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Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us.

Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of that, I decided that I would get myself revved up to Jiz love with this new list of my favorite Jiz filled flicks.  Sure, I’ve done this before, but seriously, do you blame me for doing it again?

This is Jiz Lee going at it solo in a grimy bathroom.  Need I say more?  Shot with a green tint and background music that is clearly from the bar on the other side of the restroom door, this five minute Jiz jack comes off so deliciously seedy and totally scummy.  I love it.

–  brings us this four scene movie that features some of the hottest names in queer porn, including two of my favorite dirty birds ever –  and Jiz Lee! I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie. Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting. Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.
This being one of Jiz’s first pornos, I decided it needed to be included in this list.  Jiz is so fresh in the biz that they are listed under the nom de plume Beau Flex! Awww.  And lucky us, we get 2 different scenes starring the fantastic Lee – one with Courtney Trouble and one with Papi Coxxx and Wil Thrustwell.  The whole thing is amazingly goofy and fun, while still being so freaking hot!
Tristan Taormino talking about female orgasms?  Sign me up!  The entire movie is awesome, especially scene 4 with Jiz and Madison Young getting busy with gloves and a Hitachi Magic Wand.  You should definitely watch the whole thing, but if you happen to only have half an hour to play with, check out scene 4!

This movie has made the top five tuesday list more than a few times for a reason.  Seriously, Belladonna is magical.  Just like the last movie in this list, this whole video is one you need to watch, whether you are checking out Jiz, , April Flores,  or .  I’m serious, friends, you want to watch this one.

If you are in NYC, you should definitely come on by the Expo!!


Top Five Tuesday: New Sensations Romance Movies That Make Me Swoon

Back in the ’70s and early ’80s plot-based porn was king and some of the biggest titles in porn were shown at mainstream theaters.  Yep, those porns were movie movies and just happened to offer up hardcore sex.  Well super plot-heavy porns are back in style and one studio that’s really churning out high quality sexy action is , the sensual branch of New Sensations.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these flicks are basically Hallmark movies with sex included.  If Lifetime got into the porno biz, these movies would be what we’d get.  They are sweet, silly, dramatic and just the tiniest bit gloomy at times.  So today I thought we’d celebrate the porny goodness of these flicks with my Top Five New Sensations Romance Movies!

There are many things that come to mind when I think about porn, but traumatic brain injury isn’t one of them.  Maybe I’m the only one, because the good folks over at New Sensations Romance thought that starting out a dirty movie with a woman (Samantha Ryan) in a coma was the way to go.  Turns out they were right, as the action only gets hotter and hotter as she wakes up, heals and falls for her hospital roommate.  But then again, who wouldn’t go head over heals for Danny Mountain?

– What lengths would you go to when it comes to finding love?  When Allie Haze loses her beloved puppy, neighbor Xander Corvus comes to the rescue to help find him – putting up posters and search for him.  But what Allie doesn’t know is that Xander has actually swiped her dog so that he could get close to her by helping out.  She finds out and is furious, but since this is a porno, it of course ends in getting busy.  As a side note, in my opinion, stealing a person’s dog is pretty much the same as stealing their child.  Maybe it’s because I am a dog owner and not a mom, but still – I was not impressed with Xander’s plan.
 – You know the old saying “those that can’t do teach”?  Well, according to this plotty flick, those who cannot maintain a relationship should definitely be a relationship advice columnist.  Giovanni Francisco plays a man who still shares a house with his ex-fiance Natasha Nice. They fight all the time and he cock blocks every date she has, making it boldly obvious that they are clearly still in love with each other, which, of course, we find out in the end. Oh those unpredictable, crazy kids. Still, it’s pretty cute… like a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie with lots of hardcore banging.
Cooking and romance seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly (though I don’t know first hand, because that’s really all I can “cook.”), so it only makes sense that New Sensations Media would take a page out of Like Water For Chocolate‘s book and create a story surrounding a chef (Samantha Ryan) who infuses the emotions she is feeling into whatever dish she is creating. Yum!

