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The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Marine

The Marine is the first movie HotMoviesforHer has gotten from director Steve Jones and Elite X Films, and it is a hell of a way to start a relationship. The story focuses on an ex-Marine, Chris, played by Chad White, who finds himself in the middle of a rather bizarre lust/potential love triangle with way more than your average complications. Jessica, played by Tasha Reign, is a freaky, fun, horny woman who you definitely want to share the bedroom with (more than once), but probably don’t take home to meet the family, while Sarah, Daisy Haze’s character, seems more reserved … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Marine

Reignbow Pony Plugs Are Childhood Fantasies For Your Butt

  Would you stick a colorful plug up your butt to look like sexual My Little Pony?   During our interview with Tasha Reign last week, my co-worker and I got to hear of her latest, most exciting project: butt plugs with colorful, tumbling hair. Due to the whimsical color choices of the protruding tresses, a little dose of word play dubbed these bad boys the Reignbow Pony Plugs. Tasha worked with Crystal Delights — a company that goes by the motto “art is pleasure” — to whip up four pastel glass-based plugs. In the Borosilicate glass, lines of glitter swirl in a … Continue reading Reignbow Pony Plugs Are Childhood Fantasies For Your Butt

Busty Invaders from Mars

The 2013 AVN Awards are coming upon us (no pun intended) this weekend. To continue with our week of AVN award-nominated films, I curled up with Wicked’s Busty Invaders from Mars. This bizarre gem is up for four awards, including Best Comedy, Best Editing, Best Special Effects, and Best Screenplay. With so many awards on the line, particularly Best Comedy, Busty Invaders seemed like it would deliver on some level. Now, I’m not usually one for large studios and even larger fake boobs, but I couldn’t resist checking out a porno that didn’t take itself too seriously. After all, sex … Continue reading Busty Invaders from Mars