sometimes a viewer’s first exposure to BDSM is through video, so displaying the correct way to do something is important in case they decide they want to try this in their own sex life. For the beginner, knowing how NOT to do something is just as important as knowing how to do that thing. Safety is always a concern, but that doesn’t mean something done safely isn’t sexy. Severe Sex’s  instructional videos have always combined information and best practices with hot performers who love what they do.

Tips From a Dominatrix is a two disc set. Disc one has four hot scenes with professional dominatrices who show varying styles of D/s play, while disc 2 has almost two hours of some real talk from six of the hottest professional Dommes working right now.

Session One: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Marcelo is a newcomer in Mona’s dungeon, and he is excited about the opportunity to serve a new Mistress. Dressed in form-fitting latex, Mona sidles up next to Marcelo as he is strapped into a St. Andrew’s cross and promises that she is about to do some terrible things to him. After “tenderizing” his chest, stomach, legs, and cock with a flogger, Mona moves on to whipping him lightly across the chest and stomach. I’ve hardly seen Marcelo flinch when getting dominated, but the whip seems to almost do him in here. Continuing to impress, Marcelo tests his limits with CBT in the form of magnets and weights while Mona switches him across the stomach and praises him for being an “overachiever.”


Session Two: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Mona must’ve taken to Marcelo’s obedient nature, because she’s locked him in a cage to serve her once again. Once Marcelo has begged like the puppy Mona wants him to become, she lets him out of the cage and their scene begins with her walking him around on a leash like a dog. Marcelo licks and worships her feet and plunges his nose into Mona’s ass like a curious pup looking to make a new friend. While this play seems humiliating or degrading, it is this power dynamic that Marcelo craves and Mona clearly feeds off of. They have excellent chemistry together, and these first two scenes are a great example of a dungeon session gone right!


Lifestyle Play: Lyra Louvel & Michael Vegas


One of the questions most kinksters face is how they incorporate their preferred style of play into a relationship dynamic. Real-life lovers Lyra Louvel and Michael Vegas provide an intimate look into how they enjoy sensual domination together. The scene begins with Michael blindfolded and waiting expectantly for his Mistress as she saunters into the room in her thigh-high boots. She is pleased to see Michael doing exactly what she asked of him, and rewards him with a few playful whacks of her leather flogger. Lyra instructs Michael to smell her pussy, and he begins worshiping her like a good little slave. After Lyra’s been properly pleasured, she allows Michael to fuck her and he cums on those sexy boots.


Heavy Session: Cybill Troy, Jimmy Broadway & Marcelo


This scene begins with a “do not try this at home” warning, so you know it’s going to be good. Cybill Troy has Marcelo strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross in her dungeon, and she warms him up by tying his balls tight with a rope while ashing her cigarette on them. If you’re thinking that this looks intense, you’d be correct. Cybill Troy is a professional, and she knows how to safely play with Marcelo and respect his boundaries. Continuing to watch this scene, however, you’ll quickly learn that Marcelo has an incredibly high pain threshold and that his boundaries are not that of the average person. Cybill brings out Jimmy Broadway to crawl along the floor as she ties his and Marcelo’s ballsacks together with a long rope. As Jimmy attempts to crawl away, both men howl as their balls are stretched. Cybill continues the merciless CBT with a crop, a whip, and some clothespins.


Disc 2

Dee Severe

Disc two includes in-depth interviews on an assortment of issues regarding professional dungeon experiences, BDSM in a relationship, manners with your Domme, and a lot of personal insight from the women who have been doing this for a long time off camera as well as on set. Aiden Starr, Justine Cross, Elena Deluca, Mona Wales, Lyra Louvel, Cybil Troy, Alexandra Snow, and Dee Severe break down a ton of subjects concerning kinky play. Here are just a few of the many details they discuss:

Elena Deluca Justine CrossDo your research before picking a Domme, and make sure you have similar interests. The more specialized your interests the more important this is. For example, if you’re into some type of role play and you are super specific about the scenario, email your Domme and ask if she provides this type of scenario, if she enjoys it, and what her favorite part about this is. You don’t need to write novels to each other. In fact, be as succinct and clear as possible, but ask the deep questions before you show up so that you know what you are getting into.

