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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Unsung Black Porn Stars

When it comes to history and pointing out those who were instrumental in influencing and writing that history there are always going to be a few that get left out for one reason or another. When looking at black porn stars in the industry it hit us here in the office that there are so many actors and actresses out there that deserve at least a shout out, so we came up with a list of very influential black adult performers who just about everyone knows when they see them, but never quite obtained the mainstream household celebrity status like … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Unsung Black Porn Stars

Interracial Lesbian Romance

Though we don’t usually get into it here on the blog, there are tons of really charged racial dynamics in the porn industry.  I think dynamics like those are inherent to any system that relies heavily on stereotypes and sensationalized marketing.  For me, that’s not an excuse, and I believe that it is our responsibility as humans to make changes that allow us to celebrate people having sex on screen, without having to reduce performers to marketing tactics or place special emphasis on their racial identities as a way to play into stereotypes. While that is a way bigger conversation … Continue reading Interracial Lesbian Romance