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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon

Box Cover for Crash Pad Episode 64Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon was my first Crash Pad experience, and it definitely lived up to the hype. From the beginning it’s easy to tell that Sadie Lune is in control of the scene and the performers. By the 2 minute mark Chocolate Chip is framed as the newbie, and Surgeon Scofflaw as Sadie’s right hand woman. Before the clothes even started to come off, I fell in love with Sadie’s bossy authority and the playful awkwardness she intentionally threw into the mix, first by instructing each girl to kiss her separately, then by telling Chip to take off her clothes while Surgeon sits on her lap and they both watch Chip. Sadie makes Chip confront the camera and her nervousness immediately (which she later admits to). For me, this helped drill her character into my head. Chip is already super sexy, and now you get a shy but more than willing girl inserted into the fantasy. What could be better than that!?

Oh, let me tell you…Sadie, as previously stated, is completely in control and in semi-dominatrix mode as she commands Surgeon to tease Chip. Surgeon is extremely hot and, apparently, an expert in the art of titty sucking. Not every woman out there knows what to do with a nipple in her mouth, but from Chip’s facial expression it’s safe to say Surgeon has it down! Per Sadie’s instructions, she continues her tease, this time with her hair, letting it brush lightly with a tickling effect up and down Chip’s body. I’ve never seen or had this done intentionally, but on a girl’s way down I can imagine the sensation one might feel. Add to it the controlled situation she finds herself in and this must be heavenly for our newbie. This, mixed with the environment, had me on the edge already! Thank the Goddesses of Lesbos Sadie isn’t as overwhelmed as me! She feels the heat rising, and changes course by putting Chip in the ass up position (thank you thank you thank you!) and having Surgeon go spanking 101 all over that beautiful, round butt. Neither I nor Chip was expecting this move, but both of us appreciated it. The newbie took it all in stride as was evident by her moans and the slight grin on her face once it was all said and done.

Sadie continues to throw Chip in the spotlight by asking her about her toe sucking experience and then demanding she slowly illustrate on Surgeon. At this point, Sadie has a vibrator running on constant full speed between her legs with both breasts exposed and you can tell she sees something in Chip she likes, because now she wants to see her “blowjob eyes.” Surgeon straps up and Chip’s 15 minutes of fame start. Usually this is the part I skip because I can never relate to the blowjob (maybe because I’ve never given one), but with Sadie guiding us I needed to see where this ended up and I am soooo happy I let it play out. The blowjob was cool, but Sadie really turned me on with her directions! She tells Chip to look at her and instantly I understood what she meant by “blowjob eyes.” Next she tells her to arch her back so her ass can be seen from the front, and again, there goes my top! I don’t know what it is, but Chip is fucking hot, man!

Round 3 is all about Surgeon making Chip cum, at Sadie’s command, of course. We finally have our first look at Chip’s fully naked body and all I can say is I hope she’s in more features! Her look is natural, her body is fit and her moans resonate with such authenticity that I almost blew it again! Surgeon is loving every moment of it too. She teases a little longer before eating Chip out. There’s a great shot of Chip’s hands gripping the bed post during this scene that slowly pans up to Sadie and her trusty vibrator watching with a pleasure filled grin on her face and she tells Chip to look her in the eyes the entire time. With Surgeon going to town I can just imagine how hard that task was, but Chip was up to it and the whole thing was pure porn magic!

It’s not over for our Chocolate Chip just yet. Surgeon plays with her clit while Chip sits between her legs, directly in front of Sadie. Talk about pleasantly awkward. Eventually Sadie hands her vibrator over and watches as Chip pleases herself while Surgeon fondles her nipples. The final orgasm from Chip is a buildup of everything she’s endured, and if Sadie was handing out grades there’s no way Chip finishes with anything less than an A. Sadie couldn’t care less about grades at this point though. She’s been playing with herself while handing out directions and now it’s time for her to get off. Both girls begin kissing all over her big pierced boobs and each other while Sadie holds her vibrator to her pussy, which I imagine is dripping wet by now. As Sadie begins to scream her orgasm (which we’ve all come to expect and love, or not, from her) the girls enhance the moment by sucking on her earlobes, licking her neck, and groping her tits. This is the first time I can say I was actually sad to see a porno flick end. I remembered rewind is actual thing and the panic calmed, but shit got real for a second there. This is definitely a fantasy to be revisited more than once!

I was a little confused by the constant presence of an internet voyeur whose hands and laptop they cut to at various points throughout the film, but the cuts are maybe 3 seconds in length and not once did it take away from the experience or the scene itself. It simply left me with a “huh?” and then a “oh yeah, you again” whenever she (I’m assuming because of hand size) entered the scene. Overall, I was beyond satisfied, like 3 times beyond, with my first Pink and White Productions Crash Pad experience and have already started a list of titles from them I want to watch next. Shine Louise Houston is a genius!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: At Last

At Last lesbian porn movieThe story goes that Gina Devine and Eileen Sue have been waiting a long time to explore each other’s lady parts on camera. From the very beginning of the Lesbea film At Last, these two are staring at each other, smiling non-stop, and even brushing back strands of hair from each other’s faces. The chemistry is definitely there and the girls are beautiful, so getting through this one was easy breezy (besides the first minute of cheesy jewelry box music). The kissing is extremely hot! It’s obvious the girls are into each other and that helps passionate kisses come across on screen, but the kissing sounds are what really got me! After the music drops out you’re almost thrown into the room through the audio. It’s so clear and distinct that it adds to the fantasy. You can feel what they’re feeling through the sounds they make. I don’t know if that’s just good audio equipment or if I just leveled up my lesbo credibility by being incredibly turned on by any sounds coming from naked women’s mouths, but either way I hope it’s a trend that continues!