Cybil Troy Aiden StarrDirectories and numerous websites will prove helpful. Google is your friend. There are plenty of resources out there to help in your research for the perfect match for your particular interests.

Beginners might feel more comfortable going to a big dungeon where there is support staff and security. If you’ve never been to see a professional Domme and you’re worried about going to a stranger’s house to get tied up (or whatever you are interested in trying) then a larger dungeon may be a good place for you to start. There are a variety of different providers working there, and often the manager or receptionist can help you find your best fit. With a larger dungeon you have the option to try other Dommes if the initial fit doesn’t click with you.

Alexandra Snow Lyra Louvel Mona WalesSometimes fantasies should stay fantasies. Make sure you’re ready to take the next step with a particular fantasy. This is fairly self-explanatory, but do the work and figure out if this is something you actually want to bring into your life, or if this is just something you want to keep as a happy, little secret.

Watch out for red flags, like not obeying hard limits…Don’t take chances and put yourself in a dangerous situation. With research of professionals of any kind comes a thoughtful exploration of your own needs, and safety should be your top priority whether you see a Domme or meet a stranger for a date. Make sure your Domme (and anyone you play with) is safe, sane, and consensual.

Some of my favorite tips are: Don’t be smelly. Don’t try to cram all of your fantasies into a half hour visit. Don’t try to date your pro-Domme. 

Think of disc two of Tips From a Dominatrix as a talk with your professionally kinky friends who want you to be safe while you have a good time finding your perfect Domme.

Now go explore and watch Kink School: Tips From A Dominatrix now on HotMoviesforHer!

Women of Gonzo: Angela White Interview

Angela WhiteWhen Judy Hologram and I decided to do a series of interviews on women gonzo directors, we really hoped that Angela White would be interested in participating. Angela has been able to incorporate her talent, passions, and political concerns into her work. Regardless of industry, it is always a challenge to be able to do the thing you love and get paid for doing it, and if you happen to be a woman working in porn there are additional challenges. Yet, Angela has grown as a performer, director, and business women in addition to finishing her academics and advocacy work. Make no mistake, Angela is a scholar, but she is in the business because she loves expressing her sexual desires in a public forum. She is a refreshing combination of confident and humble, and we were very excited to have the chance to ask her about her career and plans for the future.

HMFH: While performing, you’ve graduated from the University of Melbourne with honors in Gender Studies, and you ran a political campaign for the Australian Sex Party in 2010.  What motivated you to become politically active during this period of your life?

Angela WhiteAW: It was actually my involvement in adult entertainment that fueled my interest in politics and gender studies. I was confronted with feminist critiques of pornography as degrading and harmful to women, yet I felt empowered by having a safe space to express my sexual desires. I wanted to develop a greater understanding of the politics of pornography so that I could challenge the myths and stereotypes that surround the industry, particularly the assumption that any woman who claims to have chosen to perform in pornography suffers from false consciousness.

I’ve heard you describe your webcam shows as “Tits Out Therapy.” How does webcamming relate to therapy for you, and how does this type of communication with your fans help or inform your film performances?

There is so much shame surrounding sex and sexuality in our culture that it can be profoundly validating to have someone simply accept you and your sexual desires without judgement. Through my webcamming, I try to create a safe environment for my fans to express their fantasies without guilt or embarrassment. My webcam regulars come for the tits, but stay for the therapy.Angela White

I’ve produced scenes that are directly informed by my intimate encounters with fans on webcam. For example, I’ve learnt that some fans who have limited mobility can feel alienated by physically intense scenes where I am picked up and fucked or thrown around the room – something that they cannot replicate. So as a result I’ve shot a number of POV scenes where the male talent is completely stationary. I’ve learnt that despite our cultural assumptions about masculinity, many men feel vulnerable about their capacity to be loved, so I’ve shot scenes which simulate a “girlfriend experience.”