Organ donation and porn – in the same flick?  Not something I usually go for, but when it’s New Sensations Romance behind the wheel, I trust that I’ll have a good time.  Bobbi Starr is still intensely grieving the untimely death of her husband, when her employees (Kimberly KaneZoe Voss and Allie Haze) decide that the best way to give her closure is to connect her with the folks who received her husband’s organs when he died.  Sure that’s super illegal and unethical, but in porn everything flies.  Not to worry, Bobbi doesn’t have sex with any of them, which might have been really weird, but she does find them dates (read: sex) with the employees that urged her to go out in the first place.  Definitely a cute flick!

Don’t you love a good story?  Check out if you do!


Top Five Tuesday Valentine’s Edition – Dirty Duos: Hot Couples Porn

Happy Valentine’s Week! Continuing on our week of loooove, we decided that the best way to get your “creative juices” flowing for the upcoming holiday would be to offer up a list of super sexy movies that are perfect to share with the one you love (aka. bang).  Today’s Top Five Tuesday brings you our top choices of what’s hot in couples porn!

I know I’ve written about this movie ad nauseam, but it really truly is one of the hottest flicks I’ve ever seen.  Director  is know for her amazingly artistic erotica and it seems like every movies she makes is more exciting than the last (which says a lot, since all of her videos are fantastic).  This sensual visit to the Cabaret Desire is one you’ll definitely want to introduce into your bedroom.

To me, there is not much better than watching a real life couple get down and dirty on screen, and lucky us, this time it’s real life duo Dylan and Dani showing us how they like to bring role playing into their bedroom.  Shot by former HM4Her blogger Shanna Katz (aka. Essin’ Em), this Good Dyke Porn flick offers up all the passion and delicious chemistry  that happens when you feature two people that really love and know what dirty buttons to press on each other.  Yum!
Like I said above, watching real life couples bang is the best.  Thankfully Burning Angel Entertainment agrees and gave us this alternative flick full to the hilt with some of the hottest tattooed pervs in the industry (and their real life partners).  I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of watching scene 5 with Cadence St. John and her man.  They make even the hardest of pounding seem like the most romantic thing ever.
Just added to the site within the last week or so, thismovie is a great example of how porn is starting to really cater to women and couples – by offering the perfect mix of story, drama, passion and hardcore sex.  And the high quality production values and attractive performers don’t hurt either.  Sure, this movie focuses on a marriage going south, but it never feels depressing or uncomfortable.  Who knew that sad times could look so sexy?

I guess this time around I am super into real couple porn, since this is the third title out of five that bring us true life partners getting busy.  What can I say, how could I not include a flick that gives us a bunch of burly bears loving up on one another?  I mean really, how could you blame me?

Get it on!


Top Five Tuesday – Hot For Hearts!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a little all over the place with the blog in the last few weeks.  With staff switcharoos and all the craziness of starting the year off, we’ve missed a few of the last Tuesdays.  But not to worry – we are back today with a Top Five Tuesday that is sure to get your heart beating just a little faster.  In honor of the approaching holiday, this week we are celebrating that loving feeling with a list of our Top Five Hot Heart Flicks!

Lust, passion, deceit, romance and a delicious game of cat chasing mouse. Are we talking about a soap opera?  Nope it’s the fabulous series from one of my favorite studios – New Sensations Romance.  This second installment features a stellar cast, including , , and Johnny Castle.  What a roster of hotness!

This oldie, but goodie from  is one that I hold close to my own heart.  It’s one of the first porn movies I ever watched in a group setting – in one of my classes during my grad program in Human Sexuality Education.  I couldn’t tell you which class we watched it in, but with the amazing ’80s sensibilities and by lesbians, for lesbians overtones, I’m just so glad it is in my life.  Three cheers for directors !
Well, hello you group of handsome queer devils!  This sophomore Seven Minutes flick by director  is full to the hilt with the hottest of the hot, including some of my porno crushes, like , and . I am so excited that they bang in scene six!
While I wouldn’t necessarily think that porn and war go together, there is something about this movie that takes the classic military story and turns it into an erotic movie that could very easily mirror and validate that experiences of many people these days.  Another quality film from

One of the things I love about Lesbea films is that they get to the sex point with little to no plot or conversation.  What can I say – sometimes I want a story, and sometimes I want to watch hot women fuck with nothing in the way.  This movie does that… and yes, it warms my heart!  And whets my appetite!