The actual sex takes it up a notch. Gina undresses Eileen and works her way down to the forbidden garden. Gina slowly eats her out in a teasing way, moving up and down her entire body before finally finishing the job with a sensual finger fuck. Eileen cums with Gina’s deep gaze on her the entire time, and I found it to be a major turn on! You can tell she’s locked in because she’s all about making Eileen cum and when it finally happens there’s a brief moment where you can tell by the look on her face that Gina’s panties just got a lot wetter (8:30)! That brings us to my favorite part of the movie…Eileen props Gina up between her legs and starts in with neck kisses and clit stimulation through her panties! Fellow lesbians, we all know this is a power position. You wrap her up in front of you, sometimes using your legs, so it’s not easy for her to close hers when the intensity level rises. What I love about this part is that Gina’s panties are still on, so there’s an underlying element of teasing going on. Gina is already wet and ready after having her way with Eileen and I think Eileen’s decision to make her wait for the real deal just a little longer was genius!

As a woman who usually pleases first and asks questions later I know this feeling all too well. It’s the perfect balance of wanting the wait to last a little longer, but needing that touch immediately! To see that pulled off (not to mention hear it being pulled off…horny shivers) placed me in a familiar fantasy spot and was the perfect push over orgasm cliff.

My lone complaint is the overly sensual tone. For two women who have been waiting a while for this moment, which is finally here, there doesn’t seem to be any urgency. It feels like the slow tempo with the eye gazing and hair brushing is a little over the top. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy as fuck and doesn’t necessarily take away from the experience, but it’s slightly forced and no doubt typical of what people think lesbian sex looks like. Personally, when I’m finally about to hit the sheets with a hot girl that I’ve wanted to get with for some time, the desire boils over and I can’t help but kiss a little harder or pull her panties down quickly with a little force. You can still take your time and make it lasts, but it would have been nice to see a little more of that long waiting effect in the scene.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lily Cade & Tina Horn

Lily Cade and Tina HornWhen it comes to lesbians watching lesbian porn we are known to be extremely picky. We want the authenticity and variety to perfectly blend with the fantasy. Everything from the look of the girls to the positions they explore and places where they have sex are critical. That’s why Good Dyke Porn’s 2011 movie Lily Cade & Tina Horn was an instant classic! The plot is universal, the girls are hot, and the sex is amazing! Bonus: THEY’RE IN THE KITCHEN!

Tina has chores on her mind and she’s determined to get her housework done without any distractions. In walks a horny Lily. She pushes up against Tina’s back (don’t you love walking up on your girl while she’s at the sink?) and promises to do the dishes if she can just get what she wants, and even after being shot down she has Tina’s top down and boobs exposed within the first 2 minutes. BAM! That’s getting to the point and it is much appreciated! The fantasy’s pace has been set and we’re ready to roll. The playful touching and “stops” that really mean “please don’t stop” are enough to make you explode. When Tina finally does give in she flips the script on Lily and takes control, sitting her up on the counter top and demanding all clothes be removed. The shift in dominance throughout this scene is incredibly hot and enhances the fantasy. You can tell the girls are simply being themselves and the authenticity oozes out.

Now for the good stuff…Lesbian sex is more than just 69ing and scissoring while staring at an ever-present camera. There’s a certain patience and attention to detail that makes it that much better, and Lily and Tina illustrate it beautifully. That’s the best part about actual lesbians performing in lesbian porn geared towards a lesbian audience. It’s authentic and you relate without trying. After Lily undresses and hops back on the counter, Tina goes straight for the clit and things heat up instantly. She plays with Lily’s hood piercing before fingering her to an orgasm all in less than 4 minutes. That’s right, get that first one out so we can start on the next! Being a minute woman is actually a good thing here (it’s almost unfair how lucky we are). With Tina now completely wet and ready for her first climax of the day, Lily flips her around and lets her fingers work their magic. Tina’s moans betray her a little here. It’s clear she’s in need of a little break, but is completely turned on and doesn’t want to stop. If that isn’t real life, you’re just not doing it right! They pull out a sex toy from the kitchen drawer (because who doesn’t keep one in there), and Tina is already on her second orgasm. It just keeps getting better from here.

The chemistry is undeniable as the two explore each other’s breasts, clits and asses (the amount of ass slapping is pleasantly surprising). The comfort level rises with each orgasm and the girls do an amazing job of displaying real lesbian sex with their variety of positions, clit stimulation, and of course, toy selection. The strap-on sex, while still extremely hot, was probably the most disappointing part. I think the intensity level is so high during their actual physical contact that the strap-on almost gets between them (haha) and in the way. It appears they agreed, because less than two minutes in Lily pulls out and goes back to making Tina scream with her magic fingers. The clit stimulation reaches an all time high as both ladies have two more orgasms before Lily is forced to finish the dishes.

Throughout this 30 minute masterpiece I couldn’t take my eyes off Tina and Lily’s gorgeous bodies! Not just because it’s porn, but because I’m always blown away to see women who resemble what I’m familiar with and know in my everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, the glamor is fun and adds to the fantasy, but something about being able to identify with what I’m watching is a major turn on! The thick curves, almost trimmed pussy, and lack of caked on make-up enhance the authentic feel. If there ever was a perfect lesbian sex scene this has got to be it!

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