Since you direct and perform in all of your content for your website, do you have any plans to only direct and not star in any scenes?

I still have so many things I want to explore in front of the camera that I’m not ready to step back yet. When and if I’m ready to step back, I will probably focus on showcase films. I like the idea of spending a lot of time with one performer over a number of scenes so that I can go on a journey of getting to really know them deeply.Angela White

What challenges do you face when directing a new scene with someone you haven’t worked with before?

I find working with someone new more exciting than challenging. I don’t like to fully script scenes because I enjoy creating a space for spontaneity which also allows for my onscreen partner to have the freedom to express themselves within the bounds of the scene. Every scene I produce is collaborative, and I make this explicit by the way that I title all of my scenes. For example, you’ll notice on my website and in my movies, scenes will be titled: Angela White X Carter Cruise or Angela White X Manuel Ferrara with the “X” designating a collaboration between two performers as it does in art, music, and fashion. Everyone that I perform with has a unique talent and vision and I encourage them to share that with me in the scene. When I get the chance to perform with someone new, not only is there a novelty factor which heightens my arousal, but there is also an opportunity to capture genuine surprise and unexpected pleasures.

Angela White Loves WomenHow difficult is directing and performing simultaneously?

I have to put a lot of trust in my crew to help me capture my vision, but I’m lucky to be working with great videographers and cinematographers. It helps that my style of shooting allows for and even encourages spontaneity. I think it would be a lot more difficult if I had a very strict shot list and script. I prefer to explain my objectives to the talent and crew and then for us all to work together in the moment to see what we create.

It seems like your university experience and your adult work have informed one another. Forgive me for paraphrasing, I think this is from the end of your thesis; you talk about how performers have a unique opportunity to experience pleasure devoid from desire and restrictive sexual identity categories. Could you please elaborate on how performing in porn has helped to shape your sexual identity?Angela White

Performing in pornography has allowed me to express and explore my sexual desires in ways that would be very difficult outside of the industry. I’ve experienced a lot of “firsts” on camera, ranging from my first time squirting to my first double anal penetration. When I entered the industry in 2003, I was already identifying as bisexual, had done a lot of experimenting, and would have considered myself to be very open minded. Now, I’ve completely expanded my definition of the sexual. For something to be sexual or sexy to me it no longer needs to be genitally focused nor orgasm-centric.

How does your sexual identity inspire the content you create?

My sexual identity inspires everything I do. My sexual desires and fantasies are the driving force behind every scene I produce.

Angela White BlowbangHow has your gender identity affected your directing style? For example, have you created a “type” of scene for a specific audience?

I am acutely aware that most of the paying members of my site identify as male, so I do produce scenes where I speak directly to an assumed cis-male audience. However, I have a lot of female identified fans, couples, and transfolk who enjoy my work, so I also make an effort to make many of my scenes gender neutral. If the specific audience is ambiguous then a scene can become more inclusive.

You have a new movie coming out (Angela Loves Gonzo) where all the performers are partially “directing” the scenes by their participation with POV camera work. Why did you decide to shift the point of view between performers?
angela white alexis texas anikka albrite

While all of my other DVD releases do away with scripts, they are still heavily produced in terms of lighting, makeup, camera crews, etc. For Angela Loves Gonzo, I wanted to remove all artifice in an attempt to showcase genuine chemistry and spontaneity. I wanted the camera acknowledged but I didn’t want the camera in the male performer’s hands at all times. I didn’t want it to become just an extension of the male performer’s vision and to be only representing the male gaze. This is why you will see that at points I will hold the camera, Anikka Albrite holds the camera, the camera sometimes ends up on the floor or on a table. It’s about showing the female performer’s agency while also acknowledging that audiences, whatever their gender, do enjoy seeing male bodies, even though the constraints of masculinity don’t always make it possible for everyone to admit this.