Top Five Tuesday – 2013 AVN Award Winners

It’s time to celebrate some of the most noteworthy 2013 AVN Award winners on Top Five Tuesday. Two of these films swept the awards, while I’m stoked about the three single recipients. Let’s have a fast and dirty recap to this porn party:

rocked the 2013 AVN Awards by earning 7 related awards, most notably the Movie of the Year Award. Congratulations Wasteland and Elegant Angel! In addition to Movie of the Year, Wasteland also won Best Drama and  took home the award for Best Actress.  Wasteland’s  won the awards for Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Screenplay. On top of that Wasteland also won for Best Cinematography. Frankly, I think they should have won an 8th award for that sex scene featuring those drool-worthy striped athletic tube socks.  Sadly, the AVN doesn’t hire me to give out my own awards.

Hot on Wasteland’s tail for most awards was , with a grand total of 6 related awards. Star Wars XXX took the won Best Parody-Comedy, Best Art Direction, and Best Overall Marketing Campaign-Individual Project‘s talents in Star Wars XXX earned him the Best Supporting Actor Award. And , who took home AVN’s 2013 Director of the Year award also earned Best Director-Parody, and the award Best Screenplay-Parody (with Mark Logan). I’ve yet to see the original porn-less Star Wars, but something tells me I’ll make it around to Star Wars XXX within the week. I’ll let you know. Maybe I do a compare/contrast essay on the porn vs. the classic sci-fi movie. (No, I won’t.)
Now, we already know that ’s performance in Elegant Angel‘s Gangbanged 4 is near and dear to my crooked, little sex heart, and I’m thrilled to note that this film won the Best Orgy/Gangbang Release! It was the first film I reviewed for HM4H, and I’m going to drink a toast to this one tonight. And maybe get off to it again.
Damn right to  for winning the Best Solo Sex Scene award for ! This lady knows how to have fun and I’m confident she was enjoying that solo wank scene as much as we were. I also love that while she starting the scene wearing sexy shoes, they weren’t over-the-top/fuck-me-harder-yeah-yeah-yeah sexy shoes. In other words, Joanna, hooray for not drilling yourself while wearing Lucite. I love you even more now.
And a hearty Hot Damn and Hell Yeah for taking the crown for Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release! is so captivating to watch and I love the shoes and stockings featured in this film. I love a good eyeful in a fetish film, and this one brings it home so hard. I’ve watched several scenes and I’m prepared to melt all over my computer chair. And I also have one big wet kiss for Arabelle Raphael’s juicy legs. 

Congrats to all the winners and every movie that was nominated!

-Janie Jones

Top Five Tuesday – 5 More 2013 AVN Noms!

A few weeks back Ginger Leigh added her top five nominees for the 2013 AVN Awards coming this weekend! This time around I wanted to add my own favorites to the mix.  Sure, we have crazy similar tastes, but I thought I’d offer up something a little different with 5 MORE 2013 AVN Noms!

(Best Educational Release) –
I am an academic perv and I have a total boner for all things educational and smutty, so of course I’d start this list with a Best Educational Release nominee.  I love pegging and I love , so it was an easy choice when it came to picking which one I wanted to kick off the list.  And really, this flick features Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee and more… did I really have all that much of a choice.  Yum!

( Best Wall-to-Wall Release, Best Makeup, Best Music Soundtrack) – While most of ‘s new movies are up for AVN Awards in 2013, and they are all awesome, this retro-flavored fuck fest is my favorite of the bunch.  The costumes, styling and backgrounds made the sex even hotter for me – and Burning Angel Entertainment brings super sexy smut to the screen every time, so clearly this time I was on fire.
(Best Transsexual Sex Scene,
Best Transsexual Release)-
 I’ve been singing the praises of this movie since we added it to the site a few months ago.  It’s really the first awesome, sex-positive, mainstream porno featuring trans women that is both romantic and well written.  How exciting!  I have such a big heart on for Trans Romantic and seriously cannot wait until we get more in from them.  Major high fives to director .
(Best 3D Release, Best Parody – Drama, Best Special Effects) – I was totally anti 3-D porno until I put on my blue and red 3-D glasses and sat down with This Ain’t Jaws XXX, which offers up both in-your-face fucking and a giant shark chomping right into you.  Yep, it was the shark that changed my mind.  I will say that I never experienced the cum shot to the face that I hoped for with a 3-D movie, but I can forgo that for Jaws.  
Belladonna's How To Fuck
Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Best Educational Release) –
And I’m ending this list the same way Ginger did, with the magical Belladonna bringing up the back.  It’s not exactly an instructional porn, but way more than just some dirty fuck fest and full to the hilt with Belladonna’s signature awesomeness.  I really don’t know what else to say other than Belladonna could sit around and watch paint dry and I would watch every second.

