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Authentic Lesbian Review: Blue Collar Lesbians

Blue Collar Lesbians is a sweaty, sexy, power tool, work garage flick from Triangle Films featuring an all star cast. From the box cover I could already tell the blue collar theme was strong with this one, and the fact that they’re in some type of workshop with machines and power tools lying around in the background was fantastic visually. I like when the cover helps get the point and overall theme across, and so far I like what I see, but does Blue Collar Lesbians live up to the Authentic Lesbian standards… Scene 1 – Ariel X & Syd … Continue reading Authentic Lesbian Review: Blue Collar Lesbians

Come Crash at Crash Pad

Pornography is experiencing a renaissance in both mainstream and independent providers. From big-budget parodies to economically produced amateur content, the idea of what porn can be is expanding. One of the studios on the front line of this evolution in porn making is Pink and White Productions. Since 2005, Shine Louise Houston has created a venue for people to watch hot sex with a cast of inter-changing characters. The unique aspect of this series is that it is not just hot sex we are watching; we’re watching a sea change in the culture of porn. The conversation about pornography is … Continue reading Come Crash at Crash Pad

Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us. Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

And That’s A Wrap – HotMoviesForHer Says Goodbye to 2012!

Well, it’s that time again – the end of the year. Can you believe 2012 is already done!  Crazy!  Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last 12 months to help us ring in 2013. First up is Ginger Leigh! Top Six Movies (five just wasn’t enough): Sinn Sage Loves Girls–Sinn Sage gives me a girl boner every time, but this is one movie I shouldn’t watch while at work… if you know what I mean. Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging-The all-knowing Tristan Taormino breaks down everything there is to know about pegging (female to male strap-on … Continue reading And That’s A Wrap – HotMoviesForHer Says Goodbye to 2012!

Crash Pad Series – Episode 14: Jiz, Micah, & Shawn

Holy three-way!  Crash Pad Series – Episode 14 involves a trio of hotness that will melt your eyeballs right out of your head.  Well, hopefully not, but it is fantastic.  Jiz Lee, Shawn (Syd Blakovich)and Micah Riot hot up the crash and dirty it up in best possible ways.  It’s a mish mosh of fingers, mouths, pussies, asses and a strap-on dildo for good measure.  There isn’t anything not to love. The movie opens up with a three-way make-out scene and lots of smiles.  Soon the shirts come off and the party begins.  Jiz straps on a cock and Micah … Continue reading Crash Pad Series – Episode 14: Jiz, Micah, & Shawn

Hot Pictures and Free Clips from Alpha Femmes – Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, pervs!  We here at HM4Her are pumped for the weekend and we thought we’d celebrate with a little somethin’ extra.  Also, we just got an email from director Anna Devia with a couple of super hot picture from her movie Alpha Femmes, so we figured that the perfect match made in heaven would be a mix of pictures and free video clips – all featuring the queer hotness that is Alpha Femmes!  Who’s ready? First up are Akira Raine and Puck Goodfellow, getting dirty on the stairs.  Yum. Here’s what I had to say about it back when I … Continue reading Hot Pictures and Free Clips from Alpha Femmes – Happy Friday!

Ultimate Surrender #34 Featuring Syd Blakovich and Lorena Sanchez

I have no idea why I’ve waited this long to watch an Ultimate Surrender movie.  Girl on girl wrestling and sex?  I’ll take 12!  What the heck was I waiting for? Experienced pro Syd Blakovich is pitted against newbie Lorena Sanchez.  Syd kicks some serious ass from beginning to end, but totally admits that Lorena gives a good fight.  Within a couple of minutes, Lorena’s panties are off and Syd is finger fucking her.  Lorena is squirting in no time.  The announcer says this is the fastest forced orgasm in Ultimate Surrender’s history.  You can imagine why Sanchez doesn’t stand … Continue reading Ultimate Surrender #34 Featuring Syd Blakovich and Lorena Sanchez

Top Five Tuesday – What’s Pink & White and Wet All Over?

If you haven’t guessed it from the title, we are focusing in on the deliciously dirty studio that is Pink And White Productions.  Along with bringing us into the seedy hangout that is the Crash Pad Series, director Shine Louise Houston offers up a whole host of movies that engage the brain as much as they make your sensitive bits beg for more.  She is an award-winning director that knows what the people want and gives them just that, and makes sure to dish out the goods that we didn’t even know were possible to ask for.  So, the answer?  What’s … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – What’s Pink & White and Wet All Over?

By Appointment Only #10

Sometimes there are pornos that I put off watching even if I really want to spend time with them.  I have no good reason why.  I have been wanting to watch By Appointment Only #10 since it first popped up in the Recently Added section.  We also happen to have a really awesome poster from this movie that looked pretty great hanging on our cabana at Dinah. Triangle Films never disappoints.  I love the performers they choose and the sex is always hot and real.  I have never had the pleasure of meeting the ladies that run stuff over there, … Continue reading By Appointment Only #10

Crash Pad Series – Episode 16 Dallas and Shawn

With J.D. gone at the Feminist Porn Awards, I have been looking over the list of nominees wishing I was hanging out with the most amazing people involved in feminist porn.  The Crash Pad has been nominated for best website and it reminded me that it really has been quite a while since.  Since it has been a while since I’ve laid my eyes on such goodness, I decided today was the day to catch up. This movie stars Dallas and Shawn, but Dylan Ryan gets in on the action.  Dylan comes over to check on the house.  She hears … Continue reading Crash Pad Series – Episode 16 Dallas and Shawn