What is your working definition of the gonzo genre? What does this bring to mind when you hear “gonzo porn?”Angela White

There are many ways to define the genre and mine is not definitive. I think it’s very important to be inclusive when it comes to categories, but when I think about the gonzo genre I envision a scene in which the camera is acknowledged and that artifice is removed. I think of sex that is unscripted (or less scripted) and that allows performers to do less “performing” and more expressing and exploring of their own desires. Of course, gonzo now has a very bad name for being the roughest of porn genres. But for me, the opposite is also true. I think that when you remove the pressure and artifice of a camera crew, gonzo can showcase authentic intimacy and incredibly tender moments, and I think fans will definitely see that in Angela Loves Gonzo.

There have been a lot of critics recently talking about what porn for women consists of. There seems to be an overriding idea that porn for women is a specific camera angle, or romance-only narrative, and definitely not gonzo. What is your take on the terminology “porn for women?”

angela white james deen danny mountainThere are a couple problems that I have with the term “porn for women.” Firstly, it contributes to reifying the category of “woman,” which is often exclusionary. It doesn’t take into account that not every person who identifies as a “woman” has a vagina, and not every person with a vagina identifies as a “woman.” The term “porn for women” can also prescribe what “women” as a collective group want. There are plenty of women-identified people who enjoy rough sex, BDSM, gonzo, blowbangs, and other acts and niches not generally associated with “porn for women.” I think it is better to categorize porn scenes based on genre not gender. However, I understand that “porn for women” grew out of a movement to give greater focus to female pleasure in porn, to present a female-centric vision, and to make this porn easily searchable for audiences. When it comes to the term, “porn for women,” I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but it’s important to recognize that it isn’t without its problems. Much like the existence of the “interracial” genre.

Angela White
How can your fans best support you?

The best way for fans to support me is to buy my DVDs, join my website (, and to get one of my signature Fleshlights. However, fans can also show their support and appreciation by retweeting and liking my social media posts and telling their friends about me.


The women at HotMoviesForHer are looking forward to all of Angela’s future endeavors. We are so happy to have such an awesome woman like Angela in the industry making beautiful movies that showcase empowered women in porn. Check out more of Angela White here!

Independence Day: Porn Couples Emancipated

asphyxia danny wyldeNormally, when we think of July 4th we think of fireworks, Popsicles, and pool parties. We don’t usually think about breaking up with a partner. However, Independence Day doesn’t have to solely be about America’s independence from Britain. It could become a brand new celebration about new starts, moving forward with a fresh perspective, and charging forth into a bright future! There have been several couples in porn who we thought would make it, but after their final facial scene, they moved on to brighter futures. Here are a few of our favorite ex-couples, and the hot scenes they did when they were in love.

Judy Hologram: Belladonna and Aiden Riley

Belladonne and Aiden RileyBelladonna was already massively famous in the adult industry when she met Aiden Riley. He was the webmasterBelladonna at Evil Angel, where Belladonna was a successful director; John Stagliano paid Belladonna to give Aiden a birthday lap dance, and the rest is history. They were married in April 2004, and welcomed their daughter in January 2005. Aiden’s presence and technical expertise at Belladonna Entertainment allowed her to focus her energy on the creative aspects of their porn. They were a great filmmaking team, and Belladonna Entertainment continued to make rough, experimental, fun movies that were some of the crown jewels of the Evil Angel empire. However, as time went on, Belladonna began to long for a more romantic relationship than what Riley could offer. To top it off, she officially retired from porn in 2012 and handed the company over to him, thus ending both their romantic and business relationships. They still maintain and friendship and co-parent their daughter, while Aiden continues to direct porn and Belladonna pursues new creative interests.