Congrats to everyone and every movie that was nominated!


My TOP Top Five Tuesdays

Oddly enough, I’m getting verklempt over writing my last ever Top Five Tuesday post.  I decided to go with my favorite Top Five lists that either meant a little something to me or that tickled me.  Whoa!  Not like that, pervs!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this lists of lists and my very last Top Five Tuesday.

What The Fuck - Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers

Top 5 What The Fuck
Oh man, I love a good porno from the WTF category.  They’re good for a laugh and sometimes even a little dry heaving.  WTF movies aren’t like your average pornos and that is a good thing.  Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers and Coco Velvett: The Hand Biting And Arm Biting Nurse.  Yeah, you want to watch them.  I know.  I’m going to miss getting paid to watch the, that’s for sure!
A Newbie's Top 5 - Content
A Newbie’s Top 5 This is my very first Top Five Tuesday ever.  I can say that I still think I picked some pretty great movies.  I would still put Content in my favorite porno list.  It’s hot and dirty, just the way I like it.
Female Directed Rough Sex - Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3 Top Female-Directed Rough Sex Pornos It is no secret that I’m a fan of the rough sex.  I especially love it when there is a female calling the shots during said rough sex.  I made this post in honor of my the pervy and talented ladies that create a lot of the smut that tickles my eyes.  J.D. and I reviewed Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 3 – Adrianna’s Dangerous Mind scene by scene.  It was pretty earth shattering and if you haven’t already watched it, you need to.
J.D. Bauchery My Top 5 For JD I wrote this Top Five in honor of my work wife on her five year HotMoviesForHer anniversary.  I’m pretty good at knowing what she likes because you sort of get to know someone when you sit within arms reach of them for close to two years.  Alpha Femmes is definitely one of my favorites on the list, especially the scene starring April Flores and Jiz Lee.  Lucky for you, there is a free clip on the post for you to water your mouths to.  I love you, J.D. Bauchery!
Top Five Tuesday: Top CBT Movies For A Ball Busting Good Time!
Top 5 CBT Movies
That’s right, I made a list of my top 5 ball busting movies.  I am totally intrigued by it and think that there just might be some ladies out there that are interested and want to see it too.  I love a Crash Pad Series porno as much as the next person, but sometimes I need a little CBT just to change things up.  My top pick from the list?  CBT Bondage starring Mistress Jean Bardot.  I find her to be absolutley stunning and I like watchig her giggle from time to time.

Goodbye, Top Five Tuesday. Thanks for all the laughs.


Top Five Tuesday – Christmas Porno!

It Christmas time again and that only means one thing: It is time to get busy watching Christmas porn! Forget the eggnog and presents, it is all about festive dirty movies all day and night. I’ve compiled a list to make it easy on you so I hope you enjoy!

Merry Fucking Christmas

Merry Fucking Christmas
Private always comes through with instant Christmas porno classics filled with beautiful women from all over Europe.  This Best Of flick features filthy dirty orgies and lots of sexy-santa-ladies.  We also get treated to a scene starring the gorgeous Alletta Ocean.  I hear if you stare into her eyes for too long you may never walk again.
SantaOn the other end of the spectrum we have creepy Santa coming down the chimney for a 3-way during his break from delivering presents.  It’s a HotOldMovies vintage flick that will definitely fill you with holiday cheer. And possibly leave you scratching your head.
Holiday Office Party Holiday Office PartyWe all know that the holiday office party is the one time of year that  co-workers feel the need to get intoxicated and show their true feelings towards one another, either good or bad.  Here it is all good, as they get there bang on.  I love that Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, Mick Blue, and Derrick Pierce are in the same porno together!
Stickin' It To Saint Nic Stickin’ It To Saint NickWe have a Santa of a different color in this porno.  He has a holly jolly Christmas with Miss Mya as she ties him up, spanks his ass, and jingles his balls.  Miss Mya takes no mercy, not even on Saint Nick.
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
This is another old school flick will have classic porno lovers popping girl boners until the new year.  Debi Diamond does not dissapoint… nor do the ghosts of past, present, and future.

Top Five Tuesday – Twelves For 12/12/12

Did you guys realize that this week holds that last triple digit date in this century?  That’s right, 12/12/12 happens tomorrow so I decided that today I would celebrate that oddity with a Top Five Twelves – five movies featuring some of my favorite twelfth episodes and volumes of porno series.

Britain’s first female filmmaker, Anna Span, brings us this fantastic time traveling porno extravaganza that offers up lots of stockings and a bunch of really hot sex between equally hot people.  Yep, it’s a list topper!

 – I always love a  movie, and this is totally no exception. Super cute queer duo and  get naked fast and spend their whole 25 minute video giggling, groping and communicating in ways that made it even sexier.  I knew all bets were off once Johnny Love straps on a cock and plows into Legs with the most controlled, delicious thrusts ever.  Oh man, I’m blushing even writing out this short description.
 The ladies of  never disappoint with their high quality lesbian erotica, especially when it features some of the hottest ladies in the industry, including , , , and . This is two hours of action you don’t want to miss.
I have a deep love affair with old school smut and a major soft spot for vintage black and white erotica.  Luckily  offer up a twelfth volume chock full of delights from decades past.

It’s never the wrong idea to watch hot folks wrestle each other’s clothes off and battle for the right to fuck the other.
is one of my favorite and these two are a quality pair to check out!

Enjoy your 12/12/12! It’s the last triple digit of your lifetime.


Top Five Tuesday – I <3 Michelle Aston

While I haven’t written about her in a minute, I still have a massive porno crush on the fabulous .  I mean really, the lady was a scientist before she started working in the industry – how cool is that?!?  What a smartypants!  Anyway, Michelle is no longer in the biz, but thankfully we still have all the videos that she starred in over the years.

Today I thought I’d remind myself of my crush with a Top Five Tuesday of my favorite movies featuring the awesomeness that is Michelle Aston.

Let’s get to it!

I’m pretty sure it was this video that turned me on to  in the first place.  Paired with  in scene 4, Aston plays a television repair person that gives Paloma a lot more than just quality customer service.  The action includes lots of toys, explosive orgasms and foot in pussy play – how could I not be totally smitten?  Oh man, if Comcast only delivered like this…

– The Crash Pad is always a sexy place to hang out, but adding  to the mix makes it even hotter.  And pairing Aston with Julie, a newbie, brings it to a whole new level of yum.  Julie’s delicious whimpering and Michelle’s tender topping come together to offer us a seriously amazing time at the Crash Pad.
 – Vivid brings us this half porn/half art instillations movie featuring with a huge mohawk and an even bigger vibrator (the Hitachi) getting herself off, and then helping blond bombshell , with her own down and dirty adventures.  The fact that the action is happening on the floor of some workshop covered in American flags makes it all the more bizarre and somehow even sexier.
I get asked about my tattoos at least once a day, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten laid from the inquiry.  I guess  just has that way about her, with her cocksure attitude and perfectly coiffed mohawk.  And once  gets a peek at all of Aston’s colorful skin, she really doesn’t stand a chance against Michelle’s sex appeal.  Who would?  The dialogue is kind of a train wreck, but if you can ignore it or even hit mute, the action definitely makes up for it.
 – This kinky skateboard romp rocked my world more than even expected.  It was scene three that really did it for me, with Amber tied to a skateboard as rams into her pussy with a strap on. Using her science background to her benefit, Aston relies on physics to know the exact speed she needs to pull the skateboard back and forth to keep Amber moaning for more. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see this skateboard trick than a half-landed kick flip any day.

This whole post gave me some serious déjà vu, but I think it’s because I’ve written about Michelle Aston so much in the past five years that I am truly surprised that I haven’t written it before.  Either way, enjoy!