Dee Viant: Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde

asphyxia noirMy favorite now-defunct porn couple is Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde, both of whom have also retired from performing in porn. They only have 3 scenes together on HotMoviesforHer, and I actually was charmed by their “real life” sex videos they used to post online. As much as I love all manner of staged and carefully shot XXX videos, I truly do appreciate un-choreographed behavior and actual tenderness and sweetness in videos too, and that is what struck me about Asphyxia and Danny’s relationship. I love a good show, but I really love to see authenticity peeking through as well. While it’s not a personal video of theirs danny wylde, Asphyxia and Danny’s raucous sex scene in Burning Angel’s Librarians is my favorite featuring the pair, and is also just a favorite scene of mine all around. Not only does it feature library fucking, which rattles my nerdy lady arousal system, Asphyxia plays the uptight librarian (and who doesn’t fantasize about unwrapping a buttoned up library employee?) and Danny drops a line that resonates with my now-demolished art heart:  “Anyone who takes digital photos has no right calling themselves a photographer. You’re just some idiot taking pictures.” If this scene was shot on film, I’d have worn out my copy by now.

To watch Asphyxia and Danny’s scenes together, check out the following movies:

LibrariansThis Ain’t ESPN XXX, and Inked Angels 2 (Asphyxia and Danny have a threesome scene with Jessie Lee)

Andi: Tera Patrick and Spyder Jones

Flawless box cover TeraPatrickTera Patrick and Spyder Jonez (Evan Seinfeld) were married for five years, between 2004-2009. They were married in Vegas while attending the AVNs. During their marriage, they were a powerhouse couple within the industry, sharing  lucrative production companies,  Iron Cross EntertainmentSpyder Jones and Teravision. Once the split occurred, Tera became the sole owner of Teravision, and Spyder continued to play bass and sing for Biohazard in addition to filming adult content. He has gone on to star in HBO’s Oz, and married current adult star, Lupe Fuentes. Tera has made non-adult appearances as well on Last Call with Carson Daly, reality television shows, Chelsea Lately, and has done several cameos in mainstream films. Tera has a child with Tony Acosta, a special effects guru, and she continues to promote her adult material on her website. Although no longer together, we can still remember their magic years while watching their scenes in Flawless, Collision Course, and Tera Patrick is Desperate. They have several other scenes together as well on HotMoviesForHer.

Janie: Gia Paloma and Tommy Pistol

Tommy PistolGia PalomaTommy Pistol and Gia Paloma (or “Pistoloma”) met during their mutual stint working with Naughty America and were married shortly after on December 8, 2007.  The almost 6-year marriage lasted until the pair split in early 2013 after having one child together.

The marriage served as a great business partnership vehicle for the pair, as they performed in adult films together including Horat and Joanna Angel’s Totally Screwed Out of A Shower, as well as in mainstream independent films.  Pistol cast Paloma in his indie horror directorial debut, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, and the two also shared a screen in the trippy fantasy, Frankie in Blunderland.

After the Queen and King of Alt Porn decided to split, the AVN Award-winning Paloma went on to retire in 2012 and serve as a makeup artist on several titles, while Pistol went on to become one of the most prolific and successful male porn stars of all time.

The two have continued to carry on an amicable relationship, and while we are certainly sad to no longer have sexy new scenes from Paloma, there are a number of single ladies here in the HMFH office that are more than ready to  become the next Mrs. Tommy Pistol!

Bridget: Vince Neil and Janine Lindemulder

Janine and Vince NeilNothing makes me want to “shout at the devil” more than the breakup of sex tape sweethearts Janine Lindemulder and  Vince Neil. True Motley Crue fans may recognize Janine from the music video for “Sister of Pain,” or, adversely, true porn fans may recognize Vince Neil from Janine’s celebrity sex tape, Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored. The high profile couple may only have dated for a month in 1993, but the beachfront blowjob they shared will forever be immortalized in this film that proves even the most fleeting of romances can be relived as long as you have a porn together. Wherever these blonde babes ended up, I sincerely hope Janine and Vince are living their best lives and occasionally paying a visit to “Dr. Feelgood” by re-watching their steamy film affair.

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